Diaper Report: 11/01/22

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This Report concerns the report – just released – that the “Vaccine” Queen herself, CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky, who has been “vaccinated” at least five times, has come down with the sickness she has been “vaccinated” against . . . five times.

If you needed to understand the distinction between comedy and farce, here you go.

Only it is something much worse, of course. Walensky is both a doctor and the head of the CDC being why. As a doctor, her continued pushing of these drugs that are anything but vaccines renders her medical opinion about anything having to do with medicine . . . farcical. Taking advice from a doctor who advocates the taking of medicine – to be generous – that not only has proved not to work as far as the originally stated purpose – i.e., to “stop the spread” – but also refuses to own up to the fact that people were deliberately misled about the “safety” as well as the efficacy of these not-vaccines is tantamount to continuing to take advice about car repairs from a mechanic who filled your car’s engine with transmission fluid.

The woman is a quack, at the least.

But also something far worse.

As a mere quack, she can only harm those unlucky enough to fall under her sway, who agree to take the salves and poultices she recommends. But they are free to not take her recommendations and – when word gets out that she is a quack – it will become increasingly difficult for her to practice “medicine.” There is also the possibility, at least, of holding her accountable in another way.

Via the courts.

Quacks can be sued. They can also be prosecuted. These serve as a check on quackery.

But this quack is also the head of the CDC – a bureaucracy with de facto legislative powers. Its “guidelines” and “recommendations” serving as de facto laws. It was the CDC – and this Walensky woman – who dictated to the country all manner of quackery, from the wearing of “masks” to the preposterous (and alienating-degrading) “practice” of “social distancing” from one another.

Laughing at her is not enough. Something more substantive is necessary. This brings up the related matter of those who not only followed – but insisted others follow – the quackery peddled by the CDC and this Walensky woman. That people be required to wear “masks.” That they be required to “mask” their kids. That those who refused to go along with this farce be treated like black people were treated in Apartheid-era South Africa or the Jim Crow-era South. No admittance. Not wanted here.

And worse than that.

Neither South African Apartheid nor the Jim Crow-era South ever went so far as to deny people the right to work or to visit one another, socially. To go to church – or the gym. These followers of Walensky – and Fauci – did all of that.

And worse

They fomented a mass panic about a “virus” they knew was no serious threat to literally almost everyone, for the knew that this is true of a “virus” that doesn’t kill 99 percent of those who catch it. They deliberately misled people by not explaining to people the difference between the case fatality rate and the infection fatality rate – a difference medical doctors know about but in this case declined to tell people about. And the only reason that makes sense for their not telling is because they didn’t want people to know the difference.

In order to keep them panicked.

They then used “masks” to create the image of a mass panic – and to set the bait for what they planned next. That being the “vaccines” – which they offered up as a way to take off the “masks” they had been forcing people to wear.

And then – finally – they lied about these drugs being “vaccines.” Which they know perfectly well they aren’t. A vaccine confers immunity. These drugs do not. A vaccine prevents the vaccinated from spreading the sickness they’ve been vaccinated against getting. These drugs do not.

And now – per a vile essay in The Atlantic – they want to let bygones be bygones.

Forgive – and forget.

And – at the same time – this horrid woman, who continues to get sick, continues to insist that the drugs she’s been poushing are vaccines – while at the same time using a new definition of “vaccines” that defines them as “reducing symptoms” and “decreasing the risk of hospitalization.”

She and other quacks have all the credibility of the quack-salvers of the Middle Ages, who treated patients by dosing them with mercury (and that’s the etymological origin of “quack”). But the quack-salvers of the Middle Ages were far less dangerous – and far less evil – than state-sponsored quackery and state-sponsored quacks such as “Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Before there can be forgiveness there must be atonement. And then accountability. Until then, never forget what these quacks did to us – much less forgive it.

. . .

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  1. “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza. Sienfeld: Season 6 ep 15, The Beard

    I pity these people. They’ve chosen to ignore their own eyes and instead buy into the illusion created by themselves and their peers. Isolated in their cocoons, never venturing outside of their routine, their territory, their comfort zone.

  2. The cabal hasn’t backed off the implementation of the bio-security state, having introduced the C19 lethal injection into the regular schedule of childhood vaccinations, making big pharm’s immunity from prosecution iron clad, while victimizing the most vulnerable members of society.

    They then have the gall to implore us for amnesty for all the misdeeds they continue to perpetrate. Kind of like a shark who has bitten your arm off, asking for forgiveness while he’s in the act of biting your leg off.

  3. NO AMNESTY FOR COVID CULT: Pandemic Lies Collapse as Jabbed Die Suddenly

    Today on CrossTalk News, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke discuss the attempt by the establishment who pushed covid lockdowns and death jabs to achieve a preemptive amnesty with the society they tortured.

