Our New Gig: Sickness Theater

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Nahhnnnlevven and Corona Fever have much in common, including theater.

After the “enemies of freedom” struck, we got Security Theater. The Homeland Security Department, blue-uniformed crotch fondlers, cattle-chuting at airports and “freeze in place” – which some of you may remember.

It was proposed that Americans traveling through airports do exactly that when so ordered by a loudspeaker voice – Because Trrrrr (as The Chimp used to say – for everything).

And here we are. Sickness Theater.

People ordered to “shelter in place” and when not doing that, strongly urged and soon-to-be-forced to wear surgical masks as they scuttle stoop-shouldered and suspicious of floating bacilli from shelter to shelter, always maintaining their “social distance.” Press conferences almost hourly warning of the Dread Threat, which – like ululating Islamists – seems less an actual threat than the people giving these press conferences.

The Trrrrrists supposedly knocked down three buildings – including one they didn’t hit with an airplane. The Chimp took down America, which became a place where “if you see something, say something” – anonymously, of course.

Sound familiar?

It ought to, as precedent always becomes practice – whether for bad or good. Usually for bad, though. Which people get used to as normal. Which makes new and worse inevitable.

Having been habituated to, for example, cattle chutes at airports – no more freely walking up to the gate as you like, as an individual – people are ready to be cattle chuted at grocery stores. No more just walking in and walking around.

Instead, walk where you are told.

Enter here, stand here. Do not stand too close. Do not stand there. One way in – and this way out – all under the supervision of Government’s Little Helpers. Your fellow Americans. Who are becoming indistinguishable from East Germans except they mostly don’t speak German.

But the language is the same.

Officiously order others about. Which they do, if not eagerly, out of what they consider to be necessity, because the government (the actual officials) have made them very grateful for whatever employment – and thus, food – they are still permitted to have and so have very little dignity left – and no respect for yours.

They will do as they are told – which is to tell you what to do.

Which most Americans seem willing to do – the cost of getting the food they need. Which they have to pay now because of their willingness to play Security Theater, their first “gig” now become our daily life.

Take off your shoes. Empty your purse. Raise your hands. Spread your legs. Little kids and old people; wives and daughters right in front of their husbands and fathers – who stood by in the most unmanly manner conceivable and watched it happen. For the sake of getting on an airplane, usually not because it was essential.

To go to Disneyland.

That’s what they exchanged for their dignity – and yours.

Now we all get the same treatment at the grocery store. And unlike air travel, it is hard to avoid buying food – which will mean those of us who avoided Gate Rape and Submission Training at the airport will soon be forced to decide whether to accept it for the sake of food.

Some are worried about the possibility that mask-wearing will become mandatory. Which it probably will. So will vaccines – and not just for Corona. Because We Can’t Be Too Safe. Because a precedent will have been set on that basis.

Thousands may die!

And thousands may die next year, too. Of Corona, the flu . . . of anything and everything. Just say Boo – and hear them Moo.

Just as random roadside checkpoints became the precedent for more the same – and worse – at airports.

If we can lawfully be treated as presumptive drunks, absent any reason to suspect us of that – or of anything, in particular –  and then obliged to prove we are not guilty of that (or anything else) then why not treat us as presumptive Trrrrists at airports?

Why not treat us as presumptively sick? Until we prove otherwise? As by testing us – for Corona and anything else? Why not force us to prove it, as by a vaccination receipt? Without which we may not enter a supermarket, say?

You know – just as we may not enter an airport without a REAL ID?

This will not require checkpoints to enforce, either. Just a chip. Money, you see, is unsafe and dirty – it spreads the virus! – and must be abolished Because Corona, just as the freedom to travel unmolested was abolished Because Drunk Drivers.

All currency – the ability to buy and sell – will be electronic. And turned off just as easily as kitchen light only not by you. By them. When you do not behave. No food (or gas or water) for you.

Until you do behave.

Maintain social distance. Stay home. Keep that mask on. Etc.


The chip may perhaps even be in you. This idea – once the dread plot line of dystopian sci-fi – is being actively pushed by technocratic World Controllers such as Bill Gates. And is being framed in the most gaslighty way conceivable: It is a human right to have a secure ID, Gates and his fellow World Controllers say.

One you won’t be permitted to not have, on the same basis that you’re not allowed to enter an airport without being Gate Raped and Submission Trained – and will soon experience the same at the grocery store, if you haven’t already.

How long do you suppose it will be before there is a Health Security Department? Nahhnnlevven was all it took to justify a Homeland Security Department – and Security Theater. Americans not only accepted all of that, they begged for it – to keep them safe from ululating Islamists, which were lurking practically everywhere.

Now we have a bug that is asserted to be actually everywhere – and what measures won’t the Corona Cattle accept? There are literally cattle chutes now at supermarkets. People are being tackled and cuffed and stuffed – Hut! Hut! Hutted! – and egged on to narc out their fellow citizens  – for not maintaining “social distancing,” a thing which seemed to arise out of nowhere, like a bad pop song and for the same reason. Both suddenly being played everywhere.

His Masters Voice.

. . .

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  1. The two issues of concern re: digital chips implanted by vaccination or some other means are:

    1) the chip degenerating over time
    2) our bodies degenerating over time due to exposure to radiation each time the chip is read (at airports, grocery stores, schools, town hall, etc.)

    If we had the $$$ and were sufficiently diabolical, we’d invest in chip reader technology. But if I’ve thought of that so has the Reichsfuehrer Hedge Fund, so it’s too late for us proles to make a buck. Ain’t it always the way.

  2. Great article Eric.
    What troubles me is the general ignorance of most people who are actually begging for more government control over their lives. For $1200 they would accept everything that you have outlined.

  3. Friday I went to the local trader joes. Stupid six foot separated line with controlled number of people in the store. It’s just a submission exercise. Standing out in the cold will make more people sick. Standing in line separated or not increases exposure to others. As I was in the queue six people walked within four feet of me. Totally pointless. If someone sneezes in the store the risk nearly the same. If that person touches stuff again, risk is the same. Unless it is going to be one person in the store every 2 days it’s pointless. It’s more submission rituals.

    Simon says put your hand on your head. Simon says wait in line six feet part. None of this makes sense. It either does nothing to control spreading a virus or makes it worse.

    If they mandate masks where I live I will go over the top. I already have the gear for welding and painting. I can leave the house looking like I stepped out of mad max only cleaner.

  4. Great article.

    Lot’s of Hutt, hutt, hutting up here in the Great State of Michigan. Our Forehead-in-Chief is quite the tyrant. My favorite so far is the ban on motorized boating. You can still kayak, sail or row your boat gently down the stream, but apparently it’s unsafe to fire up your combustion engine, which unknown to me attracts the virus.

    And you can’t go to church, even if you stay in your car. I’m sensing a theme against motors here. I wonder if I sit in the parking lot of our church in an electric go cart if it would be ok? A local got harassed for keeping his lawn service going in the city closest to me, his quote in the paper was a good one. “It’s not like we are sucking on their door-knob when we are done”.

