The Virus of Tyranny

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Everyone seems to have a “plan” for dealing with the Corona virus. Like the “plans” for health care – and everything else.

How about a principle?

If you are worried about getting sick, then stay home. Shutter your business, if you wish. This is your right, on the same principle that you have the right to decide for yourself whether to drink broccoli smoothies – or eat bacon cheeseburgers.

But you haven’t got the right to force anyone else to drink broccoli smoothies – nor to force them to stop eating cheeseburgers. Nor to order them to “shelter in place.” Nor to close their businesses – which no one is being forced to do business with. If you don’t wish to do business, then don’t. But don’t impose your wishes on others.    

Some people, of course, disagree.

They are people like Michael Bloomberg, former Reichsminister of New York and wanted-to-be ReichsMarschall of America, who literally thinks he has the right to tell other people how much soda they may drink – or sell – as well as many other things of a piece. That is just one example and Bloomberg is just one of many now flowering, with Corona Fever as their fertilizer.

The principle, however, is exactly the same – whether it is sodas or cheeseburgers or seatbelts or shuttering your business. Which these people regard, increasingly overtly, as theirs.

As well as yourself.

But how is it that these people – that is to say, “the government” – acquired the right to order anyone else to stay home or to shutter their businesses? That is the fundamental principle being tested right now.

The risk presented by Coronavirus is not the issue.

Life is risky. It is inherently unsurvivable. Even staying in bed all day will not save you; in fact, it will probably hurt you. Your body will atrophy; it is unlikely anyone will pay you to stay in bed all day. To live, you must get up – and take countless risks, most of them never materializing into harm.

In order to live. 

Your life. Not theirs.

It is not the right of other people – this rhetorical sleight-of-hand styled “government” – to countermand your judgment nor to place a collar around your neck and take you for a walk (or not) at their pleasure. 

The principle that’s at risk is whether the basic human right to weigh and assume risk for yourself is to be denied.

If it is accepted in this case, then it will be imposed in future cases. There is much on the line. It is not exaggerated to say that everything is on the line.

We have Gate Rape at the airports because we accepted checkpoints on the roads. The first set the precedent for the second and both are based on the same principle, which is a rejection of the once-upon-a-time American principle that cops only had business with criminals and that if you hadn’t given a cop any reason to presume you were doing something criminal, he had a legal obligation to leave you alone.

Of course, today we no longer have cops. We have armed government workers. The distinction is important because it is a measure of our degradation, which is corollary to their usurpation.

All of it is premised on the loathsome Dogma of Safety, which is loathsome because it is antithetical to freedom – which requires the embrace of risk personally as well as the obligation to respect the right of others to assume risks you may not be “comfortable” with.

This idea that no cost is too extreme and no burden too insufferable “if it saves even one life” is insane – as well as tyrannical.

Insane, because it is impossible. The measures necessary to save every life will not save every life. Indeed, some will die because of the measures used to save every life. Air bags are a great example. They have both saved – and taken lives.

Seatbelts, too.

Ah, but they have saved more lives than they have taken. Which is the tyrannical response.

Whose lives? Who gets to decide whose lives are saved – and taken? The loathsome answer is: Not you. Your life is toyed with by those other people you’ve never even met – “the government” – who have taken away your right to decide for yourself whether the benefits of having air bags or seatbelts in your car outweigh the risks (as well as the costs).

The effrontery of this is off the charts. And the principle underlying it is incandescently  dangerous – as we are now seeing.

Well, some of us are seeing it.

We saw it years ago, as in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, when a whole town was “locked down” by body-armored Hut! Hut! Hutters! – the enforcers of the will of those other people who style themselves “the government.”

Homeowners found out who really owns their homes – and themselves.

Now everyone is finding out.

The principle then was the same as the principle now. Those other people who style themselves “the government” – and who want you to think of them as that rhetorical construct, which imbues them with a corona of almost religious awe, which they hope instills deference – assert that your safety (defined by them) vitiates your right to – well, everything.

But these other people are just other people. They do not possess a corona of supernatural authority. It is simply authority – which is to say, force.

Where do they get the right to force us?

It has not been given to them, in the contractual sense, since that would require an actual contract, freely signed by the parties to it. There can be no such thing as a contract imposed by one party upon another, without his free consent and just because the other party says he is bound by it.

Other people cannot give consent on your behalf, either. If they could, then there is literally nothing beyond the pale, including outright whips-and-chains slavery. On the basis of what principle could one object to the idea? If other people – a “majority” so vote?

If a court so decrees?

The only defense is the principle that no man has the right to own another man. And if no man owns another man, then by what right does a man order another man around?

For his safety?

Can the human mind conjure anything more demeaning? Far better to be ordered to do as they say because they say so, period. We have guns and you don’t and that’s the end of it.

But to be told we must do as they say because it is for our safety is akin to a parent telling a child he must not go outside right now.

The child, of course, is a child – and the parents are only asserting temporary authority until the child becomes an adult. At which point, he becomes free to function as an adult and make his own choices.

Our childhood is to be perpetual. Our development arrested.

If we allow our “parents” to cement in place the principle that “safety” legitimately empowers them to treat us – at gunpoint – like children, forever.

. . .

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  1. This is a bad analogy. If I eat a cheeseburger I am risking my health. If I spread COVID, I risk taking away limited resources from the entire community. The health care system is sized to manage a predictable number of heart attacks and cancers. This virus is creating unprecedented and unplanned level of demand that exceeds the existing healthcare system’s ability to manage the simultaneous number of respiratory failure cases. On top of that, the needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in short supply because of the disruption of the supply chain from China. When hospitals run out of PPE the nurses and doctors will be faced with risking their health or caring for those that exercised their freedom to catch the virus. It is their lives too, not just yours.

    In the future this is completely manageable. When we create supply chain redundancy, US manufacturing capacity and strategic reserves.

    • If you eat cheeseburgers you – might – risk your health, taking away limited resources from the entire commune…too.

      “Healthcare” –guffaw!– was sized by them as rolled it up into cartel to maximize economic rents – the gouge of ridiculous “prices” {not} & lousy, barbaric practices.

      In a future, this is completely manageable. But not in any you are likely to envision/embrace. The virus done got ya’, the damage is done.

  2. It was the puritans from New England that ruined this nation. Their pious religion transformed into the godless communism we have today where we worship ‘science’ instead and any dissenters are accused of heresy. Not to mention identity politics and the rest. The new religion of cultural marxism. Might as well bring back the witch trials.