    We address the Pelosi hammer scandal

    and the real reason British PM Liz Truss resigned, as text messages leak proving NATO sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline.


  4. Contrary to how most people think, Walensky was “selected” to do the bidding of those who have dastardly plans for us. Now that we know many globalist leaders were trained by the WEF, it is becoming easier for most people to believe their is a cult (or cults) subverting governments and institutions around the world.

    Since the vaxx depop program is a top priority, the CDC director job would be top priority. Thus Miss Walensky was chosen for her “tribal” loyalty. You might find that claim “antisemitic’., but the truth is antisemtic as Kayne West just found out. The Jews do run the media, and this cult is not going to ever tell you the truth about the covid hoax and vaxx kill shot, and they will defend Miss Walensky not matter how many she kills.

    If you are not thinking of what is going on in conspiratoral terms, I believe you are missing the boat. It is a conspiracy to kill us, and proof is ALL governments participated in the plandemic all reading the same damn script.

    Proof is that the President of Tanzania, a chemist named Robert Magufuli told the WHO to get the hell out of his country, and then he is dead. He made a mockery of the Covid test, he tested motor oil, a goat, blind untested samples, and even a bat, papa fruit, etc and it all came back positive, proving the test was a sham.


    These arrogant murdering parasites now want a free pass so we can just all get along, today the world reacted on social media to the Atlantic article suggesting such. No f-ckin way should we let these scum off the hook, they will only regroup to kill again.


  5. With the Atlantic article today, I noticed that when the talking heads and the polls and media trying to predict which way the election will go and why, they never mention the last the 2 years of Covid being the biggest pain in everyone’s rears. Sure, inflation, illegal immigration, fuel and food supplies are on the list, but there is an elephant being ignored in the room.

    • J,

      Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s as if Big Media wants everyone to FORGET the blatant assaults on constitutional rights that took place under guise of “Protecting Public Health”.

      Politicians who’ve assumed MASSIVE emergency powers for themselves and implemented draconian measures and mandates destroyed COUNTLESS lives, and now, with elections coming up in a week, they act like it never happened and BEG people who’ve been harmed by THEIR COVID policies to keep them in office. I would say not just “NO”, but “HELL NO!”

      • These satanic monsters targeted old people and conservatives with the nazi needles, (the non placebos), killing and injuring millions, now they expect to just walk away, nobody will hunt them down, come after them?

        The difference between man and other animals, is man is a hunter, no other animal will spend decades hunting something or focusing on one goal. one reason the rulers/controllers hate 2A….

    • Yep. And they have this patsy David Depape, a crazy man who was in Pelosi mansion with a hammer, etc. He pleaded not guilty to all charges,


      This reminds me of Oswald, said he didn’t do it, then he is shot dead in the Dallas police station while handcuffed and surrounded by officers. Oswald never made it to his first hearing. We never heard his side of the story.

      This also reminds me of Jeffrey Epstein, the pedo trafficker to the elite, hanged in his cell while under suicide watch, but no tapes. We never heard him confess and name names. Ghislaine just recently said they tried to murder her in her cell.

      Pelosi refused to release the home security tapes. SFO police refuse to release the body cam footage. So what evidence do we have about the incident? Nothing. Not a damn thing but a media narrative.

      As far as I am concerned the accused never was in the home, because there is no evidence of it. And the accused is in mortal danger because the midterms may be riding on his neck. What if he says something that unravels the official narrative? That could spell disaster for democrats.

      And this narrative is released on the public just before the midterms, is highly politicized, the media is accusing Trump supporters, etc. That means this whole thing is a contrived ‘false flag’ to steer sympathy toward the democrats, accused of stealing the election.

      It could backfire bigtime. I think a whole lot of people are looking at this Paul Pelosi flap with extreme skepticism. It may be a last ditch hail mary pass to try to save the midterms – and just yesterday the 2000 mules crew was arrested.

  6. A thing I’m wondering: Mike Adams has this bit about, ‘Nearly 2 in 10 cows injected with mRNA vaccine DIE almost instantly’

    “Dairy farmers in Australia are now being forced to inject the gene-altering mRNA vaccine” …

    I wonder, are there other countries doing this? Argentina? et al?

    If you watched the USAWatchDog interviews with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD or the mind-blowing interview with Karen Kingston you may think it’s nigh on near impossible to avoid The-Blob-In-The-Shot-Shedded upon you.

    I. Don’t. Know.

    However; if ya wanna try & avoid being turned into a Homo-Borg, is it too late to try avoiding store bought meat? Or, is it already in the marketplace flow? Is it sitting in a can on your pantry shelf?