    The list of ridiculous stuff that’s come out is too long to go through, but I’m actually encouraged by the amount of people around here who have been ignoring most of this. I’m out in the country but we have a local watering hole called the T-n-T that’s still got cars, well mostly trucks. I see them parked there as I drive by on my way to ignore whatever new it is they have come up with today.

    • ***”we have a local watering hole called the T-n-T that’s still got cars, well mostly trucks. I see them parked there as I drive by”***

      Well, they gotta keep the DWI revenues flowing to the state and the lawyers, ya know!

    • Thanks, Brad!

      I’ve begun wearing my Corona Cattle ear tag – see the tagline in any of my latest articles – to annoy the actual cattle and to hopefully prompt those who aren’t cattle to think and maybe do the same or similar!

  5. I haven’t been paying much attention to any of this nonsense. I grow a good portion of my own food, and get the rest at the farmer’s market. However, I had to buy a battery today, and as I was waiting in line to pay, the woman behind me violated the 6′ social distance boundary with me. For some insane reason, I became uncomfortable with this violation so I know that this bs is starting to get to me. Some other a hole got ticked off at me when I walked by her; again at a distance less than 6′. She was just standing there blocking the way. She wasn’t actually blocking the way, but in order to maintain the 6′ safe social distance, she was definitely blocking the way. Evidently, she was using the new social norms to grab some control as well.

    I swear to God whenever I go into town I feel like I’ve stumbled into one of the worst nightmarish episodes of The Twilight Zone. How can everyone be so eager to buy into this nonsense?

      • I see that too, just like Eric’s famous clover drivers. Then there are the fat people and I’m talking pure pork here – no way to get around one of them without getting too close and when you have two of them together you might just as well turn around and find another path.

    • One small way I’m protesting is by refusing to use the phrase “social distance.” It was clunky in the first place, but now it has become horribly tedious and demonstrative of group-think. I’m getting pretty sick of dullards robotically repeating “Practice social distancing” when they could say simply – and more precisely – “Stay away from people.”

      • The idjits mindlessly parrot the catch-phrases which are repeated ad nauseum in the media. I don’t watch TV nor listen to the raddio[sic]….yet I know exactly what the talking heads are saying, ’cause I hear people spewing the latest catch-phrases endlessly.

        When I was a teen, I imagined that brainwashing was some complex almost magical process, which required skilled geniuses to accomplish. I later came to realize that as long as ya have a universal media which most people consume, brainwashing is as simple as just oft repeating short phrases over and over, and normalizing the ideas that they represent by always portraying them as “What everyone else believes; and the few weirdos who don’t believe are dangerous and crazy”.

        • I heard a story (don’t know whether it’s true or not) that someone grew up being taught that pencils were hot. Then one day when he went to touch one, he apparently had a burn mark on his finger.

          The point is, if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.

    • Basically we have gotten to this point because MOST So called Americans are DOCILE/WEAK/IGNORANT of The TOTALLY CRIMINAL “system” they live under/ educated in indoctrination centers to become order followers and will do what their told —– GOT IT

      • Tony, ultimately- weak or strong; smart or stupid, the problem is that few have any love for personal liberty anymore- not for themselves, their children, nor their neighbors. Without a strong yearning for liberty and justice, people will just seek personal benefit (or what they perceive as such)- the proverbial carrot on the stick- and thus they can be made to accept anything and do anything whenever a scrap of carrot is displayed.

  6. I’m just wondering if anyone is making plans for when the lockdown is partially lifted in 2022 or 2023?

    Now might be a good time to start disassembling normally aspirated cars and trucks and stashing the parts.

    When the military is going door to door distributing rations, they will be removing all the vehicles that have not been voluntarily surrendered.

    As more and more non-essentials entering the Piggly Wiggly end up in the line for the Distancing Centers instead of the cashier, there should be opportunities.

    What those opportunities are, I don’t know yet.

    However, since we have plenty of time to think about these things while under house arrest, I’m looking for some input.

    • I’ll give you some INPUT—-especially if your a man —–you better get ready for WAR —-because this is a WAR on the People ——

  7. Make no mistake, this “virus theater” is all about the destruction of the U.S., if not the world, economy.
    After which, those with “hard currency” will buy up most of the assets on the (extremely) cheap.
    This has happened before, in a (presently prosperous) European country:

    Ordering 20-30% of the population to NOT earn a living, and printing up huge amounts of currency is recipe for economic disaster, which will make the economic downturn of 2008 look like prosperity by comparison.

    The only reasonable conclusion is that is EXACTLY the intent.

    The loss of civil liberties is only a sideshow.*
    Follow the money.

    *except for banning the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to speak your mind. What’s next ? Cutting out people’s tongues for “spreading false rumors?”

    For liberty,

    • Who owns and runs the money system? Take a guess…they’ve been kicked out of 109 countries over the past 2000 years.

      • Hi. My name is Dikxxee & my purrrsonal pronouns are who & they. And also noteworthy, I, we, & us have sold the money system in 109 countries. We’ve made a killing!

        • I’d emulate you, anonymous dude, but my brain has a mind of its own…& is far too jealous of its prerogatives to ever join a tribe.

          I can’t grow as good a moustache, but do agree with Groucho – who you’ve prolly met & sold a money system to – “I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

          Once you take a tribe’s bribes, you’re a goner. Or a gonif. Or something unsavory like that.

          • It’s the “we” mentality. If one is convinced that memvers of their own club [ethnicity, religious cult, political party, profession….] are working toward the same goals as themselves, they just go along, as the others in their group will accept them for being a member [not for who THEY are], and all is well as long as they all agree on many things- which always happen to be the things that the big muckity-muck on top is fond of.

            There’s no “I” in ‘we’, and ya can’t spell mentality without ‘mental’. I’d rather be in the wee (Me, myself, and I) than the we, ’cause as fer the other members of whatever group my being born into made me a member of, I can’t vouch for them- only some whom I know personally, and very few of them.

            The we’s and the they’s have always been at war with the me’s and the I’s- for as long as the Our’s and the Yours have been feudin’- me [lions and tigers] oh my!

      • You mean the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and the Mellons have been thrown out of 109 countries over the past 2000 years? What a bizarre claim.

        • Who manufactures the money that they vie for?

          Baron Von Rothschild: “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws”.

          • The jew, & anybody else, too, next door gets $ by various & sundry means, & spends it – doesn’t mfg it.

            But all those varied & sundered getters & spenders is part of the manufactory of consent – whether they know it, or not.

            The jew next door isn’t Rothschild.

            But them as insist otherwise prolly began a specific sort of rotting in childhood, & since child’s parent to the adult, well, just look around at the world rotters make.

            All individuals are born under a bad sign…that precedent-setting rotters before them erected…& precedent-adoring rottweilers – good little german dogs — love to pee on & obey.

  8. You have to admire the Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and others. Their countries invaded and bombed to ruins by the empire yet they still fight it with what ever they can get their hands on.

    Meanwhile the Americans hide in their houses in the abject horror they may get the sniffles.

