Two Wheeled Clovers and Amberlamps Chasers

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I got an e-mail alerting me to an outfit – ostensibly, a biker outfit – that is agitating for a national “zero tolerance” standard for motorcycle riders. It is called The Clovers (it’s actually amberlamps-chasing lawyers) running this whatever-it-is are agitating for “a new national standard” that would make it a criminal offense for a motorcycle rider -but not a driver – to have any alcohol whatsoever in his system.

From the web site:

“… we are petitioning the Federal Highway Authority to pass a nationwide requirement that states raise the 0.08% blood alcohol level threshold for drunk driving to a zero tolerance threshold for motorcyclists.”

The amberlamps chasers mean lower it to “zero tolerance” – but never mind.

And never mind the unequal application of the law applied to bikers, as proposed. Which is doubly obnoxious because riders as a general rule are probably better-equipped to handle alcohol while also handling their vehicle than drivers – because it takes more skill and attentiveness to ride a bike than drive a car.

Almost anyone can “drive” – if by that one means put an automatic transmission into drive and roll on down the roads while sending a text to your girlfriend. It doesn’t take a Steve McQueen.

Bikes (almost all of them) have manual transmissions, which takes some skill to master. There are (usually) two pedals for the brakes. One must learn to modulate the pressure applied to the front brake and then the rear brake.

Even more skill is needed to master the art of balance – which is another something a driver never has to do.

Motorcycles steer by leaning; one uses one’s knees as much as the handlebars – an art most drivers who aren’t riders don’t even know about.

Point being, a person who rides is a person with more skill to start with – and who probably has a heightened sense of situational awareness in addition. Such a person is less likely to be “impaired” by a slight amount of alcohol than a driver.

But this begs the question. Several, actually.

“Zero tolerance” isn’t actually about impairment. That is merely the excuse – and end point – of the neo-Prohibitionist jihad spearheaded by the out-of-control Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is also pushing for the same thing – for different reasons.

The fake biker site mentioned earlier is a front for shyster lawyers, who like the “zero tolerance” standard not because it “saves lives” but because it lines their pockets. They know that a law which makes a rider (or a driver) vulnerable to a DUI bust on account of having had a beer or a glass of wine over dinner an hour ago means more business for them.

MADD is just mad. As in unhinged.

The claim that having had a single drink – a single sip – amounts to “drunk” riding or driving is pathological; the frothing fulminations of a snake-handling backwoods Pentecostal preacher or his termagant wife.

It is so egregious – so bereft of reason – as to be almost unbelievable. Until you take into account the Cloverite mindset. Because the Cloverite mind cannot reason. It does not base its views on facts. It does not apply principles to particulars.

It feels. And believes. We are dealing with a religious mania.

And for a Clover, that is enough.

The BAC threshold defining “drunk” driving in all 50 states  – .08 BAC – is already an affront to reason and justice. It is a political – a religious – standard that arbitrarily paints a person as “impaired” without having to establish impairment.

What happens at a “sobriety” checkpoint? A person is made to blow into a machine that – supposedly – gauges the percentage of alcohol in his bloodstream. But how is this a gauge of his driving? It is damning to this process – to the idea of its reasonableness and justice – to point out that it is not necessary to even assert that a person’s driving was impaired to convict them of “drunk” driving.

Only that they were found to have “x” BAC.

Many people are marginal – are incompetent – drivers without any BAC at all. Yet they are not considered “impaired.” And many drivers are excellent drivers with some BAC – yet are considered “impaired” even though their driving cannot be faulted.

“Sobriety” checkpoints are necessary – from the standpoint of the neo-Prohibitionists – precisely because most of the people ensnared there would never have been molested by armed government workers while on the road – because they would have given no reason to justify a stop based on erratic driving.

But, why not a “zero tolerance” law?

It is of a piece with the rest of police state America. We are all presumptively criminals  – and treated as such – in order that Clovers may feel safe.

Clovers assert that theoretical “harms”  justify the imposition of actual harm.

This business here being a case in point. The Clover amberlamps chaser or angry “mom” feels that any rider or driver who has even the most minuscule trace amount of alcohol in his system is “impaired” and must be Hut! Hut! Hutted!

The circle is now complete.

Probable cause was thrown in the trash back in the ’80s when the deconstructors of the Bill of Rights decreed that the plain English of the Fourth Amendment – which prohibits “unreasonable searches” defined as those without without probable cause or warrant – actually doesn’t prohibit them.

This is why you can be legally stopped at random, without having given an AGW the slightest reason to suspect you of anything – and forced to prove to an AGW that you aren’t guilty of anything.

“Zero tolerance” means no tolerance – for our former right to be left unmolested unless we have given some reason to justify otherwise.

Thanks, – for furthering the cause of turning this country into a parody of East Germany. And, to be fair, in the former Deutsch Demokratische Republik they didn’t hassle you because you’d had a sip of beer two hours ago.

. . .

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  1. They go after alcohol but don’t address a perhaps larger issue: Drivers impaired by prescription drugs.
    One of my colleagues lost his mother & father to a prescription-drug impaired driver who crossed over into their lane to hit them head-on.
    I hate driving in the more populated areas of Florida due to the unpredictability of of elderly drivers on prescription drugs. Never know when one will just pull out into traffic, oblivious to the oncoming cars.

  2. That vintage “temperance” photo of those hags protesting alcohol made me laugh, tragic as it is. Prohibition gave organised crime a foothold in this country which has yet to be relinquished, even after the repeal of prohibition of alcohol. That protest sign in particular is such a farce. In the words of George Carlin ” I wouldn’t fuck them with a stolen dick!”

    • Well now missy, you might find this incomprehensible, but there was a time when men and women were actually permitted to decide our own level of permissible risk. Almost as if we weren’t children or something. Hard to grok, isn’t it?

      O.O% BAC means one couldn’t have a single beer or glass of wine with dinner, or even use frickin’ mouthwash in a lot of cases! You might want your daddy gubmint telling you how to live every aspect of your life, but I sure as hell don’t.

