No Face Diaper at Gym!

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We could all use some good news, so here’s a morsel of it: My gym – which The Coonman most graciously allowed to open its doors on Monday as per “Phase II” (government make-workers love to make their work sound important) is not enforcing Sickness Kabuki.

No Face Diapers required of members, though members are free to face-diaper, if they wish (as they should be able to do in a free country; the problem has been the forcing of face-diapering, which should not happen in a free country or even a sort-of-free one). No perp-walk taped lines and cattle chute conditioning, either. No making an appointment or waiting outside to be let in.

Just go in and do your thing.

Thanks, Patsy! (The owner of my gym, Crunch Fitness in Roanoke.)

The one thing they are doing – which is really smart – is using an infra-red thermometer to check each person’s temperature as they check in. This is not Sickness Kabuki. It’s a way to avoid it.

One of the reasons businesses are insisting on Sickness Kabuki – even when the government isn’t insisting – is out of fear of being sued by a Sickness Psychotic. A Michael Jackson protege who claims he got sick because he was exposed – and now wants the business to pay.

This is a problem that will linger long after WuFlu hysteria has abated – because other flus will always be at least plausibly present. Got sick? Better call Saul!

The temperature check vaccinates the business against such shysters – and also lets the rest of us do business without having to pretend we’re sick and that everyone else might be, too.

If someone does get sick – and someone will, until such time as we all transcend human and become cyborgs – at which point we’ll be susceptible to bugs of a different variety – the business will be harder to blame.

Or at least, to sue.

There’s another, even better idea that ought to be implemented. Or rather, remembered:

Enter at your own risk.

Throughout this whole fiasco has anyone been forced to expose themselves to the possibility of getting sick? Made to enter a gym or bar or restaurant? Compelled to leave their home? Forbidden to wear a face diaper – or stand as far away from other human beings as they wish?

If you feel it’s too risky – don’t enter.

Neat, sweet – petite.

Also, right.

If you go into a place without someone forcing you through the door, then you’ve assumed responsibility – within reason – for what happens in there. It is reasonable to expect a restaurant to be sanitary; to not serve human flesh or cat flesh (well, unless those things are actually on the menu). It is unreasonable to expect a restaurant or gym or grocery store to maintain clean-room sterility and guarantee that you won’t catch a cold, including one that might get worse and even kill you.

There is no such thing as a risk-free environment and to insist on its existence before anyone else is allowed to walk through the doors is its own affliction, a far more terrible one than WuFlu, even.

It is a sickness of the soul and heart as well as the mind – one that tyrannizes others who are more than willing to let you walk through those doors – or not – as you like.

How about returning the favor?

Meanwhile, my gym has done what it must to allay the anxieties of the Sickness Psychotics, keep The Coonman at bay – and Saul not being called.

This is the price of sanity in a world gone crazy.

. . .

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  1. Another sleight-of-hand about this COVID BS: I see they’re saying “Florida Sees Biggest One-Day Increase In Cases”.

    Huh? So, are they continually testing every person in the state of Florida, and noticing an increase in those who formerly didn’t have the flu, or, is it that more people are being tested as time goes on, and thus they are discovering more cases? Hmmm…why do I suspect the latter?! (And that’s assuming that the tests are accurate…..”Oh, I’m sure they are”…) -As if it even matters, considering the infinitesimally low death rate……..

    What a crock! (Wait…Florida….I should say “What a gator!”)

    • The latest news, Texas hasn’t shut down properly so we’re going to make up some bullshit to show they’re wrong. Big (800)outbreak of covid in Texas. Truth: They just now got around to testing the inmates of a prison near Amarillo. But we don’t want the truth(MSM), we just want to say what we’re paid to say. Hey, I got a good gig here with this job jacking around with a video crew and occasionally having somebody put make-up on me, and I don’t want to lose this. If I didn’t do it, somebody else would. The oldest bs ever. If I don’t lie, they’ll just pay somebody else to lie..

      • Not to mention the hysterics in dallas fort worth… Notice, I didn’t mention Austin? Thats pretty much a given. Austin, being Austin after all…

        Whats really funny, is all of these new cases they keep finding. Given that testing has been really increased, of course you would find more new cases… DUH!

        This virus is MUCH more wide spread than they have admitted. So much so, that its tanking the fatality index.

  2. Coming soon to a business/city/”free” country near you: (it’s the 6th paragraph, BTW)

    Okay, here’s what I gathered so far:

    About 260,000,000 people live in Indonesia.

    About 36,000 infected so far (36,000/260,000,000=0.000138) = 0.0138% of total population.

    About 2,000 dead (2,000/36,000=~0.056) = ~5.6% of those infected.

    So: 2,000/260,000,000=0.00000769 = a whopping 0.000769% of the total population!

    Remember, if it saves just one life (or in this case, 2,000. Damn the other 259,998,000!).

    • Good stuff, BlueGrey!
      It’s even worse though [Well, better in actual fact, but worse as far as deceptiveness): The actual death rate from COVID is even lower, because to get the real picture, we have to compare the COVID stats you posted above to the deathrate from all of the other flus which are always circulating. So, if the number of people who croak from COVID is higher than the number of people who die from any other flu, only the percentage of people dying from COVID which exceeds those dying from all other flus really matters- so in actually, that number is even infinitesimally smaller.

      This is why I’ve always felt that even IF COVID is real….it is not something which even warrants so much as a second thought for tthe average person.

      • Godalmighty people , wake up. We’re about to be the slaves of the slaves, the people we never imagined. This is serious. Speak to everyone you know. A year ago when we started putting back cash for the Fed crash, I could never have imagined how bad it would be to cover up the crash and institute world-wide slavery. WAKE UP!!!!!

        • Eight, most of the world has been debt slaves for generations. The banks and their Masters (and those who own the central banks) own just about everything thats worth owning.

          But owning, and controlling are rather different. Even 1% of a given population can make a country ungovernable, if they are creative and smart. Which is why those who Rule, have used factory schooling to dumb down the population. But as with all such plans, it only worked, after a fashion.

          The hour is indeed late. But its rather far from the End of Days™.

          • Hi BJ,

            One way to recover a great deal of liberty would be to eliminate the tax on property. I have been arguing for decades that this tax is far worse than the income tax, because it makes true homeownership impossible. We have the legal technicality of ownership, yes. But it is a functional fiction given that we are compelled to make payments on “our” home as long as we “own” it, no matter how long ago we paid the bank off.

            How this differs from rent escapes me.

