Peak Oil is Finally Here . . .

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For more than half a century, they – the people who hate oil and the abundant wealth it has enabled – have been insisting we’re on the cusp of running out of it. And for that reason, had better develop “alternatives” to it.

Like electricity, for instance.

But when their predictions about running out of oil – this was styled “peak” oil – never came true, because it became obvious there was plenty of oil and probably so much oil that its cost would continue to go down, causing the wealth of average people to go up – they stopped talking about “peak” oil and began talking about “climate change.” That there was an unseen bogeyman on the loose (sound familiar?) that would cause a “crisis” – and mass death – if we didn’t agree to do what they say, meaning give up abundant energy and wealth and accept energy scarcity and impoverishment.

We didn’t want to accept it, so they have tried to force it. As by artificially reducing the supply of oil. But they did that too soon, too quickly. It resulted in the cost of gasoline – and diesel – both made from oil, to nearly triple over the course of just one year. That alarmed people who were forced to pay for it – including lots of people who might have supported, in a vague and hypothetical way, “taking action” to stave off “climate change.” But when forced to accept the cost of that, many of them began to re-evaluate their position. And with an election looming that might result in something being done about the manufactured but very real crisis – in the name of a fake one – something had to be done to artificially and temporarily tamp down the price of gas and diesel to smooth ruffled feathers just long enough to get through the midterm elections without incurring too much electoral damage.

And so it was.

The head of they – or at least, their front man –  used his authority as (s)elected dictator to temporarily flood the market with oil, by draining it from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This caused an artificially induced and so temporary decline in the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel – and they figured people would be grateful to be paying only twice as much for gas and diesel (for the moment) than they’d been paying for it before they artificially constricted the supply of oil, in order to create an artificial “peak” oil scenario that they hoped would make the “transition” to energy scarcity go down easier.

It turned out they were wrong, which it did because of their insular, inbred arrogance – and the blinkered perspective they have, from having limitless access to other people’s money. What does someone such as Joe Biden or any other high government apparatchik care about gas that costs $4 per gallon – or eight? They can afford it.

Because they can make us pay for it.

So, they were startled – in the way a grub is startled, when you roll over a rotting log and expose it to the sunlight – when they began to realize that people were angry with them and that some of these might vote against them.

Hence the draining.

But that has created a new problem for them. The oil is dissipated – and there’s no new supply to make up for what’s been dumped on the market. The front man begged the Saudis to cover for him, by pumping more oil (temporarily) for him, just enough to get through the midterms.

They demurred.

And now the oil if running out.

The government admits it is running out. And so, the country is on the verge running out of diesel fuel, within the next few weeks – just in time for the holidays. And just in time to blame Republicans, if they succeed in defeating  Democrats in the election that’s only about a week away now.

“Stocks of diesel and other distillate fuel oils were just 106 million barrels” as of October 21, according to the Energy Information Administration, which is the government itself acknowledging the fact that “stocks” are “at their lowest ebb” since the Energy Information Administration began collecting data more than 40 years ago. The EIA’s weekly petroleum status report indicates that “distillate inventories” are 26 million barrels below what they would normally be at this time of year.

Reuters reports that oil stocks are at their lowest overall ebb since 1954. When the population was less than half what it is today.

What this means is the same thing it means when the tide suddenly rolls out, exposing the sea floor. Only the tsunami that’s coming will be a different kind of abundance, one of scarcity.

Of food as well as fuel.

Food being dependent upon diesel fuel, especially. That is how most of the food in most of the stores get to where you can buy it from where it was produced. If the trucks that burn diesel can’t fill up their tanks, people won’t be filling up their bellies.

Diesel is even more critical in this respect than gasoline. Most people do not drive diesel-powered cars (the government – they – having effectively outlawed diesel-powered passenger cars for being too obviously preferable to electric cars). But diesel-powered heavy trucks and machinery – including agricultural machinery – power the economy.

When they stop running, it’s more than we stop eating.

If this happens – and it seems inevitable because preventing it from happening can only happen if a way to suddenly find those missing 26 million barrels is found – there is going to be Hell to pay.

