The Real Reason for the Face Diaper Mandates

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We are told the Face Diaper mandates being imposed by the Gesundheitsfuhrers are necessary to “stop the spread” of WuFlu. In fact, they are necessary to stop the display of disagreement with the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

The undiapered aren’t a threat to public health. They are a threat to the power of the Gesundheitsfuhrers, who need to create the image of general sickness in order to maintain the fiction of its reality.

Without which, their power to rule by decree – for the sake of public health – loses its puissance.

But if everyone is diapered up, it looks very scary out there. And very scared people are very easy to herd.

It is noteworthy – or should be – that Face Diapering was hardly “practiced” (the new virtue-signaling verbiage) when it was most rational to do so. Which was three months ago – when no one knew much about the WuFlu other than what the Gesundheitsfuhrers were telling them, which was that millions were going to die.  Not a bad reason to put on a Face Diaper . . .

If it was so.

Of course, it wasn’t – it isn’t – so.

Hugely questionable counting methods aside – including the counting of practically everyone who has died over the past three months as having died because WuFlu, even if they actually died from old age or a heart attack – has given us a fraction of the number of promised dead. Even the whole number – the total, considered in isolation – is tiny when taken in context of the number of “cases” as well as the number of Americans, which is around 330 million vs. around 120,000 who have supposedly been slumber roomed by it.

The math works out to a fatality rate for the not-old/not-already-sick of less than 1 percent.

Yet the Gesundheitsfuhrers insist that 100 percent wear the diaper (unless of course they’re black, in which case the WuFlu is not dangerous).

In fact, there is a great danger.

It is that the diaperless will make the diapered look – and feel – like the fools they are. When it was only freaks like Michael Jackson and admitted neurotics like the comedian/actor Howie Mandell who were diapered up it was easy enough to tell who had a problem, which wasn’t the rest of us.

If you didn’t want to be regarded as a freak or a neurotic, you didn’t wear as diaper, or cringe in fear of germs or obsess about hand-washing. That aberrant behavior is being conditioned into mainstream acceptance on the basis of necessity, in order to demoralize people, keep them apart – literally – and afraid and suspicious of others.

The reasons for that are obvious – or ought to be.

It’s much easier to control a nation of terrified lepers living in constant fear of death . . . unless they obey the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

But now it’s four-plus months into this scam and too many people have wised up. They understand – because they can do supermarket math, because they understand risk profiles – that healthy people wearing Face Diapers is as silly as continent people wearing actual diapers.

Of course it’s possible that a continent 26-year-old might lose control of his bladder (or worse) and – sans diaper – there could be a mess. This actually happens occasionally, too. Sometimes, you just laugh too hard. Or that street food you ate half an hour ago was that bad.

But millions of 26-year-olds don’t wear diapers because .04 percent of them might pee their pants (or worse) and an order that 100 percent of them do so on account of that would be taken – rightly – as both silly and purposefully meant to degrade and demean them.

So why do the same people – with more or less the same risk of being Slumber Roomed by the WuFlu – wear a diaper on their face?

The answer, of course, is because Anderson Cooper and the rest of the Fear Brigade, which informs them on an almost hourly basis of the latest number of “cases” – which they present as synonymous with being Slumber Roomed.

If they presented the same hourly count of diarrhea cases – of which there are millions! A pandemic! – that, too would sound awfully scary and maybe even enough to get them to wear the actual downstairs diapers, too.

The death rate for WufFlu (and diarrhea) they never mention – because it’s not scary.

Which is a real problem for the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Too many people know it isn’t scary – and have therefore taken off the Face Diaper, if they ever put one on in the first place. Their visual manifestation of normalcy, rationality – and most of all, that they are not afraid of WuFlu –  cannot be tolerated because it might encourage others to question the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

Which might result in less and less Face Diapering – until the only ones left still wearing them are a handful of freaks and neurotics.

And that’s not much of an electoral base.

The Fear Ballon must be kept inflated; visible dissent must be effaced – by forcing everyone to put a diaper on their face.

Which is why it is critical to refuse to do it. For the same reason you’d laugh in the face of anyone who demanded you put on a downstairs diaper. For an even more important reason than that.

Which is that the Face Diapering of America is being pushed to turn Americans into a troop of  faceless fools – who will accept much more than a face diaper, if they don’t tell the Gesundheitsfuhrers exactly where to stuff them.

. . .

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  1. Thanks! Over a year later and the fraudulent gestapobigpharmakeia has gotten trillions of dollars budgetted to them. Everyone being bankrupt leads to what ?
    what works ? what worked a hundred years ago still works today, better than any man-made toxins injected that cause miscarriages. (there are apparently ten times as many miscarriages as live births among people WHO WANT A BABY.
    The officials won’t warn them ahead of time nor tell them after it happened that the cause was ‘officially’ sanctioned. (for whatever reason(s)) .

    History of epidemics, diseases, plagues and how people who did nothing did better > thesilveredge dot dot dot com/ articles (okay, joust one dot)

    also internet search>the virus theory<

    Totally debuns the world big money makers. ('virus theory dismantled')

    • “….those who did nothing fared better”

      That works on a personal level in normal times too.

      I quit getting vaccinated for anything after I turned 14 in 1976.
      No tetanus shots, though I’ve cut myself on dirty rusty metal metal and such many times.
      No rabies shots…though I’ve been bit[sic] by animals.
      If I get cut (minor or major) I just let it bleed a bit, to get all of the crud out…then if it’s still bleeding I may put on a band-aid or bandage…but I don’t even wash it- much less put anything on it.
      HAven’t been to a doctor/hospi’l in 40 years….other than the eye doctor…and if I had stayed away from that early on, I likely wouldn’t need to go now, ’cause at best, they’ve been no help; and are rather at least largely responsible my deterioration.

      I’ve seen so many examples among those I know of how doctors get their hooks into them, and may slightly alleviate one condition (Not even cure it), and then create a plethora of other ailments for which the person has to spend the rest of their life going to doctors as they watch their overall health quickly deteriorate- whereas they were perfectly fine before going to the doctor for that one ailment.

      And that’s just speaking of medicine in general….imagine how much worse it all is when a worldwide political agenda is being carried out through the auspices of these doctors!

  2. The ‘experts’ can’t even get the cause of death right! On my parents death certificates, they got both causes of death totally WRONG. They don’t care, it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about bossing everyone around and getting the sheeple to OBEY. And so many are STUPID and do just that.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Yes – in re stupid. And lazy. Also, virtue-signaling. That is another aspect of the Diapering. I care... whereas you (the Undiapered) are “selfish” and “don’t care whether people diiiieeeee.”

