Diaper Report: 07/01/2024

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This report concerns a friend of mine who works in the health care field as a nurse – who is currently not working because he’s down with “COVID.” And so are most of the people he works with.

This is interesting – because he (and they) were not supposed to get “COVID.” Or so they were told. If, that is, they rolled up their sleeves and allowed themselves to be injected with what turned out to not be a vaccine, as they were told it was. That word was used because it was known that most people understood the word to mean they’d have immunity from “COVID” if they took what they were told was a vaccine.

After they took it, they found out it was something else.

Kind of like being catfished into agreeing to a date with someone you found online who looked one way online and turned out to look very different in person. Only much worse, because you can’t un-inject the drugs they tricked (and coerced) you to take.

My friend was doubtful about the “vaccine” he allowed himself to be injected with – in part because he’s a very fit and not elderly guy who knew he needed this shot like a tire that hasn’t got a leak needs a shot of Fix-a-Flat.

At best, it’s superfluous.

But he was under duress to accept the needle. Not unlike the duress Ned Beatty’s character was under in Deliverance. My friend didn’t have a shotgun pointed at his belly. But he did have to choose between losing his job and the paycheck that kept a roof over his family’s head. Also the benefits he’d earned, which would be lost in the event of his early termination.

And now he faces the possibility of exactly that, in a sense far more serious than that.

My friend is currently very sick. As opposed to the cold many of us caught during the “pandemic,” before the drugs sold to people as vaccines were pushed on them. When I spoke with him the other day, he told me he’s unable to get out of bed, has no appetite and feels like death.

My hope is that he will live.

My suspicion is he’s very sick precisely because he allowed himself to be injected with the drugs that were sold to him as vaccines – and pushed on him (and countless millions of others) using the threat of job/career loss as the cudgel. I worry his immune system may be impaired – because he got “vaccinated” – because the “vaccinated” are the ones who seem to keep getting sick, over and over and over, again.

I’ve known my friend for close to 20 years and – until now – he’s never been seriously sick. He and I have both caught colds every now and then. We cough, we snot. But we’ve never been incapacitated.

And now he is. And I am not.

Could it be due to the fact that he is “vaccinated” – while I am not?

Correlation is, of course, not necessarily causation. But it also doesn’t mean it isn’t. And it’s a fact that the “vaccines” are no such thing, because it’s a fact that those who took them are not immunized. The bullshit about “reduces the chances of hospitalization” is exactly that, which can be established as that by stating what everyone knows. That being if these drugs were pushed on people on that basis – as opposed to the immunization basis –  it would have been much harder to push them.

And that is precisely why people were lied to about them.

Buyer’s regret hardly covers this. If you buy a car that turned out to be a lemon – or you just don’t like the thing – you can always take it back. How do you take back what’s been injected into your body? That may have permanently damaged your body?

These are, no doubt, some of the questions my friend and his co-workers are probably pondering right now.

. . .

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  1. Get him on the Zelenko protocol or similar, even if he is getting better. Substitute Allicin C for the antibiotic, add Bioage Superfood also. Its a blue/green algae, thatll give him 15,000 unique nutrients and help detox him and get his energy back up. Ivermectin NAC, Curcumin, high dose Vit D with K, and the preciously mentioned stuff. None od these have any side effects, bad effects or damage.

  2. The way to fight off covid is all things we were told not to do. Every single one of the ‘kook’ ideas from vitamin D & C to Ivermectin (sp?) and hydrocloriquine (sp?) and beyond has been shown in peer reviewed studies to work in the years since the covidian law fell upon us.

    • Hydroxychloroquine is synthetic quinine. The bitter stuff in tonic water.


      Countries where malaria is common, therefore quinine is consumed regularly, saw few to no issues with covid. I heard a podcast featuring an Indian doctor who said hydroxychloroquine is basically every Indian mother’s NyQuil, an instant cure-all). After I caught the bug in 2022 I started researching how to get hydroxychloroquine, and trying to see if I could get a prescription. Then I started to wonder just what the stuff was, read the wiki, then stumbled across that article (and several other studies from the NIH -hmmm). So worth a shot (or several) I drank about a liter of tonic water with some orange juice concentrate. Within a few hours, fever gone, no aches, no pains, no cough. YMMV.