  9. “Corona Cows.” Eric, that is perfect; I’m going to steal it.
    When I see 330 million people waiting for one guy to give them permission to resume living, I think of the Good Witch of the North singing to the Munchkins, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

  10. Went to Walmart yesterday and you’d think the black plague had descended upon the world. I did not wear a mask, nor did I get out my ruler and measure distances to others. One person could go in only if one person came out. Many of the employees we not wearing masks and some practically hugging each other as they worked, so I guess it is still a personal choice.

    The only thing I am doing is building up my immune system because that is your first defense against any disease. Without a strong immune system, man would not have survived very long. This is where government and the medical cabal have it backwards. People being forced to stay inside lessens their chance to build up vitamin D by being out in the sun. More stupidity designed to keep us as slaves to the demands of the Marxists.

    Well, actually the plague has come to the world as Gates and Fauci, both diehard Marxists, have decided to take control of the it and reduce it’s population by a couple of billion. Gates has massive investments in at least 7 pharma companies all working on a fake vaccines. A hidden agenda perhaps? You can bet your booties it is.

    I am hearing that it is possible that this year’s flu shots were laced with Corona-virus. 175 million shots have been administered and it’s kind of strange that about 30% more people who had a flu shot are getting sick from the virus verses those who have had no flu shot. I trust no one in power or with any authority.

    • I’ve decided that I won’t be going to Walmart anymore, for the duration. This was the last straw. I’ll go to some privately-owned small supermarkets in smaller towns. Probably have to go to a few, in different towns to get everything (What the hell? Gas is cheap enough now!)- but I’d rather spend a day doing that, and driving, than having Uncle now dictate how I shop!

      • Wal-Mart has gone full-blown Orwell. I’m staying the hell away from there and other “big box” stores as well.

  11. Just saw where the attendees of a church , most of them elderly, were all ticketed for attending a church service. I think it was Greenville MS. The tickets were 500 bucks a pop. Thing is, all the worshipers were listening to the service IN THEIR CARS. Cops told the pastor that they were making an example of him…Hmmmm. How they gonna arrest folks from six feet away ? And when they take you to jail, will there be more than 20 people in it ? Guess those costumes they wear make ’em immune to the “virus” ?
    Everyone needs to see this :

  12. The Wisconsin governor just went full retard and closed all of the state parks. He says there has been a lack of ‘social distancing’ and that there has been vandalism. Have you ever been to a Wisconsin state park in April? It’s cold up here in April. A warm day gets into the 50’s, maybe, but we can still expect at least one more blast of snow before we get to May, so the parks are lightly used in almost all of the state. My wife and I walked a couple of miles in one of them last weekend when the temps got into the 50’s and in the space of 2 miles we passed about 10 people. That’s pretty good distancing in my book.

    I did not see what kind of ‘vandalism’ he was talking about, or which parks were affected. Parks in the more urban southern Wisconsin could very well have seen some teen vandalism (idle hands are the devils playground), but for goodness sake most of the state is rural and hardly has a visitor this time of year. The bears are far more likely to vandalize a trash can. Nevertheless, ALL state parks are closed regardless of ANY local conditions. It must feel good to live in and bark orders from an ivory tower, based on a whim.

    I’d like to see the stats on how many people have caught a disease, any disease, while walking in a park, even walking closely in the open air. With someone who is not your spouse. I strongly suspect the number is…zero. Zilch. Nada. Vapor.
    There ain’t no science behind any of this. But there are surely politics.

    • Hi Ron,

      Same here – in Coonman Country. He (the Coonman) has closed all state parks, but I have been willfully violating his order and almost hoping for a Hut! Hut! Hutting! I am just about ready to fight back. And anyone who isn’t better wise up – soon.

  13. Bill Gates has developed Quantum Dot Tattooing which was created at MIT, but the R & D was wholly funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. China is using QR codes now on cell phones for tracking purposes, but cell phones will most likely become the intermediary to QDT or chipping. I doubt chips will be used as they could be removed, replicated, reprogrammed etc. whereas a tattoo embedded under the skin will be much harder to manipulate. The massive wealth transfer & data collection scam (CARE Act) in which people are giving away their banking & other personal info and agreeing to audits aka SBA loans ( In order to qualify as a grant the SB must prove (audit) that all distributed monies were used as ordered or they must pay back the loan at 1%) are just the some of the things that show how many of people will “Listen & Obey”. Scaring an armed population with a “pandemic” which doubles as an excuse for a failing economy as it collapses so those responsible have cover while building the new totalitarian state is criminal genius. It’s sad to see so many fearful eyes behind masks in what once was a great republic.

  14. If anyone has grounds for going around wearing a surgical mask, it is I. I am a 70-y-o survivor of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, diagnosed in March 2018. Due to God’s mercy and a successful stem cell transplant (Aug. 2018), I am “cancer-free”. I also currently have an immune system roughly equivalent to that of an 18-mo.-old.

    When I walk around my neighborhood, I wear no mask. Only wraparound sunglasses. I’d rather look like the Lone Ranger than like Dr. Kildare. However–in order to have some fun in the midst of this nonsense–I go into full “Walking Dead” zombie mode whenever an approaching pedestrian or motorist begins to cut a wide swath around me. I include the signature growl.

    • Excellent, Marcus!

      And, I’ll raise you. When I see an especially cringy Corona Cow walking in the vicinity of myself as I sit in my truck working, unmasked, I will loudly cough and gasp and mutter Corona! Uhhh…. Corona!

      • HAhaha! I have to do that when I sneeze, Eric! I’ve been sneezing a lot the last few years (Seems to run in my fambly- My mother once sneezed 17 times in a row…).

        That can be my replacement for [Talking to a girl]: “You don’t have AIDS do you? -I’d hate to get that again!”.

  15. Initial estimates have been revised down by more than an order of magnitude, only to be revised down again, just 2 days later, by over 50% from the last revision.

    How on earth do people lend any credibility to models that have been not only wrong, but so spectacularly far off from reality that they need to change the decimal point location one more than one occasion (initial estimates were deaths in millions – they’ve settled on 60,000 today.)

    What’s more disturbing that the lock down itself is people’s reaction to it. People “turning in” neighbors for not “social distancing.” People cheering on the arrests or people all alone in the ocean. People going bat-shit crazy based on computer models that have been proven less than worthless.

    I forget: Are we at war with Eastasia or Eurasia, and have we always been at war with them?

    Propaganda works.

    • Blake, what is even more interesting is who is behind some of the most relied upon models… Its known as the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Their core funding comes from the Gates Foundation…
      When ever you run into questions like this, its always good to ask, who benefits? Who benefits from inducing panic and fear in the general population? Who benefits from millions (soon tens of millions) out of work, and who have lost their health coverage? Who benefits from the “Health Safety theater” that we are seeing imposed through out the country and the world? How soon before we have a Department of Home Land Health Security?
      Are your medical papers in order, Citizen?