    I mean, if these Vax Shot Nano Bots can live outside a body,… that seems to imply they are in the meat meant for you to eat… no?

    Does cooking kill the sons a bitches?

    I. Don’t. Know.

    /…Some sheet to think about, IF you’re paying attention,… and wanna live for a little while more… and not be a Walker/walking zomibie.

    I. Don’t. Know. …You tell me.

    Or, perhaps, we’re all ‘owned’ now?

    • It’s not an armistice, either: via Wikipedia: “An armistice is a formal agreement of warring parties to stop fighting. It is not necessarily the end of a war, as it may constitute only a cessation of hostilities while an attempt is made to negotiate a lasting peace.”…

      I didn’t see ‘lasting peace’ as a goal. Regrouping, re-armament, maybe? Did they write/say anything about ending the covid1984-tyranny b.s. still ongoing & in place?

      Without that – and a real, “I’m sorry” like, on-your-knees crying/sobbing sorry & ready to give everything they own to make things a smidgen better, sorry – …it’s just a head-fake cease fire? I’m sure there’s a word for it. I just don’t know it. I imagine lawyers & soldiers do.

  7. I’ll never forgive, even if they’re hung by the gallows and then tossed in an unmarked grave where we’re all encouraged to piss on their corpses.

    I’ll never forget either, and I’ll be damned if they try to reintroduce any of this in the future

    • Zane,

      I don’t doubt that they WILL try to reintroduce this crap in the future if they’re not stopped via being removed from office in next week’s elections or going to prison. The globalist/ technocratic elite and their puppets in various governments have a larger agenda they’re trying to SHOVE down the masses’ throats, such as “Vaccinating every last human on the planet” for the purpose of fully implementing Vaccine passports, carbon footprint trackers, digital ID, digital currency, etc.

  8. “You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests ‘Amnesty’ For Pandemic Authoritarians

    The monsters that pushed the bat germ narrative, receiving billions of dollars in bribes for doing it, killing, steralizing and injuring millions with their nazi needle, destroyed the economy, forced millions out of their jobs, shut down all the small businesses, forced masking, locked everybody up for 2 1/2 years,

    now want to walk away without being charged, totally off the hook, just forget it, it is all in the past…..but they want to keep the billions of $ in bribes they received…

    These monsters said the unvaxxed should be drone attacked, said unvaccinated people should die & not get healthcare, Democrats had demanded that these people be removed from society and generally subject to scorn and ridicule.

    the LA Times, which argued that mocking the deaths of “anti-vaxxers” might be necessary and justified.

    the mainstream media is suddenly realizing that they may have to face some payback for their covid zealotry? “We didn’t know! We were just following orders!” It all sounds rather familiar.


  9. Caption on a Soundcloud podcast from 11 months ago, featuring Emily Oster:

    ‘In this episode, Emily Oster and Dr. Fox bust myths like the idea that the vaccine would cause miscarriages or infertility.’

    Emily Oster, eclownomist, has no qualifications in medicine or epidemiology. Today, statistics from numerous countries show depressed birth rates, temporally coincident with the rollout of mass ‘vax’ campaigns.

    Academic frauds like Oster infest our universities, including allegedly prestigious ones such as Brown U. ‘Doctor’ Walensky-Mengele hails from — you guessed it — the most prolific producer of our satanic rulers, Hahhhhhhhhhvid.

  10. Please tell me that the pictured Duck is not the same one that appears in the Aflack commercials along with Nick Saban and Deion Sanders? I always liked that duck.

  11. Kari Lake just called out the paper of record, the Az repugnant for FAKE NEWS, too funny. She may have what it takes to stand up to Fed-GUV. Wont hold my breath. She still has to overcome huge odds to stem the steal. Then we need to hope her closet isn’t to full. While the little waif katie hobbs hides from her shadow, scared of Nazis under her bed.

    No forgiveness will be forthcoming. These leftist scum wanted me and thousands like me dead or locked up for questioning them. Guess what bitchez, we’re still here, while you lapped up sum goo with an unknown quantity. Taking it like little kittens slurping down a bowl of warm milk.

    No forgetting either. Here in Yavapai county for you new arrivals from where-the -fuck- ever. Craig Brown, Donna Micheals, and Tim Alinski are the needle rapists helpers. All three were integral in shutting down parks and closing business, churches, and bars.

    GFY Craig, Donna and little Timmy. You don’t get a pass and get to have it all go away. Its a big county, land wise, this Yavapai. Not big enough for you to hide in. We who remain of pure blood wont ever forgive or forget. May want to think about resigning now and get out while the getting is good.

