Peak Lies

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How come you almost never hear about “peak oil” anymore?

Probably because it never arrived.

For decades, we heard about it incessantly. Oil was running low, soon to run out. It was urgent, therefore, that we use less – that we be forced to use less, as by federal fuel economy standards that pushed most large (and large-engined) cars off the roads by the mid-1980s and – for some 20 years, beginning in the ’70s – enforcement of the 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit, originally justified as a “fuel saving” rather than a “safety” measure.

And then we stopped hearing about “peak oil” altogether – and began hearing about something else.

The former happened when it became as embarrassing – in view of the contrary facts – to continue asserting that we were getting close to running out of oil as it is to continue asserting that “masks work.”

More oil was discovered.

And then more, again. So much oil came to light that gasoline – distilled from oil – became cheaper in inflation adjusted costs than it had been before the ululating began about how soon we were going to run out of oil.

In 1966, a gallon of gas cost about 30-33 cents. It cost about the same – adjusted for the devaluation of the buying power of money – in 2017.

Less, actually, when you take into account the cost of myriad federal regs that oil companies/refineries must comply with today that were nonexistent back in 1966. Take them out of the equation and we would probably have been paying about $1.50 (possibly a lot less) for a gallon of gas by the early Orange Man Era.

Much of the oil that was discovered was found here, too. The United States no longer needed to import oil from dirty, dangerous A-rabs – to make up for its lack, here. The United States was on the verge of having excess oil, beyond what it needed for domestic consumption. It was on the cups of becoming a net exporter of oil.

So much for “peak” oil.

But rather than admit they were wrong – and that all the pain and suffering imposed on the populace in the name of “conserving” that which there was more than enough of – they changed the excuse for imposing the pain and suffering.

So as to assure its continuation.

Now the ululations were about the “climate” – and that it was “changing.” It is a marvelous excuse for those making it in that it is – unlike “peak oil” – impossible to disprove.

The “climate,” first of all, only “changes” over the very long haul. Many people make the mistake of confusing weather with climate. Weather changes daily, seasonally. But a colder-than-usual winter or a hotter-than-usual summer is not climate. Only over a very long period of time (longer than a human lifetime)  does it become so. The assertions made about the “climate changing” are thus projections about a future that isn’t here yet. Projections that have so far all proved to be spurious.

Of a piece with those asserted about “peak oil.”

And the assertions made about “masks” – and how they “work.”

They did, of course – but not in the way most people thought they did. They did a bang-up job making people think what those pushing “masking” wanted people to think. It is the same as regards “peak oil” and “climate change.” In the case of the former and the latter, the object of the assertions was – and is – to get people to accept scarcity in the name of necessity. The oil was about to run out! Therefore, it was morally wrong to use more than necessary. Therefore, drive a smaller car slowly – in order to “save” gas by not using as much of it.

This was the chief justification for the federal government’s getting into the business of decreeing – via regulations – how many miles-per-gallon every new car built had to be able to go, else its manufacturer would be fined for not complying. The costs of these fines passed on to us, directly – in the form of higher new car prices. And – indirectly – in the winnowing of choices as regards the new cars available for us to buy. Instead of some fuel-efficient cars being available – many of them very inexpensive – we got more “efficient” cars that were also more expensive.

And, of course, we got mulcted – for almost 20 years – for driving at speeds that had previously been legal (as well as “safe,” one presumes) in order to “save” that which there was plenty of.

Now we are told we must “save” the planet – by not using the oil it turns out there’s plenty of. Because using it will “change” the “climate.” Therefore, we must accept paying a great deal more for electricity  – and electric cars – and accept other costs and impositions as well.

Perhaps you discern an underlying thesis. One could earn a BS explicating it.

All of these shibboleths have the same things in common: Posit something alarming, that’s looming. Present a palliative that must be adopted right now – before it’s too late!

