Live From Corona Country III

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Here’s my daily installment – hopefully for not too many days more – of life in Corona Country. Or at least, my part of it in SW Virginia. I am glad to report that people are still out – and the coffee shop where I like to spend a few hours every day pecking at my keyboard is still open, sort of. You can’t sit down inside but the patio is still open; it’s like – it is – an oasis of sanity in a world on the edge of insanity.

Let’s hope we don’t fall over.


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  1. Hey Eric – you make an interesting point about Corona masking the underlying instability in the econonmy. I don’t believe that people would actually look at banks, but rather, as they always have, to the politicians as the rightful cause of their ills. It would have sunk Trump’s reelection chances. As it stands now, they don’t look good, but no rational person can blame him for what is happening. The individual states were the leaders in shutdowns, lockdowns, with a bit of lip service from Trump. I don’t know. Something is definitely fishy. China is lying about their numbers on the low side and Italy is lying about them on the high side of things. I trust no one in this reporting. All I do know is that I resist how my rights are being taken away. We don’t need a big brother government to tell us what to do, I believe even the stupidest among us can figure the danger out for themselves.


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