Female AGW Hut! Hut! Huts!

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Here’s a video out of Gary, Indiana of a female AGW going berserk over a man who dared to film her doings in front of his own house.

According to reports, the man was inside his house when he noticed something going on in the street just in front of his house. So he went outside to check it out and began filming. He is almost immediately confronted by a very Hut! Hut! Hutty! female AGW whose Authority is severely affronted by his daring to record her – which is of course perfectly legal, since it’s a public street and this AGW is a public official and there is no expectation of privacy when out in public, regardless.

The she-AGW almost immediately to screech “obstruction!” and threatens the man with arrest and caging – which is just what ensues.

Why are AGWs permitted to physically assault and kidnap people who’ve broken no laws? Why are do we tolerate AGWs who make up laws – and enforce them?

Both questions deserve answers – and more than that.

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  1. Since ACLY v. Alvarez was a 7th Circuit decision, it should at least be regional, if not national, in scope. WHY haven’t police departments been advised of the decision of ACLU v. Alvarez? How do PDs and their AGW thugs keep getting away with telling citizens that they can’t tape said AGWs in the public performance of their duties?


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