    • Indeed. In fact, they later morphed into Yankees. Their method was exactly the same as Sharia Law, religious morals dictated by force. Of course now the religion is climate change and transexuality.

    • Mark3, I thought we already had those?? Isn’t that what diverging from the Narrative of the Day results in? ^^ The Progs engage in such non stop virtue signaling, at least in part so that their own rabid pack doesn’t turn on them. Brad, one should remember the OLD meme “For every action/inaction there is a consequence”. Thats usually shortened into There is price for everything. The price for allowing monsters to rule us, is that from time to time, people will die, and things will break. The numbers of each depend on how stupid the initial design was, and how badly it failed. Not to mention the additional dead people, and broken things, when the monsters decisions turn out to be wrong.

  3. “If we allow our “parents” to cement in place the principle that “safety” legitimately empowers them to treat us – at gunpoint – like children, forever.”

    “Above those men arises an immense and tutelary power that alone takes charge of assuring their enjoyment and of looking after their fate. It is absolute, detailed, regular, far-sighted and mild. It would resemble paternal power if, like it, it had as a goal to prepare men for manhood; but on the contrary it seeks only to fix them irrevocably in childhood…”

    Alexis de Tocqueville, “What Type of Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear,” from Democracy in America, Part IV, 1835

  4. Life is risky business. & Guido, the killer pimp, is the guiding principle plan.

    Or, in Spanglish, the reign, in span, falls mainly on the planar.

    In more orwellish, imagine a plantar fascist stamping on a human face forever.

    Or in twitterish, bff is das boot on my face.

    Somewhere back there in the metastasis of risklessness came the not insignificant tumor of the so-called “risk free rate.”

    But even before it had a name the foundin’ mams & paps & them closest to all that California dreamin’ was contrivin’ ways to relocate & up-manufacture immortal risk to others.

    Cuz the spread, babies, in the actuarial tablula rasa insurance-extortion-protection racket biz, is **rich**… second only to printin’ five-finger-digits discount digital moo-lah, ya’ll.

    “more…” Utilitarianism. They coulda’ been accountants & bookkeepers, but they wound up sociopsychpaths, instead.

    And, projecting upon the screen of adoring upturned faces collected around ‘em, the social psychos turned spaceship earth into a life raft scenario: not enough rations, too many mouths – whose gonna’ be the designated drownee today?

    The “contract” is implicit…in the nature that nurtures the beast.

    The beast milk teat don’t trickle down. It trickles up. Which *is* down. Like that upside down pyramid in Tempe.

    Ouroboros teat: “This milk tastes kinda’ funny…but it’s all natural, & I like it!”

    Ouroboros Organics™ Ass Milk – accept no substitutes

  5. Great article as usual Eric. One phrase I wish people would refrain from using is government rights. Government has no rights, individual humans have rights. Government has powers, mostly illegitimate.

    At issue here we can observe the principle of cui bono, or who benefits, from the covid-19 situation. It appears that large, centrally-planned tyranny on a global scale would be the most visible beneficiary. The compliant among us will fall into line and actually welcome the genocide of people who refuse to obey. One only need observe the demands for authoritarian big government from both “sides” of the politcal spectrum. It’s comply or die, just as your well-documented cases of individuals being hut hut hutted for refusing to scrape and bow to AGWs.
    Unfortunately, I don’t see any positive outcomes in my lifetime, which will be limited by my age anyway. I have already seen people in the Catch-22 of having their children being mandated to attend school, but having to suffer all kinds of vaccinations of dubious or outright counterproductive value, in order to attend school. It’s easy to see how cowed most people are to put up with that behavior. Once a vaccine appears that government purports to have positive effect on Covid-19, people like Bill Gates will cause it to become universally mandated. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but my opinion of most of my fellow humans has diminished in this respect, not that individuals are all worthless, but that the herd mentality seems mostly negative and mostly prevalent. This presents a conundrum for individualists like me, because I want to approach individuals based on their individual merits, but I genuinely distrust the panicked response you see in cases like what we have with Covid-19.
    All of this said, I have no idea whether Covid-19 is a global catastrophe….I doubt that anybody does. I can observe the reaction and ease with which individual liberty (of which there is little respect anyway) becomes a not-even theoretically valued principle. This “pandemic” has virtually consumed almost all of the “news” and there seems to be mostly misinformation from all sides. But to force every individual in the world to react as brainless sheep seems the desire of global tyranny. But I could be wrong. As always, OALA, EHOATAS.

    • My opinion of my fellow humans has NOT diminished, as I’ve never had a very high opinion of them in the first place. Which is why one should not have any significant authority over another. Guess which particular demographic I have the lowest opinion of. Could it possibly be the Sociopaths In Charge? There are two characteristics that engender my disdain of my fellows, stupidity, and evil. Unfortunately, stupidity reigns in the populace, while evil dominates the government, aka Sociopaths In Charge. Our masters aren’t stupid, but they are indeed insane. It matters not what form of government one has, being the ideal environment for the sociopath, it quickly becomes saturated with them. There is no act so evil they will not commit it if they determine its in their interest, and they think they can get away with it. The “getting away with it” part is what distinguishes the differing levels of tyranny around the world. The absolutely pitiful aspect of the relationship between the populace of the US and its Sociopaths In Charge is the “justification” of our tyranny because we have “democracy”, as if somehow one slightly larger mob is smarter and has more justification to tyrannize the other. Gang rape is democracy in action. Keep the KY close by. I likewise will not have to put up with the male bovine fecal matter much longer because of my age. I do however deeply lament the world my progeny will have to live in.

  6. So the Orange Ass is going to lock down certain states in the northeast. It won’t stop there, for those who think it can’t happen in their state. It also won’t stop the virus, as such measures clearly haven’t done so in Italy or Spain. Unprecedented tyranny, brought about by misinformation, disinformation, lies, computer models, and outright stupidity. Martial Law seems to amuse the Fox News losers, cuz all them libruls in those states deserve this. Now we are all Iraqis. God Damn those who will enforce such edicts on their fellow countrymen. God Damn them all.

    • It’s really saying something when even Comrade Cuomo thinks that a quarantine is a breech of liberty and of dubious benefit. The Orange Turd is out-commie-ing the commies!