And we’ll all be paying it.

. . .

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  1. Oh, don’t you worry Eric. At the last minute, the Saudis will offer us the oil we need, at payday loan rates. But it’s okay, because we’ll be paying for it.

    Yes, don’t you worry, Joe’s personal wallet is safe and sound.


    Despite the fanfare surrounding wind and solar, the world’s dependency on fossil fuels is increasing. Last week, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said that the world is now “transitioning to coal.”

    Not a headline you are likely to see in the New York Times.

    Saad al-Kaabi, Energy Minister of Qatar, says, “Many countries particularly in Europe which had been strong advocates of green energy and carbon-free future have made a sudden and sharp U-turn. Today, coal burning is once again on the rise reaching its highest levels since 2014.”

    They are right. Global coal demand will reach an historic high in 2022, similar to 2013’s record levels. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “Global coal consumption is forecast to rise by 0.7 percent in 2022 to 8 billion tons…. Coal consumption in the European Union is expected to rise by seven percent in 2022 on top of last year’s 14 percent jump.”

    Coal will continue to be a sought-after energy source as “rising gas prices after 2030 will make existing coal-fired generation more economic,” the IEA says. Global energy demand will grow by 47 percent from now through 2050, and oil is expected to be the major source of energy.

    So this so called push into solar and wind turbines is just a scam, fraud, with key players and their friends cashing in on the 100’s of billions of dollars being thrown into it, but it is just a black hole into which taxpayer’s money is thrown….that ends up in their offshore accounts……

    the biggest winner/supplier of this switch to solar, wind turbines and lithium batteries is china, did they bribe the politicians?

    solar, wind turbines, EV’s and lithium batteries are all bs, a scam….


    leftist/communists tell us that we are in the midst of a transition from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy.

    The reality is that no such transition is taking place, nor will it.

    This video by Professor Simon Michaux, explains one of several reasons why it is not happening: the mineral requirements of a wind- and solar-based energy system can’t possibly be met.

    The quantity of metal required to make just one generation of renewable tech units to replace fossil fuels, is much larger than first thought.

    Current mining production of these metals is not even close to meeting demand. Current reported mineral reserves are also not enough in size. Most concerning is copper as one of the flagged shortfalls.

    Before the video, here are a few screenshots from it. This one shows the principal metals needed for a wind and solar energy system, and compares those requirements with actual production of those commodities as of 2019, the last “normal” pre-covid year.

    the amount needed for just the first 20 years of wind and solar installations.

    189 years worth of copper production,
    400 years of nickel production,
    9,921 years of lithium production,
    1,733 years of cobalt production,
    29,113 years of germanium production,

    Note, for example, that known lithium reserves amount to less than 3% of what would be needed to replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and batteries, for the first 20 years.
    Known cobalt reserves amount to less than 4% of what would be needed for the first generation, and so on.
    Keep in mind, too, that mining projects typically take something like 20 years to come on line. Longer, if the environmentalists get their way.

    the “green” energy vision would require between 6 and 7 times all the copper that has ever been mined through thousands of years of human history, for the first 20 years. That doesn’t count the current, growing demand for copper:

    The bottom line is that no transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy sources is under way, nor will it occur, ever.
    The green dream is not just a folly but a fraud.
    Those who perpetrate it, like Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many others, are fraudsters who make Bernie Madoff look like Mother Teresa.

    • from zh post…

      I have been a hydrogen fuel cell fan since the mid 2000’s

      Obama was the one who pivoted to Electric to pay back his big donor excelon

  4. I’ve read free market literature that says you can never run out of any commodity, as it gets scarce, the price goes up, cutting demand and increasing production and alternatives.

    Peak oil is a very controversial topic, at the center of it is how oil is made, from fossils of from geological processes. But are we really at peak oil when as recently as early 2020 crude oil was trading negative $35 a barrel – essentially someone would pay you to take oil off of their hands.

    There is a way to beat peak oil, rid the planet of useless oil consumers, which is probably one big reason why the vaxx genocide program was rolled out and vigorously promoted by all of the world media and politicians. (Now that they’ve been busted, they want forgiveness – so they can do it again).

