Diaper Report 8/9/21

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You may have read that many of the big corporate retail chain stores – Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc. – have reimposed Face Diaper “mandates” upon their employees. What’s interesting about this is the contrast between the force-Diapered employees at these stores and the lack of Diapering by choice among the people patronizing these stores.

It is a marked difference, this time vs. the last time – when it didn’t take general “mandates” to get half or even two-thirds of the people who didn’t have to wear the shameful rag that affirmed the lie to wear it.

Because, of course, they were scared. Because they believed the lies. Being generally normal people, psychologically, they could not understand the psychopathy of the creatures deliberately fomenting mass hysteria by grossly exaggerating the lethality of a sickness by hysterically but purposefully presenting alarming “data” about “cases,” which they knew were not even synonymous with sickness, let alone death.

It is inconceivable – to the psychologically normal brain – that anyone would deliberately scream fire! in a crowded theater, for the intentional purpose of causing a stampede that would result in people being trampled. They would never do such a despicable thing, so they could not imagine anyone else doing it.

It is inexplicable.

It is evil.

And that is precisely why these evil people got away with doing something far worse. They succeeded in stampeding an entire country – the world – for their own malignant reasons. Because most normal people cannot believe anyone else would deliberately do such a thing.

And yet they have.

We don’t yet know for certain exactly why. What their reasons are. They probably have to do with money and control, the usual motives. There may be other, far worse motives – hinted at by this evil insistence that children and young adults, the cohort least likely to become sick and almost certain to not become dead but which is the cohort most likely to wish to reproduce and have children of their own in the years to come – be injected with these unsafe, ineffective cocktails marketed as “vaccines.”

But we do know some things for certain – and can base what we do in the future upon this knowledge:

We know that this “virus” is a non-issue for 99.8-something percent of the general population.

We know that it is even less an issue for children, adolescents and young adults.

We have no idea what the long-term effects will be – especially on reproductive health. We know it is reckless to play with people’s reproductive health – or their health, generally.

We know that the people exaggerating the threat of this virus deliberately conflated “cases” with sickness, implying that a “case” was synonymous with serious sickness and likely death. This was a deliberate lie used to incite mass panic and to justify mass destruction of economic life, to tear apart the social fabric and set people at odds with one another, using fear as the crowbar.

We know that  government officials such as Dr. Fauci deliberately lied regarding the medical efficacy of “masks” – and only a fool ever trusts in the veracity and good intentions of a known liar.

We know these same government officials insisted the “vaccines” they have been literally been forcing upon people are “safe” and “effective” – and now know they are neither. We know they are causing severe adverse effects in tens of thousands of people. We know they are not even properly “vaccines” at all but rather symptom suppressors – if they even do that.

And we know that information about these adverse effects – these deaths – are being just as deliberately downplayed and even suppressed as the cases! the cases! were hyped.

We know they lied about “asymptomatic” spread.

We know they are currently attempting to foment a kind of race hatred against people who question them and their “science.”

What we know, most of all, is that nothing these evil people tell us can be trusted and that it is wise to mistrust everything they say until what they say is proved to be truthful via data and facts independent of them.

These evil people have lost all credibility, deservedly.

And I think this accounts for what I have been seeing at places like Home Depot and Wal-Mart, both of which I have toured twice over the course of the past two or three days, in the wake of the resurrected Employee Diaper Mandates. Only about 20 percent of the patrons were wearing the facial security blanket. About the same percentage as before the resurrected mandates.

This cohort – the terminally sick (in the head) – has remained stable for the past several months. It is the cohort that never took off the facial security blanket, even when the employees (and everyone else) did. These are the people damaged beyond repair – who are in need of intensive reparative therapy, at any rate. But they are not most people.

And that is really good news.

The Fear may not be getting purchase this time. It may be getting old. Dr. Fauci’s nasal brayings about the Lambda-Sigma-Epsilon-I-think-you’re-a-moron “variants” appears to be suffering from the Boy Who Cried Wolf symptoms. People have been going to the gym – and shopping and living their lives  – and not getting sick. For months.

The “variants” be damned.

They begin to suspect, I suspect, that they have been lied to.

This is manifesting in face-showing and also in roll-up-refusal. People – lots of them – want nothing to do with a “vaccine” they know they don’t need that issues from extremely suspect sources they have damned good reasons to not trust. And they resent being characterized as stupid – as a public health menace – by evil people like the little Docktor.

A Wizard of Oz moment may be at hand. That moment when people see that the Great and Powerful Oz is in fact just a man, using smoke and mirrors to make people believe in something unreal.  And in this case, something evil.

This is also a very dangerous inflection point – because Oz revealed is a desperate Oz, capable of doing anything to avoid being held to account for the horrors he has visited upon people, using their best intentions against them, for his own sick purposes.

The key now is to not give in – no matter what the evil bastards try next. Refuse to efface your face. Refuse to close your doors. Refuse to roll up your sleeves.

Say no – to all of it.

It may get rough. But it will get better, if we stand fast.

. . .

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  1. A despicable company named Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores actually makes so much revenue they can afford to post a face diaper guard at their entrance in order to deny entry to those who refuse to don the holy rag of Covidistan.
    Iowa has no mandates, yet Joann blocks housewives from browsing beads and fabrics. “You GO girl!”
    I know of one woman who will Never set foot in one of those stores again. Ever.
    I wonder if that impacts their bottom line. And, do they even give a shit?


    On the plus side, at a holistic healing type place I know of, the owner said of the CovidCon, “I’m Done with that!” “No More!”

  2. My local news does a daily death count for……….Covid-19! Omygod! Three deaths! In one day! At least they reported the age of the dead; 60’s 70’s and 90’s. Old people dying from…anything at all is not much of a news story.
    60’s is pretty young for some. Of course, nothing about whether they were engaging in risky behaviors prior to their demise. Diabetes, obesity, smokers, alcoholic…..no context.
    Hell, if they published the death count for heart attacks, cancer, and strokes every day….jeez it would be an epidemic!
    Kind of a piece of calling 94 degree weather in August a Heat Advisory, lol.

  3. Something someone posted on Zerohedge- so true:

    We’ve witnessed the birth of a new secular religion:
    -Covid-19 is the devil.
    -Government is ‘god’.
    -Scientists and experts are high priests.
    -Masks are magical talismans.
    -Lockdown is the new Lent.
    -Vaccination is baptism.
    -Challenging the dogma is blasphemy.
    -Thou shalt ‘follow The Science’ or be punished

  4. Daughter is getting ready for sophomore year of college. She is a student-athlete, and had been “encouraged” (pressured) by everyone in the chain of command, from coaches and athletic directors, all the way to the president of the athletic conference, to get the jab. Interestingly, none of those pressuring have indicated whether or not they personally received the jab, and the president’s email diverted neatly from convid to an anecdote about how he and his family are glad they had the polio jab bc his sister suffered back in the 50’s….still don’t know whether or not they had the con-jab. According to daughter, there are only a handful that haven’t had the jab that she is aware of.

    The original script was that those who didn’t get the con-jab were to mask, test, and generally be treated differently from those who did get it. This concerned her, as she didn’t want to stand out and potentially be ostracized – it was creating artificial pressure on her in addition to the many emails encouraging the con-jab.

    She just got an email that says that ALL, regardless of jab status, must mask indoors. Although I think the face diapering is quite ridiculous, at least she won’t stand out for the time being. I reminded her that all of those students who were led to believe things would be different if they just got the jab have now learned the hard way that it was a lie. Can only pray that they don’t have long-term effects of their unwise choice.

    I wonder whether there was some pushback regarding disparate treatment.

    • Hi Anon,

      I live in the general vicinity of Virginia Tech, which has just decreed similar policy. It is obvious the true purpose is not medicinal but psychological; viz, to torment the kids into submitting to the Needling. And not just this one – but many more to come. No degree is worth your life – or your dignity.

      • I agree. I have suggested that she consider an online degree program, and continue competing in her sport in a more recreational setting. There is always a way, it just requires breaking out of the paradigm.

        • PS – she is paying her way through college, so the decision is truly in her hands. If it was up to us (her parents), we would pull the plug immediately.

