In-Dash Microwaves Instead of in-Dash Air Bags

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Most new cars will shut off the engine for you – even when you prefer it stays on. How come not one of them will heat up a cup of coffee for you?

Some cars have what are styled “heated” cup holders. But all they do is impart vague warmth.

Why not an in-car microwave oven? A way to really heat a cup of coffee – or nuke a burrito? We have, as the opening to The Six Million Dollar Man used to say, the technology. Or rather, the power. Many new cars already have three-prong household-style power points and some also have 48 volt electrical systems. Surely, these could be stepped up to handle the wattage load of a small microwave built into the dash?

It’d be interesting to see how many would willingly check that option box, if were offered – especially if they had the option to skip the ASS (automated stop/start) box.

It’s curious, isn’t it, how the things you just know lots of people would willingly pay extra for aren’t available – while so many things you know they’d skip if they could (like ASS) they can’t.

This has to do with the weird upending of the previous relationship between buyer and seller. The latter once catered to the former. It is now the unnatural opposite. The buyer is told what he’ll buy and the seller accepts it because he hasn’t got any meaningful alternative. Because there’s no longer any meaningful competition.

Just a Potemkin Village facade.

There are different stores, of course. And different brands. But they all largely sell the same things. Because their real customer nowadays is the government, which they all work very hard to please.

It is quite something when you study it a little. A handful of government workers – perhaps a few dozen people, maybe as many as 100 or so – decide which “features” cars bought by millions of people will come with. And which other things they won’t come with.

It is why you can’t buy a new car with T-tops. Or a new truck with seats in the bed (and no roof over your head). It is why the manual transmission is disappearing – and why the ashtray has already disappeared.

Also the gas fill behind the license plate in the rear of the car, which meant you could gas up at either side of any pump. Now you have to line up the side of the car where the door is with the pump. If that side is occupied, you wait – even if the other side is wide open.

You aren’t allowed to have the dealer disable the air bags you didn’t want – and which just might kill you. Seatbelts are, of course, required. Even if you didn’t want them and never use them (“the law” be damned).

You’re still going to pay for them.

How did this happen? Was a vote taken? A law passed empowering the government – those dozens and maybe 100 or so government workers – to sit around and decide how your next new car would be designed?

In any case, they have the power – and now you know why new cars are so alike. That tends to happen when a few dozen or maybe 100 or so people have the power to decree vehicle design parameters.

Some will recall what it was like when millions of people had that power instead. When the new car market was a variety show of possibilities – and actualities. When the gamut ranged from cars that could swim (Amphicar) to cars that looked like they could fly (jet-finned Cadillacs).

You could buy a two-ton tank without treads (and with air bags). Or you could buy a car that would fold up like tinfoil if you got into a tangle with that two-ton tank – but it only cost a fourth as much and it got you from A to B just as effectively, if not quite as comfortably.

The idea being it was up to you to choose – and the choices of millions (as opposed to the decrees issued by a few dozens) determined what was built. And if it didn’t sell, they stopped building it.

It is why cars like the infamous Edsel disappeared quickly. And it is why electric cars today refuse to disappear.

If that dynamic – between buyer and seller – still existed, we’d almost certainly have microwaves in cars. And other things, too. Things we can’t even imagine, because they never were.

All stillborn because of the insolent interferences of those dozens.

Perhaps there is a saaaaaaaaaaafety issue with in-car microwaves. People might get distracted. Of course, in-dash laptops (and mouse pads on the center console) are just fine somehow. Like everything else in this country, there is no standard based on a principle applied evenly. Instead, the rules – the mandates- are applied arbitrarily and cognitively dissonantly. Imposed by the few upon the many.

Face diapers for healthy people – back-up cameras for people who can see.   

Wouldn’t you rather just have a hot cup of coffee?

. . .

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  1. I just had this vision of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest the nonsensical rules handicapping new cars and making them unaffordable to the average worker. We know what the government responds to. Now we just have to insert the cause.

    But since we are working toward the idea of freedom of movement, we won’t block any streets and because we respect property we will not break windows or steal.

    I wonder how the news media would cover that protest.

