Diaper Report: 05/18/2023

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Will Face Diapers ever make a comeback? That’s not the right question, which is: Will Face Diapers ever go away?

The answer is – probably not.

At least, not all the way. To where they were, before three years ago – when (aside from doctors working over people in operating rooms) the only people one saw wearing these things over their faces were obviously mentally ill people. Usually seen pushing an old supermarket grocery cart full of junk.

One still sees such people today – inside supermarkets, pushing carts. Often, they will have their “mask” (as they call them) not covering their nose – proof positive of either their mental illness or their mental dullness. For only a deranged or very dull person would continue to wear a cloth rag over their mouth – but not their nose – and believe that this will “keep them safe” from whatever it is they’re still afraid of.

Of course, these are also the deranged – and dull – people who believed (and still probably do) that standing six feet apart from other people would prevent them from catching what they feigned to be so afraid of getting and dying from that they would risk . . . going to the supermarket to get some frozen pizzas.

The same people, so concerned about staying healthy that they filled those supermarket carts with twelve packs of soda, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Plus those frozen pizzas.

But when it comes to their “masks” – well, they will never take them off. And we are condemned to see the spectacle every time we go to the supermarket and pretend we don’t see it. As we would pretend not to see the wet stain on the frontside of a nice old man’s pants.

Of course, the old man can’t help it that he’s got a leaky weiner.  And – to be fair – neither can the people who are still “masking.”

For they are deranged – or dull.

The later categories including doctors – and hospitals – which continue to cling to “masking,” as a homeless schizophrenic clings to his bottle of Thunderbird (the “wine of the century”).

Over at Axios, one can find an articleIndustry Debates Continued Masking on Health Care Settings. The “debate” being like that between those who believe the Earth is flat and those who know it isn’t.

The demise of CDC and state mask orders for medical settings,” the article readeth, “marks the end of a critical line of defense against COVID — particularly for the most vulnerable patients — in one of the last places they could expect precautions.”

Italic added.

They just can’t let it go.

This false belief that wearing a “mask” is a “critical line of defense” – against anything, except the transmission of mental wellness.

“This is a time when a lot of hospitals, including, ironically, my own hospital, are making masks optional,” said Tara Palmore, who is described in the article as an epidemiologist at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. In other words, she is a medical doctor and by dint of that, presumably aware of the fact that people who are not sick (and symptomatic) cannot spread anything and if they are sick (and symptomatic) having them wear a “mask” to prevent them from spreading it is like wearing a vial of gypsy tears around one’s neck before entering the reactor room at Chernobyl. 

Well, it might be marginally more protective to wear the “mask.” 

And so might hopping on one foot while giving the Indian war whoop. You never know. It might save a life.

“The long and short of it is: Masking is a good thing and we should use it as we need it,” Tania Bubb, the president-elect for the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, told Axios.

Italics added, again.

A better thing would be for doctors – of all people – to stop acting like witch doctors. And – more deeply – to admit they were wrong. That they got caught up in the mass hysteria. That they were afraid – not of the ‘Rona – but of the consequences if they didn’t pretend they were. All too many of them did what Thomas More’s friend, the Duke of Norfolk did – in the play about the martyrdom of Sir Thomas, A Man for All Seasons.

They went along – for fellowship.

And – of course – a paycheck.

And at the same time, they were part of the system that sought to deprive those who wouldn’t go along of their paycheck.

Perhaps that is why they still think – or rather, say – that “masking” is a “good thing.” They are too ashamed to admit it is not.   

. . .

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  1. “They went along – for fellowship.”

    Sadly, I was one of them. But now I stand alone. Seeing that most people are literally just creatures who are waiting to pounce on someone for disagreeing with them, why should I continue giving a damn? That’s like trying to convince a great white shark to not eat you. They’re going to hate us, no matter what. All because we choose reality over fantasy.