    • There are of course many exceptions.

      But it is often fruitful to search for truth in the things we are not allowed to say, and utility in the things we are not allowed to do.

      Most of us have figured this out by the time we are five years old. Perhaps then it is no coincidence that the python of the system chooses this developmental stage to begin squeezing us all into unquestioning, unthinking, unfeeling conformist zombies. After about 12 years we are then shit out into a system that demands the same. Anyone who dares to do something else is to be shunned. And it is in the community of the shunned that one might find peace and worthwhile companions. 🐍

  3. Howdy Eric,

    I’m truly sorry for your friend and hope he can recover. Getting ahead means you can stand up to coercion and he was likely under the gun. I can’t imagine going home to a starving family and explain your refusal to take the poison.

    More importantly, it is important for the vakseen injured to research ways of dissolving the spike proteins. That faggot Chris Cuomo was shown on a JewToob video admitting to using Ivermectin to recover from vakseen injury and he’s now a big proponent of it. How is that for irony? There are protocols to accomplish this. It’s hard for your friend to manage his whole situation, being so disabled. Perhaps you can help in this area.

    Best Wishes to you and your friend.

  4. I knew in March of 2020 that forced vakseens were coming and warned people of this. I told people I wouldn’t take it at gunpoint. They didn’t think I meant it, but I told them I will prove it one day. Now that the dry run has been completed and most of humanity will eat shit if someone tells them to, there is no doubt it will happen again in the not too distant future, but with greater intensity and with greater force than before. When it does, I will one day walk through a scanner in a public venue. When I set off the alarm because I do not have the right nanoparticles in my body, 3 or 4 brown uniforms will grab me and say, “you’re coming with us.” I’ll be thrown in a van and be taken away. At the camp, I may be presented with one last chance to do what I’m told or be shot and my remains dumped in an incinerator. I will choose the latter because I’ll have no interest in returning to the world as a fuckin piece of livestock. There won’t even be a record of my death. I’ll simply go dark and leave people wondering what ever became of Dennisito …..

  5. Sorry about your friend Eric. I’ve read about herbal type stuff that supposedly mitigates the effect of the clot shot. Do they work? I don’t know but at this point what does he got to lose?

    My Mom was a true believer in the “SCIENCE” who got every shot/ booster that was available. In early September of ’22 she noticed a sore spot on her neck. By the time they figured out it was Lymphoma it was too late. Too old and a heart condition made Chemo a no go and Radiation therapy took the life out of her and she was dead less than two weeks later. She was gone in a little over 3 months.

    The bastards scared an elderly women into taking an untested gene therapy drug and the whole family paid the price. Now they talk about bird flu shots. I’m glad I’ve got FU money and I won’t be taking that shot either.

    • Thanks, Landru –

      Sorry about your mom, too. The whole thing is both sad and infuriating; the latter because it wasn’t natural and thus something it’s hard to be at peace with.

  6. Hi Eric,
    This is just a lesson to everyone that being dependant on a system and placing all your eggs in it (beenfits etc) is stupid.
    It eas not a good situation for your friend. In his case I would have quit job which would be honorable thing to do.
    Or if you really need cash urgently I would bribe someome for fake shot. Job is just a means to an end. You can always get a new job.

  7. I am over the whole COVID scam. People lie. The government lies. Corporations lie. Rinse and repeat. Tiring, boring and pathetic. People were not forced to get the worse than useless bioweapon covid shot.

    – They got the shots because there is a crapload of hypochondriacs scared out of their useless noggins and will take any drug/vaccine hoping they will never get sick or die.

    – They got the shots because there is a crapload of hypochondriacs scared out of their useless noggins and will take any drug/vaccine hoping they WILL get sick so they can whine and complain to anyone and everyone about their daily ailments, especially long govid.

    – They got the shots because everyone else, including celebitchies (yup spelled it wrong intentionally) were getting the shots and they wanted to believe (or pretend) that by getting the shots they were virtuous and were finally part of the “cool kids” lunch table.

    – They got the shots because their workplace told them it was required and there ya go. Easier to get the shots than quit and find other ways to make money, keep a roof over one head’s etc.