The witch doctors of tribal antiquity have not disappeared. They have gone into politics. And the bureaucratic apparat, from within which they impose the regimes urged by their colleagues who hold elected office.

The sun will disappear unless . . .

And here we go, again.

. . .

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  1. Yes eric u r correct!
    they couldnt keep pushing peak oil becasue of the proven deep abiotic oil

    theory developed by the ukrainians and russians! Also at the beginnindg of the peak oil scam a thomas Gold wrote a book called the deep hot biosphere (IIRC) saying what the ruskies and their cousins the ukies had proven. (by
    the way he suddenly died soon thereafter.) Kinda like Kari Mullis the inventer of the PCR tests croaked just before the covid scam hit.( and Eugene Mallove) . Cant have powerful fact based debunkers around!
    Kinda like Kari Mullis the inventer of the PCR tests just before the covid scam hit. Cant have powerful fact based debunkers around!
    A guy named L Fletcher Prouty also said the term “fossil fuel” came right out of the rockefeller bible. helped with that oil depletion allowance scam run on americans.
    Oil fields “mysteriously” refill also. those underground dinosaurs just wont stop. nyuk nyuk. see dave mcgowans peak oil series at center for an informed america. lots of good info the climate change scam comes straight outa the club of rome(rockefellers
    involved here also). Man is the cause of the problems so what needs to be done? And it all comes back to depopulation and control by the “elites”.
    The seven sisters(oil co’s) were all rockefeller owned i believe.
    Remember the saying power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (IIRC)? Thats wrong. many good people who hav gone into poliitics hav “accidents ” etc happen to them to dispose of them. this is because sociopaths and psychopaths r drawn to positions of power/control over others. thats why a test for those pathologies should be given to all who seek positions of power/control(even doctors).

    • Hi Billy,

      At the very least, we know there is much more oil available than they wanted us to believe was available. When it became obvious that oil was not “peaking,” they shifted gears – and came up with a reason – “climate change” – to justify not using the oil. This indicates their true fear is not running out of oil but of inexpensive, abundant energy – which they intend to deny us by any means necessary.

  2. The amount of fossil fuels remaining, abiotic or no, is a red herring. 100 barrels of oil found and produced 50 years ago left 98 barrels available for economic growth. 100 barrels found and produced today leaves 90 barrels available for economic growth. This trend shows no signs of abating.
    I have yet to see anyone provide a compelling case for why this issue can be and is being ignored by almost everyone on all sides of the fossil fuel debate.

  3. One thing it appears we will never run out of: The psychopaths in charge and their pathological lying.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath.
    But one should never stop dreaming.

  4. It is and has been known for some time, the intellectual property exists, that production of synthetic oil can be done using natural gas.

    Pennzoil does it. Fewer impurities, lasts three to five times longer than crud oil to motor oil refining. It is super-refining.

    Natural gas is an inexhaustible resource. Oklahoma drillers explored for natural gas in Pennsylvania, been there done that stuff. True story.

    You cannot run dry of hydrocarbons, just won’t happen.

    Oil companies know it, good secret to keep. Pays big time.

  5. quote: “All of these shibboleths have the same things in common: Posit something alarming, that’s looming. Present a palliative that must be adopted right now – before it’s too late!”

    The politicians are parasites who produce no useful thing – so they must stampede the herd for the latest thing which they sound off with great alarm. What is pathetic is how the sheep go along with their endless bullshit.

    H. L. Mencken – “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    Peak Oil was also part of the Iraq War psyop, wars for oil the (fake) alt media said. No, the wars were for Israel, which did 911, and blamed the Arabs with boxcutters, to manipulate Amerika into a war against it’s enemies.

    The problem with the peak oil theory is that in the real world, as a commodity becomes scarce, innovators switch to different sources, like electric cars, eliminating oil altogether – this is happening now – which means oil will never run out.

    And then you have the untapped proven reserves in Venezuela – they have so much oil that a gallon of gasoline right today in Caracus is still only 12 cents.