    And no, we cant all just get along.

  12. From the beginning, “We will destroy your economic, social, and mental health to protect you from a virus that presents an average age of death nearly identical to average life span. In case that doesn’t work, we insist you take this “vaccine” that doesn’t work, and has produced the worst incidence of adverse events of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available, has zero long term safety testing, and no product liability.”
    Sounds like a plan. What for is the question.

  13. Great article Eric. One thing positive from all this. The pure unhinged BS brought down upon us in the name of COVID got me to start researching other vaccines.

    The one thing many people say is (paraphrasing): “I’m not against all vaccines – I’m just against this vaccine. We all know what a Godsend the Polio vaccine was in eradicating Polio.”

    However, look at this:


    And a quick Wikipedia search shows the Polio vax started being administered in 1955. As you can see, the Polio case rate was already plummeting from 1952-1955. Look at the rate of decrease 3 years before and 3 years after the vax was introduced. There is no discernable difference. If you had no knowledge of the Polio vax, and you were asked to guess when it was introduced purely by looking at the graph, you would guess 1952.

    So – call me an anti-vaxxer, but how did a Polio vaccine start eradicating polio 3 years before anybody even took it?

    Not a doctor – but I’m guessing it was something else that eradicated Polio. No MD license required to make that claim.

    Ourworldindata better memory hole these data quick!

    • Rabies Past Present in Scientific Review

      There are over 3.000 deaths on record in reports from the Pasteur Institute, of persons bitten by dogs. All died after treatments. On the other hand, the record of the London Hospital, a few years ago, showed 2,668 persons bitten by angry dogs: not one of them developed hydrophobia and not one had been treated by the Pasteur method.

      Dr. Woods recently wrote a discourse of mimetic diseases, in which he discussed rabies. His evidence supports the view that so-called human rabies is the result of a disordered imagination (fear). In animals, so-called rabies is fundamentally due to maltreatment or malnutrition or both.

      Dr. J. W. Hodge reported that of 56,000 stray dogs and cats collected in one year, not one case of rabies was found. He further states that there is no rabies in England nor is the Pasteur treatment permitted to be used. Dr. Hodge has in his possession the names and addresses of more than 2500 persons reported as having died of “hydrophobia” shortly after having received the Pasteur preventive treatment.

      This would seem to prove that the cure is more deadly than the disease when one considers that nearly 300 of these “victims” of the Pasteur treatment had no recollection of ever having been bitten by a dog. Dr. Hedge predicted that “future generations will look upon the present day delusion about hydrophobia and the Pasteur treatment with feelings akin to those which we experience when reading the history of witchcraft delusion.”


    • Blake,
      I’m a dedicated and open “anti-vaxxer”.
      Even among the previous vaccines, practically all of them contain Mercury and/or Aluminum, to stimulate an immune response to a non infections agent. Neither have a positive effect on people. They are both hard for one’s body to eliminate. Which means the more vaccines you get, the more of them you have in your body. A few years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is an overactive immune response to one’s own body. The doctor I was seeing about it encouraged me to take a flu shot. To which I replied, “I think my immune system is over reacting quite enough, thank you”, and fired her.
      Incidentally, my arthritis appeared about 2 months after a trip to the ER over an injury, and I was given a DPT (diphtheria pertussis tetanus) vaccination. Even though I have NEVER known anyone in my 68 years to have tetanus. Did I hit a tripwire level of Mercury and Aluminum? There’s a hard correlation to make between the vaccines and autoimmune disorders, since you get the most vaccines when you are young, and the disorder does not usually appear until you are old. But there is one.

      • Well put!

        A point lost – or never given – on most young people… and perhaps forgotten by most old people:

        “since you get the most vaccines when you are young, and the disorder does not usually appear until you are old.”

        Wise words, John Kable.

      • The Four Most Dangerous Vaccines

        Speak even one sentence about vaccine-induced injuries and most allopathic “believers” will dismiss your “conspiracy theory” immediately. These same folks will complain and confess all their health problems to you, and talk about autistic children, kids with severe allergies and unexplainable immune system disorders, but they won’t talk about the deadly toxins in vaccines for even a minute. Why is that?

        The Fauci mild flu relabeled bat germ jabs are 300 times deadlier than all other FDA-approved vaccines ever manufactured and distributed. That means you could add up all the injuries and deaths that were induced by the 70 vaccines invented and approved by the FDA over the past several decades, and no other jab comes close to being as dangerous.

        the Fauci mild flu relabeled bat germ jabs are more deadly than atomic bombs.


      • “Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced … I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.”