  3. Folks,

    The COVID numbers are grossly inflated! Here’s the explosive video I was trying to post earlier:

  4. Eric,

    WordPress won’t allow me to put a link in, but there’s a new report on banned (dot) video about how the COVID numbers are being inflated. If you go there now, you’ll see the report. Again, I’d put the link in, but WP is flagging it as spam and not allowing me to submit the comment.

    • Mark,

      While I’m sure that the number of COVID “cases” and “deaths” are being greatly exaggerated by gov’t and media via tests which give false positives more often than not, out-right manipulation of numbers, lies, etc. do keep in mind that videos like this end up making US look like tin-foil hatters.

      There are so many disingenuous tactics used in that video (Typical Alex Jones red-herring M.O.)- such as citing how “probable” cases are determined, leading the viewer to believe that they are being counted as actual cases; and the brief snippets of cut-and-paste vignettes from various time times and contexts, which when taken out of context seem to support what Jones is saying, but in reality,if you use these points to debate with someone who is on the beam, and who can cite them in-context, they end up making US look ridiculous and dishonest- even though our overall point is correct.

      This is how Alex Jones destroyed the 0/11 “truther” movement, and virtually every other cause which he has taken up. These guys pretend to be on our side…but in reality, they are working to discredit us. They not only discredit us in the eyes of others, but they also cause many among us to lose faith when they realize the dishonesty of these tactics.

      WE have the truth on our side…we don’t need to resort to this stuff; doing so only makes us look like we are the ones who are deceived and dishonest.

      • Nunzio,

        How can you say that? They have video of the meeting! Not only that, they show the documents. It’s there in black and white. Besides, with the padding of the stats, how can we be sure of how many cases there are?

        The video also shows Dr. Birx saying that even when someone dies from another cause while having COVID in their system, then they’ll be counted as a COVID death; IOW, if someone dies from a heart attack and has COVID in their system, they’ll be counted as a COVID death. Her remarks were totally taken IN context; I know, because I saw that press conference where she made them. I was like, did I just hear what I THINK I heard?! The gov’t has been padding the COVID stats for months now.

        Also, David Knight has been saying the same thing for months. I watch Infowars more to see David Knight than I do Alex Jones. AJ still supports Trump and thinks he’s a good guy, while Knight does not; Knight calls out Trump for stuff all the time. For example, Knight blames the shutdown of the American economy ON Trump! If you don’t know, Knight’s a retired engineer and former business owner, so he brings a unique perspective on today’s events; you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with more intelligence, depth, logic, common sense, and life experience than David Knight. For me, he’s MUST SEE every morning… 🙂

        I can’t comment on what impact Jones had on 9/11 truth. I was listening to him back then, and then stopped because he was taking things out of context. For example, he said that Alan Dershowitz was in favor of torture. I dug in to what Dershowitz said, and that wasn’t the case at all; in fact, he never really SUPPORTED the idea. He came out against it, but he said that, in light of the events of 9/11, he could understand why some would be in favor of it. He continued by saying that that wasn’t something we should do, but if we did do it, a special torture warrant should be required. Since AF played fast and loose with what Prof. Dershowitz said, I stopped listening to him for a long time.

        Anyway, those are my thoughts, disjointed though they may be…

  5. I’m starting to come around to mask wearing. Not because of the edicts (I haven’t worn a mask but once, and that was very early on, and only because my wife made me.) I didn’t know anyone directly who had Kung flu. Ffwd to now and I still don’t know any cases directly, but indirectly it has affected many people I know and trust. For whatever reason, this Kung flu is extremely contagious to some people. Who? I don’t think they really know yet, but oldsters are definitely one cohort at increased risk. So, while I understand liberty vs. insanity, I also understand that this bugger is going to get worse before it gets better. I’ll admit I don’t know what the right answer is. I know the virtue signaling turns my stomach, and appears to be the primary motivator for mask wearing, esp. given the way they are worn so as to be basically useless. Some are scared, those types usually have gloves on and touch everything in sight, including their face and under their mask. All research points out that this is way worse for the wearer and everyone else as pathogens live quite a while on latex gloves, but die quickly on skin. Just thinking out loud here. Does everyone that refuses to wear a mask refuse just because someone told them to? Or because you fell masks are worthless, or because you think masks are harmful to you, or some other reason? I’m curious as to the thinking. Thanks

    • Hi Todd,

      Why wear a Face Diaper if you’re not sick? It’s a serious question. If the answer is because I might be, then you are acting on the basis of something not actual but possible. In which case, why not also wear an actual diaper – since it’s possible you might lose control of your bladder.

      As far as risking getting sick – that’s no one else’s business.

      As far as the sickness itself, it is not the same as getting dead – which is what they are trying to peddle.

      It is claimed appx. 120,000 people have died over the past four months or so. Work that out – and divine your odds of dying. Why weren’t Diapers mandated last year – when a similar number of people also (supposedly, per CDC) died of ordinary flu? Also a serious question.

      This idea that a slight risk to a fraction of the population justifies tyrannizing the entire population is . . . sick. No other word for it.

      Which is a very good reason to oppose it.

      • Eric,

        You can’t even trust the official numbers! 2-3 months ago, there was nothing better to do than listen to the press conferences. I heard Dr. Birx, the Scarf Queen, say that even if someone died from another primary cause (say heart attack), if they have COVID in their system, then they’d be counted as a COVID death. Did you know that George Floyd was counted as a COVID death? He was! They’ve been padding the numbers for months now, so they can’t be trusted. Who knows what the truth is at this point?

        • There’s disingenuous behavior from so many on this whole COVID-19 thing.

          FWIW, I wear the “diaper”, as Eric puts it, when shopping as IF the proprietor REQUIRES it, then I consent to the conditions thereof. The actual worth of the face mask can be debated all the live long day, and I do have concerns that it either promotes undue fear of this virus among those that are not considered to be at significant risk; OR, it also promotes a false sense of security. If some one bat is saved from either having to see my ugly mug or would shrink in horror that “naked-face-man” could INFECT her with this latter-day version of the “zombie apocalypse”, so much the better.

          My greater concern is the overall trampling of the US Constitution, especially over the mantra of “you don’t have the ‘right’ to infect ME!”, a case of NIMBY on steroids! Over governors, mostly Dummycrats, but some GOPers are guilty as well, of designating some activities as “essential” and others “not”, including worship at CHURCHES. I see no “plan-demic” disclaimer in the US Constitution, and for those whom immediately open up a tab to look up some SCOTUS or other Federal court ruling, please keep in mind that they’re based on quarantining of folks ALREADY KNOWN to be infected. Never mind that NONE of these “Fatwas” can be demonstrated to have any net health benefit! It’s amazing how easily folks can be manipulating into giving up cherish freedoms that others got their assess shot off for!