    – They got the shots because what is one more drug to take? Hell, most Americans (including children) are already on a fistful of drugs of which they take daily be it prescription or so-called illegal/recreational drugs. They take yearly worse than useless vaccines such as the BS flu/shingles vaccines and don’t get me started on the utterly criminal HPV vaccines…

    – They got the shots because humans are social beings who want to get along with other humans. No one wants to be the asshole who always does the opposite of what the pack is doing. The covid-me-too-freakout broke a lot of people who had very little independent spirit to begin with.

    Hell…the sheeple who took the shots are the same people who “celebrate” American Independence Day by purchasing thousands of dollars of commercial grade fireworks and dynamite courtesy of our friend COMMUNIST CHINA and shooting them off all summer, day and night not giving a crap about how the noise affects their neighbors and wildlife.

    But I have to care about their long covid as a result of taking a worse than useless covid vaccine because they were “coerced” to take it.

    Nah…I am over it. This is not living, this is chaos just for the sake of chaos.

    • Great comment, Pug, but I just don’t mind being the asshole not swayed by what the pack is doing. It’s really amazing to see people’s reactions when I say NO to something that they may try to tell me to do. Going against my principles is never an option and I’m willing to go without if necessary.

      One of my favorite responses to an unreasonable demand of me is: “Or else what?”

  8. There’s an aspect of this story that goes right back to the March 2020 beginning of the doofy-doof-19 fairy tale. The idea that the severity of someone’s illness, perhaps a death even from such illness, an illness that bears all the hallmarks of the flu and not exotica like bleeding from the eyes or anus, is somehow proof that a novel virus, a third thing separate from a cold or flu exists. Dude was reeeeeally sick, yo, doofy’s real! Dude took a test!

    Here’s an article from today describing the symptoms of doofy.


    The #1 symptom?

    From link:

    “Unfortunately one of the most common COVID symptoms currently seems to be a sore throat with or without a mild fever,” infectious disease specialist Dr. Andreas M. Kogelnik, MD, PhD., tells us. “I say unfortunately because—of course—a sore throat can be attributed to many different causes.”


    A fucking sore throat.

    The symptoms of doofy?

    From link:

    Other COVID symptoms commonly being reported include:

    Body aches







    Wow, so fucking novel.

    They’ve even given up on the goddam loss of taste/smell!

    From link:

    Some good news? Loss of smell and taste, which were common symptoms of prior COVID strains, are now uncommon.


    How to protect yourself?

    From link:

    In addition to hand-washing (which you should be doing anyway!), masking, self-isolating and frequent testing can all help keep you and others protected from the current COVID surge.


    Jeezus. These lies never die. By now, you have suspend disbelief or be fully retarded to believe in this bullshit.

    • The psyop’d virtually everybody on earth that a common cold was a deadly fucking pandemic. Hell, you didn’t even have to present any symptoms. Just take a “test” and you’re a case!

      With that said, it’s hard to believe there are a lot of dumb fucks out there that still believe it.

      • Hi ML,

        You thought the fear porn campaign surrounding COVID was bad? Just wait til they try running a fear porn campaign over bird flu. There’ll be calls to test humans AND livestock.

        • ‘Just wait til they try running a fear porn campaign over bird flu.’ — John B

          [in a raspy, unrecognizable voice]: Hello, I’m Hillary Clinton. I used to be a normal First Lady, stuffing my lipsticked piehole with delicacies from the White House chef. But since I caught this harrowing bird flu, I take wing at night to feed on carrion, often lying crushed and decomposing in the middle of the Saw Mill River Parkway. CAW! CAW! — Public Service Announcement

          Sure scares the shit outta me, comrade.

        • Hi John B: They may try, but I just don’t think it’ll work. There are a lot of stupid, malleable people out there, but I think a large enough portion of the population is comfortable saying fuck you to Big Pharma. Also, politicians like Ron Desantis and others will push back as well.

          • Hi ML,

            I hope you’re right, though a lot of people fell for the MASSIVE propaganda campaign involving COVID, face diapers, and the mRNA jabs. Will they fall for the MASSIVE propaganda campaign over bird flu that Big Pharma and authoritarian governments are likely to run? Time will tell.