        Dr. W.B. Clark, New York Times, 1909

      • satanic government forcing membership in a satanic cult

        vaccines are just a religion no science behind them: vaccine religion: occult satanic religious death cult

        Is Vaccine Safety Evidence “Rock Solid”?
        The statement by Dr Chen that “the science behind vaccination safety is rock solid” is factually inaccurate and contradicts a large body of scientific literature published on this subject [3-35]. As with any medication, vaccines can carry risks of adverse reactions (ADRs). However, in spite of the widespread notion that vaccines are largely safe and serious adverse complications are extremely rare, a close scrutiny of the scientific literature does not sup-port this view [10-12].

        For example, to date the clinical trials that could adequately address vaccine safety issues have not been conducted (i.e., comparing health outcomes in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated children).

        The lack of such controlled trials may be because historically, vaccines have been assumed safe [12]. There is also a view that conducting such trials would be extraordinarily difficult or unethical; the first is simply not correct, the second is not a scientific issue per se. It is also often assumed that vaccines face a tougher safety standard than most pharmaceutical products.

        However, according to the U.S. FDA,
        “Historically, the non-clinical safety assessment for preventive vaccines has often not included toxicity studies in animal models. This is because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic”

        [1]. This is a startling admission from an Agency which according to its own mission statement is ”responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs”[36].

        Es-sentially, what the FDA workshop [1] revealed is that not only are vaccines not adequately evaluated for toxicity but also, that the reason for such an oversight rested on a belief rather than scientific evidence.

        Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety stud-ies in animals and people.

        Furthermore, such assumptions of safety, in the absence of actual experimental data, are not only dangerous but have historically hampered serious scrutiny of potential vaccine harms.

        Who are the modern witches stirring the brews?
        another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
        “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

        So they think vaccines aren’t toxic, they believe that, belief is a religion not something based on science. so the tests aren’t done properly, vaccines are not adequately evaluated for toxicity. so vaccines are a religion only.

        it is a religion…vaccine religion…no science….that not only are vaccines not adequately evaluated for toxicity but also, that the reason for such an oversight rested on a belief rather than scientific evidence. Science is not a religion in which dogmatic statements of faith can replace adequately powered, controlled, longitudinal vaccine safety studies in animals and people…so if you believe, go ahead get injected…for others show scientific proof

  14. Cryin’ Wallensky is a tool for Big Pharma. She was selected because she is a rubber stamp and “influencer” to promote and force upon the populace Big Pharma’s profitable poisons. I’m highly doubtful that she actually received any of the poison shots.

    While she and her ilk need to be prosecuted for their crimes (federal wire fraud charges would be quite easy to prove given that her fraud was all perpetrated over the internet, zoom, email, twitter, etc.), laughing at and mocking them are very effective ways of neutralizing their influence. Undercutting their perceived credibility is important.

    As far as Oster’s Atlantic plea of amnesty for their “covid” tyranny, FUCK HER AND FUCK THEM! You are correct to say that forgiveness can’t occur until atonement occurs. That has not happened. What they have done is the equivalent of a physically abusive husband that beats his wife, but then demands her silence the next day because he doesn’t want to suffer the consequences of his barbarity. This kind of “amnesty” only perpetuates the ongoing and future abuse. These fuckers have merely doubled down, with a: “To the extent we were wrong, you must understand mistakes happen, but we all acted in good faith for the safety of society.” Fuck that! I will not be handing out any forgiveness to these psychopaths. I won’t rest until there’s a Nuremburg 2.0 with bodies hanging from the gallows!

    • Second that Mister Liberty!
      All religions say that forgiveness comes AFTER the sinner acknowledges their sins and repents. These bastards have done neither so they don’t deserve forgiveness. We do need to have trials, preferably that end with Fauci and company executed for crimes against humanity.

    • “Cryin’ Wallensky is a tool for Big Pharma. She was selected because she is a rubber stamp and “influencer” to promote … Big Pharma’s profitable poisons.” — Mister Liberty

      No doubt the fabled revolving door will shower Walensky with millions, as she rotates out of the US fedgov into the grateful arms of Big Pharma, which minted tens of billions from her vigorously wielded rubber stamp of approval for mRNA systemic poisons.

      Total impunity for Pfizer and Moderna, thanks to Walensky’s incorporation of their ‘vaccines’ into the childhood immunization schedule, is her brazen upraised middle finger to Americans. This is a scandal and travesty of immense proportions, which will take years to correct.

      ‘You shall not bring the hire of a harlot or the wages of a dog into the house of government.’

      — Deuteronomy 23:18 [slightly edited]

    • I second Mister Liberty’s viewpoint!

