Diaper Report: 01/14/2024

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It’s interesting that hospitals (in italics for a reason; bear with) are pushing Face Diapers – again. Most recently the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health Systems, which is a corporate chain of hospitals and “health” systems. Corporations are now – channeling Rudolf Hess – the government, just as government is corporations. They are for all practical purposes the same entity because they are largely controlled by the same interests – who are very interested in controlling things.

It has nothing to do with health – hence the air fingers quote marks above. And this  “Universal Masking Will Resume” business proves it.

Note, first of all, the passive voice of authoritarianism. “Masking” will “resume” – as if the owners of the hospital chain weren’t decreeing that everyone must wear the things. Presumably, as regards the doctor-and-nurse employees of the corporation, to be enforced via the threat of loss-of-employment. And refusal to treat, as regards would-be patients. Just like last time.

Visitors who show their face will, of course, be shown the door. They will not be asked to leave, either. They will be ordered to leave – the order to be enforced by armed guards and the local armed government workers, if need be. The latter will be “just doing their jobs,” as they did them the last time. As they will, in the future. Be mindful of this. Armed government workers do not work for you. They work for the government – and the corporations that are now essentially (functionally) a kind of agency of the government.

Or is it the reverse?

Anyhow, “masking” will “resume” – and “regardless of vaccination status,” also an interesting affirmation of the truth that people were lied to about the (cough) “vaccines,” which are now admitted to be palliatives (assuming they’re not lying about that) which  (supposedly) “reduce the severity of symptoms,” but do not “stop the spread.”

It is probably true that upwards of 50 percent of the people who allowed themselves to be injected with these drugs – many of whom were pressured mightily into taking them – would have balked had they known at the time that these drugs would not immunize them against anything. Never mind the fact – also now admitted – that these drugs can induce health woes far worse than being under-the-weather for a week or so. Things like permanent heart damage, for instance. Things like “died suddenly,” which now happens regularly to “vaccinated” people in the prime of their lives. To young adults whose lives were cut short before they started them.

So, we have hospitals – that is, corporate hospital chains – conceding the drugs they pushed aren’t working now demanding that the people they pushed into taking the drugs “resume” wearing “masks,” which the doctors-and-nurses have to know cannot prevent the spread of an airborne respiratory virus. The virus being extremely tiny – and the “masks” that the chain demands everyone “resume” wearing being extremely porous.

And that brings us to how we know it is not about “health” – and is about Obedience Kabuki. The same as “social distancing” once urged (and enforced) by the well-paid tool of the corporate-government combine Dr. Fauci, who has just admitted it was epidemiologically worthless.

Like “masking.”

If it were about health then “masking” would not “resume.” But something else would start. There would be a requirement that no one not wearing a biohazard suit with its own oxygen supply would be permitted within the hospitals; indeed, that no one not essential (such as the doctors and nurses) be allowed within the hospital. Such measures actually would stop the spread. It is why such measures are required within biohazard facilities, such as the lab where (so we are told) the “virus” originated. If “masks” are “effective,” then why go through all the bother of the biohazard suits?

Why not just wear the “mask,” instead?

We all know why. Well, everyone who is thinking (and understanding) knows why. It is because “masks” do not work – in the sense usually meant when that word is used. But biohazard suits do.

Well, if so, why don’t the hospital chains require they be worn – for health reasons? The answer can be inferred by the fact that they don’t. The chains know the risk to health is trivially small. More to the point, the doctors-and-nurses know it, too. If they didn’t do you think they would risk their health – risk death – by wearing a “mask” that they have to know is porous to viruses?

If they really believe the “virus” might kill them, do you think that’s all they’d wear?

Is it all you would wear?

Nonetheless, “masking” will “resume” – because it is necessary that people get a booster shot  . . . of Obedience Kabuki. It is important that they know who’s still boss, that is to say.

And that goes for the doctor-and-nurse employees, too.

. . .

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  1. An example of a Brave woman, heroic, even:

    ‘OBEY, CITIZEN! Massachusetts mother faces jail time after trying to enter State House without vaccine passport’ – 01/22/2024

    … “Michelle Efendi, a 37-year-old mother of four, could spend six months behind bars after her non-violent attempt to get into the State House in Boston. The incident took place shortly after the State House reopened to the public following its COVID-19 closure. […]

    She explained that although [she] was afraid of the virus when the pandemic first broke out, even going so far as to accuse local officials of not doing enough about it, she eventually changed her view, coming down against mask and vaccine mandates. […]

    “I realized the real threat wasn’t COVID but the government.” […]

    She said that the doesn’t like to use the term “protest” to describe her efforts to speak out against vaccine mandates. Instead, she says she resisted by entering establishments where masks were required and going about her normal life until employees directly came to her and asked her to leave. Some of the places she took this approach include the Boston Public Library in the Back Bay and the USS Constitution Museum.