  5. Imagine you’re a winner in the birth lottery. You have first access to money right off the printer, and you’re using it to buy up the only thing left of any value, land. Now you’re not buying that swampland in Florida, or that scrub in Utah, you’re buying oceanfront property and ski chalets. Or just big areas of productive farmland to lease out to the surfs. Now your good friend, maybe a guy you’ve known since the old fraternity days, explains the global warming thesis over cocktails after dinner. “By Jove!” you think. “I could lose my investment!” Better figure out a way to stop this or I might have to actualy get a job!”

    If (and that’s a stretch) global warming is happening, it really means that people who aren’t mobile are going to have a problem. It won’t be that they starve, or that the world will end, it’s that something might change. Farmland in Canada might become more productive, and without irrigation, lowering the value of your farmland in Nebraska. Your ski hut in Aspen might not be as appealing when there’s consistently better snow at Whistler. Your condo in Miami might not be as nice when the hurricane season runs from July to November.

    The rest of us can walk away. And we will. Just look at the southern border “refugee” situation as an early indicator of what will happen (although that’s a political crisis not a weather one). Take the hit on our junk real estate because wherever we’re going isn’t going to be much different. Food will just come from somewhere else. And our lives will still be only slightly worse than the elites’. And without the constant threat of the plebs’ revolt killing us off or having our sexual exploits front page news.

  6. they tried to kill it, now they are cutting off the fuel for it….

    no fuel (diesel) = no food… fits in with the wef agenda 2030 depopulation agenda using starvation, etc.. diesel…….the life blood of the planet…civilization was built on cheap energy…mostly diesel….

    The diesel engine might be mankind’s most important invention, it does most of the heavy work on the planet. In heavy equipment for construction and mining, in ships, trucks, trains, and powering generators for electricity.

    The entire military is dependent on diesel engines, in trucks, tanks and ships.

    These people are insane………How the EPA Spent 35 Years Killing the Diesel Engine

    • they can freeze you death too, sitting in the dark….lol

      There won’t be any energy supply to charge your EV and if there is it will cost a fortune, you won’t be driving.

      The wef/globalist/communist morons are destroying reliable cheap energy production because their fake science gaia religious cult, says there is global warming, but there is none, they are insane.

      Unreliable Wind & Solar Primary Reason For Rocketing Power Prices because….

      ATTENTION: useless solar and wind turbines have to backed up with hydrocarbon power stations running continuously because they are unreliable, now have two systems running, that is wasteful and insane.

      The cost of additional transmission lines running 1000’s of miles from nowhere;
      the staggering cost of running highly-inefficient Open Cycle Gas Turbines (or diesel fuelled ship engines) to cope with total collapses in wind and solar output for backup; and running traditional coal-fired power plants inefficiently for backup– all add up and power consumers get whacked for every last cent of it.

      Plus they are shutting down reliable gas, coal, nuc, energy production so you will freeze to death.

      As to coal-fired power plants, the subsidies to wind and solar mean they can’t dispatch power to the grid according to consumer demand (the subsidies allow wind and solar operators to underbid them) but they are still required (by government directions) to remain online and burning fuel, ready to dump power back into the grid whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in – what’s called ‘spinning’ reserve.

      The mandates, targets and massive subsidies to wind and solar were designed to wreck the business model of reliable generators, which they have duly done. Now, it’s households and businesses that are left to suffer the consequences.

      Europe’s renewable energy push has made power prices increasingly high with the nations retiring too much baseload generation, mainly coal, and pushing too hard on boosting renewable energy.

      “We hear a lot about heat deaths and that’s a real problem, what we don’t hear is many more people all across the world die from cold” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

      NOTE: About nine times more people die from cold than from heat.
      The green EV pushing nutcases are evil, they want people to freeze to death.

      “Now if the prices goes through the roof it’s very likely people won’t be able to heat their homes as well and that will mean many more people dying from cold”.

