Live From Corona Country VI

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Here’s the latest from Corona Country – SW Virginia – where the bodies are still not stacking up. I thought I’d cruise by our local regional trauma center to see them but none were to be seen. I thought I saw some – but it was only bags of mulch – not body bags. And despite all this, we’re still being hectored about the Black Death that hasn’t actually made more than about 2,000 people dead so far.

Which brings up another thing. If this thing is actually so bad, why is it necessary to force people to self-imprison? If you drive through a dangerous neighborhood, do you need the government to tell you to not get out of your car? Is it necessary to force people to not have sex with the AIDS-laden?

Of course, those are real dangers. And people take reasonable precautions. Unreasonable precautions always require force.

It ought to tell you something.

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  1. Lots of nurses in my family in new england. Big social circles between these ladies. Nobodys seen anything unusual. This shits a ruse. The rat race is over. The rats won.

  2. Life is a terminal disease. Get over it. The public trembles in fear of a virus, ignoring the most dangerous disease in the history of the species. Government. Those purported 6 million Jews weren’t killed by opposition to government. Neither were the 250 million murdered by Communists/Socialists. Compared to governments, viruses are rank amateurs. I fear its too late to retreat. We’ve just had what little valid economy we had jerked out from under us. The US Sociopaths In Charge just pulled out their credit card to pay down the balance on their other credit card. Guess who’s the guarantor of that card. That would be your great grandchildren. Looks to me like the ONLY solution is complete collapse and a rebuild. Hopefully with a little more sanity involved. Any sanity would be an improvement. Propose anarchy, and the sheep are horrified. Just exactly how is the current situation better?

  3. Guy in NYC went to a hospital that Good Morning America said had a large triage tent out front for the surge of patients. Walked around the building 3 times and no tent found. Even asked staff and they said they had no idea. All the ambulances were in stock also, even though they claimed 24 people were coming in a day (or something higher) with corona virus. Asked an EMT walking by and he just casually said they didn’t have any.

    BTW, the bailout bill was 880 pages long. Trump bailed out tons of federal programs like AMTRAK and other garbage heaps. This was a financial coup and nothing more.

  4. justin, you are full of horse pucky as my 11th and 12th grade English teacher would say. This is not a real virus….it is a joo flu joo coup 6 trillion dollar theft out of America. Who owns the banks? Who runs the hedge funds? The TV networks? The major PACs? Who are the billionaires that donate the most to the Communist DNC?

  5. A good reality check are the annual cause of death stats published by the CDC themselves. Bigger killers than Corona include influenza, cars, alcohol (not counting car crashes), prescription drugs and fire.

    • Not to mention that about 250k die every year in the US from malpractice, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment, and other medical misadventures. More than are killed with guns, and by illegal drug abuse combined, and more than half the number dying from smoking tobacco (by the estimate of those same medical malpractioners).

  6. West Nile, Swine flu, Bird flu, Ebola, SARS, Zika virus, …. I probly forgot some. Is there seriously ONE single person who is actually still falling for these scams? There’s no virus folks. Viruses can’t even kill you anyway IMO. The real problem is the people are not organized as civics groups, instead letting psychos terrorize the entire country & world.

  7. oh, its coming.

    hospital near me had zero carona victims 7 days ago, now they have 61 victims that were sick enough to be admitted.


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