            One can have an income tax and real liberty – as one doesn’t have to earn income in perpetuity, if one owns one’s home and thereby becomes independent of the need to earn income.

            And this is why there is a tax on property. Its purpose is not to raise revenue, primarily. Its primary purpose is to make sure no one ever owns anything more than the clothes on their backs and is always obliged to earn income, in order to pay the tax.

            • That is the sad reality Eric. Basically we inhabit the Kings Lands, and thus must pay them tribune.

              Just wait for some Prog or Good Citizen, to chime in with “Taxes are the dues we pay, for living in a civilized society”… Of course “civilized” is defined by those robbing us…

              Ever wonder what they need our taxes for, when they can create any amount of magic “money” they want, out of thin air? Its all part of the illusion. Not to mention keeping all of that excess productivity, from going to the peasants, rather than the Lords of the Realm.

              But reality always wins. Every single fiat currency in world history, has always failed. The current system will be no different.

            • Amen to that Eric! I have a decent pension and could live out my remaining days here comfortably except for the constantly increasing property taxes. My income is fixed, and the Fed has ensured that my savings are earning zero while the cost of everything steadily increases. Taxes are the largest item in my budget, with property taxes being the largest portion of that by far. We’re looking into relocating, but as you and others here have noted that comes with its own set of problems. We’re too old to start over, most family and friends live nearby, and after being in this same house since 1974 I’ve finally got the yard, garage, and workshop set up to my liking. Besides that I resent the idea of those rat bastards forcing me out, I think I’d rather stay here and make them come and get me, sort of a Butch and Sundance last stand .

              • Hey Ya Mike!

                Mike, just a thought from a former Nor’easter: It is truly refreshing to live where you don’t have to get angry every day, and where ya don’t have to cringe at everything all of the time.

                Just to be able to live without interference; to get the benefit of your assets; to be in a place where the scenery is nice, and where you can breathe, and where you are not a minority in your own country; To be able to enjoy your remaining years and still have “good years”(Not just on your car’s rims!)…to not have to struggle and fight everything around you every day…..priceless!

                Been there, done it…never looked back. Anything you think you might be giving up, once you’ve done it, you realize that you really gave up nothing…but gained everything.

                Sure, I was only 39 when I made my move…but my mother was 76, and was somewhat reluctant…but MAN, is she glad now!!!

                Being in a better place would add years to your life…and QUALITY years, the likes of which you probably haven’t experienced in a long time. You’ll gain a new perspective and new outlook. You’ll LIVE again!

                Cesspools like NY and MA suck the life out of you…and the enjoyment of life. It doesn’t have to be that way, when there are still decent places to go. Don’t let them rob that from you.

                • PS. And re: My mother: Just having to go to the hospi’l here: All private rooms, and nice Southern nurses, in a sparkling clean hospital vs. NY, where the hospi’ls were crawling with drug addicts, criminals and third-world cretins (including the staff) in an overcrowded noisy filthy facility that looked nice on the outside, but was like something out of India on the inside.

                  If nothing else, she is grateful to be here for that. She remembers what going to the hospital or even the doctor was like in NY- even on Long Island.

                  It’s like being in a different country…a whole different world.

                    • Eight, you mean the guy who implemented infanticide and then congratulated himself for doing so?

                      The guy who decreed that violent criminals should be released without bail because “bail is unfair to minorities”(because they commit most of the violent crimes)?

                      The guy who presides over the state with the highest taxes but who cries for a “bail out” because he and his cronies have squandered the wealth of some of the most productive people in the world?

                      The guy who doles out $100K Hep C. treatments via Medicaid to drug addicts and criminals?

                      Ya know what Eight? The people who have put up with NY’s insanity, oppression and tyranny for so many decades, are getting what they deserve! They voted for him…just like they voted for his father, and commie DeBlasio and AOC and all of SCUM of the earth whom they love so much.

                      And the local tyrants there are just as bad…if not worse!

                      In the ‘burbs, the towns fly helicopters and take pictures, looking for people who have pools and sheds in their yards which they never obtained permission to install!

                • Nunz, I don’t encourage many people to move to Texas since we have too many anyway. That being said, people with good sense are always welcome.

                  There’s one thing you’ll find in Texas you won’t find in any other state I’ve been in and that’s friendliness. Everyone speaks to each other even though you’ve never seen the person before. People hold the door for each other and get rewarded with a Thank you.

                  There’s a really easy way to knock someone off that isn’t a Texan, they don’t speak when you speak to them. I’m just speaking of walking across a parking lot or anywhere.

                  If people accidentally get in the way of each other, you’ll hear both parties saying Excuse me and if it’s clearly one person’s fault, either Excuse me or something nice to let them know you’re not offended. I think a lot of it might be from the old days when people were keen on getting along and an insult, if intended, could get you a black eye.

                  The first time I ever went to the east coast I was marveling a the sheer nastiness of the easterners just to simply see a Texas license plate. It was like you had shit in the floor only they were careful not to do it on a face to face basis.

                  The only exception I found were Georgians who were friendly and even their motel rooms were commodious and clean.

                  I lost touch with some cousins for a while and found out they both lived in Georgia and that made sense.

                  One admitted he’d married a “Georgia Peach”. Good for him.

                  • Eight, it was a lot like that here too when I first moved here…but as the younger generation is taking over, it’s changing 🙁

                    Going to the stores in the big town (Pop. 12K) where I go shopping, lately it’s starting to feel more like NY than KY.

                    Even though there aren’t a lot of people here from the big cities, the young’uns are products of the media and the skools, so they’re pretty much the same wherever ya go these days.

                    I’d like west TX if it weren’t so darn dry! Damn Californians are ruining your state though. They might not be out where you are…but they’re sure having an impact with their big numbers in the cities and ‘burbs. Same in TN lately too.

                    • Nunz, the sumbitches are turning the state blue in the big cities.

                      I’m not big on the R/D thing but D’s are trying their best or worst to disarm us. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t care what they did since it won’t be a great deal different from what the R’s do. Two sides of the same coin.

  3. I for one am proud of my gym. I live in the People’s Republic of North Carolina which is ruled by Doofus Cooper, a fellow traveller to your Coonman. Well, the current “phase” does not allow for gyms to open….but mine HAS! I gladly went there the other day to patronize them and support the rebellion. They are also doing the thermometer thing and make everyone carry around a sanitizing spray, which I am fine with both. Our legislature has put a bill through to open gyms…but I hope ol’ doofus vetoes it so the rebellion can continue. He may actually let it go through as there is a race track here that has been defying him and the mousy little doctor controlling the lockdowns….that has really ticked them off so they are not focusing on the gym rebellions yet.