        • Its absolutely criminal to force kids and young adults who have an almost 0% chance of becoming even seriously ill, let alone dying, from convid to be forced to be part of an experimental drug mascarading as a vaccine.

  5. Interesting parallesl between the story of Dr. Faustus and the story of Dr, Fauci. Kinda makes me wonder if someone isn’t playing with us.

      • Hi Nasir,

        This was depressing. No one is stopping this man from staying home another month with his kids. We all do not share his desire for another lockdown. Many people were laid off with little to no income rolling in, people did not have the freedom of movement or ability to travel, kids were separated from their friends, and others unable to see their families. This freak’s biggest concern is wrapping himself in a blanket and watching a movie with his wife. In my house we call that a Saturday night. I can only assume he was one of the few that were able to stay home and continue receiving a paycheck.

        This jerk should ask the electrician, HVAC repairman, small business owner, retail clerk, or restaurant server how they fared. They did not share his delusional experience.

        • Sorry RG – reading the guardian is always depressing!!

          But it goes to show the disconnect between this class of person and the electrician, small business, etc… unfortunately this is the class that is making the decisions and imposing their rules on the world it seems without any understanding of how the real world operates.

      • Hi ML,

        I noticed the link isn’t working each time. I am also posting the YT as well. Hopefully, one will work.


        There is something very frightening when Twitter and YT feel the need to delete thoughtful and straightforward analysis of facts from someone in that field of expertise. Currently, the video has been viewed 3.2 million times. Hopefully, it is getting through to people that they are being played.

  6. Found out that one of my “fully vaxxed” relatives (65-70 age range) went to the hospital for an injury I think. They tested him for the ‘rona and said he was positive. No symptoms so far.

    • I really beleive this is how they are getting most of their cases. People go in for an unrelated injury or illness, are tested for convid and like magic, they test positive. Happened with my son in june when he went in for appendicitis.

      • The CDC, WHO, and FDA admitted they were recommending too many cycles for the PCR test back in January, just hours after Biden was sworn in.(??) Cases instantly started crashing. However, they did NOT put forth any limit on how many cycles could be used, nor requirement for number of cycles used to be reported with results. And so, there is not a thing stopping the labs from using however many they please, and adjusting case count to their master’s desire

        • And CDC recently issued a notice to FDA that they would not be seeking an extension of the EUA for the PCR Test since it can’t distinguish this particular strain of coronavirus from flu viruses.

          • Andy,
            Yeah, wonder how they are going to test for it or if they will even bother. Maybe just give a decree to all that everyone has convid until further notice.

            • Well, I guess they might not do that because Thomas Massie or Rand Paul would declare that herd immunity has been reached. That would be awesome really.

              • Bill Gates and George Soros bought a testing device company. I’m sure they will be ready to take over that service by the end of the year.

  7. In plantation land here on Kauai where you genuflect before the ‘boss,’ the company store named Homey Depot is still masked 100% by employees and customers. I kid you not, I am the only person who goes in there, shops, and checks out without a mask, and I do this often. This has been the case for over a year. I must have a special pass or something.

    Across the street at Costco it’s a different story, mask to get in and mask to get out, but I wander around with my threatening face.

    FWIW, ‘cases’ are exploding on Kauai right now, particularly the north shore. My daughter and son-in-law who live on the same property as me, tested positive two days ago. My foreman’s 20 something daughter has the coof, some private elementary schools closed starting today. Maybe it will chase the tourists away again! Nobodies getting all that sick, but a Kauai guy I know in his late 50’s who got the bug died in Straub Hospital (Oahu) two days ago after a long hard slog trying to overcome his lung issues. He was a fairly healthy guy with no known co-morbidities. Influenza can be nasty for some, same as it’s ever been.

    • Hi Andy,

      No Diaper (even once) through all of this for me – and I never will. I think I had the whatever-it-is in the fall of 2019; or at least, I had a bad respiratory bug. Not bad enough to even keep me in bed. Just a bad cough and some weird lung crackling sounds for a few days. It cleared up without medical intervention. I am probably immune to the whatever-it-is now. It may account for why I have not been even a little sick since then, despite all the sickness supposedly wafting around! And while I’m weird, I am not sick – in the head!

  8. It just takes one.

    Remember the TRUTH in the Asch Conformity Experiment. 10 people sitting in a circle. 9 are “confederates” of the experiment. They’re in on it. The shrink shows two lines on a paper. They’re obviously of unequal length.

    The psych asks one at a time if the lines are the same length, or unequal. Each of the 9 confederates is asked first. They all say “The same.”

    When it comes to the 10th person, the REAL subject of the experiment, more often than not, the person CAVED. Pussed out, acted like a punk bitch and agreed with the herd. The lines are the same. Those are the people we’ve seen masking in 2020.

    HOWEVER, in one variation, the psych had JUST ONE of the confederates speak the TRUTH and say the lines were unequal. Then, when it came time for the 10th, real person to answer, 100% OF THE TIME they spoke true and said the lines are uneven.

    It just takes one for the lie to crumble. SPEAK THE TRUTH. Say it’s all bullshit. Say you think the politicians and Fauci are liars. Say you watch what they do, not what they say, and all the politicians have been walking around unmasked, laughing, partying, going to restaurants, traveling, having a good time! These people are NOT courageous, so…I guess there’s nothing to worry about.

    SAY SOMETHING! Don’t be a pussy defeatist!!!

    Win the battle for freedom!!! To paraphrase PJW, if the outcome was inevitable, they wouldn’t need their propaganda.


  9. One of our vendors in the Chicago-land area was telling me of a customer of his in his area, a small window manufacturer of about 25 employees. The management called a meeting to announce mask wearing will be the new company policy. Several employees announced if management is serious that they would be quitting. They asked for a show of hands who would be walking out. All but three raised their hands. Company policy reverted back to no mask requirement.

  10. Some good news: I just spent an hour and a half standing in our local town center (place of shops and restaurants) holding an “Unmask Our Kids” sign. Mostly honks in approval, many thumbs up, a Hang 10, and a few people said I was number 1. But you know what, it felt great and defiant. I probably ruined the evening of a few leftists, and maybe got a convert or two. I’ll take that any day.

  11. It’s time for the Fauci Brand of Masks, Syringes, Caskets and Urns to go mainstream…..C’mon Wall Street, which investment banker wants to profit from this IPO?

    • … not to mention his blockbuster novel, Faucine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue, rewarded by a multimillion-dollar advance from the generous publishers of Hitlary, Bill, Barack and Moochelle:

      The erudite Fauci is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil at a crossroads, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.

      “Fauci” and the adjective “Faucian” imply sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain.

      The Fauci of early books — as well as the ballads, dramas, movies, and puppet-plays which grew out of them — is irrevocably damned because he prefers human to divine knowledge:

      “He laid the Holy Scriptures behind the door and under the bench, refused to be called doctor of theology, but preferred to be styled doctor of medicine.


      Physician, heal thyself!

  12. Fauci the clown now blathering that if we don’t all get vaccinated soon, we unvaxxed will cause new variants that will sicken and kill the newly created class of GMOs. Truth and basic biology completely inverted. It occurs to me, like most garbage that emanates from our government, that if their bullshit was not intentionally so, they’d occasionally get something correct accidentally.

  13. After the release of the experimental needle I was in no hurry to take this drug, mostly because of the “warp speed” development cycle. The disease was not particularly life threatening, so “wait and see” seemed like a rational approach.

    This is not a “sterilizing” vaccine, it does not prevent contracting the disease, hence no immunity. Because the “vaccinated” can be infected, the virus can mutate within a ‘vaccinated” host into a more contagious and deadly “variant” (same thing happens with bacterial infections treated with antibiotics). This was predicted by a number of virologists, including a Nobel Prize winner, months ago when they warned against vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic.

    Not sure if this pandemic is an intentional depopulation event, but we seem to be headed in that direction at “warp speed”. The shit about to hit the fan.

  14. Vaccinate Bambi, now!
    Looks like one hell of a growth market for the vax peddlers.
    Why, there are 40 million deer in the U.S. alone!
    But, you say, the deer aren’t sick.
    No worries, my man. No symptoms? No problem!
    Most of these are probably “federal deer,” grazing on BLM land.
    Probably have to vax them via helicopter. Big buck$ (pun intended ) for the vax contractor.
    And be sure to prohibit deer hunting. Much too dangerous, y’know.
    Never you mind about the deer eating your vegetable garden, you filthy deplorable.