    She thinks she is being silenced for trying to protest the mandates, saying: “I believe that I was arrested on March 1st in an attempt to silence my civil rights, which are to participate in peaceful protest. And it’s working, because now I don’t protest anymore.”


  2. Eric, something else you might have noticed, which may be worth writing about – the possessive language used in connection with masks. Where is YOUR mask? Sir, do you have YOUR mask? “HER mask, HER choice:)” “I forgot MY mask in the car.” Annoying.

    • Hi Alvin,

      Indeed! I have noticed – and commented on – this fact in prior columns. In particular, those written when sickness psychosis was at its most severe. “Where’s your mask?” What do you mean? I don’t own such a device… .

  3. Hey folks check out this new “Chavista” ,Zillow Real estate home value conversion calculator…


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    So…$250,000..USA converts To? (hint plug in” Venezuelan coefficient”)…….$250,000 x .05=”Chit Mang! Chama!”….Used car landia…

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    Onward through the fog.

      • ML,
        This is truly creepy…I misquoted .05…it may actually be.03 or lower.
        A once great and prosperous country devolving into weird dystopia….
        I’m watching Venezuela 2.0 unfold in real time in the USA

        if you pack 50k in US Greenbacks cash…..(almost like gold , for the time being)
        You’re “In like Flint”…No Shit)

      • Dude,
        I do not know where this real estate business is going , but there has to be a HUGE arbitrage potential.
        Is this place a permanent Cuba pariah….or is it a sleeping giant next hot spot?

      • ML,
        Lots of “sonar pings” coming in from Venezuelan expats….It appears the country’s infrastructure is experiencing “woke”….i.e. unqualified clowns elevated to positions above their competence…Hmmm, sound familiar?

        Buyer beware.. 🙂

    • Heaven Forbid!

      I just received a “reaming” from management….regarding a failure to mention….

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    • I did a search for a 1 bedroom apartment in Venezuela…..about $14,000…rent around $200/month

      In some major cities in N America a 1 bedroom condo can cost $1,000,000….rent $3500/month

      And gas was 10 cents per gallon…..

      The government there is no better or worse then anywhere else…..You can’t escape the slave owning nobility anywhere on the slave prison/planet….all the same gang….

      • A1,
        Really “outlandish”!

        There are VE friends scattered across the globe ..literally.
        I could score keys to their vacant apts (condominium) in the city.

        The problem is …cyclo bandits …you know Just like Philly or San Fran smash and grabbers, muggers and Knock-out game types .
        So no big deal compared to many presently run USA municipal governments.

        Both Colombia and Venezuela contain some Serious “OOO…AHAHAH”…Super Verdant Tarzan Jungle!

        Must see ….Super Bug out (safe space) stuff.

        • I must add for the record,
          I didn’t encounter any hassles…despite…my Caracas Babe entreating me to not walk anywhere far from “home”…

          I didn’t. However rapidly walking the proximate neighborhood with a purposeful face and determined demeanor ….Chit Mang! …No Antifa or BLM riots …wow just ok folks …under pressing economic constraints…

  4. I saw the back and forth with Griff. I lost my mother to cancer, my best friend has cancer, my boss has cancer. Like the Everyone has AIDS song.. I keep apricot seeds in my pocket every day, and eat 3 every couple hours. I learned this practice reading Edward G. Griffith’s book “World Without Cancer”. There is a condensed version available in video form for those who don’t have time to read a big book, here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dyRe7YOcPnRI/
    I have zero faith in the fanciest, most expensive doctors at the most prestigious hospitals to do anything more than suck money and cause undue suffering. If it’s terminal, the best they can do is put your relative into hospice (euthanasia). Then at least there won’t be pain. That’s generally done after the chemo, surgery, radiation and existing cancer have so wasted the person that phentanyl and morphine is all that’s left. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

    • Hi Max,

      Amen. Medicine has become a kind of priest class, almost. The “heroes work here” business during the event marketed as a “pandemic” was nauseating. Doctors are technicians; high-class ones, to be sure. But not scientists or wizards. Many are now rote-repeating tools of the HMO/pharma nexus who do as they’re told because they are owned, mentally as well as financially. And – like armed government workers – they have been encouraged to regard themselves as a special class entitled to deference, which is ironic given they must defer to their HMO/pharma owners.

