AGW Chews on Victim

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Here’s video of an AGW chewing a handcuffed man’s arm  . . . well, an AGW’s German Shepard dog.

It reminds one of Birmingham, to years ago. Or of Germany, 80 years ago.

The AGW – the one on two legs – makes no attempt to pull his four-pawed partner off the man, who isn’t “resisting” but is writhing in agony.

It’s worth mentioning in this context how readily AGWs will blow away family pets who haven’t sunk their teeth into anyone – justifying this pet murder by screeching about the “threat” to their “safety.”

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  1. The AGWs preferred biter is the Belgian Malinois. Very smart animals, but always on edge with their tail down: They will sink their teeth into anything their handler signals towards. They make horrid family pets.

    I’ll take a dozen pit bulls any day.

  2. eric, they have a tendency to shoot people’s dogs who have done exactly nothing but wag their tails and come when called. And everybody wants to kill your pit bull, regardless of his temperament. A pit bull who belongs to stable people are almost always really easy going since they have little fear of most things. They’re confident, something pigs can’t abide by. They are good mind readers too, another strike against them from the Armed Govt. Predator.

    I’ve been attacked by a Golden Retriever, a very large dog. She broke off quickly when she realized I wasn’t going for her pups but for people beyond her scope. I held no grudge and neither did she. But those things that wear uniforms and badges and guns don’t even know who the 2 legged aggressors are much less the 4 legged kind. They are the reason I feel compelled to buy continually larger magazines and I don’t mean Cosmopolitan. To be honest, I feel nearly naked with anything less than 2,000 rounds on hand and a quarter of that in stripper clips or mags…or both. I only hope that when I need that many rounds I’m able to need more.


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