Canadian AGW is Flummoxed

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Here’s an enjoyable video taken by a man out riding his bicycle who found himself rolled up upon by an AGW demanding the usual ID – in order to assert his Authority over the Mundane:

The man stands his ground admirably; the AGW seems unable to comprehend why a Mundane would ever  not want to not help an AGW with his probable cause-free fishing expedition. He doesn’t seem to grok that it was himself who initiated the interaction – annoying and hassling the man – and seems genuinely baffled when the man expresses annoyance over being hassled.

In the end the AGW is “dismissed.” Luckily the AGW was old – and not even steroids or donuts could rouse him to a proper Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Be careful about trying this with younger AGWs.

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  1. Made a trip to Winnipeg last summer. I was interesting- on the one hand the highway turned to Crap north of the border. Beat up cracked blacktop, mid sized potholes, and generally a minimalist 2 lane road for a “major” highway.

    On the other hand the drivers with Canuck plates pretty much ignored the speed limit signs and I saw exactly one swine the whole trip. Admittedly that one was sitting beside a major street in Winnipeg running radar in an unmarked black Explorer. But still, it was interesting.

    I also hear it’s not that hard to get and keep a gun there. Not legally, but there seems to be a healthier attitude of disdain for government rules there. Just my observations-

  2. I see the Canadian piggies are as fat as their American and Australian counterporks. And as stupid, arrogant, ignorant of the rights of the citizens, and generally just as obnoxious as Killary Clinton.


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