Tyranny is Stupid, too

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Among other things, tyranny is stupid.

The other day, a clearly dangerous Enemy of Freedom – a pregnant 17-year-old white American teenage girl named Vanessa Gibbs – was threatened with a “federal offense” by a TSA baboon while trying to get on her flight from Norfolk, Va. back home to Jacksonville, Florida because  (wait for it) she had a Western-style leather purse embossed with a decorative and clearly not real gun on its side. The TSA baboon, flushed with its authoritay, could probably tell the difference but found it now enjoyed the excuse to not merely harass but terrorize a teenage girl, who found herself under the baboon’s arbitrary power.

“She was like, ‘This is a federal offense because it’s in the shape of a gun,’ ” Gibbs told the Associated Press. “I’m like, ‘But it’s a design on a purse. How is it a federal offense?’ ”

Because the baboon says so.

This incident is far from unique or isolated.

The TSA has repeatedly shown both stupidity and malice – the ugly yin-yan of police states throughout history. This is deliberate, even if it’s not formally expressed in overt policy. Because the goal is not “protecting our freedom” or even “security.”

It is to frighten, demean and cow the citizenry. To make it clear to them that arbitrary power may be exerted over them at any time – and from which there is no appeal.

Submit. Obey.

This is the true purpose of the “tools” given to an army of low-rent mall security guards empowered with very real weaponry and fearsome authoritay. Note carefully that these people are typically the dregs of society – people with little education and not much intelligence. And with no respect whatsoever for your rights. People who, by definition, are antithetical to what America – and being an American – once meant.

The kind of people just itching to finally have some power over their fellow men (and women, too). They are precisely the same kinds of people who formed the cohorts of the Khmer Rouge, the Red Guards and, of course, the SA.  The state knows such people are ready to be, as the author Jonah Goldhagen put it, the willing executioners of the state. They are eager to do it. Anyone who has traveled recently and witnessed the system in action is well-aware of this.

These creeps like their work.

What sort of creature would, for example, willingly force elderly (and often crippled) people to drop their Depends? Make a small child spread its arms and legs like a felon and submit to being handled? Threaten a clearly harmless teenage girl with a “federal offense” because of a design on her purse?

In a word, what sort of thing would spend its working days belittling people and making them feel its power  over them? Think about it. I am not being harsh – I am stating an uncomfortable truth that we’d better confront real soon, before it’s too late.

These people don’t give a fig for your rights – let alone your dignity. The only thing that matters to them is…

Submit. Obey.

Do not question. Do not dare to talk back. Do As You Are Told. Immediately.

Or else.

Such people – people who willingly sign up for such duty – are loathsome. Beneath  contempt. Despicable. Do not tell me “it’s just a job” or “I need the money.” Adolf Eichmann told us it was “just a job,” also. If you take it upon yourself to assault innocent people, whether as a private thug or a uniformed thug acting under color of law, you are nonetheless a thug.

And should be regarded as such by all decent people.

If anything, you are worse than a common street thug. Because a citizen can smash a street thug in the face when it accosts them.  But if a citizen talks back to a TSA baboon or another of the various subspecies of uniformed apes out there, the citizen risks lethal violence which may not legally be resisted.

Submit. Obey.

The other day I came across a superb column which discussed authoritarian over-reaction – such as spraying non-violent protestors with pepper spray, Tazering soccer moms for daring to talk back to a cop; the militarization of everything, even language – and how the phenomenon has come to characterize life in the United States nowadays. The Gibbs incident is illustrative. We have empowered mall security types – the sort of losers my generation made fun of when we were teenagers back in the 1980s – with the power to literally nacht und nebel people off the concourse to some “secure location” in order to question/berate them over such things as having a purse with a decoration on it that looks like an old West six-shooter.

Had this poor girl – quite understandably – laughed at or mouthed off to  the TSA “agent” you can imagine what would have happened next. Cuffs, Tazers – the  perp walk to some windowless room for several hours of berating by those Concerned With Protecting Our Freedoms.

Instead, Gibbs was shunted onto another flight and told she must either turn her purse over to the TSA baboons or “check” it – which often amounts to the same thing (pilferage on a Third World scale is now routine at U.S. airports). She eventually made it back home, via Orlando. Gibbs’ mother, Tami, told the Associated Press that she was “… on the phone all the way to Orlando trying to figure out what was going on with her. It was terrifying.”

Nice, huh?

We’ve allowed utter cretins to invest themselves with unlimited power, noxiously telling us it is necessary in order to “protect” us. It will end with some of us in protective custody. Those who see what’s coming – indeed, what is already here.

And who will, at last, refuse to  Submit and Obey.

Throw it in the Woods?





  1. http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/occupation-“occupy”-israelification-american-domestic-security
    Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population,
    local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities.
    Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls,
    leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people.
    — Max Blumenthal

  2. The TSA, mall cops, police who treat it as a crime when you take videos of their actions, etc., are not the REAL problem, anymore than the SA in their day, or the North Korean Army, ongoing, are the real problem in their respective countries. The REAL problem is human nature- at least in some humans- the bullying nature that exists in at least a fair number of people. Whatever the source- inborn nature, parental example, having been bullied themselves, etc.- is inconsequntial to the problem. There are enough dysfunctional people out there that will seize whatever opportunity that presents itself to essentially bully other people if given the power to do so. While many, if not most, LEO’s may be true public servants, the fact that officers in Internal Affairs are universally reviled by their Blue bretheren is not an encouraging sign. Until you can change this component of human nature- and I have no idea how to do so- the problem will continue to resurface, in different guises, whenver the opportunity presents itself.

    I myself was a target of bullying in at least two settings as a kid. Until I was willing to knock the “immune to retaliation” polio victim perpetrator to the pavement in one setting, and jam, a pencil into the leg of a bully in another, it didn’t stop. Until abuses of force are confronted, they will not stop. But how many of us are willing to take the risk to livelihood, familial relationships, and just plain disruption of routine, to ACTIVELY confront them- not just passive avoidance, as in not flying to avoid TSA harassment- until the risk is actually to one’s life. And by that time, the bullies have usually disarmed us to the point where “resistance is futile.”

  3. Way back in ’83 when I was returning from Mexico at the crossing in Nogales, I asked the border agent why I was being searched as I was a US citizen. He said that by leaving the US I voluntarily gave up my right to not be searched.