    Wiki – The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the largest in the world, totaling 300 billion barrels (4.8×1010 m3) as of 1 January 2014.[1] The 2019 edition of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy reports the total proved reserves of 303.3 billion barrels for Venezuela (slightly more than Saudi Arabia’s 297.7 billion barrels).[2]

    The unproven reserves are estimated at 2 trillion barrels.

    So much oil, Dick Cheney is drooling.

    • Hi Jack,

      I am increasingly persuaded there is a process that creates hydrocarbon fuels within the Earth. The fact that hydrocarbon exist on other worlds in our solar system that had no great algae blooms (or dinosaurs) is pretty suggestive. Regardless, there is a lot of oil – and that is a big problem for the world-controller types – for they cannot do their thing when energy is plentiful and cheap.

      • Well of course they can “do their thing” Eric. All they have to do is make it impossible to continue using that resource, at gunpoint. Just as they are doing now.

  6. ‘Now the ululations were about the “climate” – and that it was “changing.” — eric

    The sales climate has gone Ice Age for Tranheuser-Busch:

    ‘The latest weekly US Nielsen data through June 3 shows that Bud Light volume declines accelerated last week to -29.9% vs -26.1% in the week ending May 27 [compared to the same week last year].

    ‘Moreover, there continues to be contagion to the wider AB-InBev brand portfolio, with Budweiser, Busch and Michelob all weaker again. Busch volumes are down by -13.8% vs -12.2% and Stella Artois volumes down -9.9% vs -10.1%.’

    Get Woke, go broke. Just spotted big stacks of Bud, Busch and Bud Light cases at Walmart yesterday. They can’t give it away [literally — that would be illegal]. Don’t see why it couldn’t fed to swine, though. Drunken pork lo mein, anyone? 🙂

  7. The earliest the oil will run out soon predictions I’ve come across are from the late 19th century.

    Hubbert (peak oil) was a big player in the technocracy movement. The technocracy movement wanted an economic system, a currency, where each person would have an energy allotment for each month. Which is what ‘fighting climate change’ is being used to push us to.

    It really doesn’t matter if oil runs out any longer. There’s more than one process by which oil can be manufactured from a variety of wastes. It just costs too much money compared to pumping it out of the ground. But if worse comes to worst nuclear power could be used to make oil at an energy gain. At scale end product prices would be little changed from what we are already used to.

  8. Oh, geez – it has started. This is the email that I received this morning from FedEx.

    I am going to assist FedEx in wanting to go green. I have decided I am going to stop mailing packages with them. I guess USPS will get a bit more of my business. If FedEx is doing this it is a guarantee that UPS is doing this. My guess is that I am safe with USPS for at least a little while.

    This stuff has to stop. Tell me again how this helps FedEx? Do they win brownie points from the WEF? Maybe the WEF will help supplement them when everyone finds an alternative way of mailing?

    • That was tuff to skim over. Whole lot of blah blah blah about sustainability insights, C02e, and ‘how I learned to view my carbon emissions.’

      A fraction of a fraction of nothing, so we can be in synch with the Global logistics emissions council GLEC, and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. They’re really trying to appeal to you accountant types with your ‘customized exportable Excel or PDF report.’

      The how and why is simple. Fed Ex is getting to the front of the line, determined to win the future franchise on the World Wide Pony Express.

    • Everything you buy was shipped. Makes no difference if it is shipped to your door or you go to the store to purchase.

      Makes their little website calculation totally meaningless.

      And what is the hoped for impact? That you stop using FEDEX?