    • Hi Blake,

      I’ve come to realize the problem isn’t government or even the people who are the government. It’s the people next door. The one in the bed beside you. Our friends and neighbors and family members. It’s the Useful Idiots who empowered Lenin and Stalin.

      And now.

      • Without the Gestapo and the SS, Hitler would have been a not very successful comedian. A tyrant flying solo is inconsequential. They require submission to do their evil. They are a creation of their victims. The US Sociopaths In Charge and their Mockingbird Media have lied to us so much and so often, no rational person would believe a single thing they say. Unfortunately, rationality seems to be a casualty of the deification of democracy, with a vast majority suffering the delusion that voting for this sociopath versus that sociopath makes a difference. Gang rape is democracy in action.

      • Eric…I’ve raised alarm bells for the better part of 2 decades on encroaching government and governmental overreach, theft by taxation, no representative government, and the fake money system…but nary listen…perhaps a few, even when presented hard evidence and truth. I gave up about couple of years ago…relegated myself to shadows to watch the complete takedown and destruction of the US. My conclusion at the time was, the only cure actually is a complete death. Maybe we can start anew…but history says…probably not. I’d rather take my chances in a Mad Max world than what we have now, for at least the rules are perfectly clear in that scenario.

      • Yes — this is an argument as old as Plato’s Republic. The tyrant and the dictator ALWAYS has popular support… he is a so-called “man of the people.”

      • “Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house”

        Well, if they ruin your life, maybe they can take your stuff. In East Germany it happened all the time. You do something that pisses off your neighbor. The neighbor happens to know you have been listening to West German radio (probably because he does too), so you get turned in, hauled off and your apartment (with a better view) comes available on the cheap.

        First it was stocks, margin buyers who had to cover their loans. That caused some amount of panic and then it just rolled down. 3 days later we saw the biggest DOW gain since the 1930s. Next will come Real Estate® and intellectual property (ie: software companies and other slaves).

        Geez, at least wait until the body is cold FFS.

      • Yep…..my wife, she consumes 20 hours of Teeeeee Veeeeeeee everyday for 33 years.It obviously shows…… Specifically her way of thinking

    • Remember that only a few weeks earlier Fauci predicted 1.7 million American deaths. So 200,000 was almost a 90% correction, and now 60,000 is over a 95% correction. In other words…wrong by several orders of magnitude.
      I work for an ‘essential’ company in the corporate office. About half of the office is working remotely, supposedly out of fear for their lives. The other half of us show up for work everyday because we see through the fraud. We all would like to buck the System, but that would endanger our jobs (I have a family member I need to help support because he lost his job and does not qualify for unemployment, so I need to work) and because we don’t want to further alarm our paranoid fellow workers, friends, and neighbors.

      • World wide deaths from the plague are “officially”, and no doubt exaggerated, a tad over 100,000. Both the CDC and the WHO have instructed doctors to defy standards and attribute deaths to the plague if the plague is tested present, or suspected to be so. Meanwhile, in the US alone, those killed by medial error and malpractice every year is about 250,000. So I’m confused. Should I avoid the plague, or doctors? So far this year, deaths from the plague are .00625% of deaths in the world. We are being lied to, and the number of liars participating is huge, far more than I would previously suspect possible. There is something hugely monstrous going on. With so many of the Sociopaths In Charge cooperating, its beyond my comprehension.

        • After 9/11 it was Fire fighters, police and military were “hero’s”. Now it’s the “our front line healthcare workers are hero’s”. They’re endangering their lives fighting the “VIRUS”. The unspecified virus has lot’s and lot’s of things they pretend to know about it. Propaganda, just like after 9/11. There were so many leads and things involved. Propaganda spewed every day for a few years. The war on terror was built on a bunch of lies. Just like the war on COVID is built on lies. It will live a useful life. Much more useful than terrorism. Because it’s everywhere. Every death is COVID. Death has a new name COVID-19.

          They no longer have to convince people there’s a terrorist under their bed. COVID is everywhere and it’s an invisible, silent killer. Any second, it could leap off of your neighbor, or kid, or pet, or countertop, or car, etc., etc., etc.

          There is no “going back to normal” because normal is only more surveillance to protect you from the COVID monster. If you don’t believe in it, your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers will be there to remind you just how “real” the threat is. Only the new Christ–a vaccine–can save you. Except, it won’t really either. We will soon learn that it will take several vaccines that must be updated like the flu shot, since it’s just like the flu, “but WAY worse”.

          Am I being too cynical? No way. It’s not possible to be too cynical while watching the nightmare unfold.

        • They’re going to get big money from “higher authorities” if they can link a death or bed to Wuhan Flu. Italy has been living with EU forced austerity for years and they’re banking on cashing in. NYC is always looking for a handout.

          This is the best thing to happen to money grubbers since the War On Terror®.

    • When it comes to credibility processing, the order, the necessary sequence, is source first, contents second (if at all).

      “We” has always been at war with “us.”

      Weus is the god most of humanimal worships…& is whence comes warships.

  16. “Saaaaafety” is going to end up creating a black hole where everything gets sucked into because in reality, nothing is 100% safe. Of course, that doesn’t stop our dear leaders from trying to add that extra ‘9’ behind the decimal point.

    • A product of feminization.. Women are far more focused on “security”. They are hard wired to be so for the protection of children. Since they are now in control, we are required to be so as well. What women are NOT hardwired for, and in fact are generally deficient in, is reason and logic. They are much more prone to react to their emotions. The resulting problem is that without reason and logic, evaluation of threats is impossible. In the current situation, the population will suffer far more from economic collapse than they will from the plague, even if let run rampant. They will physically suffer from a substantial across the board lower standard of living, and of course psychologically from isolation and subjugation. No work, no economy, no food. The mortality rate for not eating is 100%. Nearly all high order animals do not react well to isolation and/or confinement. There will be increases in suicide, homicide, drug abuse, alcohol consumption, etc. The death toll will far exceed that from the plague. Thanks ladies.

      • first women domesticate “men” then they feminize them. I blame the “men”. women are the most destructive creatures on earth if they are not controlled. look at adam and eve

        • …or all the single dads I’ve been seeing lately, whose wives left, and left the children too! Of all the grandparents who are raising their grandkids, ’cause Kayla and Ashleigh and Cyndi would rather go out partying, take drugs, and get boinked by a different guy every night.

