Corpse Counting and the Ne Plus Ultra

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Is there any cost too great to “stop the spread” of the Coronavirus? Some – – including, apparently, Trump’s Health Decider Tony Fauci as well as the governors of almost all the states in the country – seem to think no.

There is talk of not lifting the “lock down” for a year – even indefinitely. Until a vaccine – injected at gunpoint, probably – is ready. Which is going to cost millions everything, including very possibly their lives – though not from Corona.

This is curious given the costs not being paid to stop worse things – in terms of the actual (rather than projected) body count, which is much higher than the actual Corona Count . Which is also a disingenuous count in that it counts people who die with but not necessarily of Corona, such as those who were already on the fast-track to the Slumber Room before anyone had even heard of Corona, such as people in their 80s and 90s and people with compromised immune systems and other such that rendered them much more vulnerable to any bug, not just this Corona bug.

At any rate, let’s do some corpse-counting and cost-benefitting.

The Corona Count is about 13,000 people so far. Let’s triple it – to accommodate some of the dire projections being made. This works out to about 39,000 people. Let’s leave aside that probably a fourth of these are very elderly people and another fourth probably people with serious previous conditions that made them much more likely to die from something else, Corona notwithstanding.

Let’s go all the way – and count ’em all as otherwise-healthy and decades away from Depends.

This is about the number of people Slumber-roomed by motor vehicle accidents each year. If it turns out that 39,000 people are Slumber-roomed by Corona, it means your risk of being Corona’d is is about the same as your risk of being dressed in your Sunday best – one last time – by going for a drive.

Are you going to give up driving? Demand that everyone else give up driving, too? If not, why?

If not, why demand the same Because Corona?

Isn’t dead dead – and risk risk?

How about going to the hospital? Statistically, this is very risky in that about 250,000 people are Slumber-roomed each year by medical malpractice, misdiagnosis and catching bugs they didn’t have when admitted such as SARS and MERSA.

The hospitals remain open – and people are encouraged to go there. Meanwhile, heathy people are being ordered to stay home, in spite of the fact that for healthy people, going outside – and socializing with other people – is a much lower risk than setting foot in a hospital and  given the fact that 96-plus percent of the healthy people who get/have/had Corona don’t get Slumber-roomed by it.

A fact, not a projection. In Italy, which has more people Corona’ per capita than the United States, only 1 percent of the Slumber Roomed were not elderly or otherwise and previously sick with something else.

The “if it saves even one life” mantra has reached the ne plus ultra of absurdity – and insanity.

It would save about 40,000 lives each year to outlaw motor vehicles and force everyone to walk or ride a bicycle – but even then, “lives” would still be lost since it’s certain someone will fall off their bike, or run into something while riding their bike – and end up in the Slumber Room on account of it. Shall we also outlaw bicycles?

How about walking?

How about getting out of bed?

Both entail risk; everything entails risk. The degree varying of course – – but the principle is the same.

This country – and millions of healthy people who will not be Slumber Roomed by Corona – have been Corona’d by risk aversion driven to a pathological hysteria that makes the Red Scare of the ‘50s seem like a minor aberration. Instead of a Communist under every bed, a virus in every breath – and nothing is too extreme to “combat the spread.”

The problem there, of course, is that there is no stopping the spread – without stopping life. Forever. Viruses can’t be eliminated. Polio still exists. The flu comes back every year – and so will Corona. Some will inevitably get sick; but almost all will not die.

But for the first time, life is being killed because a few will die.

It is as though we have forgotten that people die, no matter what we do. Because we are mortal and there is risk to living. This includes driving as well as going to the hospital and pretty much everything else that comes with life.

Death can’t be avoided – just delayed. And in the meanwhile, we take risks in order to live. Cringing in fear of a virus that may end up killing about as many as are killed in motor vehicle accidents or by quacks is as neurotic as refusing to get near a car or see a doctor when you need to.

And demanding that others practice such fear paralysis is a sickness all is own.

. . .

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  1. Jon Rappoport makes an excellent case that the Corona virus is 100% fiction. The test that is used to detect it is completely bogus and the death numbers attributed to it are also completely bogus. Every day that goes by I’m more and more convinced that it is purely mythological hysteria over something that doesn’t even exist.

    • There are two forks to the lying from government and both are thus far credible.

      The first fork is that there is a lot of hype around a natural virus that while nasty for some people isn’t really a big deal and government is inflating numbers and causing fear to expand its power, wipe out small businesses, etc and so on. Evidence abounds for this. The Chinese communist party lied and covered up as well.