      • If a mask could prevent one from getting the flu (Which it can’t) it would also prevent ya from building immunity by gradual exposure….to EVERY airborne contagion! It’s absurd: They don’t want us to build immunity the natural way….but they advocate injecting pathogens and poisons into your bloodstream to (supposedly) accomplish the same thing!

        • Nunzio,

          Those are good points. Moreover, you don’t want ANY PART of the leading candidate vaccine that they’re working on. Instead of introducing a weakened specimen of the virus as old school vaccines did, this is an RNA vaccine. To make a long story short, it’ll mess with your GENETIC CODE! This approach is so risky that no other company besides MODERNA (originally Mode RNA) is experimenting with an RNA vaccine.

          Speaking of experimenting, they’ve gone straight to human trials of the various COVID vaccine candidates; they’re bypassing animal testing altogether. Pres. Trump calls this “Operation Warp Speed”. I call it dangerous, and I’m not putting that stuff in MY body…

    • Hi Nancy,

      They claim legal authority under “emergency” powers – and that “public health” law empowers them, essentially without limit.

      Accommodating this is lethal. If the “protests” taught us anything, it is to get in their faces for a change and just say no.

      • Eric, if we protested like that, they would crush us immediately. They only “allow” that which furthers their own agenda.

    • Hi Jene,

      Exactly. I am convinced the efforts to impose universal Face Diapering are designed to create the impression “we’re all in this together” . . . to efface the visual evidence that we’re not.

  6. Maybe the way out of the face diaper madness is for Trump to endorse them and wear one. Call wearing it something that shows support for him and his re-election. That ought to halt it on the spot. Never to return.

  7. What a bummer day! Taking the wife out for shopping,,, seems Pensacola tyrant Mayor issued a fatwa demanding face diapers within the city limits. Went to three stores,,, same-o. Left and came home. On the way we saw fake Christians (501c3) coming out from worship (appears the government is allowing worship) all wearing masks, all 6 feet apart. Actually saw a motorcyclist riding with a mask and helmet. This is really depressing. We used to take the Harley out on weekends, find a place for breakfast and do a little shopping. Not now. Most are closed and the rest are soon to be closed requiring masks, plexiglass dividers where it’s impossible to carry a conversation. Theme parks shut down, open ones taking temperatures. Beaches shut down through “independence day”. There’s a sickness alright but it’s not the virus.
    I feel like a tourist trapped in a foreign country not having any fun and I want to leave…. but where to go. The whole planet is infected with tyrant fever.

  8. Eric, since they’ve insisted I cover my face, I’ve insisted on open-carrying a pistol. That changes the dynamic a bit.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yes – but while I sympathize with people who feel pressured to diaper “because it’s the law” – I think it’s beyond words important to ignore and defy this one. If they succeed in diapering the populace then they will succeed in creating the impression of pervasive/perpetual sickness – and mandatory vaccines/tracking and god knows what else will be our lot.

      Resist. Even at cost. Sometimes, we have to pay the piper.

  9. Fezzik: Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?

    Man in Black: Oh no, it’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

  10. Just saw a story on the local Faux station about a show in Vegas where all the performers wear masks…. designed to make wearing masks more “normal”.
    Sorry, folks, but if the wuflu left tomorrow, the masks are here to stay……

    • Hi Blues,

      You may be right; you are certainly right there’s a massive and concerted pushing of them. But I think that giving in to the perceived inevitability is just what they want. I will not give in and will do all I can to resist. Hell, I will opt out of this society if Diaper Wearing is the only way to participate in it.

    • I suppose mask-wearing will eventually become synonymous with wearing clothes. Non-maskers would be charged with “indecent exposure”.

  11. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire

    Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.

    In other words, you can’t fix stupid.

    ‘You get that face mask on right now! This is atrocious! Who do you think you are, a person? Get real.’

    How stupid is that? lol

    The face of humanity has been permanently scarred by stupid fad face masks.

    Freaking corona moroni.

    Gone from ludicrous speed to plaid. uff da

  12. I went to take photos of our county 4H queen contestants and they were required to mask for this meeting. They were all fashionable pretty girls in their late teens. They are actually buying fashion masks. They have gold threads, applique, sequins or leopard prints and color coordinate with their outfits. And then they were complimenting each other: “Cute mask! Where did you find that?” like they were discussing shoes or purses.
    It was surreal.
    There’s no way I would have acquiesced to this fable when I was a teen. I didn’t wear one to this photo shoot. I didn’t even think about it until I walked in and saw everyone wearing one, then thought “Ope.” I actually don’t think about wuflu that much. Then I get surprised when some issue or weird rule hits me. Then I think, oh yeah, that thing’s still here.
    The fair people didn’t kick me out for baring my face, anyway, probably since they had asked me to come.

    • Wow, Amy! That is THE most perfect example I’ve yet to hear about of how people will just happily accept whatever is normalized, mandated, and pushed by the media! That is truly scary, to think that now teens are even so nonchalantly obedient… -and why not, since such has now been normalized in the schools were their lockers are searched without probable cause, and they are taught group-think, and spend all day under the auspices a school cop…..

    • Hi Amy,

      It’s horrible, isn’t it? I think half the country, at least, would literally wear Depends on the outside of their pants if the government told them to. If anyone required evidence of the death of the West, one has only to go to any store today – or turn on the TeeVee.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me one bit since 90% of society “Depend” on the government for damn near everything, including “logic”. lol

    • It is horrible. I am envisioning some sort of “badge of immunity” in the future to prove you’ve either had the thing and recovered or had the vaccine. They will demand you wear it on a lanyard around your neck. People who comply will be granted the privilege of not having to wear a mask. Those of us who wear neither will be socially shunned or even ticketed or jailed.

      • Amy,

        Dr. Fauci has already DISCUSSED this! He was on TV and was asked about it; he said he could see why they’d be good idea…

      • Oh no, no, no, Amy! Something like a lanyard could be easily transferred from person to person. That badge of immunity will be INTERNAL- an implanted chip. The hundreds of millions of syringes recently ordered and stockpiled by the government already have provision for the administering of a chip along with a vaccine. Ever hear of The Mark Of The Beast?

      • Hi Amy, that’s exactly what the PTB are planning for us – get the Mark of the Beast or you will become a non-person. I will cheerfully tell them to stuff it!

        • Right-on, Mike! I’d much rather be dead than be forced to live as a slave of their evil system! The rioters they treat with kid gloves…but they will be happy to unleash their fury on you and I, because as non-compliants and unable to be easily manipulated to serve a purpose, we are of no use to them. To live our lives and do good, and to seek nothing more than to be left alone as we harm no one, is a major sin in their book, because we do not worship and serve THEM.