      Our politicians who never cease imposing laws on us, have truly become lawless! There is NOTHING restraining them- Not the Constitution for sure! The only laws they quote relating to themselves are ones that their predecessors-in-crime conjured-up to grant themselves and their cronies more power.

      And people vote for them, thinking that to do so is the pinnacle of maintaining “freedom”.

      Here in KY, the governor has just signed a plethora of new bills into law, giving the state yet more power “in this emergency”- including such crucial “health measures” as raising the tobacco-purchasing age to 21….. I’ve never seen so many bills signed into law in one fell swoop. This virus nonsense is acting as a convenient cover to allow the overlords to speed everything up and operate with virtually no oversight or resistance.

      • Nunzio, when Andy Cuomo bitched about DJT’s proposed quarantine, he left out one, important detail: he’d ALREADY QUARANTINED New Rochelle! Hello Pot, meet Kettle; Kettle, meet Pot…

        • HAhaha! Sounds like the typical hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the psycho-gods!

          I wouldn’t object though, if they just threw a big fence around the whole Northeast, to keep all of cretins from escaping and ruining any good places that remain! I mean, not that it would be the Libertarian thing to do- but those frickers have no interest in liberty, and destroy it every chance they get- so let ’em have a taste of their own medicine!

          They should start by confining Comrade Cuomo to the porta-potty in which he was probably conceived, when a fly conveyed the necessary substance from his mother’s shoe to her mid-region!

  7. Mao had it right “power comes from the barrel of a gun”, and our overlords have way bigger guns, tanks, etc. than we do. It’s out in the open now, they have plans to disappear anyone who isn’t sufficiently subservient to Uncle’s edicts.

    • Hi Mike,

      They can come for me. I have had a good life – and I will not accept the life they have in mind for us. So be it, if it comes to that.

      • The State is indeed well armed. However, just the licensed hunters in the US is the largest army in the world, and many shooters, like me, don’t hunt or hunt unlicensed on their own land. If it comes to that, suppose the AGWs may protest being put up against it?

        • Hi JWK,

          I pray it does not come to that. Violence is a hideous thing. And once that kind of violence begins, it will likely reach an intensity unseen in the United States since 1861-’65. On the other hand, I dread far more that the majority will docilely accept being “locked down” . . .forever. Even after the Corona Fever dies down. Accept being told when they may leave their homes/where they may go. Accept a “cashless” society. Etc.

          Nahhhnelleven may have changed the world. This could end it.

          • Hey Eric!

            I’d love to believe that a significant number of people would not docilely accept lockdowns as a permanent and normal part of life……but why would they oppose such, considering what they already have come to not only accept, but to actually look upon as beneficial and necessary- such as being groped in order to fly; having schools which are as “secure” as any prison, including the presence of armed pigs and routine random searches; checkpoints and roadblocks, etc. etc.

            The majority show no resistance to any of this- they’ve been conditioned to it- and a switch is not going to suddenly flip and make them think the opposite all of a sudden.

            One can make pretty good assessments of future behavior, based on past and present actions…..and it doesn’t look good.

        • Ah, JWK- really, what match is a one-shot-at-a time AK or 30.06 with a 20 or at best round magazine, vs. their gang armed with full-autos, grenade launchers, etc. The victims at Waco were very well-armed. How’d that work out?

          And even worse, a majority of those among us who are well-armed (relatively speaking) are of the “God bless the troops” mentality. They will side with the oppressors; they’ve already done his dirtywork abroad…and they will be blessing those who do it here, rather than shooting at them.

    • They have guns, lots and lots of them. But they aren’t the only ones. They rely on their various illusions/delusions to act as force multipliers. Without their illusions of authority, people would see them for what they truly are; A gang of thieves and murderers writ large. The Afgans and VC proved that Uncle is far from invincible. I suspect we are nearing the globalists End Game. The rise of nationalism/populism, stands to undo what they have worked towards for more than 60 years. The next few weeks/months will tell the tale. This will likely go in distinct phases. They are already spreading tales of how the internet is “overloading”. If communication goes down, everyone needs to focus on local. Words to remember from Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn;

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      • Hi BJ,

        I concur with Eric that your comments are very insightful and perceptive, and certainly a joy to read.

        My only contention with what you said above, is that, as Carole King once sang “It’s too late, baby”. If our father had listened to Aleksander, it could have worked. Now? Well…’s pretty much to the point where everyone can have their own Waco.

        “They” have fully automatic weapons of unlimited capacity; armored military vehicles; body armor and shields; helicopters; robots; armed drones…..etc. Stalin must be drooling in his grave at the unprecedented power that the state now has- not just in arms, but in the minds of the people looking upon them as being legitimate.

        The poor Russians knew who their enemies were; our neighbors do not- but instead suffer from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. We could not begin to fight the power, until and if a large segment of society realizes who the enemy is- and that complicity would be harder to overcome than even the physical weapons, because it has been bred into Western society for generations now. 🙁

        So, it remains “every man for himself”, even more so than was the case for the Russians. Our neighbors would sooner sic the state mercenaries on us, than fight against them. THAT is our most present hindrance. Who among them doesn’t have a (or more likely several) fambly members who are cops or soldiers or some sort of minion in the state’s employ, whom they perceive as “fighting the good fight”, and whose safety they worry about, and put above anyone else’s to the point where they wouldn’t blink if their “loved one” executed any of us for any reason, just to ensure their “loved one’s” safety?

        I see this among my own relatives- It’s always all about the safety of their son or brother or nephew, without a single thought given to the evil that they may be doing. Just like the Nazis- they are perceived as “the good guys” because they have a badge and are just “following orders”- and anyone who does not submit for any reason is viewed as “the bad guy”. To them, no resistance is legit, because “You should just submit and obey, and if you are innocent, it is for the courts to sort out. If you dare raise a finger against our precious angels, you deserve what you get”.

        THAT is much more of a problem than the weaponry; and it’s not getting any better, as the propaganda machine reaches new heights every day- as can be seen by those around us gleefully submitting to the defacto martial law which has now been imposed- if not formally declared- upon us.

        Just saw a poll last night in which the majority of Americans favor forced mandatory vaccinations for all…….

        It is not a case of the people vs. the state- because the state has essentially replicated itself in the persons of most of our fellow countrymen. The fight today would now be a tiny minority vs. the rest of society and the state. There’s no winning against that. Had we been forcibly and visibly taken over by a universally recognized enemy, the people could easily win- but our enemy, through gradfualism and the facade of beneficence, is not recognized by the majority, who even give their assent to the enemy by casting votes for their favorite tyrant, and waving flags to show allegiance for their mechanism of tyranny.

        tl;dr: It’s Too Late, Baby.