    • Riots only work when they’re thrown by minorities and communists…if whites and or Libertarians and or Christians threw them, they’d just mow us down before the day was over, and that would be that. Remember Kent State? (Hell, we can’t even peacefully protest…)

    • Instead of taking to the streets, why not take to Craigslist, Auto Trader or used car lots to buy earlier models without the nanny state features/lack of features? Who cares what the media would report, anyway?

    • I had a dream. That the populace and small and medium corporations harnessed the power of social media and refused to buy new cars until the people got the cars we used to have, free of government interference and dangerous and deadly regs that causes much death and destruction. Watch the pollies go frantic over the loss of tax revenue and the loss of control that comes with few regs. Then I woke up and ……………………..

  2. Thank the heavens for government…for without their enlightening guidance we would all have perished long ago. Never knew a politician that didn’t have our best interests in mind. And for sure with the advent of driverless cars, we will have plenty of free time to enjoy the sights and drink coffee and eat pizza as our government controlled EVs cruise along the thruway and deliver us without incident to our destination. At least that’s the plan. We all know how well government plans work in our best interest.

  3. “Because their real customer nowadays is the government,”

    For all the goofy crap sovereign citizens project, who really owns your car? The title only exists in a statement by the manufacturer that they made it on some date, most if not all states require a title issued by the same state requiring such. Reinforced by a state backed cartel/monopoly of automobile dealerships, who will not buck the system that caters to them. Think about this: You or your auto dealer take your Manufacturers Certificate of Origin submit it to recieve a Certificate of Title from some state, what is the purpose of the latter if the entirety of the former is adequate to establish the latter? Once you convince the judiciary of a state that this is a norm, the state doesn’t need to even keep any archival records, the burden of proof is never upon them even as they are asserting a stake in something they could never have invested in. The state has no money of its own, every slim penny they have for such an assertion comes from others and even you. So when someone gets a traffic ticket they obviously consented to it.

    • Hello Max,

      I’m not following. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, but it seems that you are saying that there is a connection between the state issuing vehicle titles and traffic tickets? If so, while I do agree with your other statements, the fact is that traffic laws, like most other laws, are just made-up by state and local legislators and imposed on us just as all other laws in an authoritarian state- because someone made them up, codified them and some muckity-mucks whom we never met signed their names and imposed them upon us under threat of violence. They have no relation to titles or consent. You can drive a lawn mower (which has no title or MCO) down the street, and you are still subject to the traffic laws.

      They don’t need, want, nor care about our consent. They operate via force and by those who are willing to impose it.

      • Nunz, going well beyond cars but including them in a general way, there is this article today in Blacklisted News I never thought I’d read because it’s the dead-on truth. There are tens of millions in this country that would be at least stupefied to read it and that many more that would be up in arms. But it’s the truest thing I have ever read and I would have written it…..and signed it long ago if I had a platform. I hope Edward Curtin lives to write again.

        • Yep, Eight- That’s what we’ve been saying for how long? Thanks to mass media, the show is now more effective than ever, and works on the population as a whole as never before.

          Interesting too: A friend of mine who is your age (and who has bought into the CV nonsense) was telling me the other day on the phone, about an all but forgotten TV show that he remembers from ’59-’60. It was called Men Into Space. In one of the episodes, they portrayed men landing on the Moon and planting the US flag. He said it looked JUST like the event that was portrayed [also] on TV in 1969 by NASA…….

          BTW, I’ve been meaning to thank you for all of the links to videos and such….I just don’t have the time to watch ’em all, which is why I haven’t been commenting about them. Haven’t even watched those two yet that ya had me download a month or so ago….but they’re on my to-do list!

          • Nunz, I can only say if it’s the Masters Reports you haven’t watched, they’re pretty short and very accurate.

            • 8S,

              I watched the Masters Report video you posted a day or so ago, and it was quite good. I’m going to have to make him regular viewing…

              • MM, I urge you to do so. He has content no one else has and that one today was no exception. It’s not a new thing but it was professionally done by some media. I wish I knew his sources. I’d still watch him and have no need to become a YT’er.

