Diaper Report 7/13/22

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Never mind the evidence of your eyes – or any evidence at all, actually. CNN is telling everyone who still watches it that the cases! the cases! are on the upswing.

Just in time – almost – for the almost-here midterm elections.

“Repeated Covid-19 waves have left millions of people dead, with only vaccines helping to blunt the toll. Now the virus is spreading again — evolving, escaping immunity and driving an uptick in cases and hospitalizations. The latest version of its shape-shifting, BA.5, is a clear sign that the pandemic is far from over.”

Is it even necessary to dissect that – again?

“Millions of people dead” – from old age/chronic illness? How about the ones dead from the “vaccines” – the ones that haven’t “blunted” anything, other than people’s sensibilities. It has been asserted that the “vaccines” render less virulent the sickness it doesn’t prevent them getting – or spreading. An interesting redefinition of “vaccines.” And upon what evidence does the assertion that the “vaccines” “blunt” sickness rest? “It could have been so much worse!” is the usual refrain. Well, one could just as logically utter the same refrain about having a shaman wave a dead chicken at you.

It could have been so much worse!

An “uptick in cases” – which CNN interestingly states could be “much higher” than reported. Which is interesting, because if they’re not reported it probably means the “cases” are so mild as to not be worth reporting. This has been the case with the majority of the “cases” reported for the past going-on-three-years now. Without any delving into the difference between a “case” as reported and a case, medically speaking – which was heretofore defined as a person so sick they required medical treatment. Isn’t it interesting that, rather than calm people down by explaining the difference – by explaining that the overwhelming number of “cases” did not require medical intervention anymore than a “case” of the sniffles – the differences were deliberately not-explained?

Why would they – CNN, Fauci, Wolensky, et al – not do that? Unless, of course, their purpose was to not calm people down – in order to whip up a public panic, instead?

And what about the fact that over-use of palliative drugs tends to result in those drugs becoming less and less effective, requiring more and more to achieve the original effect? There is a reason why antibiotics are prescribed in a limited way and not given out like Pez to kids. Rely on them – the antibiotics, not the Pez – too heavily and the body’s capacity to deal with infections wanes. Is it not possible that injecting people with “vaccines” every few months to palliate (supposedly) the effects of a sickness might just render the pin cushioned more vulnerable to getting sick? Possibly, more seriously sick?

Well, never mind that. The official White House Quack – Dr. Ashish Jha – “urges” everyone over 50 to get another dose of the “vaccines” that have established they are neither “effective” – because they don’t immunize the recipient against any sickness – nor “safe,” as established by the now-well-known incidence of heart inflammation and other sicknesses the “vaccinated” did not have prior to having been “vaccinated.”

What was that bit about first, do no harm?

Never mind, again. We have a “pandemic” to maintain.

Thus, more Fear Organ grinding about the latest “variant”, the BA.5 (named more sonorously than the Pox of Monkeys, which sounded too silly for anyone to take seriously – a problem for those who depend upon sonorousity to instill rapt fear in the targeted audience).

With another interesting admission. CNN quotes a cardiologist named Eric Topol – who doesn’t say anything about myocarditis or pericarditis – but has a lot to say about the oogly dangerousness of the BA.5 “variant.”

It takes immune escape, already extensive, to the next level, and, as a function of that, enhanced transmissibility,” says. Much more so than the now-passe Moronicon “variant.” 

But the interesting thing is what CNN says, which is that the latest harum-scarum “variant “…does not appear to lead to more severe illness.” Just like the Moronicon “variant” didn’t.

If it doesn’t, then why the harum-scarum?

To ask the question is to have already answered it.   

CNN has an answer, too: ” . . .steep reductions in Covid-19 surveillance worldwide are hindering epidemiologists’ efforts as they race to trace the virus’ evolution.”

Italics to emphasize the obvious. That is, what CNN is mouthpiecing for, again. More “surveillance” – not of a sickness that needs “surveilling” as much as the sniffles but rather, the people, using sickness (forever) as the justification for it.

New waves of the virus demonstrate again that the Covid-19 [pandemic] is nowhere near over,” CNN sonorously quotes the not-doctor who is China’s head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – a man established in fact as either grossly incompetent or grossly something far worse than that. 

So, get ready – not for the next “wave” of “cases.” Rather, a resurgent tsunami of bullshit.

