AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! Toddler

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Well, she might as well have. The end result being the same.

A Mississippi AGW named Cassie Barker reportedly left her three-year-old daughter strapped into her Hannibal Lector saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seat and left her in the car to roast to death while she had sex with another AGW – her supervisor – in his home.

Authorities said Cheyenne Barker’s body temperature reached 107 degrees before she died.

Her AGW mother had  previously lost custody of Cheyenne for doing the exact same thing a year earlier.

According to the AP Baker was suspended for a week without pay.

The child-killing AGW was originally charged with second-degree murder but used her Blue Privilege Card to get that reduced in a plea deal to manslaughter.

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      • I’d send her to prison without any special protection…let those psychotic negro bitches have at her for a few years! Then, assuming she survives, yes, I’d grant her parole…on the condition that her tubes get tied! This is a gene pool that needs to be drained and filled.

  1. Once again notice the “Former” tag being applied the the Mississippi AGW. It’s as though “no one who is employed by the State would ever do such a thing”. But, anytime one encounters a “retired” AGW someone will thank them “for their service”. Once an AGW ALWAYS and AGW…unless of course they do something so reprehensible while employed that there is no way not to prosecute.

    I wonder how long it will be before she find employment elsewhere as an AGW?

    Many will see this story and think it sad…yet another fallen hero…


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