      • I know a guy going to med school this year and he is one of the most arrogant, obnoxious, self-righteous sons-of-bitches I have ever seen. He is a 100% COVID vaxx fanatic and he thinks that if you don’t take the vaxx you should be denied medical treatment and die if you get sick.

        • Hi X,

          This attitude fascinates and appalls me. As everyone here knows, I loathe Face Diapers and regard the “vaccines” as (at best) overhyped palliatives against a near-nonexistent threat (for most people). That said, I would never wish death or even illness on someone who wanted to wear a “mask,” if that makes them feel better. Nor do I say I have any business interfering with anyone else’s decisions as regards their medical care/choices.

          Yet people such as your vicious soon-to-be-quack acquaintance do wish us harm. A doctor – who wishes people harm.

          What a piece of shit.

          Forward him this comment of mine, if you are able and willing.

        • I had a meeting with a young, millennial doctor back in late 2021 at a coffee shop to discuss his employment contract. He was sitting there wearing a mask when I walked in maskless. We shook hands, then I told him to take off the mask. He hemmed and hawed for a few seconds then removed it. We had a productive meeting from then on. Nothing like making a recent MD grad take off the mask.

  5. In 2001 the cable system I worked for was sold to another company. The sale got held up by 9/11, but that’s for another time. The area manager of the new company held a meeting with all of the supervisors and managers prior to the closing day. One thing she stressed was that everyone (save our area manager, who was ready to retire anyway) would have a job. As she put it “we don’t have a closet full of technicians at HQ.” And true to her word, everyone had a job on the day of the transfer.

    Human Resources isn’t a scientific organization. It’s much more concerned with managing that most unmanageable resource, humans. And humans are a very expensive resource, hard to find and impossible to store. Any thing that might cause a shortfall in humans, such as a communicable disease, can’t be permitted.

    It was never about dead people, that’s just the marketing. It was really about how to prevent 20+% of the workforce calling in sick for two weeks because of a “super-spreader.” You bet that’ll affect the bottom line, and the CEO is going to be asking questions. So the HR director grasps at anything to show she did her duty to “stop the spread,” and besides, it’s all backed up by Dr SCIENCE. So even if masks don’t work, the buck flies right past HR and straight on to Fauxchi. And he’s so slippery he can evade congress, so that buck just sailed right out into the aether. There are no studies, pro or con, there’s no one willing to put their ass on the line either way. Perfect.

    • Did it work, though? Between mandatory masking (which multitudes found odious) and the concomitant vaccine mandates, there was, for a time, a notable reduction in the global workforce. To this day, I wonder how many employees–especially in low-paying service industry jobs–quit because of masking. And how many customers refused to patronize shops and restaurants during 2020-21, knowing they wouldn’t be welcomed? (Aside from groceries, I myself didn’t shop for well over a year on that account). How much long-term customer goodwill was sacrificed by snotty teenage mask enforcers at the doors of big box stores telling shoppers to “mask up or get out”? It was a lose-lose proposition from the start and any HR director who thought masking would be a useful stop-gap was woefully wrong.

      • I’m certain it didn’t. But I’m just as sure that the dread virus wasn’t as aggressive outside of some very specific cases where everyone is tightly grouped together and share common HVAC, like in cruise ships.

        But like the old mob bosses settling the matter at the end of Casino, all it took was one of them to say “Why take a chance?” to justify everything they did.

        • You raise a good point about “common HVAC.” It turns out that the Covfefe Virus, the flu, RSV, colds, and many other diseases of their ilk are actually diseases that spread via contaminated air, like salmonella and botulism spread via contaminated food and cholera and dysentery spread via contaminated water.

          We’ve taken action to prevent disease from contaminated water and food such that people’s familiarity with dysentery in the USA mostly comes from Oregon Trail.

          Why aren’t we doing much of anything to clean up contaminated indoor air? How hard is it to increase the refresh rate of HVAC systems, install better filters and ultraviolet sanitizers in large public buildings like schools, houses of worship, stores, and offices? Hospitals already have them for operating rooms and isolation wards—why not add them to the whole system?

          Part of it is money. I don’t know if we can afford to clean up the indoor air in our public spaces, what with funding wars all over, but if we can, why aren’t the owners of these facilities doing so?

          Part of it is power and control. TPTB would rather shift the burden onto you to get your shots and wear masks than on them to clean up their own dirty air.

          And part of it is just plain ignorance and incompetence. We just can’t build anything like we used to.

          • RE: “Why aren’t we doing much of anything to clean up contaminated indoor air?”

            I guess you missed the prior conversations about how they Are using dangerous “sanitizing” solutions in HVAC systems, ones which cause the very symptoms attributed to the boogieman.