      Five out of every six homes in Britain use natural gas for heating and 40% of the electricity is generated using gas. Although almost none of that comes from Russia, the spiking global market for gas is still driving up UK utility bills from $2,000 a year for the average home to as high as nearly $8,000 by next spring. .

      Stephen Jarvis: If those bill increases go through for this coming winter, more than half of the entire country will be classed as being in energy fuel poverty.

      In the UK, fuel poverty is where more than 10% of household income goes to energy.

      Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet.

      The wef/globalist/communist/satanist morons just destroyed the economy and wasted a trillion dollars over their bat germ bs over the last 2 1/2 years, now they are going to cause worse destruction and waste more trillions of dollars over their fake science gaia religious cult, global warming bs nightmare, but there is none, they are insane.

      the globalist/communist/satanists love computers, it helps them push their agenda/narrative…their computer modelling is pure fraud, fiction, garbage……..

  7. My hope is that the whole rotten organization collapses from its weight and frees us forever. Imagine a country with a central government that stayed in its constitutional lane (national defense, reasonable printing of money, postal service, etc.) and left everything else to the states, as the Founders intended. Imagine no more OSHA, EPA or any other of these useless alphabet soup agencies. We have a Department of Energy that doesn’t create a single kilowatt of energy, an Department of Education that’s never educated a single person, etc.

    I can dream. I also realize that getting there will be painful.

    • My dream as well.

      I want the free market to determine what people want, I want manual’s and diesels to make a proper comeback and without Uncle Incentivizing them, want to see EV’s die off once again, like they did over 100 years ago

      No taxes either, if the Govt can print money, why are we forced to pay as well?

    • The problem is that it never seems to go that direction, only toward tyranny. There is a big difference this time, we have cheap communications. Even if the tyrants take away the commerical Internet, the underlying protocols and systems are able to operate on a peer-to-peer basis. That might mean a difference this time.

  8. Oil is the gift of the gods. The blood of the earth.

    Just like an automobile, or a human body needs many fluids to run and maintain, so to does our Mother, Earth. These fluids obviously replenish themselves just as in our bodies

    Oil and water, the fluids that bind. Imagine life without the first oil for lamps, and what came after. It is a miracle out of nowhere.

    Food, fuel, and fibre. the ties that bind. G W believed that, and lived it out on Mt. Vernon.

    Seems buckets of used bud wash work well to trap and kill wood rats, who knew?. Maybe it would work as bait for 2 legged rodents.

    These nihilistic psycho-paths, deigning to run the world cant even run around the block.

    We serfs should all live in dorms by candlelight, eating bugs. Sleeping on the ground with our straw my pillows builds character. If we’re good, we get a couple Milano mint cookies on Thursday.

    The motor of the world as Galt called it was once set free to lift human existence. Now being shut down because a Fake Fuel shortage. Reality says the only shortage is the shortage of buyers in the repo market.

    May shortages of rope, needed to hang all the (fill in the blanks) from bridge overpasses across these fruited plains, become as real as the great toilet paper panic of 21.

  9. It’s appalling that “our” politicians are sabotaging the economic prosperity of this country. America was an amazing engine of wealth creation for a century, diverging from the rest of the world, and it built up a lot of economic inertia, but the political class is slowing this down, damaging our future.

    I grew up under full communism in Poland. While my peers in the US were playing video games and watching TV and going out to restaurants, I had no running water, no sewer service, no reliable electricity (hence, no refrigeration). My life revolved around finding whatever food there was, and preserving it by canning, drying, pickling, whatever, because there may be no food tomorrow. Our family is farmers on one side, so we hid crops from the government, because farmers had to turn over all food for the greater good. (This is why root vegetables are so popular in eastern europe, you can mow the field and it doesn’t look like anything is in the ground). Winters were cold, so we burned wood and scrub, whatever was available, in a central stove. This stove was responsible for heating the home and cooking, so you had to plan your day around the heat.

    Poland and the US are in the same world, with access to the same information, and that was the difference in the quality of life due purely to politics. (Thanks, Soviets!. Thanks Communists!).