                • That was a nice compilation of the mass media’s OLDER lies! Thankfully, we have the net now, so we can see their lies in real time…

        • Hi Eight,

          This guy neatly, exactly conveyed the truth of it. I myself am finding it hard to get out of bed lately because I feel it. I’m sitting here, at the coffee shop, watching the Face Diapered queue up for coffee, trying to write about the F250 Super Duty I have this week. I want to just grab my back pack and head off into the Woods.

          If my shoulder weren’t such a Mess, I just might do that.

          • eric, you’re not the only one depressed. I feel completely helpless and the brainwashed only get mad if you challenge their idiocy. Like Nunz, I have an old friend who gets ALL of his news off the tv. I asked him last year, since there was a complete and total disconnect between TV and what you learned on the web, what he thought about the news he was getting. He said “Well, I guess if you watch them all the truth is in there somewhere”. My heart sank to understand he was that out of touch. It wasn’t a surprise though since one of his favorite shows is “Cops”…..or should I say “was” since it’s been pulled. Now that’s the ultimate irony.

          • eric, OMG OMG at 2:30 C Bloomberg News released a video that the second wave was going to take the death toll to 200,000. Help, help help. That 3rd wave in (I thought the 2nd would be October but didn’t realize they were going to “move it up” to September)November will probably kill off half the population.

            There’s good news though. The only people who will die will be the idiots that wore masks. Obviously, I have no idea but if they keep wearing those masks their immune systems will be shit. Just count on a 3rd THIS year.

            Of course the 3rd was is going to set off such a wave of suicides they’ll have to go door to door and take everybody’s guns.

            I forgot. A friend sent me a Midway USA bullet sale today, cheap stuff because it’s blemished and generally, that only affects the tips or discoloration for all you reloaders out there

          • eric, I was awake for a long time this morning. I finally got up. I had taken a Benadryl 2 hrs earlier but felt like my blood was drained. I got up and looked at the computer and then started working on a project I must do but didn’t feel like it. I wanted to go back to bed and told my wife how I felt. She was still in bed, reading. I keep up with everything going on to such a degree it’s getting to me.

            • Morning, Eight –

              Yup. It’s been a hard week. Sometimes, the weight just accumulates and you don’t feel it until all-of-a-sudden. And then you do. I felt it this week. Hoping I can reboot myself today… or tomorrow. Maybe.

              • eric, I ended up getting some work done yesterday and the longer it went on, the more I found myself thinking of things I need to do.

                I felt fine this morning but now after a few hours I just want to go back to bed. I know I’m old but I’d really like to go back to bed with someone else. She doesn’t have to be “hot”, just clean and honestly like me, just like me. I seem to be living a life of ass-chewings from one place or the other. I’m not good with those, never have been but I’m not really able to react to the ones I’m getting. What do you do with your stupid doctor? And my stupid friends have been mute, as have I.

                The only person who I felt like I made a connection with on a common sense level was the nurse that letted my blood. She seemed to have been able to see the lie since we’ve had 2 cases in the entire county……and the only people I’ve seen with masks are middle aged women and the workers at the clinic who have no choice.

                I am sick……of the entire debacle on every level. I never considered there were SO many people so stupid and scared of everything.

                Rural people live with life and death every day. We have all sorts of ways to get killed from stepping out the door and getting rattlesnake struck to being attacked by a wild or domesticated animal. My best friend 20 years ago got killed working, ended up with his tractor on top of him. We just don’t take life as something that “someone else” has made “safe” for us. It’s the reason I have no use for people like my SIL, the ultimate city-slicker. And I know for a fact, you can be a city dweller but not a city-slicker. Shit, this stuff sucks.

  4. Well, let’s argue that some people might want a microwave oven. That’s fine but because the vast majority of cars are sold off the dealer lot they come with the prepackaged set of options to make it easier to order in bulk. So that microwave would be part of the “foodie” package that would include the oven, a mini fridge, cabinets, a nav system that points you to local restaurants by Zagat rating, a calorie burn calculator in the driver seat, a cabin fart fan, and a mini crane for your Rascal (or you).

      • I still haven’t found the flush toilet in my 2020 Sportage. also the car doesn’t shut off when at a stop lite, some others do, the Soul has an option button not to shut off. If u don’t have that option, then next time I may opt for a all electric car for in town.