  15. The fix is in:

    “I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” licensure by the Food and Drug Administration “whichever comes first,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says in his memo to troops, warning them to prepare for the requirement.

    ‘It provides time for the FDA to give final approval to the Pfizer vaccine, which is expected early next month. Without that formal approval, Austin would need a waiver from Biden to make the shots mandatory.’


    Final approval of the Pfizer vaccine probably will make some FDA officials suddenly wealthy. *wink*

    Not so much the soldiers, as they watch the shambolic retreat from Afghanistan, and wait for the needle.

    “On August 11, 2021 at 2pm, FEMA and the FCC are planning a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test. Test messages will be sent to TeeVees and radios, as well as cell phones that have opted-in to receive test messages. The emergency alert signal will last about five minutes. At that point, your TeeVee channels will be temporarily interrupted.” — cable company email

    This is only a drill … till things get real.

  16. Printed on “mask” box:


    Wearing an ear loop mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any
    disease or infection. User is solely responsible for the selection of
    appropriate personal protective equipment for the setting and application.
    Change immediately if contaminated.”

    • Yep! Amazing, isn’t it? It’s happening before our eyes…on a worldwide scale! What a time to be alive! Hehe…we know what comes soon after….. 35 years ago, I’d read about the Mark, and be depressed, because it seemed like it would take so much to actually get to that point that it would be hard to imagine it happening in my lifetime…..but after the 80’s, things started to deteriorate so quickly…and here we are! \o/

    • Well, as usual, the fed fools didn’t think beyond the first move.

      CDC’s vax card, like a Social Security card, is not secure, and was not intended for identification.

      Now they want to erect a vaccine apartheid state on that easily-faked blank card?

      Compare the REAL-ID Act, passed in 2005 with an original compliance date of May 11, 2008. Now the deadline (please don’t laugh) is May 3, 2023. And that was starting in 2005 with good quality drivers license databases in most states.

      With CDC vax cards, they got nothin’ to built their vaccine apartheid regime on.

      The US fedgov’s own workforce is the biggest market for fake vax ID. Don’t tell the G-men!

      I said come here baby, come here quick
      This old fake vax card, it makes me sick
      I said here comes a policeman dressed in blue
      Mama don’t you know he’s been doing things too

      — Led Zeppelin, Dazed and Confused

  17. One overlooked aspect of the poisons (oops, I mean “vaccines) is that the DNA strands within the vaccines are all patented and as such are “owned” by the patent holders. This, in itself makes the vaccine recipient a GMO “slave”, “owned” by the patent holder of the foreign DNA within his body.
    All one has to do is observe the reaction (ruthlessness) that Monsanto and Bayer have against non-GMO farmers who inadvertently have GMO seeds blow on to their property and grow.
    Once you take the “vaccine”, ((they)) OWN YOU.

    • One of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, wrote about this in his 2006 novel, Next. That was his final book before dying of cancer unexpectedly in 2008 at the age of 66. It’s no secret that he pissed off some powerful people.

      • Hi Anon,
        Robin Cook writes some scary medical thrillers also, “Cell” is a great one and all too easy to come true. He’s a doctor himself and after reading his stuff I will never (willingly) go into a hospital.

  18. I’m genuinely fearful of the next phase. As I’m sure that they are not going to get anywhere near their desired 85%-plus vaccination rate. The lies, the incentives, and the threats aren’t working (nor are the jabs). Accordingly, their anger likely will turn to rage, necessitating harsh punishment. Let’s see how we like even more destruction of our way of life

      • It’s all weird: the virus doesn’t exist because it’s never been isolated. But be sure and treat with ivermectin, HCQ, and Regen-Cov (monoclonal antibodies against the virus). The virus doesn’t exist, but it leaked from a Wuhan lab. The virus doesn’t exist, but Fauci made it with gain of function research. The virus doesn’t exist, but X% of victims died WITH the virus. The virus doesn’t exist, but they run the PCR cycles too high. The virus doesn’t exist but the vaccines are made to encode its toxic spike protein. Ad nauseum.

        None of this is helpful, as it is of a piece with the nonsense that Bill Gates is putting RFID trackers in the vaccine. These detract from the real issue, of the systematic destruction of our freedom, livelihoods, and future. Whether or not the virus exists, it is the ruse being applied to rip apart our society, families, friendships, and way of life. That which we must fight, tooth and nail.

        Even if you could prove beyond any doubt the virus doesn’t exist, it wouldn’t change the course of things. They’ll just invent a new virus or ruse, and hundreds of millions will fall for it, every time.

        • Look, I consider you one of the good guys here. I actually trust your opinions on these things. That being said, you’re conflating some things and dissembling on some others. First, I detect a distinct lack of confidence in the previously quoted determinants of legitimate isolation. Second, ivermectin and hcq are distinctly Fox News style talking points. Some folks talk of them as cures for respiratory illness, not necessarily as a determinant that convid was isolated. Third, the PCR test isn’t a legitimate test of anything and the CDC, of all outfits, has determined it can’t distinguish the convid from the flu. Make of that what you will. Fourth, gain of function research is evil, and Rand Paul is right to take Fraudchi to task for it. Has anyone else made their entire case on what we’re dealing with is that? Jon R., for one, stated early and often that loosing synthetic viruses is not the preferred method, as results may vary and it may very well kill those loosing it.

          I disagree that whether a novel virus has been isolated is unimportant. It may actually be the linchpin. If respected voices like yourself or others similarly situated came out strongly in this direction, it would have an impact, especially on those who trust “experts.” Instead we get silence, or worse, complicity.

    • One if a number of advantages of getting old, for me at least. There’s damn little I am afraid of. Many my age live in dread fear of their death. Since it’s unavoidable, I do not. I don’t seek it, but I don’t hide from it either.

  19. Chief Firewater to Pale Face, “What do you mean ‘we’, White Man?” lol

    The Redman suffered big time. The Dutch were not too kind to the Delaware tribe.

    The Cherokee marched the Trail of Beers all the way to Oklahoma with their 20,000 slaves.

    Gotta get some help somehow. Out there in Oklahoma, slaves freed themselves. Run to the hills.

    A twenty dollar bill is a rare site in those parts, to this day, people will not carry a twenty with Jackson’s ugly mug on the thing. har

    So I’ve heard.

    Same damn thing happening to the healthy poor souls being driven to distraction by statists.

    There is no hope, you’re doomed, give up, fight is not in the equation. Get vaccinated or else! Vie hab our vays.

    Be subservient, compliant, obsequious, whatever, go for it. Submit, for your own good. You’ll have nothing, nobody cares, your life is over. Think of yourself as one of the Last Mohicans, that’s about it.

    Resistance is futile. Be agreeable and be nice, all the way to the gulag. Good luck.

    Think of yourself as one of those red-faced savages, can’t even enslave them. Kill them off, do the pogrom thing with Native Americans. Genocide gone from ludicrous speed to plaid. Buffalo bones stacked high, grind them into fertilizer. China from buffalo bones, a good industry.

    Destroy their one of their means to exist sustainably, problems develop. We’ve been compliant and peaceful long enough, Custer rode in with a blaze of glory, got turned into a pin cushion. Little Big Man was there to see it all.

    Sitting Bull had a job with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, sent the fifty dollars in gold coin each week back home to the relatives. Fifty dollars per week to ride out on an Indian pony in full head-dress is a solid gig for an old Redman. 200 dollars per month in gold coin equals ten ounces, 18,000 dollars per month in the nineteenth century was good money.

    Think of the vaccines as small-pox laden free blankets. A close analogy, you have been targeted. The only good unvaccinated is a dead unvaccinated.

    You’ve been had.

      • Those of the govt school persuasions from the last 20 to 25 years would have absolutely no clue what your talking about. Most would attribute it to a south park episode and nothing more.