  3. I’ve mentioned on this site that I ride daily, and have for over 45 years. I really felt I should comment on this since it’s aimed directly at me. But I can’t. There’s just so much bull***t from so many directions these days that’s it’s leaving me incredulous and numb. How the psychopaths in charge, their sociopath enforcers, and the asses that are the masses have so utterly and with insouciance destroyed any little vestige of actual freedom in this country is so appalling that… well, I really am just about numb.

    And I agree with you, Ken. If these dipsh*ts have ever actually thrown a leg over I’d lay money they ride for a couple of hours on the odd sunny Sunday, nothing more.

    • Amen, Bill – same here.

      I’ve been a rider for 40 years myself. It’s obvious these clowns know nothing about riding. Or have any concept of equity. Why not just ban motorcyles – and cars – altogether. It’d be “safest” of all.

      • Not to nitpick, and you surely already know, but I learned later in life that you are not going to make it through a turn at speed by just leaning. The bike is always going to try and stand straight up again and you will never get enough lean to turn it. You have to use the handle bars with either a push or a pull to get any real lean out of the bike. That would be counter steering. Telling new riders that leaning will get through a turn alone will get them killed. Though body position is important too. I always try to inform people who have ridden for years to try pushing on the right bar to go right, and the left bar to go left, at about 30mph to see what I’m talking about. Most of the time they tell me that I have no clue about what I’m talking about because have been riding for YEARS!

        • LW, my favorite way to ride won’t be a surprise to regulars here but I am one of those idiots as they say, that wear the pegs off. I never found a faster way around a curve. If I turned the front tire I was unaware of it. Ain’t that the reason a bike tire has tread nearly to the wheel?

          • Watch dirt track racers come out of a turn and you will see what I’m sayin’ about counter steering.
            I’ve taken two advanced rider courses. One was better than the other. I have an Ultra, so they didn’t teach me how to wear the pegs off, they taught me how to grind down my floorboards. And what they taught me about counter steering literally saved my life a few days later on a group ride with people who didn’t take any courses because they already knew everything. Now I can do with one hand on the bars what these people can’t do with two. It’s that useful. Leaning is a slow process. Pushing and pulling gives you the confidence and the ability of a fighter pilot to avoid immediate dangers ahead of you. It’s not about being able to go through a long curve.

            • A friend and really good offroad racer and I were riding our GS 1000’s one night. We came out of the courthouse square onto the road. I came out straighter and with less power. He came out hard and we had to pass over this buildup of dirt and gravel that shouldn’t have been there. Due to his turn he lost traction and automatically steered into it and would have been in good shape if the slick stuff had continued but when his rear tire grabbed the pavement with his front tire turned, it slammed the bike and him down so hard I was amazed the bike was rideable. He was barely able to continue, now barechested and bleeding profusely. It was getting cool and I don’t know how he stood it back 4 miles to the house to get his wife and than another 20+ miles home. I offered to call the wife and get her to bring the Elco and let them drive it home but he declined. I worried like hell about him. He was a mess the next day and running fever. I did nearly the same thing in the pasture one night because of deep ruts through a place you had to go around the road . I got one tire in one rut and the other in another and they got wide apart quickly. I could barely get it stood back up and my right wrist was a mess, barely being able to use the throttle. Luckily, I had crash bars so the bike was ok but I limped and barely used my right hand for a couple weeks. Those mistakes take place so fast you don’t have time to say shit.

              I can’t complain but sometimes I still do. Life’s been good to me so far.

              • Uh, like what’s your point? Do you want to get into a different conversation about high slides and low slides? Or are you trying to tell me that there is no way to avoid an accident? Well I’m here to tell you that there is. With the right knowledge you can learn to ride the bike, and not let it take you for a ride.
                Yeah, he was on a street bike taking on gravel, while you were in a pasture dodging cow pies. Can you explain to me what the…. this has to do with counter steering? I don’t think you can. You know why, because you don’t want to.
                Now go out and find a curve that has a 45mph limit posted and try to lean into it at 65mph. You would find out you couldn’t handle it doing at 65mph, let up on the throttle, the bike would straighten up, and you would go off the other side of the road. Now if you knew about counter steering, you would push down on that bar, the bike would be forced to lean down farther than just “a lean”, and you would get through it with no problem if you also just focused on where you were going. This is my point. But now I really don’t get your point. Because there wasn’t one. And I was on a ride where a woman rider in the group ran off the road for no apparent reason, down into a dry drainage ditch, and came miraculously up the other side without falling. I guess telling that story fits in here somewhere too huh?

                • I said he tried to power out of it and turned hard into the slide and if had continued to be dirt and gravel he’d have been ok but hitting that pavement and getting instant traction going sideways didn’t work out that well.

                  When I wrecked in the pasture I tried to power it out of the one rut so I wouldn’t be sideways. It didn’t work but it was all I had. Since the ruts crossed back and forth across each other I didn’t really stand a chance and at night with the grass grown up it was hard to see what I was getting into . I thought I was past the ruts and that was evidently wrong.

                  I suppose I did use the bars and never considered it. My Sunday morning rides sans cops I normally doubled the indicated speed for a curve. I never had the skill with a bike I did with a car.

        • ***>you will never get enough lean to turn it. You have to use the handle bars with either a push or a pull to get any real lean out of the bike. That would be counter steering.<***

          That's why even real edumacation can sometimes be a bad thing. Tell someone about counter steering, at it may well confuse them and leave them woindering what to do or doing the wrong thing. Put them on a bike and let them go….then they will do it automatically- by reflex- without thinking about it.

          • Yeah, pushing on the bar to go right or left is really confusing. Don’t tell them it’s counter steering then. And if they don’t want to even listen to that, later scrape them off of the pole that they were trying to avoid in that turn while staring at it.