  9. Far from being “fossil fuel”, hydrocarbons are not only plentiful but are being created by yet-unknown processes deep within the earth.
    The term “fossil fuel” was coined in the 1950s when little was known about the processes by which oil is produced. Oil is “abiotic” in nature, as even depleted oil wells are “filling back up” from deep below the earth’s surface.
    Oil interests are drilling wells at 5,000 feet, 10,000 feet, and 15,000 feet and deeper, and coming up with oil deposits way below the layers and levels where “fossils” were known to exist.
    As Russia gained much expertise in deep-well drilling and coming up with oil deposits far deeper than that of the level of “fossils”, abiotic oil at extreme depths was actually a Russian “state secret” for a long time.
    Fossil material found in hydrocarbons are a result of these hydrocarbons migrating through fossil layers and are not a creation of fossils.
    At the rate oil is being pumped out of the ground, there is not enough fossil material to account for the amount of oil harvested.
    Not only that, but there are planetary bodies in which hydrocarbons are naturally occurring (without fossils).
    “Peak oil” and “fossil fuels” are discredited concepts that environmentalists and others are latching on to, in order to display their hatred of oil being a renewable resource as well as to push prices up.
    Follow the money.

    • Indeed, Anarchyst –

      The core of the thing is that these people – the ones peddling “peak oil” and “climate change” – hate abundant, affordable energy because it all-but-eliminates the misery (and poverty) they need in order to get the power they crave. These people are the scum of the Earth and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • My dad told me this back in the late 80s. Last newly minted geologist I talked to was still stuck on the oil comes from fossils mantra around 2010

  10. Let me see of my math is off so bear with me:

    USA consumes 134.55 billion gallons of gas/yr
    Divide by 365 is 369MM gallons per day
    Divide by 24 is 15.37 MM per hour.
    1 gallon of fuel is worth 125,000 BTU of energy
    Convert to KW X 0.000293=366.25 KW per gallon of gas
    Assume a peak hour of gas consumption of 20mm gallons per hour X 366.5KW =7,325,000,000 KWH hour usage or 7,325,000-MW of power needed to be added to the grid with transmission lines to handle all electric vehicles and current consumption rate.

    The U.S. electric grid has 1,143,757 MW and 9,200 electric generating units having more than 1 million megawatts of generating capacity connected to more than 600,000 miles of transmission lines.

    So, to convert to electric cars we would almost certainly need to add 6.4 times the current entire electrical grid of the USA.

    Just one small step for man.

    • haha, yeah most of us know this unfortunate fact, or fortunate to the TPTB people.
      Well I should say ‘thinking’ people know this, believers/cultist do not.

    • Nice analysis, Hans.

      I did some quick math, revealing both the incredible amount of energy in gasoline and the efficiency of modern cars. It takes a mere 2.4 ounces (less than 2 shot glasses) of gasoline to propel a current Toyota Camry hybrid (3,500 lbs. and room for 5 with luggage) for a mile. It’s also got an msrp of about $30k. I find this astonishing.

      • As I posited several years ago. Gasoline, and diesel, are a miracle. One gallon will propel 3000 pounds thirty miles, or more, in half an hour, or less. A horse would do well to propel itself that far in a day, without any load at all.

    • ‘to convert to electric cars we would … need to add 6.4 times the current entire electrical grid of the USA.’ — Hans Gruber

      As a crude comparison, let’s say that building out a new, 21st century grid is analogous in scope to World War II.

      In four years, WW II drove up the fedgov’s debt-to-GDP ratio from 40% to 115%, a gain of 75%. It also cranked inflation from near-zero prewar to around 10% by the mid-Forties.

      Now add those increases to today’s figures of 125% gov debt-to-GDP and 4% inflation (as of this morning). So to build our new electric grid, fedgov debt soars to 200% of GDP (higher than any nation except Japan) and inflation busts out to 14%.

      Does that sound like fun? Does that sound remotely politically acceptable?

      Back then, our designated enemies had a face — the Krauts; the Japs [not endorsing these caricatures, of course]. Whereas cliiiiiimate change is an amorphous enemy. You can’t see it, but soi-disant scientists say it’s out there, boiling us like frogs in a pot. Trust us.

