Live From Corona Country Part 10

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Here’s the latest “on the ground” from Corona Country – or my part of it, in SW Virginia. Widespread defiance of Governor Coonman’s house arrest order continues to be the order of the day and if we can just hold tight for a few days longer, we can puncture this “pandemic” ballon and set the country aright again.

Or at least kinda-sorta.

PS: Bodies still not stacking up like Cordwood. A lot of people sick; not many dead.

. . .

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  1. Traffic seemed to be about back to normal on the way home tonight and yesterday. Morning traffic are still light, probably only people going to work then (like myself). Expecting more restrictions shortly as our governor (indiana) is “concerned” too many are out there.

  2. Something else that hit me recently: if China was trying to make a bioweapon, they did a horrible job. It produces many perfectly asymptomatic cases, isn’t really deadly to anyone who isn’t right on the edge of death waiting for one more stressor to push them over, is vulnerable to many common disinfection methods including mediocre store-bough sanitizers, soapy water, and plain old TIME as it doesn’t seem to live very long on static surfaces, and will probably die out in the summer.

    More likely, it was designed to do exactly what it’s doing: get everyone’s attention, look like a huge crisis, distract people from the many inconvenient truths coming out on a daily basis, and make us cry out for the Authoritahs to help us, all without doing any permanent damage to anyone with productive potential left in them. Neat little test drive to see how they can take control… and we’ve all failed the test, badly. I have an internet “friend” (more like someone who just decided he should be my friend for some reason) who’s constantly vomiting panicky statistics and graphs at me in chat; I’m considering unfriending him because I don’t need the extra stress right now. Even my mother, one of the sanest people I know, is trying to make her own surgical masks because she’s in a “high risk” demographic.

    • If I had to guess, I doubt it was a bioweapon but just plain carelessness. China still seems to be a third world country in a lot of ways, including safety when dealing with things truly dangerous, e.g. chemical processes, viruses, nuclear energy, etc…

      • Well… they pretty much are, actually. Terrible hygiene, too.

        Communism, with just enough capitalism infused to avoid devolving into a madmaxian scavenger world. That’s what it looks like.


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