            • Hello
              Certainly male and female children need proper discipline as children. However adults both male and female do not need discipline, they do however need at least an IQ of 100 in both intelligence and what is referred to as emotional intelligence. It is my experience that all points of IQ has dropped in the USA and the UK drastically since the 1980s. This is due to heavy indoctrination by the media as well as the addition of flouride to the water especially in the USA. Flouride is a neurotoxin and as such anyone that has consumed it has a lower IQ than they would have had without the ingestion of it. Add in herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, (Glyphosphate and Diacamba being two of the worst and were originally in Agent Orange which was used to defoliate Vietnam during the war) and we have a sickly, dumbed down, confused ,society who are hiding in their homes or out standing in long lines 6 feet away from the other people around them all with masks on, with intense fear in their eyes and a quick anger at those who walk near them or do not have masks on. It is well known that two of the key symptoms of dementia is fear and later anger. How can the American public stand up for their Constitutional rights if they are confused and fearful due to brain changes they experienced due to poison water, food and fear based indoctrination. The reality as we can all see is they cannot. Today on The Daily Mail online site, Bill Gates wife has stated that there will be more pandemics to come, she and her husband are part of the creator group who have designed and implemented the the new world of fear theater we have existed in for over 19 years. If we as a populace both male and female cannot recognize the illusion we are being thrust into and are unable defend to defend our rights the Great Republic of the United States will be gone in the blink of an eye. Education of the Constitutional Rights of each American is essential, many will not listen, many cannot listen, but we only need 1% of the confused to turn the tide, as they say knowledge is power it is essential that we all educate everyone we meet, it takes courage to educate those around us in these times of lies, but in the end what choice do you have if you want to keep a free America.

                • Fear, anger, & obedience…flight, fight & freeze.

                  All of which precedes water fluoridation, etc.

                  Dementedness is an autonomic feature, not a bug. It is in there & projected, not out there & ingested.

                  A time machine thought experiment & sufficient honesty is all it takes to grok:

                  Timelining the feature, as if it was a bug that showed up in 1963 (or whenever), is time wasted.

          • Euphemizing to dehumanize birth – which is conception – as “ectoplasm” is the blob-mark of, at best, a child.

            But plenty of this arrested development sort can look upon even the dismembered parts of a baby & say something like “a fetus is not a child.”

            And those gibberers are not just children, but severely mentally & emotionally\psychologically damaged children – many of whom go on to conceive “ectoplasmic feti” together.

            Vicious is the ouroboros circle.

      • You have a good point.

        Much has been said in this response thread, and other places, of the German experience with totalitarianism, specifically the Nazional Socialischtich Deutcher Arbeiter Partei period, and how that example relates to the current worldwide situation. I have, in the past, wondered why Hitler came to power easily in the 1930’s. Why Germany? Why then? It struck me, after some thought…demographics is one possible reason. Who was mostly left in Germany after the carnage of World War I? Women, children, men who were less than manly, for various reasons, the old. After all that deprivation, with no strong (male) guiding influence on German society, it would seem a Hitler and totalitarianism would be inevitable. Is 2020 similar to 1920?

        • I didn’t know it was chicks what wrote & imposed Versailles Treats•fer•us. Guess they musta’ had a whole lotta’ somethin’ to do with the ww1, too. Hell, lets throw in fedres whilst at it. Thx for clarifying.

          Is 20:20 similar to blind?

          • What is the that one female trait, one which can drive a marriage to destruction, if not otherwise controlled? Revenge, mixed usually with envy. The dolchstosslegende arising from the treaty you cite comes not from any sober, rational analysis on the part of the Volk, but from an urge to vengeance, unmitigated by reason.

            These are not the only reasons for the rise of the totalitarians in Europe in the 1930’s, but maybe they help explain some of the timing and virulence. Versailles was a symptom IMHO, not necessarily the cause.

            • Mickey Spillane. Vengeance Is Mine. A novel. Or possibly a handbook. Def not (typical) chick-lit.

              As for marriage, I have always seen that as prima facie evidence of self-destructiveness.

              Revenge, otoh, can be simple unmediated justice.

              Did the volk have more to do then than now?

              And the real rhetorical-baited breath question: was that wagen more “sober, rational, analytical” then than now?

              Totalitarianism never rises because it never falls. Lives immortally in the hearts & minds of wo\men. Eric seems to be coming round to the proposition: it’s the goddamn next-door neighbors, etc.

              Not an argument from authority cite per se, but just a dot of the larger lysergic experience: my GP’s got the fook outta’ krautland interwar.

              So maybe I got a stiff genetic dose of vengeance.

              I agree that its best served soberly & rationally.

  17. No need for a chip. Why do that when they already tag themselves digitally everywhere with their cell phones. It’s easy when everyone’s a government informant and they can’r go anywhere without their phone. If they’re in their car without a phone, well they’ve got that covered too when 5G is complete.

    We can all happily usher in the new and improved surveillance state.

    • BG (& BBB: brigand boy band)’s need is being expressed repetitively & clearly.

      One unanswerable possible question: did he & similar need to be beaten on less, or more, when they were kids? Cuz now, the whole globe is Columbine High School.

    • I carry a “dumb” cell phone when I travel, in case of emergency. Carried a smart phone for a while, and decided it was mostly a distraction and/or nuisance. GPS is convenient, but exercising my mind to discover my location and destination is probably more healthy. Why would one shrink their world down to a 3″X5″ screen? True, you can view a great deal of the world through that screen, but its still a tiny window. From what I’ve discovered, if you don’t have a smart phone, you won’t be bombarded with millimeter wave EMF. If I understand correctly, this is directed focused beam tech. If it senses a phone, it directs a beam at it.

  18. Eric I wonder if your views on Trump has changed during any of this with all the traitors he hired to run this shitshow – foremost the little fuck Fauci

    • Mark, keep in mind that the God Emperor Trump, is playing a VERY dangerous game. He is surrounded by enemies, seen and unseen. He has so far survived four attempts to remove him (three “reports” and the impeachment). He is also hindered by The Resistance within the Deep State, that covers most of the federal and state governments. If he wasn’t the face of one of the ruling Oligarch factions, he would have been removed or grassy knolled years ago. The fact is, that the corporate mass media, and their globalist masters have never had to deal with someone like him. I’m amazed at what he has managed to achieve at this point. He is surrounded by the Usual Suspects for various reasons. One, they tend to be specialists in many of the fields involved, and those positions require that. Two, they provide different ruling factions with “skin in the game”, which limits the active actions they can take against him. Three, “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”. Over all, he is doing what is to be expected (given the times and situation), and considering the alternative (imagine if She who would be Queen was in power…) things could be MUCH worse.

    • Hi Mark,

      In re Orange Man: I am not sure what to think, but here’s what I know. As bad as things are, they’d be much worse had she been Decider. I also think one of this plandemic’s goals is to discredit and get rid of Orange Man and more than that, to destroy the resurgent nationalism and mockery of the SJW left (which is of course “racist”) he sparked. I do not know why he has not fired Fauci and gotten rid of the Gertrude Schlotz-Klink woman. It may be he is playing 3D chess. We will soon see, at any rate. Because this literally cannot go on much longer – a few weeks at the most.

      My main worry is that this is going to end soon – and begin again later. That this was a kind of test run, to see just how far they could push (and we have been found wanting). That it will be the basis for claiming credit for “flattening the curve” of what would otherwise have been a Black Death body count – and the basis for eliminating cash, the precedent for “lockdowns” at will and so on… Because Health.

      • No sane person has any desire to hold a gun to their neighbor’s head and force them to do, or not do anything, except to stop such neighbor from doing so to them. Therefore, any one seeking public office, elected or not, is a sociopath or psychopath. Including Trump. Unfortunately it appears to be even more contagious than the plague, since an abundance of former people appear to delight in telling their neighbors what to do. When “laws” are unjust, the outlaw becomes just. I aim to misbehave.