Perhaps the smell of it is enough to convince people to not gulp it down, again.

We’ll soon see.

. . . .

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  1. Alabama’s Libertarian candidate for governor, Dr. Jimmy Blake, is a medical doctor (like Ron Paul, unlike dr.jill). This is what he said on Gov. MeeMaw’s handling of the scamdemic:

    “I am almost embarrassed to be part of that special interest,” Blake said. “The lockdowns, the mask mandates, the forced vaccinations, the refusal to allow alternate treatments. I think it was horrible what the Public Health Officer and the Alabama Medical Association did.”

    Source: https://1819news.com/news/item/jimmy-blake-running-for-governor-as-a-libertarian

  2. Word, is. One of The, ‘talking points’ the vaxxed have been spoon fed to regurgitate: the, ‘all-this-time healthy People’, the pure-blood unvaxxed & un-masked, we’re called, “unicorns”. …Like we’re freaking rare, or something, I guess?

    Sounds like 1984 Newspeak.

    … I’m not sure what to make of that.
    Other than, I seriously doubt the rarity part.

    Since this Plandemic took off, we have not been sick.

    See also:

    ‘Off Grid with Doug and Stacy’


  3. Politicians and billionaires exempt and old people targeted……

    1st they targeted the old people, they went into the old folks homes and gave them the killshot first……….
    targeted as well were the obese (80% of the deaths have been the obese, they have been the big losers in this).

    this is racist: the other main target was bipoc, the most vaccine hesitant are blacks, 70% are un vax//xe..d,

    the next most v. hesitant are indigenous and other people of colour,

    the next most hesitant are highly educated Phd’s, they research and see past the lies.

    the japanese have high IQ’s, they are not complying now, they also do their own research when they receive these injections, they just found millions of doses contaminated with metal. Japan stopped using the injections.
    other countries receive the injections from big pharma, do no additional checking and inject people, soon little children also.

    targeting the poor:
    they are not exempt from the experimental gene therapy exter mination injection mandate.

    Now the Exempt ones……..
    ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

    1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson 8. U.S. postal service

    ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
    i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

    a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
    NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

    the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed, same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

    The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
    attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

    ATTENTION….NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

    another exempt group: U.S. postal service

    NBA players exempt

    it was written somewhere muslims are exempt from injection, muslim countries have a low injection rate, afghanistan under 1%, pakistan 3%, lots of african countries are under 1% injected. It was focused on culling in G7……

    ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist governmebt…haha)

    All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

    NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

    NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite and the elite nobility at the very top:

    the elites don’t get injection:

    gates and other .0001% rich families don’t va,,,,c……cin,,at//e their own children,

    gates, his wife and their children have never been vac//ci,,,na..ted

    elon musk and his family will not be va,,,cc..in//ated

    gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

    rockefeller and the queen of england and her family use homeopathic medicine.

    rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, j…er..m theory based, allopathic medicine, doesn’t use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he uses homeopathic medicine.

    FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous va……nes so he can make another 100% on his big pharma stock.

    Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the v………….ne to be injected into his body


  4. Last night, an ex wanted to go for Ice-cream, figured why not go.

    See in this place an old woman with a KN95 filter, ONLY one in there, looking at her like “the hells wrong with you?!”

    This morning, stop by Wawa, and as I’m leaving, a woman in a blue camry has a mask. They’re more infrequent, but still plenty of sheeps out here in Dirty Jerzy

  5. CNN has an answer, too: ” . . .steep reductions in Covid-19 surveillance worldwide are hindering epidemiologists’ efforts as they race to trace the virus’ evolution.” -Eric

    Since the virus does not exist, its supposed sequence made up by a computer called insilico in CDC speak. So how does one find its children?

    You could see this coming a mile away,,, first the China lockdowns,,, then Australia,,, New Zealand,,, Canada and now the US. Same crap as last time.

    The killshot is causing all the ‘rare’ diseases and many of those getting sick that are not killshotted is from shedding. All others simply that claim to have the flu or cold are in fact detoxing then running as fast as they can to a “testing center” to get a PCR which hands out 100% false positives. The inventor of the PCR said the tool could not be used as a diagnostic. But hey,,, who believes the inventor,,, what could he possibly know that CNN and government experts do not?
    The fact that now 99% actually believe the virus exists attests to the excellent propaganda governments and their mouthpieces are spouting. As a result, this will never end until most are dead.
    Get ready for the masks to make a comeback and your 3rd or 4th boosters.