      • If society accepts “proof of immunity”, then life as we know it is over since literally every non-vaxxer will automatically be presumed a biological terrorist. By that point, I see no reason that one shouldn’t be presumed a potential serial killer if (s)he refuses to be de-limbed as a “precaution.”

        • They’re called “immunity passports” and they’re in our not so distant future. ID2020 is another facet of this “mark of the beast” system I encourage everyone to look up, as well as COVIpass. Apparently they’re running a trial right now in Africa (no surprise there), I suspect we have until the end of the year at most, which is probably when the “vaccine” will be ready. I intend to keep resisting to this tyranny at all costs. No face diaper, no test, no mask – no matter what!

          • Good stuff, Lib –

            Same here. To the death, if it comes to that. I do not want that. I want nothing more than to be left in peace and will extend the same to others who do the same in return. But if these creatures attempt to force me to wear a Diaper or take a “vaccine” they will find I won’t go gentle into that good night.

          • Lib,

            The World Economic Forum (, which is comprised of the globalist Davos gang and that ilk, is TRUMPETING The Great Reset, which is to take place after the new year! The WEF founder or head, Klaus Schwalbe, has openly discussed it.

  13. Well, I guess they must be pimping the flu BS very heavily again on the Tee-Vee, ’cause I went shopping today, and I was disgusted by the number of MEN I saw wearing the stoopit masks this time- more than I’ve ever seen here since this nonsense began!

    They had the entry corral set up the opposite way this time than in the past- so I made the egregious faux-pas of going the wrong way….and I’d be damned if I was going to go all the way back and go in the “right way”- so when the douche-nozzle “manning” the entryway (It was a “girl”…I think…) started screeching at me that I “have to go in that way!, I just broke through the plastic-tape barrier and went in the proper door, and just kept walking, ignoring the fuss that “she” was making until she faded into the distance- visibly laughing as I walked across the store to the pet section!

    Then, coming out, the lemmings were lining up by the “entry sentry” on the way out to show their receipts…though I didn’t hear her ask anyone to do so. I just went around the line with my cart of crap and walked away…no one said anything.

    This stuff would be good entertainment, if it weren’t so despicable. (I would’ve presented my receipt if asked to do so…but I’m not waiting on a line to get out, nor showing the receipt gratuitously!).

    But geez….it must’ve been 50% of the dudes wearing masks…and about 80% of the chicks- more younger ones than old)

    • Nunz-

      It’s getting worse. The hype is ramping up even more than the height of April and May. I live in CT just outside NYC. Had to venture to NY today, and every highway sign along the way flashed “wear a mask.” They even had those orange construction signs placed on roadsides flashing the same message. And then in the town I was in, 60-70 people were milling about outside, with about 90+ percent dutifully wearing their face diaper – teens, young adults, families and their kids, and an older lady walking a dog ALL wearing a damn face diaper. Outside!?!

      I realize this shithole area is infested with statist libruls and it is their duty to unflinchingly and religiously obey their masters, but this was a depressing and shocking new low to see.

      God Damn then all. They are the walking death knell of the last vestiges of normal life.

      • BAC, I’ve been SO grateful for being able to escape NY 19 years ago- I mean, not a day has gone by that I am not thankful I got out- but NOW, my gratefulness for being out of there is even greater!

        A few relatives who are still there, who never seemed to mind, are now even saying they hate it there- I mean, life-long second and third generation NYers…..

        I couldn’t even imagine being there anymore- I really think I’d off myself if I were stuck there- and so is going the whole country.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          I last saw Manhattan when the Towers still stood. I do not want to ever see it again. NYC – America – died on Sept. 11, 2001. It breaks my heart.

          • Heh, Eric, in the 90’s, living on Lawn Guyland, I’d sometimes go into “The City” for a few hours, just to fart around and explore, like I used to when I was a teen living in Queens. It was like a mini-vacation- just a carefree day, to amble around and think and see and be an anonymous face in the crowd- but by even the mid-90’s, it became more stressing than enjoyable- Any remaining vestiges of former glory were gone, and I’d just be disgusted by everything I saw- just Orwellian conformity and liberalism, everywhere you looked; No humanity- just masses of third-world workers and commuters from the ‘burbs….so I stopped going. T’was a shame, ’cause it used to be a nice diversion. Used to make me feel like a kid again….until it started making me feel like Winston Smith. 9-11 was just the coup-de-gras which spread the NY-style police state to the rest of the country.

            • I’m in (well, I was) the city a couple times per month. This is a spot-on assessment of what it is and has become. A cesspool of conformity and leftist authoritarianism. Great restaurants, but no character and a zombified populous. And expensive like you wouldn’t believe – $55 to park for four hours, if you can believe that. And now they’re all fleeing in droves.

              • Exactly, BAC!
                In my teens and early 20’s, I used to love exploring the City and seeing the relics of it’s former glory- The beautiful architecture (Now replaced by ugly glass towers)…cobblestone streets; beautiful displays in store windows, when “fashion” meant looking nice and respectable, iunstead of like a bum from Skid Row or the ghetto; old bridges with little stone buildings where the bridgekeeper would work; some undisturbed natural spots, subway cars from the era in which my mother grew up… was like being transported back to a different world.

                Today, it’s like being transported to Hell!

                Like Hank Williams Jr. sang:
                “If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie
                I don’t want to go.
                If they don’t have a Grand Ol’ Opry, like they do in Tennessee
                Just send me to Hell or New York City,
                It’d be about the same to me”.

      • BAC, I visited my in-laws in Fairfield recently, and I was happy to see that hardly anyone was wearing a mask! Southport Beach was packed – more so than usual, and not a mask in sight.

        It’s a far different scene where I live (Cambridge, MA).

    • I think you’re correct. Many of the States they are hammering for high cases are Republicrat. Texas is relocking down. Bars are shut down as of Friday. No water rafting, etc. Florida is closing Miami beaches. More full ICU’s, More overfilled hospitals, same-o. Of course these ‘officials’ have no authority to do this but the Cattle follow. Even the “alternative” sites that used to harp on the Corona BS have few articles now. They simply wear everyone down.
      Corona viruses are winter viruses ( October – May) but that’s too late for the elections. We now have Super Corona. Can leap tall buildings to infect anyone, faster infection spreading than a speeding bullet. So for your saaafety we will have to vote from our very secure phones and tablets. Stand by for peak fraud.