      • I have puzzled over Trump’s willingness to go along with policies that are clearly (to us, at least) highly destructive of the country he said he wanted to “Make Great Again.”

        One possible scenario is that Trump is really not all that smart (he has proven this through the many many stupid things he has said and done in 3 years), and he is surrounded by political enemies (among the many proven FBI, CIA, DOJ, et al holdovers who hate his guts, Fauci is a Hillary worshipper) who have put him into an information cocoon so he only sees the world the way they want him to see it.

        Or Trump could simply be as evil as the rest of them. I tend to lean toward stupid/blind/manipulated.

  19. AAA says gasoline demand has been rolled back to the level of distant 1968, when the US population was but 61 percent of today’s level.

    Moreover, vehicles then — all too many equipped with gluttonous, ecocidal 5, 6 and even 7-liter “V8” engines of death — were thirstier than today’s CAFE-regulated, 9-speed automatic, ASS-equipped gas misers.

    In other words, today’s failing economy — or “eclownomy,” as many spooked and hungry consumer-depositors now call the grinning evil-clown visage of their daily living nightmare — is intubated and restrained in an induced coma.

    Nikola Tesla (no relation to the present-day company that maliciously appropriated his good name) claimed that he had developed a hand-held oscillator which — by tuning in to the resonant natural frequency of a structure — could demolish a large building, as it shook with ever-increasing amplitude to the point of destruction.

    Looks like Usgov and the Fed have developed a financial analogue to the nihilistic Tesla shaker: slam the serfs’ heads against the floor, then the ceiling, till everyone is knocked senseless and supine.

    On your feet, or on your knees.

    • Nicola Tesla was a genius but he was also a bit of a crackpot who made wild claims that were 100% fantasy. A building does have resonant frequencies at which it it particularly vulnerable to excitation (earthquakes) BUT there is also a huge amount of damping, meaning energy absorbed as heat during any motion. No handheld device could come close to emitting the necessary energy to collapse anything larger than a doll’s house.

  20. “Precedent” is the common “law” subversion. The best legal systematic rapine in da’ world, sez some.

    But not many. Voices in the wilderness, & in da’ hood.

    When the first thing “we” didn’t do was kill all the lawyers, that oily ilk took pages from the book of “tradition,” poured their greasy accelerant all over it, & lit it up.

    Precedent, tradition…both synonyms for behavior\al\ism – Skinner’s rats en-boxed.

    • Since so many of the founding fathers were lawyers themselves, I guess there wasn’t much incentive to take The Bard’s exhortation to heart. Pity…

      • Well, yeah.

        The Bard’s bit was 150 years prior to the framers (what they were called before the mthologist-apologist “historians” changed it to “founding fathers”) coup.

        Lawyer-love is founding father love is unkillable…& so must be, then, “we was framed.”

    • Anon, let’s not forget the “Moon landing”, and the video sent 250,000 miles through space in 1969 on 24 Volts! Oh, no…wait….that time “they were telling the truth” for once….. Well, they “lost” the proof….but you can juist take their word for it. Hey, they had real Nazis from Germany working for them….

      • Yeah, it must have been Space Aliens who put the laser reflectors on the moon, that have been used in various tests… Not to mention various other physical evidence both on the moon, and returned from it… Or perhaps they launched those from the Nazis secret base on the dark side of the moon?…

        • Have you ever personally seen those “reflectors on the Moon”…from 250,000 miles away? They must be HUGE!!!!!! How’d they get ’em up there in that little capsule? (Maybe they pulled it out of the LEM’s suitcase? 😀 )

          [I shouldn’t have started this….Eric doesn’t like when we talk about this. “I’m a bad boy, Abbott!”]

            • Well that’s my point, BJ- There are only 8 observatories in the WORLD where *they* have the equipment to “prove” this “undeniable proof”. All owned/run by GOVERMENT and staffed by their paid “experts”. So just like everything else, you have to take their word for it.

              The data that “proves” what you say must also be analyzed and interpreted by (their) computers. So, they are pointing a laser at the (highly reflective) surface of the Moon, from Earth as it rotates at 1000MPH, and hitting a target 250,000 miles away, that is about a square foot in surface area….and tyhen running it through a computer to tell them what they are “seeing”. Ummm, yeah.

              The Soviets claimed to put their reflectors there too…before “we” did, only via remote control instead of a manned mission….. Yeah….

              So once again, we must just take the word of those who lie about everything…including the things right before our very eyes here on Earth, that we can see and touch. The ones who couldn’t get eggs, butter and salt right.

              I expect the masses to lap this stuff up- just like they do everything else, from the “Oil Crisis” to 9-11, to WMDs and Coronavirus….but for some reason, this Moon-landing BS seems to remain a sacred cow, even among us…despite it being a very crude hoax from the days when people didn’t have computers, and there were only 3 TV networks (No wonder they “lost” all of the records just around the time that personal computers/photoshop/the internet started becoming the province of the average person.

              And then they tell us that the technology to get humans safely through the Van Allen radiation belt is still a few years off….but somehow they did it in 1969 in an uninsulated tin can, with the only apparent detriment to the astro-nots being a few cases of alcoholism…… Oh yeah, and these reflectors which at their highest point stand just over a foot over the ground, somehow manage not to get covered in Moon dust in 50 years……


              Any “proof” of a “Moon landing” is 100% reliant upon the words of those who have proven that they are pathological liars and fraudsters who are willing to go to any lengths when it comes to extracting money, control and worship from their adoring subjects- and the Moon-landing was their coupe de et ta- even defended by many who are aware of all of the other lies and schemes. -through the “magic” of TV. I watched it when I was 7 years old….watching those video images sent from 250K miles away on 1969 technology with 24 volts….on a TV 60 miles from TV station’s transmitter on top of the Empire State Building, whose picture wasn’t as clear as the “images from the Moon”……

              • Coup de at tits & ass?

                Just another broadhead that missed the shiny-polished & reflective apple & that left William Tellin’ tales about losin’ heirs he let the air out of?

                Damn, son. That’s pretty Samson.

                But then ya’ go & spoil it all by sayin’ somethin’ stupid like I marka’ da’ beast.


              • Nunzio, while I can respect the fact that you appear to have thought your position through, it conflicts with my personal experience. So, we will have to agree to disagree.

                • Thanks, BJ- I agree to agree that we disagree. 🙂

                  And of course, you are free to believe what ever you believe- but I think I would call it ‘belief’ rather than experience, until and if you have actually seen something first-hand with your own eyes.

                  Me? I want verifiable proof- not just “Take our word for it; that’s what the experts whom we pay say, and we put pictures on TV, so just take our word for it, although ‘we’re’ the only ones who can ‘prove’ it. We’re telling the truth this time; no, really!” 😉

  21. “You know – just as we may not enter an airport without a REAL ID?”

