The Sickness Gulag

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Americans – many of them – are so dumbed down they can be convinced that it’s reasonable to turn the country into a permanent Sickness Gulag in the name of a permanent war on germs – a war that cannot be won.

Which may be just the point.

Endless war – waged in the name of “health” – is the health of the state. It provides endless, limitless pretext for those who are the state – the officials and enforcers – to decree and punish.

How does one object to this when the victims of this have been convinced that it is the only way to keep them breathing? Notwithstanding the evidence – including that which they see (or rather, don’t) with their own eyes.

Fear supplants facts. Closes their eyes – and minds – to evidence, to reason. Such as the bodies not stacking up.

Or not stacking up unusually.

Bodies are always stacking up. All of a sudden, this is redefined as abnormal. a “crisis.”

The current hysteria about Corona could just as easily have been manufactured in 2013 – a bad ordinary Corona (flu) year. 56,000 people died that year, from or because of the ordinary flu, according to the CDC. But it wasn’t a “crisis” because they didn’t create it.

Notwithstanding that “people died!” life went on as normal, then.

Not now.

Even though the metrics are similar. Elderly and health-compromised people are always more vulnerable to a cold/flu/corona becoming something worse – like pneumonia – and this can and does kill thousands of them every year.

It’s sad – but not abnormal.

The current reaction to it, however, is.

My state has about 8.5 million people in it; about 500 have died because of (or with) Corona. One is almost as likely to be struck by lightning than to be felled by Corona. But the state doesn’t order the entire population to “shelter in place” when it thunderstorms.

“Sheltering in place” because of rain would be considered ridiculous – as well as evidence of severe (and irrational) anxiety disorder on an individual basis. We used to treat people so afflicted. What’s changed is that everyone is expected to mime being afflicted – and those who refuse to play along are rapidly being “framed” as the ones with mental problems, soon to be punished for their aberrant normalcy.

The world turn’d upside down.

No one is forced to go out. The problem is forcing people to stay in. And to stay closed.

The elderly and those with other afflictions should take necessary precautions – as they have in the past, or should have in the past. But it’s  . . . sick to impose a Sickness Gulag on the rest of the population – which isn’t sick and 99 percent of whom won’t die even if they do get sick.

However, it has been accepted – by many – because they have been conditioned to accept it.

Not the Fear Masking and cattle chuting – but the principle behind them. It is the same principle behind no-probable-cause (and paper’s please) checkpoints, where it is presumed everyone is a “drunk” driver until they convince an armed government worker that they aren’t.

Because someone might be drunk driving –  infringing on everyone’s (former) right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures is a small price to pay . . . if it saves even one life.

No matter the effect on millions of lives.

Everyone must “buckle up for safety” – because it saves lives. Hypothetically. There is no exact cause-and-effect. In fact, there is usually no effect at all – of not “buckling up.” Fatal accidents do happen but they’re statistically as well as numerically uncommon. Most people drive a lifetime without being involved in one – buckled up or not.

But someone might die. Therefore, all must buckle up.

Do you see a relationship between this and Fear Masking/antisocial distancing “guidelines” (Really? Aren’t “guidelines” things you aren’t required to obey?) and Sickness Kabuki, generally?

Millions of drivers don’t die each year. Your odds of dying because you go for a drive are practically nil – or at least, close enough to nil that most people are not afraid to drive.

Only about 40,000 drivers do die in wrecks every year. And most of them are “buckled up” – it being the law and most people are, unfortunately, servilely obedient to the law. So, the fact is that while seatbelts may and probably do save some lives, for most drivers they are an irrelevance, a nuisance and a pretext – if not worn – for their lives being put at risk . . .  by armed government workers, who enforce the law.

So is it surprising that hundreds of millions of people are now being treated as presumptively sick – as presumptively lethally sick? Is it surprising that such an unjustifiable (by facts) policy is not only enforced upon all but demanded by many?

If it saves even one life!

No matter how many lives it ruins.

Some people are more vulnerable to drowning – because they can’t swim. Does this mean “locking down” all pools with deep ends? Mandatory life preservers for everyone?

It might save a life – even if it spoils living for everyone.

Is there a remedy for this . . . sickness of the mind?

Yes – and it’s not a vaccine. It is, simply, re-acceptance of risk being part of life. And respect for the right of every human being to weigh risks for himself and not have costs imposed upon him by others, to assuage their anxieties about risk.

A return to mental and moral hygiene, in other words.

It’s either that or we all become zeks in the Sickness Gulag.

. . .

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  1. It begins! Front page of website of the newspaper for the next county over from me, they’re touting that county’s health department now hiring people as “contact tracers and COVID-19 investigators”- for $20/hr.

    The Soviet-ization has reached the boonies…… Bear in mind….$20/hr. is “rich” for here. I know an ASE-certified master technician who works at a local shop….for $15/hr. Nurses barely make $20/hr. here. Everyone and their brotehr is going to be signing up to be a professional snitch-surveillor!

    My, my…what a co-inky-dink, that the technology making this possible- 5G- just went online at the same time that this scamdemic burst upon the scene everywhere……. just like they happened to have a “Patriot Act” just sitting around when “Nahnleaven” happened!

    Dig up TV artist Bob Ross and dust him off, ’cause we need him to narrate all of these “Happy accidents”!

    • Ah, yes, the Corona Stasi (snitches get riches!). Now all we need, is the Corona Youth Program, so we can get the next generation off to the “proper” start. Report ALL violations of Official Guide Lines™, to your local Health Political Officer! It is your Duty as a Good Citizen!…

        • Of course they are Eric, but Party Central, has stated that We must All, use kinder and gentler language, when dealing with these issues. Didn’t you get the daily briefing memo? ^^

  2. America in 1920: “Live free or die.”

    America in 2020: “Comply, or die.”

    America in 2120: “Die, or die.”

    • Hi Bluegrey,

      Everything going on today is the result of the power of the Safety Cult, which became a national religion circa 2001. That was almost 20 years ago and the effect of two decades of conditioning/submission training have weaponized the Safety Cult’s primary dogma of risk-aversion as the highest moral value, that risk being defined by the government-corporate nexus. It need not be much of a threat as reason is no longer applied. Nahhnlevven proved how easy it is to hype a small threat into one so pervasive that pervasive tyranny is “necessary” to combat it. It should surprise no one that the threat of sickness now equals certain death in the minds (the vacuous minds) of millions of acolytes of the Safety Cult, who are eager to submit to anything – and make you and I submit, too – if it will “keep them safe.”

      • Pilgrims cargo culted themselves from there to here cuz they believed it was a safer space. But it was neither here, nor there, cuz wherever the culted go, there they are. 20 years. 2000 years. Don’t figure in. Then is now. & the how now of it stays brown cow.

        • WKRyPt in Cincinnati, or anyplace named by ones celebrating roman jackboots – or wooden dentures…was prolly a beaver in past life — is a screwed tool, alright, no dexterity a’tall.

  3. There’s an analogy with government and our immune systems I don’t hear mentioned very often (in the mainstream that is). Both are quite dangerous to life.

    Viruses don’t kill their hosts directly. A human’s immune system takes up to 2 weeks to create antibodies. The virus therefore has evolved to do it’s job (reproduce and transmit to a new host) in that time. It’s not useful to kill the host before that is done.

    The body will clear most of a virus in the first week, and then the adaptive immune system kicks in. What we call disease, is actually the symptoms, such as cough, fever, etc. caused by the immune system’s response to an invader. That’s what makes us feel sick. The virus is gone, but the immune system remains. And when it over-reacts, that’s when humans die.

    And there’s the analogy with government. While it can save us from an invasion at times, it’s mostly the government over-reaction that is deadly.

    Covid patients are at most risk in the 2nd week, after the virus is mostly cleared. But in some people, the immune system goes crazy. Those are the people who can’t breath, because their lungs are filled with inflammation, caused by the immune system. It’s got a name: cytokine storm.

    When the government over-reacts, the economy is destroyed, and people are enslaved. When the numbers are tallied, it will assuredly show that many more deaths can be attributed to the lockdown than will have died of covid. Millions around the world will likely starve. These deaths are from the government’s cytokine storm. Often the immune system uses cell suicide to limit the virus. It would seem that’s the governments preferred tactic as well.

    But government too has evolved, and is quite good at surviving – otherwise we wouldn’t have so much government. And one of the co-parasites is the mainstream media. They also are good at surviving, otherwise we wouldn’t be bombarded by them every night. Don’t expect a vaccine from government anytime soon.

    • How dare you present real science over pseudo-science. Anthony Fauscist and company will be paying you a visit shortly to help you get your mind right!!

  4. Consider another explanation. The financiers of global capital have known The Great Default couldn’t be put off much longer. Like a pot boiling over, they had to turn down the burner under the stove and control-crash the economy in the short run while re-tooling the worldwide peasantry for the Green New Deal which they believe is inevitable along with the transfer of the remaining wealth of the middle class to the lower classes including a premium for the identity politics constituencies. Covid-19 was a godsend in that it provided the perfect pretext by which to sell the crash to the public in the name of a necessary public health measure. Not that the virus isn’t real. You just never want to let a virus go to waste.

  5. Here’s something fun to try at establishments that require masks.
    This comes from Ann Bernhardt.

    She calls it the “The Submission Muzzle exemption card”

    It’s a card you present to business managers and the neurotic sheep when they attempt to shame you into compliance.

    It informs the recipient, that the card holder is exempt from any ordinance requiring the wearing a mask, because doing so poses a mental and/or physical risk.

    And that under the ADA, I am not required to disclose any medical conditions to you.

    If found in violation of the ADA, you could face step penalties.
    Organizations and business can be fined up to $92,383 for your first ADA violation, and $184,767 for any subsequent violation.