  14. I was just thinking about this mask crap. Remember in the beginning how they were saying that the doctors and nurses were in short supply of masks? They said don’t hoard. So some companies ramped up production and now they have this abundance of inventory. What better way to sell off the inventory, make it mandatory, like car insurance.

  15. So what can we do about this madness? Is there any class action lawsuit to join? I’ve been searching all morning for a protest to join but no luck. Are we really such a fringe minority?

  16. “Packed Bars Serve Up New Rounds of Covid Contagion,” says a Kaiser Health News article.

    In fact, Gov Abbott just closed the bars in Texas. ICUs in Houston overflowed, this time with young adults (median age 35) instead of oldsters from nursing homes.

    Under President Biden, bars likely will reopen with stately rows of IV alcohol drips, making them look a bit like hospital wards, but with more colorful lighting and rowdier music.

    Hopefully some pharmaceutical-grade sedatives will be offered in the mix of IV-based cocktails. I’m going to miss those tasty cinnamon-and-fentanyl spinkles on old-school liquid drinks.

    Masked customers, spaced six feet apart, will communicate on their smart (sic) phones, as fusion centers get a live feed of their location, proximity and activities.

    Meanwhile, researchers labor furiously on a full-body condom to ensure saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

    • “ICU’s are packed with 35 year olds”

      I call bullshit on the media. If they are packed it’s actors. I would love to see someone get inside… Remember how the hospitals were supposedly packed. Well they learned from that… ICU’s they can keep nosy people out.
      It really doesn’t matter though. If folks will kneel at the feet of their supposed betters just think what they would do with government despots.

  17. “Which is that the Face Diapering of America is being pushed to turn Americans into a troop of faceless fools – who will accept much more than a face diaper,”

    From what I can discern the diaper wearers are in fact fools and they will accept anything dished out to them. I use Zerohedge to meter the hype and it is getting near to the point of the last shutdowns. Supposedly they are considering another lock down, Texas, Louisiana and Florida are already backing off their opening up — according to media. Is it true? How can you tell truth with so much bullshit flying around? Now they’re using the “number of cases” to hype it up even though as the cases go up the mortality goes down.

    Will gullible ignorant Americans go for a second shutdown…. I think yes. Will the cops enforce CDC and government officials guidelines even though they are not law… I think yes. After all they think thugs looting and burning are now an expression of free speech. It is gut wrenching to watch most Americans swallow…

    • Ken,

      I don’t think it’ll be so easy to pull off a second shutdown. One, we have all the recent riots; the news media praised that, while panning the recent Trump rally. Why is one large gathering all right, while the other is not? Two, people can’t SUSTAIN a second shutdown; as it is, millions are on the verge of losing everything, and millions more are barely hanging on to what they have. I think that good, old fashioned primal self preservation will kick in, and enough people will call BS on a second shutdown to put an end to it.

      • “people can’t SUSTAIN a second shutdown”

        I fervently hope you are correct but the present situation does not seem to support your assertion. The masses are interpreting “guidelines” as “Law”. The link I provided above shows a Walmart employ assaulting a elderly man for not wearing a face diaper and all the onlookers were hypnotically repeating “you gotta wear a mask”. It’s like the whole world has been hypnotized. How did they do this? The water?,,, cell phones somehow,,, or maybe the flu injections? I don’t know but I can tell you something is wrong with these people. Reminds me of the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

        • Yeah, how did they do this??? I wonder myself. Gotta be something in the food, and I bet the cellphones too. Maybe the phones emit frequencies that fry the part of the brain that asks questions. I’m serious — I wonder if they figured out how to make ppl compliant by modifying their brains.

      • MM, from all of the MEN I saw wearing “the mask” today whilst shopping (More than I’ve seen “wearing” since this bullshit began)…I’d say the people will do whatever the TV and the gooberment tells them to do…”for safety”. [There’s no mask mandate here- or if there is, no one ever so much as mentions it- but from seeing these people, ya’d think I was in freaking NY or CA or WA]

        Hey, don’t worry, the D’s & R’s will give ’em another $1200 of funny-money to sustain ’em. Offer the busy-ness owners some small busy-ness loans…ya know, more debt…that can only be good for the e-con-O’-me.

        • What happens when people start losing their homes? What happens when people can’t get sufficient food for themselves and their families? What happens when, at that point, they have nothing left to lose? Good, old fashioned SELF PRESERVATION will have to kick in at some point, Nunz! When people haven’t eaten anything in days; when they don’t have a roof over their heads; I think that the situation will change.

          As for the mask, I don’t wear it out and about. I’ll GRUDGINGLY don it to go to the supermarket, but that’s it. Soon as I walk out the door, off it comes. If I’d known about the medical dodges (I have hyper capnia, hahaha) for wearing the mask, I’d have used them. I’m using them everywhere else. Some bitch hassled me in Pet Smart today when I walked in without one. I curtly told her that I can’t wear one, and I walked away.

          • Mark, when the food runs out…they will turn on each other….and US (We caused the flu to spread, ya know, ’cause we wouldn’t comply!). I doubt they’ll lose their homes though- because if no one’s paying their mortgage, and no one can get a mortgage, they’ll be no one to sell those homes to when they default on the mortgage- and the banks will be worse off if all those homes sit empty than if they have people living in them. I’m sure Uncle will just give more bail-outs to the banks….and make them put mortgages on hold or refi them at lower values…. (As usual, they’ll reward the indebted, and punish the savers).

            But the public will not turn on Uncle…because it sees him as their savior and protector. The lockdowns are “necessary” ya know 🙂 -Just keeping them safe…..They see the flu as the problem, and thik that Uncle’s response to it is a good thing. How many in the mainstream are saying that the government is NOT DOING ENOUGH (e.g. enforcing mask mandates; re-opening too soon, e3tc)? A LOT! A poll I read of recently said that something like nearly 50% thought the government “wasn’t doing enough”!

            These deluded people are living in an alternate reality- and as usual, instead of rebelling, they want MORE of the same- just like they want more cops and more surveillance to keep them safe. We are living amongst a nation of crazy people who can not be relied upon to even perceive reality…much less take an active stand to make things right.

            • Nunz,

              While you may be right about the majority of people, it doesn’t take a majority to change things; it doesn’t take a majority to push back on the BS. All that’s required is a determined, committed minority. Look at our revolution or the Russian Revolution for examples of this. I think that there’s enough of a minority to push back on this stuff.

              Now, as for mortgages being paid, I don’t know about that. I know that home sales are happening in my area; at least the Realtors are saying so in radio interviews.