        • What I wrote, above, reminds me of Martin Tankleff- the then 17 year-old who came home to find both of his parents dead. He was convicted for the murder of his parents mainly based on a small piece of trickery employed by the detective who was assigned to the case. Although now exhonorated, he spent 17 of the best years of his life locked away in prison for 2 murders which he did not commit.

          The detective who used the trickery to get Tankleff convicted, later retired on a six-figure pension to Florida. That steaming pile of crap dick croaked recently. Did he suffer any repercussions for his evil deeds? (And what he did to Tankleff surely could not have been an isolated incident- who knows how many other lives he destroyed in his zeal to make a name for himself and futher his career and subsequent pension?!).

          At his funeral, do you think his kids and relatives were aghast, and said “Good riddance to bad trash”? Nope…they cried and mourned….and acted like he was a hero….

          THAT is emblematic of the problem we face.

        • Went up against a hs football team once. They were all drunk. Which still wasn’t enough of an edge. I shoulda’ brought knives to that fistfight.

          Straight on, that long ago experience advises, isn’t the best idea or tactic or strategy.

          But sounds like you’re sayin’ barkin’ at a ball team from your barcalounger ain’t gonna’ work very well very long.

          You’re right.

          Too linear. Too uncreative.

          Cain’t ya abel to color outside the lines? You moved to freakin’ cousinfook, caintuck, after all. Maybe that only seems creative; dunno.

          One & done?

          Flashin’ on Cormac McCarthy. The Road. No Country for Old Men (& if that younger fella hadn’t got female distracted, he just mighta’ prevailed – for a little longer anyways, which is all most seem concerned with…the quantity theory of existence…greed is good…more is better…the sigh-entific method).

          • I think I caught about 10% of that one, Ozy. I’m getting better at it!

            Ah, but this is the land of cars festooned with yeller ribbons; where the Joe’s what have the Bazookas and what get payed to keep land fallow and not grow crops on it, ’cause it helps pay fer little Chassity’s edumacation (And there’s a reason they spell it that way, ’cause it sure ain’t got nothing to do with chastity, when it comes to Chas’s titties, which are double, though the entendre isn’t) so she can learn to be a vegan lesbian when she comes home to ride her horsey on her daddy’s beef farm, but she won’t be shootin’ the Baretta. And dat’s da name’a dat tune!

            • Good example. Dunno if she deserved what she got, but some barettas are only actors whilst others act. That one, with the bird (parrot, cocka-somethin?), never actored again after actin’. & if you go all the way back to his role as an aspirin-chewin’ declutterer – In Cold Blood, which was a truecrime story – those actual actin’s was deactivated not too long after the dirty deed. Never know how its gonna go until its gone. But it might be possible to know how, & what, you’re go is gonna be before the chips fly & fall…& then either you’re still there to see where they fell, or you ain’t.

        • Thanks Nunzio , that is quite insightful. But I should draw your attention to aspects that you may not have considered. First, while the conditions you illustrate do exist, they aren’t nearly as wide spread as it might appear on the surface. The reality is, as is often the case, much more complex. Once one leaves the urban hives, the influence of the Progs drops off. But that of the Neocons ramps up. I’m quite familiar with that mentality, as I was once afflicted with it, when I was much younger. Far back in the dim mists of time, when I was in my early twenties, I very much bought into the entire Duty, Honor, Country meme. Fortunately, my father and grand father had both seen the dire reality, and managed to knock some sense into my thick skull. That started me on a path of research and study, that continues to this day. During that journey, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many interesting individuals from across the country. Even in this day and age, there remain pockets of thought and creativity spread through out the country. Especially in Deplorable Land, and out in the rocky mountain west. Many have seen this time coming (a long time ago). Many are quite familiar with the Empires tools and training. So much so, that they have developed creative counters that target key weak points.
          Not to mention that some are still within the Empires ranks, and report that some still honor their oath. As for those who enable the Empire out of fear, such will always (and have always) been with us. Waco was a wake up call for many people, and thats all I have to say, on this aspect of this topic. There is also the spread of home schooling. It has spread to a much greater extent than many people are aware of. One of the better courses is the Ron Paul system (as one might expect)
          Some of the first gen home schoolers now have children themselves. Do you really think they would send their children to the states indoctrination camps?
          Those are just two of the aspects that bear on this issue. Yes, the hour is late, and yes our enemy is very strong and has most of the advantages. But they are not invincible, nor are their own ranks completely dependable. It is not numbers that we must rely upon. It is the creative intelligence (in many senses of the word) and the spirit of liberty, that still exists among some of our people. All is not lost, lets hope for the best.

          • Hi Ya BJ,
            We can certainly agree that the homeschooling movement is a bright spot. Purely coincidentally, I ended up moving to the county next-door to the birthplace of the homeschooling movement- Adair county, KY….

            But, I’m afraid I do not share your optimism on most of your other points 🙁

            Remember, more than 80% of the US population now live in those cities and metro areas- a.k.a. Soviet America- and they pay top dollar to do so; tolerate insane property taxes; micro-management of what they may do on their own property, and the total destruction of their most basic rights.

            60 million people voted for the Clinton bitch; Another 60 million voted for the other brand of tyranny.

            I have to ask, if the majority of the populace has tolerated the destruction of their liberties and their country thus far, to let it get to the point where things now are, why would they suddenly do an about-face? On the contrary, rather than opposing tyranny, they demand more!

            Look at Europe. Look at Australia; Look at Canada. The same scenarios which played-out in such places are being played-out here- and the process is now just about complete. I see no evidence that it will be any different here- for if there was going to be any mass resistance, it would be in evidence by now.

            Oh sure, out here in the boonies, some may speak of freedom, and desire to retain a few of the basic rights, like the 2nd Amendment….but ultimately, they comply with whatever comes down the pike, because they know that it is not practical to resist when one is in a minority; and when it comes right down to it, when you dig a little deeper, even most of them really are not about personal liberty, but just a more comfortable, tolerable form of tyranny- as long as it allows them to live in a comfortable and familiar manner.

