A Literal Face Diaperer

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Watch this woman literally put a Diaper on her face. She’s not kidding, either:

This is America in the grip of Sickness Psychosis.

In normal times, such afflicted Americans would be regarded as pity objects, in need of therapy. But we live in abnormal times and these Americans have been weaponized to serve as Diapered Shock Troops. Instead of pity and therapy they are a threat to every normal person left in America.

How long before they start carving statues out of poo and demanding we admire them for it?

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  1. I walked into a hospital without a face fear and was excoriated. A female type rushed over to me as fast as her 260 pound frame could carry her. Out of breath from some guy kneeling on her neck, she made me Don a mask. I went along with it as it is the type that covers my kazoo that I hum into to wow all of the gimps in the waiting room. And, no, I will not share my kazoo in the interest of lower frequency of infection, but then I never did it anyway.
    One good thing about having a supercharger is that having a wolf whistle can be on the pressure side rather than a vacuum operated one.

  2. I’ve got a few questions:

    1) Why is govt not manufacturing & giving essential workers free DUAL RESPIRATORS or NBC MASKS (nuclear biological chemical) that ACTUALLY WORK (because they have REAL filters and rubber/silicone face seals)? Instead, they tell everyone to just wear a useless flimsy cloth covering, and it’s even okay if the masks have an EXIT VALVE on them(!!!) so it’s okay that the mask is mostly/completely useless at filtering sick peoples’ exhaled breath from SPEWING ALL OVER THE PLACE, and just go back to work slaves so you can spread the killer virus to each other and all die! And if the real/effective masks are too cumbersome for people to wear, then why LIE to the people giving them DEADLY ADVICE by telling them a flimsy piece of cloth is going to protect them?

    2) Shouldn’t employers be worried about getting SUED for making their employees come back to work in a LETHAL environment? So, at the VERY LEAST wouldn’t they require their employees to sign a WAIVER before coming back to work???

    3) Since the entire planet is going to die from this movie virus… and the govts of the world CARE SO MUCH then why not give everyone at least around $5,000 dollars each month so everyone can stay home for a while?! Obviously that’s not a “debt” — since it’s within each country in that country’s own currency. And that surely would not “hurt” the economy in any way, it surely wouldn’t cause inflation, because it’s just reimbursing people for lost wages, and it’s just stimulating the economy to rebound from the depression this ‘shutdown’ caused. So… where’s our money? But there’s PLENTY of money for the medical industry [the ones frauding us all]!!! PLENTY of FREE money for THEM, but not for the people. No, all the people get is told to wear a stupid flimsy useless paper/cloth mask and told to just shutup and die.

    • My wife’s niece, who I quite like, and her male friend showed up yesterday for a short day. They both had masks on but I was able to shame them into removing the rags. I appealed to feminine wiles to state that I am eager to see her pretty face. That seemed to work as the masks dropped and we had a nice conversation, and no, I did not bring up the politics of this folly.

      • Hi Erie,

        A friend of mine I often see at the coffee shop I usually go to every day to peck out my articles introduced me to a friend of his; I offered to shake hands – he recoiled. I instantly ignored his presence thereafter. Saw the same guy yesterday while standing at the register waiting to pay for my coffee – Undiapered, of course (despite the heavy pressure signs everywhere). The same walks in and says hello through his Diaper. I didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

        I won’t be civil to people who aren’t – and treating people as presumptive suppurating lepers is extremely that.

  3. Hi Zathras,

    I’m under no illusions about the state of the country or the mass hysteria that has gripped so many. All of this is deadly serious, not the virus, but the totalitarian response to it, along with the widespread acceptance of that response. But, we don’t know from the content of the video whether this woman is intending to add to the hysteria or mock it. Absent unambiguous, declarative statements, interpretation is a tool that all of us use to communicate and understand, often incorrectly. The claim that “she’s not kidding” is an interpretation, one that could be correct, but might not be. Maybe she’s an ally, using mockery, a la Lenin, to make a point. Maybe she’s a mask hysteric; from this video alone, I don’t know, neither does anyone else.


    • Indeed- we are in the midst of a extremely serious crisis- which likely will devolve into chaos and violence (even more so than the media circus is creating). I would just caution everyone against fixating on any one target- any shiny object or visceral offense thrown at you to distract you.

      As far as the masks- if you’re smart you won’t. If you want to wear one, go for it. I won’t, because this virus is one of the mind and I’m nurturing my mental immune system. (My livelihood requires me to give my customers what they demand, and my biggest one is requiring masks- since they are paying me to do so, I will wear it there). Simply take one of the countless exemptions and claim it. By all means resist it, and any other mandate the self professed rulers and self professed elites attempt to foist upon you.

      But the point is don’t get goaded into rash action- these things are intended to do just that. And most of our fellow citizens have been brainwashed and cuckolded into being unthinking followers- don’t pick fights with them but do argue with them and plant seeds in their currently dormant minds.

      We’re at the point where action is called for- but it needs to be purposeful and thought out, not the haphazard lashing out of the injured animal. We’re better than them, and always have been. That’s why our enemies are so against free western men.