      The second fork is that this a virus created in a chinese lab with US government having supplied the help to get them started (several years ago) plus lax security that allowed chinese operatives to possibly gain information and samples from US labs. It was either accidentally released or deliberately deployed. This is well supported by a chain of published research papers where it is clear a virus fitting the description of COVID19 was created. In this fork the lockdowns and such make sense, it’s a bio war. But why inflate the killed-in-action list so to speak?

      Maybe it is a mixture of the two.

      I just don’t know. All I know is I am being lied to by government and media. That much is obvious because they’ve been caught in it. But figuring out the truth is much more difficult.

  2. To put that 250,000 into perspective, consider, that’s over 20k per MONTH in a never-ending ongoing basis, and which some knowledgeable some even seem to think is low. Either way, that’s a MILLION people every four years.

    Now, we turn to those same people to save us?

    If I came down with the most serious flu I’d stay home and attempt to recover.

    In other news, fantastic news in fact, it seems that all causes of death in hospitals and treatment centers apart from this virus have been all but eliminated for all intents and purposes. So that’s great news. Once we get over the hump of this virus we’ll all be invincible and immortal.

    … and …

    “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.”
    – Prof Walter Ricciardi—scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health

    • Heh, yeah 37, just like in the 70’s when the doctors in The City Of Devils (L.A.) went on strike….. The death rate declined by 50% for the length of the strike. When the docs went back to work…the death rate returned to “normal”.

  3. I’ve chimed in to argue for several of your coronavirus articles, but I’ve started reading more stories and seeing videos of AGWs being jackbooted thugs over this.

    I live in rural Kentucky and our Governor has made orders, but I’ve seen no enforcement. (One story about the coronavirus positive guy that refused to self-quarantine, but I consider that a NAP violation.) I’ve been appalled by my ignorant neighbors who refuse to take any precautions. I’ve been appalled by people who follow the suggested guidelines but seem completely oblivious to the reasons because they do other things that completely negate those actions. Your restaurant only doing takeout doesn’t help if you get right in every customer’s face and have a long conversation. Avoiding groups of 10 or more people doesn’t matter if you go visit them individually.

    I think anyone with sense will change their behavior to lower the risk of contracting and spreading this disease. I think that most people have and that has resulted in the spread slowing quite a bit from what it could have been otherwise.

    The group that have completely screwed up every step of the way is the government. It start with the Chinese government trying to sweep it under the rug. Then our government tried to act like this wasn’t a big deal. The cdc completely screwed up testing and prevented others from developing/using tests that work. They passed an insane stimulus bill. I checked and discovered I could get paid $291 a week more in unemployment than I make working. The Fed’s actions are a whole new level of crazy.

    The real kicker is when I started to see story’s like the cops chasing down and arresting a guy on a paddle board. He was all by himself. There was no danger of him spreading the disease until the cops got involved. I read another article about a woman in Pennsylvania who was given a ticket for going for a drive. Once again, she was zero risk of spreading this disease until these “heroes” got involved.

    I will take precautions and encourage others to do the same. I will not be placed under house arrest though. I have really enjoyed riding my motorcycle. I have enjoyed going for drives. Less traffic and cheap gas helps for both. When/if the AGWs here try to tell me I can’t, I guess that will be my “cold dead hands” moment.

    • They tend to have a little respect for us here in rural KY, since everyone has plenty of guns, and wouldn’t take kindly to the hut-hut-hutting of innocent neighbors and relatives. My friends back in NY are dealing with a micro-managed police state on steroids…but then that’s not much different than how NY has been for a long time.

  4. Serious question here.

    Is the corona hype CAUSING economic fallout, or was the corona hype CAUSED by economic failure? Weren’t the markets crashing at the same time as the hype started?

    • IMO, the overheated markets and economy needed a trigger to correct. The US economy was badly leveraged. The virus effects worldwide was the trigger. What made it spiral downward was the country-wide and worldwide ground stop initiated at all levels of governments. Now we are all hip deep in shit and no apparent way out. No one thought this through and no one among the perpetrators really knows how to save face. So they double down.

      I’m not going to indulge the silly conspiracy theories or the even sillier biowarfare theories that abound. Reality is that this is incompetence compounded by fear and ignorance. In short, the virus is not per se causing fallout, but it is compounding and exacerbating pre-existing economic issues the world over.