    I, as politely as I could, told him that was a load of BS. That just because they used my having left the country as an excuse to deny my rights did not mean that I ‘voluntarily’ gave up anything. But he had the gun and the badge so there it is.

  4. Let me start by saying I did not read each and every comment, as the whole thing just makes my blood boil. So if someone covered this before I apologize in advance.

    All of the TSA goons, and other repressive police state goons live someplace. They buy food, gasoline, etc. They go out to dinner… Refuse to serve them. Refuse their business on every level possible. Make it clear why too. I am sure they will all whine that they are “Only following ordewrs” or “only doing my job”. Feel free to remind them that was the excuse of the Nazi thugs, and it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

    It is so hard to believe that only 65 years ago, my Grandfather, and a few million of his contemporaries fought a brutal war to rid Europe of the goons, and our own stinking government is trying to implement the same thing here. Welcome to “Post Constitutional Amerika.” Funny, I don’t remember getting to vote on that….

    Jesse in Occupied DC

  5. If you’re aware of the TSA and its atrocities and you voluntarily go to any American airport, then you deserve whatever those pukes dish out.

    If the majority of Americans would boycott the airports (all of them) then the TSA would quickly be a sad note of our past history.

    Nevertheless, the sheep keeping going to the slaughter…voluntarily.

    Find some other way to travel; unless your boss says you have to fly–stay on the ground, instead or buy your own plane.

    This is what would be a beautiful thing to me: empty airports throughout our nation.

    Do you think I would even consider taking my 6 year old daughter into that gauntlet of hell?

    You sheep better get out of the line.

    • I’ve said the same – and practice what I preach. I haven’t flown in years; I won’t fly until my rights are respected again. I will not voluntarily put myself at the mercy of some flabbly geek (or fit geek for that matter) and do as ordered. If only enough of the rest of us would join us!

    • While I am in agreement with the post as a whole, the first statement, “If you’re aware of the TSA and its atrocities and you voluntarily go to any American airport, then you deserve whatever those pukes dish out.” bothers me.

      The TSA is forever expanding its reach. At some point leaving the house will be ‘deserving whatever they dish out’.

      Also it’s actually an argument I hear from those doing the dishing time and time again that people deserve it for being in an airport, driving upon a checkpoint, etc and so on. It’s a typical american tyranny argument. It’s ok because we could just choose not to… We could choose to stay in the hassle free circle. But there is a problem, the circle of things we can choose without being hassled keeps getting smaller and smaller.

      What I want to see is a busy flying day where nearly every traveler practically ignores the TSA checkpoint. Everyone just walks around them. What are they going to do? Shut down the airports? If a major airport can handle more than 15 people a day resisting I would be surprised. What are those one or two fat lazy TSA employees that guard the way around going to do when a couple hundred people just decide they are going to head to their gates that way?

      • This is an excellent suggestion, because it would force the TSA to bare its fangs or stand down. Either it would draw down on American citizens in a conspicuous display of tyrannical violence – as in the case of the pepper-sprayed students – which would make it very clear to all but the most extreme Clovers what the essential nature of this business is… or it would be forced to back down.

        Either way we – that is, liberty – scores a major success.

      • They’ll just shut down all flights until all the people beyond the checkpoints go back to the terminal and either leave, or resubmit to TSA screening. This is just too easy to counter to be a viable means of resistance, in a single airport at one time. If repeated at different locations on different days, however, it will so disrupt airline scedules, and affect their balance sheets inversely, that it might just be effective. I have no idea how you could organize this “under the radar”, however.

        • I’m afraid if someone did organize something like this “under the radar”, the powers that be would ferret out the “terrorist” organizers in mere hours and send them to Gitmo for “reeducation”. Gil and Clover would cheer and we’d be back to bid’ness as usual. The whole thing makes me sick.

        • The TSA backed down at the mere threat of people opting out of the body scanners in mass when there were very few body scanners in place.

          Any form of mass non-violent resistance or just ignoring the TSA is lose-lose for them. They rely on the clovers, the fear of social isolation to keep everyone in line. Practicing social isolation towards those who work for the TSA and other parts of this system also is a viable option. Eventually there won’t be anyone there to bother people in the first place.

  6. Maybe I just have a twisted way of looking at things, but I find it interesting that all you have to do is subtract the T from TSA and you have the SA. They have to tell us who they are, don’t they? It’s also interesting to note that the original Sturmabteilung employed Hutier’s tactics successfully in WWI trench warfare. First you bombard your enemy with artillery fire or by air assault, breaking the resolve of the front lines and disrupting their supply logistics in the rear. Then you send in small detachments of infiltrators bypassing the more heavily defended positions to establish your foothold in enemy territory. Then after your infiltrators have dug in, you bring up reinforcements to take out the stronger positions.

    So let’s apply this to taking over a Constitutional Republic and turning it into a Fascist Dictatorship. First you bombard your enemy (the people) with false flag operations that are sensationalized by your propaganda ministry….er…news media. You blame it on radical religionists that hate the people for their “freedom” and “way of life.” After the public is sufficiently demoralized through fear, you put your White Shirt infiltrators in every commercial airport in the country. Once they’ve dug in, you bring up reinforcements to take the bus stations, rail terminals, subway stations, interstate highways and finally, malls and sporting events. While all this is going on, you simultaneously monitor internet, email, snail-mail, phone and text messages for “terroristic” activities. Then detain any suspected “terrorists” without any due process of law. There really is nothing new under the sun, is there?

    • The only elements missing are overt racism and nationalism, neither of which are essential to fascism. Instead, we have “diversity” and internationalism, but the underlying essentials are identical. The masses – who know no history, comprehend no principle – do not see it because they have been taught to equate “racism” with fascism and consider Jew-baiting essential to it, rather than incidental to it.

  7. On the nose, this one. This is the very reason I tell my friends who think a pure capitalist society won’t work; there are people out there who WANT to hurt others, who enjoy lording it over their neighbors. There are people who, if given the choice of negotiating with their neighbor or settling a dispute with a zoning law, will choose the latter because they LIKE it better. Put simply, there are those among us who ENJOY hurting their fellow human beings, who ENJOY forcing them to comply with their will. These are the people who stay silent when certain citizens start disappearing or turn a blind eye when certain citizens are actively rounded up and shipped off in box cars, never to be seen again. And make no mistake, they are plentiful in number and limitless in the damage they can do to society.