    • Hey, Dominoes “pizza” already has ovens in their delivery cars……. Even though they’re not nukulators, they still gotta draw tons of current. Wonder what kind of a set-up they have? [Alternative: If you live in a hot area, just get a black car….]

      • Nunz, I have a 12V oven that cooks a meal in 15 minutes using the old cig lighter power. Got it right there from the gettin place, Chiner. I didn’t have room(day cab)for a nuclear wave like a sleeper truck has or a fridge.

        • That’s some high livin’ there, Eight! When I used to take trips looking for a place to get out of NY, I used to carry a cooler and an immersion heater!

          • Nunz, what it does is take the trouble of trying to cook on the engine out of the equation and only when the things are in the cooler do they need to be wrapped. Get a burger done, stop and make that bad boy up with toasted bun and you’re good to go.

            Cold winter day, stick that container of gumbo or beef, veggie soup in there and get it just like you want although it’s easier to have your rice done and only reheat than to cook in a pot since we are speaking of a rough-ass ride. You might not have much water or rice in a pot in a truck when you checked it. If you could find a tiny pressure cooker you’d be good to go but just mixing the pre-cooked rice into the steaming gumbo works fine.

            I thought I’d died and gone to heaven after I used it.

            • Yeah…but ya can’t beat engine-cooked cuisine! [Recipe says “Add two teaspoons of oil”….out comes the dipstick]

                • Hey Eric! No, I haven’t…but I may give it a try! Maybe I’ll start off smaller and try some eggs first. (Although, I did have a few BBQ’s back when I used to rent yard space when I was hauling junk cars…we’d set the BBQ on the trunk or hood of a car…use the cars as pic-i-nic tables….)

                  • Hi Nunz,

                    Eggs are messy! Wrap a couple o’ taters in foil and place them on the intake; you will want an old car with a cast iron/aluminum (not plastic) manifold. Drive for about 45 minutes. Then, dig in!

                    • eric, Nunz, I get enough of that engine blowby in a truck I like to get away from whatever something engine cooked was in.

                      But baked squash and taters are mighty good. I’ve noticed it’s not just the heat of the engine but the amount of air that moves through the engine compartment that affects the cook rate. Be sure and not have a leak though. Not only will you smell it but it can make a mess on the engine and even stain an aluminum intake. We used to make a tray that bolted to the bolts on the valve covers right over the exhaust manifold and that was the most reliable way and you won’t care as much if there’s a leak.

  5. A better way would be “induction heating” using special coffee cups. Induction heating consumes far less power and is extremely efficient, only heating the item itself while remaining cool to the touch.

  6. I proudly still drive a car with ashtrays (chrome ones in fact). Not every day, but as much as I can. There are affordable classics out there if you don’t mind losing modern comforts.

    But I totally agree with your assessment of the current car design retardation by mandate. All one has to do is look upon the areas of innovation that have not seen interference by the gun-wielding bureaucrats; computers for instance. Amazing leaps in technology have been made, with ever cheaper prices. Why can’t more people see this? I’ll tell you why… because a lot of people put safety above freedom.

    These mandates are A OK because they are “for safety reasons”. What a scam!

  7. In today’s Outer Limits [of insanity] episode, Tesla stock has reached a fresh record over $1,000 per share, partly on buzz over its new “million-mile battery.”

    This engineering miracle comes from Chinese supplier Contemporary Amperex Technology, who may have collaborated with Tesla to develop it.

    There’s just one thing — “If someone places an order, we are ready to produce” says the company’s chairman.

    Oh my! Real or vaporware: you decide! But in any event, when it comes to Tesla’s moonshot, facts don’t matter. All you need is a good concept and a good story.

    • The only thing Amperex I will use has a Bugle Boy on the envelope, and does not come from China. Million mile battery??? Someone’s really lighting up a fat spliff in marketing to come up with that stuff!

      • I love how virtually everything E-loon promises never materializes [At this rate, he’ll probably be elected president any day now]….but instead of being portrayed as a scammer/comedian, the media actually publishes his pathological lies as if he were credible…..and the public still apparently believes every word!

        I tell ya, there is a world-class politician in the making! Maybe he will be selected as the “Benevolent” dictator of the New World Order’s global government!

        Personally, I’m starting to use E-loon quotes in place of “The check is in the mail”.

