Diaper Report 4/2/21

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Why do so many – practically everybody, in many areas – Diaper?

Even in the absence of “mandates”? Even when the “mandates” aren’t enforced – at least, not by anything more threatening than a sign?

Apparently, for some of the Diapered, the rag is donned in order to “make other people feel better.” Not because they think that wearing the outward symbol of the Sickness Cult will prevent them from getting sick – or even because they are worried about getting sick.

Rather, they Diaper up to “make other people feel better.”

The people who believe there is a highly dangerous virus circulating in the air, everywhere – and that if they catch it, they are likely to die, notwithstanding the fact that 99.8-something percent do not.

The ones who wear a Diaper when alone, in their car. Who wear it outside. Who wear it twice, everywhere.

The hysterical people, in other words.

The people suffering from the late-stage effects of weaponized hypochondria; the people who are severely afflicted by mental illness over a physical illness the actual threat of which is so slight that to be terrified of it is very much akin to a child’s fear of the Bogeyman.

These people are terrified when they see an Undiapered face.

But is it a kind idea to encourage such fears – in adults? To “make them feel better,” by pretending you share their fear and that the fear is legitimate – and thus, all the associated performance theater vitally necessary?

This to include the obviously predictable because logically inevitable mass jabs with a substance that may or may not cause more harm that it is claimed will salve – and pariah-treatment via “vaccine passports” and such of those who decline for altogether reasonable reasons, such as their being quite healthy, thanks – and who prefer to not put their actual health at actual risk for the sake of other people’s fears.

A woman I met while shopping – showing my face, of course – thinks so without realizing so.

I tried my best to explain.

While feeding filthy, disease-laden dollars into the self-checkout machine at the local supermarket I purposely visit every day to make a point of showing my face in defiance of both signs on doors as well as my own immunity to weaponized hypochondria, I heard someone call my name. Then I saw her face – that of the woman I know, who had her Diaper down just enough so that I could see (and understand) who was talking to me.

I was appalled to see her Diapered.

Because it was more than just her Diaper. I know her – and I know she does not believe in the tenets of the Sickness Cult, that death is in the air and that she would be contributing to it by not wearing a Diaper over her face.

We have discussed it.

I was even more appalled – depressed – by the sight of her two young kids, also Diapered. When she and they approached me, the first thing out of my uncovered mouth was, directly – Why are you wearing that stupid thing?

And then I heard the words.

“To make other people feel better.”

I was blunt, since this woman is a friend of mine. “Who cares about their feelings,” I told her. “You are enabling a vicious, evil lie.” I urged her to stop wearing the symbol of that, to stop pretending that she is terrified of something she isn’t terrified of because “other people” are terrified of it.

I then eye-motioned to her two kids and said, “for their sake.”

We hugged and she departed.

I felt sick for the rest of the day. Sick to the core of my spirit about the way good people like this woman, who is kind and generous to a fault, have had their compassion for others twisted to serve a purpose so evil it smolders with mephitic acridity: The perpetuation and inculcation of mass hysteria, for the purpose of mass control. The systematic destruction of people’s peace of mind, of children’s minds. The engineered crippling of the soul of an entire nation by creatures – like Pope Fauci XVII – so despicable it beggars descriptive power.

It’s one small ask – where a mask!


It’s not a small thing to pressure physically and psychologically healthy people to wear a “mask” over their faces. To make them feel bad for not wearing the disgusting thing. On account of how “other people feel.”

It is an outrageous affront to reality, first of all. And with it, an assault on human dignity. Pressuring a healthy person to wear a “mask” is no different than pressuring a continent person to wear a literal Diaper. To wear it is to assume the pose of incontinence. For a person who isn’t incontinent, this is a humiliation.

Which, of course, is part of the reason for the pressure to Face Diaper.

The other – bigger – reason for the Diaper Pressure is to alter the appearance of reality, in order to confect a visual of unreality – of masking as a necessity. When all you see are Diapers rather than faces it looks like there is reason for the Diapering.

Everyone else is doing it.

Won’t you go along, for fellowship?

The words are Thomas Bolt’s from his play, A Man for All Seasons – spoken by the Duke of Norfolk to his refusenik friend, Thomas More. The reply is more or less the same, more elegantly said, than mine to the old friend I met at the store:

“And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?”

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  1. A little hope in Scottsdale AZ. A full service national chain gymhere doesnt require masks. Most of the dolts still wear one but a fair number dont and no one bothers you about it either way. And the saunas open yay. No mask of course.

  2. The diaperers we are supposed to coddle are mentally ill in more than one way. First, of course, they have a phobia, i.e., an irrational fear of a bug that has killed only thirty one-thousandths of one percent of the world’s population (even using the fearmongers’ inflated numbers).
    Second, they believe in magic. With very little effort, one can find chart after chart after chart showing they have no beneficial effect:

    • I’ve been re-reading my Bastiat today so bear with me. The following quote jumped out at me with respect to the amazing information in those tweets. Especially the crazy 180s the CDC is doing with its pronunciamentos.

      From The Law:

      That henceforth science be taught not only with sole reference to free exchange (to liberty, property, and justice), as has been the case up to present time, but also, and especially, with reference to the facts and legislation (contrary to liberty, property, and justice) which regulate French industry. That, in public pulpits salaried by the treasury, the professor abstain rigorously from endangering in the slightest degree the respect due to the laws now in force.