            Yup, doin’ good ain’t got no end.

  6. As I was entering an Ace Hardware today, a woman a few years older than me was exiting in a white cloth face diaper. She said something meek but unintelligible and I just narrowed my eyes and harrumphed. These f’n people. Don’t know what else to say.

    • Hi Funk,

      I’ve been debating whether to approach a “masker” and ask them why. But I am not very good at dealing with emotionally disturbed Leftists, so I expect the result would be something ugly. Hence I just baaaaaa! as I pass them by.

  7. JHU patients should just find another hospital down the road. Head to DC or Philadelphia. As for the doctors, nurses, and staff forced to diaper up – good. Glue the thing to their faces. These white coated clowns pushed deadly vaccines or remdesivir into the arms of millions of people and danced about it on TikTok. Hundreds of thousands are now dead or maimed or ticking time bombs because of these diapered drug dealers. Humiliating them is less than they deserve.

    • BAC: You forgot all those ventillators that destroyed perfectly good lungs. Ford and GM made them to show their compasion (and to pad their income with taxpayer funding, of course).

      “The Ford and GE Healthcare teams, working creatively and tirelessly, have found a way to produce this vitally needed ventilator quickly and in meaningful numbers,” said Jim Hackett, Ford’s president and CEO.

      GM CEO Mary Barra said the automaker’s motivation to produce the critical care ventilators “was fueled by thousands of people at GM, Ventec and our suppliers who all wanted to do their part to help save lives during the pandemic. It was inspiring to see so many people achieve so much so quickly.”

      I think most of these were shipped off to Mexico after U. S. citizens awoke to the con. Who says nobody in our our government did anything to reduce migration?

  8. “If they (the medical professionals) were dumb enough to believe falsified science, that literally appeared out of thin air, then they are too stupid to treat your ailments.”

    Well said, Raider Girl. Well said.

    A bit to go along with that thought:

    “The doctor is brainwashed when he/she gets out of medical school because the medical school has too much subsidization of the professors who are being paid by the drug company, so the professor never teachers any student in medical school, why don’t you try vitamin C, they’re going to tell them the latest drug.” – Dr. Gary F. Gordon


  9. So you wake up one morning feeling tired, shortness of breath, a little tightness in your chest, a kind of dry cough. You figure you’ve always been healthy, take care of yourself, you’re just coming down with a cold, no big deal. A few weeks later you’re still not well and now you start coughing up blood. You go the doctor, the doctor orders an x-ray and finds a spot on your lung. Your doctor recommends further tests at John Hopkins, one of the premier cancer hospitals in the country. Your insurance will cover the medical expenses, but John Hopkins requires a dreaded “face diaper”, something you’ll never submit too because you refuse to be “controlled” by those interested in “controlling things”.

    If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer or some other life threatening illness, you’ll do anything to get the best possible treatment. This little jihad against face masks has it’s place, but not if it prevents someone from getting life saving care or making the best health care decisions for themselves and their family. This is the irrational, delusional behavior associated with religious cults. Maybe you’re the one being “controlled”.

    • Griff,

      I never said one ought not to do what one must to get care. I have stated that this “mask” business is sick. It has been used to promote fear and compel obedience based on mass hysteria. That it has been used to control us is self evident. As it is self evident that “masks” serve no purpose other than to promote fear and compel obedience based on mass hysteria.

      Aren’t you sick of this evil idiocy?

      It’s despicable that doctors – of all people – are playing along with this kabuki. Those who do have lost all credibility. They are – at best – cowards. At worst, something else.

      • Hello Eric,

        I am sick of the idiocy, but unfortunately have also had reason to visit hospitals that require masks.

        I’m not arguing that everything you say about masks aren’t true. It’s just a cost/benefit analysis. Like the nonsense you’ve got to tolerate to keep your job. You can quit the bullshit, live under a bridge and go hungry, but if you think that’s sticking it to the man, you might want to reconsider. The man will be just fine while you die under the bridge.

        Wear masks only when you must, when you benefit from it, whether it’s to keep your job or receive needed health care. Yes, live to fight another day.

        • Hi Griff,

          Yes. And – pushback. Don’t just do as you’re told at the hospital. Make them try to make you. They rely on compliance to get people to comply. When enough flat out refuse, compliance becomes much harder to enforce. This matters especially when some new tyranny arises. You stop it before it becomes accepted and normalized, as happened with the income tax, for instance.

          • There will be no, “Yes. And – pushback” from that one.