  8. Lots of truckers with microwaves in the back–we had a truck come in years ago with a ‘check engine’ light that would come on when the customer was driving but that we couldn’t duplicate in the shop or on road tests. Come to find out the wife was cooking grub while the husband was driving–only problem the microwave was unshielded and putting all kinds of RF interference that the engine ECM was picking up. Drove us nuts trying to figure that one out.

      • Doesn’t necessarily have to be radiated emissions…there is usually no (or maybe a token X-line capacitor) filtering on the line side, and the microwave radiates pulsed nastiness with great abandon from its power line. It also conducts said nastiness to whatever is connected to that power line. Now, even meeting OSHA/CPSB standards for radiated S-Band emissions does not guarantee Part 15 devices (like WiFi) will tolerate the leakage…it can be safe, but clobber every WiFi in the house.

        • I once did a test with a microwave oven. I put a cup of water in it and turn it on. I had my laptop connected via wi-fi sitting right next to it.

          I started pinging the gateway, no problems, no packet loss.

          I started pulling on the door at the corner, and without all that much force I had created enough leakage that the laptop started dropping packets.

          As soon as I let go the packet loss went away.

          As far as power line emissions, I can’t imagine that much gets past the microwave oven transformer itself; it’s a very large inductor, after all. Inverter microwave ovens (that use a switchmode power supply/inverter in place of the large microwave oven transformer) are obviously a different case, but are still a small percentage of the microwave ovens currently in service.

    • Any time I pit stop at a truck stop I make sure to check out all the 12VDC appliances. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see a microwave oven with a lighter socket plug.

      Whether or not it actually worked without melting the socket or popping the fuse doesn’t matter…

      • You can’t get much more than about 200 watts out of a cigarette lighter socket.

        A 200 watt microwave oven probably wouldn’t be very useful. If you buy a regular microwave oven, the smallest you can find is a 600 watt and I doubt they are even made that small anymore.

        • And I must add a correction/clarification: Microwave ovens are rated in OUTPUT wattage. Input wattage will be higher because they are not 100% efficient at turning electricity into microwaves.

          So a cigarette lighter powered oven will have an output wattage lower than 200 watts, making it even less useful.

          • The trucker and his wife had run a couple solid copper house style wires (think Romex) directly from the batteries to the inverter–a big one you would use for solar panels–the truck had (4) 950CCA batteries so plenty of power was available. We inferred that the problem was caused by the RF from the microwave as we could finally duplicate the problem once we knew what was going on with the wife cooking the grub. Microwave on-check engine light on with codes for crank and cam sensors. Also possible the inverter was at fault.

            • I would think the inverter would be the more likely culprit, it probably had substandard filtering in the input section.

              • Also, the inverter have been grounded in a way that caused a voltage drop between two points that interfered with the ECM…putting 100+ amps of ground current into the chassis might not be the best thing to do. Probably best to go directly to the battery.

              • Hell, maybe even the way that thin solid copper wiring is routed, vs. thick multi-strand battery cables., plus the pulsing of alternating current 50-60Hz. as opposed to direct current……

                • I would hope that nobody would use solid copper wiring in a mobile application, something like stranded triplex boat cable is a much better choice (and is rated for 120V use). Solid wire and vibration don’t get along too well.

                    • Yes, they apparently ran solid copper building wire from the inverter to the battery. Aside from the problem of using solid wire in a mobile application, another problem is that solid building wire isn’t typically available in sizes larger than 10 AWG. This is NOT going to safely carry the 100+ amps needed by an inverter powering a microwave oven and it will have a significant voltage drop at that current.

                      At a minimum, 4 AWG battery or welding cable is what should have been used, and depending upon the length of the run, 2 AWG or larger may be required to reduce the voltage drop.

  9. Funny, just came across that photo yesterday, of the guy munching microwaved pizza in his 1957 classic. Bet he’s also got one of them under-dash mounted 45 rpm record players, spinning Elvis.

    A tiny microwave would be a great travel accessory. The problem seems to be current draw.

    A 120-volt countertop microwave can pull 10 amps. In a 12-volt car or truck, that scales up to 100 amps — a current which would fry not only the cables, but probably the battery as well after a few cycles.