  20. I had to endure a few hours of a staunch covid-cult family member yesterday. She was insufferable. I had to listen to all of the cult talking points. I tried to avoid her and not engage (following Mark Twain’s advice about arguing with a fool), but then she declared that nobody has a right not to be vaccinated because her life is being put in danger. It got ugly after that and she was silenced with just a few questions:

    -Do you know the survivability rate for covid? People are dying, she said.
    -Do you know it’s 99.76%? That’s not rue, she said.
    -Have you done any research into this yourself? No, but the death rate is much worse than that. The hospitals are overflowing!
    -What’s actually in those vaccine injections? Silence.
    -What does the vaccine do? They vaccinate you against covid, she said.
    -If you’re vaccinated, why do you care what other’s do? Silence.
    -Where do you get your news? I don’t want to talk about this anymore, she said.

    Earlier I overheard that she watches Good Morning America every day.

    • That about sums it up – demonstration of a 12-year old’s reasoning ability and the inability to process data that conflicts with their perceptions of reality, and throwing of temper tantrums. But these people make a lot of noise, and they feel emboldened and insulated from the consequences of their noise and behavior, by the social media echo chambers of which they are a part.

    • Tell me about it, Mr. L!

      “I had to listen to all of the cult talking points.”

      Since I mostly shun Covidiots, these encounters are rare for Free_Phi. However, I was recently contacted by an old acquaintance seeking to reconnect, by text, asking “how [I] was doing”. Never being one for disingenuous small talk, I responded by preemptively announcing my position that things are not so good for those living in a “fake-ass ‘pandemic'”.

      I was then hammer texted over the next several hours with fatuous, stereotyped slogans that made me genuinely suspect that I had not been contacted by the real human I once knew, but rather a crude necro-chat bot that had replaced her humanly body. This “entity” even referred, unironically, to “Trusting The Science” and–I shit you not–“Trusting TV”!!!!!!!!!!

      We now live in a society of Reverse Turing Tests.*

      * Alan Turing theorized that a computer with responses indistinguishable from those of a human could safely be believed to be “conscious” in the same way a human is. Now, we are dealing with humans whose responses are indistinguishable from those of a computer!

        • She had moved to another state, but has now moved back (according to the initial text).

          Back to L.A., of all places! While I’m here looking for an exit route! As soon as she said that, I knew right away that we were on incompatible wavelengths!

          • I grew up in LA and still have family there. I live in the SF Bay Area now but have always thought of LA as my second home. It really makes me sick to see what has happened to that once great city.

            • Hi Martin,

              I feel the same about NYC, having been born there and spent the first years of my childhood nearby, in CT. Many good memories of the Big Apple, back when New York City was the place where people who were go-getters went to get going. I’m not a city boy by nature but when NY was still NY, there was no place else that had the verve, the food, the quirkiness, the art and culture that Manhattan offered. I have not been there since before the Towers fell and I will never go back, again. I cannot bear the thought of seeing the ruin of what was.

              • Eric, please allow me join the elegiac ex-NY-Lovers’ pity party a bit.

                This Freelancer lived in NYC from 2001 to 2012, and maintained a deep, abiding adoration for the spontaneity, frenetic energy, and epicurean pleasures of it. I got out because I knew it was going to get really, really bad: the looming crypto-pyramid of the “Freedom Tower” was a constant reminder that whatever soul and humanity the city had were being fed on rapaciously by a surging, sinister reality. That Tower was a gleaming, triumphal tombstone marking a glorious human sacrifice. I just knew it was going to get nasty as the government made its next moves.

                But I had no idea it would get so bad, so quickly. In fact, I still harbored delusions that once I came into my own, I would be able to buy a modest pied-a-terre apartment in Manhattan to maintain a regular link to the reinvigorating adventuresomeness of it.

                Now, I know not only will I never go back there again…there’s no there there to go back to anymore. (Eat your heart out, Oakland!) New York City is a grotesque husk. Not even a pale imitation of itself, but rather a vicious negation of everything it was. I couldn’t believe what New Yorkers rolled over for in Spring 2020. My disbelief and grief and seeing mass imprisonment of the entire populace…I cannot do it justice here.

                By the time DiBlasio announced what really amounts to a citywide mutagen-injection mandate, I no longer had disbelief. You can’t kill something that’s already dead.

              • Hi Eric,

                I was also born in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. My earliest childhood memories are of the apartment where we lived in Bayside Queens, where my family moved from Brooklyn shortly after I born.

                We moved to Los Angeles when I was five years old, so I have very few memories of NY from my childhood and have always identified as a Californian, not a New Yorker.

                Several years ago, we decided to vacation in NYC. My wife, daughter, and I had a great time. This was before this sickness insanity had taken over the city. We stayed at a hotel on 8th avenue, about two blocks from Times Square.

                NYC has now become a hellhole. We are just glad to have had the chance to visit the place before all this happened. We realize that we will probably never be able to go back.

                Meanwhile, in LA, there are an estimated 60000 homeless people camped out on the city streets, and the whole city is being locked down again, with talks about implementing vaccine passports there.

                I’ve started watching Nomad Capitalist videos and contemplating the possibility of leaving the US. If it weren’t for my daughter and other family, I would seriously consider it.


    • Yeah, you give anyone too many questions and too much time to think about it and it ALWAYS ends with the ‘I don’t want to talk about this anymore’ line. Always. That’s a good thing too, I think. If they are truly hopeless, they’ll keep arguing with you until you walk away.

    • Sounds like every discussion I ever have with anybody in real life anymore- it always ends with them saying “I don’t want to talk about it!”, even though they were the one who couldn’t shut up about the subject prior to being confronted with actual facts and logic. And they wonder why I don’t talk to anyone…

  21. Lots of good comments here. I am happy to report some good news. Recently the wife and I spent nine days in Alaska. I was so happy to see so many smiling human faces. I never realized the value in that before now. Un veiled, un bowed, unbroken people, very few of whom were blub-ohs.

    The half of our trip we spent in Anchorage was amazing. It is the coolest big city I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many of them. The other places we went, Seward, Soldatna, And Whittier/Vadez were full of tourists with not a diaper nazi in sight.

    The occasional clowns still clinging to this cowardly narrative numbered probably 2 or 3 out of every hundred. As they would wander the docks, they looked uncomfortable and nervous. Not having the power of their herd behind them their eyes were the color of frozen meat, and overflowing with fear. Everyone seemed to distance away from them like sick animals with the plague. Good, now they know how it feels to be shunned the way we alll did eighteen months ago when we were the 2 or 3 unmasked in the crowd.

    The light of the midnight sun kind of put the zap on my brain. If I was twenty years younger I would sell my shit, pack up, and light out. There is so much opportunity and money to be made there it is silly. It reminded me of the country of my youth, the one who’s roads and days seemed to stretch out before her into the limitless horizon.

    Coming back to Az I agree with Eric about twenty to thirty % still kowtowing to the faceless Gynocracy. That is really all it boils down to folks. They (the 1%) have twenty to thirty % to back up this most ridiculous fiction. And if you look closely at that group, they don’t have the skills required to pull it off. The only way it succeeds is if we don’t stand up.

    Another great article Eric. I cant keep up with all the lies swirling around this. This piece chronicles every single one of them as best I can tell. I especially like the V video. Its almost creepy sometime how close life imitates art.

    • I’m at a point in my life where I can pack up and go somewhere. Live in a van if I had to. Anchorage huh? And there are STILL opportunities there? I thought those days were done after the 90s…

      • Andrew,
        Diesel mechanic, electrician, plumber, fork lift operator, loader operator, even entry level, Even the road flaggers make 50 bucks an hour, although that spot seems to be reserved for the gals. If you can stand harsh cold and long hours you will be very employable. If you get a CDL you should be able to make two to three times what you would make in the lower 48. Lots more I’m missing I’m sure.

        If you have some entrepreneurial bent, bike rentals, kayak rentals do huge summer business. We met a 25ish couple on a whale watching trip. He worked for a jet ski tour operator and she worked at a coffee shop. They said they had banked thousands this summer and will go back tot he lower 48 in winter.

        Specialized stuff involving welding or heavy mechanical can work all winter in some harsh climates and make serious do Rey me. Enough to take the summer off. I met people who worked their ass of for three to five years, and now have a paid for house. Its doable, you just need some old school mojo.