              Again though, the double standard is hopelessly OBVIOUS by now! If the narratives had been years or months apart, then they mass media and TPTB could have pulled off the narrative change; after all, too much time and too many events passed in between. These contradicting headlines are only weeks old though, having been run in late May or early June. When the PJ Media piece came out, the narratives were only days apart! How can anyone paying the least bit of attention miss it-especially when they WITNESSED it? I’m not sure that the toothpaste can be put back in the tube now.

              I read Viktor Belenko’s story. He was the MiG-25 pilot who flew his plane to Japan and defected to the US. In the book, “MiG Pilot”, he relates a story about how the state media would tell lie after lie, and how the people all knew about it. The media would be saying that food and milk were plentiful, while the grocery store shelves remained bare. He said that people would joke, saying that if you wanted milk, just get it from the radio !The media is reaching the same point here.

              • ***”it doesn’t take a majority to change things; it doesn’t take a majority to push back on the BS. All that’s required is a determined, committed minority. Look at our revolution or the Russian Revolution for examples of this. “***

                The difference between those examples and our situation, is that with the former, an enemy who was recognized as a common enemy by virtually all- the minority were just the ones who did something about it.

                By contrast, we in the minority are the ones who recognize the enemy- but the majority is on the same side as the enemy. Our fight thus would not be only against the overt enemy, but against all of it’s supporters and enablers- i.e. the rest of society- and we can not overcome that. It’s just simple math- there are WAY more of them than there are of us.

                Anything we can do…they can do more, because they are not opposed to our enemy or even neutral- they are on his side- and if we could overcome the enemy, they would just build another one, because they consent to and support the enemies ways. Just look at the open hostility of many of them toward us non-mask wearers….or how they are signing up to become “contact tracers”, or dutifully closing their businesses while condemning/reporting those who dare to defy the mandates! They are just as much our enemies as are the ones whom they worship and obey….and they will fight FOR their captors.

                As this nonsense progresses, WE will be increasingly condemned and hated by those masses (Just as they are all too happy to sit on a jury and throw you in jail if you don’t pay your taxes)- Far from effecting any positive change, we will struggle more and more just to maintain any semblance of liberty, and even life itself, in the midst of this deluded society.

                • Nunzio,

                  In our revolution, 1/3 of the population sided with the crown; 1/3 didn’t care; and the final 1/3 did something about it. There were enemies there.

                  In the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks had many enemies-like most of the country. IIRC, it was less than 10% of the population that pulled it off. They had so many enemies that it wasn’t until 1922 or so that they really consolidated their power. Yeah, they overthrew the Czar in 1917, but with all their enemies, it took five years or so to settle the matter. So, even though they had a vast majority of the country against them, they still won in the end. Why can’t we emulate their example?

                  I forget who said it (it was either Rush or Alex Jones), but most people aren’t leaders; they’re followers. Whoever takes charge, that’s who the people will follow.

                  Anyway, you can hate the commies all you want, but they’re the epitome and quintessence of a determined minority; they can take on a bigger enemy, and win. We need to follow their example of how a small, determined minority can WIN…

                  • Well-said, Mark!

                    Lenin was perhaps the foulest human being who ever lived – worse even than Stalin, who was his protege and made possible by Lenin. But his political ken was incontestably brilliant and not learning from him would be stupid, like refusing to eat food you found in a wrecked postal truck when starving because it belonged to the government.

                  • MM, when WE comprise 1/3rd of the population, and those who don’t care either way another 1/3, then we might have a chance (But today, that third who doesn’t care either way [if their ranks were that high] can be easily goaded into doing whatever the PTB want them to do- e.g. the tools who “enlist” to fight wars of which they have no real knowledge or interest- etc.] -But as of now, WE comprise maybe 1/3 of one percent of the population- witness Ron Paul’s abysmal numbers even among registered Republicrats in the ’08 primary…..

                    And the Bolsheviks? Yeah, you’re making my point for me. THAT is the kind of revolution we’d have here (or are having) in which one tyranny is replaced by another….an even worse one.

                    Hey, you sound like a good guy with good values, but I just think your expectations may be a tad too optimistic…..

                    Even the American Revolution: How long did it take for King George’s tyranny to be replaced by a far greater tyranny?

                    Wanna talk about China, Iran, ad-infinitim?

          • Hi Mark,

            Next time some bitch hassles you over the diaper, ask her if she is wearing hers… under her pants. I mean, she might shit her pants, right?

        • Nunzio,

          There’s also THIS to consider: the recent riots. The recent riots have featured thousands of people; they were in close proximity (no social distancing); and many weren’t even masked! There were huge, lefty rallies, like the LGBTQ rally at the Brooklyn Museum. All were LAUDED by the media; why, it’s WONDERFUL that these folks are protesting!

          Then, POTUS decided to hold his first rally in months. The mass media had a COW! Why, you can’t do that! You’ll have thousands of people close together, so the WuFlu will spread.

          Now, why was one large gathering all right, and the other wasn’t? Why did one pose no hazard to personal health, while the other one threatened to reignite The Plague? These were recent, contemporaneous events that people witnessed. If someone started asking similar questions, then they’ll realize the whole WuFlu thing is a scam. To read more about the media double standards, you can go here:

          It’s not necessary to read the PJ Media piece. It’s not necessary to read the two NPR pieces; all that’s necessary to do is look at the NPR headlines. The double standard will hit anyone in upside the head. I just don’t see how the media can put the toothpaste back in the tube after this…

          • But that’s just it, Mark- they DON’T perceive the double standard, and if they do, they rationalize it away. I’ve heard a few comments like: “I hope all the rioters get the Wu-flu because they are not taking any precautions!” -Of course, such karma would be nice…but the thing is, the masses actually believe the flu BS…and the media of course will play into that as necessary.

            Same thing with “terrorism” (Cavity-search granny who’s in a wheelchair, and little babies…but let the A-rab with the tablecloth on his head walk right through… has to be “done for safety”…but “we mustn’t use racial profiling”) They’ve tolerated that for two decades now, without objecting to the disparity….so why would the flu be any different???

            Ditto gun control: The places with the heaviest gun control have the most crime, murders and shootings….but the public rallies for MORE.

            Ya can’t rely on crazy brainwashed people….. It should be obvious by now: The majority ALWAYS does/thinks the wrong things. Stock market crashes…they sell their stocks…market peaks…they buy more. Buy high, sell low…over and over. 5 year-olds have more sense.

  18. BAC below writes, “I see no reduction in the rate or density of face diapering.”

    It’s the same here, and it makes me sick. And frustrated & depressed. And like BAC I don’t see an end to this charade, at least anytime soon.

    So naturally my brain cells begin to kick in and ask why this is so. Is every one of these masked actors simply stupid or brainwashed into believing they are actually accomplishing something by doing it? Has the majority become propaganda-addicted Kool-Aid drinkers? Or has society simply gone nuts?