    I live and work in the SF Bay Area, and I’m surrounded by people who are generally much wealthier than I, and they simply lack the understanding or imagination to comprehend a different life style than they have. They supported our natural gas ban – because the more expensive, electric major appliances are still ok. They support the ICE car ban, because electric cars are quiet and clean and to them, only a bit more expensive, since what’s an extra $50k to a rich person? What they do not see is that these increased costs damage spending power on other things, and those other things grow the economy far more than some overpriced product built by a status-quo company. They are sabotaging their own and their children’s future.

    When I do discuss politics, their brains shut down. What I just said above would label me a Trump supporter, or a racist, or a planet destroyer. It’s sad, but the Commies won. They played the long game, and took over the culture. Am I being too pessimistic when I think that America is doomed?

    • Thank you for your concise article. I have relatives and friends who have lived under the communist “boot heel”, have heard of their experiences, know where they are coming from, and do share your perspective.
      I do share your pessimism about the future of the USA.
      The USA has been conquered without the communists firing a shot. It began in the “education establishment” a long time ago.
      Even here in the USA there are many stupid people who still embrace communism, claiming that “communism would work, but has never been properly implemented”.
      There are still ways to resist. There are still many more of “us” than there are of “them”.
      Please keep in mind (((who))) the bolshevik communists were (and still are)…
      (((They))) are in the “World Economic Forum” and other pro-global “one-world” organizations.
      Best regards,

    • I worked with a young guy from Poland. He had similar stories and also how life improved after the collapse. One thing we all heard growing up was the joke of the Soviet drunk. We were told that vodka was the only consumer good always avilable. I follow a YouTube producer called Serpentza, who lived for a time in China. He said that most Chinese are hard drinkers and their choice is some cheap rot gut spirit that’s pretty much ubiquitous all over the mainland. My friend Jaro is a pretty good drinker himself.

      In the US the progressives, the ones who praised Communism in the 1920s, were also all in favor of prohibition and temperance movement. I thought it kind of odd that they expected people to go along with state control while sober. In 1984 Orwell made Victory Gin a major set piece of the story. I guess I want to know what the official state policy was WRT alcohol consumption? Just curious.

    • Hello, OL, I appreciate your perspective. I spent my childhood in what was then-called the USSR (Soviet Russia). In general, Americans are not ready for what people in Eastern Europe and other places had to contend with, and still do. They have no idea what real hunger is, nor do they realize how good they have it over here. The times I have tried to say something, they just look at me like I have two heads and three horns, so I just stop talking. I shudder to think of how Americans will react if my world suddenly show up at their door step. If people are loosing their sh** now, they are never going to make it when things really get to rocking and rolling.

  10. Around here they’re warning about a shortage of natural gas if it’s an unusually cold winter. The reason for that is mostly because the uber-greenies fight any proposal to bring in more pipelines, the supply is out there but the existing pipelines are maxed out. They also want to ban natural gas in general, without any clue how to replace it. Electricity? Guess what’s used to generate electricity you morons! Ugh! I hope these idiots all freeze in the dark, just leave me out of it.

    • Hi Mike,

      There is a part of me that says give the commies what they want. See how long today’s “young’uns” get by without their internet, cell phones, electricity, and lack of fuel for heat and car. These imbeciles wouldn’t survive three days before throwing a hissy fit. The vast majority of this country is unappreciative on what they have. We are used to flicking a switch and knowing that a light is going to come on, or walking into a heated home, or not anticipating that food won’t be at the grocery store or that our autos won’t start. Many of us are spoiled and refuse to acknowledge it. I wonder how many would survive if we took airplane loads and parachuted them into the middle of Venezuela, Greenland, the Amazon Rainforest, or the Australian Outback. What? The GPS on their phone doesn’t work, poisonous critters are everywhere, they have to hunt for their own food, and it is either unbearably hot or they are frost bitten! Welcome to the real world! I am pretty sure the majority of people in Burma and Burundi would happily trade with them.

      This has always been my problem with the Left. They promote or try to banish certain things (oil, cows, refrigerant, etc.) without realizing that everything is cyclical and depends upon each tooth on the cog wheel to keep working. When the tooth is removed the whole damn thing stops.