    • Exactly. Men can never be trusted with power, let alone the power of government. The worst always rise to the top because that is where power lies. All societies inculcate this supine worship of the state and its minions. American children are taught everyday to pledge allegiance to the almighty state. Is it any wonder why this country is doomed.

      I have often asked why no one finds it offensive that children are asked to recite a pledge to the state, when neither our friends or family members require one? Isn’t this downright scary?

      But the reason is quite simple: the state is to take primary importance in the lives of the citizenry. We exist for it. We are to serve it. The greatest thing that we can do is to sacrifice for it. This is why soldiers and other state functionaries are looked upon with adulation. People hear the phrase “public servant”, and immediately think of someone who is giving their all in the service of the people. They are better than those greedy bastards in the private sector working for that “evil” profit.

      Unless, and until the state idolatry ends, I fully expect to be caught up in the meat grinder. The meat grinder can’t be defeated by a morally bankrupt and myopic people. Moral integrity and intellectual honesty are our only hopes. Nothing else will do.

      • Excellent, Ed – top drawer!


        “I have often asked why no one finds it offensive that children are asked to recite a pledge to the state, when neither our friends or family members require one?”


      • “Unless, and until the state idolatry ends, I fully expect to be caught up in the meat grinder. The meat grinder can’t be defeated by a morally bankrupt and myopic people. Moral integrity and intellectual honesty are our only hopes. Nothing else will do.”

        Well written. I think the best move the socialists ever made, from the standpoint of advancing their cause, is seizing control of the education system so completely and so totally. As you write, people are raised pledging allegiance to the state, learning state approved history, state approved everything as a matter of fact. I’m amazed as many people find liberty as do, given how and with who they spend their formative years.



    Hey, Neil! Were you by any chance in the L.A. Walmart on Black Friday? Wearing a wig?

  9. Don: “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose … [snip] … No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”

    Don, thanks for posting this. Can you look in your source and see which Justice wrote this? Thanks.




    • What are the odds of you making your point in mixed case? That looks to be about zero as well, along with the chances of you gaining something from an exchange here, what with your enormous IQ and all…..

    • Why all the shouting? 😉

      Peaceful civil disobedience is one method of getting your point across to others. I think it works best on those that have some morals and can be shamed into doing the right thing.

    • Neil,

      First, the ALL CAPS is annoying. Almost as much as your embrace of authoritarian over-reaction. Even if the people were in violation of some ordinance, which is debatable, they were clearly non-violent and so the situation could have – and should have – been handled differently. There was no urgency, no immediate threat. In fact, no threat whatsoever.

      They could for example, have just been carried off. But the cops escalated, for no reason. That is the problem here, which you seem oblivious to.

      These were just college kids. Not threatening anyone, or even implying a threat. But you like the idea of assaulting harmless kids with chemicals; probably also you like the idea of beating them up, too.

      I bet you’re either a cop or a would-be cop. You appear to have both the temperament and the intelligence necessary.

    • Gosh, Neil whaddaya think the odds are of someone being a bigger, more arrogant asshole than you are? Based on your post, I’d say pretty slim.

      • He does us a service by (once again) showing the mindset of an authoritarian. Just like Gil. Just like Clover.

        Notice how almost axiomatic it is that these “type” are not merely belligerent. They’re almost invariably incoherent, semi-literate, illogical and unreasonable.

        Could there be a relationship, you suppose?

    • There you have it, the military mind.

      All I can say to that is that if they really defended the constitution and fought for my freedom like they say, then why have so many liberties disappeared in the last 50 years??

      Pretty poor job of defending freedom.

    • Neil lick the boots! Lick the boots! There ya go. Feels good, don’t it, bowing down to your masters?

      Always remember: that boot stamping your face is there for your safety.

  11. You are mistaken about the Red Guards. Particularly during the Cultural Revolution, they were often drawn from people who themselves had beliefs and practices that were liable to be persecuted. By joining and leading the persecution, they kept themselves safe.

  12. Everyone has a reason for flying: work, family, doctor, etc. You would rather be humiliated , insulted and get pissed on top than find a different job where you don’t have to fly. You’ve made your choice, so don’t complain. Stop being a baboon. Find a different line of work.

    • The purity argument that we should always take the ruling class’s option of impoverishment rather than anything that could be remotely interpreted as submission irritates me. The reason it does is because choosing impoverishment also serves the ends of the ruling class. The impoverished don’t have the ability to oppose them either. They win -either- way and that’s why they go after things like air travel.

      Also framing this choice ignores a third option, subversion.

      • That’s a good point Brent, but ultimately subversion will lead to impoverishment anyway, at least in the short term, and people still think they have too much to lose.

        It’s going to take more principled men than myself; in my opinion I have more of a duty to my family than I do trying to fix what my forebears broke. That’s cynical, but there it is.

        Or maybe I just haven’t been pushed far enough. I suppose time will tell. If history is an indicator, we haven’t seen anything yet.

        According to this….


        48 percent of US adult air travelers in 2009 traveled for business purposes. It’s from this group of travelers that the impetus for change is going to have to come.

        • “48 percent of US adult air travelers in 2009 traveled for business purposes. It’s from this group of travelers that the impetus for change is going to have to come.”

          That means 52% of US adult air travelers went aloft for discretionary reasons. Add their kids and you have, if not a landslide, a comfortable majority. I submit that is the demographic from which a boycott could succeed. An added benefit: It would reduce the rate of criminal child molestation.

          Seriously, folks: quit flying commercial. If a critical mass would simply boycott temporarily, it could result in the TSA being abolished permanently.

          • Just 20 percent. That is all it would take to financially cripple the air carriers. They all operate on very thin margins. A 20 percent drop in ticket purchases would be devastating.

            I have not seen my parents, who live on the other side of the county, in several years now. I’d very much like to see them. But I will not submit to being scanned or groped – slave trained. I am not the sort of person who responds well to arbitrary authority and assaults on my person or my rights. But the broader point is that freedom is not free – god damn it! We sometimes have to make sacrifices if we want to be free. But the lowing cattle out there are not only unwilling to put up with any inconvenience in defense of their freedom, they willingly submit to endless inconveniences and much worse besides coming at them from those who are determined to take what remains of their liberty away.