    With a 48-volt system, and a lower-powered compact microwave, current draw conceivably could be limited to 15-20 amps, a level compatible with normal wiring and fuses.

    For now, the only one on the horizon is the Wayvtech Adventurer, described by the company as “the world’s first portable, solid-state radio-frequency food heater.” But the large thermos-sized unit is still in development, with no launch date announced.

    Cooking over a fire is one of the joys of camping. But a portable microwave is the killer app for people who need to sleep in or near their vehicle, then nuke up some breakfast for an early start.

  10. Probably the microwave would be disabled while the car is in gear. It’d be kind-of like why we can’t pair a phone to the car unless it’s in park, or set a gps location while in motion. Saaaaaafety and all. So under the safety diktats, the microwave would be pointless anyway. (Yes I understand the point about removing the diktats in the first place, but then the fear of liability from a freshly heated cup of coffee spilling when the driver slams on the brakes would stymie such ideas)

    Relatedly, went appliance shopping this week and found refrigerators that now brew coffee for you, so we are getting there. 🙂

  11. Eric, while I’ve always steered clear of microwave ovens [I’m old-fashioned- I cook with fire], I’m sure that some other hillbillies have likely already figgered out how to incorporate a microwave into their jalopies. It seems only natural: Guy driving down the road, sees a flattened racoon; stops, picks it up; tosses it into the nukalator….and 2 minutes later is eating din-din, while saying “Dang, this just ain’t as good as the ones Suelena* cooks over the meth fahr”.

    *=Actual name of a local.

    • I can see the news reports now: “Pickup truck fire caused by jerry-rigged microwave oven”

      I have, for testing purposes, run a microwave oven off of a 12V, 1500W inverter. The current into the inverter was north of 100 amps. When dealing with currents that high, proper materials and installation are very important if you don’t want to be needing the services of the fire department.

      • Thanks, Crusty!

        Well…..I am in the neighboring state to West Virginny! (‘Least that’s what my wife/sister says….)

  12. “Now you know why new cars are so alike”.

    ….and why new people are so alike- Vacuous, shallow, herd-mentality rule-following collectivists- because the same komissars who dictate what cars we shall be allowed to drive, also dictate how our chil’en are edumacated, [not]disciplined, and entertained.

    • Boy did you nail it Nunz!… Eric mentions the 100 or so dictating the requirements of car safety but the real problem is those 450 or so “representatives” and a few hundred or so in the Executive and Judicial. Rounding up to a thousand we have 1 person for every 325,000 dictating our every move. And 300,000 of those are lapping it up. All for the same reason….safety. This Covid 19 thing isn’t over by a long shot. Led by Zerohedge, MSM everyday reports more cases, more deaths. They got away with putting 40 millions of us out of work, millions of businesses shuttered, more soon to close. The riots they are allowing will make things even more miserable. They’re not stopping. They’re quietly passing bills left and right On Martin Armstrong’s site there is a video of a lady that decided to become a Contact Tracer to see what gov was up to and what was involved. They’re gonna pay these traitors $60- $100,000 per year. Guaranteed those asswipes will do whatever their told. It will be absolutely hell on earth even for those that test clean. These lockdowns we just went through are/were a cakewalk compared to what they are planning. If we think we can just ignore this until it blows over we are in for a hell of a shock. This will never be over unless we say no in a manner they clearly understand… Elections won’t matter, They have all bases covered. Voting out one traitor just votes in another. Removing one traitorous judge just puts in another. As an old man I will miss most of it. Those younger will pay dearly.

      • Exactly, Ken! Your comment juyst made realize something: They can use the riot to justify enacting martial law…and once that is in place, the ones enforcing it can easily be used to enforce compliance with the soon-to-come next round of sickness Kabuki- including “mandatory” vaccinations et al.

        I used to think that I was blessed to come from a fambly of long-livers- but now? The idea of having to try and stay free for another 30-35 years is HORRIFYING!!!! I used to also think that I was in a good position, seeing that I enjoy the simple basic life and the only thing I really want out of life is to be left the hell alone…..but now even that seems like a more unattainable dream than if I had wanted fame and fortune!

        The way they’re going, they’ll probably find a way to mess with us even after we croak!


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