Diaper Report: 7/21/20

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There is something even more absurd than being told you must put on a Face Diaper in order to be allowed to eat – as at most restaurants in “re-opened” America. It is being told you must wear a Diaper in order to get your teeth cleaned.

Of course, they can’t clean your teeth with a Diaper covering your mouth. But they insist you wear it for the 30 seconds or so it takes to walk from the check-in desk to the chair where they clean your teeth. Apparently, the bacilli you might be carrying take a siesta during the cleaning.

I demurred the Diaper. And now I need to find a new dentist.

It’s too bad because I like the guy  – Richard Huffman, of Huffman & Kreger in Roanoke, Va. – and because he is an excellent dentist. I’ve been going to him twice a year for years and have nothing but good things to say about him professionally.

But today, he disappointed me – by trying to degrade me.

My appointment was scheduled for 8:30 and to avoid triggering any Sickness Psychotics, I waited in my truck until 8:28, figuring I’d just come in, go on back – get business done – and leave.

But the place was a hot spot of Sickness Psychosis.

As I walked up the path to the door, a woman behind me trailing a child – Diapered – kept a “safe” distance from my obviously suppurating self.

That’s sarcasm, if it weren’t so sad.

I opened the door, was greeted by the woman who has been working there for years. She looked oppressed – but it was hard to tell because most of her face was obscured by a Diaper. She began to check me in; and also took my temperature using a digital infra-red thermometer, which registered 98.2 degrees – medical evidence I’m not sick. Further buttressed by my answers to questions about my health – which is excellent.

That – plus my obviously not suppurating – should have been enough to assuage any “concerns.”

But then, health is not the issue. Submission is. Everyone must Diaper – to create the visual that Diapering is normal and sane, even.

Another woman whom I did not recognize rushed out holding a Diaper and thrust it toward me. I told her no. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to say because I’m not sick – hence no reason to Diaper – but I was both startled and angry at this display of Sickness Kabuki, especially since there were two small kids standing in the waiting room – Diapered.

The sight of these poor kids being conditioned to fear – everything – infuriated me.

Shortly out came Dr. Huffman – who, as I say, I’ve known on what I thought was a friendly basis for about the past decade. He said something along the lines of “can I get you to wear a (Diaper)”?

I should have said something like, “I’m not sick, so see no reason to” or – probably much more tactically effective – deployed the line that I can’t Diaper, for medical/safety reasons which I’m not willing – or required – to disclose.

But I was so taken aback by this display of psychosis – worse, actually, because it’s really just bullying to coerce the obeisance of people not afflicted by sickness psychosis, which is fast becoming a kind of crime in the Pathologized State of America – that I unloosed the full and honest salvo that I don’t play Sickness Kabuki.

There was no further conversation. Dr. Huffman told me to leave, turned on his heels and left.

Keep in mind: He was not only Diapered but face-shielded. All that was missing was a MoonSuit with air tubes plugged in. The point being – again – that I could not get him sick, even if I was.

Which I’m clearly not.

The Diapered rest of the people there were also protected from my non-sickness. None of that mattered – because submission is the new sickness. All must fall into line. Those who don’t are to be treated as if they were sick on account of their refusal to play along – exactly the way people who failed to pretend that the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union  was the duck’s guts were taken away to hospitals for “treatment.”

I understand, of course, that pressure to Diaper is being applied to dentists as much as to the rest of us and even more, as they have to contend with government gesundheitsfuhrers, who can and will Hut! Hut!Hut! them for not playing Kabuki.

That doesn’t excuse them, though.

Take a stand – or take the fall.

It’s just a mask…

And next it’ll be just a vaccine.

We are living in a kind of Westworld – the fictitious amusement park populated by characters from the old West – except this is not amusing and you can’t leave the park.

The bottom line is my health – or rather, the health of my teeth – takes a back seat to the derangement of the mentally ill and the complicit poltroonery of people who think it’s just a mask . . .

Anyone in the SW Virginia area know a good dentist who doesn’t expect healthy people to pretend they’re sick?

. . .

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  1. I am going to put a diaper on and then go to walmart and in the middle of the crowded self-checkout area, starting obnoxiously coughing and hacking up a lung like a TB victim.
    Then, when people run away from me and/or give me dirty looks, I’ll say “Wait! What’s the matter? You scared? I thought these things worked.”

  2. Morning Eric,

    Have you seen this?


    A 73 year old man was killed, at his home, hours after a mask dispute. The man drove home, the cops followed him, noted his plate and then went to his home and killed him. This began when an employee at a supermarket called the cops on the old guy.

