Live From Corona Country, Part 16

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Day 16 of life in Corona Country – or my part of it – where the bodies still aren’t stacking up and people seem to be tiring of the Coonman’s house arrest decree. About 54 people have supposedly died from (or with) Corona in Virginia – as opposed to more than 1,100 who were felled by the flu.

The state wasn’t “locked down” for that?

So why now? And for how much longer? At what point is enough enough? Or is the new normal that anything that might cause the death of someone – nothing specific – justifies a generic ban on life?

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  1. I was warned about living in a communist country. Son, you can’t just go where you want in one of those commie places. You can’t buy anything you like or speak with whoever you want. They have armed men everywhere with guns that will challenge you for papers and ask you what you’re doing. SOME people that are in charge can do whatever they want and if they want you in prison, you’ll be there and people will lie to get you there.

    Damn, glad I don’t live there. It would be tough to not be able to buy what you need or go where you liked or speak to anyone you chose.

    What’s the name of that place? They call it the United States and you better watch your step and only go outside when you’re told you can and don’t dare complain.

    If you go to a park with a sign that says “only 4 at a time” and you and your wife and child are there alone, they will cuff and stuff you. Why is that? You’re only 3. Well, son, they decide on the count and that varies with how they feel.

  2. Fear! The tool of tyrants. Right out of Hitler and Goebbel’s hand book. Scare the people enough and the tyrant can do anything they please, while the people cheer them on. There is no test or other current method to determine anyone has this disease. The numbers are snatched out of the sky. The criteria for determining if someone died from the Cvirus is “if they died of something resembling influenza (same symptoms) then they died of Cvirus”. Meanwhile, the recent and ongoing monstrously HUGE transfer of wealth is ignored. As businesses close, they fail to pay their debts, so now the bank owns them. As people lose their jobs, they fail to pay their mortgage, so now the bank owns the house. As the Sociopaths In Charge pretend to “help” us with $350 billion of “free” money, they hand $1,650 billion to the banks and corporations, all of which you and all your progeny are on the hook for. The Fed has determined that banks are no longer required to have even fractional reserves, which were bad enough. Now they can lend money they don’t have even a fraction of. Whether the Cvirus is real or not, manufactured or natural, It has provided excellent distraction from the final and total collapse of anything resembling an economy. A collapse which began in 1971 when the dollar became pure fiat currency, and accelerated exponentially in 2008, and has continued since regardless of zero interest rates. This is going to make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park, which we aren’t allowed to take anymore. Government can’t fix it, because their intentional acts created it. So now the most dangerous virus is exposed. The Sociopaths In Charge and their banking cartel masters.

  3. When this is over, there needs to be BIG hell to pay. Heads must roll. Whether it’s the CCP or the US government or Bill Gates… someone needs to pay restitution to the people affected by this, out of their own personal finances.

  4. I haven’t heard a peep from the ACLU? Where the **** are they? Has anybody or organization challenged any of these orders in court?

  5. Imagine if they published and televised the deaths from cancer on a daily basis? Here’s the funny thing, if gubmint loves us so much….why do they send us to wars? Why do they allow the killing of babies in the womb? Why do they allow us to eat GMO frankenstein foods loaded up genetically with chemicals? Hmm?

  6. It’s getting to be time to start wearing the masks. I highly recommend Guy Fawkes. Cant be too safe in whats coming imminently.

  7. ***”I guess NYC hospitals might be feeling a little strain right now”***

    NYC hospitals have been feeling strain for decades. I went to see someone in a hospital in Queens 25 years ago; the place looked like what you might expect to see in New Delhi- People on gurneys lining the hallways; crowds; confusion…. I always remember the image in my head of a black security guard with two mangled and obviously broken legs, laying on one of those gurneys in the hall, unattended, and just continually moaning in pain- he hadn’t been touched yet- i.e. no IV’s; his uniform was still perfectly intact….. If he passed-out or croaked, who knows how long he could have lain there before any medical-type person would even notice……

    So yeah….they can showe pics of an NYC hospital at ANY time, and it’ll look like a mass casualty situation. If anything, I’ll bet those hospitals are quieter now than they normally are.

    • That’s the NY that NY’ers vote for every election cycle. It’s a shithole, wholly imported from the furthest dregs of the earth….NY…bring us your poor, your wretched, your uneducated, disease ridden, financial burden masses….for we demonrats need your votes to lecture the rest of the country how to live!!!


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