            It’s infuriating as much as it is depressing.

          • The “lowing cattle” out there in TV land were begging for all this after 9/11. Fear is an amazing motivator, whether that fear is misplaced or not. I suspect there were a lot of ‘good upstanding Christian’ Germans begging to have the Jews removed from their local communities because, after all, they were “ruining the German economy” and were “Christ killers” to boot. Little these folks know many of them would be next, failing to heed their own teaching of “you reap what you sow”.

            In the case of Amerika it’s the perceived threat of radicalized Muslim “rag-heads”.
            It’s the same old song and dance: foment hatred and fear of a particular group to unite the sheeple under the nationalist banner. Then use that momentum to install a totalitarian dictatorship complete with ‘funny money’, informants, surveillance, high taxation, mandatory I.D. papers, secret police, unaccountable courts, a presumption of guilt and an international military empire; all for the people’s ‘own good’ of course. As George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Welcome to the past folks.

            • Exactly. I’m sure you recall what Reichsmarschall Goring said after his capture:

              “Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

              The Chimp did precisely that (bolded items) after the false-flag attacks of 911…

          • @eric on December 6, 2011 at 12:58 pm

            I have been to other countries. I agree with Reichsmarschall Goring. Most people would rather be able to provide for their families and be left in peace. It did not matter of the person was rich or poor. Personal happiness is worth something to many people.

            Some people would willingly sell their soul for complete control of others. It is not what people need. Some people would willingly want control of others, even if they are ultimately controlled by another above them.

          • The problem is that 5% of us that have an inclination to stand up are very easily dealt with one by one.

            The first steps of this tyranny were to reduce our numbers and isolate us so we are easily managed as the situations arise. It has taken decades of conditioning to where people are more upset that someone like yourself might hold up the line than at the degrading behavior of the TSA.

            The government schools train people into these behaviors from a very young age. Very few get through school without it becoming second nature and unquestioned. Generations later at any given time the number of people who potentially could resist is way smaller than the number of cops, TSA, etc. This took time to create.
            If they tried this TSA crap in 1972 it wouldn’t have worked.

            On personal happiness I think I piss off people I know by merely bringing things to their attention. Yeah it makes me unhappy too but it can’t be just us kooks complaining or it’s going to get worse.

          • Brent, I’ve noticed the same phenomenon when I tell many people the truth about the US empire’s global hegemony, ‘climate change’, the war on drugs, war on terror,etc. The one’s that can be reached get pissed and, at least temporarily, seem to wake up. There must be a genetic component to the desire for Liberty. Many Americans whose families can trace their roots back more than a couple of generations on these shores seem more inclined to have an interest in true Liberty than relative newcomers do. So pointing out what’s happened to us and why appears to strike a nerve with some of them.

            The Clovers, who we know to be essentially unreachable, often get pissed too but obviously for different reasons. One statist Clover I know responded very angrily when I said (and I wasn’t even talking to him, he was eavesdropping) that we had no business engaging in undeclared wars in the Middle-East. His irrate response was “I’ve had my boots in that sand!”. My gut reaction was to say, ‘Oh,so you’re part of the problem that’s causing blowback!’, but I restrained myself.

            I politely explained to him that it was years of Anglo-European, and now U.S., occupation and support for puppet dictators to control the region’s natural resources that makes people that live there hate us. He got so angry I had to disengage from him. He was ready to physically fight with me on the job site for telling the truth (and I believe the reason he got so pissed is because he knew it was true and he’d been duped by the military). A guy like that will be urging the TSA to pepper spray, Tase and preferably beat down anyone that inconveniences him by holding up a TSA screening line. If this form of blind devotion to big government and “U.S. exceptionalism” can be found in just 5% of the population, that pretty much cancels us out.

            On a happier note, I’m hearing more and more people in my age group (Boomers) coming out in support of Ron Paul. Just yesterday I had a dyed in the wool Democrat tell me Dr. Paul is what this country needs. So there is still hope.

  13. Well, what do you expect from a society that has lost its way? Do you think it is just the baboons at TSA? What about the baboon lawyers who write contracts with loopholes for the purpose of helping their clients get out of agreements they made? This is being taught in our universities and no one seems to do much about it. Aren’t the professors teaching this stuff baboons? Isn’t the student learning these tactics a baboon also? Yes, an educated baboon! What about people who believe the government owes them a job? What about people who shake hands on a deal and have no intention of keeping the agreement? I would guess over half our population is guilty of being baboons.

    You ask, “And who will, at last, refuse to Submit and Obey.” It is really simple. You and me. We all have a choice to fly or not to fly. If you decide to fly it is because you are willing to be fondled or subjected to radiation and allow your children and parents to be treated likewise.

    The truth is American society has lost its way. You can stop the TSA in its track in a matter of a day or so. All it takes is to stop flying. One day of boycott would bring the whole system down. Why doesn’t it happen? Because most Americans (baboons) would rather be cowed than not fly. And why not, this is what the baboons in our schools (teachers and administrators) have allowed the baboons in the unions to teach the baboon students. And why has this happened? Because we baboons in America have allowed the baboons in government to pass laws and regulations for baboons.

    When you (singular) decide you are no longer a baboon, and the rest of Americans (individually) decide they are no longer baboons, that is when it will change. I, for one, have decided I am no longer a baboon!

    • Exactly. TSA is simply a visible symptom of a cancer that’s eating away at America, and the patient is terminal. TSA could wither and die tomorrow and this country will still be full of the baboons who made it possible.

      I’m not a regular here but the folks to whom you refer as baboons are roundly criticized as Clovers around these parts, in case you didn’t already know. Read up on them for a good laugh, or cry, depending on how you look at it.

    • Correct. All branches of the gov’t reflect our soceity since that’s where they came from and who gives their consent. We have met the enemy and it is us.

      • I’d modify that to read some of us. I certainly never voted to either take other people’s property – or have my rights taken away. The worst aspect of tyranny is that it carries everyone along with it.

        • Just my personal opinion here:

          Synergies are at work more than any specific individual or group.