    The card also contains a phone number to the DOJ to report violations.

    This is fun to use in public, because people are clearly more worried about virtue signaling and steep monetary penalties, than they are about a hyped virus.

    Have fun! 🙂

  6. It is disingenuous to say that more people are struck by lightning, which is patently a false statement. It might been more appropriate to say more people are killed in car and work-related accidents, but we don’t band transportation and home building.

    • Oy vey, Gonzalo!

      The point is that Corona is a very small lethal risk to almost everyone – just as lightning strikes are a very small risk. Reasonable people – assuming they’re not elderly/already very sick people – fear Corona as much as reasonable people fear lightning. Staying home – hiding under the bed- because it’s raining makes about as much rational sense as locking down the country because a bug is going around that might pose a lethal threat to a tiny fraction of the population.

      That’s the point.

      • As I stated before, the point is that you made a clearly fallacious statement. And, having done so, it makes it impossible for me to forward your words to others as they would most likely pick up on it just as I did.

        You have fallen, for the first time to my knowledge, into one of the most common traps that “libertarian” writers fall into — rambling on and on until they go so far out on a limb that the general readership dismisses then as “cooks.” For example, a Christian talking about vaccines suddenly going into a tangent and quoting the bible, or another one defending the Venezuelan regime just because the USA tried to overthrow it, or praising Trump just because he wants to dismantle the Deep State, etc, etc, etc.

        If you are writing to convince the likes of me of anything, you are wasting your time. I have been in the “libertarian” thought-camp since the 1970s. I, as well as many others, do not need convincing. There is no point in “preaching to the choir.” It will overlook a lot of things. You should write as if you were trying to convince those sitting on the fence.

        And that’s it. I have had my say.

        • Hi Gonzalo –

          Crikey! I altered the text just a bit to appease the pedantic. But the point remains the same. The “threat” of Corona has been obscenely exaggerated; if you’re not elderly and frail or already very sick, the chances of being Slumber Roomed by Corona are almost nil.

          Like being struck by lightning.

          • No! They obviously hate those who prepare food! Lets not bicker and argue, about who cooked what… ^^ While I understand that details matter (believe me…) anyone who can’t makes such relative distinctions, has more serious problems that need to be addressed. But it IS such details, that our enemies will seize upon, in their desperation to discredit us. What do I know? I’m just one of those “libertarian” Cooks… ^^

        • Gonzalo, you said this:
          rambling on and on until they go so far out on a limb that the general readership dismisses then as “cooks.”

          So, what is your problem with “cooks”? I like having them about. With a good cook I eat pretty well, and it tastes good too. Several times a day, mos days, I turn into a raging focussee “cook” myself… in fact I am now enjoyhing the last of my most recent such session the last sips of amazing coffee still lingering in my mouth……

          There is a homophone to your workd of choice “cooks” that I am guessing is what you REALLY meant. That word is “kooks”,. I will admint some “cooks” are ‘kooks” but not all “kooks” are “cooks.

          But, I hve learned to read for CONTENT and INTENT. Having just read Eric’s statistic about 500 people haing dies “of” or “with” this ChinaVirus thing, , I KNEW nowhere near that many have died in his state (I know which one it is…) of lightning strikes. But I caught his POINT…. just as I caught YOUR point about “cooks”.

          Now YOU get to go and do likewise.. raed for content and intent. And don’t make another on offender for a word. We all undrstand Eric’s ppint, it carries well.

  7. No required masking at the neighborhood food store but there were maybe only 4-5 people without a mask other than me. I was happily trying to follow the arrows on the floor and singing to myself but decided to just do my usual zig-zag shopping and ignore all the zombies in masks. If this entire masking scam wasn’t so serious, it’d be laughable. People are so full of false fear and you have to wonder if they will ever want to come out of their closets and get back to living. Scary.

    Masks, booties, gloves, social distancing and hiding at home are not proven techniques to keep you safe from germs, bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and other nasties floating around your environment. Your own immune system was designed to do that. Otherwise, you couldn’t last a week anywhere in the world. Actually wearing a mask can more harmful. I have little faith in the people to fight against this tyranny. And if the Bill Gatses’ and Faucis’ of the world get their way, Hitler will look like Mother Teresa.

    • Hi Tom,

      Of course, none of this is rational. If rationality were operative, none of this would be happening. Rationality – evidence, fact and the conclusions a rational mind would derive from them – would result in outrage about the “lockdowns” and laughter about the Fear Masking and Cattle Chuting.

      The country has been turned into lunatic asylum. In which the sane are regarded as crazy.

      • Exactly Eric. Which is exactly what the various War Lords, and those who own them want. Insane doesn’t even begin to describe, an “educational” system such as ours. Nor the role the corporate mass media plays in creating, shaping and manipulating “public opinion”. In all of these, the obvious question is, who benefits? To ask the question, is to answer it.

          • The peasants, some few (as usual) anyway, did know better. Prussian schooling was merely reactionary those few, after all.

            But it only takes a generation, or two, & the memory’s holed, the “teachers” are unionized, & the sin of parental-village child abuse is institutionalized.

            But the trick to becoming institutionalized that the treaters got psyche self-defense incentives to ignore &/or deny is that they was already institutionalized from the jump.

    • Tom, hiding at home is how you try to prevent the 30 million unemployed from finding out their jobs aren’t coming back. Once enough people are working, there won’t be the out for blood pitchfork crowd so easily stirred up.

    • Out for a bixyxle reide yestareay (the warm sunny air COMMANDED me go….. da guvnr hereabouts had deigned it permissible for me to take ONE ride per day… but forgot to tell he how FAR I can safely/legally go on that ride. So I knocked off a fifty miler. There is a Trader Joe’s (liberal hangout that it is, I go there for only one thing.. their half kilo bar of Belguian choloate, the 73% dark. Ymmmm.. THE bargain. Having comsumed my last bit the ight before, I planned my route to take me there. Parked the bike, left hepmet and gloves on, headed for the door, a few other shoppers, all kittted up for their shift braving the haards of the new Level Four Microbiology Lab and Factory… I did not see ONE facemask that would have been the least bit effective at protecting the wearer. MOST of the folks in there ranged from “a tad on the heavy side” to morbidly obese.. so maybe THOSE had donned their faux “PPE” because of their high risk… but I’ll lay high stakes at long oddes had I msuggested such thinking I’d have been steamrolleere over by the massive blob of trembling flesh.. so I kept my peace.

      Nearly everyone inside there was masked. I think only one couple were not. As I sautered about looking for my quarry I was amused at other’s antics “giving me distance” as I focussed on my target and just calmy waled there. Fear everywhere. A heavy pall of hypervigilance.

      Oh, almost forgot. getting IN there was a bit amuisng, as well. Maskes are not mandatory in my state. Some individual businesses mandate them. Costco, for one. I won’t go there anyway. As I entered, the guy at the door (costing hs hourly wage, but not contriibuting one iota to the general welfare) asked if i wanted a cart.. no, thank, sI’mjust here for a couple items. He proffered the poison smear for my gloved hands, and I calml said “no thanks all the same, I don’t to that stufe. He was cheerful and friendly and I thanked him for his kindness… as I politely declined his aid. At checkout they offered me a “free ” papter bag (supposed to collect a five cent tax for the stuipd county..mandatory. They are not. but they HAVE made one VERY intellligent move.. they will not alllow the “multiple use grocery carry bags” everyone has [aid five bucks for, as they are loaded with contaminants, chemical and biological, thus are not “sanitary”.. hah, the irony of THAT one warms the cockles of my heart. Can’t use the very inexpensive, sanitary, minimal enviromenta impact “single use grocery bags”, because of a stupid county ordinance… have finally seen the light on the “drag it everywhere” socially approved flithy Multiple Use bags…… but I declined even the paper bag, putting the four chocloate bars into the single use grocery bag I’d brought from home, and ipcking up the other three loose items.

      I then sat down outside on a small handy bench to consume some of the food I’d brought (my fuel guage was below the empty mark) and “watched the free community theatre” show…. the Mom Dad LIttle Kid onnDad’s shoulder.. got almost to the door, remembered, backtracked weit to their car, got ther maskes.. mum and dad, not for Joonyer, and came back. I grinned…. what, none for the little guy? Amusing….

      Kabuki Theatre at its most macabre, played out everywhere. Even the “toughtest” of the tough guys slide their mask, no thought as to where it has been since they last donned it, some wven wearing gloves and little shoe booties….. amusing sinhts with which to wash down my quick lunch. Most wore very morose sad almost panicked masks of their own before donning their chosen ineffective physical masks.

      Sickness Gulag, indeed.

      And not one armed guard. I found myself wondering how folks would have reacted had they now I WAS armed as I sat there eating away, right where they all had to pass to gain entry into the store….. me like nothing of note was going on (the true situation) and tey all fiathful little lemmings, reactivel and obediently “folling protocol as directed”.

  8. Seat belt laws do not save lives, the statistics are that they transfer the injuries and death to people outside the car. More bicyclist and pedestrians do.

    Which brings everything back to central planners never figure out what the results will be of their “good” actions. My guess is we will have enough missed cancers, heart disease and diabetes to more than make up for the people not dying this year in the coming years. Overdoses and suicides will be catastrophic.

    • Ozzy, it’s a fact, they just haven’t admitted it. People are dying at home when they could be saved at the hospital. Some people are intent on killing themselves even though the know the reason. At the grocery store recently when a guy is pushing another in a wheelchair. The non-ambulatory guy had just had his foot removed, no doubt, because of diabetes. He was holding 3 large soft drinks, a gallon of sweet tea and a handful of really sweet candybars. That was it, not a bit of decent food to eat.

