Diaper Report: 07/08/2024

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It has been announced that Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman – a title fit for our times – has come down with “COVID.” This is interesting given that the man has been “vaccinated” three times against “COVID.”

The foregoing words bracketed within air-fingers-quote marks to highlight absurdity of the usage.

“COVID” being just another cold – and maybe the flu, which miraculously disappeared during the “COVID” event that we were expected to pretend was a “pandemic.” That word also bracketed within air-fingers quote marks to highlight the vicious absurdity of using that word to describe the spread of a cold/flu that didn’t cull almost everyone who caught it except for the elderly, frail and chronically sick already – who have always been at-risk of becoming sicker than the rest of us when they catch a cold or the flu.

By the metric of the number of healthy people under 70 who died from “COVID,” the event was a “pandemic” in the same general way that there have been “pandemics” of chicken pox or even acne.

And “vaccines”?

Who – at this point – does not comprehend that whatever these drugs are, the one thing they are not is vaccines? The latter everyone understands confer immunity on the recipient. It is – per Dr. Strangelove’s elaboration of the deterrence being the art of producing in the mind of the enemy the fear to attack – the point of the thing. A “vaccine” that does not immunize is – at best – like aspirin, which does not prevent the person who takes it from getting a headache.

Much less prevent others from getting headaches.

Maybe the second gentleman ought to have been wearing a “mask” (or three). But he wasn’t – perhaps because he thought he’d been vaccinated.

That is to say, immunized.

It is hard to think otherwise after having been “vaccinated” three times. Plus boosted.

Well, it is hard for many people – such as the second gentleman – who continue to get “vaccinated” (and boosted) despite continuing to get “COVID.”

The same goes for what’s left of Joe Biden, the casket model running for a Weekend at Bernie’s four more years. He got “COVID” again – after not being immunized – in the summer of ’22.

Maybe he just forgot to wear his “mask.” Along with everything else.

The second gentleman’s spokesperson – why such an office is necessary (and paid for by taxpayers) given the second gentlemen holds no elected office and wields no official power – says  Emhoff is “currently asymptomatic, continuing to work remotely, and remaining away from others at home.” 

Working? On what, exactly? His needlepoint?

But we can take comfort in his being “asymptomatic” – which is to say, he isn’t sick. Which is interesting given that we’re told he has a sickness – “COVID” that (apparently) produces no symptoms.

So how did the second gentleman come to suspect he has “COVID”?

Probably, he “tested positive” for “COVID” – which pretty much everyone who catches a cold will “test positive” for if they run the snot sample through the test cycle a sufficient number of times. Remember when orange juice, cola and bananas “tested positive”? Of course, people such as the second gentleman prefer we forget all about that.

And that may be why he – via his spokesperson – announced he’d “tested positive.” Because he – because they – don’t want us to forget all about that. There is, after all, another (s)election coming up and they want to make sure they win it. Another round of the cases! the cases! – could be just the cure for that. There are already at least four “cases” – this time, of bird flu.

And you know how fast those “cases” can spread when everyone “tests positive.”

. . .

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  1. Yup, some psychopath is hot on the ol’ campaign trail as “casket model” molders in its familiar basement. Just replace OE with ILL. Problem solved.

  2. “Don’t Just Check the Air[heads]”

    ‘Democrats can’t solve their Biden problem. The issue isn’t one man’s decline, but a systemic crisis.

    ‘Other ‘Bidens’ — some elderly, confused and inept like Joe, others middle-aged, confused and inept, like Kamala, and some even young, confused and inept like AOC — fill the system because they are how the system works.

    ‘It’s not a meritocracy that elevates the best, a democracy chosen by the people, but an oligarchy that runs the system and also IS the system.’


    Dumb and dumber …

  3. Periodically my husband switches to the local news to see what the day’s propaganda is. Yesterday I watched a few minutes of it. I had been convinced that the news must finally done blathering about covid. Yesterday depressingly, it appeared to still be in the news. The nice normal young news lady was reporting that local sewage was testing positive for covid. Wtf!? Yep. She went on to encourage people to start wearing masks (yes, really) to prevent getting covid. Oh, but she cautioned that although masks are helpful in preventing the spread of covid, there is no guarantee they work, so it is wise to be up to date on your covid vaccines. I was actually dumbfounded to still be seeing this crap on the news.

  4. Joe Biden should mandate everyone where Depends, just to make sure.

    A mask is not enough, don your diapers for your safety.

    We’re all in this together.

    Netanyahu should be wearing a diaper outside his pants, the biggest baby in the world will be right there to cry crocodile tears for America while robbing her of everything she has.

    Been going on for a long time now.

    America sucks on hind teat, Israel is first in line.

    In the long haul, the news will be good, Netanyahu will shit his pants the day he dies, diaper or not. The same goes for Biden.

    Good riddance. Be good for them both.

    • Hi Drump,

      In re Depends: I said the same during “mask” mania. If I must wear a “mask” because I might be sick and might cough out germs, then everyone also ought to wear a literal diaper because anyone might shit their pants – and what a mess that would make.

