Battery Hens

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The Corona Feverists’ main argument for imprisoning the populace – styled “shelter in place” – or else . . .  unemploying millions who had jobs and destroying life as we knew it just two weeks ago is that if we don’t millions or at least hundreds of thousands of people will die.

But this is an assertion, not a fact.

In the same way that it was asserted Iraq possessed “weapons of mass destruction” and that “mushroom clouds” were in our future  . . . unless, of course, we acceded to the government’s demands for unprecedented power.

Sound familiar?

But let’s take the assertions at face value and ask – is it worth it?

On the one hand, a virus that might make half or even two thirds of the population temporarily sick as opposed to making practically everyone in the country permanently broke, possibly starving and forced to live in fear of the Free Shit Army or the government army that will soon be everywhere to “keep us safe” – that is to say, keep us like battery hens in a commercial farm.

Excepting, of course, Our Leaders, who are not affected by “lockdowns” – who get what they have always wanted most – unlimited power and absolute control – via “Lockdowns” and the consignment of the population to life as battery hens in a commercial farm.

Is it worth it? 

For us, I mean.

As Mike Rowe – the star of Dirty Jobs – put it an excellent column (here): “We are treating a virus that might have devastating consequences in a way that will guarantee devastating consequences.”

We are told – as a backup Fear Sell – perhaps because the bodies (of otherwise healthy, not-elderly people ) are not stacking up – that if we do not accept being “locked down,” the virus will spread and the health care system will be “overwhelmed” by sick people, the Corona-afflicted and others.

But parse this. They are admitting the virus isn’t especially lethal  . . . if you are otherwise healthy. Just that it might – and probably will – spread. Which implies the otherwise healthy have little to fear – in terms of death – from the virus.

Just as the not-obese have little to fear from Diabeetus. Millions of Americans are obese. Do we “lock down” the country on account of that?

We do not know how many people will need to be hospitalized, chiefly because most of those who have the virus do not need to go to the hospital. They may need to go to bed for a few days, at home.

Maybe not even that as – apparently – many have no symptoms at all or mild ones.

Put another way, the “population” of those put in serious peril by this virus may not represent the general population’s peril, in the same way that “terrorism” is less an actual threat than the fear of it.

But the Fear Peddlers are portraying the very opposite, using a sample population – the elderly and infirm population – to create a very misleading picture of the threat to the actual population.

It is extremely alarming – or ought to be – that the profiles of the people who have actually died – their ages and their existing, pre-Corona afflictions – are not being separated out.

Imagine if the media tallied every daily death from heart disease – one every 37 seconds, which works out to more than 650,000 every year – with loud graphics and sonorous experts but didn’t provide any context. Implied that the average person’s risk of dying from a heart attack today, tomorrow or sometime over the next 20 or 30 years was the same as the chances of an obese, hypertensive 65-year-old’s.

Imagine if that’s what’s being done with this WuFlu business.

Where’s the beef?

Where are the bodies – of the otherwise healthy, under Social Security-aged people who’ve died specifically from this and weren’t close to dying from something else?

Americans ought to be demanding answers to this, given the stakes. Everything has been put on the table – by us – if we accept the fear-badgering of them. Our freedom to move. Our ability to earn a living. Our right to associate with one another.


Bear in mind that precedent always becomes practice – if we allow it. We allowed the government to tell us we’d better buckle up for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety. Or else. The government now uses saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety to Or Else us for everything. For a litany of manufactured “offenses” that have no victim – other than the “risk” we were once at liberty to weigh and assume for ourselves.

We gave that up that liberty – the principle that we had rights – – and are now treated exactly like idiot children too stupid to know what’s good for them and who require correction.


Corona Fever is the apotheosis of the Fear Culture manufactured by the Safety Cult. The defining dogma of which is that if it saves even one life – or a few thousand – then no matter the cost to millions.

One thing follows another, as inevitably as water running downhill.

Keep in mind that WuFlu isn’t going away, ever – because viruses generally don’t. The risk will always be there, for some. Just as the risk of catching flu or herpes or AIDs doesn’t go away. WuFlu and the ordinary flu will sicken millions – and kill thousands – next year and the year after that, ongoing.

Will the country be on “lockdown” for that, too? Where – and when – does it end? It never ends – when saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety is fetishized by a population conditioned to regard it as the most important thing in life.

Even more so than life, itself.

. . .

