Reader Question: What to Ask for Classic Prelude?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Del asks: I live in So. Oregon and listen to you on the Bill Meyer’s Show. Really look forward to the segment each week. My wife has an  immaculate and I mean immaculate ’89 Honda Prelude. We of course purchased it new and she has given it total love and care. We are ready to sell it as she very seldom drives it anymore. We plan to list it on Craig’s list and have no idea what to ask. Do you have a suggestion? It has 179,000 miles, outstanding condition, no accidents, no dings.

My reply: This is one of those cases where the “blue book” (i.e.,used car value) guides doesn’t apply – or at least, only applies vaguely. You have a very desirable car that is becoming a collectible antique car – and I think you’ll find it’ll go for significantly more than “book value” – which ranges from around $1,500 for a toasted beater to around $3,500 for one in excellent condition with low (for the years) mileage.

That actual value will vary, of course – depending on whether it’s a base trim or Si and so on.

Based on your description, I’d guess your car inclines toward the higher end of the spectrum. I’d consider having it appraised by someone local who knows Acuras. And then place ads (appropriately priced) in pubs such as Hemmings Motor News – which focuses on classic cars -as well as eBay, as this will bring the car to a national (rather than local) audience.

Finally – and this is the most important thing – don’t (if possible) be in a hurry to sell. Wait for the right buyer – and the right price.

Keep me posted – and good luck!

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  1. There’s a 90’s car revival movement. If it’s really clean its worth at least 3500. People are doing complete restorations of late 80’s civics and early 90’s hondas. THere’s even an event called Radwood where it’s all about showing off your early 90’s car.

  2. might be a option for selling or at least getting a idea for pricing. No idea how much of a pain it is to use the site as a actual buyer or seller but based on the winning auctions it seems like one of the better ways to unload a exceptionally nice, older 1 owner car that your average craigslist user wouldn’t appreciate.

    List of recently completed auctions when searching the key word “prelude” on the site:

  3. I’d also check the enthusiast forums; there’s gotta be at least one for older Hondas. You can join to ask a similar question, and may even find a buyer. Posting the car for sale in enthusiast forums opens up the sale nation-wide to a fitting audience.

  4. Random note, we’re in mercury retrograde, so I wouldn’t recommend selling it until March 10th.

    Long story on how I know that and why, just they happen 3x’s a year and during then, don’t move forward with plans, just sit still and if anything, reflect, review, rewind, etc.

    Just something random, but since there’s 13 days left, plenty of time to figure out how much you want to sell it for and everything


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