      I’m aware some cases of diabetes can’t be cured but don’t know of any that can be helped by huge amounts of sugar. I may have missed something. It just seemed so wrong. When I say he’d had his foot removed, I meant recently since the bandage was bloody.

      • If the Almighty State is helpless to save this diabetic moron from his own misjudgment, then WTF are we worried about “flattening the curve” or other modeling nonsense when it seems that common sense sanitary procedures will account for most of the ability to fend off the dreaded disease? Especially when all these tyrannical and patently unconstitutional “Fatwas” haven’t actually been demonstrated to be effective, let alone even remotely worth compromising our inherent rights.

        This is why methinks it’s NOT about combating COVID-19 anymore, if indeed it ever was. It’s about politicians seizing power via edicts and playing on public fears and the inherent desire to do good, much the same as has been done to establish any dictatorship wherein at least a semblance of a representative government existed.

      • Eight…Guess could say it scales, & the scaling’s a property of where the x marks the spotter’s – who’s also the sniper — spot.
        Doppel Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
        Fight Club.
        Self-inflicted GSW therapy.
        Theharapy of the hound what bit ya’ therapy.
        There must be some kinda’ way outta’ here, said the joker to the thief.

        Could also say it’s a lot of too much specialization, such to the point that even what may cover so much territory as to appear general still comes up specialist. Maybe a confederacy of specialist dunces.

        And that the specialists that mesh’ialist the most, the ubers what fractal-trickle down thru so many fracked unters, are the megalomaniacs. Monomegalomaniacs? Megalomono’s? MmmMmm good for nuthin’ but Mr. Goodbar sex murders.

        It’s like pilot fish & remoras gotta have their sharks, & vice versa…well, goes the same for people fish & people sharks, too.

        Hospitoonals…they win, tailspitoonals…you lose. That 250k a year killed outright, & not called manslaughter, as all iaughtroknowbetter should know but don’t wanna’, but called iatrogenics, instead, is a conservative number, not a true count (you knowver & knowver again seen the lie, damn lies, & statistics coming from these megalo’s…).

        Been reading the measles chapter in Humphries book, Dissolving Illusions. It’s of a piece with the rest of the vaccine schedule, & the megalopolis o’ death & destruction regularly scheduled crises-“profit” opportunities the megalos generally specialize in. Read ‘em & do not weep for Argentinian sheep shorn, & mutton plated, sho’ nuff’ – all the world’s a staged shep•herd round the world:

        Well, I was gonna’ transcribe some, but the horror show of it just goes on & on – which of course “translates” or deciphers the current efforts to move the ball of skeered humanimal that much further downfield; TLDNtranscribe. Get the book. While at it, get Ross’s Unintended Consequences – you’re in it (a character that could be you, iow).

        As for sugar – which dissolves in some sickly-sweet illusions before it ever melts in hands or mouths — the compulsion, the addiction, the “subsidy” (color o’ law gov being wielded, like the truncheon it is, on behalf of…) that’s been, continues to, wreak havoc in the everglades of susceptible individuals, well, ‘you hook ‘em & we’ll cook ‘em’ is the motto of all the various & sundry interlocking mesherwo/men – & those always pre-caught up majorities, at every point along the unmoving timeline –“hook us! cook us!”- in the hocus pocus in our haunches nets, too. Cue that Steppenwolf (is always at the door) tune, The Pusher…other/self-medication…hell is other people…gimme’ some sugar shelter…”war, children, it’s just a shot away…”

        I asked you about deer meat a bit back. What do you do about the prionic chronic wasting disease angle? Get the meat tested, or just roll the dice, or????

        • There have been no cases of PCW in Texas and since it’s not communicable to humans I don’t worry about as far as eating venison. The TPWD keeps an eye on things including inspecting processing facilities. Since the closest we are to any area it’s been in, we don’t worry too much about all of a sudden having it this far away.

          I think it’s more prevalent in places where animals can’t roam and are contained to certain areas. I’m almost sure I won’t get out of here alive so I don’t worry about it.

          • The question’s been there since I read something that flat-out declared infected venison (& elk, moose) has infected plenty that ate it – incl all the purported supporting case studies wormholed hunter-eater brains.

            But just now, whatever I read doesn’t seem to be out there anymore. The internet “giveth” &…or do it? Flip Wilson: The DARPA made me do it….

            McGyverize the sh\ticks, weaponize the deer, inclement the weather, surf that wave o’ fear.

            But ticks can do what they didn’t when I was a boy & sh/ticks been sucking with infective mouthparts forever.

            If food shortages are just part of the long plan, & hunters more recalcitrant than glysophated-etc supermarketeers, well, star chambering a round toward that target is a who’s to say…but it ain’t near beyond the realm.

  9. “permanent war on germs – a war that cannot be won”

    This is the crux of the matter.

    “War is Peace”

    So, the next is “Freedom is Slavery”…as in, locking us in our homes is freedom?

    “Ignorance is Strength”…perhaps pouring lies into heads via the Chattering Liar Press, making Karens and others think they are strong and smart because They Listen To The Experts?

    Orwell was right, he just got it wrong by 36 years.

    What next? This slide into Ingsoc and the world of 1984 must end!

    • Things in the middle are things but the middle isn’t the thing. Things in continuum extremes are things but continuum extremes aren’t the thing. X marks spots but’s crosseyed to the unseeable & unseen thing.

      Germ theory rhymes skeery (NB Forrest said “get ‘em skeered, & then keep the skeer on ‘em”) & Pasteur said those invaders mean hot war. Bechamp said those seeds don’t grow unless the terrain is inviting. McLuhan said the medium is the message. Wordsworth said boychik is father to the wo\man, or wo\managed, wo\mangled, or wo\mandated as case may be.

      One hand (in)san(e)itizes the other is the medium of exchange that “collaterally” (um, no…it be on purpose) damges(ends the)messages to the Trojan seeds that that they should come on in, the terrain’s fine!

      Vaccines – war! — degrade the immunity that nutrition, sanitation, hygiene keep strongest possible.

      We had to destroy the village to save it. And to keep power intact. And “profits” piling ever higher.

      But…no messages propagate in terroir that doesn’t invite them in, that wasn’t made for just such propagation. Raison detre. Parasitoids & parasitoided.

      Lies ain’t pressed in, nor do babies test boobtubes, radio waves & newspapers make. However the seeds get to the x marks the spot growing medium ain’t the crux.

      So sour grapes of wrath it is.
      It’s not conspiracy, not even of dunces.
      It’s ever manifesting innateness.
      The design plans got “sapient” self-destructive planned obsolescence at the nucleus.
      “Rube” Goldberg just mighta’ been short for “Rubella,” middle name “Vaccine,” or maybe “Rockefeller.”

      Past’s – prologue – next. ∞

  10. Open season on Statists. No remorse. This shit ends here & now. All AGW’s & GW’s are open game.

  11. If?

    If•ait accompli. The maskies majority is as plain as the stuff strapped to, tied round, their faces.

    But still erroneous to linearize. Just cuz the maskbone’s connected to the facebone don’t mean all those countenances are already counted chickens for submission to mass-vac.

    Put another way: just cuz masks are the sandline for some doesn’t mean thou-shalt-be-jabbed won’t be the line for some of the now veiled – no way all those are damsels in distress.

    But, mostly largest, making what you do & what becomes of you about, a function of, what “they” do & become, is linear Al Goregebra, the oldest new math there is.

    That said, if those Weus! equations *do* fit, your parfait’s already accompli’d.

  12. The mayors and governors inflicting such tyranny are having their wildest wet dream fantasy realized. I suspect they are changing underwear several times a day. Even so, they too are just tools in the hands of the truly monstrous who seek total tyranny of the entire world. But, and its a big butt, tyranny is not created by tyrants, its created by submission. Give me liberty or give me death is not a mental exercise, its a plan of action. I paraphrase, I believe it was Frederick Douglass who said, “However much tyranny one will tolerate is exactly how much one will receive”. There is always a psychopath(s) waiting in the wings to inflict their insanity upon us as soon as they think they can get away with it.

  13. One thing that particularly gets under my skin about both 9/11 and the Covfefe Virus is that they happened because our government failed at one thing that they are actually supposed to do: control our borders.

    We knew even back in the days of Ellis Island that some immigrants could be carrying contagious diseases, as well as dangerous ideologies. So we screened immigrants carefully for both, and denied entry to those who were dangerous, whether because they carried diseases or because they had criminal records or belonged to fascist or communist groups.

    Yet today, we don’t bat an eye as people waltz in carrying who knows what diseases and plan to do who knows what to us.

    We must close bars, restaurants, salons, and airports…but keep the borders open.

  14. Ken,

    “I found a William Justus Goebel, Governor assassinated in Kentucky.”

    >>The FIRST and ONLY governor to be assassinated while in office.<<

    The funny thing is that he lost the election.

    He was shot after a recount. Sworn in later. Then died. He served as governor three days.

    Some say he was already dead when he was sworn in.

    The only thing I can determine is that he was not governor when he was shot.

  15. So I’m just wondering, where is the line?

    When the vaccination – forced at gunpoint – is mandated?

    When they bust down our doors to take away “the infected?”

    Where is the fucking line? I believe we past it several miles back.

    • Indeed, Blake.

      That is why I am so passionate – adamant – about the Fear Masking. If that is countenanced, then we will be forced to accept vaccinations. If that happens, those who refuse will be first pariah-ized and then criminalized. And you know what happens then.

      It amazes – saddens – me that so many think Fear Masking is no big deal and chide me for making a big deal of it. I have lost three friends so far over Corona. If I lose them all, so be it. I will not bend on this.

      • Morning eric, There’s another subject with dire consequences that was all the rage before it was unscrupulously thrown in the woods via Corona. It’s 5 G and it’s been shown in many studies to be more dangerous than 4 G by a million or millions of times. It affects children to a huge degree and for some reason, boys worse than girls.