    • So Ken, the virus doesn’t exist? The name is Covid, which stands for corona virus disease, right? Are you telling me that ALL coronaviruses don’t exist? Aren’t flu viruses coronaviruses?

      I agree with you that this one isn’t anything special or worthy of fear, but don’t flu viruses exist? I’m genuinely curious.

      We’re 100% on the same side regarding Jabs, Rags, and everything else btw…

    • Hi Ken

      There is something they call a virus, it is probably an exosome

      but this cv19 thing is a different scam…china was chosen to lead it, they also control the WHO…….they figured people are too stupid to figure out……

      china benefits more from cv19 then any then any other country
      Anybody supporting this is a paid ccp/globalist troll, paid to spread lies.

      China behind the bioweapon injection

      zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sa…rs co…v 2 vir….us, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

      This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vac..ci,,ne in one weekend. ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

      ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

      Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..the fraud works….

      All the ingredients for these shots are made in china

      china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world so china will make huge profits from the cv19 hoax.

      armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.

      This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

      Some say we are in WW3, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections would make sense.
      the germ phobia mind game was the marketing campaign to suck you into the bioweapon shot


      In the video there is a discussion about an invasion of N. America in the near future, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections ahead of time would make sense.


      • The word “virus” translates to “poison.” The name itself should be a giveaway that a virus is not a “pathogen,” but rather a reaction to something else.

      • Yes I am aware of exosomes. Broken particles of destroyed cells and yes that is probably what they are claiming is Sars Cov 2

  6. I know the mandates didn’t take the plandemic away but they did a great job of taking our liberty away. You would think at over 800 days of the”EMERGENCY” people might have noticed that the streets are not littered with bodies and thought it out and realized they were being lied to.

  7. All thirty-seven CNN viewers need to run…not walk……RUN to get their boosters!

    Seriously…who GAF what CNN says? They’re the Sears & Roebuck of cable news. A huge fucking failure. Deceased. Stop giving them mentions that keep their zombie corpse alive.

  8. Its summer in the UK and that means it’s time for concerts. And I have to say, one of the craziest things is when you’re at a rock concert, in the middle of crowd, you see someone – wearing a face nappy!!! (and not just once saw this at 2 concerts over the past few weeks) There is just so much wrong with that…. The stories you hear from the early days at rock concerts, to today when one goes there wearing a nappy on the face afraid of basically the cold !!!! On one instance I was with a friend – now (sadly) she is on board with most of the con -but even SHE couldn’t help laughing seeing him in the crowd like that !!

  9. good news

    A store owned by the chief extermination injection pusher caught fire….lol

    BREAKING: Bill Gates Foundation funded supermarket in the Netherlands that sells fake meat has caught fire in the middle of the night

    Picnic online supermarket sells lab-grown meat and uses all electric vehicles for delivery. The Gates Foundation is heavily invested and gave Picnic over 600M euros last year

    • I would be curious if they had a few self contained refrigerators that held propane. Line them up against a wall side by side. One leaks and explodes and the rest fall like dominoes.

  10. What a difference a day makes! Went into town yesterday to do some shopping and it was the first time since early 2020 that I saw zero masks. Had to go back into town today and suddenly there were masks again, including more than a few store cashiers (first time in a long while). It was maybe only 3-5% of the people wearing them, but enough to convince me the narrative is slowly coming back.

  11. Saw an article earlier warning about the increase over the past couple years in so-called “superbugs” that resist all treatment/antibiotics. Hmmmm, think it might because of everyone bathing themselves in “sanitizer” over the same time period? Way to go a-holes, now we can all die from a simple cut.

  12. a Moronic Ninja will kill us all if we do not mask up again and get “boosted” repeatedly.

    BA.5= ninja (the new name)…lol…), ..a “subvariant” of the “Omicron” variant, which is an anagram for the Moronic variant.

    Amazingly, they are still blaming the so-called COVID illness on a “stubborn anti-vax minority,” even though the only people getting sick are people who took the many jabs and are still getting sick from them.

    Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of MyFreeDoctor, says that every new “variant” that emerges (assuming any of them are even real) is a product of “the C-19 fake vaccine poison.”