          • LOL! My uncle used to do that when he was a kid- They lived next-door to a sin-O’-Gog. He was the Shabbos goy…. Fittingly enough…he grew up to become an electrician!

            [Three rounds of Johnny Cash singin’ I Saw The Light!]

  3. women are soft minded and have much more of a herd mentality but alas guys are doing the damndest to catch up. no point in discussing facts are logic with a woman. To them all their decisions are all based on their FEEEEELINGS. They are good at having and putting up with young kids though. And theyre nice and soft and squishy,

      • I wish more women would think of themselves of Play-doh…. Maybe they’d be more careful not to contaminate the colors! 🙂

    • That is why the state has had a hard-on for effeminizing boys. Create a bunch of drug-neutered metrosexuals men-children who are content to play video games all day, and live by their feelings and never think that anyone might ever be subordinate to them, and you have a society of dependent easily manipulated children in adult bodies.

  4. The “everyone is doing it” mantra brings back memories of wisdom my mother imparted decades ago when I used that as an excuse for stupid behavior – “so if everyone jumps off a bridge are you going to jump off a bridge?”

  5. Man Eric – so pissed offf you cant imagine. The fucking government here in the UK expanded the “red” list of countries where you cant travel to without a 2 week government quarantine when you return. One which YOU pay 2K for (unlike when you commit a real crime the taxpayer has to pay for your internment). That list now includes Pakistan – a country where out of about 250m people about 13K have died from the rona. More people probably died there crossing the road in 1 year, or from getting a bad case of the shits……

    But it is interesting it really clarifies a point ive been making for some time -this is solely to create a climate of fear. All the countries where people from Britain are travelling to and realising life carries on as normal despite the flu are being put on this “red list”. First it was places like Brazil with the Brazilian variant. Where people were jam packed on beaches and in bars without bodies piling up. Then there were places like Dubai and Qatar where a bunch of british social media celebrities were out taking pictures partying like its 2019. If you’ve been to Dubai you may know its so clean and sterile ants and bugs dont walk on the ground there. And anyhow most of the country is vaccinated anyways – but they are on a red list. Now places like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Despite having a much lower case rate than most of western Europe (whatever thats worth). Only crime – these countries people carried on life as normal. Recently there was a hit job of people in Pakistan attending wedding parties and well doing what they do as normal – not a mask in sight…. so what does the gov do – despite very low cases, they go not he “red list”…. if there was any reason this was NOTHING to do with science….

    • Notice how every country that didn’t impose draconian restrictions is on the naughty list. Constantly referred to as doing poorly even though these places always have the better numbers than areas that lock down. In actuality, the numbers are probably similar everywhere, it’s just that the areas with totalitarian fear mongers are the same ones counting people who fall off latters as covid deaths.

  6. Man’s social nature is his greatest weakness, and having to share a society with these jellyfish is like being handcuffed to a dead zebra.

  7. Eric, that is one pretty parking lot. I wish that our corporate consumer product providers had planted one single tree in their parking lots here in WNC.

      • Trip to town has shown me all is lost here. Most have moronic cartoons or sports team logo masks. Simple blues have just about disappeared. Masks are now considered normal and a way to accessorize.

        I guarantee, these fucking retards will fight to keep wearing the masks if told they are not allowed to anymore. They love them.

        • Anonymous,

          “ I feel that if this vaccine is really poison, then I hope for the people who blindly embraced it to start dropping like flies.”

          And I’m sure they will be proud to drop like flies.

        • I am so, so sick of seeing all of these fools with these ridiculous face uniforms, proudly displaying their ignorance, complicity, conformity, and abhorrence of autonomy, that I too will not shed a tear if and when they start dropping like flies. Dare I say, I might even chuckle and take some comfort in it. These creatures are not really human- and will be even less so after they take their injections. I view them as bugs. Not even nice bugs, like butterflies or ladybugs….but m,ore like wasps or roaches.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            I’ve had several people I know casually tell me they got the Needle. It appalls me. I ask them: Do you have any idea what they injected you with? I mean, other than what they have told you? Do you know that whatever it is has not been tested on humans; that you are the test? That no one knows what the effects of this will be, long term? That it is experimental and may prove a greater actual risk than the threat of death presented by the ‘Rona?

            They sigh and say they just want to return to “normal.”

            • Hey Ya Eric!
              Inconvenience is proving to be a far deadlier weapon than bullets of bombs! People will do ANYTHING to avoid it- even risking their own lives and those of their children.
              I have a relative- an ardent Trump supporter [Still!] who despite already having had the flu once already, got ‘the first jab’, and is on the fence about the second.
              Wait…isn’t she supposed to be immune already from having had the ‘Rona already? And even if not…the fact that she got over the flu without incident in c. a week, you would think would be enough for her to rather chance getting it again, than taking some mystery injection brought to you by Uncle and Big Pharma!
              And she knows several people who have gotten the shot and who have suffered adverse effects from it, from getting a dangerously high fever and all of the ‘Rona symptons, to a co-worker getting sick and never returning to work.
              But she’s still on the fence….. And at this point, I’m sick of it, and am not even trying to discourage these people- They are adults- supposedly- and I guess it’s time to just let people do what they’re gonna do and live with the consequences of their own choices. Enough! If they haven’t ‘gotten it’ by now, they likely never will.
              Sad thing is, some of these people have moments of clarity and reason….but they watch that damn TV…..and they just can not overcome that hypnotism.