          Population/density increase. I believe it is axiomatic that society becomes less free as population/density increases beyond a certain critical mass. What you might call the “freedom mindset” – individualism, self-reliance, the habit of exercising initiative rather than waiting for someone else to tell you what to do – declines in a group setting, or when constrained by a group. Which is an inevitable function of population/density increase. This is why you’ll find more liberty-minded people (and liberty) in rural areas than urban areas.

          Once you have large urban areas, the Mass Man types begin to predominate because they are by nature better suited to thrive in such an environment. You also now have a breeding ground for various pathological types, including political sociopaths.

          Result: Less and less liberty. More and more unthinking human cattle led by adroit manipulators.

          • Eric I have to disagree.

            I will agree that once the forces are in place it becomes self-sustaining and self-perpetuating.

            But these forces were put in place intentionally and with tremendous forethought, planning, and execution. Publik Skools were designed to do what they do–dumb down, indoctrinate, and castrate–by the very same Fabians who create our Manchurian candidates through the Rhodes scholarship.

            The banksters–and in particular the oldest, incalculably rich European banking families (Rockefellers are peons compared to Rothschild)–have had their designs on world domination since the late 1600’s. And, it’s here; witness the bankster takeover of Greece and soon the rest of the PIIGS.

            The Elite have converged on Malthusian/Ehrlichian ideals; I won’t speculate on why, whether though pure spiritual evil or just lack of imagination. As such, they’re hell-bent on culling the herd–and they’ve masterfully sold the whole Mother Earth/environmentalism bullshit. Environmentalists are watermelons–green on the outside, red on the inside. The AGW and carbon credit memes are mostly Rothschild masterstrokes, and the themes are deeply anti-human.

            Take the convergence of all these movements–all implemented by the same globalist players–and you quickly see it’s directed history, not accidental confluence.

          • Methyl, I think you and Eric are both right. The densely populated urban environment breeds highly competitive individuals that learn to manipulate the system to survive and thrive. If one is sociopathic and ambitious, he learns that wealth and power come from control over others (as opposed to the free market principle of serving others). The more people you influence or control, the greater your wealth and power in this meme. Consequently, truly amoral narcissistic sociopaths do very well in the urban environment because they have so many potential (and even willing) hosts.

            And since each kind shall seek its own, these parasites attract and work with their own kith an kin. From the archetype of Cain, to money changers in the temple, the goldsmiths of old Europe emitting receipts “that were as good as gold” to credit default swaps and derivatives of Wall Street, these people’s m.o. never changes. They have existed since time immemorial and they pass their amoral and wicked system down from generation to generation. There always seems to be plenty of fresh meat to harvest and plenty of predators ready to do the harvesting with each new generation.

            Methyl, the “Red Shield” family you bring up, as you probably know, having no royal blood of their own, bought titles of nobility and power for themselves with other peoples ill gotten gold. Then the “tremendous forethought, planning, and execution” was put into play by lending to governments on both sides of wars. As you have seen, the Goldman Sachs / Federal Reserve crowd has essentially taken over the whole world by lending to governments. And although the Rothschilds don’t appear on the surface to be major players anymore, it is most likely because they have adopted old John D’s strategy of “own nothing, control everything”. From the PIIGS to various “public works” projects to the U.S. national debt, their fingerprints are all over this. They have been at war this this independent, prosperous and (once) free nation since its inception. They started by taking our gold and silver. It was freely given by our “servants” in exchange for their own political power. It never matters to the men that do this, because they get theirs; screw the rest of us.

            Our public “servants” will soon hand over much of what’s left of the infrastructure and the land itself to these banksters. because there is no more real money left to give them. Anyone that thinks anything other than a token inventory remains in Fort Knox, if any gold at all, is delusional. What’s left of value in this country is our land, utilities, transportation and future productivity. Of course they only want the future productivity of those who will be willing to sacrifice their humanity. One euphemism for all this “nationalization” will be “privatization”. I definitely believe the people behind and complicit with this are what we categorize as evil.

            This goes back to what I brought up above, “each kind shall seek its own”. These very wealthy elite have long given up their humanity, if they were even born with any. Consequently, when they take ours from us they add to their ranks. They understand people that are just like them and can control those people very effectively. They do not and cannot understand the Thomas Jeffersons, Patrick Henrys, Richard Henry Lees and Ron Pauls of this world. The concept of Moral Principle is as foreign to them as Quantum Physics is to most of the rest of them. So truly good men are shut out, as much as possible, from the public debate. Then the scum we see running things now are able to rise to power by filling the vacuum of the truly honest men of integrity we sadly do not have in government anymore (Dr. Paul being one isolated exception).

            So, unless we get directly and tirelessly involved with our time and money now, we will most probably end up involved with our blood and treasure in the future. Because these evil and now very powerful people will not stop on their own. Ever.

      • I’m with Eric. I didn’t vote for or otherwise voluntarily support any of this unconstitutional mess that passes for government. The fact that it’s going on from the courthouse to the Whitehouse is truly an unfortunate reflection of our society at large as Don pointed out. What makes it worse is we are forced to support this immoral and corrupt system with the fruits of our labor unless we wish to live as outlaws or paupers.

        I made the mistake of listening to the neo-con morons that pass for hosts on a KC talk radio show on my way home today. I know I shouldn’t have bothered, but it did bring the stupidity that our elitist rulers want for us into focus. An articulate and seemingly intelligent caller brought up the issue of using “state funds” (i.e. taxpayers’ money) to support college sports. When the one of the hosts tried to excuse this practice and make light of being called out on it, the caller stated that the tax money used for this was taken from us at gun point.

        They immediately hit the “kill button” and the statist host whined that he was sick of people claiming taxes were taken at gun point. He explained that the taxes were withheld from our paychecks by the people we voted for, blah, blah, blah, blah. I had to cut the radio off, he was making me sick.

        The pathetic thing was this propaganda tool actually sounded like he was sincere. I really think he believes that forcing us to pay for things we neither consent to nor agree with isn’t stealing as long as it’s done by the state. Regardless of what he believes, if he told the truth on his show he’d be off the air tomorrow and he knows it; the First Amendment be damned.

        Thomas Jefferson would be appalled by what we’ve allowed this country to become. But I doubt he’d be surprised, as I’m sure he understood human nature quite rell. Otherwise he wouldn’t have attempted to chain government down under the rule of law. It’s a shame it didn’t work.

