Live From Corona Country V

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Here’s the latest from Corona Country – SW Virginia, the Roanoke area. My coffee shop remains open, but just barely. Apparently, a virtue signaling cretin called the Hut! Hut! Hutters! to “express concern” that people were not “maintaining social distance” and so now you can’t sit on the porch – Because Corona.

I am encouraging others to follow my example; if we can’t sit onside – or on the porch – then sit in our vehicles, got-damn it. Self-imprisonment is not an option. Don’t be a Corona Cow!

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  1. Eric,
    Here in Houstonia they have issued DIRE! DIRE i SAY! warnings about the virus staying on playground equipment. Parents with kids were enjoying the stay at home order and getting some Vitamin D and killing the virus with sunlight and exercise. NOPE. Now every playground in Harris and neighboring counties has a damn sign up that the virus MAY live on this surface, you just don’t really know! (High’s in 80s and upper 70s past few days, very low cloud cover, HIGH UV blasting, yet we get this garbage from elected officials)

  2. Was listening to a podcast of Michael Savage. Considering his education and professional background, I’d consider him a “subject matter expert”. While he doesn’t doubt the dangers of COVID-19, in his opinion, this general “shelter in place” edict is scientific nonsense and, in fact, is NOT targeting the more dangerous routes of infection.

    While he didn’t touch on the “sheltering” orders as a disingenuous attempt to abrogate our rights, he did point out how the measures ordered are unprecedented where epidemics are concerned.

  3. Right on Eric! I can pass on a bit of good news in this dept. I ordered take out from a local establishment the other night. When I went in to pick it up, there was probably around 10 people inside, most not social distancing, most with a drink in their hands while they waited for their food as well (props to the owners/manager/bartender for thumbing their noses and allowing folks to partake at least a little bit). There was even one fellow, who whilst out walking the dog, asked if he could have a shot at the door (didn’t want to bring the dog inside of course). The bartender obliged, took him his libation of choice and he drank it while not even stepping foot inside. The whole scene was glorious and warmed my cold dead heart.

  4. To all the ppl that believe there’s actually a virus killing anyone… the reason you believe that is because you’re watching TV and are being hypnotically brainwashed with idiocracy.

    Viruses are dead, not even alive like bacteria/worms. The entire medical/scientific industry all agrees that they’re not even sure if viruses work the way they are assuming they do. If the virus really was being replicated enough to cause even the slightest illness/symptoms then it would be detectable by a test… yet they can’t even find it with any tests, that’s why the “test” is actually just looking for proteins made by the human body… so the test is showing that the human immune system is working normally, those proteins are there all the time everyday. That’s how stupid this whole thing is. Yes, it’s THAT stupid.

    Anyone that dies anywhere for any reason, that “tests” positive for this “virus” — 99-100% of all people will test positive because the test is a joke — guess what? They write down the virus as the cause of death! Nevermind the test isn’t even testing for the virus and it’s results are meaningless too, nevermind the labs lie and are in on the scam and get paid more money if they lie by saying the test shows the virus. And now with the extra funding president Tweety Bird just gave them… it’s just going to continue the lies, it’s just fueling the lies so they can get more money. Mo’ Money! Heck, I don’t mind if they get PAID, but geez, could we peasants get some TP please?!?!

  5. My local Jo Ann craft and fabric store got hutt-hutted by county and town heroes for being open. Yes, a Jo Ann’s fabric……….

    Guessing eating in the parking lot will soon be on the chopping block, as it’s the only place left to eat besides being at home. Lots of people are doing it.

    Also kids are now prohibited from the playgrounds in parks, and don’t stay in the same place in the still open parts for long.

  6. Sort of sick…. Gotta worry about your neighbor ratting you out for still enjoying yourself while the Corona-cattle stay locked in their now prison homes shivering in fear under the bed. Years ago I watched movies where the German citizen Nazi’s ratted out their neighbors. Never did I ever imagine it would happen here. Funny,,, US citizen Nazi’s seem to enjoy it. Those indoctrination centers we call schools have worked better than they ever imagined. No wonder the new generations hate the boomers. We are the last reasonably free generation.


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