            I’m in flyover country (Literally! 120 miles to any commercial airport), and while the people here are certainly superior to the douches from where I’m originally from (NYC metro)….they are ultimately just as much sheeple- just in a nicer way- but support for “our boys” is almost universal, as is fidelity to the local government.

            One other thing working against us, is that these people, while no-doubt good-intentioned, are ignorant of what is like to live under the heavier tyrannies and more layers of government that exist in the metro areas.

            Many whom I’ve spoken to had no clue that people where I come from pay five-figure property taxes, and have to pay $750 just for a permit to have a new water heater installed in their home, or have to apply for permission to put up a fence on their own property…and pay for that permission, and are limited as to the location and type of fence.; or that you can be sent to prison for merely possessing a gun…..having committed no crime or even having used it.

            As a result, they don’t even recognize the mechanisms by which tyrannies are imposed, until after they are imposed and escalated (Gradualism- the American way!)…and by then, it is too late, as the tyrannies are imposed gradually, by the time they become overbearing, the powers that be have so much control that to then fight them would mean a disruption of “normal life” and loss of property, etc. -so they just accept it and shrug “What can you do?”.

            Remember, these cities and metro areas were once America too. They weren’t always like they are now. Long Island, where I mainly lived before coming here, was once a nice place, with normal people- as was even NYC to a large extent (My grandfather used to keep chickens…in Queens!. Today? They limit how many and what kind of pets one may keep even inside their own home (Ferrets are illegal in NYC!).

            The very same mechanisms I witnessed at work in NY when I was young, which made it into the hell-hole that it now is, are at work right here in fly-over land.

            When I moved here 19 years ago, you’d still routinely see people smoking in supermarkets; you could drive without a seatbelt…yada yada. Today, one can not even smoke in a bar! Was there any resistance? Nope!- unless you count a few people grumbling to their neighbor…….

            There can be no resistance amongst sheeple. I was on the phone with my own sister last night (I’m not even married to her! 😮 ), and when she moaned that “everything’s closed because of the virus”, I said “Aww, this nonsense is RIDICULOUS!”, and she replies:, in a markedly different and serious tone: “But Nunz, people are DYING from this!”.

            Liberty is the last thing on their minds. Even if they knew what it was, and cared…..they would gladly cram it into a dumpster if they were convinced that to do so would ensure their “safety”- and they have been convinced that such is the case. 🙁

            • Nunzio, everyone is free to believe what they wish. If you believe its over, then for you it is. As I stated, this isn’t about numbers. Thats 1st through 3rd gen warfare. You might wish to look into the writings of a fellow by the name of Bill (William) Lind. He literally wrote the book on 4th gen warfare. As you might expect, those of the earlier generations are quite critical of it. But given the Empires experiences with this type of warfare, their positions are questionable, at best. Once again, numbers are entirely secondary (if even that). In any event, I wish you all the best.

              • Amen. Quit if you want. While you’re ambulatory you’re not beaten unless you want to be. Otherwise pick your battles.
                Americans are nowhere near as capable as those Afghan goat fuckers that the empire beat./s

                • Ernie, in general that would be correct. We’ve had it far too soft and easy for generations. But as with all such, there are exceptions. Some people have seen this coming for decades (some for generations). Are you familiar with the phrase Ghost Skin? It is a long term project by the neo nazis, to send their people into the Empires military for training, and also used to infiltrate LE at many levels. Once the Ghost Skin is fully trained, they finish their term and go back to their group. They then become the trainers for the groups members. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s, that the Empire finally realized this was happening. What if it wasn’t just the Neos?

      • Thing is, it should be obvious – ‘cept for those pesky illusions & delusions o’ force multiple orgasms screwin’ shut mind’s eyes — whether the gang’s nationalist, populist, or globalist moniker’d, goin’ along to get along is vichy collab-orgy – & yer still just a digit o’ G(lobalist)N(ationalist)P(opulist) in the same damn ponzi accounting scheme.

        A rose by any other name’s just as sweet, & piles of nekkid emperor writhers under whatever flag colors is just as humanimal.

        The lesson of Solzhenitsyn ain’t “we didn’t drop ‘em when we had the chance…”. The lesson is just “we.” & lake woebegone weebles ain’t ever gonna learn that one. We gotta be what we is.

        I’d bet that there were individual Russians that *did* do what weeble Sol & his gang didn’t. And that those right actions didn’t get press by those gangsters it was done to…just as it didn’t get press by the gangsters that did nothing.

        Cuz Dewars makes rotguts look the inferior bad they are (or, plausible alt sans derogatory: shows ‘em for what they are, which none other or else could they be – obviously), so neither had words, both used the memoryhole.

        Rotguts is one coin, obverse & reverse. Well drinks & bottom-shelf just is.

        Here’s good ol’ Rust Cohle again, laying it out:

        Them as gotta look around to see & be sure others are doing something, or that others can see them doing something – or not doin’ something – them’s weebles. En masse action is weeble hallmark – even if it’s trudging together to the cattlecars, or polling booths. & both those places-things, among so many others, have been made religion of (Sol did it, Frankl did it, voters do it…).

        Last warm-time, there was a racket in the garage. Door was up & bears had invited themselves in to the garbage can. Mama & 2 big cubs. Just bein’ themselves is all. Surely nuthin’ personal. I chunked various things at ‘em. They left at their own pace. If they’d a decided to make fight, or even looked like it, they’d a all died.

        Unless I did.

        Everything does, ya’ know. (Big ol’ hint to the true angst rampagin’ rampant now.)

        Bears is protected. Untouchable. A made guy species. Illegal to smokey bears.

        And so what?

        Depends who you ask the question of, don’t it?

        Winter’s Bone:

  8. What concerns me is how little protest is being made about various states and municipalities outright abrogating Second Amendment with lame excuses about contagion or whether they’re “essential”. I’m been scanning sites like GOA (Gun Owners of America) for reports on response to these inherently unconstitutional and unlawful edicts. This is WHY one stocks up on ammo and has weapons of choice on hand, and I don’t give a flying fuck what some libtard pissant has to say. I took an oath some 36 years ago to defend and uphold the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic, and though my service has passed, I’m still obligated to fulfill that oath, one that I don’t need any coercion to do so.