    Some are certainly guilty of this, no doubt about it. We’ve all seen this mentality come into play time and time again in other similar situations. But I think there’s another much larger component that affects the majority of these phony performers, and it’s one that I’ve harped on before.

    This is going to sound conspiratorial, and I’m suggesting it is, but so be it. I believe most of these fear mongers are motivated as a result of political action. For example, I have no doubt that most govt employees are given directives at work to “always wear your mask out in public because we have to show the populace that this virus is real and our work is legitimate & necessary, and the more people wearing masks the more it proves it is real.” Naturally they comply lockstep. And with an army of about 22 million public serpents, along with all their friends and relatives, you can now imagine why there are so many fake concerned citizens out there.

    And when you add in the entire democrat party and all those political action committees who espouse the same sort of crap funded by the like of Gates, Soros, Buffett, and those other Joseph Goebbels clones, is it any wonder why so many are dawning these face socks?

    The evil…it burns

    • The VAST majority of people simply believe whatever the TV (and the politicians) tell them. No logic, no reason, no thought, no memory of past deceptions, no care for liberty. It’s pure brainwashing…and they have perfected it to the point where it is very effective on all except for us very few loose nuts.

      • I have to disagree Nun. There are more sinister things going on here than plain old rote stupidity or naivete among the populace. As a convenience, some people use the cliche’ of “mass ignorance” to take the easy way out to simplify why people do seemingly stupid things. No, “the people are stupid” argument is simply not enough to explain the mass insanity & malevolence that’s ongoing here. Anyone with half a brain, and who is intellectually honest – which includes 99% of the visitors here — understands that this so called pandemic is a fraud and govt cannot nor should not be trusted about anything it says.

        Cops don’t hand out tickets because they’re stupid, they do it to impress the boss & are rewarded for it. Democrats vote for big spenders not because of ignorance, but so that they too can grab some of the govt freebies. There are now so many ways people are prostituting themselves for personal gain thru the govt it makes me want to vomit. Do they do it because they’re stupid? Sure they are. But the real driving force is that they do it for personal gain!

        I think most Germans who joined the Nazi party back then were very naive when they did it, but the primary reason they did was to benefit from it. Obviously the depression was in full force and people were desperate to keep from starving. And they sold their soles to the devil as a result…just like what most amerikans are are doing today.

        • Hitler drew hundreds of thousands of people at his speeches. Far more than the Donald at his peak. Actually made Germany great again for a short run. The only America crowds that large was possibly the WWII victory crowds.
          The Germans had to choose between Communism and Fascism…. sound familiar?

  19. I had a thought last night (But it died of loneliness) 😀 :

    What do the Kung-flu (and the lockdowns) and EVs have in common?

    This is likely the beginnings what will become the rationing of electricity/transportation! If you don’t comply with “health precautions”, or are declared a leper who must be quarantined, or are in an area of mass lockdowns (Be it for “health” or any other reason they choose), NO CHARGING FOR YOU! (Your “smart meter” will see to that).

    This is why it doesn’t matter which overlord one votes for. The infrastructure which has been being put in place for this- e.g. smart meters, the “internet of things”, 5G, gov’t control of healthcare, etc. –all the pieces of the puzzle, have been steadily being put in place across the board through the various administrations, regardless of party or individual candidate. The political theater being paraded before us is just to pacify the clueless as the real agendas are implemented without interruption, but just with small adjustments as may be necessary for the expediency of the moment (Like Trump’s temporary hold on the CAFE standards…as he champions 5G…)

    But I am convinced that these lockdowns and mask charades and anti-social distancing, etc. is just a dry run for the implementation of what is to come; and to get people used to such practices. Gradualism- the cancer by which Uncle destroys the societal body and all vestiges of liberty.

    • Musk will have 42,000 satellites circling our planet in a couple of years,,, by 2023 I think. 5G is being turned on in New York, Miami area, and Houston this year. No one seems to mind the beginning of their end.

  20. For some time I’ve been convinced that the fundamental purpose of this whole charade is to test how much tyranny the sheeple will accept. I’m seeing a growing resistance, which pleases me immensely. A pleasant side effect is the growth of incredulity the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media is gaining. It’s approaching a point where the only ones who are buying the snake oil are those who are useless to the cause of liberty in the first place.

  21. I use lyft quite often. I had one driver require me to wear a mask. Of course he got zero tip and a one star. Only one so far. I’m in arizona now. Not sure whats its like elsewhere. But yeah its really bad everywhere. Mass insanity.

    • Hi Mark,

      There is a limit for everyone; this is mine. No diaper, come what may. I can put up with being forced to hand over money to be allowed to live in my house – the one I paid for years ago. Being required to get a license to drive. But these serial invasions of my personal space – these affronts to my dignity as a man – I will not abide. No crotch-grabs at the airport. No seatbelts. No goddamn face diaper – the ultimate shit test of how much we’ll put up with in order to be allowed to live.

      No. That’s the line.

      They are going to have to kill me, if it comes to it.

  22. Probably true for most states:

    “There is NO MASK LAW in California
    NO Governor has ANY authority to compel any individual to do anything.
    1. Newsom didn’t issue any order. It was a statement from the Dept of Health.
    2. It is not a public health order — it is a statement… “guidance”
    3. There is no law cited or penal code cited.
    4. This guidance actually RELAXES the previous orders.
    5. This is pure deception to present this as “new law”. ”

    • libertyx,

      Watched a couple of Peggy’s videos. Concerning the actual legality of “mask laws,” she’s spot on. Brilliant work. Well worth it to set aside 30 mins or so to watch a couple of her videos!

    • Hi Liberty
      “NO Governor has ANY authority to compel any individual to do anything.”

      If the People allow it for whatever reason then they have the power…. Authority not necessary.

      • Exactly, Ken. “Authority” comes from the barrel of a gun- which is why increasingly, they are taking ours..while furnishing themselves with bigger ones- and conscienceless mercenaries who are willing to wield them against us.

      • Ken,
        Not sure if you’ve accessed any of Peggy Hall’s videos, but she is challenging (not allowing) her freedom to be abridged by the dictates of mere politicians.

        Her thorough research has invalidated much of the invented authority or power.

        • Lib,

          We who refuse to bow before the flu-masters are the same as “tax protesters” . We can prove the illegitimacy of every vile thing the overlords do….but THEY have the guns, and the complicity of the brainwashed masses, so what’s the point of documenting their fraud? Whether taxes or checkpoints or sickness Kabuki the results are always the same…we may be 100% right…..but the majority doesn’t care. If they did care, we would not be in this mess, because there have been so many other occasions over the past 100 years where those who care about liberty were right….but the masses who are indoctrinated by the overlords and brainwashed by the media couldn’t care less.