  14. I have said it before, and I’ll repeat it now: The only possible way to get rid of the TSA is to financially cripple the commercial airline industry to such a catastrophic extent that no bailout could possible save it. That means everybody quit flying commercial. Total boycott. Join me, folks. My arms are open and welcoming.

    Alas, I am not holding my breath.

    • “That means everybody quit flying commercial. Total boycott.”

      As I see it, this IS the point of TSA. To restrict the freedom of movement of Americans. Making it tediously unbearable is far easier than trying to pass laws rendering it unlawful.

      • All we need, I suspect, is a critical mass of about 20 percent. If that many stopped flying it would financially cripple the air carriers, who would be squealing for the repeal of the TSA – and that would get results.

    • I’m there. I used to love to travel. Not any more. And while we’re at getting rid of the TSA, how about also calling for the abolition of every Federal enforcement agency with its own “administrative court” system — the IRS and the DEA come to mind first. The Federal Government has proven it cannot be trusted with this kind of absolute authority. I do believe the founders meant for the States to handle this kind of law enforcement.

      • Amen, Jim.

        But it will take a critical mass of people – probably about 20 percent – to effect any real change.

        I’m doing everything I know to try to rouse people – and increase the percentages in our favor….

    • Another way would be for everyone in a security line to simply walk on through. Civil disobedience that violates no one’s rights. They couldn’t stop everyone at the same time.

      Or We can occupy the TSA security checkpoints. Plop our fat-asses down in front of the walkway so no one can get through to their flights on time. Civil disobedience that violates no one’s rights. The TSA makes it clear that when you enter their security checkpoint you surrender your rights voluntarily anyway so how can anyone violate anyone else’s rights when – in the minds of the TSA – they have none?

      I told the TSA to piss off at the Pittsburgh airport about a year ago. They kicked me out and I haven’t flown since nor will I let my daughters fly.

      If we believe we are free; if we believe we live in a free country then it’s about time we started acting like it.

      • Well Don, if you could convince enough Americans to do it, it would work. But our prescription medicated, high fructose corn syrup fattened, publik skool indoctrinated, mass-media brain-washed Homo-bovinus will march right into the TSA head chute. Then they will submissively take whatever they are given in whatever bodily orifice the “authorities” choose to give it to them, rather than be late for their flight. Those who dare recite the 4th Amendment or otherwise buck or kick are culled from the herd, restrained and given the perp walk to a secluded location for “special treatment”. This “example” makes the rest of the herd keep their heads down and their mouths shut; other than to mutter “Thank you sir; may I have another?”

  15. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted. Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…. A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
    – US Supreme Court: Sixteenth American Jurisprudence Second Edition, Section 177

  16. A word for the TSA. Keep up the good work. With a little bit more harassment we might succeed in getting you all fired from your positions.
    It all comes down to checks and balances. Just exactly who is watching the policeman? Why anyone with a telephone with a camera attached of course. They (the public with telephone cameras) represent millions of people, not one or two, millions. Let’s lock them all up. THE PEOPLE I MEAN WITH CAMERAS. . .
    I look forward to seeing one of these TSA employees harass the Speaker of the House. Or perhaps someone’s mother . . . who is VIP.
    I once heard a story about such a mother. It was the new salesman on the floor of an office supply furniture company.
    An elderly woman, bedraggled with and soaking with rain dragged herself into his store near closing.
    He immediately came to her aid. He sat her in a comfortable chair, brought her donuts and coffee left over from the day, and paid for her taxi home. Everyone on the floor had a good laugh at this naive young man. After all, bums come in all shapes and sizes. She looked like a homeless old woman.
    The next day her son called the President of the company. He wanted to know who that young man was. Her son was J.P. Morgan and this happened many years ago. He turned the office supply account over to this young man. It was worth a lot of money. No one laughed at him after that.
    The morale of my story is: TSA beware of helpless little old ladies. One of them has a VIP son who will take severe offense to your actions.

  17. I’ve had words with worthless police crossing guards at my daughter’s middle-school. I asked one of them why didn’t she get a productive job that was actually needed in the private sector. I asked her if there was anything else she could do and she replied no! So there you go: when you have no real marketable skills, you can always work for the gov’t as long as you’re willing to do whatever they want you to do, conscience and morality be damned.

  18. The list crimes the TSA has committed on the American public is indeed long. What to do? I can’t always boycott flying because work takes me overseas. The only thing I can do is get pissed, but in the end I take off all my metal objects and submit to a pat down. Ever notice how none of the GOP candidates (except Ron Paul) advocate getting rid of the TSA? Really, have they prevented any terrorist attacks? Nope. Just cost the American people billions each year.

    • Of course the TSA has prevented terrorist attacks. You know how we know? There haven’t been any terrorist attacks since 9/11 have there? Of course there also haven’t been any unicorn sightings since 9/11 either. You think that’s because of the TSA too?

    • “I can’t always boycott flying because work takes me overseas.”

      You don’t have to do this. You choose to. Priorities, my friend.

  19. I’ve seen other articles on the purse incident and the commentary (not to mention the articles) is absurd. It is either about how the girl was stupid for bringing such a thing to the airport or how the TSA and its employees are stupid. Of course she isn’t stupid, naive about the police state perhaps, but not stupid. The TSA isn’t stupid either. Why? Because it’s by design. It’s about breaking people down.

      • Guys – check out the latest:

        An 85-year-old Long Island grandmother says she plans to sue the TSA after a humiliating strip search on Tuesday by agents at JFK Airport.

        Lenore Zimmerman, who lives in Long Beach, says she was on her way to a 1 p.m. flight to Fort Lauderdale when security whisked her to a private room and took off her clothes.

        “I walk with a walker — I really look like a terrorist,” she said sarcastically. “I’m tiny. I weigh 110 pounds, 107 without clothes, and I was strip-searched.”

        TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a review of closed circuit TV footage from the airport shows “proper procedures were followed.”

        But Zimmerman, whose hunched back puts her at 4-foot-11, said her ordeal began after her son, Bruce, drove her to the JetBlue terminal for the Florida flight. She lives in warm Coconut Creek during the winter.

        She checked her bags, waited for a wheelchair and parted ways with her doting son — her only immediate relative.