    Two other things also concern me: (1) how so many corrupt politicians and the lamestream media are obviously in the pay of the Chicoms and (2) that said Chicoms are obviously LYING about their own death toll and numbers infected and/or sick. Which should illustrate a point: I don’t agree wholeheartedly with one Michael Weiner, Sr, aka Michael “Savage”, but he’s dead to rights about ONE thing: A NATION is what it is due to BORDERS, CULTURE, and LANGUAGE, and we’ve long lost our way, in pursuit of easy profits now versus the long-term costs and risks. And NOW the huge bill has come due and PAYABLE.

    Eric, I am hoping that most of this COVID-19 thing is overblown fear, not to discount those that have suffered and/or perished. I was watching the video of a 50ish black guy whom was ill, on the oxygen, but appears to have recovered. Good for him, it at least warmed my heart to hear of a success story. Probably the overall thing we ought to learn is a sense of COMMUNITY, but certainly NOT the one that the “Big Gubmint” elitists want, with their taxes, regulations, AGWs to collect and enforce same, and they lining their pockets and getting rich like a cruel Lord of the Manor oppressing his serfs. No, MY vision is to first be kind and attentive to the needs of one’s family, which any man, if indeed he is a man, ought not need be persuaded. Then, extended family, of course. Then, fellow members of one’s local congregation, if churched (my local LDS ward, imperfect as it is, already has had a system of ‘ministering’ in place). And, of course, nothing can stop from plain ol’ common sense and effin’ courtesy, which even a bombastic and mildly psychotic Marine Colonel in charge of the jarheads at “Gitmo” deserves.

    And ONCE this does blow over, which I believe it will…for NOW, take heed and assess how you did, and FIX what’s broken, and prepare some more. We don’t need worldwide calamities to have reason to prepare; there can be localized ones or even personal setbacks such as job loss or illness, where having the necessities of life already on hand will prove a blessing. Like it or not, most of us live in a highly-interconnected world over which we have little to none direct control over the influx of supplies, and, as likely already has been seen, if what you need simply isn’t on hand, or the store is CLOSED or an AGW stops you and grabs it “for the public good”, no wad of dead Presidents is going to help! This is not HOARDING, it’s PREPARATION, and once blessed with a semblance of normalcy, don’t blow it!

  9. ReadyKilowatt nailed it. I was talking with my wife about the tradeoffs between perceived safety versus actual freedom, and she was “we have to do it because other people are stupid, and that puts us at risk.” I pointed out that the people she would put in charge of corralling the stupid are stupid and/or evil, and how exactly do we corral them?

    Basically, she is so overwhelmed with anxiety that she wants to FEEL something is being done, and she worry later about the aftermath of the consequences of that “something”.

    Except the consequences are happening right now.

      • I think this is a bit harsh. I wouldn’t cavil to someone taking cover in expectation of a firefight that he’s a coward for voluntarily surrendering his freedom of movement.

      • Robert, almost ALL women are like that. They are obsessed with security and stability at any cost. In the female hind brain, freedom = bad because bad things might happen, which in turn = no security and stability for her. This is why the USSA today is a nation of cowardly, pants-shitting, saaaaaaaafety-obsessed castrati: because American men, collectively, were foolish enough to believe that women were equal to men in all aspects and let them take charge. Now western civilization is about to pay the price.

        Truly ironic that the same creatures who thump their chests endlessly and loudly proclaim “anything any man can do, I can do better” are too terrified of the world and of life to actually prove that.

        • Yeaaaah. Right. All was peachy perfect before the peaches came down from their shook trees & “built” one security-empire state after another & invaded the south & tamed the “wild, wild” west & trans-con’d ‘murika & Rockefeller flexnered that “report” what rolled up doctorin’ into the medico-mafia & started the war to end all wars &&&.

          Blamin’ chicks just might mean youse more in touch with your inner clitoris than youse know.

          This indictment’s even more chicken shit than “the jews.”

          Weebles ain’t constrained by, or to, gender bits. & the male ones is just as good at fubar as the female ones are.

          • Ozy, you of all people should know that PI R round, and cake is square. Peaches are destined for PI, R they Nought? I believe a wise Fred (in the grip of the Purple Father) once intoned that we should throw our inner child down a well. Was that a slip or a gown? In other news, as the stomach turns, now returns to its previous sponsor, and the network rejoiced. The sleep of dreams may beget monsters, but not nearly as dire as that of the gang we’ve spoken of.

            • BJ….Well, I know good lower, let alone upper, crusts is hard to find. So DIY if ya’ want it DR. (physician, heal thyself.)

              Also learned the hard, & still pretty much the best trial & error, way that PI Raw can be so perfectly sweet that adding sugar’s a crime you refuse to commit only to discover post-bake it’s a crime against pie, not to mention those eating it, to forgo the sugar.

              But it was blackberries, & not peaches, taught me that.

              Gotta add sugar, as you of all people, seem to know…but do ya’ know what sugar-meds do to kids, whether inner or outer?

              Especially kids already hopped up on the white hope?

              Insult to injury it even insulates resistance, infiltrates cells & beta’s the hell out of ‘em.

              I thought wise Freud’s thing was that other white devil, with a stogie chaser.

              Or is the Donald Henley’s middle name Fred? Dunno.

              Anyway, my inner child was thrown down a series of wells whilst he was still to all superficial inspections a Reed-thin outer child.

              & didja’ know there’s even wells with wells in the bottom of ‘em?

              Exit from hell’s wells is at the center, not the intuitive periphery. (how many times must a wo\man’s intuition be countered before opposite George is embraced? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind the we’s keep spittin’ in.)

              I think I got over it. But child’s father to the man & all that.

              Saw that movie, too, & all it takes to get the network to rejoicin’ is opening a window & hollering something or other – “this pie sucks & I ain’t gonna’ take it anymore! — out into the void, & the hellions immediately cease & desist comply, of course.

              PR I mal scream we all scream for ice cream (for to top the pie) therapy I think it’s called.

              Warm pie is swell & war is hell & wtsherman We’s monsters is super-sweetened scapegoat pies & cakes & twinkys defense-projected confections, gobbled down, round & round, by squares squared.

              Pogo possum prehensiley dx’d the rx-less condition: “We have met the enemy & s\he is us.”

              I learned what the marsupial said the same best trial by error way long before I ever baked, & ate, the not palate-wanted but still not wasted first (&last) blackberry vinegar pie…

              …& her personality mighta been acidic, but damn she was beautiful, coulda’ centerfolded any baking magazine.