            He will obey – again & again – convinced he will, “live to fight another day” all the while doing nothing, ready to rationalize away accepting the next demand of obedience.
            Always ignoring options, only seeing, ‘obey, or die under a bridge’, zero other options.

            His mindset (one of a willing slave?) is very similar to the mindset of the poor whom Patara chastises in this video:

            ‘Too Poor to Prepare?’


    • My brother-in-law was diagnosed with a malignant glioma, brain cancer, one symptom was a coma-like state. It would be a few hours in an unconscious state, then come to, regain consciousness, but not all there anymore.

      The folder of the medical records, the diagnosis was grim. It was a life expectancy of 77-95 weeks. Not going to make it.

      He and I visited the local medical library to research the diagnosis with medical literature at the library. After reading a few paragraphs of what does happen, the prognosis was evident.

      He became a guinea pig. Medical researchers drilled holes into his skull, inserted small tubes to reach the malignant tissue, neoplasm, and then dropped irradiated micro-pellets to the glioma. Got several boosters of irradiated material, didn’t do any good. He still died.

      Should have just the poor soul alone. Aggressive treatment is the norm in oncology, your life probably is over by then.

      Looks like dubious medical decisions, doesn’t work at all.

      Time for a change.

        • RE: “You think it, but don’t type it.”

          Somehow, got the point on the first read. Sad tale. It’ll stick with me. It’s much like what the mad Docs are doing to my mother. …Parents just won’t let go of Doc worship. …And so it goes.

      • A good friend had developed skin cancer on his nose. They got it to remission, and you could see the chemo took a lot out of him. A few months later they found a mass behind his sinus and it quickly spread down his spine. No one said it, but knowing him I’m sure he opted out of treatment. He spent his last months doing what he loved to do (as much as he could), and died surrounded by those he loved.

  10. Wow Kids,

    You hit this one .. out of the park…
    Just sent a text to old college roommate…
    Jokingly asking wether he was getting the “election variant “ booster 🙀
    For an old college joker …. I got a “banana shit “ reply of …. Almost ready to block your number????!

    Wow.. It appears these Aholes learn Nothing

    This binary bullshit is UNREAL…
    History repeats….

    J Gould …robber baron circa 1890s?
    Simply stated
    “We can hire half of the poor… to kill the other half “
    Gee wiz kids history 🤔 Might not repeat… but perhaps it rhymes??

    • RE: “For an old college joker …. I got a “banana shit “ reply of …. Almost ready to block your number????!”

      Those are probably, The Worst.
      I mean, it’s one thing to get – nowhere – while trying to have a serious discussion with someone hoping to enlighten them a bit, … the dagger in response to jest, hard to describe how that’s different, esp from “friends”.

    • The amount of formerly sane & rational people I cannot joke with anymore is off the charts high here around the DC area. (Unsurprisingly)

      Propaganda is SO effective, I never imagined how effective it really is. Between hiding under their bed from the Covid Monster & Orange Man Bad they have worked themselves into a running panic attack, very unhappy, its sad to see normies turn into fearful sheep but I’m surrounded by them.

      • Same here bro,
        I have to do an extended stay in CT surrounded by Ivy Leagers!…F..ing weird!
        I never thought I would encounter a sea of woke turds….
        either these “influencers” are paid off …or we are encountering….

        Semper fi

  11. Eric:

    Thank you for remaining so vigilant on this.

    By the way, I was inspired to watch Dr. Zhivago (for the first time) from your recent post. What a spectacular movie! A great tale of how destructive the Left is. Should be a must watch for everybody.

    • No thanks. Only seen short snippets but it’s way too depressing & way too long, 3hr 17min. This coming from a big fan of Omar Sharif, not only as an actor but as an expert Bridge player.

    • ML,
      Fantastic movie. It actually shows the SHTF…
      problems of a formerly “ordinary society “.
      Coming to a theater near you unfortunately.

      Clueless Amerkant Empire subjects do not see what is going down.

      I deal with FORMERLY
      CONTENT Solid middle class VENEZUELANS …….
      … boy that bubble broke!!!
      Totally insane Caracas condo prices!!
      Got cash for a used car?
      Forgot it bud .. I can buy a 2000 sq ft condo
      For the same price 👍
      Good luck folks 👍

      • BTW,

        Price includes Iconic views of Cerro El Avila
        And wildly colorful Macaws perched on your patio awaiting fresh fruit 👍👍

        • Once again intruding…..

          Did I mention the monthly bachaquero ( black market libertarian transaction fees ) only come in a ..”a G plus 200 or so a month “!