        When Zimmerman reached a security checkpoint, she asked if she could forgo the advanced image technology screening equipment, fearing it might interfere with her defibrillator.

        She said she normally gets patted down. But this time, she says that two female agents escorted her to a private room and began to remove her clothes.
        “I was outraged,” said Zimmerman, a retired receptionist.

        As she tried to lift a lightweight walker off her lap, she says, the metal bars banged against her leg and blood trickled from a gash.

        “My sock was soaked with blood,” she said. “I was bleeding like a pig.”

        She says the TSA agents showed no sympathy, instead pulling down her pants and asking her to raise her arms.

        “Why are you doing this?” she said she asked the agents, who did not respond.
        The TSA claims the footage does not show any sign of the injury.

        “Our screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy,” Farbstein said.

        Zimmerman says a medic arrived to treat her injury. The process took so long that she missed her 1 p.m. flight and had to catch a later one.

        Her son said he was shocked when his mom called around 9 p.m. that night and described what happened.

        “She was put through a hell of a day,” he said.

        Zimmerman, who takes blood thinners, later had a tetanus shot for fear of infection from the walker wound.

        Bruce Zimmerman, 53, said he can’t understand why the agents targeted his mom.
        “She looks like a sweet, little old lady,” he said. “She’s not a disruptive person or uncooperative.”


      • I’ve often thought about cutting tin-foil in the shape of a gun (or perhaps a middle finger or erect “member”) and taping it to my underwear.

        • Bruce , I seriously would opt for the other two but not the gun.There may be some sort of law that says something like the fake gun is considered like a real one ,just as with someone who robs a bank with a fake gun gets the same charge as if he would have had a real gun. I would not trust those people

          • Yes. But to be clear – in this case, it was a design on the side of a purse. Not even a fake gun. Just a representation of a a gun! The TSA has been hassling people over T-shirts, too.

        • The metal detector can’t detect the shape, you’ll end up being strip searched so they can “see” what’s setting off the alarms. So if you have the time to spare, can afford to miss your flight, then go ahead and play a joke on an organization that has no sense of humor.

          • It’s much worse than that. It’s not about stupidity – or lack of sense of humor. The whole point of the exercise is to get people used to abusive authority. To make them cringe and bow and scrape like the proles of East Germany. To make it clear they have no rights; that the state is all-powerful and must be obeyed at all times, period.

            If we – and here I mean enough of us – don’t stand up and demand this scheisse be done away with, it is going to get much worse and real soon.

  20. “The kids at UC-Davis set the example of non-violent resistance for the rest of us with a great deal of physical pain and personal cost. Don’t let them down! Speak out!”

    It’s a short path from pepper spray to bullets (WARNING: Contains graphic content):

    A Global Revolution to Overthrow Statism

    Uploaded by AdamKokesh on Nov 20, 2011
    I want to refine if not take back part of what I said about this video. I’m not so much embarrassed for Americans, as I am for American Mainstream Media. But in a sense, we are all responsible for that.


    • I know the American authorities can trace me. I am a B Sc Engineer (Electrical), MBA etc. etc. and not an American. After years of respect and condoning “the American way”, I won a lottery to become an American citizen. You know, living in Africa that should have been a Godsend, but I was too scared to take it up. I would rather take my chances with the cannibals in Africa than the America of today.

      • America is becoming a very scary place. Things are not that bad yet, but it could turn in an instant and the noose is tightening. Seeing how our people behave in many facets of life, I am NOT proud to be an American. I am glad for some of the benefits, but think that citizenship here is overrated. We have massive police budgets which are being redirected against otherwise law abiding citizens. You have to show ID for everything here. What’s it like over there wherever you are, Lodewyk?

        • The Weimar analogy is old but no less valid. Germany in 1926 was a lot like America is now. A decadent, obviously corrupt government; a nihilistic culture, economic instability – and most of all, a populace demoralized and conditioned to submission, looking for “leadership.” It got it. And so I suspect will we.

          I’m getting too old for a Wolverines scenario (remember?)…. but I suppose you and I and Dom and Brent and Boothe and others like us will nonetheless comprise the elements of some sort of resistance, even if it means we merely speak (and write) about what we are seeing happen all around us. Ideas do have power. It is an idea that got us to where we are today – and it will be that idea’s opposite that gets us back to where we were.

          • I see myself more in the role of turning off the lights and asking “Who run Bartertown?” 🙂

            This system will be overthrown when the youth feels they have been cheated out of something. It’s probably our job to make sure they know what they’ve been cheated of.

            • I have a protege of sorts; a kid (early 20s) who I have known since he was very young. This kid is awake and very much interested in real change. The kind we can believe in. He tells me he has many like-minded friends. It is very encouraging. His generation seems to be much more conscious and thus, motivated, than my generation (Gen X).

          • Eric, I hope that sound ideas and the truth will take us somewhere better than where we were before. You are quite correct on the validity of the Weimar example; it is archetypical of a culture and government in terminal crisis. Which is precisely where the U.S. and most of Europe now appear to be. Economic collapse, major social unrest and regime change, for better or worse, are all but inevitable. The very same people who have cheated us out of the worthless paper their predecessors used to steal our “real” money (as in “real de a ocho” or the Spanish milled dollar and U.S. silver dollar) are standing by to pick up the pieces after this orchestrated collapse. So Brent’s right, we need to make sure the younger generations are very much aware of who screwed them and what was taken from them. I seize the opportunity to explain specie vs. Federal Reserve Notes and the gold coin standard to everyone that will listen. More and more people seem to get it.

            One really good tool to get the monetary inflation / devaluation point across is provided by the beast itself at http://www.minneapolisfed.org. There is a monetary calculator on the right side of their homepage that shows us just how bad we’ve been screwed. If you plug in 2011 and $100 in the top fields and 1913 (the year the Fed was foisted upon us) in the bottom, you find out that our currency has been devalued 95.63% in under a hundred years. Or if you prefer, our money has been inflated 2290%! Disasters like that don’t just happen by accident……

            • “I hope that sound ideas and the truth will take us somewhere better than where we were before”

              I hope so, too. Just encouraging others to think about what’s going on, encouraging them to ask why is a very good start. I also like to think there is still enough “muscle memory” of freedom (or at least, a lot more freedom than we have now) out there – enough, perhaps, to help form the nucleus of a new awakening.