    • Hi c-dub,

      I have been working out – underground – at an undisclosed location these past three months. But my gym – where I pay each year’s membership in full a year in advance – was given permission to open Monday, so I went to check it out. Expecting to have to demand my membership fee for this year returned. But – to my surprise – there were no lines outside, no limit being enforced as to how many could work out. No Face Diaper mandate and no “social distancing” submission training. The only new thing is that a guy points an infrared thermometer at you at the check in desk. I don’t like this, either since it is more make-believe Sickness Theater – and it’s dangerous because it establishes/normalizes the idea that we are obliged to prove we aren’t sick. It’s really no different than having to blow into a breathalyzer to get into your car.

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        I would be leery of paying any money in advance to Patsy’s gym, ’cause I guarantee ya, come “the 2nd wave” and and it’s requisite mandates…..ol’ Patsy will be complying……

        • Nunz, exactomundo!. Ol Patsy won’t be there for the 3rd round. Like everyone else she’ll be waiting for that govt. check.

        • I don’t doubt it. My threabare hope is that maybe we’re over the hump; maybe the ship will right itself rather than capsize and go down.

          No wonder I’ve been depressed all week…

          • eric, I didn’t mean to add to it but you’d hear it anyway and it’s already being said. Over 100 companies are racing to develop the ultimate amount of money, a vaccine. We won’t be hearing the end of it till they have us all chipped or greatly thinned out. I belong to the latter group.

            • Just like they milked terrorism theater for 19 years…and it’s tyranny will remain with us forever, -it’ll be even worse with sickness theater, ’cause the flu never goes away….and they can continue putting their spin on it now virtually forever, until the empire collapses under it’;s own degeneracy…which hopefully will be soon (But not soon enough!). But that will bring new problems….

            • Will do, Eight!

              PS: My stalker has really been triggered by the latest AGW posts. She must be/have been an AGW. Try to get a handle on the degree of obsession it takes to post half a dozen or more replies here every day – some of them several paragraphs long – that the writer knows will never see the light of day, which are automatically routed to the trash and deleted by me as soon as I get the notification there’s something in the trash. She has been “posting” for months, despite that.

              “les,” “Winnie” (and all the rest of her personas) is far more cling than out original Clover ever was!

            • I posted a similar comment on the video stating that these dildos who not only consent to unwarranted searches, but also consent to allowing others to see (and hear) everything inside their homes via a camera and/or a “smart” device don’t deserve freedom or privacy.

              • bg, both cellphone companies have downloaded tracking apps to their phones and you need to be a lot better than me to find them.

                It’s the reason I put tape over the mic on a laptop and but my bluetooth speakers off when I’m not listening to something. My phone has tape over the cams. I never turn on “location” although they don’t need it since they can triangulate where you are pretty close and if you use it from home a lot, they know not only your address but the exact physical location of your abode.

                • “It’s the reason I put tape over the mic on a laptop and but my bluetooth speakers off when I’m not listening to something.”

                  Same here! If I don’t need it, I “disable” it, physically or otherwise.

                  • bg, I forgot to say my cellphone has tape over the cameras. They like to look at what you have. I’d put it over the mic but that’s a real pain although 2 weeks ago the wife and I were speaking of something we hadn’t been discussing. My Weatherunderground(the company the Nazi’s preferred for tracking)app I had been watching now and then because of dangerous weather moving in. Next time I look at the app, the ad that had been showing up for days had changed to the exact thing we’d been discussing. I sometimes put my phone in something to keep the mic from working well like under a cushion.

                    • 8 & BG,

                      You guys do know that these companies (Not just the service providers, but any “apps” you have) compile databases of all of the contacts you have in your phones (Names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.); and pictures you take (Location, and any associated names of people in them, location and time taken, etc.), what apps you use, and when….etc.?

                      That stuff is more of an immanent threat to us than the stuff they get through mics and cameras, ’cause the latter unless you are being specifically surveilled is likely just mined by AI for ad referral and then discarded…whereas the former is compiled and retained for many years [Which is how these websites that provide people’s phone numbers and personal data for a fee get their data!- but of course, that is the least of it).

                      All of this is why I will NOT have these stupid devices, much less hand over good money to these companies, who are our enemies, for them.

                      It’s also why I keep junk email accounts and give my burner phone number to anyone who uses a smartphone, ’cause otherwise I lose MY privacy when they put my info in their phone.

                      No matter what you do, if you use one of these phones or “smart devices”, you give up privact…and even agree to it as per the EULA.

                      What gets me, is it’s fine if others don’t care about their own privacy…but it’s sad that so many take such things matter-of-factly that they compromise the privacy of everyone they know.

                    • Yes, Nunz, I know. I am trying to wake people up. We must stand up as one.

                      The next step will be disarming the US, the only thing standing between our slavery and staying free. I just don’t know how to get people to understand the dire situation we’re in.

                    • Eight, trouble is, 97% of the people don’t care. They’re already used to slavery; they don’t even know what liberty is anymore, much less care. We’re on our own- do what we can to save ourselves….but the country as a whole is already gone.

                      I’ve been hearing this since the 80’s- that we have to wale people up while there is still time. Think of where we are today vs. 40 years ago. And people are more asleep now than ever. There are more people demanding outright slavery (socialism) than there are people advocating liberty. It’s a lost cause.

                    • Hi Nunz!

                      That’s a morose assessment – and I disagree with it. While you’re certainly correct that many more people today are overtly authoritarian/socialist it is also true that many more people also at least have heard of Libertarian ideas. Almost no one knew what a “Libertarian” was back in the ’80s. I was there and remember. I’m sure you do, too! Today, we have Libertarians writing for nationally known publications, with large audiences. I do not say they are anything close to a majority. But they are no longer a backwater minority. And more are coming onboard all the time because Libertarianism offers a coherent set of principles that intelligent people can use to shred the collectivist euphemisms of the left and the right, which are both sterile and doomed movements in my view.

                      Don’t lose all hope until the battle’s over!

                    • Nunz, it would be difficult to be more out of touch now than in the 80’s. Everyone just listened to the MSM and didn’t go beyond that.

                      I threw the NRA into the burn barrel in 1980. People just couldn’t figure that out, me being a progunner at the time, not by mouth but by actions.

                      They wrote the most egregious legislation curing the Clinton era to ever be written(and still on the books, sorry aholes).