        It’s not like the companies that are heavily invested in this are unaware. What difference does it make if the public is happily Big Gulping and Mac’ing their way into early deaths. One more killer is just another thing the oligarchs are foisting off on us.

        I am personally lucky. It has to be so close to the user it would never pay to put one near me as if I’d allow it, as if it would even get built if it took more than a day and would be destroyed by the next.

          • In wetness we trust. All other learn physics… ^^ Oy Vey There’s the rubber… All roads lead to skulls and bones, or was that grave yards? I can never keep them straight…

            • I’d like a skull for my workdesk, like memento mori of old, even tho I don’t forget to remember what that bit of leering bone’s ‘sposed to remind…no, I’d like it mostly for the effect it would have in reminding others not to come into my workspace…lol.

              As for the sponge…it don’t work desiccated – except to suck in whatever piss is being called rain by those who would reign.

      • I’m with you. I absolutely abhor fear masks and the people who wear them. You can’t telll me that 80 percent of the public has some sort of immune disorder. Mental disorder maybe. Immune disorder. No.

        • Amen, Swamp –

          I ask The Masker: Are you sick?

          If he says no, then I ask why is he wearing a surgical mask – pointing out that the mask is useful for preventing a sick person from spreading his sickness but not very effective at preventing a healthy person from getting sick. And may even cause sickness, as by restricted breathing; gunk accumulation, etc.

          He then says: I might be sick (i.e., an “asymptomatic” Corona Carrier). And therefore, it is my obligation to wear the mask to keep others “safe.”

          I ask him whether he also wears Depends – since after all he might lose control of his bowels and make a mess and others would have to deal with that. How about a lockable codpiece? Since every functional man might be a rapist… but there’s no reaching these people.

    • The 700,000 dead thing for a headline is really bad. That video is VERY useful without overstating it like that. Overstating it ruins its real power. In that video Gates admits vaccines have RISK. That admission is incredible because the mainstream will always tell people vaccines are “safe and effective” risk free. They aren’t. Then he gives a number, 1 in 10,000 or 700,000 people with side effects. From the mild to the severe. One in ten thousand is worse odds of getting a sniffle from the covid. But then he goes even further. There has to be government indemnification. That is government taking the liability. This man, a vaccine promoter, has outlined the rational scientific case for not taking a vaccine! But then it gets ruined with over the top headlines where the mainstream will ignore it as more tin foil hattery. Ug.

  16. Here’s what’s really sad, all. Today is the 75th anniversary of V-E day, commemorating when the Nazis formally gave up, and supposedly Europe was “liberated”. But WAS it? And I’m not talking about just the part that the Soviets occupied for 45 years.

    I’d say, as General Patton rued, that we participated in the destruction of the “best” people that Europe had, and left a mess. Worse, the sickness spread to our own shores, to the point where we wouldn’t know freedom, liberty, and self-determination if it jumped up and bit us in the ass. Fuck Europe, and for that matter, fuck the rest of the world, we have to take BACK our OWN country, enough is enough!

    • General Patton realized he had fucked up at the end. He fought hard for the vanquished Germans. It was too late. The communists killed him.

    • The real seasonal affective disorder is that some, too many, people still “commemorate” Venereal Encephalitis day. Talk about genetic infection.

  17. How many times have i heard “oh you’re a biker that’s dangerous, i’d never ride a bike” I usually say you better be at peace with your life ending today because tomorrow ain’t coming so why keep living if you don’t do what you enjoy? I don’t want to crash, i’m not Ever Knievel but i get such a rush from riding a bike i’m only stopping when i physically can’t ride them anymore. I’ve crashed a few times and hurt myself but the worst thing i ever did was slipped off a curb when i was walking along with the mrs once the we were on holiday and i broke my ankle, no bike involved. The pain was incredible and the recovery time was over a year. When i watch the Moto GP i know i’m watching men at the limits of speed and fear and man i bet these fella’s are loving it.

    • Hi Biker,

      There’s something despicable about people who scold other people about their choices. It’s extremely bad manners, at best. If someone doesn’t like what you’re doing, their obligation is to keep quiet.

      Busybodies are the basis of all tyrannies.

      • A “scold” is a practically outmoded English epithet about an self-righteous, unpleasant old bat whom makes it her mission in life to get on everyone ELSE’s case for whatever particular PERCEIVED failings. Remember the original Star Trek episode where “Entrepreneur” Harcourt Fenton “Harry” Mudd, having escaped a capital charge on Deneb IV for fraud (but he DID have a VARIED choice as to method of his execution) and ended up on a planet of Androids, some of whom, portrayed by delightful twin young ladies, have obvious pleasurable qualities. For whatever reason (As “Bones”, aka Dr. Leonard McCoy, surmised, he wanted to both leave his shrew of a wife and yet bring her with him), Mudd had constructed a particular female (cough!) android in the mold of his estranged wife, Stella. When she’s activated, she immediately proceeds to harangue him for overeating drinking, being up to “no good” (well, what DID she expect?), but Harry can simply tell her to shut up, and she complies, so he enjoys having the last word with “her”.

        Once CAPT James Tiberius Kirk mind-fucks the lone controlling droid, Norman, whom had gotten the Enterprise to that planet in the first place, and his circuits fry (funny how the concept of fuses and circuit breakers seems to be forgotten in the 23rd century), as things have been set to rights, Mudd, rather than be remanded to Deneb IV to face execution, is instead placed in the custody of the androids, to serve as a (bad) example of what they have to deal with in terms of humankind. But Kirk is not insensitive to Harry’s TRUE needs…so he arranges mass production of a “special” android to tend to them…and they show up…as STELLA…at least 500 copies of her, and the “shut up” subroutine has been switched off!

        How the fuck did they ever get to the Earth?

      • I know Eric it’s hard to take. I was raised by parents who let me do dangerous things. When i was thirteen my old man thought my 125 dirt bike was too slow and bought me a Maico 490. That thing’s a rocket but it was amazing. I was racing 500 cc races against men at aged 14. We hunted, fished we went on push bike rides that went all day, no phones to phone home and all your parents you were safe and when you got back all they asked was if you had a good time? It seems to me from the 90’s on we’ve been curtailed more and more until now we’re housebound. It’s a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. It’s todays children i feel for the most, they’re being brought up to fear the day they never saw.

      • There’s something obdurate about people who believe scolding, & holding on for wfo dear life, are choices.

        Peeps be compilations of compulsions. Not choices. It’s The Need For Speed. Not I Think I’ll Choose To Go Fast Today.

        All bodies are busy, in various different ways.

        But if it were as stupid simple osculation as “choice,” this rube goldberg contraption species woulda’ pulled itself up by its choicestraps long before now.

        Start at the start or yer not even in the race. Unless treadmill racin’s a thing. My compulsion set sez it ain’t.

  18. On Armstrong’s site there is a video of a law officer who gets it right,,, who understands what authority he has and more importantly what authority he does not have.

    I’ve been doing my part to make this video go viral.

    God bless this guy, and I hope there are lots of others like him out there. We’re going to need their help very soon!

    • Hi Lib,

      I saw the video and agree that it’s a step in the right direction; that this guy seems generally ok. However, he is still enforcing numerous tyrannical laws, which makes him complicit. We are too far down the road to give a pass to any tyranny because that invites more. If this guy really gets it, he should burn his uniform, publicly – and declare his reasons why. That until law enforcement is gotten rid of as a despicable/nihilistic concept – and the concept of peacekeeping and protection of rights restored – anything wearing a government uniform is on the wrong side of the line.

      • Well, cut him a break and just let him resign, burn his uniform, and hug his mama. It might be a little harsh to carve a swastika in his forehead…reserve that for Herr Standartendfuhrer Landa!

          • eric, I saw yesterday he lost his job over this. And another came out and went further than this guy did.

            Will he lose his job? Both would then be known to be “done wrong” and should be looking to get back at the system that’s out of control. They’d both be the perfect plant in a group considering armed revolution.

            Neither could convince me of their true intentions just posting to YT. The first one getting fired could be the work of the people he’s working for and continues to do so in another capacity.

            • Hi Eight,

              This, as they say, is a start. If more AGWs get religion, we might just see a return to legitimate peace keeping and an end to AGWing.

              • Hey eric, I agree and hope it’s not some ominous plan. Both this guy and the guy who commented much of the same yesterday seem to be genuine.

                And why would it not be possible to want to treat people as people instead of something lesser than they see themselves. The old mantra “The law is what I say it is” has gotten pretty old and it’s only a matter of time before there’s serious blowback everywhere.

                The typical tyrant has no idea that a couple stolen cars people could walk away from after offing as many piggos as needed and not ever be identified must never have occurred to the porcine bunch. All they need to do to make that come true is to keep pushing it. It’s physics…..isn’t it?

      • Looney, he is no doubt just “following orders” , as the vast majority of humanity does. No, that doesn’t make it right, but its entirely human. To the majority of AGWs, its just a job, one that allows them to put food on their family (Thank you Bush the Lessor). For the rest, its a power trip and about ego. Which means that future consequences, are on their own heads. For every action/inaction there is a consequence. Supporting tyranny, has typically had very harsh consequences.

        • Hi BJ,

          About ten years ago, I briefly thought about taking a part-time job as a sheriff’s deputy in my rural county. Then I thought better of it. Leaving aside the now-loathsome to me idea of earning money taken by force from people who did not ask for nor desire my “services,” I thought about having to demand “papers” of my neighbors at “checkpoints” while wearing a gun and a government-issued badge, just like a soldier of the STASI or NKVD. And being ordered to enforce laws upon people who’d done absolutely no harm to anyone.

          Not I.