      • I don’t think I’d call Tsarist Russia an ordinary or even acceptable society. Mostly just feudal and aristocratic, and where property rights of what were the peasants was not permitted. However, as awful as Tsarist Russia was, the evil Left absolutely destroyed all prosperity and made it 100 times worse for 70 long years. Without exception, the Left destroys everything it touches.

        • ML
          Bifurcated society, comprehensive and systematic destruction of the remaining middle class, etc
          Sorry Buddy but this crap is happening in Real time….thus the ordinary society reference

        • The Tsar began some reforms, but apparently change didn’t come quickly enough. Or perhaps gave people enough hope that things could get even better. The CCP learned the lesson of the Tsar by erasing Tiananmen Square, along with a host of other events, because when times get good, the peasants get uppity.

          • The Tsar was warned in 1905 when he was almost taken down. He didn’t learn the lesson or that of the French revolution. However, if one lives by the sword he shouldn’t be surprised to die by it as well.

            Regarding the CCP, that was the leftist revolution. Tiananmen Square was a counter-revolution attempt.

              • Very true, RK –

                But… for people on our side, the boot would rest less heavily. As awful as it is, that’s the draw of the Right. The Left is more of an immediate threat to everyone who is not a Leftist. As for instance: I doubt Orange Man would sic the secret police on me. But Biden? Or “Big Mike”? I don’t doubt they would in a hot second.

                  • F.Y.I. some people say Obama’s wife has an Adams Apple, therefore, is a tranny a.k.a. Big Mike. Some webpages show Big Mike played football decades ago, so that is also where the nic Big Mike comes from.

                    I was reading your comments above, it wasn’t clear to me, are you living in Venezuela?

  12. [also an interesting affirmation of the truth that people were lied to about the (cough) “vaccines,” which are now admitted to be palliatives (assuming they’re not lying about that) which (supposedly) “reduce the severity of symptoms,” but do not “stop the spread.”]- Eric

    We all know what assume means…… I think it’s safer to assume they are lying.

    How do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

    How do you know a doctor is lying? He tells you a untested drug is safe and effective.

  13. With the exception of Florence / Muscle Shoals, all of north Alabama’s hospitals have been swallowed up by the Huntsville Hospital system. It’s a state sanctioned monopoly. No competition = no chance to escape the edicts.

    • That is the case almost everywhere in the US now. My area went from about 15 mostly independent individually run hospitals to basically two hospitals “systems”. Franciscan runs almost every hospital in the area now. Followed by Community which is likely a third the size of Franciscan. A very, very distant third is Methodist which “only” has two hospitals (which its been for decades) and has serious financial problems. Methodist was almost bought by Community but somehow that sale got botched. They will like try again in the future. Outside a few very small “near” hospitals (owned by doctors) there aren’t any freestanding only one hospital anymore here.

  14. On of the most bizarre things I have ever seen was when I took my dad (now deceased) to his doctor’s office a couple of years ago when he was feeling under the weather. He was examined by an obese (!) nurse practitioner or “doctor” (don’t remember which one she was).

    Anyway, after examining him in a normal manner, she decided to do a COVID test, which was a mere nasal swab. For this she put on a biohazard suit and a face shield — in order to swab his nose and then insert the swab into a sealed envelope.

    Whereupon she then removed the clown suit and continued in a normal fashion.

    I have lost a lot of faith in the medical profession over the past few years. A LOT. I think if I ever get ill I’ll just hire a witch doctor to cast some spells instead. The treatment will be basically identical but the witch doctor won’t lie to me about what he is doing.

    • We need to stop believing that hospitals and doctors are the be all and end all of our existence. The modern hospital came into play only in the last 100-150 years. The problem with “progress” is we refuse to assess what we did before it came along. Medical errors average 250K deaths per year. Does any other industry have this amount of deaths associated with it?

      Their preferred treatment, no matter what you have, “take this pill”. Look at any other country on Earth nobody takes as many pills, vaccines, and treatments then Americans. Do our people live the longest? Nope. Are we healthier? Nope.

      When doctors speak ill of natural holistic remedies they become nothing more than carnival barkers. Every human being on the globe should be questioning and hesitant of the advice coming out of their doctor’s mouth. Why? If they (the medical professionals) were dumb enough to believe falsified science, that literally appeared out of thin air, then they are too stupid to treat your ailments. Doctors are supposed to take a Hippocratic oath “first, do no harm.’ How many of them followed that under the guise of SARS 2? Very, very few.

      How can we trust the judgement of one who has pharmaceutical posters on the walls of their offices? They are not healers, but middlemen, who use sickness as a kickback to expand their coffers.