      My two cents.

    • Lonewolf:
      On Friday 2/21/2020 The Dow was stable and quietly bumping it’s head on 29,031. No public hysteria was afoot. However the insiders were selling quietly- very quietly. By Monday 2/24 there was a big gap down to 27,908. Over 1000 Points! What happened that weekend? Breaking News! Corona hysteria. The congress critters and the insiders were all flat (not in a position) and the public fleecing had begun. By the time the lows were in on Monday 3/23 @ 18,087 those holding long positions were down roughly 11,000 points- over 30%! In ONE MONTH!! This is NOT normal market movement. It was contrived and it was on purpose. It was to ‘eff you damn Americans who believed Trump was making America great and dared defy your Betters.

      Guess what? They magically got the market just under the January 19th 2017 print “Lookie here!! Orange Man economy worse then when he took office!!” That was the goal. Getting rid of Trump is still the goal. Butt ‘effing all of working America to accomplish that goal is totally worth it to our betters. We are sheeple- just breeders. Tax slaves. We don’t matter in their eyes. We are the unwashed masses who need to be ordered around by committees.

      I trade the markets for a living (since May 2005) and didn’t see this coming. It was like a bolt of lightning and so swift that no retail investor could have seen it coming. What did I do? I added all my remaining cash to the market on 3/21. I took a little heat but it was obvious that the bottom was either in or pretty close to being in. So I pulled the trigger. I also knew that the average time for the Dow to recover from a violent bottom is statistically under 90 days.

      To really understand the market you have to 1) Turn off the TV. 2) Read old books by the Masters like Jesse Livermore and Benjamin Graham. 3) Learn to read charts. Charts tell so much more than a news feed. Charts don’t lie. People lie. Believe the charts.

      Bottom line answer to your question: The economy has not failed. The markets have not crashed. The Dow is now over 24,000 now and climbing. The Corona thing was hype that poured cold water on the party but the fundamental value of companies has not radically changed. There will be some wobble as this event gets behind us. Some of us got our knees skinned and got a black eye. That’s life. We will be lied to- A LOT. Don’t believe what you hear. America will recover and this will all be a fading memory just like all the other “crises”.

      • The stock market is no indicator of economic health. Idiots paying $400 a share for companies that have never made a profit…..

        It’s become more of an indicator of public insanity- and they just reap the fools money every so often….then the fools go back and start over again….

      • Their has been no market since 2008,,, really since 2001. It’s all fabricated. The last 10-12 years have not been a market recovery,,, rather its been a rally by corporations buying back their stock, (illegal not long ago). and the intervention of the ESF. Starting in Sept 2019 the Fed intervened in the REPO market with trillions of dollars. This amount kept getting larger and larger. Their balance sheet now stands over 6 trillion and they are pumping even more. The ‘markets’ were heading for a uncontrolled crash. Then they came up with the virus, pulled the plug on the economy to keep us looking over there! and are still spending trillions. They even completely eliminated the banks reserve requirements. They are now explicitly monetizing government debt. They have ruined the bond markets. They’re even buying junk bonds.
        Yes the stock markets will go up as their pumping trillions into them to convince ‘investors’ all is now fixed but inflation is right around the corner and nothing is fixed.

    • Lonewolf, the economic crisis is being caused by the political idiots, keeping people from making a living. Its causing a cascade of problems, that is impacting most of the economy. The fear/hysteria thats being spread by the corporate media, is actually worse than the virus itself. Its that fear/hysteria that is enabling the various Dear Leaders to “Do Some Thing!”, or at least appear to be doing something, about this Deadly Global Death Plague… (rolls eyes). Couple that with a horribly corrupt, and in effective series of inter locking ponzi schemes, and the stage is set for a massive melt down. Anyone who is focused on the stock and/or bond markets is missing a HUGE part of the over all picture.

      • Hi BJ,

        Yup. The Emperor’s New Clothes is now our real-life drama, with half or more of our countrymen playing the role of the crowd – marveling at the “clothes” (i.e., the virus). How fearful and virulent it is! We must all do our part!

  5. This morning at 8:30 am, just as the news printed that another 6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits, the Federal Reserve announced a fresh $2.3 trillion program funded by its thin-air purchasing power.

    For the first time ever, the Fed has been granted permission by the Treasury to purchase non-investment grade bonds, a/k/a junk bonds.

    Legal? Hell no. But Clowngress is asking no questions.

