LA AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! Corpse

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The (late) great comedian Sam Kinison had a routine about morgue rape. It began with the corpse on the slab thinking to itself: “At last! Peace. No worries. Just relax… ” Then it feels itself being rolled over  . . . and then it feels something else.

“It never ends!”

That was comedy. Here’s actuality:

A veteran Los Angeles armed government worker  is under investigation after his body-worn camera captured him fondling a dead woman’s breasts.

The AGW, who is assigned to downtown’s Central Division, was placed on leave once supervisors reviewed the footage during a random inspection, LAPD officials said.

The incident occurred when the AGW and his partner responded to a call about a possible dead woman in a residential unit, sources said. Once the two AGWs determined the woman was dead, one officer returned to the patrol car to retrieve something. During that time, the accused officer turned off his body-worn camera and fondled the dead woman’s breasts, LAPD officials said.

Although the AGW deactivated the camera, a two-minute buffer on the device captured the incident. The department is also investigating the AGW’s work history.

“We immediately launched an administrative investigation once we learned about the incident,” chief spokesman Josh Rubenstein said, “and we assigned the AGW to home.”

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos called the recording “very disturbing.”

“If this allegation is true, then the behavior exhibited by this AGW is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing, and does not align with the values we, as AGWs, hold dear, and these values include respect and reverence for the deceased,” the board of directors of The Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement. “This behavior has no place in law enforcement.”



  1. That’s odd. You and I are guilty without any due process when our car is photographed committing a crime, but this AGW necrophile was caught in person by his own body-cam, and is merely “alleged”. Nice double-standards, who would have guessed?

  2. Now, on top of all the egregious trampling of citizens rights, the paramilitary approach to escalating encounters to justify shooting people, the errant reliance on officer safety first/Citizen second, and the overlord cult mentality of the Thin Blue Line, we can also add Bona Fide Corpse Diddler to their respective titles. Good job, men in blue.

    • Hi Julie!

      It’s an inevitable – even natural – consequence of the shift from (largely) peacekeeping to “law enforcement,” an inherently nihilistic/immoral business. No element of right – and wrong. Just “the law.” Which must be “enforced.” This attracts pathological characters.

      • eric, give the guy some slack. He’d probably never touched one before. It was natural curiosity…….hahaha ha. At least he learned something about the body cam. He’s probably pleading he was trying CPR. I’ve known a couple women who might be brought back by that.

        Looking at it in a certain perspective, he seems like such a better person than those who fondle live women and beat and kill them.


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