      • “ When doctors speak ill of natural holistic remedies they become nothing more than carnival barkers “

        I was fortunate to have an older internal med doc for years, didn’t panic over my cholesterol numbers and didn’t push the clot shot. However he was amazed I beat back a Diverticulitis attack without seeing him for antibiotics. I’ve got a powder I take that fixes the problem in a couple days and helps build back gut health in general. He was pretty quiet about that, seemed conflicted over what he’s expected to do vs what can actually work without an Rx.

        • Hi Sparkey,

          I believe (maybe naively) there isn’t a disease on Earth that we cannot cure by an alternative and natural mean. Many natural methods have kept the human life span from extinction, the greatest being penicillin. There is also oregano, garlic, lavender, turmeric, and holy basil just to name a few.

          I won’t say modern medicine is a waste, it isn’t. Chemists and biologists have created some amazing innovations. But, doctors and scientists perform a disservice when they ignore The Universe’s holistic healers that have been known (and used) for thousands of years with very good results.

      • @ R.G.

        Nicely put.

        There’s a deeply embedded phenomenon that was cemented into the american psyche many decades ago that bugs me to no end. It’s one of an over-adoration of doctors and their skills, and it has distorted their value which enables them to pad their fees like no other business. This physician admiration society started out subtly as people would hear stories of patients lives being saved in emergency situations, like heart attacks, accidents, or violent crime victims. But this reverence was generally limited to just those doctors who were involved in those emergency-room situations. Everyday medics weren’t put on a pedestal like the ER docs were. Of course nowadays all practitioners receive the same praise as if they’re saving the life of everyone they come in contact with. And it’s not just those so-called healers who are put on a pedestal, now it nurses, lab techs, PAs and on & on who get the hero worship from the public. The situation is akin to how society treats cops & soldiers. They’re all superheros worthy of the highest praise.

        Now did I miss something, because I’m confused? Do these people not get paid for doing what they do? Maybe they’re not compensated fairly for the work they do. Hmm, idk.

        And while we’re at it, there’s one more thing. What is a healer? No, it’s not what you think. Doctors are Not healers. There’s no such thing! That’s because only the body can heal itself. Doctors are mere mechanics. Think of it like this: they are fixers. They can fix something that has gone wrong, which is apparent, but do they heal? Nope, the body does that. They can only fix something that will or could allow the body to heal. Got that?

        • Hi Dave,

          Many medical professionals promote fear. That is how one controls the populace…with trepidation and anxiety. Alternative viewpoints and methods are ignored, or worst, sabotaged.

          I have a Lab with bone cancer. We visited three vets, including a “supposedly” holistic veterinarian. All of their advice was the same, “we must amputate his front leg and put him on chemo. He may survive another six months to a year if we do this, otherwise he may live another three to six months, tops.” When I seeked guidance on alternative methods I was shot down and told “it would cause him to suffer.” They make you terrified of making the wrong decision. I went with my gut. I will never seek their advice again. They have destroyed the small amount of trust I did have in the establishment.

          • Amen, RG –

            I used to trust our “country doc” vet down the road, who I knew personally. She retired. The other vets we’ve checked out are drug pusher types who want us to get our pets “vaccinated.” No thanks. We know what safeguards are in place with regard to “vaccines” pushed on humans; I can only image what goes on with “vaccines” meant for animals.

            • Hi Eric,

              The push for animal vaccines, as well as, the garbage they put in dog and cat food is absolutely sickening.

              The next animals I get will never see the inside of a vet’s office. Table scraps, exercise, and fresh air is the best medicine.

              • Ditto, RG –

                We went to suss out a new vet in town. They were really pushy about “vaccines.” Including rabies “vaccines” for our 100 percent indoor cats. These could, possibly, get rabies – if they got out. If they got bit by a rabid animal. We are extremely careful about making sure that does not happen, in part because we don’t want them to get rabies. But the point is, they stand about as much chance of getting rabies as a healthy 18-year-old does of dying from the common cold. Meanwhile, there is the entirely reasonable assumption that whatever is in those “vaccines” is likely very dangerous to the health of the animal.

                We are on our own – and so are our animals.

          • Hi RG

            A famous veterinarian said…..to have a very healthy dog, feed it raw meat only.

            Wolves eat raw meat only and are very healthy….

            Alternate cancer treatments for dogs?….don’t know…

            Max Gerson for humans used diet…


      • RG: “How can we trust the judgement of one who has pharmaceutical posters on the walls of their offices?”

        Your problem is that you must be using Shamans with insufficient training in the use of technology as medicine. Our docs all have LCD screens, with a random group of messages and videos about diseases we neither have, nor have ever heard of. How can your docs possibly be enlightened if they only have those old posters?