                      I admit I took the advice of my CIA buddies that were leaving the CIA left and right. They knew and had no qualms about saying what they thought about the CIA and the Clintons, Bushes and the whole damned bunch. Two of them were nearly killed by “CIA accidents” and one died from the CIA cancer that was replete, not only back then but to this day. And they ask me why I don’t vote, the same reason I drink so much. Have a good evening. I’m turning it in and listen to some Foxes and Fossils and groove out on some of the best musicians I’ve ever heard. peace……b(you know)

                    • Mornin’ Eric!

                      I hate to be a “downer”, but I’d say that your observation of Libertarianism being more popular today is….well….like this:

                      Today, with the interwebz and all, WE are more aware of/more connected to those who share our love of liberty- but, in my own observation, I’d say that among the general public, Libertarian ideas are less popular than they used to be.

                      Back then, whether one knew what Libertarianism is or not, many more people would not have tolerated the intrusions of the state that are common today.

                      Just look at the support for Bernie Sanders and the Clinton Bitch vs. support for Ron Paul. That says it all.

                      I forget the exact number, but it’s well north of 80% of the population who desire “socialized medicine”- which is why both major parties now support it, just in different forms. For the voters, there is not even an option of “No socialized medicine”- just the perpetuation of Obamacare…or “replacing it with something better”. (Which I believe was the plan all along- Obozocare was designed to fail, so that “something ‘better’ ” could be proffered).

                      Forget the general population; there are more people working for the government, than there are Libertarians.

                      How many people refuse to fly because of airport tyranny? I’d bet we’d have a hard time coming up with a few hundred if we could poll the entire population……

      • Eric,

        Thanks for the clarification. I must’ve misread your intentions. Circumstances change and it’s good to see you can back to working out a gym you’re familiar with.

        And the breathalyzer analogy sums things up nicely. That is where we are at. Guilty until proven innocent; sick until proven otherwise. Bizarro world is upon us. Or clown world; take your pick.

        • Hi c_dub250,

          Yesterday, the guy at the desk – whom I’ve known for years – barely lifted the infrared thermometer off the desk and briefly pointed it generally in my direction; I asked him how long we’d be playing Sickness Kabuki. He said he hoped not long.

          My belief is we’re at a Respite Moment. We’ll have a few weeks, maybe, of almost-normal and then another “crisis” will be manufactured. Then it will be a matter of us – or them. The people who dislike the ideas of presumptive guilting and collective punishment, of least-common-denominatorism and who value the freedom to choose for themselves over the “safety” of the herd (as defined by its shepherds) . . . vs. the herd and its shepherds.

          I see this developing as either a secession movement or a war of annihilation. I hope for the former.

          I was listening the governor of South Dakota yesterday. She sounds like a squared-together woman. No lockdowns or closures. Rational risk-evaluation, left to the individual. It may be the place to go.

          • I’d say that what happens, depends on if they try another lock down for their “second wave”. At this point, it might well blow up in their faces. There are already a LOT of law suits in process, and many Constitutional scholars (such as the Judge) have stated that they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. But when has that ever stopped Progs?

            South Dakota might be a better choice, than dealing with the Coonman, as things heat up. Given the depth of hatred on all sides, no matter who wins in November, things are likely to get ugly.
            It might be good to be settled in, before that happens.

            • Hi BJ,

              I still hesitate to pull the trigger – on moving. Partially because I’m generally happy here and love my place and my local yokel friends. But also because I’d take a bath on this place now. Real estate has taken a massive dump and selling now is a sure guarantee of selling for not much. That said, I’m going to have a look (online) at SD real estate. It might be a lot cheaper and that could make up for a lot. But the deal killer is likely the weather. If it’s brutal cold there for seven months out of the year, I kinna take it, cap’n.

              Winter sucks and cold bites.

              • eric, if you had wandered into west Texas during the height of this insanity, you might have wondered if you’d had a severe brain fart and had lost at least months of memory.

                There were no masked people although I was tempted to make a mask like the Lone Ranger to wear to the clinic(the only place of masks). I later thought of wearing my Israeli gas mask for shock effect.

                But we, out in the sticks(sorry, no Starbucks, but the grocery store sells the ground coffee and you can pick up wifi in a few places or you can just pay $100 for a Verizon Mifi, run your phone through it and pay the least money for your phone and $50/month for the mifi, which is fast enough to run a smart tv, the computer and your phone at the same time.

                I don’t think I’d be alive if I had lived anywhere with a lockdown. I have had a mask on twice at the clinic, and once at the oncologist.

                When the orders come down from the great father who pretends to live in DC but in all actuality, lives all over the world in places of wealth so great we can’t even imagine, they’ll find an old, mad(quite mad)man who would rather NOT… any price. I grieve for no one but the wife(and She Ain’t Comin Out eather)and the cats and Cholley Jack.

                • BTW, mifi is battery powered so you can take it everywhere you go and it will last 8 hours.
                  Since I have a inverter in the truck, I don’t sweat it. I used to have a big screen monitor, a big table top computer and a laser printer I kept in the truck. I could drive and do bidness including printing documents, stop and fish and use my 120V fillet knife to clean fish. My next inverter may be diesel powered, just stick a generator on the engine with a different belt. The ability to weld, fish and use a large computer concurrently is a thing of beauty in my world.

              • Hey Eric! Man, if you could handle the weather of South Dakota, just go to Wyoming- it’s warmer, much prettier AND more Libertarian.

                My cousin has owned some property in SD for about 25 years…and she’s never even moved there! (She’s into Injuns).

          • Eric,

            That’s funny you say that because I was going to mention the same thing. It seems a lot of this is waning thin with most folks. The only spot I disagree with is it will be a couple months, likely the fall, before they start more shenanigans.

  4. Did an experiment yesterday, in a ‘masked’ state. Went to the supermarket and did not wear a mask. Everyone, 100%, were. No one said a word, no looks, nothing. Even the checkout lady didn’t care, or pretended not to.
    One of my friends heard what I did, and did the same. Nothing.
    Hopefully starting a trend……………

      • Amazing they don’t know they could ALL remove the damned things without consequence. It shows the tv watchers I guess.

        • But Eight, there is a Deadly Global Plandemic running! Don’t you care about peoples grannies?… ^^

          At this point, only the most gullible of the corona herd, hasn’t gotten the memo that this is a farce. Hmmm… But that pretty much describes most of the Blue Staters… ^^

      • I went to Wally World today. The barricades at the entrance were still in place, but no one was there this time to enforce “compliance”; no one hassled me for going the wrong way down one-way aisles. Only saw a few women wearing masks.