    “The people who have gotten three and four shots, they are the ones filling up the hospitals. An overwhelming majority of hospitalized people with COVID are people who took the shot,” Marble is quoted as saying.

    • Hi Anon,

      There is no doubt that this is happening. I have noticed those who have gotten the shots are becoming very sick…severe joint pain, lack of sleep, rapid resting heart rates, headaches, etc. Many of them look 20 years older than what they are. Something frightening is underway. I can’t help but feel the animal studies conducted were right. The shots were a clear cut examination of “buyer beware”.

      • Hi RG,

        I now know two people who have come down with strange/chronic health issues coincident to their “vaccination.” One is my friend, the nurse. The other is a friend of his. Both of them have come down with chronic tiredness/joint pain and weird rashes, among other symptoms. I expect I will soon know more such people among those whom I know who got “vaccinated.”

        • Hi Eric,

          Severe joint pain seems to be the common denominator in these shots. All of a sudden we are going to have a chronic increase in autoimmune diseases.

          Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching for Pfizer and Company.

          • Ya beat me to it. Both rashes, and joint pain, (plus inflammation plus fatigue) are pretty much the defining characteristics of autoimmune disease.

            It may well be that we free rangers are carriers as our functioning immune systems allow us to charge right through life while theirs are compromized- they’ve turned themselves into the boy in the plastic bubble.

        • Hi Eric

          I have friend who is 100% pro vaccine, hates antivaxxers, he had 2 or 3 injections, now sick on and off all the time, getting sicker and sicker, only 52 yr old…..

          Another relative I tried to warn about dangers of the mrna killshot said, those are just conspiracy theories, he got at least 2 injections now half his face is paralyzed, he is going to multiple doctors and acupuncturists trying to fix the problem, now he is the one saying they knew in the trials there was many side effects/injuries, the problem is he things he just got the wrong brand…lol

        • A nurse friend of mine who was double jabbed (Pfizer), got her booster in January. She just died in April, supposedly of “long COVID”. She was pro-vaccine, and admonished me for not being jabbed. This, only seven months after she retired, too.

          • Hi Shadow,

            Terrible. Made even more so by these victim’s embrace of their executioner. “Long COVID” indeed. It’s of a piece with “climate change.” A vague catch-all that can be used to claim caused practically anything – everything.

            Meanwhile, we know – because it’s backed by a tsunami of evidence – that the uptick in unusual deaths is coincident with the widespread “vaccination” of the population. We also know that the “vaccines” are not – because they do not immunize. Yet they continue to be pushed… why?

  13. I wonder if years in the future, there will be corona fearful hold outs, like the Japanese soldiers on Pacific islands believing they were still fighting WWII.

    At this point I say whatever happens to people stupid enough to line up every time the government quacks at them, they deserve what they get. Cull the herd of the true robots.

  14. I have a friend who just had her 4th jab, or 2nd “booster”, if you will. 15 days after the jab, she came down with the ‘Rona. Hard. She’s still sick, over a week later, and has taken whatever omicron sub-strain harder than most I know. I feel bad for her, being one of the misled who was first in line for the jabs, having believed that she was doing the world a favor.

    I just hope it doesn’t get worse.

  15. The old saw from “Honest” Abe applies- you can fool some of them all of the time and all of them some of the time, but you cannot fool all of them all of the time.

    Restated, being a sucker builds immunity in all but the most hopelessly compromised mental immune systems.

    The question is not whether these demons succeed, but how much damage they will do before they are stopped??

  16. Today the Epoch Times released 67 pages of CDC internal emails from August 2021, leading up to their notorious Sep 1, 2021 redefinition of ‘vaccine’ from ‘produces immunity’ to ‘stimulates the body’s immune response.’


    A gem from Marcie Larocque on page 5:

    ‘The too-narrow definition in the Glossary is being used by anti-vaxxers to spread the lie that the MRNA COVID vaccines are not “vaccines.”‘

    Let’s dox the bitch: her email (as of Aug 2021) was lox3@cdc.com.

  17. I have always believed this whole covid nonsense was a way to cover up a failing economy/dollar and the infrastructure that supports it and to destroy small business, which competes with the large corporate stores. Today I stopped in Panera in my building for lunch. I drink water, but signs on soda fountain that they were out of two drinks, also out of potato chips. Went to store to get oatmeal. The kind I usually buy has been out for a couple of weeks, bought another brand. This is now the typical scenario.
    My bosses wife is from Venezuela. She says it reminds her of Venezuela in the 80″s.