      I know this is very unladylike of me and probably tells a lot about how I grew up (hanging out at construction sites) but fuck Emily Oster. Amnesty?!?! Sure, right after heads roll like Randi Weingarten, Tony Fauci, the entire FDA, the NIH, Rochelle Walensky, Deborah Birx, Jerome Adams, Albert Bourla, Bill Gates, Stephane Bancel, CEOs of businesses that mandated masks and jabs, federal, state, and local governments that shut down beaches, parks, and schools, and neighbors, partners, and (former) friends that wished death upon the rest of us because we refused to play along in their sick twisted fear campaign.

      Forgive? Forget? Only after they bury me six feet under, and I still will come back to haunt them. That Ms. Oster even has the gall to ask for forgiveness while she was a co-conspirator of the attacks on everyday individuals who just wanted to return to normal. How many people did she wish death upon or glare at when they had the audacity to walk next to her in a grocery store unmasked and unvaxxed? She even mentions her four year screaming “Social Distancing” at someone who got too close to him on a bridge. Are you proud Ms. Oster to be rearing another beta male fear monger?

      One of my personal favs of her “essay”:
      “In the face of so much uncertainty, getting something right had a hefty element of luck.”

      Untrue. It had nothing to do with luck, just research. Any medical journal printed before 2020 would have provided you all of the needed analysis to realize what we were dealing with and how extraneous inconsequential it was.

      I hope she is embarrassed by the way she acted, but I doubt it. People who fear never see reason and I have no doubt Ms. Oster will be back to her old habits when the next terror crusade rolls out.

      • Amen, RG –

        I work hard to use better words than profane words. But there are times when only a profanity conveys the wanted meaning. Fuck that Oster woman – and my sympathies to the “man” who is obliged to do that, too.

        • Hi Eric,

          I feel for the poor guy. Out of curiosity I did read her biography “Emily Oster is the daughter of two professors, and she grew up in a home that valued education and intellectual curiosity.”

          Obviously, they don’t value intellectual curiosity all that much otherwise Ms. Oster would have opened up the New England Medical Journal, The Lancet, or the British Medical Journal which were all esteemed scientific publications prior to the COVID fiasco.

          • RG,

            “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”

            Those who cannot do, teach.

            Two teachers as parents. No wonder she doesn’t know how to “do”. She doesn’t know what it looks like. She only knows academic elitism. When voices of reason were trying to stop the insanity, she ignored them because she probably thought they were coming from the great unwashed. Her information came from the great centers of “intellectualism”.

            Sorry, I’m in the No Quarter camp. She would have gleefully locked me in a concentration camp for having the common sense not to be an “experiment”. I was preparing to lose my home, livelihood, everything because I feared I was about to get the demand to be jabbed to have a job. I am still angry I had to find another job and leave one of 15 years because of this. No quarter.

            • You know thank you for reminding me of what I tried to forget. About how we were preparing to lose our jobs, wondering if we would get a knock on the door from authorities forcing a shot into our arm, (yes at one point we were actually told they were going to go door to door to force administer vaxxes). But that was all fine to them. They would have laughed and clapped as they saw us lose everything. And now we are supposed to forgive and forget. I cannot forget.

          • OMG, am I misunderstanding? You can’t possibly be appealing to the authority of the likes of the New England Journal & other paid whores, are you?

            Did you somehow miss this?:

            “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)” …


            “esteemed” – Now there’s a word which will never have the same value it once had. Just the opposite.

        • Eric,
          Nothing expresses outrage better than a string of profanity, and in this case outrage is what needs expressing.
          I’m not disagreeing, I am not trying to be polite, I’m not discussing. You tried to fucking kill me, and worse, those I love. I will not forgive your sorry excuse for a human being. I’ll damn you to hell as effectively as I can, you cock sucking mother fucking piece of shit.
          I worked on those construction sights for 25 years. I’m not as good at profanity as I was then. I spent a lot of effort avoiding using it when I went to work in the “civilized” world. Which ain’t so civilized after all.

          • Hi John K,

            I grew up in the South. I cussed, but never in front of any adult. When I moved to Los Angeles in 5th grade (1988), I was in the Boy Scouts. I loved the whole scouting experience. I was given all the freedom I wanted when away from the parents on scout trips to cuss as much as I wanted.

            I suspect the whole pack gave me that freedom because they liked hearing a Southern kid cussing just like the kids in the movie 6 Pack with Kenny Rogers. And I had fun cussing the whole time.

            These days, I do think that profanity is so prolific that it doesn’t have any real meaning anymore. These days I generally avoid profanity short of hitting my thumb with a hammer, stubbing my toe on furniture, or that idiot that just cut me off. But there are times, just as you said, a string of carefully constructed words in succession is the only way to drive home a point.