  2. For anybody who thinks diapering is dead, Thorsteinn Siglaugsson writes on Substack about a Medpage Today article titled “Health Professionals React to the End of the COVID Public Health Emergency.”
    Five MDs were asked what they learned from the covid period and how they expect their practices will change. Three out of five said the key takeaway is that masks worked, and should be used going forward.
    Then a commenter chimes in (only “health professionals” are allowed to comment): “What a nice change to see the majority of docs in support of masking still — and even N95 masking! Our hospital is mostly maskless and it’s frustrating to say the least. Also nice to see docs in favor of telehealth. Thank you all for being caring and responsible.”
    So this is what we’re up against, still: doctors who want you to wear a useless humiliating rag forever, and who prefer not to see you at all but instead do a Zoom session and then prescribe some pills.

    • Roland,

      Masks worked all right…….at HARMING people who wore them for prolonged periods to one degree or another. However, it will likely result in perpetual customers for Pharma & the medical-industrial complex, which “Health professionals” can then use to claim “Masks work!”.

    • Every volunteer receives a dozen bags of Doritos, five cases of Bud Light, and is entered into a drawing to win a Ford F-150 Lightning.

      Sign up now, before all slots are taken!

  3. I think your diaper reports are important because the damage caused by the masks and vacccines is still ongoing. All of my family took the shots and it is sobering to see how their overall health has deteriorated since getting injected.

    • Thanks, RS –

      I think it is critically important to hammer “masks” and everything associated with them. It can never happen again. But it will – so long as there are people such as Richard, who think it was no big deal and let’s just move on.

      • I will never unfortunately be able to forget or forgive either. The day covid shelter in place orders were issued I was in Oregon, visiting my sick father in a nursing home near the hospital. His dr told me he thought he only had a few months left. This nursing home instituted draconian policies discontinuing all visits. Two weeks later they allowed spouses and caregivers to enter, only to see dying patients. My stepmothers caregiver fed my father mashed peaches which he ate gratefully, exclaiming how hungry he had been. When asked why he was not being given food a nurse explained he could not chew. The lady, dismayed, pointed out all they needed to do was blend his food! After being denied food and water he died there alone on March 20. I was shocked at the mortuary to see how emaciated he looked, less than three weeks after I’d last seen him. Then, in 2022, when things seemed to be opening up, a 50 year old cousin, an intelligent vital man, albeit who had had cancer before and was a diabetic, experienced eerily similar treatment while hospitalized. Unlike my father, this man was much younger and still full of life. The staff abruptly forbid his wife to see him – for over a week. During this time he declined dramatically and died shortly after she was allowed in again. She was bewildered by this treatment which she described in her eulogy at his packed memorial service. The story was chilling. To sum up, I firmly believe the lockdowns brought out the worst characteristics in many people and institutions and also believe these same people would repeat these policies again if a similar circumstance were to arise. So seeing masks makes be think all this crazy still lurks just waiting to reappear. I go through my days trying to feel like things are back to normal, but it really does not seem normal somehow. It feels more like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe I just can’t let go.

        • I keep note of those who acted like this, because they will do the same thing with the next lock-down. And worse! We all know another “pandemic” is coming. This last one allowed people to indulge who they truly are and wanted to be deep down. Not human beings, but utter, worthless, and ruthless animals: Only separated by their kin by the fact that they have skin, and walk upright. Selco Begovich, in his SHTF Anthologies, describes this. Where seemingly normal people indulged in being ruthless, cruel, criminal animals because they knew there were no consequences. I am sorry about your father. It did not have to be that way, and in a state like Oregon, and not surprised at the even worse lock-down measures. I do not think things are “back to normal”. Like the old movies, I think we are merely at the interlude between acts.

