Video Rant: 2018 Chrysler 300

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It’s possibly the last of the line. . . the last of the affordable (relatively) rear-drive/V8-available big sedans. The 2018 is getting long in the tooth – and if Fiat (which owns Chrysler) doesn’t commit the funds for a major update soon, it’ll probably be curtains for this one.

Which would mean curtains for Chrysler, too – because the end of the 300 would leave Chrysler with just one model: the Pacifica minivan. And you can’t run a car company on just one model, especially if that model’s a minivan . . .

. . .

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  1. I just got a 300 V8 RWD-only in Sept. ’17, and it is now my hands down favorite care I’ve ever owned. (30+ cars and trucks since the 80’s). To be fair, I drove the 5-speed version and did not like it. This new 8sp (i think since ’15) is a game changer for this car, plus the addition of a ‘sport’ button in my 300S version, makes me smile when I drive it. I haven’t enjoyed a car this much in a long time.
    And the older school V8 hemi, (no turbo, not direct injection) is great probably because it doesn’t have most of the newer crap. Granted it’s MDS system is not good, but a small price to pay for the overall great package.
    I now do this “yes xxxx, i will be there in an hour” just cause I want to drive it.
    I really hope these charger/challenger/300 models live on past their expected demise of ’20-21. I don’t know what I will do without it. Probably buy the last one and just hope that it holds together a long time.

  2. Unless Chrysler keeps what makes the 300-Charger unique, (aka rear drive, V8 Hemi power), they may as well not bother with another generation at all. They will be an “also ran” if they are too much like the competition, like the discontinued 200 and Dart where in their classes.

    Guessing no next generation is very possible, especially with Ford dumping most of their car line, and most of the Chrysler’s car line is already dumped.

    Read that the Viper could make a comeback in the 2020 or 2021 model year with a V8 under the hood (instead of the V10). Seems like some folks at Chrysler would like to keep V8’s around a little longer, unlike Ford.

    So maybe the 300-Charger have a chance. Wonder if the Challenger could go it alone?


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