      Bernays realized that it’s child’s play to steer the herd. But at some point, fear fatigue sets in, and the herd balks from plunging over a cliff behind its ‘leaders.’

  11. Can’t make money when there’s plenty.

    Aluminum used to be one of the most expensive metals, on the same level as platinum and titanium. It was hard to produce until Charles Martin Hull developed the process used today. Now it is so cheap we let homeless people recycle it, because it isn’t worth paying someone minimum wage to gather and sort it.

    The oil trade is all about controlling supply. Demand is very constant and unvarying. Standard Oil figured that out in the 1920s, keeping production in balance with demand was one of the key ways to control prices. Later Mellon and other eastern bankers created Gulf Oil to break Standard’s stonghold over production (and lobby for unnecessary anti-trust regulation) and the prices dropped. Then building out the infrastrucutre and cutting operating costs became the focus, along with exploration and economic hitman style deals in foreign countries (because the stuff got so cheap you have steal it to make money). OPEC wised up and the Middle East hasn’t been the same since. The Soviets kept costs low for a long time thanks to Marx’s economic theories, but then couldn’t keep up with the Americans one-two punch of international theft and technological advances.

    Renewables are great for energy traders because there’s a built-in supply restriction. It doesn’t matter how many turbines you install, if the wind is calm there’s no supply. Great for day traders and algorithmic trading. Solar has a predictable peak supply on a clear day, about 10Wh per day per panel (in summer with no cloud cover). But any cloud cover, dust or shade from trees or other obstructions will reduce production. Those little differences add up and factor into the spot price, often leading to a positive feedback loop in the markets. Then it’s just a matter of pushing up the bid until the market cries uncle. Nice work if you can get it.

    It will be interesting to see what action Washington will take in the coming years as renewables ramp up and really destabilize the energy grid. Will they create a “strategic reserve” of stored power, perhaps controlling production at the big hydroelectric dams to dampen the swings? It should be easy enough to shut down turbines when the price is low and open up the penstocks when demand peaks. Probably not until there’s a complete grid failure. Then Dear Leader will hold a press conference, short on details, explaining how the free market failure requires he take action. He doesn’t want to meddle of course, but people are suffering!

    • That should be about 50Wh per day per panel, not 10Wh. I looked at the wrong day (an overcast one). Makes my point though.

    • “But any cloud cover, dust or shade from trees or other obstructions will reduce production”, or big clouds of smoke from intentionally and simultaneously set Canadian forest fires.

  12. ‘a colder-than-usual winter or a hotter-than-usual summer is not climate — eric

    This is so. Yet if the long-term trend shifts toward cooling, on its way to an Ice Age, it will begin with one chilly year. And that’s what this one has been.

    Normally June is the second hottest month around here, in the mountains of the Southwest — a month to open the windows at night to cool the house. Haven’t done that yet this year. It’s 48 degrees outside as I type, and the house is like a fridge, even with the windows closed to retain heat from yesterday’s mid-70s afternoon.

    Likely the Ice Age cycle, with 10,000 to 14,000-year interglacials, has not been extinguished. This interglacial is long in the tooth. Its last hurrah might have occurred a few years ago, though it’s too early to tell.

    Dog forbid if Big Gov gets wind of this. Then we’ll all be mandated to generate carbon dioxide by planting a dozen trees a day … to STOP THE GLACIERS, which are being sent our way by the evil Rooooooskies.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup – it’s been like that here as well. Chilly (mid-high 40s) at night… in almost mid-June. It possibly portends a really cold winter. Just the ticket for EVs! Speaking of which, they are sending me an EV “motorcycle” soon…

      • Now that summer is here I’m riding the bike to the gym for cardio instead of running on the indoor track. Last few days there’s been a guy parking his massive E-bike (bicycle) in the rack next to mine. The thing is absolutely huge and weighs a ton! It’s the size of a beginner’s motorcross bike. If the frame had a 50cc engine and gas tank and it would need to be registered. And it probably cost him around $3000 to $5000.