            • LW, anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle has already instinctively learned counter steering. Many people have ridden bicycles and motorcicles for decades and have never heard of counter steering, nor even realize they’re doing it- You just do it- if you’re leaning, you don’t even have to make a conscious effort; the handlebars will just follow what your body is doing, and it would be counter intuitive not to- you’d have to fight the physics of it and essentially try and straighten-up if you wanted to do the opposite.

              It’s just like when you’re going less than c.10MPH (when you don’t counter steer, but turn the bars the way you want to go), no one has to look at a speedometer or consult a chart or even consciously think “What do I do here? Do I counter steer or straight-steer? Am I at the counter steering threshold or below it?”

              You just do it! Even a 6 year-old can….

              Planes are different; you don’t ride a plane nor use your body to control them.

              • It’s guys like you two that do the worst in advanced rider courses, and therefore on the street too. The one guy in the first course I took, when we were asked individually what we expected of the course and what we thought of our current riding ability too, by what he had to say about himself and his bike you would have thought that he should have been an instructor. He failed the course. He was actually the only one the instructor ever failed in his twelve years of instructing and dumped his bike for the grand finale. Then there was another guy in that class who I said to, that doing a figure eight in that box without putting your foot down could be a challenge. He says he didn’t see a problem and he would have no problem doing it on his sport bike while I was on a touring bike. He put his feet on the ground at least 7 times that I counted, though he passed. I didn’t put my foot down, though I’m not a show rider either. So you have to understand how pathetic the other guy on his shiny bike that actually failed the course.
                In my other rider course experience, which was an easier course, now that I was a lot more skilled I was able to maneuver through the cones easily and at a (showoff) speed where they actually had to tell me to slow down. A guy in that class who claimed (bragged) that he puts at least 28k on his Goldwing a year, had a hard time maneuvering through the cones at his blazing speed of 5MPH. It was hard to watch.
                So good luck out there. If those are your stories then stick to them.

                And I’m not calling you mistaken because I wasn’t there, but what happened to the guy on the gravel doesn’t make sense to me. The way that I see it, if his rear tire lost traction, and then regained that traction, he would be in a high slide, in which when that tire regained traction it would have throw him straight up in the air.
                So let me give you this bit of advice that you won’t take either. And that’s all that I ever wanted to do on this thread, if your rear tire locks up and the rear end of the bike starts coming around you, leave it locked up or you will be in the air too.
                Have you ever watched motorcycle racing? You might see low slides where the front tire loses traction and the rider goes skidding across the road, and you might see a hide slide to where the rider gets catapulted. You go on youtube, I’m sure they have some examples of everything that I said. I’m not claiming to be an expert. I was just trying to pass something along that I learned that was extremely beneficial to my current riding experience.
                That’s it, I’m done, enjoy.

              • This whole thing got way out of hand. All I wanted to say was that if you find yourself going into a turn that maybe you entered too fast and you feel that leaning, (where you are unconsciously counter steering of course) isn’t getting you where you need to be, consciously push that bar forward to force the bike to lean a little bit more to avoid making any other costly errors in a panic. Because I’ve been there and done that and this has saved my butt and has given me more confidence so not to panic and do anything stupider.
                That was it. And I’m never doing this again. I promise.
                Sorry if I caused you any inconvenience.

          • Nunzio,

            Does that idea of yours work with airplanes too? How about helicopters? I mean even with a motorcycle you need to work two levers, a throttle, a shifter and a brake pedal. Or is your training style straight from a Pee Wee Herman movie.

    • Yep. With all of the New Yorkers in FL…’s turning into NY. The coast states always go first…..all of the coast states are turning into NY-CA- and the rest won’t be far behind. Trump has/is giving a crapload of our money to further militarize the pigs- Trump- the guy who said “Take the guns first….”- and he’s building an army to do it.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        I may well prove to be wrong – and foolish, even – but I support the Orange Man because of the hysterical opposition he has generated. Which is unprecedented. It tells me the Orange Man actually is the enemy of the SJW Leftist totalitarians. Yes, he is authoritarian in many ways. But in more traditionally American ways. He has his limits, in other words. He doesn’t, I don’t think, seek to remake America into a “diverse” re-incarnation of Austria-Hungary. He isn’t a virtue policer. I don’t think he would support seatbelt or helmet laws. We know he doesn’t support Obamacare and has fought against some particularly obnoxious regulations. He doesn’t oppose income taxes, of course – but he doessn’t support confiscatory taxation, I don’t think.

        He isn’t a Libertarian, of course. But we’re in a life-or-death fight and if the guy next to me is shooting at the same people across the trenches, he’s my ally for the moment at least.

            • They really are certifiable, 8. It’s an unbelievable freak show. This is not the Democrat party of decades past where one might disagree with political policy but at least their members displayed some level of rationality. Today it’s a frigging lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

              • Scary thing is 8, that so many people actually vote for them! Criminal communist crackpots…and 60 million people will vote for one of ’em. (The same could almost be said of The Donald…only at least he makes an effort to hide the crazy stuff- though he’s not a veryu good liar)

              • Hell, Jason, we were Democrats, esp. as far as the state went. Every damned bill the Republicans passed came right out of my dad’s paycheck and not theirs.

                My politics went out the window when JFK was assassinated. It didn’t take a genius to knock off the evil just looking at LBJ, same for Nixon and then every prez since.

                I did campaign for one prez since I was a kid, Ron Paul. I don’t regret but won’t forget what the Republican party did to him and his supporters either.

                The whole shebang can KMA now.

        • Eric, it appears the folks Virginia has some problems with unwanted and unnecessary gun laws…. A Virginia Congress critter suggests using the Military to enforce the “law” He says the law is the law but doesn’t seem to realize the laws they pass need to agree with the Constitution or it isn’t law.

          Extracted from Article VI US Constitution.
          This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.

          My bold. What part of pursuant do they not understand?