    • Hi RS,

      I’ve noticed that too. People who’ve taken the “vaccine” seem to be getting the ‘Rona over and over again, particularly if they’ve taken however many doses (including the bivalent booster jab) the CDC “recommended”. Or they have all sorts of other health problems. Also, if they tried telling their stories of vaxx injury on social media, the Biden regime would try to hide such stories from the public through its censorship regime, or there’d be online bullies trying to gaslight them. There also appears to be an explosion in cancer rates after the rollout of the COVID jabs, but I’ve read that Pfizer is “hard at work at the speed of science” making a drug or a vaccine for cancer. Speaking of Pfizer, it turns out that the new head of the National Institutes of Health is someone who has her own connections to PFIZER! But, don’t worry, it appears she was recommended by Tony Fauci before he stepped down as head of NIAID late last year (Sarcasm). The revolving door between Pharma and these government health agencies continues.

    • I do think the Eric’s diaper reports are valuable. Even though few still wear the mask of submission, we must not forget that those who supported the persecution of “anti-vaxers” refuse to acknowledge their deranged behavior or ask forgiveness from those they were eager to deny participation in society. It’s as if the entire Covid hysteria never existed. Sadly we all realize there will be a new hysteria (virus, climate, etc.) and it will happen again.

      • Griff, I, for one, will never forget nor forgive. Because they have not repented, only tucked it away. They showed themselves to be Good Germans; goose-stepping violent, heartless and soulless ghouls. They wanted us dead, imprisoned, cut off, starved, impoverished and more. They showed who they really are, and will be again. The nihilistic foot soldiers of those who want us expunged from Gaia. No forgiveness, no moving on, not ever.

      • Griff, your comment reminded me of this post (which I will copy & paste below), which came from Twitter, which I do not follow, but I caught a whiff of somewhere along the way. Maybe someone here had posted it? I am no Trump fan, but your comment made me think of it. As humans in general never learn, I cannot help but think re-diapering and more forced jabs are in our future, because the powers-that-be saw that there were plenty of stupid humans who were so good at submitting the last time around.

        Hey—sorry you lost your job b/c of the vax that doesn’t work and your grandmother died alone and you couldn’t have a funeral and your brother’s business was needlessly destroyed and your kids have weird heart problems—but let’s just admit we were all wrong and call a truce, eh?

        It’s too bad we shut the entire economy down & took on tyrannical powers that have never been used before in this country—looking back, you should have been able to go to church and use public parks while we let people riot in the streets—but it was a confusing time for everyone.

        Hey I’m sorry we scared the hell out of you & lied for years & persecuted & censored anyone who disagreed but there was an election going on & we really wanted to beat Donald Trump so it was important to radically politicize the science even if it destroyed your children’s lives.

        OK, yes, we said unvaccinated people should die & not get healthcare while never questioning Big Pharma once but we are compassionate people which is why even though we shut down the entire economy we also bankrupted the nation & caused inflation.

        You’re welcome! Let’s be friends.

    • RS,

      I see a (very) few mask people out here in the suburbs, but when I visit the belly of the beast (downtown) there are significantly more. Still a minority, but not small enough.

      I’m certain some people’s brains have been addled, a few forever.

  4. It’s time to end the Diaper Report and move on to more important subjects. No one is wearing masks anymore, unless they want to. A libertarian would just allow them to enjoy their masks. Other people wearing masks don’t hurt the non-mask wearer. Just like women with big butts wearing skin tight Yoga pants don’t hurt those who see them.

    Meanwhile, the number of people taking mRNA booster shots are falling rapidly.

    Friends who took the mRNA shots are getting omicron, which is just a common cold, so is no big deal. Those who recovered from Covid19 are getting omicron too. Some who had mRNA vaccines got Covid19 anyway. One friend with a weak immune system, due to stage 4 cancer, got Covid19 once and Omicron twice. The healthiest senior citizen I know of, in his 70’s, had Covid19 in 2021 and only lost his sense of smell for one week. He caught omicron last month outside the US and was somewhat sick for only two days. These are all people who tested for Covid / omicron. Others may have been infected but just thought they had the usual common cold.