        But it is seen as a bicycle and therefore speed limited to 22 MPH. Once it goes over that the “assist” kicks out and you have to pedal. He might think he’s getting some amount of a workout, but no way. My “town bike” is actually my old touring frame, with a granny-ring tripple in the front I have no problems with hauling my fat ass up the hills, and get my calorie burn for the day in about 20 minutes. No problem, no pain and plenty of gain. And even on my carbon frame, just need to get out of the saddle and work a little more.

      • My power bill for last month is off 20% from a year ago, but I figure only 10% is weather and the other 10% a new HVAC system we installed upstairs, replacing a ~ 30 year old unit.

        Weather forecasters here are projecting record heat for the weekend, however.

        BTW, the HVAC system quote in September of last year was $7500. Gas furnace. The price went to $9500 installed, same hardware, just six months later.

        • Oh great, I’m due for heat pump and gas furnace replacement, furnace is 21 years old the heat pump is about 15. Yesterday it was 92 the a/c was not holding 76 inside, slipped up to 77 then 78 late afternoon till the sun went lower. Years past it would keep up well into the 90s. I need to get this done since WA is outlawing any form of Freon.

          • Outlawing Freon at any price? Governor Kirkland strikes again.

            How convenient that Costco licenses their name to HVAC contractor services.

      • WOW, a Harley Ev? What fun. Varoooom, varoom. Betcha you get to 60 as fast as a crotch rocket. I used to do motorcycles until my cousin I was riding with went through a barb wire fence. We were young, just having fun. Laid it it down on a country road into a barbed wire fence. The cows were amused, sans farts. Me and Mike, not so much. He survived with lots of scars. I then said well fun enough. But it was a lot of fun riding my bike back then.

    • Same here too, had a couple of 80 degree days in May but halfway through June it’s been cool and cloudy, high 60’s mostly. Guess that’s why the PTB changed it from “global warming” to “climate change”.

      • Indeed, they changed the name because they haven’t a clue what the weather will do next. Just like the rest of us.

    • In western Riverside County, CA, we are about 12F below average.
      Historical average high = 88F
      Predicted high (next 10 days) = 76F (plus or minus a few, per day)
      Normal “June gloom” AM cloud cover.

  13. These charlatans are also trying to scare the public about all those fires in Canada, even going so far as to claim that the associated wildfire smoke in the Northeast was PROOF of climate change. Many of these charlatans are now even trying to scare the masses about not allowing this insane transgenderism push on children, even going so far as to claim that children who think they’re the opposite sex will DIE if we don’t do things like give them hormone blocking pharma drugs or so-called “Gender affirming care”. For a while, they even claimed children would DIE if we didn’t have them “Take that COVID vaccine” despite MASSIVE evidence showing that the ‘Rona was NEVER that deadly to children. Do these people realize that they’ve effectively become useful idiots for globalist organizations like the Club of Rome and World Economic Forum?

      • Hi Norman,

        These Drama Queens, as you call them, are also just craving absolute power over humanity and will resort to engaging in fear mongering if necessary to get it.

    • “These charlatans are also trying to scare the public about all those fires in Canada, even going so far as to claim that the associated wildfire smoke in the Northeast was PROOF of climate change.”
      So, pray tell, how did “climate change” manage to start all those fires at the same time?

      • Hi John,

        That is a question we likely won’t hear asked. Big Media and power hungry politicians seemingly use every single problem out there to scare the massed AND push some sinister agenda disguised as “Saving the planet”, “Protecting public health”, etc.

    • Yes and they will die. As all of us will eventually. They will have no understanding. Probably blame it on the “aliens”, now speak of another weird thing. Recently “aliens” are coming out of the wood work. Probably because of the “zoombies” (The zommbies) are us, you know the useless, to the master race, our betters.