            • I haven’t been able to get the wife and daughters to not wear the mark of the beast, but at least I seem to have succeeded in keeping them from taking the genetic mod. Baby steps and small victories are better than the alternatives.

  8. It certainly doesn’t appear to be fear which drives most to face diaper up. While waiting in a grocery store parking lot I watched as the pod people came in and out. In a state with no mandate, only a penalty-free county dictate, here’s what I saw:
    A twenty-something young man walked out wearing his face diaper all the way to his car while carrying a bundle of frilly wrapped flowers. That’s Not the actions of a fearful person.
    A middle aged couple strolled out wearing colorful and vibrant designer matching face diapers. That’s Not the actions of fearful people.
    A pair of thirty-something working class dudes walked in together, one had on a face diaper, the other did not. They came out with beer and a bag of snacks, talking together as if they were full of pride. That’s Not the actions of people who are fearful.
    Fearful – is the neighbor lady who hasn’t left her house in a year – yet she is fully able.
    Have any of you seen video of numerous people going to the grocery store while wearing a real N.B.C. suit? That would be an act motivated by fear.
    What seems to drive most to face diaper up is conditioning and brainwashing. If they were told to wear the bird beak masks with aroma sources inside them such as the ones ‘doctors’ wore in the 1800’s to ward off sickness, they would do it.

    On the plus side, like others have mentioned, I saw more noses poking out, and chin support bras, than ever before.

  9. We just sneer at all the Trump Country; conservative, Christian, 2A holy rollers in Appalachia WNC donning their Covid Burqas. Convictions as thick as a Trojan condom. Harsh? Not harsh enough.

    • I agree, Ross –

      I find the “conservatives” who Diaper – and worse, endorse Needling such Ben Shapiro – beneath contempt, as you say. They either do not understand what liberty means or they despise it.

      I first came to a reckoning with this back in the Tea Party days, when I attended an event and got the stink eye for disparaging Social Security and “the schools.” I realized then that these types are worse than Leftists, who at least practice what they preach.

      • Hey Eric,
        What I remember about the Tea Party asshats is all the fatties riding around in their Medicare-paid-for scooter chairs while decrying socialized medicine 😆. Cognitive dissonance much?

        • My thoughts exactly, Mike!

          I always remember them chanting “Medicare for Americans!”.

          And they were the more conservative Conservatives! I might be conservative by the traditional definition of the word…but what they call Conservatives today are just the slightly conservative branch of liberalism…..

          I remember responding to an ad for a vehicle on Gregslist[sic] back in the Tea Party days, and the dopey woman seller was a Tea Partier and put me on her mailing list. She was encouraging everyone to not pay their debts and run up even more, because “the crash is coming, so just don’t pay, and there will be nothing they can do”. I couldn’t help but think “How is this any different than typical white-trash welfare scum?”.

  10. Eric,

    As an aside, I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t publish the article I expected yesterday.

    That would be an article in which you descanted jubilantly about having turned your Trans-Am in for a Nissan Leaf, and having seen the light, you had happily doubly and then triply masked on your way to visit as many vaccine dispensation sites as possible. Perhaps your Leaf’s batteries ran low, and you rejoiced that it gave you a chance to take a 20 minute break at a “quick-charge” station, where you reenacted the Sound of Music, whirling like a dervish, singing the praises of the New Pope, Fauci XVII.

    Oh well, there’s always next year.

  11. “I wear it for others”, or “I’m not a confrontational person”


    “I’m actually a pussy with zero self-esteem or respect. There’s NO LIMIT to the debasement I will subject myself to if I think it will protect me from mean looks or maybe a muffled insult.”

  12. I donned a face diaper for the first time yesterday. My wife woke up with crushing chest pains at 3:00 Thursday morning. First thought: heart attack. Then 911 call. EMTs arrive and transport her to the hospital. I follow a few minutes later and realize that the hospital will not allow me to see her without a diaper on my mug. Luckily, I had one in a ziplock bag in the pickup as an in-case-of-emergency measure.

    I don’t see how people keep those things on for more than 5 minutes at a time. While sitting in the waiting area at the ER, I had to keep lifting it away from my face. When my wife was taken to a room, I was allowed back to stay with her. I immediately removed the damned thing and put it back on only for my much later trek back out of the building.

    Two items of good news can be related. First, it wasn’t a heart attack, but some esophageal anomaly that was likely caused by her hiatal hernia. She was allowed to come home after about 16 hours in the hospital and is feeling pretty good. Second, they didn’t push vaccines on her. A nurse asked if she had gotten a flu shot, and when she said no, the nurse asked if she wanted one. She again said no, and the subject was dropped without any attempt at persuasion. Even better, she wasn’t even asked about the Covid “vaccine”; they definitely weren’t pushing it. If they had, her “no” would have been much more emphatic.

    • Mike,

      Nice to hear your wife was okay.

      And yes, the damn things are stifling. I had to wear them at work for some time. I ended up wearing an N95 with the valve (you know, the one they tell you NOT to wear, because it might actually help somewhat and NOT suffocate you?) because it was much more breathable than a worthless cotton unit, or, especially, the “neck gaiter” they gave us. That thing was insufferable.

      Luckily, after the governor nixed mandates statewide, my company made diapering optional. I’d say >90% of people wore them no more.