  11. Since the population that uses diesel is a small percentage of the population, most people are completely unaware that diesel is the prop that holds up the entirety of the US economy. That an EV tractor, whether agricultural or over the road, or an EV excavator, are simply not possible. Most people are about to get a very expensive education. I recently bought a “new” tractor. In talking to the dealer who sold it, I discovered that a gasoline powered tractor had not even been offered in the US in over 20 years. Excavating equipment has been diesel only for far longer. And of course ALL shipping is diesel dependent, even trains. If diesel runs out, the economy stops moving. Entirely. Nothing bought, sold, or even stolen. Nothing built, nothing shipped. While very painful, it may produce a positive outcome. Localizing the economy. Buying and selling with your neighbors instead of some corporate conglomerate that is in league with the Psychopaths In Charge. But without diesel, your neighbors won’t be very productive either. It appears we are all about to be forced into becoming Amish. Which will be hard for folks that think a cell phone is a nutritional requirement. One thing I’ve never seen is fat Amish. That’s enough rant.

  12. There’s someone I know who’s been screeching about the “Record profits” from the oil companies and high gas prices, blaming it ALL on “Corporate greed”. And in Oregon, Senator Ron Wyden is even running for ANOTHER term, claiming in an ad that he’s “been fighting price gouging from BIG OIL”. However, he’s been ALL IN on “Green energy”, along with many other career politicians.
    What these people who’ve been screeching about “CORPORATE GREED” wish us all to forget is that Joe Biden campaigned on “ENDING Fossil fuels”, and ever since his regime got into office last year, they’ve obsessively been doing their best to “Make it so” and SHOVE green energy down the masses’ throats, all but telling them “You’ll LOVE green energy or else!” Some have even told people who’ve complained about high gas prices to “Just buy an electric car!” The sheer arrogance from these unelected bureaucrats in the Biden Regime seem to know no limits.

    These same people who’ve been screeching about CORPORATE GREED FROM BIG OIL also belieeeeeeeeve in “The Narratives” about climate change. I thought they’d be thinking that high gas prices were a GOOD thing to get people BEGGING for an alternative to traditional energy, as there are those from the globalist/ technocratic elite who actually claimed high gas prices were a GOOD thing for the planet. But instead, they deflect and concoct excuses such as “Trump’s fault”, “Putin’s Price Hike”, “Corporate Greed”, etc.

    Should we actually run out of diesel and it results in a domino effect such as grocery stores running out of food and people starving and/ or freezing in the winter, will it wake up those who’ve stubbornly belieeeeeeeeved in “The Climate Change narratives”, or will they continue to BLAME others? Hard to say.

    • From one John to another,
      The oil companies are seeing record profits because the Bidenesque have openly tried to destroy the US oil industry. Which discourages those companies from increasing, or even maintaining their production and refining capacity, which produces less supply, which increases prices. They created the very monster they complain about. As all governments are prone to do, since they produce NOTHING.

      • John,

        And now, the Biden Thing is going to THREATEN the oil companies with HEAVY TAXES if they don’t do what he demands. He must REALLY think the American people are stooooooooooopid to eat up what he says as TRUTH.

      • Also conveniently reduces their expenses since they have less investment, exploration, and infrastructure maintenance to do. Of course these companies and their real elite owners – Blackrock, Vanguard, Rothschilds etc – have their tentacles deep in the green con. Win win.

    • When it comes to “corporate greed”, I say agree and amplify.

      Since we didn’t have high energy prices on January 19, 2021, corporations must have been completely devoid of greed way back then. But energy prices started rising on January 20, 2021. Whatever happened on that that day must have caused corporations from transforming from completely altruistic charities to insatiable monsters.

      Oh wait. That was the day the Demonrats took power. Corporate greed must be eradicated. We must destroy corporate greed at its source. The Democrat party must be outlawed and its members imprisoned.

      What about it, Wyden? Do you want to put an end to corporate greed? I do.