          I’m no paragon of virtue; I have many flaws. But one thing I am not is a thug. I despise thugs – people who use force to get what they want. Whether they do so in a dark alley or behind the badge makes no difference to me.

          A thug is the avatar of the worst thing a human being can be.

          • Good points Eric. As Rothbard was fond of saying; There are only two ways to make ones way in their world. Making or taking. Either provide goods and/or services that others need, or taking from those who make.

            Today’s Dear Leaders, are just the latest version of the successful thug, whose mob was able to extort “protection” money from the locals. Those eventually became kings, then emperors and finally presidents/prime ministers etc. The divine right of kings, turned into the sainted Will of The People (they just don’t tell you which people…).
            But at its most fundamental, its all about who the big men with (clubs, spears.swords.guns) take orders from.

            • BJ, I just watched Quigley Down Under for the umpteenth time. There isn’t shit to see on YT or any other controlled media.

              If you’ve seen the show you’ll recall how at the end when leaving Australia he was asked, with an agent holding a gun under the counter for his name. Since his squeeze had called to him and called him Roy, he said Roy, Roy Cobb. The agent relaxed, put down his gun and they went on their way.

              This is exactly the scene the Gate’s, Fauci’s, Zuckenberg’s and Trumps don’t ever want to see again. He wouldn’t have made it with a chip.

              Trump is making all his tv watching audience think he’s for them. He signed the CARES act in Jan. of 2019. He’s not ignorant of all this bs going on. Biden is, he’s clueless and probably pisses his pants.

              When Trump gets the nod next year get ready to see more of what we’ve already seen. I’m in a remote county in Texas but the Nat Guard was here this week. This time it was clueless, deluded people who volunteer for covid tests. Funny that the county N of us is swallowing this shit left and right. They had some (older)people and deluded people come for tests. There were 14 or so. In this county there were no reported tests since nothing had happened before the time the local newspaper had to go to press.

              This is typical of rural folks who aren’t so stupid or old (hell, I’m 70 and have seen every false flag event in my life since WW11). They like to appeal to the Christians and have done a pretty good job but the fact that nobody showed up at the county seat said reams about the local people.

              I spoke with some young men yesterday and they are ready for war. They even have gun safes in their pickups and are ready to roll the blood of tyrants, regardless of what their official title is, in the streets as deep as need be. I asked them with all their guns, if they had ammo. They came back immediately with the answer of “more than I can haul”.

              I fear the shit’s going to hit the fan soon. Not soon enough but faster than the pols who controls us want it to and many of the former military are the most radical and capable of the force. The shit is about to hit the fan no matter how the press praises Gregg Abbott. He’s just another tyrant wanting to save his own ass.

    • I watched about the first half, and he’s right on, as far as it goes. He’s probably one in a thousand or ten thousand. We better hope there are a lot more like him out there, but I ain’t holding my breath.

      But, he’s probably drawing the line where he is because there are no ‘laws’ to uphold in this case, only orders from politicians which he, rightfully, does not consider law. But, presumably, laws that come from the right process (positive law) might be okay with him. He doesn’t go that far. Maybe I’ll have to watch the entire thing.

      But more important than what he says is what he doesn’t say. He knows where his authority comes from, but how far does he take that? Does that apply to every law that lawmakers pass, giving police authority that no individual has? Somehow, I don’t think he has thought his objections through to their logical conclusions.

      • Hi Antonio,

        A key to unwinding all of this, or at least, a start, would be a return to the idea of crime being defined as having a victim. This business of things being illegal – i.e., “violations” of a statute – but with no victim, no harm caused to anyone – is both dangerous and loathsome. People are threatened with murderous violence for . . . not doing as they’re told.

        Is that not the essence of tyranny? To be ordered around by authority, just because authority – and punished for disobeying?

        In a free society, authority should be powerless over people who’ve not caused harm; i.e., violated the rights of other people in some way. Just imagine what it would be like to be able to just live your life unmolested by any authority, so long as whatever you happened to be doing wasn’t harming anyone else.

        Why this doesn’t appeal to more people has always been a mystery to me!

        • Good reply, Eric. I agree that a return to the proper definition of crime would be a very good place to start.

          Actually, I think I know why this doesn’t appeal to more people – they’re clovers. I don’t understand it, either, but a lot of people are not content to allow others to live differently, as long as they don’t do any palpable harm.

        • No real mystery Eric. Look no further than the “educational” system, that fills peoples heads with illusions/delusions. Couple that with the corporate mass media, and its endless lies and propaganda, and the only wonder is why things aren’t even worse.

          But then government has always been, a gang of thieves and murderers writ large. From the early successful thugs (kings/emperors) , to today’s War Lords (presidents/prime ministers).

  19. I just received a survey to fill out from my employer asking questions like “What would need to happen in the office to make you feel comfortable coming back to work in an office environment?”. Well, guys, thanks for asking, but I’ve been here the whole time. I’m 1 of about 10 to 15 who show up in the office now a days (out of around 60).

    One of the questions was “What would you find uncomfortable about working in the office?”. My reply was that I would feel very uncomfortable if the wearing of the fear mask was mandated in the office. I know that’s what’s going to happen soon.

    As soon as it’s announced, I am going to book an appointment with HR and tell It that I will under no circumstance wear a mask in the office. I’m very curious to see if I am fired over this.

    My other options would include:

    1. Wear a mask, but write a new message on the mask everyday. Such as “VIRTUE SIGNAL”, or “FEAR MASK”, or CORONA HYSTERIA”, etc… If I go this route, I will need suggestions.

    2. Wear an obviously faulty, ineffective mask with holes cut in it. Or tape a Kleenex to my face.

    3. When everyone else starts coming into the office, I’ll start working remotely so as to preserve my dignity and sanity.

    4. Any other suggestions?

    I’m good at what I do and I know that I am an essential part of this office, so I don’t think they will take it lightly when I make my declaration of noncompliance. I sure would hate to have to find another job. It would be so easy to just go along to get along, but that’s not something I often do, even to my detriment.

    Wish me luck!

          • It’s amazing how the sheeple would rather rat on you than take your idea of just not wearing a mask and going on with life. I can see this happening with my mother and my dad just going on with life with no mask. I’m so sorry to say that the female of the bunch is the paranoid part of society. They don’t trust each other. I’ve seen this my entire life.

            The scenario, the woman wanting to have extra-marital sex and find somebody to go along but when the SHTF, she is completely innocent. Couldn;t tell you how many times I have seen this.

            I texted a n old friend with a really bent, alcoholic other who is really fucked up. I suggesested she buy a gun, not a short one but a long one, so she would have some protection in Houston(god forgive me). But she turned it around on me and her husband that was dying last week was doing fine(don’t bullshit me)and was even eating the food a nephew was bringing(he hates her). Maybe I should get off the farm and hang out with some people who care for me(her husband hates her). I just let it drop. I have plenty people coming to the farm and doing all sorts of things. She’s terrified of her husband who isn’t really her husband. She wants to turn it back on me. I am chilly with the people who are supposedly coming around to test me for covid. I give up. Those people coming to test me and the wife are going to be dead MOF’s. Bring on some more. She, on the other hand, will do wherever they say, do what that say, and ask for more….plese. I am through with helping her. Nothing lke living ith a doctor who would kill you in a heartbeat if given half a chance….and then she offers me advice. This is a true clover. ///and the horse she rode in on.

    • there is a website with a card you can print out that says you are unable to wear a mask due to health issue. this is your legal right. If they want to ask what the health issue is, that is a violation of HIPPA.

    • I’d recommend planning your escape. Every job requires you to give up certain freedoms in exchange for compensation. If the requirements of the job change, you have to reevaluate. If wearing a kabuki mask is so abhorrent to you that you’re willing to defy your employer’s decree you should leave.

      There’s the old saying “No one on their deathbed ever wishes they spent more time at the office.” I’d add to that that once someone retires it’s usually not too long before they forget all about the office and all the “fun” they had while there. The exception seems to be when someone does something that really matters, such as building something big, or running their own business, but being a clock watcher usually doesn’t leave much of an impression in the long run.

      But what the hell do I know? I’m just an aging cable guy…

      • Hi RK,

        The Fear Masking is about much more than just mask-wearing. It is a decision point. It is about whether we accept the incandescently dangerous idea that “you might be sick” – and therefore, must wear a mask, for saaaaaaaafety. If that is accepted, nothing will stop acceptance of the idea of forced vaccinations and tracking. It will mean being subjected to medical experiments that got SS doctors hanged at Nuremberg but which the Corona Cattle will “consent” to as a condition of their economic livelihood and any “freedom” they’re allowed. And if the Corona Cattle accept, the rest of us will be forced. Or forced to fight.

        Do not wear a mask! Do not tolerate mask-orders.

        • Either way he’s going to be out of a job. On his terms or theirs. HR isn’t going to put up with with coworkers lining up to scream about his dangerous behavior. Failure to wear proper “PPE” is cause for dismissal in most jobs. When I operated a bucket truck I had to certify every year. If I wasn’t wearing all the PPE (personal protective equipment) I’d not certify. Now it’s true that most of the trainers would let a small slip like not “inspecting” the safety glasses before putting them on slide, if someone was already on thin ice with HR it was usually pretty easy to lump on PPE violations. And if an upper level manager happened to be driving past when you were up on the lift without being “safe?” Whoo hoo look out!

          And 20% unemployment means there are going to be plenty of people willing to mask up and get a paycheck without rocking the boat in a few months, even if Uncle’s funny money keeps coming.

    • I threatened to wear my full-face motorcycle helmet with the visor down all day. Those with a sense of humor get it…the Karens in HR would probably find the idea horrifying.

      I will NOT return to the office environment with a Zek Mask!

    • I’ve been thinking a Guy Fawkes mask would be quite stylish. Or maybe cobble together the kind of mask and helmet worn by Federation stormtroopers in Blakes 7. A Richard Nixon mask might be a good choice as well.