        Saw this HOT li’l lady shopping, who caused me to forget that I had renounced women years ago; I was almost ready to propose. It didn’t even dawn on me till a few minutes later that she was wearing a mask – which then made me remember that I had renounced women, and brought me back to the reality of the sick world we now live in! [Must. Fight. Urges.]

        • I try to avoid “Wally World” nowadays since its customers have now taken on the role of cashier and bagger. Not a “seasoned” bagger or simply don’t want to bag your own groceries? Tough shit! Of course, it’s only a matter of time until all major retailers implement mandatory self-checkout. Gotta cut costs somehow.

          • I gave up Wally when they gave up “certain guns”. It’s even worse now. I have a local grocery that is slightly more expensive on some things than Wally and cheaper on some too. But I know the owner and speak with him and can roll up to his house and be welcomed. Also, they sell almost all Texas grown beef and some pork.

            Their burger meat is much cheaper than Sam’s or Wally(I won’t buy beef at Wally, well, when I still shopped there).

            We get a new freezer tomorrow and hopefully will get a calf for slaughter before the 29th, our slaughter date already set up. We’ve missed some great deals on hogs(they sold them really fast)but there are others becoming ready and the major slaughterhouses aren’t back up again. I hope to stock up on wild hogs when the weather gets cooler and will fill both my and the wife’s hunting licenses for venison this winter.

          • Thankfully, the self-bagging hasn’t made it here yet. I keep saying I’m gonna give up Walmart (It really sucks!) but it’s a long drive to a bigger town where they have alternatives. And I don’t know that the alternatives are any better, anyway……

            I have switched to a Walmart though in a smaller town (as opposed to the bigger town where i used to shop) which is still pretty nice- it’s really “country” and staffed by local yokels.

            Thing is, the store situation has gotten worse here over the years- Some have closed (before Corona) and some just went downhill (Stale stuff, etc.) because everyone goes to Walmart, and the small town local stores are dying.

            I need to grow more of my own- that was my goal when I moved here…but I got lazy.

            • Hi Nunz,

              In re growing your own: I spent half the day yesterday clearing brush around what used to be my chicken coop. I intend to be up and running soon. Mainly need to redo the run (fenced) so the birds don’t get eaten by predators. I plan to get eight hens, enough to keep me in eggs all year long, without having to buy them from any store. A garden is on the list, too.

              PS: My Walmart isn’t face-diapering or enforcing any idiocies… yet. I went there yesterday to get a new sail fawn as my old one had been dropped one too many times!

              • eric, I ordered heirloom seed and have been sorta gungho on growing a garden but this year, of all years, we’ve been beset by a horde of grasshoppers and there’s little that can be done when they’re like this.

                I am considering building a green house so we can at least grow something. I can’t afford to buy one but think I can make one out of PVC, shade cloth and double walled plastic so I can use it year long.

                • Hi Eight!

                  I’m at the coffee shop, trying to think of something… if/after I do, it’s on to Lowes to get some posts and then home to dig some holes!

                  • eric, this just makes it all the more obvious that large corporations will take over everything.

                    We tried to find a new freezer a couple weeks ago. There is a locally owned Sears nearby that I first tried and then another furniture/appliance store, locally owned also.

                    The both said they didn’t know when they would be getting freezers again but said “The send them to Lowe’s first”. We finally ended up at Lows’s since we have a kill date coming up.

                    Bought it and promised it two weeks later, today to be exact. I spent 45 minutes on the phone continuously to Lowe’s and still never spoke with anyone who could tell me anything. I wouldn’t have had this problem at either of the smaller stores and they were willing to sell them cheaper.

                    Good luck with your chicken pens. We’d have some but get covered up with every type of predator and varmint you can imagine and some you have probably never seen, such as the coyote/red wolf cross. Two years ago I barely saved Cholley Jack from two of them.

      • I hope not much longer. At work today the earloops were making me want to rip my own ears off just to stop the agony. This is not the first time, and there is little rhyme or reason to when or for how long this happens.

        Ah, the joys of working for a Lower 48 megacorp…

      • Eric, for as long as the corporate mass media, keeps pumping the fear porn hysteria.

        Normally. these things have a half life. But if they keep pumping it, it takes on a life of its own. Lets hope this nonsense fades out, as summer gets too hot to wear those.

        Whats going to be interesting, is if they attempt more nonsense with a “Second Wave”…

        • BJ, They’re already speaking of how we’ll wail and gnash our teeth and beg forgiveness when the 3rd wave hits us. Never mind New Zealand, in a move I was surprised to hear repeated by the MSM, said it was all over, no new cases, and back to bidness as usual. But you’re correct if you think it won’t ever be over if Trump’s elected and maybe not if the Dems get in and they can lord their ultimately tyranny over the entire nation.

            • Angela Zhou, “Mei” in Hell on Wheels, is “from” NZ. We know someone was visiting children in Oz, is there still, cuz corona map overlay.

              Lots of earthlings love their maps. This small planet just ain’t small enough, apparently.

  5. He’s the hairy handed gent who ran amuck in Kent
    Lately he’s been overheard in Mayfair
    Better stay away from him
    He’ll rip your lungs out, Gym
    I’d like to meet his tailor
    Werewolves of London

    There’s no gym like home (includin’ this here nautilus internet machine)…even if it is in the flats o’ kansas. Head injury was Dot’s Oz excuse. Maybe Eve, or Lucy, or whoever mama1 was, had one too, passed it on in fruitful multiplication.

    And the little ditty I’m flashin’ on, Eight, is Little Pink Houses.

      • Eight…that one’s my fave Mellencamp.

        The South has an advertised reputation. So does the NE. But the blanket statements is always a very loose weave. Like a gill net.

        Some of the most paranoid, certain they are being screwed, somehow, by you (me) in business dealings at least, people I’ve ever dealt with were from the NE megalopolis. But two of the nicest people I’ve ever known were from there, too.

        I took one of the worst beatings of my life in Savannah. That one was me, & a pal, versus Lynard Skynard look alikes. About 20 of them. Almost lost an eye in Charleston. That one was racial. If you like Mitchum & care to read a biography, Server’s Baby, I Don’t Care tells of his time south of the line – whole lotta’ fighting (& his father, working for the rr, got smashed between 2 cars, died in Charleston). Whole lotta’ fighting was my experience, too. More or less constant.