  5. No one seems to be talking about the stunning election victories of the Left in France and England lately. It looks like the ruling “elite” are setting up leftist governments all over the world to make it easier to crush everyone into submission when they unveil their next “crisis” next year (Agenda 2025). Anyone who thinks Biden will go quietly into the night is wishful thinking, and it’s likely we’ll see the Dems “win” big this fall. As they say, you can’t vote your way out of communism.

    • Bingo! Communism “selection” is the covid-me-too freakout of 2024. It matters not whether Xiden, Xiden Jr, or whatever demon is the pick of the day, the 2024 US selection will be a massive step towards communism and the CCP social credit score system. Enjoy!

    • Fox is reporting that the democrats intend to stick with Biden at this point. Given some people would vote for a dead person as long as they have a D before their name, it os very possible he could vin. I’m sure there are a lot of people on the Left who are fine with the idea that the president is merely a figurehead and are happy with open borders, diversity, climate change and all the rest of the Left’s policies. He would obviously not be able to serve another term, but I think they just want to get him over the finish line and figure out the rest later.

    • I was surprised that even though Marine LePen’s party won a majority of the votes the leftist/commies still managed to end up in control of the government. Looks like France knows the art of gerrymandering. Also disgusting how the MSM portrays every win for normal people as hair-on-fire “far right” victories, as if swastika flags will be unfurled any day now.

  6. Remember when Nixon resigned (8 Aug 1974)? I am expecting a wave repeat with “I stole the election” Joe.

    NBS Special Bulletin tonight, President Biden resigns! Apu Chakralamaramashivadingdong reporting:

    Tune in tonight at 7pm EST for the resignation of the leader of the freeloading world tender his resignation – and listen to a old senile codger blather on about this and that and how he was the greatest president but he was robbed because of the wars, inflation, and all them illegal Mexican bandits. Dr. Jill demands two gajillion dollars in unmarked bills if they want them to leave the White Man’s House. The Biden’s will not go quitely into the night, they stole the election fair and square!

  7. Regarding the video of “covid” false positives, I read the youtube comments. It never dawns on most of these dumb bastards that if orange juice or other common things trigger false positives, maybe, just maybe, the “test” was part of the wall-to-wall propaganda designed to promote the belief in the existence of a fake disease.

    Here’s the stupidest comment:

    @Iceis_Phoenix 1 year ago
    I will fake it then get it for real … No thank u Karma

  8. Man, talk about, ‘Populations Sucked Into the Vortex of…Medical Labels’:

    ‘This May Be the Most Overlooked COVID Symptom’

    Mon, July 8, 2024

    …“If everybody in your house has COVID and you have diarrhea, then you have to put two and two together,”


    These guys really know how to label.

    …”They’re experts.

    They can cluster and carve up symptoms and come up with medical names from here to the horizon.

    They can resist any attempt to see how pesticides or infant formula or processed foods are the actual realities.”…


    Obviously, what everyone needs, is Brawndo!

  9. In other news…Biden (Jill, not Joe) is trying her best to hold onto the Presidency. Uncle Joe’s Fake Administration has gone as far as writing a letter to tell the big bad Asses to shut their mouth and to stop asking for him to resign.


    Jill and Hunter refuse to walk away from such power. I can only predict that Uncle Joe may be JFKed shortly since he refuses to cooperate with his removal from office and the campaign. The only question is who springboards onto the top of the ticket? Kamala or Gavin?

    • Hi RG,

      It’ll be Big Mike. I know you disagree but “she” is their only viable option. No one likes Kamala. But they can’t get rid of her without a black woman – cough! – to replace her. So it’ll be “her.”

      Big Mike is coming…

    • ‘Biden (Jill, not Joe) is trying her best to hold onto the Presidency.’ — Raider Girl

      Desperate times require desperate measures:

      MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said that it would be good to “allow the candidates to have as many staff as they want, join them on the stage throughout the debate, and make sure that all of them have microphones.”

      He added that “the candidates should be allowed to turn to their staff and confer with them about anything at any time in the debate.”

      “And we should be able to hear everything they say. So we can hear if the candidate has competent or incompetent staff, we could hear the candidate overrule some advisers and say something else,” he continued.


      ‘We’re all in this together …’ 🙂

    • I think the powers that be are ok with Trump winning. After all, he can only get 4 more years and can’t run again. They’ll be able to act like his re-election was not the product of a populist movement (something they despise). They’ll just say that Biden was such a flawed opponent that anybody could have beat him.

      They’ll then tank the economy on Trump and blame him and evil capitalism for it. This will then set up the “need” to print money (which the elites can then use to buy everything on sale from the crash). It’ll also set up the next Leftist to take over in 4 years and then they can get sweeping “reforms” passed.

      Wash, rinse and repeat.

      • That’s my exact sentiment!

        TPTB won’t need to give the Orange Man the JFK/RFK/MLK Jr. treatment—they’ll let him win and simply say that the voters have spoken, and let him take the fall when a bunch of things hit the fan in the next four years.