  9. Many people who got the shot regret it, but I don’t think anyone who passed on it has the same feeling.
    I got what I assume is covid February of 2021 and had the symptoms described in the column, i.e. exhausted, no appetite, brain fog, feverish and wishing for death. They lasted two weeks in earnest and then another two weeks of feeling better/relapsing/recovering/sudden fever, et al. Even when I was at the worst, I never believed that shot would have prevented it.
    But even without the shot, I feel like my immune system got fried somehow, like something in the virus itself continues on and still does its dirty work (maybe whatever that is is also in the shot.) I rarely got colds before. When I did, they were very mild and lasted only a couple of days. I’ve had the flu exactly once that I can recall. Now, I feel like I’m constantly sick – nothing as bad as my “covid” but worse than my colds used to be. The colds are gross and wet and last at least two weeks. I get better for about a month, then the next one hits. My husband, who has always been more susceptible to colds than I, always seems sick too and we’re passing things back and forth. Whatever those mad scientists put in that, it’s no ordinary bug. I hesitate to say I have “long covid,” because that seems to be more of a lung capacity issue (if it’s even real, that is), but it sucks to think this thing is still affecting me.

    • Hi Amy,

      The strength of our immune systems are based on the health of our gut. I have always been an advocate for organic tea, but recently discovered kombucha. I actually take a shot of kombucha each morning (about 1 oz) followed by 400 mg of magnesium, 5000 IU of Vitamin D, and 5 mg garlic. I will probably jinx myself but, I feel great. I don’t remember the last time I had a cold. My sickness is usually something stupid…like eating undercooked chicken. 🤢

      If you don’t like kombucha try Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, or ginger. I also recommend a variety of nighttime teas…turmeric, blackberry cider, peppermint, lavender, or chamomile. They all ease tummy discomfort and improve the gut.

      • Apricot seeds and other amygdalin containing foods, like flax seeds, are also powerful immune system builders.

    • Amy, most likely you’ve also been third degree vaccinated. I assign 3 levels:

      1st Degree: You took the needle.
      2nd Degree: You had intimate contact with a first degree person.
      3rd Degree: You were in close proximity to a 1st or 2nd degree vaccinated person and got it through shedding.

      Anyone who calls themself a “pureblood” is engaging in wishful thinking. The evil was so deep that they went to great lengths to get it into everyone, to some degree or another, in any way possible. You must understand that this whole assault on humanity was decades in the making. They were thorough.

  10. Vaccines have always spread disease. Vaccines have always been unsafe. I will never take their poison needle.

    A Systematic REVIEW of Autopsy findings in deaths after covid-19 vaccination



    • We found that 73.9% of deaths were directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination.

    • Our data suggest a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccination and death.

    • The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days. Most deaths occurred within a week from last vaccine administration.

  11. 45+ years ago, when I experimented with every illegal street drug, I never ever put a needle in my arm. My reasoning was that swallowing or inhaling such drug gives one’s body a chance to expel it. Once you take it in your blood, not so much. After the last 4+ years, I see no reason not to apply this notion to “legal” drugs either. The Medical Industrial Complex has proven it is no more ethical or trustworthy than a common dope peddler, likely much less so.
    After the last “vaccine” I was given, DPT in the ER five years ago, without my consent, a month later I started showing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  12. Please convince him to get on an alternate protocol to nix this thing. Hopefully he’ll listen to a trusted friend! My self treatment was querticine, zinc, D3, vit C, famotidine.
    I also found out my asthma inhaler, budesonide, helps with blocking attachment of this “virus” in the lungs.

    I never did the horse paste – that was going to be next up but I was done with this thing in 12 hours, 2 1/2 years ago. Never got the clot shot and now I don’t trust any vacc since they seem hell bent on MRNA tech formulas for the old school vaccines.

    Anyway please have him or you research what alternatives are recommended today.