        Got a texican gal (& husband, he may be too, don’t recall) moved close by awhile back. I’m in the mountain woods. The places around here fit that environment. As did the texican’s. Until s/he improved it. Now it looks like something from Levittown. Worse, they light it up like a stadium at night, all night (more & more light polluters bringing their city/suburban ways…used to be pitch black but for stars & moon out here). And s/he both started with that well-sold southern hospitality bit…but, no, it ain’t so.

        When I was in Chicago, iffy transitional neighborhood (in process of being “gentrified” & all the tectonics that goes with it) – not one scrape. And a kind of friendliness there, but also something tense. Some of that Patrick Swayze flick Next of Kin was filmed in the neighborhood while I was living there…flick made it look worse than it was.

        Like nunzio’s take, it ain’t morose. Just the numbers game. And that this or that side of lines on maps don’t say as much as lots of people want it to.

        Saw something about the country having 11 (?) distinct cultural zones, & maybe should be broken up along those “lines.”


        What “the country’s got” is 330,912,290 individuals – however “enculturated” – that’ll never be broken up along those lines, since that ain’t what countries – nor even lynard skynard bands — are for, or about.

        What countries is more about is 20 against 2.

  6. Your article gives new meaning, both literally and in the punnish sense, to the old adage, “Someone shits their pants and now we’re all wearing diapers.”

    • Charles, and it gets even worse. I recently saw a video of a meeting between various people and groups and the head of the EPA who is a woman, a veritable two-holer. When someone asked her if she knew the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, she said Not exactly but let me get back to you on that and then looked to one of her underlings sitting there with their feminine know-nothing look on their face. It was disgusting, the innate stupidity the EPA had show in that room.

      What do they do all day? In effect, what anyone they or the party who advises them, thinks might be true or true enough to make “law”. And you know how that goes cause you just described lawmakers.

  7. How convenient that almost at the precise moment the sane among us decided to ignore the corona flu protocol, we get race riots. On Memorial Day weekend, here in my home State of Missouri, several thousand swarmed the Lake of the Ozarks in direct defiance of corona flu edicts. Well the tyrants weren’t please with that, so for some elusive reason, the AGW killing of a guy who happened to be black, which happens all the time, got crammed down our collective throats as the seminal moment of injustice. Gee, I wonder why. Those pesky people we hoped to destroy are just too God damned resilient. Let’s try a race war. Maybe that will do the trick.

      • Mr., sure enough. And who gave the crazy SOB a place to sleep and food and gave him a forum for his music? Yep, rich kids in Hollywood. And all the while he was plotting to kill the one who probably gave him the cold shoulder and wanted him gone. At least one of them had good tastes. The rest were clueless, having a homeless guy with a crew of misfits hanging out with them, feeding them and…ah hell, never mind. Stupid is as stupid does. And then their little feelings were hurt when he turned out to be, exactly what they thought he was. Cue Forrest’s mother again.

      • I don’t think it was Crazy Charley’s “thing”- he just “knew” that TPTB would bring us to that.

        Ya know how the CIA always seems to use these demented and confused idjits, like James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald to be patsies when they want to orchestrate some fiendish plan? I’ll bet ya they had Manson slated for such duty….but he probably did his own thing and got caught before they could use him.

        Or maybe his name just wasn’t catchy enough when all three names are used (Charles Milles Manson) so he didn’t fit the mold (Ya GOTTA have a catchy 3-part name to be a good CIA patsy!)

  8. “Throughout this whole fiasco has anyone been… Forbidden to wear a face diaper?”

    According to checkstand hearsay in Wasilla, they have in Fairbanks, Alaska, which was Alaska’s first coronacircus “hot spot” (relative term, given that we’ve had less than 500 “cases” out over over 42,000 tests even after fully reopening), and which is now home to pawn shops with signs notifying customers that if they come in wearing a mask, they will have a 12 gauge pointed at them from the moment they enter until the moment they leave.

    Granted, the specific shop I’m referring to only put that sign up after they were robbed twice by lowlives taking advantage of the sickness hysteria.

    Frankly, the only thing that surprised me about that anecdote is that it hasn’t been happening more often.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Yup. The face-diaper wears thin, post (mid) riot, eh? And this business of “cases” . . . I correct people every time I hear it. How many “cases” of constipation are there annually? Should every news broadcast begin with a lurid ticker count of that, too?

      The term sounds oh-so-serious. But is – as such – utterly meaningless.

      • Hi Eric –

        Why do you support the temperature checks? They are part and parcel of the sickness kabuki theatre.

        • Hi Mike,

          I don’t. But in context I don’t object – if that makes sense. The owners are doing nothing to enforce “social distancing” idiocy, limits on how many can work out and there is no Face Diapering. No taped Walk Here lines on the floor, either. Other than the temperature taking at the check-in desk, it’s pretty much as it was pre-Corona. I strongly suspect the owner is doing this one minimal token thing to keep the Better Call Sauls away.

          I agree, in principle, that even the temp checking buys into and perpetuates the Sickness Theater. All of which needs to be thrown in the woods.

          • eric, the problem with temperature checks is the difference in the temp people have. My entire life with the exception of the last few years, I commonly ran 99.2 and would always have to tell the doc that was my normal. Now it’s about 2 degrees lower. Last month at the doc it showed 98.6 for myself and the wife. We both had fever(hayfever but fever none-the-less). Neither of us said a word.

            Whether they realized it or not they could have by checking our norm. So ten years younger for me and I’d be getting to old covid test and drill over temp. Lots of people run high and low. That 98.6 should only be something to ask about if you’re above or low.

            It’s sorta like the weight charts on the wall in the doc’s office. My whole life I showed to be overweight even though I wouldn’t have a bit of fat on me. I asked a doc about it once, he just laughed and said not to worry. I asked if that was the reason I couldn’t float. He said it was and a lot of people couldn’t float. It’s obvious I have big bones and not like the girls they call “big-boned” although now you could rightly say I was fat since I’m fat.

          • I went to the dentist last month and they pointed this thang at my forehead to take my temperature (After I was already in the building….)- I didn’t like it- The receptionist just did it while telling me that she’d be doing it…so I didn’t have time to object.

            I don’t cotton to the idea of submitting to a medical test- no matter how seemingly innocuous or unintrusive. It’s the very idea of it- another case of having to prove you “innocence”…. And it sure feels like a step toward getting everyone used to the idea of of a forehead scan for the day which will likely soon come when people will be chipped.

            IMO, this is even more detestable than wearing a mask.