    • Thanks, Norman!

      I think the thing to keep in mind is how important it is to just not give in. To refuse to agree – or to keep quiet. Much more, to never submit to this; to any of it. Very few would have deferred to a crazy Uncle just two years ago. The fact that there are more crazy uncles now does not mean the crazy is legitimate – much less that we ought to put up with it. Mock it. Disobey it. And – if need be – fight it.

    • Hi All,

      Some good news to report from Covid crazy Santa Fe. I went to Walgreens for my daily allotment of despair mitigation juice. On the way in, I noticed two young people, sans mask, manning a Stop Suicide booth. Upon leaving the store, I asked them if they were aware of the psychological damage being caused, not by Covid, but by the hysterical response to it. I asked them about the debilitating effect of masking children, both developmentally and psychologically. They were both surprisingly well informed and told me that eliminating lockdowns and mask mandates was an essential part of their agenda. We chatted for a few minutes, I explained a little more about the fear campaign and the harm it is causing, then I gave them 5 bucks. I also told them that if either of them were wearing a mask, I would not have given them any money.


  22. This video – only 11 minutes long – does a fantastic job of showing the big picture with the how and why people are falling for this madness:

    Mass Psychosis in 11 minutes


    Karen Kwiatkowski brought it to my attention. It’s one of those drawing & audio type videos. One of the best parts is, it gives examples of what people can do in response, real world historical examples of what really works. Parallel society has been mentioned by some as a remedy, such a concept is a little more clearer after watching this, imho.

    As I watched this I kept thinking about the little bar & grill down the road. They had an outdoor live band this last weekend, I didn’t go but I can’t imagine a single face diaper in that crowd.
    I didn’t see any face diapers the weekend before that when 100 or so UTV’s gathered after the mud bog races. …Talk about some cool looking buggies.

    • Anybody else notice the stark, and tragic contradiction at the heart of this (very cute) presentation, though? The opening quote by Gustav le Bon is that “The masses have never thirsted after the truth. …Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master, and whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is easily their victim.

      Yet at 18:30, in the proffered “solutions” segment, the narrator asserts (without evidence or citation) that “The truth is more powerful than the fiction and falsities peddled by the would-be totalitarian rulers.

      Unfortunately, it is quite obvious that the first sentiment is the correct one, and that the latter is wishful thinking. As is the idea that a despot “collapses” if you ridicule it. No. The despot crushes you if you ridicule it.

      And then the last quote by Thomas Paine: “Tyranny, like Hell is not easily conquered.” Who on Earth thinks Hell can be conquered at all? This is a classic case poetics being used to conceal the absence of meaning; the metaphor has no real-world correspondence. Then: “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” The quest for “glory” is neither laudable, nor practical. This type of rhetoric is good for propagandizing plebs into joining your war effort when you are the ruling elite, like Paine and his buddies, and you need to give otherwise happy farmers a solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had, like King George. However, in the present context, the poetical concept (“glory”) fails to correspond to any actual feeling of want or dissatisfaction in the would-be audience here. We lament for want of even a measure of liberty or even merest relief from oppression–not for want of “glory.”

      • It seemed to me the example was the break-up of The Soviet “The truth is more powerful than the fiction and falsities peddled by the would-be totalitarian rulers.”
        A headline I saw the other day, ~ ‘When Gorbachev went to a Clear Lake Grocery Store’. Is that kind of truth unavoidable for certain individuals, and does that realization spread to others creating even more rippling effects?
        The contrast to what was available in West Germany vs. East & in other countries behind The Iron Curtain like Czech – and more importantly, the drawing in the video showing the coloring of small gatherings of people in contrast to the dark gloom of centralized control of larger groups – is itself a huge unavoidable motivating truth for individuals.

        When you write, “The despot crushes you if you ridicule it.” this can be true, and has certainly been true. What happens to the general support the goobermint has as a result, does it increase?

        Martin Armstrong writes about the collapse of confidence in goobermint which brings about it’s downfall, what sparks, events, and doings build that collapse of confidence?

        If all, or even some of those around you, ridicule any type of individual, not directly at the individual, what happens to the thinking processes of those people? Do they gain respect, or ?

        RE: “Who on Earth thinks Hell can be conquered at all? ”

        I dunno, parts of building my chicken coop in this blistering heat and high humidity, mud and bugs, seems at times quite like Hell. Am I attempting to conquer Hell?

        I imagine living in East Germany was Hell. When individuals jumped up on The Wall in ’89 and began hammering chunks out of it, I suspect they felt like they were conquering Hell.

        Seems to me,“…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” is another way of saying, ‘Nothing Worth Having Is Easy’.

        Perhaps, the word ‘glory’ is another way of saying, ‘happiness’?

        I have done many things in my life which were difficult, dirty, bloody, and hard to accomplish, some of the times I was successful. Afterwards I very much felt quite like I had conquered Hell and as a result I experienced the glory – the happiness – of triumph, which oftentimes seemed to increase my sense of Liberty. Some of the things which spurred me on through the worst of it: humor, ridicule of the object of my frustration, being around like-minded people, the goal itself.

        I’m drinking my first cup of coffee, Jmho as best I could at this early hour. Not enough time to touch on Power Elite manipulations pre-1776, that’s a whole article by itself.

        • Oops, I didn’t sign my comment.

          I wanted to add how removing certain frozen, rusty, greasy bolts has felt like conquering Hell – to this day – I still remember being successful with certain ones. It was definitely glorious when I won those battles. Beforehand, at times, it sure didn’t feel like glory was even remotely possible and I almost gave up.

          I wonder, can ‘glory’ also be the same as being pissed off at something? As in, after removing it, I remember – the glory – of throwing a stubborn bolt as far as could.

  23. ‘Oz revealed is a desperate Oz’ — EP

    Countries where science is still done just keep embarrassing the ‘Biden’ regime:

    ‘In a technical briefing published on Friday, Public Health England said that since June 14, when cycle threshold (Ct) value data are available, the mean and median lowest Ct values are similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated people with the Delta variant, “with a median of 17.8 for unvaccinated and 18.0 for those with two vaccine doses.”

    Ct value is the number of cycles needed to boost the viral signal in a sample when conducting an RT-PCR test.

    The non-age-stratified data indicates that “whilst vaccination may reduce an individual’s overall risk of becoming infected, once they are infected there is limited difference in viral load (and Ct values) between those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated,” PHE said.


    Translation: vaccination doesn’t ‘stop the spread.’

    How very bold: actual publishing Ct values — values well below the mid-20s, thought likely to indicate live virus.

    Whereas in the backward USA, labs are still using undisclosed Ct values of 35 to 40 — and the CDC takes no action to limit the Ct threshold, or to insist that it be stated in lab reports for the benefit of physicians and public health officials.

    You can’t practice ‘evidence-based medicine’ when the evidence is deliberately suppressed.

    You walk into the room with your pencil in your hand
    You see somebody masked and you say, “Who is that man?”
    You try so hard but you don’t understand
    Just what you will say when you get home
    Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is
    Do you, Mr Jones?

    — Bob Dylan, Ballad of a Thin Man

  24. Fun one to report from the jersistan shore. After a round of golf i headed to get some beer and drinks for the wife. Stopped by a liquor store, noone in the place from the shoppers to the workers were diapered. But they were cleared out of some of my favorite beer so i was taking my time looking for something else. In walks mom and teenaged(maybe 20) daughter, both in full kabuki gear, mom was doubled up on the diapers. I finish my shopping and go to pay. Them not far behind me. As i’m closing out my sale i hear the other cashier ask the diapered duo for id. The mom goes to hand it to her but the daughter naturally has non. Mom says its ok i’m paying for it. BUT the daughter handled the alchohol and they have it on video, no id for the daughter no alcohol for both of them. The mom was in shock, i guess under those 2 diapers and kept saying so you won’t sell this to me. Cashier was adamant that it was a no go and i’m chuckling as i walk out of the door. They left seconds later with no booze. I seriously doubt it will sink in with this double diapered freaks that they were being subjected to the same type of arbitrary rules us non-diaper wearers were facing the last 18 months. Btw they drove away still wearing their diapers.

