Dragged, Punched in Face by AGW…

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Here’s video (just released) of a traffic stop in AZ last fall that turned into yet another Hut! Hut! Hutting!

A woman was pulled over – apparently for driving without government permission (i.e, she didn’t have a license, or it had been revoked).

She isn’t immediately compliant – which triggers an immediate, ultra-violent IDF-style response by the “male” (technically) AGW, who punches her, drags her out of the car, then drags her along the pavement.

He then pulls a gun on her passenger, who had exited the vehicle and was on the sidewalk – ordering him to “get on the ground, now!”

“I got one resisting,” the “hero” squeals into his microphone.

Multiple AGWs appear – guns drawn. The passenger – unarmed – is now lying face down on the pavement. The woman – now handcuffed – is stuffed into rear of an AGW-mobile and taken to the clink.

She was charged with “resisting” – and driving on a revoked license, as well as for “possession” of arbitrarily illegal “drugs” and “paraphernalia.”

Mind, all of this over victim-free “offenses” against the Authority of the State.

These psychotic AGWs are prepared to kill us over such things.

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    • Actually, the only people who need a license are those in the business of hauling for hire and involved in interstate commerce.

      • I’m sure that if you inform the nice officer of that, then he/she will just say: “okay, I didn’t know that. Have a nice day.”

  1. Notice how Arizona AGW’s are particularly fond of forcing slaves to the ground on sunny afternoons in July-August?

    At least he’s beating up a grown woman. There’s another video of an Arizona AGW heroically intimidating a 12 year old girl and then threatening her with arrest for recording him.


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