Live From Corona Country II

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Here’s the latest “on the ground” from Corona Country – my corner of SW Virginia – where people are still out and not hunkered under the bed, cringing Because Corona . . . and because the loathsome Coonman has ordered people he deems “non essential” (which naturally doesn’t include himself) to stay under their beds, cringing Because Corona.

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  1. Traffic is light here (commute time has been cut by 15 minutes!!, enjoying that at least), but there are plenty of people out there driving at least….. The scuttlebutt is that local police chiefs have ordered street cops, to avoid traffic stops (only if someone is doing something really stupid). Hope that is true, as it will prevent heroes from hassling people out. Can’t say I have see many heroes out there, but I haven’t gone out at night yet (got moved to day shift). Most government drones have been sent home (probably with pay). Wish people would note that they aren’t essential to anybody but themselves.

    It’s killing business’s though. A popular restaurant (well popular before this) evidently only got eight take out orders all night on Tuesday. That isn’t good to hear as no restaurant will survive on that. Another restaurant has announced they will not be reopening after this blows over. Probably will be quite a few that never reopen. Others have cut back their hours by a lot. Another restaurant will only be open for dinner takeouts from Thursday to Saturday (used to be open lunch and dinner all week, hope they survive, they have a great prime rib).

    Many small business owners are still working (even if they aren’t deemed “essential”), largely because they have to stay in business. They have employees park in more hidden spots or are only running day shifts etc.

    This will unfortunately happen again. The precedent has been set now. Any bug will likely cause panic and shutdowns. Not good.

  2. Plenty of TP at Costco yesterday afternoon. In fact, plenty of everything, including meat, eggs, all the usual stuff.

    Interesting that Japan has a death rate of 0.03%. What makes them so special? Maybe because of their respect for their fellow man, excellent health, clean environment, and diet? I’m going mostly with respecting each other, which isn’t something that can be done with edicts from the governor’s office. Everyone who has been to Japan has always remarked about how clean the country is. People don’t spit everywhere. People who are sick wear a mask so they don’t spew their germs all over (here we are wearing them because we’re afraid of everyone else).

    Compare Germany and Italy. German cases and deaths are very low. Again, they are clean and take care of themselves. Their economy didn’t have to endure years of austerity (of course they probably caused other country’s debt defaults, but that’s not my point right now). I’m fairly certain if someone were to hack up a loogie and spit it on the sidewalk they’d be chastised by their fellow men.

    Uncle tells parents that they’ll teach hygiene, then doesn’t. Uncle lets millions of people from third world countries in and doesn’t expect them to make even the slightest change in behavior in exchange for a chance to live here. Now that we do have a legitimate public health issue (and I believe it is, death rates aren’t everything and many people who are infected with the L strain are going to have permanent damage to their respiratory system), they have to try to put the cat back in the bag. We’ve been told for years that hands and poor hygiene are the primary transmission medium for colds and flu, but that message never got through. Mom made sure me and my sister knew to wash often when we were sick, and I’ll be most of your moms did too. What the hell happened to the rest of us? Did our parents just assume that we’d learn everything in health class (between the sex ed and scaring us about AIDS)?

    • It might be cleanliness, but it also might be diet. The Japanese people have good genetics, but also their diet is far cleaner than ours. They don’t eat as much. They don’t indulge in sugary drinks and candies like we do and eat a bag of chips with every meal. They are now downing pasta and processed meats like the Italians either. Unlike the Chinese, they are civilized and don’t eat bats. Diet plays a pretty big role in overall health.

  3. The media (even the ‘alternative’) is destroying the country for a few ad clicks. There’s little that can be done. Headlines like “Body count Leaps” and “Running out of Morgue space” are some highlights.
    Idiots like NY Cuomo is now considered for the Demo’s presidential candidate because he took command of the situation.
    “Cuomo’s news conference last Friday “essentially (shutting) down the economy of his state . . . was a master class in leveling with the public.”
    Yeah,,, Master Class alright!
    He is a hero now. Can you imagine the effect this hero crap will have on the other parasites itching for more power. Think of what they might try just to outdo this creep hero.
    Who could have ever guessed that putting millions of people out of work, thousands of businesses perished, billions of retirement money lost, fining folks for walking on a nice day, would result in being worshiped as a hero! Incredible!
    Today the FDIC are saying to not pull your money out of the banks, that it’s perfectly safe. The FDIC has $100 billion backing the $13 trillion in the banking system. Now, I wonder why they are just now coming out with this nugget?

    • Sheep looking for a shepherd in all the wrong places, they’ll just end up shorn. Not that they’d even notice or care. It’s sickening to watch this unfold. Even more sickening is watching a goodly number of people clamor for it. They WANT the country locked down. They WANT you and I thrown in a cage for going out for a walk. They’ve even named US covidiots (the irony). They’re going to get their comeuppance, good and hard, but not before the rest of us go down with them.

    • “Today the FDIC are saying to not pull your money out of the banks, that it’s perfectly safe.”

      To channel the late Douglas Adams, this must be some strange new usage of the phrase “perfectly safe” that we were not previously familiar with.

  4. I got my “hall pass” from my employer since we are deemed essential. As far as our “beloved” governor is concerned, he can wrap a plastic bag around his head for immediate protection from the Kung Flu and long term protection for us.

    • Please tell me you make TP. I hope the TP factories are considered essential. Also the food production factories and farms.

      There’s a term for all this “saaaaafety”, and “for the chilllllllldren”, and to “saaave the planet”[the most offensively insulting one], it’s called “KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS”. That’s what the evil demons are trying to do… kill us all with kindness.


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