    • re:Randy July 13, 2022 At 2:10 pm

      I refer to it as the Sovietization of the economy. We get what they decide to produce. Simply corporatism rather than communism.

    • Hey Randy I have seen you times in the last two weeks, ‘Out of Ice.’ I can live without lots of things. But Ice for drinks is not one of them.

      I think once again you nail it Eric, The fake news is ramping up since their monkey pox flop. Excellent Memes as well. The one about the mask cultists should be printed up and distributed widely. The one about the WHO, well who doesn’t want to go to heaven?

  18. They’re blowing the dog whistle again. It’s a call to the public health authorities (puke) to begin masking, especially in schools and assorted facilities, and fire up the vax pass systems and denial of service to purebloods circa 2021. And set the stage for the new variant-specific (variants likely to no longer exist by then) vaccine cocktails that Pfizer has promised to have available by October. The question is how comfortable is the democrat machine in their prospects for November – have they secured the fraud and the desired outcomes – this will dictate the course of things.

  19. A remake of the first bat germ demon horror movie

    germ phobia:

    a huge bat germ demon will jump out of the dark and get you, like a cheap horror movie…total insanity…the next one was supposed to be a deathly monkey germ demon….people laughed at the name so they went with BA.5

    germ phobia (that would get you put in a nut house in the recent past), was pushed 24/7 for two straight years, they relabeled mild flu to a deadly bat germ disease, fear mongering never stopped, people wore masks 24/7……. (masks keep deadly bat germ demons out)….lol…..

    the official narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

    (to sell it they always associate it with exotic animals, first bats…… now the improved version is monkeys….lol),
    (they said…haha….we have to lock down the whole planet, huge bat germ demons are running around killing people),

    we are all going to die was pounded into people’s heads, people freaked out, got multiple deadly bioweapon shots and now wear a mask 24 hours a day.
    (masks keep deadly bat germ demons out)….lol…..

    a bioweapon injected, dying, spike protein filled, super spreader is healthy,

    a healthy pure blood is a walking biosecurity terrorist full of bat germ demons……lol

    the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists…..black is white….. bad is good….healthy is sick….deadly injections make you healthier….lol

    Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.

  20. One of the main reasons given for Brandon continuing the federal “pandemic” state of emergency going on 30 months now is that tens of millions, if not more, of people would be thrown off bennies that were never even duly legislated.

    The world around me seems very different today than even one year ago. Between the vaxxed and the inflation you can almost see the degradation of humans and living standards in real time. I bought an 8 oz. package of potato chips today (the non-GMO kind) and it cost $5. A year ago $3.50. Dayum.

  21. They keep ringing the panic bell with the fake disease, but every time they do, it become less and less effective. Nonetheless, it does still provides a pretext for a lot of mulcting.

  22. A ‘pandemic’….that lasts for 3 years (and counting)….hmmmmmm…I don’t recall that ever happening before. One can draw only 2 possible conclusions: Either it’s a sham…or all of the lockdowns, maskings, vaccines, etc. have proven themselves to be utterly useless, -which makes sense, since all of those remediations are in-fact utterly useless at fighting viruses, real or imagined.

    • Hi Nunzio.

      Of course its a scam. Its the largest, most expensive and damaging psych op in human history. But I very much suspect the reason was economic/political not medical. Without the lock downs. the trillions of funny money the Fed and Mordor on the Potomac injected into the system would have resulted in hyperinflation. Look at the velocity of money as just one indicator. But all of the damage is piling up. The next six months to a year are going to be “interesting”. Leaving entirely aside the geopolitical implications.

      • Of course it’s a scam, BJ and Mr. L. That was evident from the very beginning (The propaganda that was inseminated in the winter of ’19 made it clear before they even gave the common flu it’s new name of ‘Rona- I remember reading an early story which was trying induce fear, about ‘An off-doody cop in NYVC who after walking out of a hospital fell to the ground and started convulsing and bleeding from the eyeballs….they suspect an extremely deadly virus from China, where several victims had fallen prey to the same symptoms”. )

        The thing is, you’d think at least some among the general public, or among the medical butchers, academia or ‘science’ [falsely so-called] would notice what I poited out in my previous post. It’s so damn obvious…..but of course, if the TV doesn’t say the sky is blue, no one knows what color it is.