          • C’mon Ken,

            It’s well established that the Supremacy clause simply means that Federal law reigns supreme. It doesn’t mean that all laws, State and Federal, are limited by the constitution. Also, the 10th simply means that if the Constitution doesn’t say you can’t do it, you can do it. you probably think that the Supremacy clause, combined with the 10th, provides legal justification for each State to develop their own drug laws. P’shaw, arch originalist and brave defender of the Constitution, Antonin Scalia, said otherwise. Who are we, mere mundanes, to assert that he’s wrong? Know your place, subject, the Constitution means exactly what the Nazgul say it means, and that was the original intention.


            • It’s like the Catholic church: “WE’LL tell you what the Bible says! You’re not “qualified” nor capable of understanding it!”. Now all they have to do is make printing and reading of the Constitution illegal…. Oh, wait..they don’t have to- as they’ve managed to buy-off most of the people so that they no longer care…..

            • Hey Jeremy
              “means that Federal law reigns supreme. It doesn’t mean that all laws, State and Federal, are limited by the constitution. ”

              “and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance”

              Can you enlighten my misinterpretation of that sentence?

        • Hey Eric & Jason,

          Tell me again how Trump is different than any of the other rabble who seek to rule us, when he is onboard with Agenda 2030?

          Sure…they use different words to make the peons think that there is a difference; and may even do a few very small things to appease the faithful and make it possible to distinguish between the various players….but they ALL do the same things ultimately; and Trump is no more a friend of liberty than anyone else- he has and is INCREASING tyranny.

          Do you support him militarizing the fuzz and many other gov’t agencies even more than did Obozo?

          Do you support him appointing deep-state operatives to key legislative and judicial positions?

          Do you support him expanding the military-industrial complex and regime change, theft of foreign resources, and subservience of Israel?

          Do you support his “compromises” which have occasioned the entry of more invaders in his 3 years so far than under two terms of Obozo?

          I coulkd go on, but you get the idea.

          In short, while sometimes speaking the words we might want to hear, Trump, like Reagan, has done the very opposite of those words. Supporting someone because they throw us a few tiny bones while greatly increasing tyranny and the power of the state; and ultimately selling us out to the same diabolical UN agendas, is really no different than the proles and leftists supporting their idiots for the promises and perks they offer- Either way, the same overall goals are achieved, and tyranny is supported, rather than resisted, and is even given our assent.

          That “the left hates him” is a false paradigm; The same goals are achieved regardless. What we see is just a play for those who can not see that; to keep the people invested in the political system, and pacified. “Let’s support Hitler, because he is better than Stalin!”.

          What we are seeing today has been long planned- and was carefully calculated decades ago as a part of the charade to make it look authentic and legitimate when the globalists execute one of the next goals: To break the US into “ten superstates”- which may sound like a good thing- and would be if it were authentic and grassroots-based….but it is in-fact a part of the globalist agenda. That’s likely what this impeachment BS is about, in reality.

          I mean, I don’t think any the less of you guys- you are both great Libertarians and princes among men as far I’m concerned; I’m just a little incredulous that you can fall for this political theater -to the point where we have Libertarians saying they support tyrants.

          When you think about it- do you really believe that the fortunes of a world empire; the great fortunes and power structures that have been amassed, can be controlled by the whim of clerks and welfare mamas and plumbers and chiropractors flipping a lever?

          • Hey Nunz,

            While I’m philosophically aligned with you re voting. Continuing to describe the many failings of Trump is pointless in addressing the preference that Eric, Jason and others have that he be elected. It’s a simple calculation; someone will be elected, they prefer that it be Trump. Expressing that preference is not the same as supporting his awful policies, an expression of support for tyrants, an endorsement of the system, nor a “falling” for political theater. It is true that many who vote are guilty of everything described above. Jason, Eric and other informed libertarians are not among them.

            You ask a series of questions to which you already know the answer (no). What is the point? Despite the assertion from many libertarians, voting is not intrinsically immoral. I know you don’t believe that it is, so why does it matter if A libertarian votes? I find the “must not vote” mantra asserted by many libertarians to be as ridiculous as the “must vote” mantra asserted by Statists.


            • Jeremy,

              Although I don’t vote I don’t cast aspersions on those that do. It’s up to each individual to determine whether they think it does any good. I’m cynical enough to believe, as George Carlin did, that it doesn’t do any good but I’m not going to dictate to anyone else what they should do.

              • Hi Jason,

                Exactly. I make a distinction between voting in the abstract (democracy) vs. the casting of an individual vote, which is meaningless in a national election. As for Democracy, Churchill had it half right. No idea has ever proven more amenable to Statists than democracy as it provides them, in most people’s minds, the currency they value the most, legitimacy.

                Carlin identified one positive benefit of NOT voting, the right to complain.


            • Jeremy, there will be more to vote on than President in the next election. I will be there to vote, mainly in the state elections. I will go ahead and vote for Trump. As usual, in the few times I’ve voted since the early 90’s, I’ll vote for Trump. As you say, it won’t be because I support his policies and it certainly won’t be to hear him speak(I just can’t take his voice). It will be because he will be the lesser of two evils… always. And once again, cue the Fugs……

          • Nunz, no matter who gets elected the long-term outcome is going to be the same. I do not believe there is any way at this point to change that. It’s a done deal unless there were a mass awakening amongst the proles and that’s not going to happen. However, it is possible to stall and delay the globalists’ plans. If Trump is re-elected that will throw another 4-year monkey wrench into the works. He was an unexpected complication in their long-time plans.

            For that reason I would prefer that Trump be reelected. However I personally don’t vote. It just encourages the statists and permits them to put a thin veneer of respectability on their disreputable and despicable actions. (“The will of the people” – gag me with a spoon.)

            This link to the late great George Carlin’s rant on voting has been posted here many times but it is always worth revisiting:


            • Hey Jason,

              I do mostly agree with you- but how is Trump going to delay anything when he is doing his part to establish Agenda 2030, gun confiscation, further militarization, appointing those who helped institute NSA spying and partially authored the Patriot Act and helped implement Obozocare, yada yada?

              He, much like Reagan, is saying what we want to hear….but his actions belie those words.