      I haven’t a clue as to how people run or workout in these things. Utter madness.

    • Glad to hear that your wife is O-K, Mike In Stafford- Did you even try going in without a mask though? Not that what you do matters to me….but I went to visit someone in an ICU back in August at the height of insanity- and although told at the front desk I’d “need a mask”, I went up without one…and not a word was said to me- Not ONE. WORD.

      Sometimes you just have to call their bluff or just get past the front desk. (“They won’t let you in up there without one”….but they did!)

      No mask will ever touch this face…unless I take up doing auto body work!

      • Nunzio,

        I voluntarily put on a face diaper, at home today. I was cleaning out the garage and was using the back pack blower on all caked in dirt and was stirring it up something fierce, so i essentially used a face burqua for its correct usage. Honestly it did next to nothing to help with the dust so what does it do vs a virus? This was the one time i wished i had an N95 mask.

      • Hi Nunzio. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t try to get in sans diaper. No excuses. In retrospect, I certainly should’ve tried.

    • As soon as the blood tests and EKG came back normal – takes about 2 hours – they should have discharged her. If you leave it up tp them they’ll keep you fprever. Up to you but not really necessary to call the EMTs imo. Throw her in the truck and just get there. Chest pain has many causes and theyre all scary when you feel that squeezing.

  13. “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

    • I like Dave Cullen/Computing Forever. You can find this on his bitchute channel as well.

      He’s exactly right. This is all a huge social engineering campaign. The psychopaths in charge really believe they’ll pull it off. But they seem to forget they’re outnumbered by hundreds of millions to one.

  14. I m going to divide my views into 3 camps here:

    1) Those who wear them outdoors: They are helpless and hopeless non-thinkers who are gripped with irrational fear, but most importantly, have done NO fact digging to realize they are protecting themselves from absolutely nothing. Even if you present them with it, nothing will change their mind

    2) Those who wear them in businesses: They do so out of not just peer pressure, but maybe not wanting to act like rules in an establishment are for others but not them. This is the fault of businesses, which are the underpinning of this madness because even in states with no mandates, they effectively still exist due to this situation. It has now become normalized that businesses have embraced this as the new “political correctness” by showing they are “protecting their customers and employees” and that it is incumbent on us to do “our part.” Never mind that asymptomatic transmission is virtually non-existent so that rationale no longer exists, but it remains firmly in use. Businesses fear removing the requirement will hurt their competitive position in the marketplace, so they stay with the herd.

    3) Parents of Young Children: You are flat out fuckin child abusers!! A developing child needs food and oxygen in abundance. You should be charged with child welfare endangerment. Worse, you are conditioning the child to believe the world is filthy, disease ridden, and a threat to your survival. You are raising a frightened puppy.

    I warned people who say “it’s just a little while longer” that it’s anything but, because even the most deviant behavior is normalized with time. Masking is nothing more, or less, than compliance conditioning. Even the ardent maskers say they’re tired of it and they “won’t tolerate it much longer.” I ask, what is your breaking point, and why is later different from NOW? They have no answer.

    I tell them when you’re lying in your casket, your enbalmed face will have a mask on it.

  15. “Apparently, for some of the Diapered, the rag is donned in order to ‘make other people feel better.’”

    Fauci said that almost verbatim last year — that masks weren’t necessary, they only made people “feel better”:

    ” ‘Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks,’ Fauci said during the interview. ‘There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.’

    He continued, ‘When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.’ ”


    So much for ironclad scientific logic…

  16. Az Diaper Report:

    It is interesting. I finally made it into the gym yesterday. They, luckily made no comment about my bare face upon entering, and then I was elated to find that ~95% of the patrons were undiapered!

    It is a striking contrast to the fact that in every supermarket I have visited since the governor declared the city mandates null and void, there exist ~98% diaper adherents.

    Lastly, I found it depressing and disappointing that my coworker/friend, a woman in her mid-fifties, continues to diaper at work. All this time, she seemed, like me, to have only contempt for the practice of diapering. The first day I saw her after the mandates were lifted, both abroad and at work, she explained, like your friend, Eric, she was doing so to make other people feel better, since she was sneezing, likely due to allergies.

    I observed zero sneezes.

    She has continued into yesterday, when she tells me that her kids (in their mid-twenties) have told her that she needs to wear it, and that parent-child roles reverse at some point.

    Bullshit. I would tell my kids get bent. There would be no parent-child reversal until I was quite demented. It is sad, but I think either she’s continuing with the “makes others feel better” idea, or is simply still worried about the virus. And I’d rather it be the latter, an irrational fear or phobia instilled by intense and omnipresent social engineering. That I can understand, to a degree.

    I think it would “make others feel better” to end the medical theater and quit bombarding people with fearsome psychological signals.

    • So one assumes that when visiting a mental institution she would tear out her hair, lick the windows, drool and shit herself, etc. “to make other people feel better”?

      • Anon,

        Perhaps even in a mental institution, the lunatics are sane enough to expect that you don’t behave like they do. Out here, however, the lunatics are just insane enough to expect that you do. 😉

        It seems much like Eric’s experience, though this lady doesn’t have any very young children which she might turn into “masklings”. It’s just confusing and disappointing.

        The truth is, I’ll go out of my way to make people feel more comfortable or happier, but not THIS far out of my way. Also, why is it a one-way street? Why are these people not concerned with making everyone else feel better by ending this insanity?