    • The BS that is pedaled by the media and skools is tailored to females. The emotional appeals they make work perfectly on them; and since men no longer have authority in the family, they are in-turn usually kept in check by the women. Add to that the fact that so many men have been effeminized to the point of being defacto women these days, and we see how this propaganda machine works so well today. The so-called Sexual Revolution and Women’s “Lib” was the first step in the destruction of traditional society, as it made men subservient to women (by giving women the dominant role as the choosers of whom they bestow sex upon, rather than the ones who have to prove their suitability and worth to men as potential wives) and thus under the control of the media and academic BS viaq their women, even if they were immune to that propaganda themselves- which they often were more likely to be immune to in the past.

      • Funny you should say that about the schools. Both my sons had difficulty in dealing with school, and both my nephews were ‘excluded’ at 14. I also have 4 nieces all of whom have done a lot better and two so far have gone through grad school. The schooling is quite different from when I was there. :-). I did have an argument with my nephew’s ‘math’ teacher, who claimed that a perpendicular line was at a right angle to ANY line. Where I was taught that the general case was called orthogonal. When I asked her what the difference was between the two words she said there wasn’t a difference. I sent her a link to a dictionary.

    • Women crave security, and will do or tolerate nearly anything to achieve it. They are hardwired to be so on behalf of their children. Its a trait necessary for the survival of the species. Which is why they shouldn’t be consulted regarding risk/reward evaluation, since they will typically seek the lowest risk possible. Men, on the other hand, being expendable regarding survival of the species, have no such hard wiring, and so can make such evaluation rationally. They may come for my head for it, but that’s why, if we insist on democracy, I suspect women should not be allowed to vote.

      • JWK I suspect you are half right. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. But neither should men. Voting is based on a fatally flawed concept. That of the majority. Why do 51 people get to tell 49 what to do? Simply because 51 is larger than 49. In other words force. It is inherently illegitimate. There are only three ways to organize. The first is that someone (or a small group of some ones) tell everyone what to do. The second is that everyone tells everyone what to do. The third is no one tells anyone else what to do. The first two are prone to being taken over by monsters. Either in the guise of a Dear Leader (first), or the Will of the People (second). Only the illusions/delusions fed to people from their early years, blinds people to the implications of the first two systems. This is also why the third option has been vilified so completely, by the monsters who have taken over the first and second options. To quote one of them “Competition is a sin”.

        • Excellent, BJ!

          The idea that one human being may legitimately do violence to another by voting to do it is as vile an idea as I can imagine, chiefly because it is covered up with a despicable veneer of legitimacy. Almost everyone understands that if a man walks up to someone, shoves a gun in his ribs and demands money that a moral crime has been committed. But the same man votes for the same thing to happen and it becomes a legal crime, countenanced as “democracy.”

      • Exactly, JWK. Women used to look to their fathers, and then their husbands for that security- That was normal, family-based and community-based life- there was no need for “the state”. NOW, women were sold the idea of “independence”- but a woman can not be independent any more so than could a man have children without a woman- so instead, while being told that they’re “independent”, they are instead made dependent upon the state for what they once got from the family- e.g. security, financial support; moral support (Instead of compalining to their husbands if they are treated poorly by someone, now they report them to a stranger who is their boss, or to the state, etc.)

        Since the state is now the source of their perceived “equality” and safety, they are naturally loyal to that which provides for them- even using it against their husbands if they decide that they no longer want him, or no longer care for the sanctions which he imposes on them…… Uncle has become their savior, and if their father or husband objects, then the woman has no need to remain under his authority, because Uncle will provide- so the man is now held hostage to either accept the new power structure, of woman+Uncle dictating his affairs, or is ruined and jettisoned.

  10. The problem is the fear of “the stupid.” Sure, around 90% of us will heed the warning about taking precautions to prevent the spread. But the epidemiology experts propound to know us better than we know ourselves, and for certain “the stupid” amongst us. Why, I’ll bet someone reading this blog doesn’t wash after using the toilet (but you should for a bunch of reasons. None of which have to do with Uncle telling you to). Except that the epidemiologists are working with incomplete data, estimates plugged into “computer models” that aren’t much more than Excel workbooks and drawing conclusions based on faulty assumptions. Like we’re an unclean, dirty society. Yes, publicly claimed spaces which are overrun by bums and transients aren’t clean, but most privately owned facilities are for the most part fine* and kept in good order because the owners demand their workers maintain a clean environment for the patrons, who are usually quite fickle and will seek out safe facilities to do business.

    And despite the meritocracy’s claim on sainthood, they’re just as human as everyone else, perhaps more so. and therefore subject to the same hyperbole and self-importance as any pro wrestler, claiming they are the true high priests and prognosticators who’s predictions of wrath are infallible. The Media®, being attention whores, pick up on the worst case scenario, knowing it will keep a percentage of the population glued to their channel, will always hide the real story in favor of the incorrect assumption, preferring to keep it going far longer than necessary, willing to destroy all to save itself. Then the experts get caught up in the messaging and forget the facts and it becomes a snake eating its own tail.

    *except around gas pumps… If you aren’t going to hawk loogies onto the floor of your vehicle why is it ok to do so on the ground next to the gas pump… When there’s a garbage can and paper towels RIGHT THERE? WTF!

    • I have worked in customer-facing and cash-handilng positions on and off over the last 5 years, and I must dispute your claim that “the masses” care about cleanliness. Before this all got started, I would say 95% of my customers or better paid with credit/debit cards, but now that there’s a so-called pandemic going around, NOW suddenly everyone wants to bust out the dead presidents. People coughing into their hands and then paying with cash, wiping their noses with the backs of their hands, wiping their nose with a handkerchief and then stuffing it right back in their pocket, are all just constant and don’t seem to have decreased much even with Coronavirus stalking around. One of my supervisors thought she might have been getting it but didn’t go home or even wear a mask!

      If you get a break in the line and try to spray down your conveyor belt, people will just waltz into line without a care in the world because “no one else in line = faster service for me”. You can straight-up tell them that the reason you are cleaning is because a package of raw chicken leaked everywhere, and they won’t care.