              He just SEEMS more tolerable because he is not overtly promoting the things that the Dumbocraps openly advocate….but in reality, he is doing just as much evil. In-fact, as distasteful as the prospect might be, I think the commies might even do less harm, because even if they somehow could mandate all of their wild schemes, it would bankrupt the country sooner, and thereby at least achieve a little reduction of government.

              Not to mention that if he loses 2020, he has already paved the way for the commies to confiscate our guns, via the further militarizing of the pigs, and by installing judges and agency heads who will not resist such a crime, but rather will abet it.

              I’m not condemning you nor Eric for voting….but all I know is that I can sleep much better when I see tyranny marching forward, knowing that I did not give my assent to it, and that I have not been fooled by the political theater being played out before our eyes.

          • How is Trump different?
            He’s an idiot or ignorant or both. That’s how.
            Trump believes in things because he was either duped, listened to mainstream media, and so on. His gut often tells him that things aren’t that way. The establishment hates him.

            I don’t like him, I don’t like a lot about him. But he has the right enemies and he can be converted. The others? Not a chance.

            • The establishment only hates him because he’s extremely erratic. I don’t think meglomaniacs can be converted. He’s shows no intellectual curiosity. He doesn’t even like to read.

              • Pretty damn scary, when at his Hershey, PA. “rally” he says that “law enforcement should have been rougher” with a protester. That’s what he thinks of our rights…..and at a time when the pigs have gone full-psycho and are killing innocents in the streets and even their own homes, this prick encourages even MORE brutality!

                There are no winners in a contest between Stalin and Hitler……only temporary survivors who survive because they chose the guy who ended up taking out their neighbor first.

                The only reason Trump can even maintain support among those who elected him, is because he lies to them, and most don’t bother to fact-check him. I suppose he’ll run again on the same anti-invader and “lock her up” stuff as he did in ’16, with few seeming to care that he has not only done nothing about the invaders…but actually allowed it to become worse…and has done squat to bring any of the Swamp-dwellers to justice- largely because he has stacked his cabinet with the usual ilk.

                And did you see the latest? Now he’s saying that “We should love Israel more [hold onto your wallets] and that he fully supports Israel’s right to free speech [While allowing our own states to restrict our speech, such as states making criticism of Israel a “crime”]

                The only thing to like about the guy is that he is not a crazed Democrat…..but a crazed Republican is just as bad.[Maybe worse, because he can get away with more than any D ever could]

                • I have entertained thoughts of how things might go if Hitlery won. Would it speed up the reaction to the Maxists and Commies?

                  I’d like to see how the crazies would react if they were targeted by the gun toters as they have been targeted by the idiot gun haters. Ideally, the anti-gunners would take up arms and then there would be no more argument. Point would be made. Amazing how changing situations can change perceptions.

                  • Exactly, 8!

                    In like manner, I think in a lot of places (Like small towns in upstate NY) that already have 25-50% of the town now being made up of Moozlims, Apu’s and Somalis) the long-time residents might start actively rebelling; ditto those who have already moved a time or two to escape the culture change… many more moves will they make before they decide to stand their ground?

                    Or the blue-collar worker who is scraping by, as he sees 80% of the shiftless bastards around him not working and making babies and getting everything for free, while he has to live at a lower standard than they do because his meager paycheck has to pay to subsidize the scum. (I have some relatives of the third and fourth generation boirnb here who are among that scum- seems like actually most of the young’uns….and it makes me SICK that they clutter the earth- the worthless good-for-nothing degenerates!)

                    Letting the system implode upon itself would ultimately do more good than some feel-good token reforms- like Trump’s recent feeble purge of childless able-bodied “people” from the Food Stamp rolls (Why were they even on it?!)- which only purges a few thousand from the millions- and gives the deadbeats even more incentive to procreate so they can stay on welfare. (Funny too- the segment being purged is also the segment which contains the largest percentage of whites!).

                    • Well Nunz, it makes me glad the federal govt. forced Texas to take all those Asians right after Vietnam. They figured Texans being nice people would accept them…..and they have. But Obamer officially opening the flood gates to S. America wasn’t a welcome change nor the plenty non-English speaking turban headed, truck drivers that fill the truck stops these days. You can speak to one and he’ll just turn and speak whatver dialect he speaks to another dirty turban headed guy.

                      Seriously, I’d have no problem with these people if they (1)spoke the slightest amount of English (2)took a batch now and again.

                      How the hell do they know where they’re going? Oh, I guess they have that voice guided GPS with whatever language it is they speak. But at least they’re working.

                      I have more problem with people like a guy I know who married a Mexican who spoke no English 15 years ago. She still speaks no English. He bought a new trailer home and settled down with his “mute” bride but soon there were so many illegals of her family in there he had to move out and find another place. He makes a good amount of money but he never has any keeping an entire brood of non-English speaking people fed and clothed in the house he pays for.

                      He’s 20 years younger than me obviously. Me, nor anybody else my age wouldn’t even think twice about calling the Border Patrol on the whole lot. Well, it would have never devolved to that situation in the first place. Yo mama”….you kidding? She’s fine in Mexico. What’s she gonna do here? Hell, it’s probably been years since he’s even spoken with his wife.

                      All he needs to do is give me his former address and I’d take care of the bunch of them. Hello? ICE, I got a tip for you.

                    • Ya know 8, back in the late 70’s when we first moved to Queens, the foreigner situation was actually nice.

                      You’d have some Orientals- who were never a problem- they’re like the cream of the crop, as foreigners go- as they’re industrious and assimilate very well. My first real job, I even worked for a couple from Taiwan- very nice people, I really liked them.

                      It was mainly Orientals, Puerto Ricans (Mixed bag) and a small spattering of everything else.

                      Thing was, foreigners weren’t the majority- and there were no political or media forces trying to marginalize or destroy our culture.

                      Then in the 80’s the flood gates opened in NY- and suddenly the minorities were the majority- and you’d rarely hear English spoken in public anymore; and before you knew it, we had all of these different cultures with dissimilar ways, who weren’t assimilating, but rather vying to live the way they always had… our expense and to our detriment- and suddenly, it wasn’t America anymore.