        That brings me to my last point, though I may be repeating myself too often. I think most people DO feel better when they see someone’s face, and probably more so when they see a few, because they, too, want to take the damn thing off, but perhaps are too conditioned in the herd mentality to break from the herd.

  17. It is Good Friday and we all know the reason why. All good Christians wear masks on Good Friday, you gotta do what you gotta do. Good God for stupid.

    Can’t get nailed to the cross unless you got your mask on, get your war on, the covid enemy must be defeated at all costs. Masks=Stake in the heart, Dracula is dead. lol

    King Herod was a power mad ruthless politician, had an Arab mother, had ten wives, had sons executed, just your regular all-around beer drinking useless eater. har

    Your garden variety tyrant.

    Good to learn some history now and then.

  18. Hi Eric,

    As they say ‘let not your heart your heart be troubled.’ The perpetrators of this epic fraud have overplayed their hand. I wish no evil on anyone, yet deep in my dark heart I feel that if this vaccine is really poison, then I hope for the people who blindly embraced it to start dropping like flies. The people who still cling to the flu fiction are beyond saving. I’ve decided to spend my energy embracing and encouraging those who ‘resit much and obey little.’

    In the early days being one of the few zombies showing my face, whenever I saw a fellow traveler I would walk up shake hands, and thank him/her for nor being a coward. Everyday around here more and more are now removing the cough burka as you call it. For some it took our Governor Douchnozzle to lift the Dicktat. But the tide began to turn before that. I mock the diaper dopes whenever I get the chance. Just yesterday in a dollar store which I used to be the lone free breather A lady in her forties was complaining to the cashier about how many undiapered were in the store. She was holding up the line I was in. Since she made a point to virtue signal making her complaints Loud enough so everyone in line could hear I howled to the sky in my best deplorable voice. “Its summer time. Flu seasons over, time to ditch the diapers.” I know it was rotten but she left the store with her head held low in shame.

    Sorry for the long rant. Point being show no mercy. Mock these fools mercilessly without fail. F them. Everyone who saw through this should hold their head high. And Eric thanks for providing us this place to gather. Remember illegitimie Non Coborandum.

  19. And PS.

    A relative’s vaccinated girlfriend has come down with the ‘Rona! They practice all of the other “protocols” too. Seems like everyone I know who engages in all that nonsense ends up getting the flu….but of course, what they see and experience in real life doesn;’t count……’cause the experts can somehow convince them that that is somehow the better way……so they can continue on in blissful denial and ignorance, just like the medieval patients of a barber-surgeon…….

    Sometimes, I don’t get upset over what the conspirators running this world are doing; sometimes I think of it as just setting out roach traps…….

    • “I think of it as just setting out roach traps…….”

      Exactly. It is why I think pointing out that plastic bags are the only truly ‘Rona blocking device is a good idea. But only if well sealed around the neck. No danger to anyone smarter than a tree.

      It is pretty clear where society went wrong. We don’t let the morons terminate themselves. We actively prevent the defective from offing themselves through stupidity. Building a better moron seems the social goal.

      One giant leap in human intellect would happen in one or two generations if we just removed all the warning labels and “save the stupid” safety devices.

      • HAhaha! Good’un, re the plastic bags, Anon! Maybe I’ll start carrying a “dispenser” when I go out and about….would likely be much more effective than my .357!

        First they created the roaches by stealing the wealth of the productive and using it subsidize the procreation of hoodlums to goad people into wanting state “protection”- Now they’re thinning the herd……

    • Have you seen the reports that are starting to trickle out about hundreds of people fully vaccinated getting the rona? Hahahahahaha. Do everything that’s demanded: blindly obey Fauci, check! face diaper, check! lockdown, check! self-isolate, check! gene therapy shot 1 and 2, check. Then, get sick anyway. Will they never learn?

      • Sadly, I know dozens of corona commies who, aside from their leftist politics, are some of the nicest people you could encounter. Part of me wants every person genetically modified to pay a severe price, but I would be rooting against people I genuinely like. Some of them are actually on the right, but due to sick spouses, think they are protecting them by becoming GMOs. For this reason I find myself genuinely conflicted.

        Unless mass deaths and/or maiming occurs, where it’s impossible to notice, this will become normalized just like mask wearing.

        We will be poked and prodded on every tyrant’s whim (those who submit, that is).

        • Meant to say, “Unless mass deaths and/or maiming occurs, where it’s impossible to NOT notice, this will become normalized just like mask wearing.”

        • Not me, DC – and I mean it.

          I will do my best to leave others alone but if they refuse to leave me alone, then they will get what they deserve.

        • I don’t wish harm on anyone, even those who opt for the Holy Jab. But, I won’t feel one ounce of pity, or care in the least, if they get sick, hurt, disabled, or even die from their choice. They knew or should have known the risks and, thus, in my book shall be deemed to have accepted the risk. That said, I’d wish they’d give me the same courtesy as concerns my choice to say hard pass. But we can’t have that, now, can we?