      • Youse guys are such pigs.
        I want to pay up to twenty-five cents to see the NBA fight for the championship in masks.
        Does one get a Technical Foul if clawing the mask off of the other team dude when going for a rebound? How does this work? Disquieted minds need to know.

        • Hi Erie,

          A suggestion, based on the premise that words matter because words define thought: Always refer to them as Face Diapers. Not “masks.” Give them not the slightest credibility. Heap contempt on them.

    • Just use a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. It’s as effective as a mask an you don’t look like an idiot.

      The virus is a mutation from SARS-1. No special immune cells needed as you are likely already immune to SARS1 which makes you immune to it’s child. This also covers the asymptomatic folks. The RT-PCR test picks up fragments of a Corona virus so you test positive. Rather than say you’re immune,,, which would destroy their vaccine promotions,,, they say your asymptomatic. No one is asymptomatic when they are truly infected.
      Many say the actions of governments world wide are because they’re so stupid. They are not stupid and they have reasons for destroying the economy. After doing a 9/11 on the economy their next move will be to increase taxes. That should finish off anyone that still has some wealth.

    • Jeremy, just watched a video of Ron Paul explaining how the deep state is sponsoring all of this bs from covid to BLM and antifa. Of course I really didn’t learn a lot except for some specific things he said.

      I told the wife when this first started “Oh, I knew(we both did and started robbing our bank account last year since we though cash in hand would be better than digits that could disappear via govt. fatwa)the Fed was going to bust but I never thought this would be the way they covered it up”. Then all the rest started with BLM and the more prolific and violent antifa protests and I knew then we were in the fight of our life. We’re going to be damned lucky to come out of this with any freedoms left.

      I know I speak for many others when I say it could turn into all-out war and we could be virtually or literally, starting over from scratch. Things are NOT looking better. I find this disease to be the only magical one I’ve seen in my lifetime. When riots are needed, it completely disappears but when the fires are out and the fighting slows, it comes back with a vengeance. It’s depressing how many people I know who think what I say is simply silly. I suspect living, if you will be able to call it that, in a FEMA camp there won’t be many laughs left. They didn’t build those fuckers for shits and giggles and I always wondered why/how they’d be filled. I don’t wonder about that any longer. Once nearly all the people my age and older are dead, they’ll have the last vestiges of people who remember freedom out of the way and the diaper crowd will be crowing……at first, although it won’t have much sound since I couldn’t understand a thing this woman said.

      I’d like to start a comedy group called the “Convenient Maskers”. It would probably be shut down in some very painful way. I notice the cops still think they won’t be in those FEMA camps when there’s nobody to “cop”. It is destined to be a repeat of history.

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  4. Bill Maher said a year ago he wished for an economic collapse so Trump wouldnt be elected. Well its happening and Trump fell for it hook line and sinker. The stocks are up with all the fake money sloshing around and Fauci and Kushner – our real leaders – are telling us what to do. Great job Mr Orange.

  5. The abnormal have assumed control and power by squealing the loudest. By the force of their constant outrage regarding any and everything that they can manage to be offended by. Which is quite a lot if one assumes their life purpose is to be offended. If they weren’t so belligerent I would pity them.

  6. Hey Eric,

    She may be ridiculing the insanity, her words, “I can’t breathe, but it’s totally fine…I don’t know why I’m smiling”, can be interpreted that way. At least I hope she’s making fun of it.


    • The very fact that you have to “interpret” what she says and hope that her video is satire is in itself a damning commentary on the state of this country.

      • Hi Zathra,

        Yup. This Diapering thing isn’t funny. It is deadly serious. The Gauleiter of Atlanta has just issued a Diaper befiehl. Ignore it; be ready to fight over it if need be.

        • Gauleiter, you go that right!

          “How could the Germans have let it happen?” many ask. LOL

          Well, look around you now.

          It’s horrifying, but the irony is that all of the people I’ve unfriended on facebook because I can’t take any more idiocy, while touting masks, they claim that injections won’t be forced and there’s no way that they’ll get ’em.

          Right! Got it. LOL

          Honestly, what a ship-of-fools this entire country is.

          • No shit 37. Those friends who fell into the bs said they’d fight the world for their immuno-compromised wife/husband while I said I’d take it how it came and screw the rest of the lies at point I’d send them stats from countries all over the country they’d remain mum about. One gets really fired up about destroying statues while their are super-rich criminals that plant to control the world next year.

            And they’re colluding with the CFR, WHO, CDC, NATO and a couple I’m not even familiar with that have board members including Gill andMelinda Bates but Al Gore too and others you might recognize.

            It’s scary as hell. When you’re as old as I am you’re not keen on joining the army. I don’t see a way out. The wife and I will be some of the first dead, no sissy word like “casualties”.

            I didn’t want to pass this around but I believe it and it scares hell out of me. https://lewrockwell.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6ad24f4cd1574f1f7b8a0a03a&id=d0e6f3b1ef&e=62e95e6f13

          • Wow, you unfriended some folks? I never had a single friend on Faceplant, but I am not exactly the most popular in my grade school either.


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