              Your efforts on sound money are an excellent start. I’ve tried to do this, too – including making reference to inflation and the Fed in my car reviews. A great many more people are discussing this stuff now than ever before in my lifetime – which I take as a very good sign. Twenty years ago, broaching the topics of Jekyll Island, the private Federal Reserve system and so on got you either blank stares or derisive stares. Now, people often not only know something about it, they are interested in discussing it with you.

              It seems bleak – it is bleak. But it’s not hopeless. Not by a long shot.

          • @Eric, re: awakened youth.

            YES! I see this too, and it surprises me; because we’re the ones who remember the last gasps of American freedom from the late 70’s and early 80’s, before the War on (some) Drugs started properly.

            The 20-somethings can’t remember freedom–and yet many of them yearn for it. Indeed, it’s up to us to remind them of how much they’re being cheated.

            I also remind them how much “social security” is cheating them. And I don’t care to hear seniors’ arguments that “I paid into it and I deserve it!”. Tough shit, baby-boomer–you were asleep at the switch during the dismantling of the Republic and I have ZERO sympathy for your retirement plight.

            Any fool could have seen “social security” was a badly-run Ponzi scheme from day one, and basing your retirement on it is simply a vote of confidence for the power of thugs to extract money at gunpoint from your children and grandchildren.

            The hypocrisy and cynicism of the blue-hair set in demanding their precious “benefits”–socsec, medicare, etc.–while supposedly doting over their little darling slaves…er, um, grandchildren…boggles the mind.

            • In re youth:

              My protege is in his early 20s; recently out of college and laden with debt and with nothing much ahead of him other than servicing that debt. I think such things account for the awakening of the younger generation. Their future is so obviously compromised and constrained that it (rightly) makes them angry; and unlike older people, who are vested to some extent in the system and who have “stuff,” kids like my Young Apprentice have nothing and so have nothing to lose. That makes them dangerous to the status quo.

              Some perspective: My undergrad degree cost me about $5k per year in the 1980s; that same degree today costs $10k a year. I was able to get a job – salaried, with benefits – shortly after graduating. I was not forced to “contribute” to a health-care plan I elected to skip, on the (to me) reasonable grounds that I was young, in excellent health and so not likely to need “health care” beyond basic, routine stuff that could readily be paid out of pocket.

              So, I started my working life with no debt – and was able to find real work. I was then able to save, in part because I was not forced to “contribute” thousands of dollars to a “health care” plan I did not need or want. Thus, I was able to come up with the 10 percent down payment I needed to buy a house after a few years.

              Now, my Young Apprentice: He starts out his adult life saddled with $40k in student debt that he is required to pay back and which will take him a decade to pay back, at least. He is dunned $300 every month. He, like so many others in his cohort, is having trouble finding a salaried job – and forget about benefits. He will soon be required – threatened at gunpoint – to “contribute” to ObamaCare. It will be much, much harder for him to accumulate any real savings. He will likely be living with room-mates into his mid-30s and may never own his own place at all.

              In brief, the deck is now much more stacked against the up and coming generation – and they are aware of it. And they are angry about it. Some, the less bright (and more ignorant) have turned to collectivism. But many are smart enough to see through that con – and are actively demanding more liberty rather than less.

              So, I have some hope for the future.

              And I intend to do my part to help it along!

          • methylamine, I think I was teenager when I first pointed out that SS was scam. Of course family members ‘corrected’ me. Everything I’ve learned since then only makes it out as a bigger scam that I thought it was.

            As to environmentalism. It’s not some masterstroke. The inbred ruling class of today couldn’t come up with it. It’s just a new twist on the old scams of eclipses and rainy seasons and other natural events their ancestors used a long time ago. Also most of the work and creativity of implementing it is done by others knowingly (oil&coal man Al Gore) or unknowingly (useful idiots).

            Eric, they have been taught theft all their lives. Collectivism is what is taught in the schools. The first reaction is going to be collectivism, to steal from those who have more than them. The ruling class is well aware and I think counting on it. To use them as a mob against the remaining middle classes and unconnected rich.

            What is worse for the young is all the regulation has cut self employment off. That was the first thing cut off. Can’t just start a manufacturing company in the garage any more… like say Apple did. Some clover neighbor turns you in to the government and you get shut down.

            The desire of people to have natural foods has resulted in people entering that business naively only to get shutdown by government demanding they come up with tens of thousands of dollars for equipment the government approves of. Oh and use the chemicals the government regs effectively demand because natural ingredients can never be free enough of bacteria to pass the government tests.


  21. I knew an attorney that collected guns and militaria. He showed me a Mauser HSC pistol that he claimed was produced for the “civilian” market. He explained that the Nazi’s were issuing these guns to minor bureaucrats like health inspectors for their own defense. Apparently even the submissive products of the Prussian educational model didn’t take kindly to penny-ante tyrants running rough-shod over them. The bureaucrats were literally in fear of their lives at the hands of the peasants.

    What were the Nazi’s really afraid of? Why the truth of course! Here’s what happens in the “Land of the Free” nowadays when you try to truthfully inform your fellow citizens about their rights and obligations under the law: http://www.copblock.org/1873/julianheicklen/

    A frail 79 year old retired teacher must be a real danger to the officious pricks deciding matters of life and death over the rest of us, huh? This is not the country of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson any longer. It is fast becoming the wet dream of Himmler, Guevera, Stalin and Mao. And it’s not just DHS / TSA either, we’re seeing ever more heavy handed tactics (i.e. excessive force) being applied by local cops.

    It’s time for all of us to chant “Shame on you!” to our would=be SA / SS thugs any way we can. Write to your local paper, your chief L.E.O. (copspeak for Law Enforcement Officer) and link to activist sites for any of your contacts that may listen. The kids at UC-Davis set the example of non-violent resistance for the rest of us with a great deal of physical pain and personal cost. Don’t let them down! Speak out!

    • No, it is not time for “shame on you”. That came 100 years ago, and went decades ago. Now is the time for “lock and load”, “set your phaser on vaporize”, and eliminate the predators – ALL of them from top to bottom (in that order to the extent possible).

      • Everything is breaking down everywhere. There are protests, violence, and general dissatisfaction across all the lands. The vapors are building for sure. Won’t be long now for the ultimate igniting spark..


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