    *cough* *re-elect the incumbents* *cough*

    In particular, the junk-rated bonds of Ford (after its downgrade last month) and Tesla (always and forever junk) are eligible for purchase by the Fed.

    That’s great, if you’re into preserving legacy marques whose dynamism had expired by the time John Z DeLorean wrote On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors (1979).

    Not so cool if you can build a better vehicle, but face competition from gov-sponsored zombies that aren’t allowed to die, no matter how bad they screw up.

    Unlike the 1930s, when auto makers had to innovate or die, the 2020s may well finish off the motor car as we knew it.

    A decade hence, a few of us [lookin’ at you, Eric] may have the opportunity to pull a banned IC-engined beast out of the barn and take it on one last midnight joyride, before the robo-drones vaporize it in a flash of lethal laser light.

    • The federal government is beyond useless and the state governments aren’t far behind.

      At this point they may as well just hand everyone $50,000 and call it a day.

      At some point it has to become meaningless.

      • At some point 37? Its been more and more meaningless for many years now. Only the raw horror of the underlying reality, has kept people from giving into primal panic. Its like a nightmare on the beach, as you watch the water recede further and further from the shore. Then an ominous rubble begins, and builds louder and louder… Far off in the distance, you see an impossibly huge wave, roaring towards you… That wave is going to wash across the entire world. These poor, blind fools, have destroyed the lives of countless millions of people, and then thrown scraps from their tables, to appease them. Only time will tell the tale of the consequences. There is a dark and terrible storm coming. Prepare yourselves.

      • A friend of mine, years ago, once said ” *They* should just give everyone a million dollars when they are born”. I tried to explain to him that if everyone had a million dollars, a million dollars wouldn’t be worth anything- prices would just go up, and or there would be shortages of everything, unless *they* implemented complete price controls and forced labor….which would essentially be a totally state-controlled economy/communism. Hmmmm…..maybe THAT’S the plan! (Ya’d think my friend would know better- He’s worth quite a few million)

  6. Noticed a news item glorifying how CO2 “emissions” were so much lower because of course all business is closed and no one is going to work. So when all the vegetation dies from inadequate CO2 and life on earth ceases the Gaia worshippers will get their wish, they will have “saved” the earth while destroying all life on it.
    Wish these fools would just off themselves and leave the rest of us alone; still hoping for the asteroid to hit DC.

    • Hi Mike,

      Pretty sure I’ve lost two friends of more than 20 years’ standing over this. They are appalled by my “failure to take this seriously” . . . but I do, I tell them. I take the threat to whatever remained of the freedom that once existed in this country extremely seriously.

      • Eric, it just shows ya how truly rare those who do not drink the Kool-aid are. Our own friends and relatives are as brainwashed as the rest of the masses- and no matter how much sense we make; no matter how many times they’ve been fooled before….they continue to just drink-up the BS like brain-dead zombies.

        This is why there will be no mass resistance. The few of us who resist, are seen as the enemy- but the true enemy is seen as their benefactor. There is no fighting a mass of the brainwashed- be it here or North Korea. They just keep falling for the same tactics, over and over again, because TV, skools and official seals/the belief in government. No amount of facts or reason will change them, because the things they believe have been instilled on an emotional and subconscious basis.

        THAT is far more sickening than any virus. We had best save ourselves, ’cause we’re not going to save them.

      • Eric, I can’t tell you how shocked! SHOCKED! I am, that you do not realize that this is a Global Death Plague, and unless we ALL follow our Dear Leaders edicts, we are ALL GOING TO DIE!! (Starts foaming at the mouth…) ^^ I’ve run across more of those types, than I care to think about at this point. Its not nearly enough to trash the global economy, and throw tens (soon hundreds) of millions out of work. The low information types, can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls, that in many parts of the world, a day of no work, is a day of no eat. Hell, even here, there are millions living pay check to pay check. Losing that pay check (and their insurance) means they can’t feed themselves and their families, or keep a roof over their heads. But just so long as the stock market doesn’t fall any more, all will be well, Citizen. (The Baby Jesus wept…).

      • Dude!!! I have lost friends over these “non-issues” as well. People who I genuinely liked- some I genuinely loved for decades have quarantined me because I dared voice an opposing opinion on frauds like Obozo, global warming, overpopulation, etc. etc. Leftist dogma is a religion and I insulted their own personal jesus. Therefore: toss off decades of comradery, good times and mutual friendships. Wholesale dismiss all the good and valuable assets of my fidelity. Reject the benefits of my loyal friendship. All because they disagree with one man’s personal opinion. UnEffingBelievable!