    The manager, Lynda Easton, had this to say:

    “I want to congratulate my staff for how they handled the situation. It was very challenging today. They are the heroes. I don’t want to get emotional. They deserve the credit. That’s all I want to say,”

    Sure, they’re heroes for needlessly escalating a situation that ended up KILLING a man.

    An employee, Tianna Frances, noted what should be obvious:

    Frances, says that the entire issue could’ve been avoided… if employees weren’t forced to do the state’s job for them. Frances said store employees should not be forced to enforce the state’s mask mandate. “It’s causing chaos,” she said. “If we didn’t have to force him and … tell him that he couldn’t come into the store, nothing would have happened, really. He would have got his groceries and went along with his day.”

    She is heroic, the manager is a sociopath.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      I took a brief siesta after doing David Knight’s show and woke up to… this. Horrible. It is going to get worse, I suspect – because of the ugly tendency humans sometimes have to wish suffering on others, because they suffer. I must wear a Diaper, so I am going to make your life as miserable as possible, too.

      God help us.

    • “Heroes?” Seriously? Snitches who get people killed are the exact opposite of heroes. The person who called the cops deserves to wake up in a hospital with more bones broken than intact. Just frigging unbelievable.

      I’ve mentioned before that I work for one of the stores joining this dumpster fire. At least one of my coworkers has already indicated he’s really looking forward to enforcing it himself – and if masks don’t work, he doesn’t want to know it. I’ve already warned several unmasked customers to stay away from his line once the mandates start. Really hoping they don’t expect cashiers to enforce it themselves.

    • It had to happen sooner or later. Every new law especially one as intrusive as mandatory masking creates another opportunity for an interaction with the police, and police interactions are inherently dangerous.

      I probably wouldn’t have seen this article if you hadn’t posted a link. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Anon,

      Even if he were (he’s not; married with kids) that wouldn’t bother me. What bothers me is his genuflection before this manufactured illness – the psychosis over sickness, I mean.

      I suppose I could have said: I have a condition… and he might have said, ok go on back. But on the whole I am glad I just called the whole thing our for what it is.

      I may lose my teeth but I haven’t lost my self respect.

  3. It’s amazing how many self-righteous assholes have crawled out of the woodwork.

    I’ve lost so many relationships over the scamdemic it’s not even funny.

    • Hi Handler,

      It’s tragic – but then, maybe not. Per Nunz, you get to know who people really are in a tough spot. I’d rather have a few solid people in my orbit than a larger group of “friends” who’d fink me out to the Gesundheitsfuhrers in a short second. Remember Washinngton’s dictum that it is better to be alone than in bad company!

      • eric, I have/had a friend who should know better and does but my rant on diapering prompted her to tell me I have been out in the boonies too long and have become depressed(I had no idea pissed off was depression) and I needed to get out and see people as if people don’t come to see me and the hug she said I needed I get from even my male friends.

        People use this bs just to feel superior even though she said she’d only diapered once but kept a couple in the car(good for her).

        I know she stays in touch with some mutual friends(I guess, haven’t heard from them but I did argue with them since they only get information off the tv and that’s the same thing as getting no true information). We this bs is even separating old friends of 40 and 50 years of friendship. Perfect, just what the Marxists want, divide and conquer.

  4. I lost many teeth due to Dentists and their maintenance. I supposedly had gum disease. When I went for a cleaning they spent 15-20 minutes at most and had me swish concentrated fluoride. Fluoride is poison, comes from Aluminum processing plants but I found out too late. Fluoride will cause your teeth and bones to be brittle.
    Every time I made a visit they wanted me to pull what was left and put in those screw in teeth. ($35-45,000)
    Told me my teeth would be all gone by retirement. Retired three ears ago. Haven’t seen a dentist for about 20 years now. I have lost only 2 more so far. Better than 1 or 2 a year! My wife cleans them when necessary,,, usually once a year or so. She also cleans her teeth so I would suggest you do the same. You’ll save time, money and teeth.

    • Until last year, I had not seen a dentist in over 30 years. A few years ago, 4 of my larger lower molars broke. Broken because as a young man dentists drilled them out and refilled them every couple of years, until there was little left of them. So I had them pulled per my MD. Conscientious use of a Sonicare with baking soda and a Water Pik, and avoiding sugar, rinsing your mouth out when you do eat it, will preserve teeth for a long time. The rest of mine are still in good condition, and bad teeth run in my family.

    • ken, I clean my teeth with a set of instruments I bought decades ago. I have lost some teeth for what used to be a typical reason, great insurance. When I was a kid we’d go to this abusive dentists and he jack with your teeth till you begged off and then say it had to be patched and would do so just like clockwork every visit. He was so brutal(6’4″ and 220 lbs)he’d sit on top of us and hold us down with his assistant being the chief WWF headlocker. I never had teeth pain before going but plenty afterward. So all those fillings not done correctly, came home to roost and the only teeth I have are the ones never messed with. Thankfully he didn’t do anything to my front teeth(funny how that works).