      • Hi Jason,

        I have a Nixon mask! I had thought about wearing it, and saying: I am not diseased! But I absolutely will not wear a mask, ever. Unless I am robbing a 711 to fund my surfing habit!

        • I can certainly understand that! However, there is an upside – wearing a mask, particularly a full-face mask, throws a monkey wrench into tracking people via facial recognition. Probably not a big issue for those living out in the woods, but for city folk video surveillance tracking is pervasive.

          • The feminazis, if they had their way, would put an RFID tag on every “swinging dick”, to track the potential “Rapists”.

          • Hi Jason,

            Yes, it does that. But – for a variety of reasons – the Mask will not fly with me. I just won’t do it. I’m getting old. I’m already tired. Enough. I’m done.

            • eric, I’m not worried about a mask. I won’t wear one but it doesn’t make me lose sleep. Mandatory vaccinations are where the lead slaps the bone for me.

              Once I get a “You must be …….on ……… or you will be taken from your home. Well, boys, you fuckin idiots, just come on out. I just might not be in my house. You might have a hard time figuring out where I am but once the “demanders” are narrowed down to a couple or one, their bravery may flag a bit.

              Oh, sure enough, the big chopper will show up before the much larger wave of ground troops. I have an OD green aluminum cover with a Gilley type suit.

              • That’s where I draw the line also, 8. No way am I going to submit to some hastily-concocted, ill-conceived vaccine that (if Bill Gates and his globalist buddies get their way way) will also include being chipped like livestock. No way, no how.

                The wife has the idiot box on and as I write this Orange Man is giving his Red China virus briefing. Mostly the same BS we’ve already heard. As he rattles off the numbers of ventilators and masks I’m reminded of the screeching telescreen announcer in Ninteen-Eighty-Four proudly announcing the number of tanks and heavy bombers deployed on the Malabar front, a reduction in rickets amongst the proles, and an increase in the choco ration. The propaganda is endless.

                • Jason, I think my idiot box would quit for some mysterious reason. Too many are drawn into those lies and it’s way more women than men.

                  Shutting down the food supply wasn’t done to stop the spread of covid. It was done to starve us out and be grateful to govt. for the stipend we’re being sent. As long as enough people get enough food and nothing is really happening as the entire country going back to work they’re afraid we’ll revolt en masse. You can’t stop tens of millions of people with the pitchfork attitude cause it won’t be pitchforks and they know, as hard as some even tried to stop it, that more people have armed themselves.

                  The talking point is they’re scared of crime, esp. where large numbers of prisoners have been turned loose. The actuality of it is we’re arming to take down the govt.

                  Seems like everybody is speaking of getting a handgun but long guns are being sold as fast as they can be on the shelf.

                  The masses better wise up quickly. If Trump weren’t in on it, he wouldn’t have signed the CARES act in Jan. of 2019. Why in hell did we need that? Ask your wife. She won’t have a clue as to what you’re speaking of. We are eventually going to find out what their plan is(kill the ones that won’t march the line)and leave the sheeple alone…..for a while.

                  Bill and Melinda Gates are banned from India because that foundation brought them a vaccine and it killed a huge amount of people.

                  Even in the TED talk that Jason Bermas first put on YT with the edited part out where he says when he gets his vaccine ready then the 6.8 B people will be 6 B. No misunderstanding that, esp. given his history. He and Zuckerberg were proud to announce they were censoring their social networks.

                  What has every govt. done before it became a totalitarian regime? Censor the press.

                  Now there’s a bill, 838, that is in front of Congress that allows anyone with a gun to be disarmed and jailed for what is simply no reason, much worse than a red flag gun law. Wake up people and turn that damned tv off.

                  Buy her a smart tv and steer her into YT videos before all of the ones warning us are gone.

                  • The press has never not been censored, & used to help press the chopped meat into patties.

                    Reread the good ol’ dazing & confusing “federalist papers” & tell me that ain’t slow smoked bbqueuing o’ the beeves.

            • It’s easier to draw the line at the mask. Mine is drawn too. Went into this flooring store that had a mask regulation. I was in line and making comments about mask wearers. The guy nodded his head in agreement. Complicity with masks will mean consent to be vaccinated. 100% of the mask wearing cows will comply.

  20. Up here in Alaska we’ve had about 360-370 confirmed cases so far; of those, about 260-270 are confirmed recoveries, and I’m guessing that many of the other hundred recovered but never told anyone. We just had our first death in weeks yesterday, bringing the total up to… drumroll please… TEN.

    This is despite the lockdown being subverted and haphazardly enforced at every turn. Most people don’t wear masks when work doesn’t force them to; of those who are forced to wear them, some find ways to circumvent any filtering effect they might have in pursuit of beautiful, precious oxygen. Nonessential intercity travel is constant.

    Remind me again why we’re freaking out up here? We literally could have everything operating at 100% normalcy, and the outcome would not have been significantly different. The only reason people are scared right now, is because the media is scaring them.

    But mark my words, Coronacircus is this generation’s 9/11. Eventually we stopped worrying about suicide bombers around every corner, and even mainstream conservatives realized that our civil liberties were too high a price to pay for safety from them. But those civil liberties aren’t coming back, and neither “gate rape” or nor the endless, pointless middle-eastern wars are going anywhere. I feel like this is going to be the same way. Eventually, the Cheap Mexican Beer Flu will fade into obscurity, and we’ll all start living life again… but restaurants and stores will still be counting customers, formerly walk-in businesses like barbershops will still require reservations, checkstands will still be festooned with plexiglass sneeze shields that do a better job of blocking speech than blocking germs, and the anti-anti-vax nuts will use the virus as a bludgeon to push their agenda. Kids will grow up used to the idea that movement and commerce are privileges that the government can revoke for any reason or none at all, and that they are justified in adopting a “shoot first, ask questions later (or never)” approach to doing so.

    A cop recently posted a video on YouTube exhorting his brothers in blue to esteem the Constitution above their direct chain of command, and object in the name of due process when their superiors tell them to enforce unconstitutional lockdown orders. Well, sorry to break it to you buddy, but due process died a long time ago.

    • About 25 active cases in Montana.

      There were 16 deaths because the Sweet and Sour Sicken got into a nursing home.

      • Hi Anon,

        I dislike this “cases” business. It is a means to exaggerate the problem – by implying that “cases” means death. How many “cases” of the common cold are there? Of cancer? Of the ordinary flu?

        It’s the death that’s the thing- and by that measure, Corona, while definitely a thing for the elderly and the otherwise frail, is not much of a thing for the rest of us.

        Which is why the “lockdown” is so outrageous.

        A reasonable response would have been: Suggest (but not order) that the elderly stay home, avoid public places until the virus runs its course (as with the flu, every year).

        Suggest (but not order) that the rest of us help the elderly and otherwise not healthy, as by going shopping for them.

        And that’s it.

        Leave people free to assess their risk – not just of getting sick but of losing their economic lives out of fear of being sick – and choose for themselves whether to stay home or go out.

        No one is being forced to go out – or go into any business. Neither should anyone be forced to stay home – and not allowed to open their business.

        • The “case count” has replaced the death count because not enough are dying. I’ve noticed this in nearly every Mockingbird Media headline now. You may have also noticed that the death RATE is never mentioned by them anymore either. The current mantra of “test, test, test” also never mentions that the test is about as accurate as a pair of dice. As a result of such departure from reality, no one can make an accurate assessment of what risk there is. Which is the intention since the risk is likely far lower than desired by the Psychopaths In Charge.

          • Hi JWK,


            I also suspect there are paid trolls commissioned to post defense-of-narratives on blogs such as this one.I had to block one yesterday. At first, I assumed it was just a pedant, who missed the point I was trying to make in my Gulag article. I had used the example of being so terrified of being struck by lightning that you don’t go outside – a neurotic fear – as an analogy of the neurotic fear of being killed by Corona. The troll critiqued me for not being accurate enough with regard to the chances of being struck by lightning – a very tiny chance – vs. the chances of being killed by Corona – a slightly greater but also very tiny chance.

            His purpose seemed to be to deny my point rather than question my math. I attempted to discuss but he just went on and on about being “disappointed” and so on.

            I told him of my disappointment – that hysteria over Corona has in a matter of weeks turned the country into a Gulag and destroyed the lives of millions on the basis of a grossly exaggerated “risk” that has been weaponized into an assertion of certain death when – for 99 percent of the population – it is nothing more than maybe getting sick and for 80-plus percent of those, not even getting symptoms.

            I feel I am going crazy sometimes. Then I remember it’s the world that’s going crazy!

            • Haven’t I already sent that “POV” thing from the show, Robot Chicken, parody of Star Wars? Point is, as “sanity” is a legal definition, and not a clinical one, what’s “crazy” or not is, insofar as politics and commonly-accepted social values, largely a POV argument. Although I agree with you wholeheartedly that the country collectively has stuck its fool head over this COVID-19 thing so far up its ass that it can bite its own tonsils.