  25. Eric, like the fact that you added birthday pictures of the former president in your article… i couldn’t think of a moment more like the stories you read before revolution, where the elite were so detached and blatant that they didnt realise how pissed off people are…. many here who missed weddings, funerals, last moments together, etc because of this con….. yet those at the top dont even care anymore to hide… like when the former Latino bartender puts on a mask just for a photo, when im sure she’s full aware cameras are always rolling, and many saw here before and after without the mask….

    infact open the daily mail, look at the sidebar, and you see that for the past 18 months through this “deadly pandemic” our overlords have carried on as always travelling to exotic places, on yachts, on the beach…. partying….

    the funniest is how our “global warming minister” the head of CON27 (i think thats what its called) got caught flying to 30 countries over the past 7 months…. and no need to quarantine !!!

    If people dont wake up now i have no idea when they will…

    • There is something to this. As if the elites know masks and distancing aren’t required.

      From Newsome’s dinner to Obama’s birthday, they continuously get caught not observing the very rules they claim to support.

      Do they have nothing for which to live? or are they superhuman? or do they have some knowledge of fact from which the rest of us is hidden?

      Seems a lot like a frat initiation where everyone laughs as they make the pledges go through ridiculous shenanigans for their own amusement.

  26. So many lies and contradictions – I think this is why many people just check out on autopilot mentally. Too much work to sort through it, easier to go along and get along (or so they think) – but the rubber is meeting the road with the jabs so people are forced to think it through.

    Latest for me – if the PCR “test” doesn’t indicate illness (I know it doesn’t), how do they know when someone has the “Delta variant”?

    Two teenagers (masked up) were behind me in line yesterday, and the topic of their conversation was almost exclusively rona and the con-jab. I was so irritated at their loud remarks and thinly veiled put-downs of those of us who can think for ourselves, that I was tempted to turn around and correct all their faulty assumptions. But at this point, it seems to be casting pearls before swine.

    On a more positive note, the longtime friend whose mom passed earlier this year and held a masked up funeral for her (I was unavailable to attend, mercifully) is starting to see the light. Resisting the con-jab, questioning why only those jabbed seem to be suffering physical problems. Knows no one (neither do I) who has “died from co[n]vid”, except perhaps someone’s aunt’s friend of friend.

    Finally, making a breakthrough. It has been a long road.

    • One might point out to them that they aren’t wearing a proper mask unless its N95 or better, and that it must be properly fitted to work.
      “Is that an N95 mask?”
      “I don’t know”
      “Then it serves no purpose, unless it is, and is fitted properly.

      • Hi John,
        N-95 respirators don’t work either. It’s not what they are designed for. I’m sure you’re aware of the randomized controlled trials showing no difference in respiratory virus transmission with surgical masks, N-95 respirators, and nothing at all. This was not controversial until it was dragged into the sewer of politics in 2020.
        We should not concede one inch on this. These disgusting things do not work, period. Anything with holes big enough to allow the wearer to breathe cannot stop a virus so tiny. In fact there are mechanistic explanations to support the possibility that they make transmission more likely by nebulizing the spit that builds up inside them so it can float around in the air for hours for others to inhale.

  27. Received news a few days ago that a formerly healthy early 70s years old woman, a long time family friend, was suffering from autoimmune disorders and blood clots. Upon inquiry, why yes, this somewhat leftish true believer in the Corona Cult was recently fully vaxxed.

    • Horrible news, Zek –

      Unlike the people pushing Needles on you and me, I actually feel bad about the people duped into Needling themselves. One of these is a neighbor lady – a nice old lady – I’ve been friends with for years. I am hoping it doesn’t accelerate her demise. And I wish these people would stop pressuring others to make the choice we don’t deny them.

      • A big difference between “you should wear a mask”, and a gun held to someone’s head and “you will wear the mask, or else”. Same with vaccines. People refuse to make the connection between rules, regulations, laws, etc. and goons with guns held to your head.

        • Exactly, John –

          People have a right to choose their own course, absent any reason (facts) to suppose their course has harmed others. I decided not to have surgery for my shoulder; I took “crunchy” supplements instead. My choice. If my choice harms me, that is my business. No one else’s. I would never presume to tell someone else – to threaten someone else – to have (or not have) surgery. Or to taker (or not take) “crunchy” supplements.

          But these SOBs insist others must Diaper. And be Jabbed. Not because my or your failing to wear a Diaper or be Needled harms them. B ut because of their pathologically neurotic fear that it might.

          They are unable to see the pathological nature of such a demand. It is no more morally compelling than a pathological demand I might make that they wear a literal Diaper to assuage my fear that they might shit themselves and “spread disease” that way.

          • Rhetorical question of the day: If a vaccine protects the one jabbed, why do they need to worry about whether or not someone else is jabbed?

            • Hi Anon,

              Of course; indeed. It is the same question I and others posed last year regarding Face Diapers. If wearing one “keeps you safe” then why are you worried about my not wearing one?

            • Anon, that question is all the more pertinent now that even vaccine proponents admit that it only makes the symptoms less severe.
              What business is it of anybody that I choose not to take a drug that only lessens my own discomfort and chances of dying?

              • Yes, TPTB and their muppets respond to your question, by saying in effect, “So what are you gonna do about it?!”

            • Vaccines only work if everyone takes them!

              More seriously though, vaccination is an occult type practice or ritual that protects the tribe from invisible demons that may bring harm to the tribe. Anyone who does not participate in the ritual might bring harm to the tribe and therefore should be cast out into the wilderness. It’s an archetype that resonates with many people’s deep subconscious need to belong and conform.

              It’s almost like a form of witchcraft.
              Obey the medicine man.


          • I suppose it may take a series of executions by firing squad to make them understand that the threat of murder is behind every act of government force.

    • A very good friend of mine in excellent physical health finally succumbed to social pressure to get the jab. He got the single-dose J&J, which I understand is not an mRNA substance, but rather a weakened corona virus purported to be similar to the dreaded covid. Within 5 days he was bedridden with a flu-like sickness and has remained very sick for the past 8 days. He went to his doctor and was told he has covid. In the weeks leading up to it I pleaded with him not to do it.

      • Technical but important point: J&J is not a conventional “attenuated virus” concoction, but rather an “adenovirus vector” meaning (supposedly) a “harmless” cold virus has its own genetic “guts” scooped out (somehow) and replaced with a “DNA plasmid” that encodes for the “Spike Protein”. This DNA is then said to hijack the recipient’s genetic works to generate endogenous RNA which then constructs the “Spike” protein out of the amino-acid soup.

        In other words, J&J is said to operate on a similar gene-therapy principle as the mRNA Stabs, but with even more Rube-Goldberg steps in the wacky, unlikely process.

        • Will these unnatural genetic abnormalities be passed on to the next generation? Assuming infertility is not an issue.

          If so, they have already won.

          A dating man in the future may have to inquire whether or not his prospective future bearer of his children is “au naturale”.

  28. ‘Oz revealed is a desperate Oz’ — EP

    Fauci Fubar:

    ‘Children under 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine, so the adults around them must be their protection, Fauci said.’ — USA Today

    Uh … whut? With millions of kids rubbing shoulders in school together, that’s about as sensible as sterilizing seniors in a bid to stop teen pregnancy.

    It just ain’t gonna work.

    But wait, there’s more … from the most-vaxxed country on earth, Israel. More than 85% of Israeli adults have received both Pfizer doses.

    By June 18, 2021, Israel might have declared victory over covid: its case rate of 1.92 daily cases per million people was eighteen times (18X) lower than the US.

    But then the mirage vanished. By August 6th, Israel’s daily case rate rocketed past the US rate to 359 per million, approaching the rate in the UK (both highly vaxxed nations as well). Chart:


    An ugly possibility suggests itself: that vaccination merely time-shifted (‘flattened the curve’) and age-shifted (from older to younger cohorts) covid cases, without affecting the cumulative disease toll at all.


    • Hi Jim,

      There is another – uglier – possibility. One I have trouble grappling with, for the same reason I have trouble grappling with all of this. My not being a psychopath, that is. But what if the “vaccine” is making people sick? Or making them vulnerable to sickness? All I know, for sure, is that I am not sick and do not intend to take medicine – if that is what it is – for a sickness I have not got that does not present a meaningful threat, as I am not old or obese.

