AGW “Mussel” and “This Day and Age”

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Here’s video of a gum-snapping AGW hassling someone over the usual “crime” of affronting the AGW’s authority… as opposed to breaking any laws.

But the video is interesting because of the explanation of the tactics used by AGWs. Specifically, the way AGWs use “suspicious” as a way to de facto criminalize legal conduct they don’t happen to like and the way they equate any reluctance to “cooperate” as a “threat” which greenlights escalation of threats by them.

It’s both hilarious and tragic how the AGW – outfitted in his cool sunglasses and heavily armed – attempts to play the role of the person threatened by an unarmed civilian whom he is browbeating and being condescending and arrogant toward.

They just don’t seem to get that it is very threatening when an armed geek aggressively approaches because of the implicit threat not just of the gun but of the fact that ordinary people are not allowed to just walk away from AGWs – let alone attempt to defend themselves – without incurring severe and possibly life-ending repercussions.

But the AGW is the one spieling about his saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

There isn’t a well deep enough.

. . .

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