Sexual Harassment is Fine . . . When You’re an AGW

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Here’s a video and news story out of Washington, DC – about an armed government worker’s unusually enthusiastic “stop and frisk” of a man suspected of, apparently, nothing.

The victim’s “crime” was one of proximity.

He came too close to the orbit of an AGW, whom the law empowers to stop and then frisk people at random  – a despicable practice that began in New York but which is now being practiced elsewhere as well.

But this went beyond merely stopping and frisking.

The victim was forced to submit to a degrading curbside probing of his anus as well as hefting of his sexual equipment by this AGW, who is now “under investigation” and may lose his job as an AGW – but only because someone took video of the assault, which got picked up by local media –  and only because the ACLU sued the AGW’s employer.

No one bothers to notice much less question the principle embodied by empowering AGWs to randomly stop and frisk people. If that sort of physical assault is legally ok, then why not empower the AGWs to go that extra step?

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