            • J,
              I agree. The prevalence of profanity has diluted it’s effect.
              As I mentioned above, I worked in construction for 25 years, wherein profanity is the preferred language. Primarily because “hitting one’s thumb with a hammer”, among other painful injury, happens far too often.

  15. Elected politicians who’ve been pushing this COVID insanity via “COVID emergency powers” & Mask and Vaxx mandates need to be held accountable as well via being removed from office. As far as I know NONE of these bureaucrats or politicians ever apologized to the masses for being soooooo wrong with the draconian measures they imposed on the masses and destroying countless lives as a result. Instead, they want us to forget all about that, but if they retain power after next week’s elections, they WILL try bringing back the same nonsensical measures and mandates that not only didn’t freaking WORK, they violated numerous rights, as the larger goal is “Vaccinating EVERY single human” and implementing a Biomedical surveillance state via vaccine passports and digital ID.

    • John,
      They’ve already started ramping up for it, with warnings of a covid “resurgence” this winter. Better known as the flu.

      • John,

        As you may remember, there were MASSIVE efforts to SHUN those who didn’t wear face diapers or become guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry, even to the point of wishing DEATH on the “unvaxxed”. And now they have the GALL to call for “Pandemic Amnesty”, even though NONE of THEM have ever apologized to those whose lives have been DESTROYED by lockdowns, draconian measures such as mask & vaxx mandates, job loss for not getting vaxxed, “Cancelling” from social media for “Spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories even though they were RIGHT all along”, etc.

        Yes, they, along with the Biden Regime, have ramped up the propaganda campaign yet again, this time URGING people to get that brand new booster jab (as well as a flu shot) that hasn’t even been tested on humans. The public health bureaucracies say “Trust us when we say it’s ‘Safe and effective!'” However, there was a preprint study recently showing that this new bivalent booster isn’t all that much better than the original COVID booster. And last I checked, only 3 or 5% of people eligible (Those who are vaxxed) for the bivalent booster shot got it. Will the Biden Regime try to scare people into getting it or even FORCING the vaxxed to get that new booster? Time will tell. And now with the CDC unilaterally “recommending” the COVID jabs be added to the childhood vaccination schedule, states with Authoritarian governors will likely rush to REQUIRE that children get it to go to public school.

        • John,
          Which one can avoid by not sending their kids to public school, which one should do anyway. NO education would be an improvement. Teach them to read and turn them loose would be better.

          • John,

            With public schools the way they are these days, I concur. Many parents have already taken their kids out of public school due to the absolute GARBAGE they feed to kids instead of teaching them “Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic”.

            I suspect that after the CDC’s unanimous vote to “recommend” adding the COVID jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule last month, if public schools or the states in which they’re located try to MANDATE those COVID “vaccines” for kids to go to public school, a LOT MORE parents will pull their kids out of gubmint school.

  16. Rochelle would scream as loud as she could to have Jesus crucified, she has no shame, a dyed-in-the-wool wannabe Pharisee.

    Jews don’t know any better at times, you have to question everything, there is corruption in anything. They know how to baffle you with bullshit. Makes it look you are being dazzled by their brilliance. While you hang on a cross. Now you know.

    May the bird of paradise fly up their hooked noses. har

    Cold viruses are the original Coronaviruses, found out long times ago.

    You catch another cold, co-morbidity and other factors can make a cold become a life-threatening predicament.

    Northern Europeans have an allele in their DNA that immunizes them from the Bubonic Plague, been there for a few hundred years now. Naturally genetically modified to insure survival, they’re immune, took generations of haploid sets of germplasm, human DNA, to make it work, and it did. Human existence itself can solve disease problems. Meiosis and all that jazz.

    It has only been since 1961 that the Crick-Watson double-helix deoxy-ribonucleic acid was identified, you experiment, study the results revealed from experimentation, then draw conclusions.

    You have to write it all down on paper.

    Before that and then, it was somewhat of a mystery.

    Science? What science? We don’t need no stinkin’ science!

    Said every Jacobin during the French Revolution. The French scientist Lavoisier lost his head during the French Revolution.

    Life is not fair, just ask Giordano Bruno or Joan of Arc.

    French sociologists did study, observe, decapitated heads as they were systematically chopped off, separated from the neck down.

    NASA has those studies.

    Rather cruel and barbaric practices, these days, vaccines fill the void. A nice sanitized and sterile democide via medicine is the way to go. A mostly peaceful French madness. Fauci sold you some snake oil, the best ever.

    They’re medicinal vaccines, which can be fatal at times, which is normal. Inefficacious is the word to use to describe what the vaccines actually do. You don’t achieve the desired effect.