      • Horst,

        What’s laughable is Biden claiming that gas prices have been going DOWN on his watch, even going so far as to claim that gasoline was $5 a gallon when he took office. Except, that’s NOT true. The average price of a gallon of gas was a little over $2.30 on January 20th, 2021, the day The Biden Thing took office, and since then, gas in some areas has gone UP to as much as over $6 a gallon.

  13. Although the climate crisis is totally manufactured, there is a very real natural resources crisis. Energy equals prosperity and there are limits on the economic production of the resources necessary for the creation of cheap reliable energy for a planet of nearly eight billion people. World leaders realize that fact and are using climate to drive a voluntary reduction in energy consumption in an effort to avoid mass famine and world war over shrinking supplies of energy.

    The “energy cost of energy”, whether it’s petroleum, coal, nuclear, wind or solar, will soon make it impossible to grow energy supplies and therefore economies to support the demand of global populations at current levels. All the systems and infrastructures of modern economies from agriculture to manufacturing to transportation require massive amounts of cheap energy to function.

    Energy wars, hot and cold, are being waged all over the planet. Ukraine is a proxy war for the United States’ attempt to gain access to the natural resources of a defeated Russia. China’s push to retake Taiwan is a move to become the dominate power in the eastern Pacific and gain access to the natural resources of southeast Asia and Malaysia. Barring the creation of Star Trek’s “anti-matter” reactors, energy will become much more expensive and populations will be reduced. If that happens in an orderly transition or a massive economic/societal collapse and world war, only time will tell. Beam me up Scotty.

    • Hi Griff,

      You impute benevolent motives to the people using the falsehood of a “climate crisis” to impose energy scarcity on the populace. Keep in mind the same “benevolent” people also tried to tell us there was a “pandemic” afoot… and that the solution was to “mask” and “vax” and avoid those who didn’t.

      I also disagree with you that there is a “natural resource crisis,” because the facts don’t support. I am increasingly persuaded that oil is not a “fossil fuel” but rather a renewable one. Regardless, there is far more oil than most people have been led to believe; certainly plenty for the foreseeable future.

      • Eric,
        Actually, there is a natural resource crisis, if EVs and assorted other battery power storage systems are demanded. As you have stated before, Lithium is FAR less abundant than oil, and far more expensive, in both money and labor abuse, to extract.

      • Hello Eric,

        It is difficult to assign benevolent motives to self serving global elites given the covid and climate hoaxes of the last few years, but regardless I do believe they are aware of energy realities.

        Dr. Tim Morgan runs an interesting blog on “Surplus Energy Economics” that details the “energy cost of energy” issue and limits to the economic development of natural resources in the future. The link to his blog is below:

        • Hi Griff, if the elites were really worried about energy, they wouldn’t burn 7500 gallons of fuel in their yachts on a Sunday afternoon outing. If John Kerry was worried about energy, his swimming pool would be filled in and his jet sent to ‘cash for clunkers’.

          “Do as I say not as I do” isn’t a convincing argument.

      • Oil or a better term, hydrocarbons, are renewable, hence the term, natural fuels, should be used vs fossil fuels.
        The sun makes it. The sun is the only thing that changes our climate, period.
        All the rest is just a horror house of mirrors. is that the right term?

      • Eric,

        How ironic it would be if it turns out that OIL is renewable energy and it’s wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind and sooooooooolar that isn’t renewable.

    • Nope, you are incorrect. The “energy wars” are purely political in nature. There is so much oil within the earth that can be retrieved it would make one’s head spin. Here in the USA, oil deposits are purposely being placed “off limits” for purely political reasons.
      Utilization of energy is what makes humanity’s present advancements possible.
      “Peak oil” is a discredited dishonest concept that needs to be buried once and for all.
      I cringe when I hear the talking heads speak of “fossil fuel” as there is nothing “fossilized” about oil.
      Oil is abiotic in nature and is plentiful and abundant above and beyond what mankind can use.
      Old depleted oil wells are “filling back up”, oil migrating from depths well below the “fossil layers”. Russians and others have been drilling wells five and ten thousands of feet deep, also well below “fossil layers” and coming up with oil.
      I fact, there are planetary bodies with hydrocarbons that do not have “fossils”.
      As to the “push” for electric vehicles, where do you think the “energy” is going to come from?