          WE already know what’s right and wrong…..but you can’t convince most others, because they will rationalize it away, because they simply don’t care, and because subservience to their god- the state- is their religion, and has been inculcated on an emotional level.

        • Yes, Quite informative but most I already was aware of especially that Governors, Mayors, Commissioners do NOT have authority to issue these edicts.
          Sounds great until you realize 99% of dumbshit Americans don’t want to know or don’t care or both. Cops for sure know but it doesn’t stop them from issuing tickets or arresting you. You’d think there would be a class action lawsuit somewhere by now, but I’ll bet you can’t even get the lieyers to file a suit.

          • Agreed, Ken –

            I had a chat with the guy working behind the counter of a place I go to; he asked why no diaper. I told him why – and also that he wasn’t required to wear one, either. Leaving aside ADA end-runs, I explained to him that the Va. Dept. of Health isn’t the legislature and it can’t just decree anything it wishes. It has authority to do A and B, yes – but not the entire alphabet just because A and B.

            He sighed and said he didn’t want to lose his job.

  23. I’m starting to see more and more small, local establishments where the owners and customers are not wearing face diapers. People really are getting fed up with it. Unfortunately the “requirement” is still being forced in the corporate big-box type stores.

    • Hi Jason,

      This is why it so important to not wear the diaper! It encourages others not to. There is strength in numbers – and the bastards know it. Dealing with this is not unlike dealing with Prohibition. Ignore it, ridicule it and it becomes ridiculous and, eventually unenforceable.

      If, however, the bastards succeed in creating the impression of the necessity of universal face diapering, face diapering will become our “new normal.”

    • Me too — store employees wear masks, but don’t mind touching my hand, or standing right next to me, and they don’t mind that I don’t wear a mask. Me thinks vast majority of ppl don’t care, but sure there’s a small percent of ignoramouses out there.

      You gotta laugh — whole world gone mad — over a big con job. Based on my readings… a lie-russ isn’t even what people think it is — it’s totally different and not even a “thing” per se — there isn’t really even many “types” of lie-russ’s … they’re really kind of all the same … it’s more like a small localized cellular CONDITION of cells being damaged by a chemical/toxin, it’s not a parasite, and it can’t be spread. And there’s no “flu season” — noone is getting a lie-russ, they may be getting a bacteria though, or just having some detox reaction to some other condition, but it’s not a lie-russ that’s making them sick. BUT PEOPLE BELIEVE THESE RIDICULOUS LIES BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE’S NO EDUCATION IN THE SCHOOLS.

  24. We’re now all like those women, who sick of dealing with the mohammedans in their neighborhoods, don a bhurka because, well, it’s just easier.

  25. There is a psychological element at work here also. Wearing masks prevents people from connecting with each other in a normal way. Everyone is the same; the normal facial cues to who a person is aren’t visible. It’s the same principle as cutting off everyone’s hair in boot camp: strip them of their individuality so they can be regimented. It’s a double win for the psychopaths: submission training plus isolating people from each other, thus making it easier to exact further submission.

    • Indeed, a great deal of human communication is by facial expression and body language, more than half believe it or not. By not allowing us to use such, we are denied the ability to communicate. For example, one does not need to tell someone they are disgusted, or pleased. It’s quite evident from their facial expression. I might add, this is also the great failure of “social” media, which is anything but social. Especially given the utter failure (or perhaps perfect success) of public education, whereby if one cannot write well, facial expression and body language are NECESSARY for communication.

  26. It is important to use face diapers to refer to them. Call it what it is, and use the term to shame and embarrass people and maybe 1 or 2 will wake up. I no longer use the term mask.

    That said, I see no reduction in the rate or density of face diapering. It’s as common or more now than it has been. They wear them outside, in a car, with a fox, in a box. Yesterday I saw some douche wearing one while driving a convertible. It’s not wearing thin here at all. The news is doubling down on the hysteria and backs it up with daily fake stories about how face diapering is slowing the spread. It has gone on too long and is part of the psyche now. I see no end in sight, en masse. No doubt will still be going on a year from now.

  27. The day you were born your body very likely betrayed you and your mothers body her, this happens constantly with 7+ billion on the planet. Child birth is attended by many unexpected occurances, infants have even less intellegience than a child even as they are one. Some behavior is learned.

  28. Unknown to most people who don’t live here, central and Northern Florida have amazingly beautiful and refreshing spring fed “runs” and rivers one can tube, scuba, or kayak down (or up if you want a workout). I was on one last week and hadn’t seen anyone in an hour. Then coming up in kayaks a couple, a YOUNG, fit looking couple were paddling…..with diaper’d up. In the middle of a forest, on a river with no one around while it was 96 degrees and humid. It was then that I realized that this is indeed mental illness, which I didn’t believe existed until I saw it. I just stared at them in bewilderment.

  29. Forced masking is the biggest piece of bullflop that I’ve ever encountered in my life, yet I’ve had to bite my tongue so many times as to not have a major falling-out with everyone I know and work with. Folks wonder how or why I could get so frustrated with just a little piece of cloth over my face. I can tell them that it stifles my breathing, however little it may be. But that damn mask represents more, so much more…

    There is absolutely no plausible reason why we can’t go back to the way we were in early March. But sadly we are way too far past the point of no return, as I’m constantly reminded when I observe all the true believers around me. Big gov has taken away our simple freedom to “live”, and they have the nerve to tell us how nice they are in giving some of those freedoms back but with mask and social distancing restrictions etc. Now our benefactors are telling us they will take away those freedoms once again because we’ve been bad.

    I’m still stunned to this day how the masses can’t see what’s really going on.

    I’ve come to realize that the masked protesters believe the fear porn that the media/gov have sold them, without questioning a single bit of it. However, they also know that racism is wrong. But they are so myopic that they can’t see the overt race baiting that is distracting them from the true problem (gov overreach). Our federal and state constitutions don’t mean crap if we all disregard them. If only a significant minority of those 40+ million unemployed had protested about That instead of becoming possessed by BLM, we might have had a different outcome. I cry on the inside when I think about all the fools out there still celebrating our freedom this 4th when the reality is so far from the ideal. We may never have been truly free at least in my lifetime, but in the past three months we’ve lost for good what little we had left. And if Election Day turns out the way I’m envisioning, watch out for the re-education camps.

  30. Have not wore one yet & that won’t change ! Just say NO to the #MaskCult of the #Covidiots & tell them #IWillNotComply !!!!


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