  14. What one natural resource did President Carter advocate increased use of to decrease the use of crude oil and distilled hydrocarbons?

    Answer: Coal.

    A 55 gallon drum of butanol has a cost of 850 USD.

    4.5 grams of butanol in a Bic lighter, 4 liters and a gallon are about the same, 0.881 gm per cubic centimeter. 220 liters, 220,000 ml of butanol will equal 193,820 grams, divided by 4.5, you have 43,071 Bic lighters. One drum of butanol will have a gross income for Bic Corporation of probably close to more than 60,000 dollars after the 43,071 Bic lighters are sold.

    Ain’t Peak Bic Lighter yet.

    When you are whaling out on the oceans and hauling in more than 100,000 whales each year to supply the oil lamps on the eastern seaboard and all of Europe, by 1850 you begin to notice that the whales aren’t as plentiful as they once were, you have to sail the Essex to the Pacific to be stoved by an angry whale.

    Lo and behold, along comes commercial oil development in Titusville. The world changes, the whales are relieved. The Hartford Whalers go to work for Pennzoil, life got a lot better for everybody. Don’t knock it, it might not last forever. You’ll be taken aback, it will be a big surprise.

    Hydrocarbons save your sorry worthless hide every day and whales thank humans for being smart enough to finally find an alternative.

    You’ll be in the dark and beset by the cold if hydrocarbons cease to be.

    Power plants, factories, machines, mobility all depend upon hydrocarbons.

    Very high demand for hydrocarbons, 100,000,000 bpd speaks volumes.

    Besides, the Spirit in The Sky is always there, where else can it be?

    “It’s clear as a bell I should’ve gone to school
    I’d be wise as an owl ‘stead of stubborn as a mule.” – John Prine, Its a Big Old Goofy World

    • “Power plants, factories, machines, mobility all depend upon hydrocarbons.”
      And especially diesel. No diesel, no agriculture, and no food.

  15. The leftist political climate change game is even worse than just making scary long term predictions of doom … which have been consistently wrong for over a century. The people making the predictions never predict good news — the climate can only get worse in their minds.

    They Climate Howler Global Whiners demand that people do as they say, because that is necessary to avoid climate doom. And don’t ask questions! FOLLOW OUR ORDERS EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG: They spout the ‘precautionary principle’: You must do as we say even if we are wrong, because there is too much risk if we wait and see if our predictions are correct.

    In plain English, the precautionary principle says:
    ‘Do as we say whether we are right or wrong’, which is just like what dictators always say.

    • “the climate can only get worse in their minds.”
      Do as they say and every day will be mid to high 70s, and it will never freeze. Except in your living room this winter.

    • Richard:

      I understand you live in Michigan as do I. Lets do lunch. I am sure Eric will mediate our contact. You cool with that?

  16. None of the peak oil predictions came true. Just like none of the climate disaster predictions have come true. Just like Covid will kill us all never came true. The common denominator of course is that they were all lies, from the very beginning. So how COULD they come true? On the contrary, the continuing decline of the economy, predicted NOT to happen, continues unabated. Our fundamental human rights are being vigorously abused, while being told they are being protected. Because it was true, from the beginning. I’m seeing a common thread here. Whatever the government and its squad of “experts” tells you, believe the exact opposite is true. You will be right far more often than they are.

    • I agree. I have been telling people this for a long time. Take the mainstream media/government/globalist assertion and invert it. You now have a 99% chance of being correct.
      Joe biden says that ‘white supremacy is the greatest domestic terror threat to our nation’ which tells us what we already know, white supremacy is almost non existent. Sasquatch is much more likely a reality than any measurable number of white supremacists.

      Government goons have been and still do pose as white supremacists, just to recruit a few morons to use as patsies. This reminds me of a joke I heard a while back. What do you call a KKK meeting? A dozen FBI agents waiting for an idiot to show up.


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