            • Nunz, I know how you feel. When the guy pointed that thing at my head I wanted to grab it and poke it down his throat, or up his ass, take your choice. I didn’t expect it and it pissed me off.

              • Heh, yeah Eight. It was kinda unnerving for me, ’cause I ain’t had my temperature taken by anyone other than my mother when I was a kid! Just the idea that they would actually perform what is technically a medical test on me; the ultimate breech of privacy- something, though it doesn’t make physical contact, is actually measuring an internal condition of your body…and without even asking your permission, but just doing it and telling you, as opposed to asking you.

                THIS is a true breech of our most basic privacy. Next time someone attempts to do that, I hope I have a good fart in the chamber! I’ll say “Measure this!”. Next time someone presumes to take my temp without my permission (Which they will not receive) I WILL shove the thing up their chute.

                • Locked-and-Loaded eh Nunz? Yo quiero Taco Bell, the best fuel for perfumed Corona-theater temperature measurements!

                  You just put the ole finger on what’s been sticking in my craw. Medical privacy. It was obnoxious when an Airman mosquito-winger did it, even worse when some company makes their employees do it to avoid lawfare.

            • Nunzio, you want even more fun? I’ve seen a report in the last week or so, that did calibration tests on a wide selection of those remote temp scanners.

              About two thirds of them (Made In China…) didn’t give the same reading twice in a row. It was a lab style test, so they dealt with the variable’s involved.

              Whats even more fun, is the people who don’t know about personal temp variable’s. Put those, and other factors together, and this is yet more health security theater.

  9. Since it (supposedly) can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show how could someone prove that they got it at a specific location? Not that the shyster lawyers wouldn’t try, but seems like a bridge too far. My hope is that if there’s a “resurgence” in cases and the PTB try to re-lockdown everything then the majority of people will give govco a collective middle finger and ignore all the petty despots.

    • Hi Mike,

      Of course. The whole WuFlu scam is predicated on a stack of unproven and largely unprovable assertions and generalizations. “Someone” might get sick. Or might be sick. Granny – generic old person – might die. Lock everyone down!

      On the same logical basis, driving should be locked down, too. Someone might be killed by a drunk or not paying attention driver. Etc.

      WuFlu Fever has one net bennie, though. The way people react to it – whether they buy the bullshit and perform the kabuki or not – tells you whether you’re dealing with someone who can think or someone who can’t.

      • Which is another indictment of censorship. If someone is a bigot, or of some other antisocial persuasion, I prefer they expose themselves. Censorship conceals them.

    • Mike! Stop that! You are using logic, common sense, and clear thinking! That was supposed to have been bred out of us by now! Just turn on that TV or radio, and just BELIEVE!!!!!! Who are we to question the eggspurts and our dear leaders?!

      (Hey, there’s one upside to the mask thing: It’s mostly women who wear the face-diapers…which is appropriate, since they’re the ones who tend to have diarrhea of the mouth most often! 🙂 )

      • Nunz, I met a widow woman last week in the grocery store. Like the wife and I, she was infuriated with all the lies and disinformation(lies). Her son would send her links on the computer and she would be appalled. I should have gotten her email address…..but she was pissed enough as is.

        We stood around and talked for 15 minutes or so. It’s so easy to spot the people who get all their info from the idiot box. They’re the ones wearing masks. And they’re the ones who are/will be or enemy when it comes to the nut-cutting which would appear to be right around the corner.

        You are aware we’re just days or maybe two weeks away from a big resurgence of covid aren’t you? And that will just be the 1st one this year. Meanwhile, I take my B,C, D and collagen and try not to think about what the next typical flu season will be like. I was doing my squoze lemon thing about 2.5 years ago, and nothing else, when my roomie came back from visiting his wife and kids and was sick as a dog. It’s hard to not touch everything and not be sneezed on in a little trailer and riding to and from our trucks together. I did manage to put it off a long while but the boss wasn’t getting well and neither was Wild Bill. I didn’t have it as bad as they did and I was 10 years older than they were.

        I’d drink my lemon juice in the morning and hopefully be alone in my truck all day, eat supper and drink a few beers and try to forget how sick everyone around me seemed to be.

        But the friends I have who only watch tv were saying months ago this was the worst thing ever. They don’t know history either. I don’t know how many soldiers just from Garden City Kansas died from TB and influenza during WW11 but it was a huge amount.

  10. I reopened my physical office today first client after reopening. Per Wretched (Gov Whitmer, Michigan) We both paid obeisance to the safety protocols as neither of us knew where the other stood. It quickly became apparent that it was hard to really communicate with masks on espescially as we were 6+ feet apart, also my glasses fogged up, hard to read documents. To say nothing about passing them back and forth. One of the webinars I viewed for reopening my business (law) suggested putting documents in a bankersbox and waiting 3 days to look at them. My question to him was what aout checks. Gonna wait 3 days. Anyway we got through it. The point I am trying to make is that many people think it’s primarily bullshit but go along with it so as to not harm others even if the harm is only in their eyes. That is one of our Libertarian bullet points. The non aggression principal. Action or inaction.

    • Hi Ugg,

      As you know, I think it’s important to reject – firmly – this notion that it’s “kind” to pretend that Sickness Kabuki is legitimate. It is dangerous to so pretend – because it normalizes neurotic behavior. It legitimizes this degrading show. I understand that people are scared. They were also scared after Nahhnllevven and their fear resulted in us having to submit to crotch fondling in order to fly.

      Now their fear demands that we dress up like Michael Jackson and live as if we were lepers – and treat other people as presumptive lepers. That we accept this “new normal” . . . for their sake.

      No! Why should we? To ease their anxieties? Really?

      At what point do the sane take a stand for sanity? Stop pretending for the sake of those who need therapy?

      I see no logical reason why diapers – actual diapers – couldn’t also be required on the same basis as face diapers…to assuage the fears of the shit-phobic.

      • eric, the job got done and it had nothing to do with getting sick and everything to do with the oligarchy control of this country. How do you lay off 40 million people, destroy the economy and all your smaller competition? With a shut down.

        This was and never had been about a sickness except the one that is rampant in Wall Street and always will be. It’s about sheer greed and power.

        But the chickens that are coming home to roost are made as hell and the lawsuits might go on forever unless the chief tyrant violates the Constitution one last time(on this topic).

        Here is a little ditty, not about Jack and Diane, but about tyrants who over-stepped their authority and hopefully will at least pay for it with their jobs if not their heads. Much to be learned here from start to finish.

