The $750,000 AGW

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Here’s video of a bullying Massachusetts armed government worker – who cost the taxpayers $750,000 in compensation for a  civil rights suit brought over planted drug evidence and is nonetheless still in possession of a government-issued gun and costume – bullying a young woman filming other government workers:

What she’s doing is legal, but of course that doesn’t matter to the AGWs, armed and unarmed. They are affronted by her trespassing on their Authority – among the most grievous of unwritten laws, just behind “resisting” and being  a “threat” to their “safety.”

The AGWs become agitated and swing between aggression and condescension. Had it been a man rather than a woman, it is likely some Hut! Hut! Hutting! would have occurred. Even being a woman – or a kid – isn’t much protection these days from a potential Hut! Hut! Hutting!

This time, though, they merely abuse her rights and bully her into the street.

Of course, no repercussions for the AGWs, notwithstanding clear video evidence of their not only ignoring the law but making up laws to suit their purpose.

Any of us who ignore the law can expect to be held fully accountable. Why not AGWs – whose supposed “job” is to assure the law is respected?

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  1. My area has a $750k AGW too. And that number was BEFORE he smashed out that window on the passenger side of a car and tazed a guy. They have delayed that victims lawsuit for over 4 years now because he is still facing charges (no not the AGW, the victim).

    There must be hundreds of heroes nationwide that have cost taxpayers that much. Too bad there is no list of them. Good luck trying to make one too……


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