AGW Uses Car to Administer Justice

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Here’s a video showing a chase – the guy being chased on foot, being chased by an AGW in his several thousand pounds of steel and glass AGW mobile. The AGW – apparently too weighed down by donuts to counteract the steroids – uses his vehicle to play bumper cars with the guy being chased, who hasn’t got a bumper to absorb the impact.

If a Mundane (the brilliant and unfortunately late Will Grigg’s coinage) used his car in this manner he would be facing attempted vehicular manslaughter – a felony. The AGW – Taylor Saulters – was fired after the video resulted in public outcry.

But he was not arrested or charged criminally.

AGW defenders will say that the man Saulters struck with his vehicle was “wanted” and (apparently) on account of a felony. But the law does not empower a Mundane to use a car as a deadly weapon against a fleeing individual.

Implicit in this whole business is the doctrine that AGWs are given leave to use any means to compel submission, up to and including roadside execution – as could easily have occurred here.

In the past, cops might chase a guy – but the guy could reasonably expect to not be run over or shot in the back and the cops (this was prior to their becoming AGWs) were for the most part not willing to kill someone just for trying to get away from them.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

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