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  1. By the way, this whole “overwhelming of the hospitals” is in large part a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The other half of it is the lack of preparefness within this tightly controlled government industry. If our healthcare system weren’t so FUBAR and didn’t revolve entirely around profits for the almighty “shareholders” via the insurance & pharmaceutical companies, then perhaps they wouldn’t be so unprepared.

  2. It’s interesting how so many people so concerned with the saaaafety and health of the most infirm in our society are perfectly fine with butchering babies upon or shortly before being born, in the name if the “rights” of a single demographic.

    In a related note, the younger generations which know absolutely no hardships in their relatively brief existences, are going to experience extreme levels of shock once the outcome of all of this unfolds. It’s going to make their “participation ribbon/microaggression” culture seem trivial to understate matters. Many are suicidal now over bullying, what will this do.

    Finally, isn’t it funny how all government workers will still get paid while the rest of Americans take it up the tailpipe.

    The former East Germany would be jealous.

  3. Never let 300 dead people go to waste.
    WashingtonTimes article: Pelosi’s $2.5 trillion ‘socialist wish list’ in coronavirus aid package
    Just a taste,
    $20 billion is earmarked to reimburse the Postal Service for lost revenue.
    $600 million for new grants by the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
    $300 million is set aside for new grants to public television and radio stations.
    $11 billion is set aside to recapitalize or purchase additional shares in the International Development Association, the African Development Bank and Fund and the North American Development Bank.

    • At this point, and indeed since Bushbama’s TARP in 2008, the deed is done and the economy can only improve with a hard reset. One strategy is to buy some gold and silver, and wait for the inevitable hyperinflation. It won’t buy much, but if you’re an honest man it will zero out what few debts life forces you to take on to get through this. For instance, if you mortgage your paid off house for say 50k, put away 5-10 ounces of gold with it and use the remainder for an emergency fund and or the inevitable bargains coming up on property, production equipment, guns, etc.

      Don’t sweat what Nan Francisco is doing, the demons within devoured her long ago.

      • Lost my train of thought- after gold triples, it will be hard to spend but will retire that mortgage nicely. And in a full blown collapse it will way more than triple. See if you can find a 100 million dollar note from Zimbabwei on the bay, I paid $1.50 plus shipping for mine. It’s beautiful, with holograms and everything. Just like a Federal Reserve Note.

        • It’ll be a long time before gold triples. A lot of small investors are into gold these days, and they’re all gonna be dumping it very soon, as necessity dictates. That will cause gold to tank; it’ll come back in the long-term, but that’s of no relevance to the little guy.

          If it gets cheap enough, it may pay to buy some, but I believe it is in a bubble (Li9ke everything else these days), and thus is near the top of the market for the near future. (Yeah, I’m in the tiny minority on this issue- so what else is new- but I’m also the guy who’s not trying to sell anything…).

          And you can be sure, if (or should I say “when”?) they go to cashless….you can be sure that they won’t allow gold to provide a safe haven or challenge to their tyrannical economics, so they’ll likely outlaw private ownership, or manipulate the value so that it will be of little value while their reich is alive. (Yeah, one could bury it, or offshore it somewhere safe….but that doesn’t help ya buy terlit paper when it’s needed)

          • Yes, government is always the wild card and a danger. Best to get some gold and guns soon (like last year) while it is easy to privately “sell” them (Sorry, mr agent man, I sold it all to buy toilet paper during the panic of ’20…). Plus there are many forces in play to keep it in check.

            Cashless is not going to work- there are too many interests in it not working. And just because it’s not a government recognized medium of exchange, does NOT keep it from being a medium of exchange. (Gov banned Cocaine, so it must be worthless now, huh?)

            And since my gold has gone pretty much nowhere for the last 10 years, I don’t see how it is in a bubble- especially with Russia, China, and the rest of the world quietly accumulating it as a very effective strategy at taking down the imperial dollar.

            I, for one, am not going to sit around and complain that nothing can be done. It is hard and risky to prepare for the future, but as long as I’m breathing I’m going to be doing it.

            Having said that, don’t go crazy buying a bunch of anything unless it’s GROSSLY undervalued and will change in the forseeable future.

            • Many good points. Gold and silver have been real money for more than five thousand years. Every single fiat system that has existed, has eventually failed. The current system will be no exception. There is an old saying, that goes something like; Gold is the money of kings. Silver is the money of gentlemen. Barter is the money of peasants. Debt is the money of slaves.
              The global banking cartel, and their bullion bank allies, have been suppressing the price of gold and silver for decades. Their antics may eventually rupture the link between paper and physical. Governments may make what ever pronouncements they wish. Enforcing them is another matter.