        • DC, leftists may try to maintain an image of benevolence, but in reality they are the ultimate supremacists. When one analyzes their various views, they all have several things in common:
          They are premised on an assumption that the leftist who holds that view, or those who have authored and or support the same views know best, and therefore have a right to coerce all others to abide by and practice those views, whether it’s having the state dictate how all must raise, [not]discipline and edumacate their children, or to force others to pay for the enforcement and providing of the same- etc., as applied to all facets of life;
          They also believe that people have no fundamental right to property- but rather that “the state” or “society” has a superior claim on all property, and thus gets to decide how that property (Be it real property; money; offspring; animals, the fruit of one’s labor, etc.) may be used or not used; taxed, confiscated; probated, etc.
          And leftists bel;ieve that “the common good” (as determined by them) is the ultimate objective, and that the individual must be subordinate to that, because they worship humanity as a collective whole, but relegate the individual to a position of being nothing more than either someone to “help” or someone who provides help (voluntarily or by force).
          They are loathsome creatures, who may use words which sound virtuous, but when you understand the real meanings of their words, and what they truly advocate, you cease being fooled by their constant facade of do-goodery, which in reality is really terribly destructive do-baddery!
          My mother has a long-time fambly friend who is a rather conservative leftist do-gooder. The woman thrives on involving herself in the lives of every loser, alcoholic, irresponsible child-like adult, to the point where she doesn’t seem to bother with functional people. She is praised for “helping everyone”; Never good people though- like the responsible and diligent who may have just suffered a temporary set-back- but rather those who will always require a constant series of child-like punishments and rewards to get them to act in a given way- while never being allowed to actually develop the character to direct their own path, or to ultimately suffer consequences if they fail to do so. It’s about control, and dependency- cloaked by the words of charity and good works which most onlookers fall for, because that M.O. has become the default ideology today in our liberal society- namely the expunging of one’s guilt via good deeds, without regard to the issue of if those deeds are truly good or not- just that they appear to be; and without regard to who pays the ultimate cost, just so long as the one “advocating” them is associated with them, even if all they do is “lobby” for others to be coerced to pay for some program to help the one-legged Mongoloid retards or whatever group they choose to pity.
          Leftists HATE autonomous individualistic practitioners of liberty more than anyone else. Heck, just go on a public forum, or get a group of typical people together, and start espousing the concepts of liberty, and you will soon see that the leftists AND the right-wingers will all come together against you, because they all ultimately hate liberty and personal responsibility, and the idea that one should have to live with the consequences and rewards of one’s own choices and actions. It’s just that the leftists are a little further along on the acceptance of total control and surrender of personal sovereignty.

  20. “To make others feel better” is just the rationalization; The real reason is that masking has been established as the norm, and all sheep are terrified of being perceived outside the norm, to the point where they will sooner conform to what the herd does even if it contrary to what they would choose to do because they are more afraid of being perceived as different (Unless as part of an officialkly recognized media-approved counter-cultural ‘minority’ ) than they are of getting the flu.
    This is why they will conform to the latest fashions….but abandon it when it goes “out of style”. Did everyone just stop liking a particular all at once and collectively decide to switch to something else? No. They see that others are wearing that particular style less and less, and something else which the media, some celebrity or the popular kid is starting to wear instead, and everyone just conforms without regard to what they truly like or dislike, -as if the goal is to mimic others rather than express your individuality and own tastes.
    And the irony is, such people look upon us with scorn and pity for not conforming, unaware that they are the ones to be pitied, and who look so foolish for wearing visible evidence of their conformity and rejection of self-will and autonomy, for all to plainly see.
    Whether it’s some teenager wearing some ridiculous garment, or an office worker mimicking the boss’s style or what “the other guys in the office wear”, or the person walking into the <Safeway ]Are they still around?] with a mask, it’s all because they’re too afraid to do what they want; to garner stares from “everyone else”, and to be perceived as the object of scorn, which I’m sure that the TV “news” must portray us non-maskers as being.
    The people running this worldwide coup, and who also control the media, are far more cunning than some give them credit for being- as they truly know how to manipulate humanity in such a way that little actual overt compulsion is necessary, because they can get the sheep to gleefully self-herd, and to herd others.

  21. At the risk of sounding grandiose, I see it as my duty to act as a living example of what freedom and free will looks like.

    I have never worn a face diaper once and never will. I mock it at every possible opportunity. I will never succumb to the propaganda. I categorically reject all of this covid shit as the preposterous lie that it is.

    David Stockman has a great (if a bit long) updated summary demonstrating the lie: https://ussanews.com/News1/2021/03/31/impending-doom-indeed/

  22. I have a colleague who has hired in-home childcare during the day, since they fear daycares. She, her kids, and the care provider all must diaper – in her own home while the provider is there. Can you imagine?

    Was on a work-related Zoom call a few weeks back, with one guy fully diapered in his own home, because a plumber was working in the kitchen.

    This type of nonsense has nothing to do with feelings of others. This is direct participation and self-flogging.

  23. On the bright side, the morons that are getting their free gene therapy are letting their mask guard down because they now have a false sense of security and feel “protected.” I’ve seen it with several of my coworkers.

    • I’m seeing the exact opposite!!

      I live in a 400-unit high rise condo and the corona commies who are genetically modified remain the most fearful. They ask others if they’ve been GMOed, wear masks everywhere, even in their condos and outdoors when walking about, in their cars, etc.

      You’d think they’d stand with their chest out, but in my experience, not at all.