        And when that happens, what you said: the people will clamor for TPTB to do something, and in 2028 or 2032 an FDR 2.0 or, heaven forbid, a wannabe Lenin, will be in pole position to do something, and will
        win, and TPTB will once again say that the voters wanted it.

        • I agree with the both of you. Eventhough the economy has been on the verge of tanking for years, it will not matter. Americans (not here, mind you) are so damned dumb, they will be ready to blame Trump when their 401K’s are at zero, their dollars are worthless, they are out on the streets, and their kids are screaming for food, because they have never known anything but over full bellies. Someone will have to be hung for it all, and I can see TPTB “allowing” Trump to take office, as well, and then taking the fall for it all, knowing voters are too stupid to see the much bigger picture. In the pain of losing everything, it-cannot-happen-here-Americans will simply lose it, and call for Trump’s head in retaliation. Which I think is probably the end goal. Usher in Communism, because homeless, hungry Americans will demand it (get that something-for-nothing), and f- freedom, right? And that is the end of what is left of the country, and sadly, many WILL give up their guns if their kid is screaming to be fed. How utterly depressing. It makes me wish I was 90 and with one foot in the grave, instead of much younger, and more likely to see this sh– come to pass. I feel for those who ARE 90, and have to see everything crash again.

      • I don’t know, ML. Something seems off. I cannot just believe that the Asses and the elites (who usually proclaim to be Asses) are going to just let him slide into position…unless he is one of them.

        They are just going to let a populist businessman that they have put through the wringer (even convicting him of fraudulent crimes) to hold the reins of the most powerful position in the world? He has the ability to seek retribution against his enemies and fix a broken economy. Hopefully, he breaks out the chainsaw like Milei and starts axing government agencies left and right. I can at least dream.

        If Trump is truly “for the people” (I have serious doubts) and brings this country back from the blackhole that it is veering towards doesn’t this make his running mate, or hell, even Don Jr. a shoo in for 2030? Why would the Asses give him enough rope so they can hang themselves?

        • Here’s a little taste of how it works. Milei is blamed for lesbians being set on fire. Truth is of little relevance in the Leftist playbook. They need an occasional scapegoat to keep the fear amped up, and they’re opportunists:

          For Argentina’s LGBTQ groups – many of whom are planning to commemorate the four women with a rally this weekend – the attack represents an extreme manifestation of what they consider a growing wave of hostility against them. Those they blame most for this rising intolerance are the people in power. Chief among them, they say, is the country’s new far-right leader Javier Milei.

          “Things changed with the new government of Javier Milei,” said Maria Rachid, head of the Institute Against Discrimination of the Ombudsman’s Office in Buenos Aires, and a board member and founder of the Argentine LGBT Federation (FALGBT).

          “Since the beginning of the new government, there are national government officials expressing themselves in a discriminatory manner and those hate speeches before our communities from places with so much power, of course, what they do is generate – actually legitimize – and endorse these discriminatory positions that are then expressed with violence and discrimination in everyday life,” Rachid said.


          • Lesbicide? Now we are just making words up.

            I read the article, but it is quite a stretch for CNN to suggest that three women killed by a lunatic is because of the closure of Argentina’s Ministry of Women, Gender, and Diversity department under Milei.

            I understand (and can even agree) with what you are alluding to…the media will carry the narrative and no one is safe. But, the media (especially the US MSM) has been doing that for decades. The more they desecrated Trump the stronger he became. Now, you have the media, from and center, showing that they were in cahoots to keep Biden’s deterioration from the American public. Let’s not forget RussiaGate, Hunter’s laptop, Ashley’s diary, and a host of other lies.

            They can print whatever they want. Who is foolish enough to believe it? Even some of the Asses are awakening from their Rip Van Winkle slumber.

            • Who is foolish enough to believe it? There are plenty that still believe the Russian interference, J6 insurrection and “pandemic” narratives.

              You, I and the folks commenting here are all red-pilled uber skeptics. We all tend to see the propaganda for what it is, but I’d be surprised if we accounted for 1% of the population of these United States.

              • Well, sadly, there is that saying: “Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of the American public”. And sadly, many of them vote.

                • George Carlin nailed it, “think about how stupid the average American is, and then realize that half of them are even dumber than that.”

            • The good folk of Salem, MA, had the common sense to BURN “witches” (dykes). Seriously, that’s what the lesbo-feminazis claim, that the “witches” were merely lesbians being persecuted by the “hateful”, Bible-thumping men that ran that colonial town.

  10. ‘Probably, [Emhoff] “tested positive” for “COVID”’ — eric

    Reassuringly, though, his IQ test came back negative.

  11. What I find interesting is all the “died suddenly” articles I come across. Not a day goes by that I do not read of a young and vaccinated person dropping dead and no one seems to know why. The media completely ignore the elephant in the room. It makes me wonder how many have to die from the “cure” before the liberal media are forced to look at the truth? Hmm, probably when hades freezes over I suppose.


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