  4. Had this VIRUS popped up in other year or we had the Hildabeast as president, we wouldn’t have heard a peep out of our so-called press. All of the made up Trump scandals have failed and now the Hail Mary; create a epidemic panic , spook the population with non-stop “we are all gonna die”, panic the market, create a recession/depression and PRESTO, ORANGE MAN gone! I pray this B.S. back fires on the democrats with them being blown out this November!

    • Hi Allen,

      Indeed. Note that WuFlu has kiboshed the Orange Man’s inquiry into the Comey/Hillary/Biden Affair. How – as the Church Lady used to say – convenient.

      • Yes. Isn’t that…Special!… ^^ I’ve also noticed the interesting timing. But from what I’ve heard, Durham is still working away in the background, so we will have to see what, if anything happens. But don’t expect anything, to ever touch She who would be Queen. She has WAY too much dirt on the real PTB to go down, without taking a good part of them with her. Not to mention what would happen if she had a “tragic accident” or some such. Hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride for the next few weeks/months.

    • Let’s see what OM does about HR5171- which is California-style gun-control on steroids- including a federal license to buy gus, a 50% tax on ammo; banning of “assault rifles”, federal tracking of all sales; no more 80% lowers, safe-storage laws, red-flag laws, limited-capacity, no private transfers…etc. etc.

      I have a feeling the Zionist-servant actor who uttered “Take the guns first and worry about due-process later” will be happy to relieve us of what remains of any due process and the 2nd Amendment……

      Will you guiys THEN believe that he is as much a part of the political theater as all the rest, and that this phony act of right vs. left is just a show to keep we-the-plebes distracted while they all ream us?

        • That bill is supposedly written by Hank Johnson I believe is illiterate. He’s from George and speaks old time plantation speak. He’s the same idiot who grilled a Navy admiral about Guam outright stating that “I’m afraid if you put too many people(he says people, not buildings and equipment that would weigh much more)on that island, it might get overloaded on one side and capsize”.

          Yes, the same idiot who thinks an island floats has somehow written that bill. We just keep getting more stupid every day in this country.

          • 8, So THAT’S where that came from! I heard someone say something about “when Guam capsizes” T’other day….. Thought they had just made it up as an absurdity. I should’ve known…as usual, the real absurdity is the actors and those who elect them to office…..

            With all of these exNYers and CAers living in all of these once-American states, like “George” 😉 now, it’s showing even in the national politics.

      • If he does then yes, I for one will give up on him. I believe he’s a lot smarter than that, and I doubt the stupid party is stupid enough to let it through the senate. What amazes me is the evil party believes gun control is an election winner outside of their bubble. They’ve been burned by that flame repeatedly, and still don’t learn.

  5. This whole thing is shaping up to be a latter-day Reichstag fire. Yes, it’s real, but it’s being used as a pretext to allow the government to grab unlimited powers.

    The sheriff of the county where the f–ing LA riots took place just ordered all the gun shops closed… the problem with being turned into a barnyard animal by the government is that when it’s time for you to get slaughtered, you have no choice:

  6. How come The Party leaders, pigs, troops (God Bless them), and other assorted tax parasites don’t have to shelter in place and lock down their business (talk about non-essential). After all, if the point is to diminish infection spread and flatten the curve, aren’t we all in this together? Don’t we all need to contribute to the shared sacrifice? Do their cheap suits and funny costumes somehow make them immune from spreading the virus to others, including granny?

    Also, what is with this idea that some businesses are non-essential, so they must close, or else. If it were my livelihood, I’d think it pretty damn essential to me and my family and that of my employees and customers or clients. Yet these douche bags stand up at their podium and make arbitrary announcements about what they deem essential. The f’n gall of these people.

  7. Just a week ago, this would have been a paranoid fantasy:

    “In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday night that residents were forbidden from moving to or from vacation homes outside the city.” — MSN article titled “Hoping to escape coronavirus, city dwellers are fleeing to California’s deserts and mountains”

    Those who didn’t bail from big cities in time now are de facto prisoners there.

    When this is all over, “Escape From Los Angeles” would make a great movie. Think of the riveting chase scenes, as the cops try but fail to keep up with the hero’s fast motorcycle and his beautiful blonde girlfriend riding pillion.

