One Pic Says it All

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Here’s a picture that tells a story.

It’s a snapshot of Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle, heading off to wherever creaosan tax feeders head off to in a classic ’60s-era Jaguar E-Type without air bags and without being buckled-up for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

They can drive off secure in the knowledge that they won’t be pulled over by an armed government worker, either.

Because the AGWs work for them. Not us.

Because we are not the government – although we are forced to pay for it.

The Jag has also been electrified – an automotive atrocity worthy of a war crimes tribunal. The ruination of the car also paid for by us, of course – via the subsidies that are financed by us, without our consent.

Harry and Meghan can afford the cost-no-object electric Jaguar because they can make everyone else pay for it. Just like the people who drive Teslas and other electric cars. And the people lucky enough to be able to afford brand-new resurrected muscle cars without air bags, which the government allows – if you’re rich enough to afford them.

It’s quite a picture, isn’t it? Two love birds, happily motoring – not a care in the world.

The rest of us, meanwhile…

. . .

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  1. The last Bond movie, with Daniel Craig, released in 2015, has him going out for a spin in the same Aston-Martin DB5 that the first Bond (Sean Connery) drove in Goldfinger. No “high-tech”, and even though the DB5 was then a half-century old, it was still a blast to drive!

    Cars SHOULD be as “fun” as your pocketbook can afford and the road conditions will permit. Else, why not just make everyone drive that hideous “people’s car” of the now-thankfully defunct DDR, the Trabant. They were SLOOOOOWW (only 18 hp), noisy, and temperamental, but that may have made them very “safe”, as they couldn’t go fast enough to kill anyone!

    Me..gimme an A-body (Barracude, Dart, or Duster) or B-Body Mopar (Charger, Satellite GTX, Road Runner) with either a warmed-up LA engine (340 preferred, but don’t count out the 318 IF it’s a 4bbl) or a B-block (the short-throw 361/383/400 or the “RB” 413/440, either works) with as much cam overlap as possible and the engine still idles at 600 rpm w/o stalling. Back it up with either a New-Process 4-speed or a Torqueflite A727, and the stock Mopar Positrac rear end, and you have a car that is “LOUD and PROUD!”

  2. WTF?

    Obeying the law is difficult when everything is illegal.

    Americans are no better than beasts and slaves now that the US is a police state. Tyranny turns people into animals.

    The government tells Americans what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, what to do, and what to think.

    Law is not justice.

    The government destroy lives. What if a genius researching cancer cures was arrested for withdrawing less than $10,000 from his own bank account and then couldn’t get a job because he has an arrest record?

    Americans who love the Gestapo today seem like rape victims who defend their rapists.

    Do Americans feel like traitors when they support tyranny?

    Do Americans think tyranny only affects other people? Do Americans believe that freedom only benefits others?

    What country is this?

  3. “saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety”
    The longer this gets, the more I laugh — and we should laugh at the goobermint.
    “Won’t somebody please think of the children?” should also make us laugh at the speaker, since it’s never about the children but about control. The person is really saying, “Won’t somebody please think of the controllers?”

  4. “Harry and Meghan can afford the cost-no-object electric Jaguar because they can make everyone else pay for it. Just like the people who drive Teslas and other electric cars. And the people lucky enough to be able to afford brand-new resurrected muscle cars without air bags, which the government allows – if you’re rich enough to afford them.”

    Eric, What the heck you talking about?? There are NO government credits, subsidies, etc for those who can afford to buy brand new resurrected muscle cars. The rich folks who can afford them DO NOT make “everybody else” (or anybody else) pay for them!

  5. Money cannot buy your way into heaven. Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to go through the pearly gates.

    Anyway, Eric is probably right that we, even in the US, are paying for this. The Federal Reserve, although it is not generally known who the stakeholders are, you can bet that English banks are involved in acquiring the FED ill-gotten gains and no doubt English royalty benefits from the gains as well.

  6. Trivia – The Queen does not need a driver’s license. Since all the UK licenses are issued in her name, there’d be no point. So far as speeding tickets, all she’d have to say is “Whose initials are on your badge, officer?”

    • Hi David,

      Harry might be an okay dude; I’ve never met him, so I have no idea. But he is a very rich dude – and a dude who was very rich from the moment of conception, who has never even had to think about money. Ever. For anything. Cost is literally no object. That means he – and people like him – don’t begin to comprehend why anyone might raise a question about having to spend (being forced to spend) 50 percent more to drive an electric car vs. an IC engined car.

      Among other things.

      And what is the “carbon footprint” of the Royal Household and its entourage?

      • Eric, I can’t imagine what sort of person Harry really is except clueless……on the face of it.

        I realize he’s been groomed to be a media fascination. I can only wonder if he’s as stupid as he would seem to be or is simply dutifully following the tasks thrust upon him.

        I would think at some point in his life he’ll realize what a pointless buffoon he is, what a meaningless life his is.

        Somehow, being royalty and intelligent would be warring factions to a person desiring to be taken seriously.

        I’m a pore man but wouldn’t change places with him. No one is pushed to think one way or the other of me.

        • Hi Eight,

          Amen. Cue Mr. T. I pity the fool. He’s rich, yes – and so never has to worry or even think about money. But his thinking is warped by that and his life is owned by others. He is in the Elvis Trap – only worse.

          And The King at least came by his money honestly.

  7. To put more salt on wounds- after figuring out one of the most successful ways of harvesting taxpayer money…. .. this is the same car Mr Musk himself drives !!!

  8. What’s even more sad is that while “Uncle” did play a big part in essentially outlawing these simpler, older-styled (and downright sexier) cars for the rest of us, it’s the majority of us that don’t even care. In fact, the “cattle” seem to love the idea of being herded if it means not having to log off of “Gesichterbuch” (love the German translation BTW).


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