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Here’s video of a very agitated armed government worker – affronted as they often are by someone not breaking any laws but (as they see it) challenging their Authority.

In this instance, what’s driving the AGW to a steroidal Freak Out is the presence of a “civilian” (AGW lingo for citizens) on what he considers to be AGW “turf.” The man explains that this “turf” is in fact public property, paid for by the “civilians” and that he has every legal right to be there and to video record there, which he does – and which the AGW doesn’t even dispute.

Instead, the AGW eructs the usual warble about “suspicion” and “safety” – and claims it’s “not normal” and that “six cops was being (sic) killed this week” – as if any of those whines had any bearing on the law.

The illiterate Tacticooled AGW demands to know “where do you live at,” and continues to barrage him with questions after being told by the man he’s not going to answer them because he isn’t legally required to answer AGW questions.

The AGW continues to show contempt for the law. The man has told him he won’t be answering questions – but the arrogant AGW continues to ask them, in a haughty and self-righteous “command” voice, per his IDF training.

A kind of Mexican Standoff ensues.

Note that at this point the “detaining” is clearly an abuse of the man’s rights as the AGW has not articulated any reason to suspect a crime has been committed. AGWs seem unable to grok this – perhaps because they are never held account for abusing people’s rights.

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