              Was watching this story about how, in the wake of the fall of Berlin in 1945 and Hitler’s purported suicide, how the Soviet’s 79th Guards Motor-Rifle Division, with the attached SMERSH unit, charged with finding Hitler, alive, if possible, dead…well, not as “good”, but they wanted him or what was left of him. After finding the charred bodies of Adolf and Eva Hitler in the trench in the Reich Chancellery garden, the condition of the corpses was too poor to render a visual identification, even though Hitler’s personal valet, Heinz Linge, told his captors that was were they’d cremated their bodies on the afternoon of April 30, 1945. So the SMERSH unit checked with Hitler’s dentist whom had done bridge work, as Der Fuhrer’s dental health, as well as his mental health, in his last few years, wasn’t too good. They couldn’t find the dentist, but they found his lab assistant whom had built the bridge. When the Soviets interrogated her, they told her that she should just pack enough clothes for a week, and that she’d be sent home once they were through questioning her in Moscow. Well, though the lab assistant did cooperate with the Soviets, they did NOT send her home but let her rot in the Lubyanka prison until 1953. At least she wasn’t just shot out of hand! Once Stalin had died, her jailers “tried” her for “crimes” against humanity, decreeing that she’d had an opportunity, presumably while Hitler was sedated in the dentist chair, to brain him or something to that effect, and her failure to do so made her complicit in his crimes. Never mind that likely there were likely always a few burly young SS guards in attendance, so how this woman was “guilty” of anything would defy even the questionable judicial standards of the Soviet Union. She spent another three years in captivity, but in the Gulags, where she nearly starved to death, but was released in 1956 and went back to Germany. Her husband had survived the war, and, thinking her dead, had her declared so legally and had remarried. She passed on in 1993.

  21. Since the turn of the 21st century, roughly 2,000 people per year actually die of the flu. In a couple of years it’s been nearly double that. In others, like 2001 and 2002, it’s been less than 300. The 1980s and 90s had the same kind of numbers.

    To put that in perspective: in 2013, more than 3,000 people died of malnutrition. 3,630 died of asthma. And 2,988 died from peptic ulcers. But we don’t have scare campaigns over those conditions. Why?

    There’s no vaccine to sell, of course.

    The 1970s were a bad decade for the flu, and the average number of deaths was closer to 5,000 through those years. But even back in the 40s — the earliest statistics I could find, and the decade with the most flu deaths — the number was nowhere near 30,000.

    So don’t buy into the fearmongering. Is the flu serious? Yes. Influenza will put you in bed for a week. Is it a killer? Probably not.

    • How many people die of lung cancer, heart attacks, or other problems attributable to their SMOKING? Yes, we do hear of “scolding” smokers, but the “Gubmint” is smart enough to refrain from outright Tobacco Prohibition, though the raising of the age to buy smokes and “chaw” has been raised to 21 throughout (so much for “state’s rights and ‘Federalism’), so a kid can volunteer for the military and be old enough to handle fully automatic weapons (that I at age 61 cannot practically obtain and use), explosives, armored vehicles, and so on, but he cant’ be trusted with “terbacky”), as they won’t forego the TAXES that tobacco products bring in.

      It’s a load of horse shit. The “cure” has proven far worse than the disease could have been.

    • About 250,000 are killed every year in the US by medical error and malpractice. Its the third leading cause of death in the US, though you will never see it on the list. So far, doctors are far more dangerous than CV is.

      • A few weeks ago it was all about not having ventilators. Uncle decreed that every company has to start making ventilators! NOW! Then it came out that they probably weren’t necessary and likely killed people because they overinflated the lungs and caused damage. Still waiting on the mea culpa from the “medical establishment” on that screwup.

  22. eric said “My state has about 8.5 million people in it; about 500 have died because of (or with) Corona. One stands a better chance of being struck by lightning than being felled by Corona, by the numbers.”

    Please check your math. Where did you get your lightning number?

    Chance of being struck by lightning is about 1:1,000,000. So about 350 per year in the USA.

      • Sad. If that is your response to a massive error maybe you should give yourself a clover. I have seen you do so to others for less when they can’t back up their claims and respond with fatuous and dismissive replies.

        Not sure what happened to you Eric but since your anti-Corona jihad you have changed. Not for the better in my opinion. Get well soon. I miss old Eric.

        • A “massive error”?

          Your chances of being struck by lightning are fractions of a fraction of a percent … as are your chances of dying Because Corona (assuming you’re not elderly and otherwise healthy). Which was the point I was making. That this is psychosis over sickness. Hysterical, mindless over-reaction – with catastrophic results for millions of people.

          “Anti-Corona jihad”?

          Got-damned right. Because everything is on the line. If Because Corona wins, we will have nothing left.

          And if you’re too blunt to get that, then please don’t miss me.

          I’ve had it with people who aren’t content to shiver in fear themselves – and give up everything that makes life worth living, themselves, for the sake of their fears – but also demand that the rest of us be nudged along, too.

          If I’m remembering correctly, you were posting a few weeks back about the “exponential” deaths that were coming; that the destruction of millions of people’s lives was the necessary price of just staying alive.

          Enjoy your “new normal,” Fear Mask wearing, antisocial distancing, forced vaccines and real-time-tracking future. Be sure to thank Bill Gates, in the manner of the Great Teacher and Universal Genius.

          • But Eric, we’ve always been at war with eastasia!… Hmmmm I mean germs!… ^^ At this point, we have to ask who benefits from all of this nonsense? Given that six companies, control more than 90% of the corporate mass media in the country. Without the corporate mass media pushing fear porn 24/7, none of this would have happened. The various War Lords at the state and city levels, would have been ignored, or sued into the ground.

            Now, look at who is behind those six companies. Given past history, and current data, we have to regard these actions as a global experiment. To what end? To determine how far the various populations can be pushed, before effective resistance starts. Models and simulations, are not nearly enough to make such determinations (as we’ve seen…). Not to mention that one of the side effects of the experiment, is allowing the Usual Suspects to blame the Plandemic for the unstable financial system. Not to mention the potential damage to Trumps re election chances in November. Driving countless small/mid sized businesses out of operation, is also seen as a benefit to those behind this. Over all, its a win/win as far as they are concerned. Given how these things go, I’d watch for round two in the fall. Just in time to prevent Trump, from having his massive and successful rallies.

    • Not just ANY “people”. They’re having endless hand-wringing that the COVID-19 infection and death rates are significantly higher among negroes, jews, and homosexuals, even with age “normalizing”. I guess COVID-19 is “racist” and “Anti-Semitic” and “homophobic”! Or could it be, more so than any genetics, that BEHAVIOR may have something to do with infection rates and how well (or not) the patient fares?

      • Hi Doug,

        The hysteria over Corona far surpasses that which erupted after Nahhnnnnlevven. Probably because of the intervening 20 years of conditioning. A whole generation reared to Fear. Taught to believe and feel.

        And to submit.

        • I’m glad the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry, among many others, didn’t “submit” to “good” King George III…and in retrospect, he really was a benevolent monarch for his time. There was actually an instance of some deranged woman came at him with a knife, and his bodyguards subdued her, and George commanded them to treat her ‘kindly’, saying, “don’t harm that wretched creature, for she is ‘mad’ “, and saw to it she was put up in a comfortable “sanitarium”, at his personal expense.

          I’m sad to say we’ve fucked it all up. It can be restored, but it won’t be easy, and we’ll all pay a heavy price…but not as bad as the one we pay if we just ‘submit’. As a Polish politician once rued, “if we fight the Germans, we may lose our lives…but if we don’t fight the Russians, we shall lose our SOULS”.

          • Amen, Doug –

            We are living, in our times, at a moment similar to the times just prior to the Declaration, when most colonists were still Royalists and seemed willing to tolerate and make excuses for anything that parliament and George III did. A time comes when you must choose sides. Unless I have lost my senses, I submit that time is here. We are told we cannot even leave our homes without the permission of a government official, on the basis of claims made about a sickness that have been proved to be grossly exaggerated and even if not, by what right does one man rule another in this manner?

            I am a free man, by god. I have a right to risk myself at my own discretion. And no other man has the right to interfere because he is “concerned” that I might be a risk to him.

            His fears are not a rightful claim on my life – or yours or any other person’s.

            These people who think otherwise need to understand this, by whatever means necessary.

            • If I remember correctly, only about 10% of the colonial population was in favor of dissent. Of course they didn’t suffer Google/Facebook/Youtube censorship and promotion of the state either.

            • eric, up until my early 20’s seems like I was “warned” by somebody that what ever it was I was doing was going to kill me.

            • What’s interesting is that IMMEDIATELY you’ll hear from those that get all self-righteous about you not “sheltering in place” and what “right” do you have to “infect others”? Well, carried to got-damned extremes, you’d never be allowed to drive more than 5 mph, and your ride would have a proximity-switched brake at, if someone or something came within 50 feet in front of your vehicle, it’d brake and cut the engine. You’d have to journal your caloric intake, adhere to an exercise regimen, and restrict the burgers and pizza to an once-monthly indulgence, b/c what “right” do you have to overburden the health care system? On and on it could go, where the USA is one great big kindergarten.

              It never occurred to these idiots that IF indeed COVID-19 is that much of a threat, and isolation is the sure-fire cure to avoid contracting it, then if THEY practice it, they’ll be SAFE. I could, in theory, take the same extreme measures, just as I could drive like an old woman in a ’76 Plymouth Valiant Brougham. However, to a REASONABLE extent, I’m out there on the job, doing shopping not only for myself but also my kids, whom have children to tend to full time now that the schools have been shut down, and I get my twice daily walks around Fair Oaks, CA, as much as weather permits. I insist on living my life as best as I can, and if others want to cower, letting themselves be bull-shitted that they’re “safe”, that’s THEIR privilege. Mine is to live each day as an American and as a MAN, and I don’t owe anyone any fucking explanation.

  23. Eric,

    “ But the state doesn’t order the entire population to “shelter in place” when it thunderstorms. “

    That is slated for the July 4th holiday.

    • Here in Oz I notice that when he weatherperson gives the weather and a storm is coming, that reporter encourages everyone to stay home unless necessary. This has been going on for several years now. Not that I listen or watch the weather on tv, but the few times I’ve seen the tv weather I hear this reminder. PUke!!!

      • When I was a lad of ten or eleven years of age, rainy autumn afternoons were for one thing….FOOTBALL! We’d gather at the school yard and the muddier it was, the BETTER. Sure, after a few hours, we were head-to-toe covered in mud, cold, and soaking wet, and happier than pigs rolling in shit.