      In a previous job as a fast food cashier, I once caught someone changing their kid’s diaper on one of the dining tables out in the kids’ room – the table that’s conveniently hidden behind a partition wall so you can’t see it from the front counter. If I’d been the manager they would have been kicked out and banned on the spot, but alas, I was not. After they left I soaked that table down with America’s entire strategic reserve of sanitizer, but I still didn’t trust it for a long time. I’ve had tables left with so much uneaten/half-eaten food and spilled condiments everywhere I wasn’t even sure the people who had been there were done eating. The play tubes are basically giant petri dishes that never get cleaned, unless some kid has an “accident” or spills a drink up there (happens more often than you’d think and is usually cleaned up by some flunky with no HAZMAT training like me), in which case they get spot cleaned because the restaurant doesn’t have the time/people to do a full clean. They can provide concealment for shady adults too; there is a legend going around this valley’s food service worker community that one of “us” once found a used heroin needle in their restaurant’s tubes, and it may have even been the restaurant that I used to work at (though it was before my time if so). Meanwhile I remember very clearly the time an off-duty cop came into the restaurant, called for the manager, and told him that the location of our (not even emergency-only) back door was basically begging a pedophile to grab someone’s kid and vanish out the back before anyone even saw them.

      And yet, no one cared. They all just kept coming in, kept paying top dollar for our revolting tasting food, kept trusting that our skeleton crew of unmotivated (and probably baked) minimum-wagers was keeping everything hospital clean without accidentally leaving poisonous quantities of insert-chemical-here on a food-contact surface (considering I was pretty much the only non-manager who knew how to make a good batch of quat and actually cared enough to do it correctly, the odds aren’t in favor). They wouldn’t be allowed to sell it if it were bad for you etc.

      • I always pay in cash….Everyone knew before money was dirty,doors,shopping carts,any chair in public just like restaurant seats,tables even if wiped off(they use the same rag from table to seat from table to table)..Even high end joints,not just low end slub places..

        I usually use debit cards or credit cards just to keep them active.if more than $100 but nonetheless..not always..

        • I always pay with cash too. The only reason I even a credito card is to make online purchases (I didn’t get one till I was 40 years old!). A couple of months ago, I forgot to bring enough cash when I went shopping, so I had to use the CC in the store. I had to have the cashier show me what to do! (She must’ve thought I was retarded!)

          • Cash is not dirty, nor cleaner than most items handled by people. We can’t get everything cleaned, and if we did, we would drop dead like flies. If we got super cleanly, then our immune system would die off and we would end up dead of something that in a previous time was not deadly. Food poisoning is on the rise due to the excess cleanliness practiced by a lot of people in food service.

            Calling cash dirty is a trick used by those who want the cashless society, so that we can all be tracked on every purchase, and so the governments and banks can have total control of where our money goes.

      • Try installing cable TV. However I worked in small towns where people were actually trained on how to maintain society. Sure there was the occasional meth head or college kids, but they were the rare (and quite memorable) exception.

  11. Time to pay attention to the man behind the curtain- it just clicked into focus for me. Whether the virus is real or not, man made or not, deadly or not unusually so, is irrelevant.

    They know their control is broken, and absolute catastrophe is coming. They’re doing everything they can to keep a lid on, because they’ve wargamed it and know what’s coming.

    I used to chide my sainted mom for talking about them and they, but it is a useful shorthand.

    In a few weeks, the buyoff checks will come, in a few more weeks they’ll be gone and then there will be a paroxysm of violence in the streets of this nation like nobody outside Mogadishu or Baghdad can imagine. The economy is broken, they’ve entirely sucked the life out of it. The majority are totally unprepared, and when they start to get hungry or restless and realize life as they knew it is over, things will get “sporty”. The most prepared of us aren’t, mostly because they’ve sucked the lifeblood out of us with their taxes, their child support, their traffic cops, their libraries of smothering rules. Some of our lifeboats will make it. Many will not.

    Be aware. Be prepared. Keep your head down, use camouflage, nurture family and friends.

    Good luck friends, I’m going dark.

  12. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C.S. Lewis

    Or, as The Captain said to “Cool Hand” Luke, “It’s fer yer own good…”

      • “Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week – which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.”

        Our “boss-men” will like making sure we “convicts” keep whackin them thar weeds on the roadside and don’t get any “rabbit’ in us.

    • “It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.”

      Now they have become “omnipotent moral busybodies & robber barons” all rolled into one. All really got rolling with the Regan years. Trickle Down and Just say No.

      I think this virus is much worse and far more dangerous than many here believe, BUT, I also think the “official” measures are worse than the virus. Let people make their own determination of risk and act as they see fit. I choose to isolate myself. I demand that be my choice, not decided by some sociopath politician and enforced at the point of a gun. The right choice never requires enforcement at gunpoint.

      Medical tyranny, especially decided by non-medical politicians, is as bad or worse than any other form of tyranny.

    • “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

      Exactly what the government and media tell those that consider liberty more important than the saaafety government is choking us with. Those that think the government should protect our every step will be the first to cry when things start going south and hyperinflation and hunger takes hold.
      Those $1 trillion Federal Reserve Notes are on their way.

  13. I heard someone say that this bailout bill has a provision that in exchange for the money the government is granted stock in the company? There will be pollical czar’s appointed to every firm to ensure they are hiring the right color and name your sex person for every position and they will not make products that cause climate change. Maybe GM might embrace this but this is a take over of what is becoming my former country.

    If Trump wants to help here is the plan:
    Provide tax holidays of up to 5-10 years for businesses most affected. Let people earn their way back into the balance sheet. (I bet the restaurant businesses will surge-also make gratuity non-taxable)
    Drop the Café standards and roll back safety regulations to 1994 (Nobody died due to lack of safety regs when Bill Clinton was pres). Let the auto industry build cars and trucks people want.
    Don’t pay people to stay at home but to go out and earn.
    Throw that in the woods.

      • WHY alcohol production from corn was ever subsidized, from a technical standpoint, escapes me. And it’s not as if, allowing the price of corn to be determined by a free market, that there’s not a DEMAND for it. That’s why when #2 son left his job at ADM, I was a bit concerned, since it’s self-evident that folks will always eat and shat corn; but he did get on with a WATER company in the Western USA, and AFAIK, folks still need to take a drink and a bath and flush the potty.

      • The ethanol mandate was a butt kissing bribe to Iowa and the corn farmers from all the presidential candidates looking for votes. Now that their caucuses so miserably effed up let’s hope they go back to the obscurity they deserve and get their corn out of my gas.

    • “Don’t pay people to stay at home but to go out and earn.”

      The last thing our dear leaders want us to be is self-sufficient. Be a good little serf and they might give you a slice of the government cheese.


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