  13. T’is true! Of those I know who took the jab, every one of them has since had “COVID” AT LEAST three times; some four!
    Myself and the few around me who laughed in their faces when they warned us that we’d better get jabbed or we would die, have not had “COVID”; the flu; or even a cold in the last 4 years.
    And the shot-takers, despite the fact that they have all had the “deadly dreaded disease” numerous times, and have not died, STILL to this day maintain there was a deadly worldwide “pandemic”. The flu symptoms these-takers have exhibited have been no worse than the typical common flu.
    The OTHER non-flu symptoms they’ve exhibited from the effects of the not-vaccine, well, that’s another story: Terminal cancers that spread like wildfire and killed them within 2 months; pulmonary embolisms; myocarditis; crippling blood clots/neuropathy .
    I’ve never seen so many around me who are seriously sick, dying or dead, and not from a “pandemic” but from some “wonderful drugs” brought to you the Best Friend Israel Ever Had®

  14. I’m sorry to hear this, Eric. Please keep us informed as to how your friend fares.

    It’s very important that we make ourselves invulnerable to the type of coercion that caused so many to be raped by a needle. Best of luck to all.

  15. Eric’s friend’s story is just one of perhaps millions of people who have suffered mightily as a result of govt overreach, draconian measures and tyrannical edicts. This raises the question of how and why this happened, and why it was allowed to happen.

    When the first whispers of lockdowns began, right then and there was the time for the masses to take action and organize a monumental response to teach these scoundrels a lesson and show that their actions were unacceptable. It didn’t take an intellect the size of Einstein to realize there would be grave consequences as a result of all those freedom-crushing govt responses. Even I could see that this was going to be a disaster. It was time for a call To Arms! To Arms!, it was a time to get off our duffs, spread the word, and protest in the streets. It was a time to boycott businesses, organize PACs, call our congress people, and revive the spirit of the tea party protests. It was a time for sit-down protests and massive strikes.

    What happened? We know what happened. Nary a peep. I watched as freedoms crumbled under the guise of public safety.

    Where did we go wrong?

    The price of freedom was eternal vigilance against tyranny, even when it was cloaked in the guise of safety. People were way too lazy, too complacent, too set in their ways, too comfortable with tyranny and too busy to do anything about something as trivial as protecting freedoms. “Oh, we can’t be bothered with that sort of thing.”

    And I see nothing today to make me think anything has changed.

    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine

    “The problem I have with Edward Snowden is that he sacrificed himself for the good of an american people who no longer are worthy of that sacrifice.” — Yours truly

    • Captain orange warpspeeder and his two weeks to flatten the curve, following the emergency declaration, played a role here. Imagine what might have happened if Cankles was at the helm, and canceled Easter in 2020? Would she have gotten away with half of what Dufus did? Would there even have been vaccines?

  16. In February of 1977, I received a flu shot. In November, I was sicker than a dog with the flu, lasted a full two weeks before I felt better. You just rest until it is over, not much more can be done.

    A flu shot does nothing to prevent infection.

    Apparently, the vaccine also does nothing to prevent infection and might increase the virulence once you do get sick with Covid.

    It’s CYA time, so the lying will continue nonstop.

  17. It’s astounding that there STILL those pushing the narratives on the COVID jabs. I figured they’d move on to the latest thing they want everyone to be very afraid of (in addition to cliiiiiiiiimate change), bird flu. I suspect that authoritarian governments are just itching to FORCE people to close down small business, small farms, wear face diapers again, AND take any brand new bird flu vaccines Big Pharma concocts, and if they own livestock, bird flu vaxx mandates might well come for them too.

  18. If the powers that be are willing (without a conscience) to harm our own people, what will they have in store for us next? People like Fauci and the tyrannical politicians and these corporatists are just plain out evil. They deserve no mercy here or the eternity that awaits them!

  19. And remember that Alzheimer’s addled dark Brandon saying…*our patience is running thin*…to the unvaccinated who are causing the pandemic. I’m glad he humiliated himself last week. He enjoyed being tyrant before the lost continence.

  20. Public health types categorize everyone as “human.” They don’t discriminate between large humans, small humans, heavyset humans, skinny humans. And don’t mention race!

    Problem is, then they go and assign everyone the same dose of whatever elixir they claim will prevent disease, the vaccination. Everyone gets the same amount, if you’re a 6′ 4″ bruiser or a 4′ 9″ waif. Like everyone needs to eat a 20 oz steak and two sides every day, or some magic amount of turmeric to stay healthy. No. You need to consume an appropriate amount for your body type and size.

