The Praetorian “Speeder”

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Armed government workers are in the unique position of being free to ignore the laws they  enforce on others. Because, of course, they have the legal power to use force – while the rest of us lack any real power to force them to obey the same laws.

The AGW caught in this video “speeding,” for instance. The term for driving faster than whatever arbitrary number happens to be posted on a sign. He has the power to “ticket” – that is, to force someone to interrupt their travels, submit to Roadside Kabuki (show government permission slips; speak politely with someone you’d rather not have had to deal with at all, etc. ) and hand them a piece of paper that amounts to a bill that must be paid – or else.

But he can – and does – “speed” without much if any worry about being subjected to the same, as you can see for yourself.

This particular AGW wasn’t “speeding” much – only 6-10 MPH over the number arbitrarily posted on the sign by the side of the road. And he may not be a dick; in other words  – someone who would “ticket” a motorist for doing the very thing he is doing in the video, which would entail  4 “point” on one’s driving record, a pretext for the insurance mafia to mulct the victim as well as the victimization of the fine that comes with the “ticket.”

Some AGWs are decent in that way.

But the rub is he could be a dick. Is empowered with the authority to dick with people. It is at his pleasure whether he will – or won’t. This is quite something, in terms of the power it gives the AGW over others who are not AGWs. It no doubt tends to make them feel . . . powerful.

Arbiters of what is allowed.

They are a kind of praetorian guard, without the lictor’s bundles but with guns and so far more dangerous.

This AGW’s “speeding” wasn’t harming anyone, of course. But that is just the point. No one should be subject to harm who has not harmed anyone. “Speeding” is nothing more than a trumped-up charge that serves as a kind of defective syllogism – equating the fact of exceeding the speed limit with loss of control, a wreck and harm caused to others. Of course, the syllogism is flawed because there is no loss of control, no wreck and no harm caused – as such, just because the driver was “speeding.”

It is possible, yes. But it is also possible when driving at or below the speed limit. The number is arbitrary, the putative harm asserted rather than actual.

Some will say, but “speeding” increases the chances of loss of control, a wreck and harm caused. Maybe so. But in fact not – in most (almost all) cases of “speeding.” If it were true that “speeding” resulted in loss of control, a wreck and harm even 10 percent of the time, there might at least be some plausibility behind the assertion of possibility.

But in fact it is much less than that, in terms of each instance of “speeding” – since almost everyone “speeds” at least a little bit most every time they are behind the wheel of a car. If “speeding” were the danger asserted, there would be loss of control, crashes and harm caused almost constantly.

Ticketing for “speeding” is far more likely than loss of control, a crash or harm caused. The speed limits are contrivances – one of a massive roster of such statutory pretexts for harming people who’ve not harmed anyone.

Which – ugly as it is to look straight in the face – is what armed government workers spend the majority of their time doing. Perhaps 15 percent of their time is devoted to the pursuit of people who have actually caused harm, as in theft of or damage to property and physical assaults of one kind or another; these encompass practically everything that ought to be against the law, morally speaking.

Instead, there is the 85 percent that is illegal which has no moral aspect to it whatsoever – other than the immorality of harming people on account of such “violations.”

It is perhaps too much to imagine a world in which people did not have to live in fear of the Hut! Hut! Hut! because they knew they were free to go about their business without any worry they’d be accosted by armed government workers absent their having done something that resulted in harm to someone else. A world in which the only people who needed to worry about armed government workers were criminals – defined by their immoral actions.

Defined by those actions having caused harm.

In such a world, of course, there would be no such thing as an armed government worker. There might be cops. More properly – more honorably – keepers of the peace. Whatever they might be called, they would not be a praetorian guard, above the laws they enforce, as exist in our ugly actuality.

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  1. AGWs can drive on the wrong side of the road, too…if they feel like it.
    However, the laws of physics do not get suspended for you, just because you are wearing a tin star. F=ma. For everyone, 24 x 7. And energy is conserved. Scrubbing off speed via collision means that sheet metal, auto frames, and possibly human bodies, will get deformed as energy is absorbed. Ignore this at your own peril.

    An AGW offed himself on my front bumper about 30 years ago, because he did not understand these concepts. Too bad, for him. Not my responsibility.

  2. Since Mary Jane has been de-criminalized in Az the bullies with badges seem to spend more time on revenue generation via traffic enforcement. Ive been pulled over twice in the last month. both times I was keeping it tight driving 10-12 miles over. Both times I was given a warning.

    Over the last three months the wife and I have driven from AZ to Florida, back to Az then Commiefornia up to Seattle back to Az. Saw maybe two cops on the interstate over the whole journey. Here in N Az the law dogs are thick as thieves.