      • Also there’s the vaccine’s effect on the virus itself: evolutionary selection pressure is indisputable. Vaccinate old folks first, then the virus mutates (for its own survival) to go after younger folks … and to evade the vaccine.

        Dr Fauci = Dr Mengele

      • The more likely scenario is that the vaccine just doesn’t work. Occasionally we see some sponsored content (sorry, I mean news story) about how mRNA vaccines have been in development for years, which is probably true. But just like New Coke, no one cares about how long the lab took to cook the stuff. If it tastes terrible no one will drink it. If mRNA vaccines didn’t work for years, why would they suddenly work now?

        Pfizer/BioNtech probably knew these things were sketchy at best but figured they could recoup some of their research dollars by rolling the dice. And Trump, being ill-informed and unpopular with the bureaucrats was the perfect patsy to be played. By promoting the mRNA vaccines as the solution, and getting Trump’s “art of the deal” prepay for full coverage before the product even existed, Pfizer could turn that financial loss into a big win for everyone. And hey, it will probably help for people who aren’t really at risk of death from the chest cold anyway.

        • Your comments don’t explain the big picture, starting with Event 201.

          We’re way past plausible deniability, politics, or a profit motive.

        • The virus is taking it’s natural course; more infectious, less lethal. As it weakens into something that no longer threatens to kill you, the “Science Guy” will tell us that it was all of the interventions that did the trick.

        • mRNA vaccine research has been ongoing for years. Years of ultimately failure. Suddenly there’s a pandemic and they are successful.

          • Not to mention that there has never been a successful corona virus vaccine of any kind. Why? Because they mutate to often. Just like this one is.

      • The vaccine is making people sick and causing the increase in variants. Unfortunately, this news has not made it to this side of the Atlantic. Not only have cases in Israel skyrocketed, but Gibraltar (99% vaccinated) and Iceland (90% vaccinated).

        A family member just tested positive (non jabbed) this past week….don’t why she got tested, all it does is increase the head count and panic, but she is at home eating chicken noodle soup, drinking electrolytes, and bingeing on Netflix.

        In addition, my teenager returned from a week long trip to Grandma’s house with a fever, a sore throat, a funny feeling in her chest, and a heart rate of 140. I immediately drugged her up on licorice root, elderberry, vitamin D, and Tylenol. It took 12 hours, but the fever broke and her heart rate is hovering near a 100 (still a bit high, but manageable), the chest pain is gone, and her throat is better. I am still making her drink a cup of licorice root tea daily (which she hates), and the vitamin D and elderberry will be taken daily for the next week to make sure the infection is gone. I am not getting her tested, because it doesn’t really matter what she has, just that she improves.

        Eight hundred million viruses fall into the Earth’s atmosphere daily so we are all going to catch something. I think the most important thing is when one is feeling ill nip it in the bud early so it does not replicate and leave the host worst off or hospitalized.

        • Hi RG,

          Amen. And: I have mentioned this previously, but whenever I begin to feel schnotty or incipiently sick, I go for a 5 mile run. This almost always cures me. I suspect because it elevates my core temperature – as a fever does – and kills whatever bugs are trying to gain a toehold.

          Related: One of the aspects of this psychosis over sickness is that – in my experience – the most psychotic are the least healthy; they are typically overweight, eat shit food and do not exercise. These people – who cannot be bothered to lose the extra 50 pounds they are carting around or stop eating fast food everyday – point their fingers at people like me, who take care of their health and so are healthy and so rarely get sick and when we do, don’t get very sick.

          • Hi Eric,

            In watching this psych op it doesn’t seem to me to be any physical attributes that sticks out. I have seen just as many skinny Karens in their black leggings and carts full of Whole Foods, as well, as good ol boys from the backwoods with gators covering their mouth and noses, as I have seen of the chubby.

            Personally, I believe it is one personality dysfunction that they all share….they are weak minded. They have so little confidence in themselves and their ability to seek reason or truth.

            This is where the unpopular and picked upon in high school will come out ahead. We have experience on being ostracized from the crowd so it doesn’t bother us as much. The weird among us lost ourselves in music, books, cooking, electronics, etc. because the rest of the world didn’t understand us so we formed our own escapes. We are stronger than they are and we will survive this. They will not.

            • Although I haven’t been on BootFace in years, I still recall one of the most vapid and alarming comments I have ever seen, from a peaked-in-high-school former cheerleader, married to a now overweight former jock: “I would rather my kids be on drugs than be in the marching band!”

              Maybe that would have elicited hoots from this creature’s posse back in the day, but it deserved hoots of derision when she is now 30+ years older.

              Unfortunately, this pathetic excuse for a parent is all-too-prevalent on BootFace, so I took my leave years ago, and never looked back.

              Glad I wasn’t in the “in” crowd.

              • Hi Anonymous,

                I don’t communicate with anyone from high school (other than hubby) and I can’t say I am upset about it. I had nothing in common with them then I expect I would have even less in common with them now.

                • Indeed. Several years ago, my former wife asked me why I didn’t go to my HS reunion. I said “If I wanted contact with those people I would have maintained it.”

                  • Same here, John. This year would have been my 25th HS reunion.

                    The Plandemic terrified the reunion committee so much they chose not to hold one….drats! 😜

                  • I still have 2 best friends I made friends with in 1991 in HS.

                    The only tie that binds us is that we met in HS. None of us give a crap about HS, talk about HS, or care about anyone from HS. All the best stuff happened after HS.

                    • I did not word that right, I would say that it would seem the tie that binds us is HS but it is not.

                      Sorry for any confusion. Better proof reading on my part would go a long ways.

              • I was in marching band in HS and do not regret it.

                Back in the early 90s when I was in HS, we were out practicing during school. It got back to me that someone made a dumb comment like you mention as well towards band members, but the most beautiful girl in school whom dated a “star” football player, and sat next to me in homeroom, said ‘at least they win their competitions’. To which the class laughed. We brought home the trophies. Our football team only could ever manage to win 2 games per season per year in HS.

                She’s the only person I do not keep in touch with from HS that I hope it all worked out for her. She was as beautiful inside as she was outside.

                • There is power and freedom in knowing at an early age that each of us is responsible for our own choices and happiness. This knowledge brings with it peace and contentment, no matter life’s circumstances, and serves one well when faced with real challenges in life, beyond HS drama and cliques. Some people never “graduate” from the HS mentality, some never had it in the first place. I identify with the latter. It has helped me immensely in coping during the past 18 months.

            • I think it’s a spiritual problem. Adults with the minds of teenagers. Living their entire lives bouncing from one pleasure or distraction to another. Never sitting and pondering their own mortality for more than a minute and coming to grips with the fact that it’s inevitable. Death awaits us all. Even the vampiric psychos behind the curtain can’t escape it. Take away the fear of death and the whole operation collapses.

              • Fear of death is a good thing. It keeps you from wandering around in traffic without looking. However, one should not let it, or any other fear, dominate ones life. Then you become like a prey animal. Running and hiding every time you see something move. Which for a human being is just a slightly milder form of death.

        • I remember back in March or early April watching March Madness. My team, Oklahoma, was in and their top player was out as he tested positive for ‘it’. I distinctly remember the announcers saying that this player was stuck in his hotel room and he felt like he was letting his team down because ‘even though he didn’t feel sick, he couldn’t be out there.’ He was not sick. He did not feel sick. Yet he tested positive (and it was probably a false positive or antibodies) and couldn’t play. He probably never got sick a few days later.

          I only bring this up because you said a family member tested positive for ‘it’ and is bingeing netflix. Is she actually sick at all? I hear of lots of MLB players testing positive, yet no one states how they are feeling. And I bet these players dare not say they seem 100% fine like Oklahoma’s player did.

          • Hi Andrew,

            Yes, she has symptoms and doesn’t feel well, but it is more flu like….a general blah feeling, weak, achy, a small fever, etc.

            Honestly, it may very well be the flu, based on what I have read the PCR tests can’t tell the difference.

        • Raider,

          A consistent heart rate of 140 is scary. I don’t know if that’s even a symptom of the ‘Rona, except were she low on oxygen. Maybe just scared. Glad she’s improving, though!