                      The more “liberal” liberals gained control and championed all of the other cultures (Many of those liberals were from those cultures- and they didn’t give a hoot about our values nor liberty- they just wanted to use our infrastructure to benefit their people, while practicing the various politicasl ideas they had brought with them.

                      Within a decade NY became unrecognizable, and went from being a world-class city to being the communist shit-hole that it now is.

                      Back then, that scenario was largely limited to NYC and southern CA…..then it started spreading to other coastal states….and on and on.

                      As goes NY and CA, so goes the rest of the country. 🙁

                      It was nice though, before the flood gates opened, and before the lowest third-world cretins became the biggest .import. Heck, I even had a chinese friend.

                      Back then, ther attitude was “We’re foreigners in your country, we will respect your ways, and work hard and prosper since we have this great opportunity which we strove to take advantage of”.

                      Today, it’s more “F*&% you! We’re in charge now, and you white Christian dogs can kiss our asses! We’re taking over! All your stuff are belong to us!”

                • He’s like a cult leader. Trump people go completely nuts when you point out the facts on his immigration “efforts”. Like the “great” wall lie, for example.

                  • Hi Handler,

                    I look at Trump much as I’d look at an extra pump that came to hand if I were stuck on a sinking ship. He’s an expedient. A way to – on balance – prevent something worse from happening (and sooner). I grant that it might be better to just let the ship sink – and build a new one. That he may prove to be worse than having no pumps at all.

                    We’re in a terrible position, with no good options. Just less worse ones.

                    • eric, once again, cue the Fugs. That single like”Was George Washington the lesser of two evils? Sometimes I wonder”.

                      That line should be engraved on a national monument and read by every school child and adult every day till we reach Idiocracy(coming soon to everywhere).

                  • Handler, the great wall lie is one I’ll go to bat for him over. Why? Because Obomya had already, with the support of the entire Dem party, voted for the funds to build that wall. All it took to reverse that decision was for Trump to win instead of Hitlery.

              • The servants of the ruling class often don’t read either. They just do what they are supposed to. GWB is no scholar.

                Trump is erratic because his gut says X and the experts and advisors say Y and the mainstream media says Y but sometimes differently than the advisors. Now a normal person wouldn’t be made erratic by this but Trump is ignorant. That is he doesn’t read, hasn’t intellectually developed.

                • Scary thing is, that even before ascending the throne, that someone of so much wealth and power could be so impulsive, ignorant, boorish, and utterly devoid of a cohesive philosophy and the ability to maintain any fidelity to it, or to even tell the truth or care about truth enough to refrain from just making up his own “facts” and statistics. He is essentially a grown child- and doesn’t even have the sense or ability to hide that fact.

                  There is no longer a lesser evil.

                  Sadly, even Obozo and Hitlery maintain a classier and more professional image.

                  • Those are the traits of a successful politician. However with the ones that serve the 0.01% have two advantages. The first is they are told what to do and do it. The second is the 0.01% owned media hides the unhinged things they do.

                    With Trump it all gets reported no matter how small.

                  • Hi Nunz,

                    His boorishness is of far less importance to me than his policies – the majority of which have been better for people like us. It is certain things would have been worse for people like us under her. Two specific examples: The Orange Man rescinded the Obamacare Individual Mandate mordita – the huge fine the government imposed upon people like me (and you, I think) who elected not to pay the insurance mafia thousands of dollars annually for “health insurance.” This alone has saved me (and many others) several thousand dollars and that is no small thing.

                    It is also an inconceivable thing had she won.

                    And if he loses . . . it’s coming back.

                    Next one: For most people, federal taxes have gone down a little. I’ll take that, given the alternative (taxes going up).

                    A third one: Gas prices have gone down – are at historic lows – mainly because OM opened up the spigots. Had she won, a gallon of gas would likely cost $4 per gallon or more by now. Low gas prices – and the obvious abundance of oil, right here in the U.S. – have really screwed with the scarcity justification for electrification.

                    There are many other things, too – including having the audacity to suggest that EBT People work for their dole, not “embracing” the Paris Climate Accord and driving the right people out of their minds.

                    The Orange Man is the only thing standing in the way of the consolidation of totalitarian leftism. Yes, he is authoritarian. But I’ll take that over totalitarian when those are the two choices before us.

                    You will probably say I’m just delaying the inevitable – and that may be so. But anything that can be done to throw sand in the gears is a good thing, isn’t it? The most important weapon we have is time. The more we can delay, the greater the chance that things might change for the better.

                    • Mornin’ Eric!

                      Yeah, I’ll happily take those little perks too- but the thing is, you could make the same argument for virtually any prez (Heck, even Sick…errr…Slick Willy cut welfare spending…). In the scheme of things, it’s the bigger things that affect us more, and have long-lasting consequences on overall liberty- and I hate to say it, but Trump has been a DISASTER to liberty, and what he has done/is doing will affect us long after he is out and the little perks are obliterated. If one believes in the false dichotomy of right vs. left/R vs. D, what he has already done will just further accommodate the left’s plans.

                      I still maintain that the Paris treaty thing and CAFE freeze, etc. were done as a temporary reprieve for the economy, and because the full globalist plan is not ready to be cinched-up yet- These would have been done regardless of what player was in the office- again, just as Billy The Clinton seemingly did something very out of character for a liberal when he cut welfare spending…because it was expedient.

                      Trump is working for the same people that the leftists are- not us. If he were really opposed to the Paris Climate Accord, he would NOT be promoting the erection of the 5G web of control nor furthering Agenda 2030.

                      In the scheme of things, the conservatives are never very conservative- except on the most superficial level- and the leftists are never as leftist as their sick supporters wish that they were. That is because there is an overall agenda being worked toward by all players- and the ones who dictate that agenda are not elected or even readily seen- but they are the ones that all candidates work for. The show that the actors put on are for those who don’t any better.