      A friend had a dad with that great insurance too and ended up having complete dentures because of it. He told the same story I did and it was the same dentist.

  5. I’m with Doug. “Cleanings” every six months is bs. I floss 6 days per week (take one day off to let my gums rest), brush twice per day, rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide once per week and avoid sugar and other simple carbohydrates. That has worked very well for me and I don’t think I need any regular “cleanings.”

    Customer service died in March when this corona hoax happened. They all think they can treat us like vassals. Screw them! Don’t do business with them and watch them wither away. It will be well deserved.

      • The man knows the mask is useless,,, it says so in the instructions of store bought masks.
        He’s been compromised, He is not acting the same. Maybe a threat to his family or something,,, who knows but he is different. He as much said a second wave is coming

        “The US has learned “a great deal” about “the China virus”, and unfortunately, things will probably “get worse before they get better” Trump said.”

        which means likely more lockdowns.

        • With most of the population, about 60% I think, buying the corona flu male bovine fecal matter, he’s probably doing it for votes.

          • Could be but I’m not so sure that the US election is paramount. The economy is going down around the world. Half the world is still locked down. There’s much more to this than an election…. The mask insanity is everywhere…. except Russia. They recently stopped requiring them saying,,, guess,,, they don’t do much good.

    • ken, what it is is politics. No matter what Trump does or doesn’t do, he will be roundly criticized by the MSM for whatever course he takes. We have this huge increases in Texas(not huge at all and done with tests that always show positive(his buddy pharmaceutical company makes them). The Marxist democrats are going out of their minds(deep state sponsored)to remove Trump since he won’t play their game. The entire lockdown thing is only political, has been since day one.

      Meanwhile people like my SIL say they’re voting for Biden since they get their news solely from MSM. She hasn’t even seen him try to speak in real time. The MSM takes his stuttering foolishness and does their thing with it so it looks as if he’s making sense. She even told the wife Sunday that I was a stutterer, I suppose so it would seem me and old Joe have the same problem. I have never stuttered but then she saw I talk slow. Yep, I do, some people speak slowly just because it’s the way they’re geared and unlike her, I have a Texas drawl. There’s a huge amount of people with Texas drawls that can turn them completely off when needed, just like I can. If I were in a situation of needing to speak to a group of people I could go right back to uninflected speech in an instant but untill then I will be dropping my g’s and speaking country since there are some things that are being said people like her don’t understand. And it does separate the two of us, and that’s good enough for me.

  6. When they came for the Gordon Kahls, I did nothing.

    When they came for the Randy Weavers, I did nothing.

    When they came for the Branch Davidians, I did nothing.

    When they came for the Amiraults, I did nothing.

    When they came for the Irwin Schiffs, I did nothing.

    When they came for the Roger Stones, I did nothing.

    When they came for the McCloskeys, I did nothing

  7. Can’t help with dentists, but I know a couple restaurants/taverns here in Roanoke that have never asked me to put on a mask.

  8. FWIW, the every six months cleaning stuff is pretty much a scam anyway. You just saved yourself some good money and can choose a dentist at some point after the election.

    • Thanks Doug. I’ve also been aware that the every six month cleaning thing is mainly to give dentists business. I’ve mainly done it just to keep up a good relationship, but now I see that it got me no where. So your advice is exactly what I will do. First, I’m not going to do cleanings any more than once per year. Second, I am going to look into home teeth cleaning products (or just eat healthy and live like our pre-dental ancestors). Third, I will find a new dentist, and great suggestion to do it after the election cuz if Dems win, I think maybe this Covid thing will take a break.

  9. Same thing happened to me. I called my dentist three days before my cleaning appointment to ask what to expect. They said they have patients wait outside until called in one by one. Once inside, I would be required to use hand sanitizer, get my temperature taken, and wear a mask for the 30 second walk to the dental chair – even tho no other patient would be in the waiting room. I told the receptionist that I don’t use hand sanitizer because it has harmful chemicals that get into my blood and that I have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask. She said no exceptions and that she would cancel my appointment and then hung up on me. Cold, rude, and unflinching. I have been with that group forever. I’m never going back. I also have the idea of looking around for in-home teeth cleaning. We need to find grey markets for things like this.

  10. Dentists are, I believe, under more scrutiny than most in the ‘new normal.’ Back around 2002 a dentist infected six patients with HIV.

  11. Today, Orange Man tweeted wearing a mask to fight the “China virus” is “patriotic.” So, not wearing one is… unpatriotic, comrade. Facts & science, indeed. It’s truly unbelievable how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone.