    Eric, Did you know that in Az, the Real ID mandate has been postponed for a year, because of the necessary visit to the DMV. “Social Distancing,” don’t you know.

    Look around, and you may see many “silver linings” to the Corona cloud. For instance, Mass Transit systems are horrible re social distancing. The privately owned automobile is looking much better. It shelters you from outside exposure, and others from any exposure from the driver and his relatively few passengers.

    Sometimes, it’s good to change perspectives, perceive the new opportunities, and exploit them.

  22. Actually I’m sort of gleeful for an excuse to wear my cowboy wild rag up over my face in public like a western movie bandit – LOL

    • I sometimes do that now with one of my Hoo-rags, those biker tubes with leering skull faces and the like. Seems appropriate.

  23. ****”All currency – the ability to buy and sell – will be electronic. And turned off just as easily as kitchen light only not by you. By them. When you do not behave. No food (or gas or water) for you.”****

    ****”The chip may perhaps even be in you. “****

    Revelation 13:16-17: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”

    “Sci-fi”….from 1900 years ago. A “beast” is the Biblical symbol for government- as demonstrated in the book of Daniel:

    Dan 7:23 “Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces” -And so forth, elsewhere.

    • Render unto caesar…

      Fortune-tellers that caesar the section both ways are typical. Cuz when dealing with the credulous, that mark o’ the boast helps sell the toast\ed.

    • Also, out in California you can just walk into a store and take whatever you want without paying as long as it is less than $950 per visit. So who needs the ability to buy and sell?

    • Hi Nunz! Bill Gates definitely fits the role of the anti Christ; Dick Cheney was my previous nominee but Gates, along with George Soros, checks all the boxes.

      • Billy vaccine•Bathgate’s anti 96% ( he’s pro the so-called 1%’ers & the 3% they’d keep around to fetch & gather). The 96% is, mostly, anti Christ.

    • Nunz: In the 70s when Eschatology was big I used to hear these passages and wonder how it would be possible to stop people from buying, selling and trading. Now I see clearly how it can and will be done. Not only will digital money make it possible, but the “Snitch State” will enable this BS as well. Do-good libtards will rat you out if you trade a pig for a chicken or a chunk of gold for a car. The Beast will easily “incentive” citizen policing by reward and fear. Add the amazing selfishness and childishness of the last few generations and *Presto!* top down governance on everything! Of course we all know that psychopaths LOVE power and will do anything to get it, so we have a totalitarian government full of them.

      • Same here, Auric! I started in the 80’s…..and it just didn’t seem possible that such a system could be implemented, and which couldn’t be avoided by living in the sticks or “dropping out”. Imagine people reading that 1900 years ago…or 100 years ago. But POOF! Here we are…..

  24. Corona dystopia update:
    Wifey went to the Vets office to get some flea killer for our dogs. The Person came out was dressed in full level 4 bio regalia (not kidding). Refused cash as unsafe but would take a credit card. (the difference is?) Wife told her she would do business elsewhere, putting it nicely.
    Afterwards she went to Dollar General…. Doors wide open, no cattle chutes, no masks, no gloves, no people counters, no aisle arrows, no continuous speaker blasting keep social distance, no 6 foot markers, could buy whatever she wanted and they took cash. Wonder how long they can resist the Stasi?

  25. The supermarket I go to doesn’t have the cattle chutes. It does have masking tape marking the 6′ intervals for “social distancing”, but that’s it. I don’t know about our local Walmart, because I don’t go there often; I haven’t been to it since before this insanity began.

    • Walmart has gone full on cattle control. Hardly surprising, given that they take their orders from corporate headquarters. As Eric mentioned, the locals are just thankful to still have a job, and are just “following orders”… Thats why I don’t get annoyed with the locals. Costco is almost as bad these days. Frighten people enough, and most will fall all over themselves to obey. Sadly, its always been that way.

      • Sadly, or sadistly?

        Saw Poker House. A flick purported to be a Lori Petty (from Point Break) autobiographical:

        Abusive marriage, incl maybe even potential molestation of young daughters. Mother & kids take off, run from that frying pan. Mother becomes prostitute (& addict), bonded to her pimp. Pimp grooms 14-year old daughter, who believes he loves her. Pimp rapes daughter, continuing the turning out process. Mother defends pimp – not daughter.

        Not a new angle, & not confined to the world’s oldest 1st & 2nd professions (as usually strictly meant, or defined, anyway): oozing dependence mated to cold calculation.

        Identity & motivation/per Direction
        Fear•loathing•helplessness/ Harnessed & driven

        Or as Bodhi put it, in Point Break, “basic dog psychology” – as practiced by people who have no business (moral basis) interacting with dogs, let alone other people.

        But are the dog psychologists people? Are their symbiotes people? Is there a threshold, any kind of bare minimum?

        And if not, where would “moral basis” even apply?

        Vegans don’t eat anything with a face, but most people will say even Negan (Walking Dead…can you hear Lucille whacking?), since he has a face, is a person.

        Nein. Negan’s a noun not of the person or place categories (even if he does “transform” into something warmer & cuddlier, as the last bit of trajectory I saw suggested he was scripted to do)…& forgiveness, amongst other pieties – bye bye ms murikan pie ties that bind — is highly overrated.

        But clarity gets little, if any, love, respect, or forgiveness, from empathy.

        & it’s Petit’s cable strung betwixt the towers that separates theory of mind & fact of mindlessness.

        Look out below.

  26. When Osama attacked us he knew he and his little group of Saudi followers would not defeat the USA. But I believe Osama knew we would defeat ourselves.
    We threw away our constitution all in the name of giving politicians the power to make us safe. We forgot that safety is the individual’s responsibility and politicians only responsibility is to ensure liberty. Osama won by our freedom is what got taken away. And he lived long enough to see part of it happen.
    The final act: we’re all scared of a bad cold.

  27. Today, an article is circulating here in The Villages (FL) about a local pet grooming service being asked, by a Lady Lake (FL) police officer, to close its doors. The officer closed the business due to the violation of an executive order issued by (FL) Gov. Ron DeSantis.

    So, what is a non-essential business?

    Why this business and not restaurants (people can cook at home), as well as food trucks.

    Or, property rentals (vacationers can stay home)?

    Or, new/used home sales (delay the purchases to post COVID)?

    I say this was selective enforcement.

    You know “money talks and b****t walks”

  28. I see the compliance to this COVID-19 bull shit circus as being absolutely grounded in the socio-cultural fabric of our country. Women comply. But men push back. This is a hard-wired propensity or instinct. It is grounded in the hierarchy of our survival and existence.
    Blue Pill men, Cucks and White Knights will reject this reality, but so what ?
    However, on an individual level, men want to get along with women. Women want resources from men and will use all of their “charms” to achieve their goals. These two attractive forces lead men to acquiesce to their women. Exceptions exist, but they are counter to the current social narrative.
    The result, especially in a marriage, is that men are very reluctant to say “NO” to women. In times of little social unrest, this behavior may have little consequence for the individual. But when SHTF comes along, being unable to say “NO” has devastating repercussions collectively.
    Where I see it among my peer group is the lack of guns or firearms in the home precisely because the “Little Lady” is scared of them…WTF ?
    Well, damnit, send her to the front door at 2 AM to answer the pounding, insane dope fiend….
    “No, dear…I will go !”
    How does the man live with a woman who, quoting Eric, places Saaffeeety above Freedom and Responsibility ?
    How does a society say “NO” to a government when, like the gun, it scares the Little Lady ?
    The Pussification is Complete…

      • Presumably you looked under the hood before you bought Eric. : D

        Ya never know in our LBGTQDFKZX society where men can be women too and visa versa.

