Reader Question: Chrysler 300 Hemi

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Al asks: My 2009 300C has the Hemi engine and I get 26 mpg.  When did they quit putting Hemis in the 300s and why? Best car I’ve ever owned.  Big mistake to quit making them.

My reply: The Hemi 5.7 V8 is still available in the current (2019) 300, but optional. The 3.6 V6 is standard. The problem – with both – is that neither meets the current CAFE fuel economy mandatory average and that is the real reason for the decision to kill off this car. To achieve CAFE compliance – especially the proposed 50-plus average number that may go into effect just a few years from now – the car would have to be fundamentally re-engineered, to make it much lighter and more fuel-efficient (regardless of the cost to us and notwithstanding that buyers like the current car and aren’t demanding 50-plus MPG or even 35 MPG out of it).

Such a car would, of course, no longer be a 300 – it would be a very different type of car.

There is also huge political pressure to build electric cars – whether there is demand for them or not.

Hence the Poltroon.

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  1. The latest rumors as of Oct. 18 is that these cars, Charger, Challenger, 300 are staying till 2023.
    Most likely you will have to order the V8, as I did. Or look for a 300C which is standard V8, at least it was.
    Like you, it’s my favorite vehicle of all time.


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