        • Hi Nunzio.

          Nunz, the last couple of years has been fascinating in the social psychology sense. Are you familiar with whats known as the Bystander Effect? This and other such are responsible for other wise normal people looking the other way, when Bad Things™ happen. It doesn’t matter the profession. Medical, legal, science, enforcers, you name it. As the social system continues to collapse this is going to grow worse.

          Its only now that some researchers are popping up out of their gopher holes and starting to take note of the nonsense the political and media class have been pushing. Did you see the study from Johns Hopkins that stated point blank that lock downs and other such nonsense was pointless? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

          If the MAGA types do manage to over come the Progs stealing/cheating in the mid term Selections all bets are off. Once there are official investigations into the last two years
          antics, I’m expecting many lower and middle level types to be thrown to the wolves.
          Not to mention “tragic accidents” for those who know too much. That is why the Progs are getting desperate. I’m expecting something dire to happen between now and the Selections.
          Keep a good stock of popcorn handy. Its going to be the show of our life time.

          • Hey, BJ,
            I’d bet that none of those studies (Like the Johns-Hopkins) are EVER even remotely referred to in the mass media- and since ‘the believers’ don’t ever actually do their own research nor believe anything that doesn’t come from CNN, there’s no hope of such things spoiling the ‘pandemic’ for them.

            Then there’s the problem that most such studies still operate on the presumption that there is a ‘pandemic’. As far as I know there’s not a one that dares to conclude that it’s just the common flu, relabeled and hyped by the goobermint and it’s mouthpiece, the media (At least not by any “authoriteh’).

            It’s much like the two-party show: They argue about which side of the same coin should play the dictator….but never countenance the idea even for a second that there shouldn’t be a dictator. Give the people a couple of optiuons- side A or side B….but never allow the truth to rear it’s ugly head.

    • Nunz the Spanish pandemic lasted almost 3 years. 1917-1920
      Here in Oz all restrictions have been relaxed except in a few small areas. I went into Smellbourne last week and the place was dead, few people and lots of vacant shops. Shops of small businesses, big businesses remain intact.
      Last few days everyone in the family except stabbed MIL and myself came down with diarrhea, vomiting, headaches. I am the lone holdout. No conjob19 for me.

    • anarchyst: There’s not going to be any elections.

      Have you noticed the left is out in the open and doing everything no matter the negative response? They don’t care about the mid-terms because they aren’t going to happen.

      Jan 6 is going to rule Trump bad. Arrest Trump. Stage mini-insurrections to blame “white supremacists”, martial law, and conservatives into concentration camps.

      And it will be on the back of a “pandemic” in which the vaxxed are dropping like flies.

      • And the conservatives will go, just because law enforcers are their heroes, and the system will eventually work. And it will, just not like they think…

        • Hi Publius.

          I must say that I’m shocked, Shocked I tell you! Don’t you know that we have a Government Of, By and For the People? They just don’t tell you which people… 🙂 We have the finest government that money can buy! And has…

      • Hello J. I’ve been thinking along the same lines for months now. Despite polls seeming to show that the Marxocrats are going to get hammered in the midterms, they are not modifying their behavior — other than to double down on the insanity. This is not how a party concerned about the elections would act.

        I figure that’s for one of two reasons. (1) They are supremely confident in their fraud preparations, so the actual votes don’t matter. Or (2) They will not allow the midterm elections to occur, through one of two mechanisms. (2a) The pandemic! The pandemic! We have to wait until it’s safe to leave home before we have elections. (2b) Martial law and cancellation of the elections in response to extreme violence carried out by antifa and other Marxocrat shock troops, but made to appear to be perpetrated by Trump supporters and other “right wing extremists”.

        As a part of all this, I fully expect Trump to be arrested in early November. The ongoing Stalinist show trial in the House will refer criminal charges to the “Justice” Department, and the Communist AG will send the case to an “impartial” grand jury in DC. The grand jury will vote in October to indict. Then the arrest, with a grandstanding perp walk thrown in at no extra charge, will happen before the election.

        I hope that all of the above is merely a product of my overactive imagination, but it seems quite possible given the way the Marxists in power have been operating.


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