        “In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    • Since the eyes are also a portal of viral entry, since we’re “all in this together,” and if wish to show how seriously serious you are about “fighting” our common enemy, you can wear large sun glasses along with your mask.

  7. Good point, Eric, about the 250K per year killed by doctors/hospi’ls. One of my aunts, who passed away at 95, had been in and out of the hospi’l in NYC for several years before her death; She apparently caught a superbug there, because after one of her visits, she was never the same- she developed flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems which she had never had before, and which stayed with her until her death several years later. She was much worse after having gone to the hospi’l than she was going in.

    Also, very true about the way so many deaths are being attributed to the Cornholevirus…regardless of what actually killed the person. Was just reading yesterday about a retired pig who dropped dead on the street in NYC, after leaving a hospi’l and having tested positive for the boogeyman…err…flu.

    If one bothered to read the whole article, way at the end, it mentions that an autopsy was pending “to determine the cause of death”- but of course, the storyu was being played-up as though he just dropped dead from having the flu. Ummm…one just doesn’t keel over in the street as they’re walking….from the flu!

    Stuff like this just proves that this nonsense is a collaboration between Uncle AND it’s mouthpiece- the media. This crap would not be possible without the media. I imagine Uncle thinking: “Despite all we’ve done to hasten the breakdown of society and the destruction of the economy, so that we can implement martial law and total control for the NWO, it’s not occurring fast enough…so we’ll have to come up with something to hasten it!”. Enter media-induced hysteria over the flu…and lockdowns, which are going to completely destroy life as most people know it if it continues much longer…….

    • Nunzio
      That sounds like 5g. The 60 gigahertz messes with the oxygen molecule preventing the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream. I imagine some are more sensitive than others but that 5g is very dangerous. They actually use this phenomenon to isolate one transmitter from another. Flu isn’t known to take you out walking down the street.

      • Ken, a study done in NYC with 5G near a school complex showed a 4-5 times increase of cancer in the kids, esp. boys for some reason than the the same size school not being toasted with microwave.

        The study almost perfectly matched one done in Israel showing the same thing.

        If you get a list of symptoms for c 19 and 5G, they’re nearly exactly the same.

  8. So far we’ve experienced very little fallout from the economic earthquake triggered by this pseudo virus pandemic. It has launched an unstoppable gigantic tsunami which is still invisible to most yet continues rolling our way, and it will hit every shore with such power & force that it will take everyone’s breath away. If you liked the great recession of 2008-2009 then you’re going to love this train wreck and it’ll be one for the record books. Like Ayn Rand said, “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    I’m simply blown away at how the masses are completely numb to what’s coming. Everyone including even most of those I’ve come to highly respect is running around with their hair on fire trying to somehow come up with a cure or some solution to rid ourselves of this phony plague. Mommy Nature will deal with it, rest assured. And that’s all they focus on and the hell with even considering the economic consequences it’s going to cause. I haven’t seen this kind of collective madness since the 1930’s & Nazi Germany. Has the planet gone completely insane?

    Pleasant dreams Grosse Pointe.

    p.s. can someone show me the way to Galt’s Gulch?

  9. Maybe it’s my reflexive dislike for Northeastern Liberals and their obnoxious know it all barking voices and their love for hysteria- but to me Feltchi seems like just another know-it-all NYC Libtard. His 200-400,000 deaths (now done to 60K) and his lifetime “civil service” credentials are overwhelming badges of inauthenticity.

    I like Trump as an American Badass, most of his leadership ideas and execution thereof, but his default to trusting NYC Liberals is deeply unsettling to me. These 2 Doctors he has beside him are BAD NEWS. Brix is a Bill Gates “Foundation” bag em’ and tag em’ Sturmbannführer. Add his hotter than phuk but demented daughter and her 666 building UberJuden hubby and another handful of liberal klingenvolk and you see a man who I believe is decent and honorable surrounded by Godless klattering and mostly malevolent advice.

    While I’m at it: This free shit handout is a precursor to Universal Basic Income and guess who’s going to go down in history as it’s founding father- Republican Party and Trump. This shit is never going to end until we are dead broke because you cannot stop giving free shit to the rabble and have them stay calm.