      • Amen!

        Now all we need are leaders who don’t play politics and allow us to tap into our oil reserves once more.

        Also, there isn’t a natural “push” for “Electric” (Battery) Vehicles, Uncle and friends want us to drive these battery powered rolling crematoriums, eating bugs, living in “Smart” cities, owning nothing and being happy. I for one refuse to follow their Agenda (21) and will do as I please.

        If free markets were truly in control and Uncle was out of the way, we’d have DEF free diesel cars, big NA engines in place of these dinky turbo 4bangers, and EV’s would be incredibly niche, even more so than they are with the relentless shoving that Govt’s doing like they’re the Grapist (WKYK)

        • Zane,
          Without interference from the US Psychopaths In Charge there would not be enough market for EVs to justify mass production. They hate oil because it makes our lives comparable to their own. Can’t let the serfs get too uppity.

          • Screw ’em, we out number them, and no matter how ya slice it, way more of us than their protection.

            If J6 was really an insurrection, they’d be armed and have taken over without much effort, considering how panicked they are about actual peaceful protestors.

            I hate EV’s more than I used to hate Hybrids. I hope one day just like everything else the last 2 years this will be a bad memory we’ll never forget when it tries to rear it’s ugly head once again

  14. 150 million vehicles on the road every day burning three gallons of gasoline is 450 million gallons or some 10 million barrels of gasoline. Refineries will have to have 20 million barrels, the other half will be diesel fuel and a quart of gear oil for every barrel. Gear oil is important too.

    Just too many cars out there with one occupant, the driver, something has to change. If there is no gas for sale, you’ll be crying big time. Somebody will have to do something.

    Last I looked, Saudi Arabia was shipping 794,000 barrels to the US market every day. Enough for New York City to keep its wheels spinning for a day.

    Supply and Demand, it’s there for crude oil, everybody wants to fill up at least once each week.

    “Convicted on charges of supply and demand, he was unloading the American Dream

    Caught in the middle of a bigger plan, it was a South American scheme

    He is no smuggler, he is a fisherman, all of his debts, they are owed to the sea

    Some call it justice, but it just ain’t right, it’s not live and let live and let be.

    He’s singing ‘What is that sound, what is that noise, I cannot figure it out for the life of me, boys

    Is it the coast guard or is it the wind

    Or is it the Mother Ship coming again”

    – Guy Clark, Supply and Demand

  15. “It turned out they were wrong … because of their insular, inbred arrogance.” — eric

    Certainly arrogance is the most prominent quality of the two attorneys pictured in the top photo — neither of whom has ever undertaken even the minimal business risk of recruiting clients at a generous hourly rate, since they opted for careers in Big Gov instead.

    But those who have watched the now-spectral “Joe Biden” over his checkered half-century rake’s progress know that character — or the lack thereof — is what defines him best.

    When “Joe Biden” became Obama’s veep in 2009, I styled him as “America’s first invertebrate vice president.” Why? Because Joe is the biggest flip-flopper in US political history. Hand him a brown paper bag full of hundreds, and he’ll blurt out anything you want. The press called him “Windsock Joe” — a term that, strangely, they have retired.

    Joe’s been on both sides of the abortion issue at least half a dozen times, without the slightest embarrassment about contradicting his own recorded statements, repeatedly. He has no principles, no sense of shame. He stands for nothing other than crassly advancing up the political ladder, using others as doormats and stepping stones, and shredding the rule of law along the way (a lawyer’s expertise, after all).

    No one can vote against “Joe Biden” next Tuesday. But members of his party, who act as a bloc to impose far-left socialism, constitute the nearest available punching bags. They’re already whining like little bitches, as they prepare for the sting of the voters’ birch whip.

    Look out kid
    You’re gonna get hit
    By losers, cheaters
    Six-time users
    Hanging ’round the theaters

    — Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues


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