    Rochelle should know that by now. If not, she is clearly in denial.

  17. Can’t listen to the radio or shop in a grocery store of late without hearing continual “PSAs” to get boosters. “Sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech.” It enrages me, and provides a constant reminder of what they all did and continue to do. I will never forgive and certainly will never forget, as they seem content to keep going.

    • BAC They certainly do, and it enrages me as well. The alphabet news shows the polished PSA commercials for the vax all the time. I see them when family flips channels. This is more testament to the complete and utter shamelessness of the left. They are playing for keeps and then some and do not intend to take the boot off our necks. They are going to need to be defeated.

    • BAC,

      Here’s a television program I NEVER thought would be running PSAs for experimental drugs. Jeopardy! I’ve been watching Jeopardy for 30 years, but I may have to quit watching after they recently aired a brand new tournament called the “Second Chance Tournament” for former contestants who didn’t get very far, as the sponsor of the tournament was who else? MODERNA, one of the drug companies that made COVID “vaccines”. During the tournament, the announcer even ran PSAs for vaccines AND boosters disguised as clues. It was nauseating.

  18. “Before there can be forgiveness there must be atonement.” — eric

    “Dwelling on the mistakes of history can lead to a repetitive doom loop as well.” — Emily Oster, eclownomist, Brown Uuniversity, in The Atlantic

    South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission began its work after apartheid was over. The Group Areas Act was nullified; travel passes for blacks were ended; bantustans were dissolved. Then the reckoning could begin.

    No such withdrawal of ‘vaccine’ apartheid has occurred in the US. Numerous military and health care workers remain under ‘vaccine’ mandates. OSHA’s odious large-employer ‘vaccine’ mandate (which ‘professor’ Emily Oster enthusiastically advocated in a 14 July 2021 tweet) has been stayed, but the lawsuit itself grinds on.

    Therefore NO reconciliation is in prospect, when the oppression and tyranny continues in the form of pushing dangerous ‘vaccines’ on children, while relieving boodling manufacturers of any legal liability.

    One email for Emily Oster is osterparentdata@gmail.com and another is https://emilyoster.net/contact/ … if anyone wants to give her a piece of their mind. Social vandals, in my view, need to be confronted when they prey upon others.

  19. You assume that Wallensky actually got the jabs she claims she received.

    A hypodermic of sterile water doesn’t look any different than a Covid shot on camera.

    • And I don’t believe for a minute that she has “covid”, whatever that is.

      Remember that as long as high-profile people get “covid”, it keeps the narrative going.

        • Hi RS,

          Only to be followed by additional “vaccines” for babies beginning with pregnant mom in her second trimester. This isn’t stopping at the COVID jab, but a new shot will be introduced for everything that comes along. RSV is not something new. Both of mine had it at the same time when they were 4 and 2. A combination of soothing baths, diffusers filled with eucalyptus, and baby Motrin got us through.

          We need to question why the elite refuse to let the body’s natural immune system do its job. They are harming our food supply, poisoning our water, and pushing 70+ vaccines for children. All in the name of “safety”.

          • We do need to question. I stopped viewing mainstream news on tv, its been several years now, but when I do happen to catch a few minutes of it it is jolting to see how aggressively in terms of media saturation and sophistication of their ads they continue to push headline fear of the current illnesses and various vaccines ginned up to “combat” them. We are up against a well funded and orchestrated evil force here.

          • Such a great point, RG. Why does everything in our life have to be couched as a chemical deficiency, increasingly a gene modification deficiency? Our food supply and immune systems were doing just fine. Now, being destroyed with biotechnology that we don’t understand. Even inventing stupid shit like fake meat.

            • Hi BAC,

              The food is the most sinister of them all because so many people don’t read labels. I used to love Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos and Kellogg’s Shredded Mini Wheat, but I stopped buying them years ago. Why? They use bio engineered ingredients. Why does it take laboratory created additives to make something as simple as shredded wheat or a mint cookie? I grew up on these things as a child. There was no genetic modification in the 1980s. They were made up of flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, and some peppermint extract. Today, God knows what chemicals they are putting in there.

              I stopped buying anything that I can’t pronounce. If I see bio-engineered products it will not see the inside of my grocery cart or my pantry much less my body. I owe my kids the best life I can provide for them which includes not poisoning them with unnamed synthetics whether it is food or shots.

              • RG,
                Indeed, natural ingredients, like sugar, are bad enough without creating more dangerous contents in a laboratory.
                Halloween, the income insurance policy for the dental industry. Eat lots of sugar, pay lots of money to fix your teeth.
                Whose income is being guaranteed with all these other ingredients? Perhaps the Medical Industrial Complex? Cancer treatment anyone?


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