          Also: “Eight hundred million viruses fall into the Earth’s atmosphere daily…”?

          Like, from space? Now THAT’s truly frightening. Did not know that.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            Her oxygen levels have been consistent varying between 98 and 99. The heart rate was a huge concern for me, but I was able to decrease it about 10 bpm by having her do breathing techniques. Since the fever broke yesterday she is hovering between 98 bpm and 115 bpm. Still too high, but she is a teenager and they tend to have higher pulses, whereas an adult anything over 100 is bad. My guess is she still has a bit of infection so I am watching if she worsens. Her appetite is good and she has been up and about and says she doesn’t have any pain except a sore throat that comes and goes.

              • Great article, BaDnOn. I knew it was beneficial in decreasing symptoms in influenza and Covid, but was not aware that it seems to cure everything. 😉

                I swear by licorice root. In my household we have it in tea form, but it can also be taken by droplets.

                I came across it in January 2020 when reading Chinese studies on SARS-1.

                Right now I am reading “Herbal Antivirals, Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections” by Stephen Harrod Buhner.

                It is very informative although at times I have to reread certain portions since some of the biology is over my head.

        • The vast majority of people seem to have compartmentalized thought. Any thought which breaks through the compartments is rejected.

          For instance, remind a covidian about evolutionary pressure. Which puts pressure on a virus to evolve? Vaccinated hosts or unvaccinated? Of course traditional vaccines kill the virus leaving little time to evolve but these mRNA and J&J vaccines are leaky, leaving time to evolve. This will be rejected even though covidians will believe in evolution.

          Of course what is happening was predictable and was predicted.

      • Well, I am old, and I’m still not going along. I’d rather die, than kneel to the sociopaths. The “vaccines” could be perfectly safe, and demonstrably so, and I would still refuse one because I will not submit to that implied, if not actual force. I am indeed a contrarian, anytime any party attempts to force me to do anything. Force against your fellow man is evil. Whether it please you or not. Whether it serves you or not. Whether it appears “rational” or not. It is the threat of death, as in murder, if you refuse to abide that force. If you support it, you are an accomplice. To murder.

        • Amen, John –

          It’s the principle that matters. This idea of self-ownership. It’s my body. No one else’s fear establishes a claim upon it. After all, if they can make me accept being injected because I might get them sick, then they can make me wear handcuffs, too – since my fists might just land upon their faces.

    • Hi Jim,

      This business of insisting that kids be injected really sets off my radar; it causes me to think there is something very malignant behind all of this. There is no other good explanation – at least, none that occurs to me. If anyone else has one I would be grateful to hear it.

      • Everone they force to get a vaccine is one less person who will fight against the vaccine passport they want to roll out, and have already rolled out in Germany, where you soon can’t go to the grocery store without a passport.

        Once they have compliance with the vaccine passport they can make arbitrary rules that will lock people out of life. They will own you.

        • There’s another line in the sand they dare not cross against me. “CAN”T” go to the grocery store? Stand over there and watch. If it takes a pair of 12 gauge shotguns, I will go to the grocery store, and if things get that ugly, I might be able to solicit some accomplices before I get there. Throw a few hundred at the register on the way out. I’m NOT a thief.

      • Who and why? Chicoms? They’re going to kill their best customer (and R&D lab)? The Jews? So then why vaccinate all of Israel? The CIA? They need us to keep them in clover, because dead people don’t pay taxes or take heroin. Democrats? They’re the ones getting the jab!

        This is all about bad regulation and not reading the fine print coming back to bite everyone. Insurance companies aren’t going to pay out if there’s a pandemic, so companies are on the hook for any “harm” caused while the population does business with them. The CDC’s “guidance,” as bad as it is, is better than nothing and exposing yourself to lawsuits.

        “We’re just following the guidelines from the CDC, so if you don’t like the rules, take it up with the CDC.”

        Now the CDC probably wants to be the hero in this B movie, and all their Harvard School of Medicine training says that Herd Immunity can be accelerated by vaccination, so that’s the plan. Doesn’t matter that the vaccine isn’t all that great, just get it out there. Doesn’t matter that they’re heavily influenced by Pharma and their own bias, just press on. And I’m fairly certain they view us as marching morons who don’t listen to them (obesity), so when their experiment is a failure, instead of admitting they don’t know either, they double down and blame the test subjects. Or at least that’s been the game plan Fauxchi’s been following for the last year and a half. And what if the solution is to do nothing and let it run its course? Then what? Government is really bad at doing nothing, doctors are even worse at it. Government doctors aren’t going to sit back and let “people die!” when they can do SOMETHING! and maybe take credit for a recovery.

        Meanwhile this failed screenwriter knows that the real hero is always the outsider who knows that the cheap “horse medicine” is the real cure, if only he could get people to listen. Unfortunately I don’t think the third act will come soon enough.

        • “This is all about bad regulation and not reading the fine print coming back to bite everyone. Insurance companies aren’t going to pay out if there’s a pandemic, so companies are on the hook for any “harm” caused while the population does business with them. The CDC’s “guidance,” as bad as it is, is better than nothing and exposing yourself to lawsuits.”

          You hit the nail on the head. Methinks that businesses’ mask mandates have more to do with the fact that if someone gets sick while shopping there or working there, they might have lawsuits on their hands. And then these lawsuits could be dismissed on the grounds that the business had a mask mandate, so too bad for you. And if you weren’t wearing a mask, then really too bad for you, because you didn’t wear one when you were supposed to.

      • Likewise, I consider this to be the most abhorrent aspect of this circus. To inflict risk upon children who are under little to no risk from the virus, to “protect” them from the virus is off the reservation pure evil. More children have died from the vaccine than from the virus. As I’ve said before, this is child sacrifice to the Pharma gods. The logic, facts, reasoning regarding masking is little different. A child is NOT going to keep their mask well fitted, period. So what’s the point of insisting they wear them, since adults don’t wear a proper mask, AND don’t bother with a proper fit. The ONLY thing a mask is good for is a symbol of your submission. Good slaves wear masks, bad free people don’t.

      • ‘Moderna aims to enroll 6,750 younger children in the United States and Canada in the KidCOVE study, Moderna said this month in a news release.

        ‘Children 6 months to 1 year will be given two vaccine doses of 25, 50, or 100 micrograms 28 days apart. Children 2 to 11 years will receive 50 or 100 micrograms 28 days apart.’


        Where does Moderna recruit these forlorn waifs for medical experiments — orphanages? Child welfare offices? Refugee camps?

        We seem to have a Nuremberg-level ethical problem.

        Hey, hey, Uncle Joe
        How many kids did you kill slo-mo?

        • Although I’m sure there are still many “parents” who will willingly sacrifice their children’s well-being on the altar of the gods of scientism, I would hazard a guess that many of the poor little ones who will be abused in this scenario are those already in vulnerable situations, such as you describe above.

          Foster kids are probably near the top of the list. May God protect them.

            • This is my fear. I have to worry that the powers that be will declare any parent who refuses the jab for thier kids as negligent and order cps to steal all those children from their parents so that the state can keep them safe.

      • The children are being conditioned to an existence where compulsory shots are frequent and routine…and they will make you sick.

        The sickness will not necessarily be the intent, but will be an inevitable side-effect of the progressively heavier tech that is going to be injected into the kids as nano-bio-surveillance mechanisms that will link their bodies to the spatial web, and link them to the Hive Mind. Their blockchain ledgers will be woven into their very flesh, ensuring unwavering compliance with every diktat of the Machine and Its nefarious human enablers in the Technocratic Management Class. (To put it brutally, decline to suck dick on command, get your credit-chip disabled, and starve.) Eventually, these kids’ bodies will be so integrated with digital technology, that it will be impossible to tell where the organism stops and the Machine begins.

        The Strangeloves even have a name for this Frankensteinian future: Bio-Digital Convergence. (It’s not hidden: https://www.corbettreport.com/biodigital-convergence-bombshell-document-reveals-the-true-agenda/ )

        This Convergence can only be achieved once humans are acclimated to never-ending, successive injections, without question or qualm. The kids have to be “groomed” now to understand that the cycles of shots-and-sickness are just a part of life.


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