  3. Where I live the AGW’s are MIA! People, including tractor trailers, are driving faster than ever. I’d estimate that the average speed on the beltway around my city is now around 75. Cars in the left lane typically are doing 80 to 90. Can they still get tickets or even be killed by an AGW, well sure. However, from what I’m seeing the troopers and local cops don’t seem to care. I have on several occasions been lasered going 10 over without hassle. I recently drove from OH to NC and and back and only encountered one or two AGW’s along the way.

    • In the last year I have only seen two cop cars on the highway, last fall. Both were going the other way when I went by at ~160kph. They seemed to be going almost as fast but no lights.

      Turns out there was a big wreck a few miles behind me so they had better things to do. Many thanks to whoever crashed as 60 over is a definite impound here.

      It is odd around here. It is extremely rare to see anyone going over the highway 100kph limit.

      I think the cops have stopped bothering with speeders since the ‘Rona madness. Don’t know anyone who has had a ticket in the last year.

      • Lucky..we’ve noticed more and more of them all over south Jersey, and increasingly unmarked and unusual models. One family member counted a dozen vehicles that had gotten pulled over on their way through a <40 mile stretch of road a few months ago (was during the piggies' NHTSA quota week of course).

        They wanna make up for all that ticket revenue that they lost out on during those few months that they were too spooked by the Commie Cough to do their usual extorting.

  4. The actual meaning of AGW in the original Russian (transliterated) is Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti. Remember, the KGB were also AGWs.

  5. Governments, every single one of them, is founded on the notion that they, and they alone, have authority to kill you if you don’t comply with their “laws”. Which “laws” are no more nor less than their delusional psychotic opinions written down. Government cannot exist without this presumption. They mean for you to be totally aware of their relationship with us. That they can and will kill you if you don’t behave. Hence the gangs of goons in costumes, with badges and guns. Who suffer no liability for their wrongs, much less punishment. Well, except for the occasional token sacrifice. Earlier this morning I read a piece, I know not from where, that suggested that the life span of a republic was about 200 years. Which is really close to when Nixon closed the Gold window.

  6. ‘[AGWs] are a kind of praetorian guard, without the lictor’s bundles but with guns and so far more dangerous.’ — EP

    The Wikipedia article on ‘Fasces’ presents a long list of lictors’ bundles symbolism used on fedgov buildings, monuments and seals.

    It is wholly meet and appropriate that the president who murdered more of his own people than any other has his arms resting on fasces in the marble monument dedicated to his wanton slaughter:

    Talk about white supremacy … Lincoln openly advocated deporting black people to Africa, the Caribbean or South America.

    I’m mighty tempted to sneak in there one night and install a pointy KKK hood on his gaunt old head.

    • He murdered more Americans than have been killed in all other wars combined. And handed us the omnipotent central government we now suffer.

      • ‘And handed us the omnipotent central government we now suffer.’ — JK

        … which now has gone stone barking mad, handing out ‘free’ digitally-printed, ‘legal tender’ greenbacks:

        “The only explanation that I can even muster is that cars are 2021’s version of toilet paper in 2020,” Chad Wilson of Wilson Ford said.

        “We are taking a lot of retail orders because we don’t have anything in stock. Normally between our two stores, we’d have 150-180 F-series in stock. I think right now there might be ten. I do think there’s an element of fear of missing out.”

        FEAR, the man says … of being UNABLE TO BUY before shortages tighten and prices zoom up.

        Welcome to Bidenworld, comrades. This sucker’s gonna blow.

        • Hi Jim,
          I read the reason for the vehicle shortage and assembly lines being shut down is a shortage of computer chips. Can’t let anyone buy a car without the nanny/surveillance stuff installed.

  7. Nothing bothers me more than involuntary interactions by those with the power to detain you against your will. Be it a kidnapper or cop, we should have the choice to voluntarily interact with people or not, to our liking.

    I can’t stand the idea that if you are causing no harm to anyone, you can be forced to be stopped and accosted. Then watch these same people break the very laws they take an oath to enforce against otherwise peaceful people.

    But we all know the real reason for traffic laws are to create a reason to force that interaction as a pretext to looking for more significant violations that will result in arrest.
    “land of the free” and all

  8. As you recorded your piece, there was an AGW on trial for murder. According to the linked article, the accused didn’t kill anyone. The deceased was killed either by his own hand or by his drug dealer depending on your views WRT addictive substances. Either way, if the AGW isn’t found guilty cities will burn once again. Hell, there will likely be a few dumpster fires when he gets “the chair” just for good measure.


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