    Also: If you REALLY want to stimulate the economy and advance personal sovereignty get the Dodd Frank bill abolished. Among other evils it makes bank funding for startups a “prohibited transaction”. Even if that disastrous Commy bill authored by a Satanist and a Homosexual Pimp can’t be killed at least get the SBA to increase the guarantee program from 60% to 100%. People out of work get mighty resourceful when they need money. Imagine the small business startups that could happen if the Giverment stopped cockblocking startups! Hell, Eric Peters may start manufacturing 69-74 Trans Am replicas with LSX power. Of course we know why this is not going to happen: Self employed people are hard to “manage” and worse: they tend to vote to protect their right to conduct legitimate business quietly without Giverment “help”.

    This whole WuHuFlu is total horseshit. It’s NOT THAT DEADLY and containing it is NOT worth wrecking the entire American economy and gulaging our citizenry.

    • What you’re saying is that Trump is, in effect, a stooge, being manipulated by those with malevolent interests.

      I’ve often considered history in this. The Vulcans, of Star Trek, say, or will say, that “Only Nixon (Richard Milhous) could go to (Communist) China”. And he did, so, in a way, blame Nixon for his 1972 trip to make “nice” with Chairman Mao et al. as the precursor to the current unholy mess. Also, Nixon started the EPA, and we know what a regulatory clusterfuck that’s been!

      At least with Dummycrats, you know, or at least SHOULD know, what you’re getting.

      • Good example, Douglas!

        Nixon’s recognition of China was just the first step in the trail of establishing a “global economy”- which was then built upon by succeeding administrations- of both parties.

        Same with “socialized healthcare: It started with LBJ’s Medicare…and was ramped up with each successive admin….and here we are with Obozocare.

        Same with the wars in the Mid-east; “gun control” and many other things…no matter what party is “in”, they just continue to build upon an underlying agenda.

        Obama starts the Space Weather Agency….Trump builds upon it with a military “Space Force”. Bush militarizes the fuzz; Obama ramps it up…Trump ramps it up even more… the plebes argue about who can use what bathroom…and not that the property owner should be free to decide….but how their “champion” will decree that it be one way or the other……

    • We’ll find out exactly how deadly it is, but we have to think that millions have been exposed yet passed without any or with very mild symptoms as they say the vast majority will.

      BUT, if the numbers don’t extend beyond a harsh flu season, which right now appears to be the worst case, then absolutely NONE of the politicos should survive the next (s)elections nor have a pot to piss in from a credibility perspective.

      As of now the economic damage is a two-ton weight on one side of the scale and a bowling ball on the other.

      All they’ll have is about “round 2” this fall, or some other virus, or whatever other horseshit the federal chef decides to serve up.

      The real viruses are the federal government, global governance, and ID2020 right now.

  10. Got Damn Eric.

    Get with the program son!

    Join the Flat Curve Society. Become a Corona Walker.

    Don a fucking mask and let your muffled voice be “herd.”

    Sing it loud!

    “And I’m proud to be an American
    Where at least I live in fear”.

    Never give up your right to be afraid.

    It is the godvernment given right of each and every non-essential citizen to live in despair and abject penury. In fact Eric, it is in the very next sentence of the constitution that mentions democracy.

    I’m really starting to worry about you Eric. What kind of oxymoronic individual can’t grasp such a simple concept as a flat curve?

    Cooperation is the key here Eric. If we all work together and sacrifice a little bit more each day, we can overcome the few liberties that remain and live forever in Dystopia.

    I mean come on man!

    If the American Dental Association said that wearing a dildo on your head would ward off cavities and gum disease…

    • “If the American Dental Association said that wearing a dildo on your head would ward off cavities and gum disease…”

      Uhhh, I guess I can take mine off now. I thought that, …. , ahhh, forget it. My bad. Well, at least I haven’t had cavities nor gum disease for that duration.

      LMAO Tuanorea!!!

      Humor is definitely key during these times.

      For more humor, remember, when the hut-hut-hutting begins in earnst, remember to tell people to thank the men-in-blue for protecting them and for the guard/troops for defending them. There should at least be a modicum of humor in that.

      • 37,

        “ Humor is definitely key during these times. “

        Every time someone comes within the “old normal” distance I want to start screaming SDV, SDV! (Social distance violation).

        But I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t come across as funny.

        My guess it would end tragically for the person I’m joking with.