                    • As much as I have always despised the leftism and “democracy” that the Democrats have always stood for, I have to admit one thing:

                      Considering all of the post-LBJ presidents (Can’t include him, because he did more to ruin this country than anyone since FDR and Lincoln)- but of all the post LBJ presidents, ironically, the Democratic ones ultimately did less harm than the Republican ones.

                      Think about it: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II…


                      Carter, Clinton, Obozo.

                      The long-term consequences of the former have impacted our liberties much more so than those of the latter.

                      And sadly, every Republican prez has drastically out-spent his democratic predecessors, and has increased the size and scope and severity of government more. Irony of ironies.

                      The lesser evils, while speaking some words which may make us feel good, ultimately do more evil.

                      Assuming that it mattered and couild make a difference, I think the only way to truly minimize the evils of these tyrants while participating in their charade, would be to have a Democrat prez and a Republican-majority House and Senate.

                      THAT would effectively gimp the presidency, while ensuring that there at least may be a few semi-tolerable people in positions of power to restrain all of the other bastards.

                      But as it stands, we are barrelling full-speed ahead towards Agenda 2030, and the destruction of the Second Amendment; and even more police abuse…and Trump is not restraining that…he is FURTHERING it- just as all of the other candidates would.

                    • Agreed. Republicans have always been two-faced pricks, whereas Democrats are somewhat straightforward. And yes, Republicans have been the most damaging to liberty with their undying support for the warfare and police states. And it was a “good Christian” Republican that signed Agenda 21.

                    • eric, the highest fuel prices I’ve seen in my life were while the shrub was in office. The cheapest? Nixon.

                      While that was just me and where I was, it wasn’t an indication of fuel prices all over the country.

                      In fact 22 cents a gallon for premium was really cheap even then. And it probably had everything to do with the fake fuel price in the early 70’s. Oil companies were sick of cheap oil and .22 cent gas is cheap.

                      My first round in the patch was in 69. There wasn’t much money to be made but it was one of the few industries you could get a job.

                      4 years later I’d made the mistake of being in the trucking bidness when we had the so called OPEC price increase. Never mind OPEC represented 3% of the imported oil.

                      But I’ve never had a screwing like the “cash” price(much cheaper than a card) of $5.26 for diesel in 08 when the shrub was obviously not going to win and no Republican was going to win. The entire country was in a state of “Anybody but Bush”.

                      Of course Anybody but Bush got us Obamer. And Obamer was pushed into sending 20,000 troops to the middle east but he soon withdrew them.

                      I wasn’t an Obamer fan and he showed his true colors with Obamercare but not so much with war. And war strips us of our money faster than Obamercare.

                      Of course, by this time, I hadn’t been a voter for a couple decades except the vote against Bush in 2000. I had no idea what the Dems would do but I had no doubt about what the shrub would do. I couldn’t have been more wrong though since he did something I couldn’t have dreamed of in my worst nightmare.

                      Global warming wasn’t going to deprive us of all our rights as I saw it. We’ll never know though. We’ll never recover from what the Republicans did in those 8 years. Not my opinion, just a fact.

                    • Yous are both wrong! Both the highest AND lowest gas prices (Highest, ever; and lowest of the 21st century)- >$4->$5/gal then $1.49. were both under the Chimp’s infestation of the [formerly]White House.

                      Diesel did first start going higher than gas under Bush II’s reign of terror….I remember, ’cause it coincided perfectly with me buying my first diesel tow truck! ($1.86/gal in 98-99…then right on up!)

                • Holy mothereffing shit! Now this orange ballsack has issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER which will outlaw criticism of Israel on Federally-funded college campuses (Classifying it as “:antisemitism”) and bringing it under the jurisdiction of the 1964 Civil Rights Act……

                  It just keeps getting worsre.

                  Thisd prick, who campaigned on the platform of “America First” is fully under the control of Israel and the Zionist-Globalists as anyone else.

                  The assaults upon the liberties of every American this turd is committing are unprecedented!

                  (Sorry Eric- but where’s that respite; that postponing of the inevitable that we’re supposed to have?)

                  As much as I hate to say it, this guy has surpassed even Obozo in the sheer amount of destruction he is doing…..

                  Why can voters not see this- that there is no difference no matter who is elected?

                  • Wait! I stand corrected: If a lefty had done the things Trump has done so far, the people waving flags at the Trump rallies and Amen-ing would be mortified and up in arms…..but as long as one of their own does it…it’s fine.

      • But how can you add something to the “constitution” that is unconstitutional in the Federal government? Yes they have been slowly usurping the limitations of government but this is in your face blatant.

    • In a PURPORTEDLY REPUBLICAN state, no less! The GOP controls both the legislature and executive (i.e. governorship) down there too. Even so, they’re one of the 15 states that has a ‘red flag’ law…

  4. Lawyers and their ilk are a scourge and plague on a free and descent society. Being a professional practicing law is a fancy title for Thief in a suite and tie. It be nice to start a bounty system (like on coyotes) on reducing the legal population!

  5. “Most motorcycle riders place their feet on the ground when they approach a stop sign or stoplight. However, drunk motorcyclist finds it difficult to maintain balance; this is a sign that such rider is under the influence of alcohol. Difficulty in maintaining balance is not the only sign, you will notice them shifting their weight from side to side to maintain balance.”

    I have about 60 years of riding experience. I don’t put my ‘feet’ down approaching a stop,,, I put my left foot down once the bike is stopped as It requires a bit of coordination. I do shift my weight when in some turns to maintain balance.

    I don’t think these folks are actual day in and day out riders.

  6. I don’t know about that ReadyKW. Every lawyer I know is driving a much better car than I am and makes their living talking some jive to some warped degenerate on a bench and advising their client that that’s all that they can do. A sentence of living on an EBT card would be poetic justice for these parasites. I don’t believe it for a minute. I wouldn’t pee on a lawyer if he or she was on fire. They are truly despicable people. I don’t know any poor ones, either.