        BTW, are the denying these oppressed people the ability right now to make these Constitutionally protected corrections in favor of the millions …, er … uh, …. hundreds of thousands…, er …., whatever the tally is, of Corona victims dying?

        Unimagineable! Just weeks ago that was right up there with the most relevant issues facing society.

      • We are under what I would consider to be medical marshall law. The constitution can be suspended during marshall law. We must make sure that everything, “our rights” are restored after this thing is over. We tend to be reactionary in our response to emergencies in this country. Sometimes we overreact. We are and have been for some time what I would term “risk adverse”. The old saying of it is better to be safe than sorry kind of says it best. These tendency are compounded by our ever increasing litigiousness of or society. We are all afraid of being sued, so we error on the side of safety in the extreme. And finally, everyone is afraid of losing their job and with that comes zero tolerance to every infraction. The second grader sent home or the police are called because he drew a picture of a gun is a valid example of this fear on the part of a school administrator. Hopefully in a generation or two common sense will return to America.

          • Hi Oskar
            You say….
            The constitution can be suspended during marshall law.

            The Constitution is the highest law in the land. The Constitution defines our government NOT the government defines the Constitution. correcta mundo?

            Tell me where in the Constitution where it states the Constitution can be suspended or even where it mentions Martial law.

            As I have read it many times I do not recall any of that. Maybe I missed something!

        • Hi Oskar,

          “We must make sure that everything, “our rights” are restored after this thing is over”.

          Except that never happens. Search for “Robert Higgs ratchet effect” for a detailed explanation.


          • Or, think on the “our rights rite.” And how “our” metastasis•upercalifragilistically swallows you & your oh-so contingent “rights.”

            One minute you are a patriot fighting the good fight the cooked history books say was the glorious revolution, the next minute you are a whiskey (tax) rebel.

            Or the “IOU’s” the “patriot-militia” cannon fodder were paid in lieu of money (cuz the fiat “continentals” they had been paid in prior to that had already “fallen” to zero) “lose” all value, so the liars above buy up as much of that paper as they can lay greasy hands on, @ pennies on the dollar – much like you can be sure is happening right now — before enacting “legislation” that decrees “gov” will now, in fact, pay off @ face value par…for…the…course.

            How many laps around the same demolition derby track ∞ does it take?



            When you hear, see, read “our,” the hour o’ your execution is either nigh, or it is waiting its turn in queue.

            Queueslings is Quislings & arrows of outrageous fortune cuz…breaking down badly bicameral minds & schizophrenia’s a bitch-hitch that drags this mostly chain-tied species down the tarmac o’ history.

            “I didn’t kill him. The bullets & the fall, & the road-burn, killed him.” ~ Collateral

      • I hope you didn’t mind (not that I could help it, anyway lol), but I barely saw her in one of your Corona “vlogs”. I think it was the part where you zoomed in on the girls jogging in front of the hospital. If that wasn’t her, well then I stand corrected!

        On-and-off-topic: Just saw a “bumper” on FOX (NY) that read “It’s 10pm. Stay home, stay safe, stay strong. We’re all in this together.” It’s 10pm? Really?! Wow! We adults have officially been demoted to juvenile status.

        • Morning, Blue!

          Yep, she’s my partner in crime – becoming literally. And yeah in re NY. “Stay strong”? By being weak? Minded – and bodied?

          INGSOC is officially here.

    • Their are few ‘women’ and ‘men’ today. They are male-fems and fe-males,,, same as you would refer to any animal. Guns are not necessary to say no. (but sometimes help) For every man / woman today their are 100,000 male-fems / fe-males so called because of their indoctrination by media and at schools. These few men cannot be expected to suicide them selves trying to save the freedoms of all the male-fems and fe-males that have no concerns over any freedoms lost. When / if they do they are called crazy or stupid,,, like the Bundy’s were.

    • My wife years ago made me keep my shotgun in the garage. One night we both woke up to hear someone was messing with our doors in the middle of the night. I guess trying them to see if they were locked. I called 911. I think the perp fled when I turned on a light. We lived in a rural area. 35 minutes later the sheriff deputy showed up. From then on the shotgun was on my side of the bed and she wasn’t so afraid of guns anymore. As a side note I now have guns in the house, loaded and chambered unhindered by a lock and no safe to open to access them.

    • Nonsense. Utter nonsense.

      “The women.” “The jews.” Blah-blah-blah.

      Millions of jews & hundreds & thousands of millions of others – all races, creeds, religions, genders — were, continue to be, herd-walked to their narcotized dooms & deaths for the simple salivating pavlov’s dog reason that humanimal listens – eagerly — to the liar-masters above ‘em. Do as told. Feel as told.

      “The murikan revolutionaries.” “The confederates.” “The yankees.” “The greatest generation.” Pick a gang-herd, any gang-herd.

      All the same hardwired behavior. The bug is the feature social insectile man abides. The Borg is 96% of the species. & that includes pointing its rabbit-ear antennae at “the other” who shall be scapegoated.

    • So true, Jack.

      This event has proven how destructive the average woman is to liberty. Women will trade absolutely anything for the promise of saaaaaaaaaftey and security no matter how irrational it is.

      The state has essentially outlawed real men from participating in society. Disciplining your out-of-control wife will either land you in jail or court. In some cases, both.

      • My response to “Do you still beat your wife?” was “Only when she needs it!” Covers all bases when you think about it. So far, in 60 years, mine hasn’t needed it. But caution is part of that. She shoots almost as well as I do. Could MAD be the reason we made it 60 years?

  29. Wonder if they have a virus sniffing panty scanner ready to roll out at public buildings, kind of like the Rapescan machines they put in airports. We can all line up to be irradiated to detect whether we had our vaccine or, barring that, they can squeeze our daughters’ boobs to be sure they aren’t hiding a virus in their bra. Call it the VSA.

    • In Red China they are already deploying police with “smart helmets” incorporating thermal scanners to take people’s temperature from a distance. (They look like something out of the film THX-1138.) Presumably those unfortunate enough to be running a slight fever from any cause will be hauled out to Corana Camp. Coming soon to your local police department.


      • Jason Flinders,

        Beijing had machinery at airports back in 2009. Had medical stations ready for people as they arrived walking through the terminal. Thermal scanners (or other means) scanning the people as the walk about the terminal. Those of interest were directed for more detailed examination.

        Schools had individual take temperature of each student returning from outside.

        Cannot speak to its effectiveness.


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