  11. I don’t think anything can be done about this. People WANT to believe! Went to Publix (a grocer), they were making the aisles ‘one way’ putting down arrows etc of the correct way to go down the aisle. Like rats in a maze many were following the arrows. I was looking for a cheese trail on the floor but apparently humans don’t need that.
    Off to Walmart. Got entrances barricaded, one way in,,, one way out with an employee standing by counting. Seems our Masters have determined that 5 people per thousand square feet is appropriate. Once the limit is reached, the ‘essential’ employee stops others trying to go in. Had one female customer accuse me of getting too close while waiting to get checked out.
    Driving around yesterday the traffic was down about 90%. Some stores were open but you had to buy online then go pick it up. I guess you honk and they hand your item to you with a long stick. And those plexiglass shields between the checker and (used to be ) customer,,, now corporate servant are becoming common place.
    Considering all the other stupid crap we are made to do, I’m reasonably sure masks will become mandatory soon. I’d say 50% were wearing them.
    I am speechless watching people do these insane things. All generations. And while I was in these stores I heard not one person even cough or sneeze. Waiting for the temperature checkers!
    I have seen stupid in my life of 70 years but this takes the cake. Especially when the entire thing is bogus. There are no long lines at NYC hospitals,,, they are not overwhelmed. See outstanding video in below link. Trump and every politician in the world is lying about this. There is something evil coming our way. They have completely shut down their tax base and are now apparently on the MMT system.

    Everyone needs to watch this video…. If you need proof of being scammed, this video is it. It even shows how one MSM network is using Italian pictures to pretend it is in NYC. Italy’s a fake as well,,, if a dog coughs up a fur ball it’s Covid 19,,,, The video has been pulled once so I have no idea how long it will stay up.

    • Ken, you have pointed out one of the most obnoxious direct effects of this Chinese WuFlu Torture. I DESPISE being told where to stand and up which aisle to proceed in businesses wherein, not 2 weeks ago, I was welcome as a free man and valued customer. It’s “for our saaafety and health”. BULL HOCKEY, a BIG STEAMING PILE! It’s for the sheep-like masses, and their controlling elites, so they don’t go after that business and shut ‘er down for good, that’s what it’s for. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s fertilizer, and good for the plants! I will remember, and when this is over, you will lose my business.

      “If they give you ruled paper, write the other way” – Juan Ramon Jimenez
      “I will not be filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or Numbered!” The Prisoner

      • If Fauci (sic for Himmler) suggested people could ward off infection by wearing a soiled diaper around their neck, the vast majority of people would do so in a heartbeat. And tinpot Nazi losers like Murphy would require it, under penalty of beatdown and arrest.

        Honestly, how the hell is wearing a purple paisley scarf over your mouth going to do a damn thing other than identity you as a dumbass? Sad.

        • Ah, well, BAC, dontcha know that bandannas and gauze masks are magic? They let the air through just fine, so’s ya can breathe…but somehow filter out the microscopic gems!

          Funny how they require autobody-shop dudes to wear respirators when painting…..I mean, couldn’t they just wear a bandanna?!

          In reality, masks/hankies/etc. worn over the mouth, will probably collect and preserve the microbes- ‘specially since the thing’ll be constantly moist from one’s respiration- thus prolonging the life of said microbes, so you can have them in front of your face for hours on end, and keep them alive so others can share.

          Watch, where/when masks become mandatory, the infection rate will likely skyrocket.

          “I’m from the government, and I’m here to killhelp you”.

          • My thoughts exactly. If you are aspirating the air around you (ie, breathing), you are pulling airborne particles right onto your mask, right next to your nose and mouth, otherwise known as viral entry portals. It’s almost like they want people to get sick. Maybe on the plus side, it will thin the herd a bit.

          • That’s exactly what I’ve been telling everyone! Of course, the responses are along the lines of “Well…not wearing a mask means you put yourself and others at risk of contracting the virus.”.

            Another thing these dildos don’t realize (or simply don’t give a rat’s ass about) is that the body actually needs to be exposed to certain viruses in order to build immunity to them. Masks will only exacerbate the problem, which seems to be TPTB’s goal.

            • The average American is so brain-dead, they’ll believe anything the TV/a politician tells them, no matter how absurd….but you can present a dump-truck load of facts and logic, and it won’t make an iota of difference to them if it’s counter to what the popular narrative is.

              Lincoln made us ALL slaves…and most of the slaves love Massa! Say anything contrary to what Massa says…and they’ll hate YOU.