  24. I do NOT diaper, to make other people feel better – those who, like me, are also free breathers, or who are wanting to reassert themselves as free breathers, and especially, the children, who sometimes look curiously at me (I smile back, especially if they are undiapered). I’m sure they are wondering why this grownup is NOT like all the others…

  25. Not to mention there is not one shred of evidence they work. Cross State comparisons between masked and unmasked clearly show near identical numbers. In fact, Florida unmasked has BETTER numbers than California fully masked. In spite of Florida having a much older average population.
    Mammals are generally lazy. I don’t know how many deer I’ve killed simply by mowing a path for them to walk on. Perhaps this is why masks have become such a popular accessory. Men don’t have to shave, and women only have to put on half their makeup. They don’t have to keep their children’s face clean.

    • Also, the CDC’s own survey of convid “cases” showed that about 70% of the “cases” admitted to being diapered regularly! The CDC openly admits (and drops truth bombs about all aspects of the con, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear). Yet, the madness continues.

      • I will add that if the CDC admits that 70% of “cases” were diaperers, the number is probably actually much higher.

      • It’s amazing how that is dismissed out of hand by people when you bring it up. The comments i get are not quantifiable, “well it could have been worse if we didn’t diaper”
        That is the equivalent of “jobs saved” during the oblamer years.

  26. Good morning, Eric

    All mask wearers wear it out of fear, no more, no less. Some are fearful of a virus, some are fearful of scorn. The persons that are terrified of a virus cannot be saved. The persons that are frightened by their peers into wearing it will remove it once the majority does so. This is why I pity both sides. The hypochondriacs refuse to research the science that determines this virus is rarely an issue for someone healthy. The ones who wear it “to make others feel better” suffer from a lack of confidence in their own self worth. They believe it is acceptable for someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do. I am weary of these types, because they are easily swayed, which makes them untrustworthy when the chips are down.

    • Amen, RG –

      It’s both sad and alarming to encounter people so afraid of peer pressure; these are exactly the people who would for the same reason do nothing to prevent let alone help the victims of outright mass murder as in Soviet Russia and NS Germany.

    • Some “fear” (if we want to call it that) losing their jobs. I don’t think you can lump them in with either of the “both sides” you describe. I think it’s helpful to try to identify some kind of universal root cause that can be addressed, but there’s a risk of oversimplifying the problem when doing that.

      • Hi cjm,

        My black and white libertarian approach isn’t working? 😉

        I sympathize those who have to wear it for work. My hubby does and he abhors it, but I think he hates it because I hate it. I am willing to give a mulligan for those who have to keep a paycheck coming. The problem is it is becoming acceptable behavior and even those that wear it for work start feeling comfortable in it. It then becomes okay to wear it to the doctor, the dentist, to the grocery store, to walk across a restaurant, to pay for gas, pick up a prescription, etc. It then becomes the norm.

        • A while back you were advised on what libertarianism is and isn’t. At that time, you said you were going on a sabbatical to do some soul searching about whether you were a libertarian. Did you come to a verdict?

          • Yes, I am a conservative (not Republican) that trends toward libertarian principles, but am not a full fledged libertarian. I believe in individual rights, but believe the rule of law does need to exist, hence the conservativism. Plus, I am too pro death penalty and I like border walls. 😁

            • Hi RG,

              Is the rule of law, as you put it, fundamentally incompatible with libertarianism? I don’t think it is – assuming that by “rule of law” you exclude laws that are morally contemptible, such as those legalizing theft and the harming of people who’ve not harmed anyone.

              • Hi Eric,

                I have been told by a few on here that the rule of law is frowned upon by libertarians because it leads to the forming of central powers and collectivism.

                I believe laws (hence, very few) are necessary for the survival of a community otherwise chaos ensues.

                • Hi RG,

                  The “rule of law” is only a problem for this libertarian when it makes something illegal that is properly (morally) no one else’s business (because no one has been harmed) and when it harms someone who has caused no harm to anyone else.

                  Thus, laws holding the harmful accountable are legitimate. Note the italics.

                  This business of “legal” this and “illegal” that ought not to be the focus of discussion. Rather, did the accused harm someone? If so, how shall he be held accountable for the harm he has caused?

                  This standard is both moral and objective.

                  If one caused harm, there really isn’t any moral basis for claiming the person responsible ought to be held accountable.

                  The only remaining question is how to quantify the harm – in order to establish what is owed.

                  • Also, the “law” is mutable.

                    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” — Frederic Bastiat

                    ^^We’re here now

                  • Hey Eric,

                    I think what some tend to overlook, is that even with legitimate laws, the problems begin when we enable certain people to have elevated rights, so that they become the authors and or administrators of those laws, which is essentially even at the lowest level, government- and no matter how you slice it, a framework for the establishment of tyranny- as has always been the case throughout all of history the world over, including here in ‘Merica, which started basically on that minimalistic principle.
                    Natural law and the equalization of power is the only way we can really ever have civilization without erecting a framework for tyranny. i.e. the basic moral laws are enforced by the individual, family and community by all maintaining the power (armaments) to do so, which would serve to keep most miscreants at bay- i.e. the threat of being met with instant justice, rather than public defenders. People who otherwise might not would suddenly become a lot more careful, and people would tend to l,ive among those whose values they share- as was the case in the distant past- unlike today, where we accept as normal the hodge-podge of disparate people and cultures just living all interspersed everywhere.