    Of course, Hollywood isn’t going to make a politically incorrect film about lowly citizens taking the law into their own hands. Rather, the Hollywood reframing will feature heroic police detaining would-be escapees in their polluting IC-engined contraptions. No Teslas will be shown stuck beside the road in the desert for lack of a charging station.

    • People used to ask me: “why did you move to Montana?”

      If it wasn’t for the stupid interwebz I wouldn’t know anything was different.

      • Just be thankful that Montana isn’t all that pleasant for the typical snowflake, or it would be californicated like so many other states have been. They flee the hell holes that their warped and twisted ideology has produced, and take their Prog mentalities with them. Its like a Zombie Plague. If I remember right, Chuck Baldwin moved up to the flat head valley a few years back.

        • Six months of winter, three months of mud, and three months of fire.

          Or sometimes we just have all three at the same time.

    • ***”Those who didn’t bail from big cities in time now are de facto prisoners there.”***

      Yeah, how all of the Preppers “bug-out bags” working out for them now? LOL.

      As predicted, they failed to take into account what is always the most daunting danger to their survival: The actions and edicts of government and the mercenaries who serve it. They seem to have had no problem living under the tyrannies imposed on them by these filthy cities, only dreaming of escaping the looting mobs when “TSHTF”, being blissfully unprepared for the elephant of tyranny which has been present for decades.

      • We bugged out of Coloradofornia in 1997, and moved out on the forty in 2003.

        Wasn’t Ruby Ridge and Waco enough warning for people ?????

  8. We’ve become a nation of sniveling children. The Sociopaths In Charge have assumed a position in which they can’t lose. If the virus fails to inflict the harm they have predicted, “see how wonderfully our actions worked to save us?” If it does, “we need to do more”. There is ample evidence that this is the result of biowarfare. In a number of areas around the world patient zero cannot be determined. This almost NEVER happens in the case of an organic eruption. We are about to lose all small business in the US, leaving the United States of Corporations in complete control of the entire economy. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

    • Who you callin’ WE paleface? There is a lot of brainwashed people, and the schools and mass media are most guilty of it, but there is also plenty of red pill takers, biding their time and avoiding a suicidal frontal attack on something deliberately hard to pin down.

  9. They (the two party’s) are using this to bring true all their dreams. Right now the Demos have introduced a bill that will eliminate paper currency among many other things. This act will make savings people have saved secretly and out of the banking system over their lifetime useless.

    “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act’ and the ‘Financial Protections and Assistance for America’s Consumers, States, Businesses, and Vulnerable Populations Act (H.R. 6321”

    Then, how about the “Same Day Registration Act” to make it easy for illegals to vote.

    This is Christmas to them. Crash the Markets, blame it on the virus, Crash what’s left of Main Street Economy, blame it on the virus. Put people out of work thus dependent on govt, blame it on the virus.
    People are now open to allow them to print all the currency they want for UBI. Even the virus killing off seniors helps them in two ways. One,,, they are more conservative and will no longer vote, Two,,, saves pension money that can be used to buy another high tech bomber. The FED is now printing hundreds of billions daily (QE 4eva, REPO and any other acronym they can dream up),,, buying corporate bonds and just about anything they can lay their dirty paws on.

    Eric, Thanks for trying to put a common sense argument to what the government and media are doing but I fear it will have little effect. Not saying to stop, but I am reading media and different conservative authors that are agreeing to this bs.

    • The Wuhan Bat Virus deaths are still statistical noise at this point.

      Since most flu deaths occur in the colder half of the year, you can basically double those monthly/daily numbers for flu deaths.

      • They don’t care,,, believe it or not the sniveling cowards are hoping for free shit. this 2.5 trillion package of bs will include free just about everything while the FED destroys the currency. Americans for the most part are pathetic. Those poor bastards that fought the revolution wasted their lives.

      • Do you mean Chinaman’s Lung? Which appears to have first started hitting in the US last year? Remember all those vaping deaths that the crooks used to go after the vaping industry? (They called it pulmonary fibrosis…) The disease with 5 branches, all 5 of which have only been found in the US?
        PLEASE don’t buy the bat soup propaganda! Its more toxic than any wet market.

