Reader Question: Perking up the Cows?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Graham writes: You have a nice little article (here) to perk up the Cows.

The US needs the running of the Bulls instead. How will it end? UBI, Welfare payments x10. Millions of six-year car payments asking for subsidy? This will be a global turning point. Nothing can ever be the same again. Once governments have applied the Ultimate unwarranted restrictions and controls over their population with no push-back whatsoever there is no turning back from that. My friend in Hawaii says they promise a $5,000 dollar fine for breaking quarantine. The local radio station here (Philippines) has said the police have been tacitly authorized to shoot anyone exhibiting aggressive quarantine breaking.

You may remember a few moths ago our president publicly said to the police (about returning some incorrectly released prisoners): “Bring them in dead or alive – dead is better” Four items below your blog on Lew Rockwell is one by Linh Dinh. In his blog, second item down, is my local assessment of here. In my 20 years here I have never seen these people take anything seriously but they are accepting these ridiculous quarantines. (probably or else) I have seen some military in town. The Four Horses of the Apocalypse have come to collect from the US, The Vietnam war, the “Reaction” to 9/11,  the Iraq war, and the “Reaction” to Covid19.

My reply: There is still time to defeat this. Not the bug. That will tae care of itself. I mean the hysteria. Mockery is one way. Another is our minds. Insist that extraordinary claims – and demands – be supported by extraordinary proof. Not speculation; not “what if” and “might.”

Also, we still have the chance to resist without violence. By defying these “shelter in place” edicts.” Yes, we may be fined – even arrested. These are small prices to pay if we can avoid violence and avoid the cementing in place of a police state.

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  1. Graham, you are absotively right! This IS a GLOBAL turning point. NEVER before has anything like this been coordinated on a global scale, and with full realization of what it will do to the [what’s left of] the economies of all countries. Sure, in various places at differing times, like in time of war, they’ve enacted similar draconian measures…but never on an international scale like this. This is the reset of the “global economy” and what will lead to the overt establishment of world governance (We already have the covert version).

    If you’re a Christian though, well….we know how it will end, and that it will be short-lived! What a time to be alive; to see such things come to pass! As evil as they are…..just seeing it in our lifetime, and knowing what comes after, makes it all worthwhile! And I want to be there on judgement day, to see all of these bastards who conspired to do these things- from the lowliest local “official” and the badged pricks who enforce their dictates, to the big guys whose names we don’t even know, who are running the show, get their just desserts!


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