  7. Patently unconstitutional and discriminatory [Discrimination is OUR right- but NOT Uncle’s!]… it’ll probably become law…..

  8. Many years ago, as I sat watching a local news broadcast, while imbibing some 100 proof bourbon, there came a “human interest” story about the evils of drunk driving. In the story they proclaimed “half of car accident fatalities involve drunk drivers”. After a few minutes of thought, I called up the TV station (one could do such things in those pre-internet years) and got on the phone with a news person. I pointed out there was a flaw in their logic regarding drunk driving. He asked what the flaw was, to which I replied “if half are caused by drunks, I assume the other half are caused by sober drivers, and therefore sober drivers should also be incarcerated for their sobriety.” He hung up on me. Now, since MADDs assault on freedom has changed the numbers to slightly less than half involving drunk drivers, they should be incarcerating sober drivers exclusively. By their “logic”.

    • What they do is they use the term “alcohol related”. So say Joe had a beer with dinner and as he proceeds on green through intersection Bill who hasn’t had any alcohol runs the red signal and T-bones his car. That’s Alcohol related. Now instead of Joe driving after having a beer, he hasn’t had any alcohol but Frank in the passenger seat did. Still alcohol related. And that’s how it works.

      • Correct. It’s lies all the way down. I was on a car wreck call once, 2 young girls killed when a farm truck pulled out in front of them. The pigs wrote it up as victims not wearing a seat belt even though they had bruising and organ damage from the damned things. There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and government propagande.

      • If you have an old beer can in the bed of a pickup, they write it up “alcohol related”. I knew a guy who hadn’t been drinking but was going home from the liquor store. He got rear-ended at a light, a bottle of wine flew out of the seat and hit the dash leaving a mess of wine on the inside. The trooper issued him a DWI. He told the trooper, I haven’t had a drop. The trooper said There’s alcohol all over the inside. He showed him the broken wine bottle was still corked and sealed. Made no difference so he got a free ride to jail.

        • You can thank that for the fact that AGWs are screened for low IQs; if applicants have an IQ considered too high, then they won’t be selected. Anyone with an IQ even close to 100 would’ve been able to see that no DUI was involved with your buddy’s incident. How STUPID does one have to be to miss the fact that the bottle was still sealed and corked?!

          • It’s partly stupidity, partly arrogance, but all born of the fact that there is no justice system for the accused and a judge will let them get away with it.

          • Hell, this was 40 years ago in New Mexico. I”m not sure he and the trooper hadn’t already had a row. He had a new Chevy pickup and the first thing he did was to jerk the engine and stuff a built 454 with 12.-1 CR and all the goodies. Old Square body would boil the huge rear tires if you floored it at 40 in second gear….with the bed full of tools.

            I didn’t fully appreciate a Chevy 4WD pickup till his new one was used to drag a loaded big rig full of cottonseed up a slope(clutch was out) and onto the highway. It was drizzling and that cottone gin and the one across the road kept everything covered in dust and cotton detritus so it was really slick. He drug that truck 9 miles and installed a new clutch. You could see where his tires had cleaned the pavement for a year.

            Drove that truck to Cargill and dumped it and was banned to ever come back. Seems like it weighed 126,000 lbs and broke their scales. When I found out what it weighed it was really hard to believe that pickup, with street tires since it was brand new and he hadn’t had time to put oversize tires and wheels on it, pulled that thing up a slope or pulled it at all in that traction-less mess.

            • I tried to help a poor trucker get a COE Pete started one thirty below Sunday morning. He dropped his trailer and backed off the springs and I dragged him a couple miles out of town and back with my K-20. Turned out it was the danged Cummins fuel solenoid.

              Another time a fuel tanker was coming into the station next door to the one where I worked. The city had piled snow in the middle of the street (US 50) so he couldn’t turn wide enough and ended up in a snowbank next to the alley beside one of those ice shacks that they used to have. He was blocking the highway and half of our station access, so I hooked up my K-20 and pulled him right out. The driver was black too, by the way.

              • The solenoid may have been iced up, probably was. We used to start fires under our trucks and pile stuff around it. Just keep feeding a bit of fuel and oil and the flame doesn’t get the paint and does a damn good job of warming one. Just don’t throw a bunch of wood under it and set it afire.

              • What was amazing Nunz is it was a brand new truck with Firestone street tires but it had power to all 4 wheels, not a 2 axle drive. And the pickup wasn’t hurt. No dead transmission or anything else. Later on it would have different wheels and tires and a different engine since that’s how that guy rolled. He detested stock anything.

                And no one knew before it went to ADM(think I said Cargill but it was ADM)and broke the scales that it was anywhere close to that weight.

                Then they scaled back the loads and due to the idiot who cut the top off the box, cutting it off below the line where it had framing up high, it broke in half a couple loads later.

                • Also, when I think back(I wasn’t driving it), it wouldn’t untrack but it probably had some motive power but very little. Clutches don’t often just stop working entirely. They do so at a far greater rate though grossing that much weight.

  9. That’s a very interesting point and a new take on the bishop and bootlegger.

    The truth about lawyers is there’s a massive oversupply and little demand. The illusion is that once you pass the bar you’ll be raking in the Benjamins, livin’ large and retired at 40. The reality is that you’ll be saddled with over-the-top levels of student debt, entering a workforce that doesn’t need you and if you do get a job you’ll probably be eligible for EBT. Anyone going to a second or third tier law school is going to have a very difficult time of it.

    • And given the legal profession is parasitic by nature, the more sociopathic are the more successful. Just as government being the ideal environment for sociopaths makes it a magnet for them, so the legal profession guarantees their success. It’s no coincidence the two are so closely entwined. Though both do include a small number of them, neither profession has much use for anyone of decent character.

    • RK, the glut is so bad that even Harvard, Yale, and Stanford grads have trouble finding jobs! It used to be that, if one attended a Top-14 law school, you’d get a job with little problem. If you attended HYS, you could write your own ticket to a six figure job in BigLaw. Now, that’s not the case…


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