Video Rant: 2020 Corolla hatchback

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Here’s a look behind the wheel at the new Corolla hatchback – and the new (available) 2.0 liter engine – which make the new Corolla something it wasn’t before . . . fun!

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  1. I wish everyone would drive as well as Eric does when he’s doing his video rants. Then we all would truly be safer.

    Great “rant” almost tempted to go drive the six speed, I miss driving a stick.

  2. I just watched a European review of the new Corolla and there is an estate (wagon) version! Of course, we prob. won’t get that option here. And in my opinion, it was the best looking of all three versions (hatch, sedan, wagon).

  3. For those wanting/needing an auto trans, the only choice is a CVT. That Toyota transmission choice would segue me to a Mazda3, with a 6-speed auto.

    Also: Eric, I’m not seeing a Valentine One radar detector in your test drives, have you discovered something better?

  4. I’m really looking forward to this review Eric. I really like the GTI but it’s a VW. And I just don’t trust the long term reliability of the thing (or any German car for that matter). Parts and maintenance can become really expensive. But I really like the fact it’s a hatch, can be had with a manual, is fun to drive, and looks good. If only Toyota made such a car and here it is.

    So I kept going back and forth between a GTI and Toyota/Lexus. I was leaning towards a used Lexus or Avalon but all those cars are sedans which I just don’t need. Like you, I like the practicality of the hatch. I would love a Toyota/Lexus wagon even more. I too don’t like all the unnecessary tech on these vehicles. But if we’re forced to buy it I can’t think of a better brand to buy it from than Toyota.


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