    Regarding dentistry, the majority of it is cosmetic. I’ve seen commentary questioning the origins of it and the efficacy of many of the treatments. A few years ago, I purchased 2 books, “Where there is no dentist” and “Where there is no doctor.” Shows you what you need to know to DIY things in order to survive in “the Bush.” Never thought I would see the day I would need those books here…

    • I’ve got a number of books on DIY stuff. Though I live in an apartment (can’t grow my own food), and my car is probably too new (2010) to do much wrenching, I do practice some of my own self-reliance. RYO cigarettes (quite a bit cheaper than buying packs), I give myself haircuts (works quite well if you keep your hair short like I do, once you get the hang of it), groom my own dog (no, he doesn’t look like a show dog, but who cares?), etc. It’s almost becoming a game to me – see how much I can keep for myself rather than spending. Guess medical and dental self-care is next.

  12. I’ve been looking into doing my own dental cleanings at home, because I’m without insurance (have been for about a year). Just now I did a search on DIY dentistry, found a few interesting things when I did a Duckduckgo search on “doing your own dental work”. WordPress isn’t allowing me to post the links here, but there is some interesting stuff.

    Now, granted, you’re not going to pull your own teeth (at least not today, they might have many years ago – if anyone is old enough to remember, they used to run skits on TV shows of people tying a string around a tooth and a doorknob for self-extractions) or drill yourself (at least not very much, though it is possible). But you can do some work yourself that at least will fill in while you wait to find a new dentist or the world goes back to something resembling normal.

  13. youll just have to come to arizona and see me Eric. I never wear a mask except when treating a patient and I always did that anyway. And I could care less if my patients do. I’ll be inches away from their open mouths anyway.

    • Hi Mark,

      I may actually take you up on that – no kidding. My folks used to live in Scottsdale, so I know the state fairly well. It’s a haul, but principles matter to me.

      • Sorry to read that your dentist has joined the maskerati.

        I fear that none of us will find licensed health providers who are not dues paying members of the diaperocracy.

  14. I wish I could help you with a dentist but, not in the area.

    What we’re seeing is the destruction of Western Civilization in a matter of months. The conditioning has been occurring for decades in the government schools, Submit and Obey those in charge. Do not question authority, they know best. It’s really cranked up since Reagan. I noticed it first when, while campaigning to eliminate the newly created Dept. of Education, his first Sec. of Ed. made the statement that “now that the right people are in charge, maybe we can do some good”, or words to that affect. Then came the No Knock drug raids and destruction via tank of “crack houses”. Liddy Dole greenmailed the states into raising the drinking age and “sobriety checks” came into vogue.

    The last 4 decades have only seen the Ratchet of Tyranny click in one direction. Now unmarked federal goons are roaming the streets to put down the BLM commies. They will soon be enforcing the Fauci Fascism in the medical field. You WILL be chipped, you WILL be tracked. God only knows what they plan to inject into our bodies against our will.

    I’ve said for years the United States is heading for Collapsed Empire status. I’ve hoped and prayed it would be as non-violent as the fall of the Soviet Union. Sadly, I think my hopes and prayers will be dashed on the rocks of The Brave New World Order. And, it will be with the help of millions of Useful Idiots that can’t think enough to question the propagandistic BS we’re being fed each day. Oh, they’ll turn in their neighbors, thinking they are “good citizens”. They’ll find out the hard way that they will be eaten later. Rev. Niemoller nailed it years ago, and now we are adding our own verse to that very old song.

    • Well said Eric, thanks for walking the walk. I’d like to know who made these gooberment & TV people the boss of us anyway. I didn’t even elect any of them, so why are they MY boss?

      How come I don’t get to vote about whether to shut down the entire country??? Since when does the govt shut the people down? We’re supposed to shut THEM down.

      I feel sorry for the entire tourism industry, nevermind anyone else too, who’s going to ever fly anymore — everyone is afraid of being stuck in a foreign country or in another state and being “quarantined” [aka held hostage] — plus the airports put you through HELL (I went on a flight last year — neverending lines for REDUNDANT multiple passport checks), who’s going to go to the Caribbean Islands anymore — all “white” people are probably afraid of black people now with all the nonsense going on, who’s going to ever get on a cruise ship again — everyone is afraid of getting “quarantined” or stuck at sea with no permission to dock.

    • I’ve made up my mind. They can chip me, when I’m dead. They can vax me, when I’m dead. They can mask me, when I’m dead.
      It started way back in 1861, when Lincoln attacked a sovereign nation so as to collect taxes from them. As Walter Williams so succinctly put it many years ago, a nation without the right to secession is like marriage without the right to divorce. One has to put up with an abusive partner, at gunpoint. Ever since, we’ve suffered the omnipotent central government we now have.


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