Video Rant: Replacing The Speed Tax

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If – as is likely – new cars become incapable of “speeding,” how will the “revenue” lost to the Speed Tax be replaced? Here are some thoughts on that . . . .

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  1. Eric,

    While I understand where you’re coming from, the federal property tax does NOT help towns and states, the jurisdictions reliant on funds from speeding tickets. Increasing property taxes is a non-starter beyond a certain point in poor towns too. What if they have a small tax base, meaning that increased property taxes still won’t make up for a town’s revenue shortfall?

    What these states and municipalities COULD do is a lot easier: just nail people for NON-SPEEDING violations. There are PLENTY of moving violations that have nothing to do with speeding. Didn’t come to a COMPLETE stop at the stop sign? You’re nailed! Didn’t use your turn signal at least 100 feet before your turn? You’re nailed! You didn’t signal your lane change? You’re nailed! Even though you came to a complete stop, did you overshoot the stop line? Congratulations, you just RAN the stop sign! IOW, even though localities and states may not be able to write speeding tickets on the newer, speed controlled cars, they can still pop us with PLENTY of moving violations, and thus continue mulcting us…


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