  11. I quit my job a couple of weeks ago due to the stupidity of fear mask enforcement, counting people going in and out, and other sickness nonsense. I won’t work in public again until all this bullshit is over. Wonder how long that will be?

    • Kudos to you, Jim!
      So few people these days are willing to stand up and say enough is enough, and vote with their feet. If more people did, all of the BS would stop in a heartbeat! Too many people are just willing to tolerate anything, especially if there is a price to be paid for resisting.

      We can talk and talk, but ultimately, our actions speak louder than a million of our words.

      My hat is off to you for doing this, and for telling us about it!

      This made my day!

      • Thanks, but most people can’t afford to quit their jobs. I have enough savings to last me a year. A few years from now, I’ll be drawing social security (FedGov paying me back for all the money they stole from me), so I’ll be even better able to afford it.
        I didn’t quit at first when they made us wear masks, though I did alter mine so I could breathe. I was getting closer to quitting when they made us wear gloves. (I was a grocery cashier and realistically, we should have had to change gloves between every customer to be effective.) My last day there, the store manager got on me about my modified mask and gave me a new one, and I was put on the people counting detail. Enough.
        Maybe it’s a function of age or something, but I’m just not willing to put up with bullshit anymore. I’ll find something else sooner or later. But on my terms.

        • Hi Jim,

          I’m sorry to hear about your job but proud to hear about your intolerance for bullshit. Same here. I spoke with some of the checkout workers at my local Kroger – none wanted to wear the face diapers but were told by management it was “policy.” Economic enforcement of face diapering is much more threatening than government mandating thereof. Which is why this Virus Panic targeted independent small businesses for termination. If they can get most of us dependent on a corporation for our daily bread, with no other option available, most will have no choice but to face diaper and much worse – face-diapering being just a kind of test to see just how much they can get people to put up with.

          PS: My desperate stalker – “Les,” Dr. Phil” – continues to frantically post missives that never air (they get routed straight to the trash, automatically). What a freak. I hope she’s at least good-looking.

        • Jim, you are literally one in a million or maybe one in a hundred million. You stood up for yourself. Did anyone notice how the largest places stayed in bidness but the smaller ones were the most affected and quite often simply shuttered? Watch that video I posted earlier up the page and hear how some countries who did not use any lockdown because it was, dare I say. “unconstitutional”. Not so for we of the fee, home of the slave.

          BTW, did the unconstitutional ‘rules’ enacted affect uh uh uh well hell, Negroes differently from us “white devils”?

          • Eight! Don’t ya know that hundreds of people shopping at Wally World are far less likely to spread the flu than 3 people milling around in a small shop?! Just like people going to church are far more likely to spread the plague than a line of rummies and homeless alcoholics packed into a liquor store?

            • Nunz, I was watching that video that Pam Popper did and I posted here. There won’t be a repeat of this no matter how many Fauci’s or Birx or any politician says otherwise. Sweden and Japan fared far better and the Japanese(smart people they are)said they couldn’t force a shut down nor anything else because it was unConstitutional.
              There’s a huge contingent of tyrants that are about to be read the riot act themselves since lawsuits are popping up left and right. I’d guess many states will be red next election. It would be hilarious if some newcomer took the guvnah election in NY. I don’t think it would be that hard to do at this point. I’d bet money they won’t have another outbreak of any size aha.

              • Eight, Japs are smart- but Americans are retarded. Hard to say which way the PTB will go- but in real life, virtually everyone I see “believes” in the CV nonsense- the typical reasoning: They see the mandates and others complying with them, so they say “See? This must be SERIOUS!”.

                All the overlords have to do is re-ramp-up the fear-mongering, and claim that more people are dying- or, invent another strain- especially when the next flu season comes around….and they can milk this crap forever.

                I’m seeing it already: They’re screaming that cases are increasing “due to the re-opening”- They’re prepping everyone to live in constant fear of the flu and to not only accept, but DEMAND vaccinations- and those of us who refuse will be the new lepers.

                It’s too easy…they’re not gonna let this die. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

        • **” but most people can’t afford to quit their jobs.”**

          Funny how that works; The typical ‘Mercan has virtually no savings, and is highly in debt. Doesn’t have to be that way….but T’is the ‘Mercan Way- a voluntary form of self-imposed slavery…so ultimately, people are kept in check.

          How many today have the spirit of our forefathers, who gave up their fortunes and even their very lives to fight the Tyranny of King George? And to think, George’s tyranny would seem like unbridled liberty and a breath of fresh air compared to tyranny we all labor under today!

          At some point, all who love liberty must confront the choice that you just made. I did…when I was a teenager- when I dropped out of school, which was my “quitting”- as I realized early on that I did not want to trade liberty for the supposed perks of their system. It was a struggle for a long time, but ultimately, much less of a struggle than the “Mercan Way of debt and conformity- and the results have born great fruit.

          Ultimately, your actions reflect your character….and that says a lot!

          • Nunz, I watched a Patrick Bet David video yesterday about the new figures of saved income. Right now the population has just started saving 30-40 percent. That means a good deal of them have wised up and realized they don’t have to have the latest gizmo or new car or evidently, a whole bunch of stuff. Amazing how the food banks running out and not enough money to buy gas to get there and nothing in the stores can change your mind of what you “gotta have”. Sustenance, and a roof over your head and that’ll do just fine. No telling how many kids got told NO for their first time in their life.

  12. Oh what bastions of liberty our dear leaders are for allowing us this grand freedom!!!!!

    EDIT: I meant bastards…not bastions… 😀

  13. Good point about liability, but how would it be proven that the victim contracted the disease at that location? And besides, I think all bets are off when it comes to a “state of emergency.” After all, if a levee breaks and floods your storage site, is the owner liable for damage to your stuff?

    • Proven Ready? You are joking, aren’t you? Given the current system, if you have a lawyer thats good at gaming the system, no real proof is necessary. Not to mention, the vast majority are settled out of court, to avoid dealing with run away juries.

      Liability (and government dictates) are one of the major factors, in making during business in the Empire so expensive. Factor in healthcare coverage, and I’m always amazed that its even possible, for small business to operate.

    • RK, they didn’t have to try to figure that out in N.O. Everybody knew it was the goddamn Army Corps of Engineers(I’d like to speak with an engineer please. I’m sorry sir, there are no engineers here.)

  14. I’ve been back in the gym for at least a month now in my little town (ever since they were “allowed” to open back up). I’ve only seen one guy wearing a mask and he was on his way in while I was heading out. Not sure if he wore it while working out. Can’t imagine he would.


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