    But that’s too hard and takes too long to figure out. Individualized medicine is for the rich. The rest of you proles get the same portion. Because from an office building 3000 miles away you all look the same.

    • Bear, Boxers & Briefs Party — July 15
      Locker Room Bears: The Singlet Party — July 16
      The Leather / Harness Night w/ DJ Wayne Michael — July 17

      Sounds like a scene where you could catch something besides covid. :-0

  21. ” But he did have to choose between losing his job and the paycheck that kept a roof over his family’s head. Also the benefits he’d earned, which would be lost in the event of his early termination.”

    This alone should compel the masses to seek reven– err, justice.

  22. Over this way, Lots of people who got The Shot are really sick, too.

    “… Dr. Tenpenny says these injections cause a variety of problems such as sudden death, dramatically reduced immune system, heart problems, blood clots, autoimmune disease and unusually fast spreading cancers called “Turbo Cancer.” Dr. Tenpenny says, “Even it you have had just one Covid shot, you have increased you risk of sudden death and developing cancer. The more shots you have, the more your risk is. . . . ‘Turbo Cancer’ is a brand-new terminology in medicine. I have been a doctor for a long time, and that is a brand-new word they developed after the Covid shots.”…


  23. Given the choice, hillbilly ass rape would be far superior to the poison shot. At least the sword of Damocles wouldn’t be hanging over your head for the rest of your life. That’s a mind fuck that would drive me insane.

    Allowing himself to be reliant on a paycheck to keep a roof over his family’s head is where your friend went wrong (and even worse that it was a paycheck from a state-controlled occupation). Financial security for your basic needs is paramount to remaining independent. They had him by the balls and he was unwilling to suffer some inconvenience or discomfort. I don’t mean to sound callous toward your friend, and I wish him the best, but there’s a big lesson to be learned here for sure.

    • “Allowing himself to be reliant on a paycheck to keep a roof over his family’s head is where your friend went wrong… They had him by the balls and he was unwilling to suffer some inconvenience or discomfort… there’s a big lesson to be learned here.”

      Yes, those are valid points: about hard decisions, and the sacrifices that difficult decisions often bring. I thank God every day that I didnt take that damn shot and was able to keep my, yes, comfort, by retaining my employment. (My religious exemption was accepted.) There is one guy in my company that basically told upper mgmt, “FU”, and stood his ground. No compromises, no exemptions filed by him. I have utmost respect for that guy, and to a large degree, more than I respect myself for the both of us handling the situation.

      Fast forward four years, and my stage in life now would allow me to say, “FU”, should any ultimatum like this come up again. Back then I had kid’s college bills, 401k to save, etc. – yes, the very “inconveniences/discomfort” as you correctly say.

  24. The corpse onstage in Atlanta, standing next to the Orange Man, last Thursday night was ostensibly the person who made the decision that all healthcare workers should be vaccinated.

    Think about that. Do you really think that what we saw in the corpse wasn’t there to some degree in 2020?

    Fitting that CNN hosted the debate at their original Techwood campus, complete with faux plantation house.

    We’re all being sold down the river in 2024.

  25. ‘he (and they) were not supposed to get “COVID.”’ — eric

    Last week, just in time for the approaching flu season, the CDC recommended another round of new, updated mRNA covid ‘vaccine’ — including for children over 6 months. One of the CDC’s Pharma-whored ‘physicians’ trotted out the fable that injecting kids would stop them bringing covid home from school to their families. This despite the fact that ex-CDC director Weeping Walensky admitted in summer 2021, after a big covid outbreak at a gay shindig on Cape Cod where most participants were ‘vaccinated,’ that the covid jab CANNOT STOP TRANSMISSION.

    We know they’re lying. They know we know. But THEY DON’T CARE. Because we can’t fire them and we can’t stop them. We can only vent our contempt at these jab-peddling ‘MD’ charlatans, who have brought the corrupted practice of allopathic medicine into total disrepute.

    ‘How do you take back what’s been injected into your body?’ — eric

    One very alternative doctor suggests a non-pharmaceutical remedy for vaccine injury which has a hundred-year history of use:


    I have no idea whether his claims are true. Your friend should investigate for himself, if interested. Note that the blogging doctor remains anonymous. He is not peddling his services.


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