        Just imagine what would happen if some boys got together nowadays to do the same thing. Not only would the cops be summoned by some busybody and the lads be rounded up, they’d be in the custody of Child “Protective” Services for “neglect”, or risk that the little darlings could catch a cold or get hurt. Sheesh.

        • Hi Doug,

          We did that, too. Without helmets, even! No parents supervising. Just us, having fun – being free. This was the early ’80s. My god, how the world has changed. America was a happy place. Kids played, adults didn’t obsess about kids. Kids learned to be adults. We lived and had fun and weren’t scared of everything, suspected authority and often jeered at it.

          • I just read that in Pittsburgh, PA, where the city had locked up a fenced-in skateboarding park, and then skateboarders cut the locks anyway, dumped sand on it to frustrate them. A pile of sand was dumped on the revolving door entrance to City Hall. I guess this was frustrated Pittsburgh kids telling their mayor to “pound sand”!

          • Today’s kids question authority when it doesn’t order a shelter in place requirement for Montazuma’s revenge. Saw a bunch of fear mask wearing cattle out. Makes me not want to go anywhere. I can just see it at the beach. A bunch of people wearing masks sunbathing.

      • Hi To5,

        Here as well.

        Remember the Boston Marathon bombing? This served as the test case for “locking down” an entire town. The cattle moo’d and accepted it. Being ordered to “shelter in place” – an obvious an egregious assault on basic rights. They accepted it- and had the servility to describe this as “Boston Strong.” Vomitous inversion of what it means to be strong.

        Americans – not all, but millions – are weak-minded poltroons who take pride in their obedience.

        • Badassery is lost these days. The pussification of America is abhorrent. What once was the home of the brave is now the home of The triggered. Hurt feelings taking all, rather than hurt knuckles, is the problem. My favorite aesthetic: rolled up sleeves, going at it until job’s done..

          • I attribute such to the feminization of the nation. Women are hardwired to seek total security in favor of their children, and rightly so. Which has previously been mitigated by men being hardwired to make risk/reward evaluations constantly. But since men are currently being socially, and in some cases chemically castrated, preoccupation with security prevails.

            • When the overwhelming majority of the people in charge are over age 60 it’s not feminization (although testosterone drops with age), it’s just being old and frail. And since most of them haven’t ever seen a real calamity they become paralyzed by the slightest risk. Anything will set them off. I hear it every week when I call my parents. So-and-so is in the hospital with a broken hip. Some guy in the news died when he wrecked his motorcycle. Remember that Cessna that crashed (35 years ago)? That kid who went on a crime spree to get drug money…

              Add to it the “fact” that if they just live a little bit longer medical science will somehow make immortality possible and you have a recipe for what we’re seeing now. Fear of everyone who’s not them.

        • The boston lock down had a very different character. It was brutal and in people’s faces. This virus lockdown is far worse. It has introduced submission rituals throughout the society. It’s like encountering the TSA to go to the grocery store. If there was a Boston style lockdown I would likely go out and defy it in some way, and I did so with this covid lockdown. But here’s the thing, after a cop passed right by me and did nothing as I was walking around I realized the nature is very different. They’ve made everything worth going out for either nonexistent or like flying. So unpleasant you’d rather just stay home.

          • Morning, Brent –

            You’re right, this “lockdown”is much worse. It’s open-ended and pervasive. Your analogy of the TSA at every grocery store is dead on. THat’s why I’m so adamant about resisting Fear Masking. We have to stop this now.

            • Exactly Eric. Given the realities involved, now that they have demonstrated that they can do this, and get away with it, the next phase will be worse. There will ALWAYS be another “deadly virus” or some other excuse to ignore our peoples basic liberties. The sad truth is, that most people have been so conditioned by the indoctrination system, and the corporate mass media, that they are easy to manipulate into accepting just about anything.
              I’ve seen new head mounted systems, that can check someones temperature from a distance. Couple that with facial recognition, and/or the microchips/cashless systems they are pushing, and you have the makings of one of worst dictatorships in human history.

              • Are dick taters fingerling taters that can’t ever get Yukon gold enough? Head mounted systems, eh? Well, indeed. All too often that little tater head hollers with the biggest mouth, & many o’ them within earshot only got one response: supersize (it to) me, baby!

          • Funny you mention flying. Since I spend quite a number of my waking hours obsessing about this and that, remembering flying post 911 and pre corona, I would rather get on a plane than go to a grocery store these days. It is 100 percent demoralizing to see these cowed cattle wearing their fear masks, pretending all is well. I just want to projectile vomit in their face.

  24. Of course you are correct Eric. But there is one huge difference between a ‘law’ that states you must buckle up or wear a helmet and a Governors or Mayors guidelines and dictates. The former IS law,,, the latter is color of law. Color of law is someone claiming they have authority when in fact they do not. Another version of color of law is any law not made in pursuance of the constitution. 80% of today’s laws are color of law. But I digress.
    They get away with this the same way they have gotten away with these corona guidelines being fronted as law.
    On Armstrong’s site there is a video of a law officer who gets it right,,, who understands what authority he has and more importantly what authority he does not have.

    There is a federal statute covering color of law believe it or not. Don’t look for any enforcement but here it is.
    Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    Don’t expect too many people to jump on this. We are too domesticated and I imagine every black robed judge will throw roadblocks up along the way. I don’t imagine too many constitutional lawyers even know of its existence.

      • I found a William Justus Goebel, Governor assassinated in Kentucky. Yes,,, An interesting story of murder, deceit and Clinton style politics.

    • ken,

      Speaking of black-robed judges, a hilarious recording surfaced yesterday of a Supreme Court telephonic hearing, in which a toilet loudly flushed while an attorney was presenting his oral argument.

      In a just world, this would be the sound of one of the nine hacks in black flushing their stash just before a SWAT team busted down their door.

      But nahhhh … that police-state crap only happens to little people.

      • It makes it easier to pull off the scam that Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg is still functioning. The genuine article might still be alive, but is likely in a deep coma, completely unable to discharge her duties. It’s obvious a double is substituting, with the legal stuff being supplied by her compliant staff, in on the scam. They’re hoping that President Trump is defeated in November, and THEN, mysteriously, she’ll pass on to jew heaven. I will also bet the President knows or at least reasonably suspects, but also knows this is one that if he pushes it, he may go to whatever eternal reward awaiting those with bad manners and ill-fitting toupees a lot quicker than he’d like. That is, he’ll pick his battles, and focus on getting re-elected first, and THEN deal with the torpid old bat.

    • Although I never needed a law to use a seat belt, having understanding of physics and physiology, I’ll be damned if I’d ever admit that “seat belt” laws are even remotely constitutional. It’s one thing for me to make a reasoned decision to employ them; it’s another for the Nanny state to make sure that I “buckle up, buckle up” (at least the ‘crash test dummies’ were funny..). They were originally pushed as being “secondary” in terms of enforceability, i.e., if a police officer saw you driving without appearing to have it engaged, he could not pull you over just for THAT, there had to be a citeable offense, which I’m sure most cops could “invent” if they wanted to push it far enough. Then about 20 years ago, not satisfied that motorists were “compliant” enough, that was when the push to make it a traffic violation that the officer could pull you over for on its own was made, and HIS word, of course, is taken, even if you were buckled up.

      Fuck this shit. I should go run buck-nekkid through the streets of Sacramento, smeared in green Jello, reading a Playboy mag, because I goddamned FEEL like it. I want the 24 oz. T-bone steak AND the rack of ribs and a side order of “Gravy Fries” (or an onion ring stack will do). I want my bacon, butter, and cheese by the bucket-load. I don’t smoke, but if I want to OWN a Cuban cigar that would span the length of the I-275 beltway circumnavigating Cincinnati, it’s nobody’s fucking business but mine. At least I lost my virginity long before age 47 (a LOT long “before”!), and I’ve never worn beige pajamas nor had a hankering for a banana-broccoli shake.

        • Hell, I remember the 1970s. When the number one show on TV was about a group of wise-cracking doctors in a MASH unit that ostensibly took place during the Korean War, but was clearly Vietnam. There was this film about a rag-tag group of rebel resistance fighters who were up against an evil empire with a new super weapon that could destroy planets. Or that film where a bunch of non-conformist misfits in a fraternity make a mockery of the establishment.

          Of course now that they’ve all joined the empire, became the establishment and are the nouveau elites their story has changed. Now what they say is truth is the only truth even when clearly they’re wrong. But when you’re born on 3rd base that home run might feel a little hollow. Maybe it’s time we remind them of that fact.

          • I heard about those 1970s TV shows and movies.

            For most of the 1970s I was working out in the hinterlands and didn’t have or was not watching TV and movies. I did make an early exception for Jeremiah Johnson because that was how I wanted to live – LOL

      • A banana-broccoli shake ? Ewwww. I have to say that reminded me of an old joke.
        Q: Whats the difference between boogers and broccoli ?
        A: Kids will eat boogers.
        Sorry, but that had to come out.

        • Who knows? At the rate we’re going, we’ll see a video of cops ‘Hut-hut-hutting”, as Eric puts it, some kid flicking a booger he just picked on the sidewalk. Some “reckless discharge of bodily fluids”, as the control freak Dr. Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne) had supposedly outlawed. Have to admit, Officer John Spartan had a helluva lot more self-control putting on those freaky head-band thingies to have virtual ‘sex’, not two FEET in front of a 28 y.o. Sandra Bullock…me, I’d have yanked the friggin’ things off and commenced with “boning, the ‘wild mambo’, the HUNKA CHUNKA…”, and I doubt Lt. Huxley would have allowed me to leave her ‘domicile’.


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