  12. Eric,
    Did you see the Mayor of LA (Garcetti) is asking citizens to turn in their neighbor if they see them involved in non-essential economic activity?
    Also the Governor of Michigan (Whitmer) issued an advisory order than anyone treated or prescribed with Hydrochloroquine and Asthrimisin for COVID 19 and not for direct label prescriptions like (lupus, other, etc) will lose their license to practice. And throw in a playbook item from the Nazi’s… anyone who knows of this and does not report will lose their license. Whitmer rescinded the order after some bad press she got but just because Trump expressed hope for these treatments the left is against them and using their power of the state to oppose *all things Trump*. Even at the cost of a single life.

  13. Fauci, the Himmler lookalike, has caused more damage through his increasingly bizarre daily bilge than this virus ever could. The eventual human cost from his verbal spooge will be incalculable.

    But he’s become the darling of the authoritarian left and authoritarian right. And he’s ostensibly worshipped as a hero be the panicked masses. This is dangerous. The Orange Ass needs to yank this certifiable sicko off the public stage stat.

    • BAC, Wasn’t Fauci just 6 weeks ago telling everyone not to worry? I agree, fire the little bastard. There is a Dr. Smith who worked at NIH and has his own institute who is highly credentialed who should replace him. His treatment of COVID 19 is as mentioned in my post above is working (and cheap) and will end this BS within weeks. But the control freaks really don’t want this to end…do they?

      • We all know the answer to that question. They don’t. I was having a “conversation” with my leftist environmentalist brother the other day. He thinks that New Zealand is doing a great thing by having a lockdown. They apparently closed off all flights, and put everyone under house arrest. This was a country that prior to that was looking for people to come in, but anyway, I told him that in some places cops were coming up to couples and told them to separate by 6 feet. Presumably that was in New York. He told me that 6 feet isn’t enough. I told him that I couldn’t talk to him. What a jerk. I don’t know how people like that are bred. I … just… don’t… understand.

        • If I were with a delightful lady out for a walk, and WE were accosted by an AGW presuming to tell us to maintain “decent” space, I’d retort, we’re not at some Mormon youth function! If that didn’t shake the porker to his senses, I’d proceed to engage with my gal in a good, long, wet kiss, and give the copper the finger, telling him to “bugger off”. If THAT doesn’t work, what we’d do NEXT would definitely give the message that for SOME things we don’t give a shit about “social DISTANCING”!!

        • He’s got that right swamprat. Especially with Horseface Arden running the NZ communist show. Australia is the same, people getting fined for playing cricket and going out on a drive to show learner drivers how to drive. Same crap in the stores. First it was the real estate agents lighting the fires to burn the country side so government can build the new smart concentration camps on really cheap land. Now this lockdown. And the push by the big merchants to do away with cash. Their first attempt was aborted so now they are coming back for another attempt while the people are being “diverted”. I, otoh, continue to go out and enjoy myself. Incidentally driving a car here is now really fun. Smooth flowing traffic at the speed limit, fewer cars on the road make for a good time for learner drivers. And us experienced drivers. My fuel use on my 20 year old Statesman is half of what it used to be, just because the office nitwits are staying home and off the roads.

      • Hans
        Covid 19 is a fake. I know this sounds preposterous and that I am a fruitcake but nonetheless it is true. The RNA PCR test they use does NOT look for Covid 19 It does not check for DNA. It does not indicate whether the virus is replicating or not,,, which is required for it to make you sick. . It checks for particles of RNA. doesn’t necessarily have to be a Corona Virus strain but helps. There are something like 40 different strains of Corona Virus which is why the test is named Corona Virus Test. The test will come up positive even if you have the common cold which is part of the Corona Virus family. It has an error rate of 70%. Even if the doctor is sure it is not Covid 19, if the test is positive, the CDC REQUIRES him to report it as Covid 19.
        The people supposedly dying are dying of other problems and being marked with Covid 19. The overall death rate is about the same as last year.
        The CDC and WHO determine what tests are done and determine the disease. NO INDEPENDENT TESTING agent so they can lie at will…. check out the lies during the 2009 Swine flu debacle they tried to turn into a plannedemic.
        I haven’t a clue what the lying pols are up to but it is obvious their intent is to destroy the economies of the world. I suggest a world digital currency and a world government.

        The link on my above comment shows they are lying. What I do not understand is why the employees of the hospitals, the firemen and Paramedics are lying as well. Paid off? I do not know.


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