  10. Coronaviruses are not new, and there are lots of strains. If you compare this strain to other Coronaviruses, it’s doing the same thing they always do; just a slightly more nasty sickness, and 99+ percent will fully recover quickly. The question, then, is why did they pick this outbreak of this particular virus to unleash this shuttering of all that’s holy? And what happens when the next spooky virus emerges in a year or two, and the next one after that, etc.? What draconian laws will be cemented in place after this all ends?

  11. A worldwide reset button has been pushed. I am grateful that I have been able to become closer to God. Fear is replaced with genuine concern for the future liberty of all. I don’t know what is in store, but I guarantee you that the future of liberty looks very grim, Brothers and Sisters. Speak out while we still can, even if it seems like it hasn’t done any good.

    You are doing God’s work, Eric. Stay positive and stay present.

    • Amen, Save – and thank you…

      We can still speak and therefore must, while we still can. I dread that these creatures are going to “lock down” speech – the Internet – Because Corona.

      For Our Safety.

        • Well, “Great Uncle Bill”, that’s Thai-land. They don’t have a Bill of Rights.

          Of course, as far as whom Eric terms “the Chimp” (Bush 43), the US Constitution is so much paper scrap anyway.

      • Guaren-damn-teed they will! There’s precedent, both in wake of the XYZ affair in 1798 (Alien and Sedition Acts, which thankfully ushered in Jefferson’s election in 1800), and the Sedition Act of 1918, which, among other things, forbad teaching of GERMAN. Maybe that’s why Marty’s older, goofy professor friend was Doc Emmett “Brown”, his family emigrated from Germany in 1908 and had to change their name FROM “Von Braun” (any relation to Werner?) during what was then the “Great War” (after 1942, THEN termed “World War One”). It got so bad that, for example, several Lutheran PRIVATE schools, which taught both German and the Lutheran faith in the K-8 situation to good little kids of German-American families, were shut down as their “loyalty” was questioned. Teaching German in defiance could get you a stretch in one of Uncle Sam’s “Pound ‘Em in the Ass” prisons.

        Hence why my call to “action”. The time for talk only is past. We must use the resources of the Internet and cell communications to get hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, alerted and mobilized to RESPOND to these blatant attempts to subvert the Constitution and establish Government ‘diktaks’. While we still can. With the “Po-lees” and others scrambling to this perhaps-contrived emergency, they may NOT even be interested in monitoring what’s going on. For once, the “Stasi” is PREOCCUPIED.

      • Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter ( probably more) have already promised to censor any Corona information that they believe is “incorrect“

        • Hi Floriduh,

          Yup – which will hopefully result in millions of people refusing to use Facebook, Google and Twitter. Eff them. They can censor/suppress all they like. They can’t force people to use them.

          Use other forms of communication and other search engines, like DuckDuckGo.

          • I guess one good thing out of this though, the local cops have said that they are suspending all traffic enforcement during the emergency, so I guess I don’t have to worry about a ticket for a little while. They won’t get me for DUI either, but that’s not much of a concern, since the bastards have all the bars closed anyway

          • eric, I have never used them. I immediately saw what they would eventually do. And yes, please use DDG for a search engine. I have used it exclusively since 2008 when I first found it.

            I can’t understand why these YTubers will show their screen and then use the G word to do a search. Are they so simply they don’t realize every single keystroke is being recorded and probably is on WP too.

            Maybe Gram had it right many decades ago.


        • Hi Anon,

          I think they will try. How people react will be determinative. History is directed by active men and committed minorities; for good or for ill. The rest are just along for the ride.

          • At this point Eric, they have off loaded the real censorship to the tech giants. They have the only audiences large enough to matter. If the Feds didn’t want what is going on, they would hammer the tech giants with the possibility of losing their section 230 protection. In other words they would force them to choose between being publishers or platforms. Publishers can censor what ever they want, but they are liable for anything appearing on their sites. Platforms are not responsible for what appears, but they can’t censor legal content.
            This way, the Progs get to have it both ways, and the government just turns a blind eye to what is going on. Win Win as far as both are concerned.

          • eric, I agree with Anon because we’ve already seen it. When a channel gets defunded, the G word still covers it up with ads that only They make money from.

            So now, a lot of YTers are using coded words to keep the algorithms from shutting them down. There have been more channels deleted in the last few weeks than what I’ve seen deleted in years.

            If you don’t recall, it’s been 3 years or more that every single video was deleted along with SHTF’s channel. I wasn’t asleep when that happened and why SHTF didn’t mention it every day I don’t understand. Maybe they “probably rightly” thought they’d never been seen anywhere again.


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