                • Hi RG,

                  “I have been told by a few on here that the rule of law is frowned upon by libertarians…”

                  I wonder if that is a misunderstanding. I don’t know of any libertarian theorist, or genuine libertarian, who frowns upon the rule of law. The rule of law is a concept meant to deligitimize the arbitrary and inconsistent decrees and actions of rulers. It stands in distinction to the rule of man, characterized by absolute monarchy and totalitarianism. However, most of what is called the rule of law, even in Western democracies, is actually the rule of man. The fatal conceit of the West is that Democratic institutions guarantee that the rule of law prevails, they do not.

                  Libertarians do frown upon the rule of man, masquerading as the rule of law; they do not object to “law” per se. In fact, libertarians, even the anarchists among us, believe that law is a necessary prerequisite for civil society. What we frown upon is that the political class has arrogated, to itself, the power to define the law and the mechanisms to enforce it. It is political law, the rule of men, that we find deplorable.

                  Political law is almost always an expression of the rule of man. As Eric notes, “laws” instituted by men, that violate human rights, are illegitimate.

                  Kind Regards,

                  • Hi Jeremy,

                    But who makes the rule of law if not man? And if man does in fact create law who decides what man is establishing what law?

                    • Hi RG,

                      The “law” as meant in the concept the “rule of law”, is organic, a product of community and tradition, perhaps discovered as another poster noted. It is a generally agreed upon set of rules that must apply equally to all. It is not merely decreed by an individual or determined by a monopoly political class. Such “laws” stand in distinction to what is meant by the rule of law.

                      Of course, in political systems, laws are instituted and codified by men. But when these men create laws that are arbitrary or capricious, that are applied unequally, that violate human rights, etc…, we have the rule of men, not the rule of law.

                      When the common law is recognized by the political class, criminalizing actions that violate the rights of others (murder theft, rape, fraud, etc…), the rule of law is followed. When the political class creates laws that favor some over others, criminalize voluntary, peaceful action, immunize certain groups, create barriers to free association, etc…, the rule of man reigns supreme.


                    • Aha, okay now we are getting somewhere.

                      So basically we are accepting the law of relativity, law of gender, and the law of cause and effect.

                      So libertarianism is the equivalent of God’s universal truths? Where does one stand when they don’t believe in a higher being?

                    • Hi RG,

                      Many, but not all, libertarians accept natural law, and the natural rights that logically flow from it. This belief is consistent with, but does not require, religious faith.


                    • Think I’ll also get Laws Of The Jungle instead of Ben Franklin’s Fart Proudly (The latter would just be preaching to the choir…)

              • Morning Eric,
                Most of what is called “law” nowadays is no such thing. Real law was either made thousands of years ago or discovered (as with the laws of physics and economics). We need to stop using the term incorrectly. Politicians are legislation-makers, not lawmakers, and LEOs are legislation-enforcement officers.

                • Indeed there are only a few laws and they are often ignored today. They are things like thou shalt not murder or steal or betray… All the modern demands by the satanically evil state are rules made by petty tyrants.

            • I appreciate your thoughtfulness and candor in your reply. Your mention of the rule of law brought back one of my earliest memories of my journey towards liberty, which began with an interest in the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign. During one of the primary debates, the moderator asked each candidate if they could recommend one book, what would it be. Ron Paul recommended Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law.” I purchased it online that night and read it. It was a mind changer for me. I took a look at it again today. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend you do.

              I also recommend all of Ron Paul’s books. He addresses a lot of timely political topics from his minimal gov’t libertarian perspective. One thing that sticks in my mind is how he always says something along the lines of “border walls may keep people out but can also be used by the gov’t to keep you in.”

  27. Went to Lancaster on Wednesday, went to an Amish furniture store, no sickness kabuki signs on the door. I look at my wife and say this is encouraging. Walk in i see diapered shopers then look to the right, all of the workers are undiapered. Thank God i think to myself. Spent well over an hour in there, order the wife the bedroom set of her dreams and the longer we were there, the less diapers i saw on shopers. Its like once they see people showing their face they immediately stop the facade. Went to an amish butcher shop, that shop had the sickness signs but as i walked in 50% were not diapered.

    Now the depressing one, had a cub scout leaders meeting last night, 8 parents all who have known each other for years, 3 refused to meet inside so we had to sit on a freezing cold porch and even though we were outside 3 of the 8 were diapered. Also 1 brought his son and forced him to diaper while playing with the other kids. At the same time a buddy had to do a zoom meeting to become a baseball coach he sent me a screen shot of the zoom, 1 parent was diapered in their own home!!!! Very depressing but at least the diapered didn’t attempt to force the rest of us to diaper. That would not have ended well.

  28. As a counter to this inciddeent, I went to my local wally world last night. I saw an all time high of 5 others without the face burqa.
    Plus many others who were wearing it well under their nose or on their chin.

    I could feel a type of growing resistance. I’ll see if it holds.

  29. I took my mom to the grocery store yesterday. To paint a proper picture, she’s 89 years old and stands probably 5 feet tall at the most. She doesn’t want confrontation, understandably, so she pretends to wear the face diaper, though under her chin most of the time. So here we are, walking around the store, me bare-faced and her with a chin-protector on. Nobody else in the store had it even below their noses. Usually, I can find a few that at least go that far, but not this day. Oh boy. What have we come to?

  30. This article certainly captures and describes ‘everything’ just about perfectly. The only bit missing was the submissive non-reasoning reply, “Because there’s a sign on the entrance door, it’s required”.


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