        Since The Covids, there aren’t even old magazines to pick up for distraction.

    • I got one better than that, X. A couple years ago a friend of mine had a respiratory illness and went to a university-affiliated doctor. He was seen by a morbidly obese nurse practitioner. That was the first warning sign. Trying to diagnose his problems, she immediately started tapping on her PC and pulled up WebMD! Second warning sign. He was infuriated! He complained about her and she was later let go.

      Beware super-fat medical staff!

  15. It’s like that line; “They know it, you know it, they know you know it but they do it anyhow”.

    I haven’t seen one of friends for over 3 years because he’s terrified of this and probably boosted out the wazoo. Sad story but he went to school for Engineering and graduated. Perhaps he believes the lies told by all the other people who graduated and told him to be afraid and comply.

    Screw the “Borg”. Resist, do not assimilate or comply.

  16. I can’t believe the medical-industrial complex is STILL pushing face diaper wearing. On the other hand, they, along with the Biden regime & establishment media, are STILL pushing “vaccination” as the best way to protect yourself this cold & flu season. NOTHING about keeping up your intake of Vitamins C & D, which has shown to be far more effective at preventing contraction of or reducing severity of, say, the dreaded ‘Rona. They don’t even advocate eating healthy or losing weight.

    During the height of COVID hysteria, they also attacked “off label” use of inexpensive drugs like Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin, as both of those drugs couldn’t make tons of money for them. Instead, those drugs have been smeared relentlessly, while a dangerous drug known as Remdesivir was pushed at hospitals as a treatment for COVID patients. Remember when HCQ was smeared as “Trump’s drug” or when Ivermectin was smeared as HORSE DEWORMER? The establishment also used those narratives to attack “Anti-vaxxers” who merely had questions about these experimental COVID jabs. We were also told “Don’t do your own research!”, but in the before times that was known as READING. The establishment attacked off label use of these “DANGEROUS drugs”, but they’re perfectly ok with the FDA director pushing “off label” use of COVID jabs for children as a way of (allegedly) preventing Long COVID.

    I’d say it’s become painfully obvious the past 4 years just WHO these public health bureaucracies are REALLY looking out for.

  17. I just had a relative in the hospital, so was there for many hours over the last few days. The majority of staff did not mask, but I’d say 15% did.

    I can’t take a MD serious when they aren’t smart enough to know the stupid thing they have on their face doesn’t do anything for them. How can I trust them to make competent medical decisions?

    Also does make it hard to hear what they are saying. It was like listening to someone buried in the dirt.

    Fun story on the state of medicine: DR told a story how they had a 5 year old kid in with a full body rash. No one knew what it was. Treated as a biohazard situation – full suits and everything.

    After 5 days, an older MD was consulted, who immediately recognized the kid had chicken pox.

    The DR told this story as a “golly geez, didn’t we feel silly” story, but it was a sad reflection on where the medical community is at.

    • Hi Dan,

      That kid had a body rash and nobody knew what it was until an older doctor saw the kid and recognized that it was chicken pox? Oh geez. That’s about as bad as these doctors & medical “experts” who claim to not know why there are so many “Sudden deaths” after 2021. Could it have something to do with the fact that experimental mRNA jabs have been all but FORCED on billions of people around the world? Nah, they’ll say it’s climate change, COVID, or too many civilians owning guns.

    • Dan, the ones wearing masks might be the ones that opted out of vaccines (flu and/or COVID), and in order to “opt out”, have to wear the damned face diapers. Usually from Novembre to the end of March, first part of April. Wearing the diaper is a “lesser of two evils” over having to take a life killing vaccine.

      • Shadow,
        That hospital system doesn’t have any sort of mask requirement that I am aware. They could have, but I know people who work in that system and it has never come up.

        If they did, I would have been looking for another place to work. I could not be associated with an employer, esp medical, that was so stupid to ignore the studies that show masks do not prevent the spread of covid or anything else. Around here there are several medical systems within 20 miles of each other, so they have choices.

  18. We will not submit to your bullshit

    About sums it all up.

    It is minus eight degrees Fahrenheit this morning in Kansas City. Old Man Winter is working overtime in the Show Me state. He is showing them and the rest of the continent how winter gets it all done.

    It is 27 below zero here, don’t get caught in it.

    The Gypsies have stopped working on street corners. Three children and a poster board sign, smiling and waving. I am always tempted to ask them for five dollars, just for fun.

    They don’t wear masks.

  19. It’s fraud, it’s malpractice, which means it’s a crime. But the Medical Industrial Complex gets a Get Out Of Jail Free card for it.


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