    After almost 2.5 years, the research I have followed suggests mRNA shots reduce Covid symptoms for a few months, but the effect fades away fast. The adverse side effects are the worst in vaccine history, by far, so the mRNA shots should be avoided.

    Some non-mRNA shots used in other nations seem to work better than mRNA, but not much better. All the shots create antibodies, which is the definition of a vaccine, but the antibodies are not good enough to prevent symptoms and spread, which is a brand new definition of a vaccine. The influenza vaccines originally created a new vaccine definition because the antibodies they create, for four strains of flu, match the actual strains of flu in the next flu season only about 50% of the time. Guessing which strains of flu will hit the next flu season is not very accurate. Yet they were called vaccines.

    A traditional vaccine creates such strong antibodies that infections are defeated quickly, with no symptoms, and no possibility of spread. That is the original goal of vaccines — defeat infections quickly without symptoms. The Covid19 vaccine-induced antibodies don’t do that.

    The mRNA manufacturers only claimed their drugs reduced respiratory symptoms for two months — they called two months a test. This is in the Emergency Use Authorization documents. I believe they were telling the truth. They used the healthiest test subjects they could get, and few of them were over age 55, so the adverse side effects of the vaccines in those two months were minimized.

    Two of my three doctors still wear masks, and some of their staff members do too. I ask those doctors if they have mustaches or beards (under their masks) rather than annoying them by asking why they wear masks. No use getting your doctor annoyed.

    The key point is that politicians and bureaucrats were continuously lying about these mRNA vaccines, ignoring the very modest claims by the manufacturers and ignoring the shocking, unprecedented adverse side effects discovered in early 2021. They ignored every mask study (and they were all N95 mask studies — I read five of them when Covid hit and soon realized masks were worthless.) But the six-foot social distancing was based on studies, although they were for three feet, not six feet. Staying three feet away from a person infected with a respiratory virus is helpful. If they cough or sneeze in your direction, you might need 20 feet of social distancing. That all changed with Omicron, which can spread to anyone in the same home from an infected person, if all the windows are closed.

    A friend had a 2021 Christmas party in her small home and all 20 guests got infected with omicron. 18 of the 20 guests had Covid19 shots, which did not help at all. The wife and I stayed home and told our friend she was going to create a super-spreader event with her party in such a small home with all the windows closed. We never mentioned our prediction again, but she later said: “You were right”. Every guest recovered from Omicron within one week.

    • Fuck you, Richard.

      You do not decide what gets published here. I am uninterested in what you have to say here. I urge you to take your “circus” elsewhere.

      If you had any intelligence, you would understand that I do not oppose “masks” as a matter of individual choice. You will note I never criticized them prior to three years ago. Why? Because I have no issue – as such – with individual choice. Including the choice to be weird or stupid.

      But this is about mass evil, enabled and propagated by “masking” and those, like you, who “masked” and continue to defend the evil and sick practice.

      • An FU response to a suggestion to end the Diaper Reports is something i would expect from a child who didn’t get his way. Can’t you control your temper? We have a climate change crisis hoax, a Nut Zero hoax, government forcing people into EVs. government censorship, FBI politicalization, and a war in Ukraine … so how can masks possibly still be an important subject, now that wearing them is optional?

        • Richard,

          You are deserving of such, is why. No one solicited your “suggestion,” presented in the oily passive-aggressive manner that defines your posts.

          If you are displeased with the subjects covered here, then I invite you to leave here – and spend your time elsewhere.

          • I suggested to move on from the masks that are now optional. I did not demand anything of you or criticize any other article here. Yet you went berserk anyway.

            The covid scaremongering, and the vaccine lies, did NOT depend on advising people to wear masks. If face masks had never been mentioned by the government, the Covid scaremongering would still have worked.

            Masks don’t control people. Propaganda controls people. Some people would have worn masks if the government had never mentioned them. Like many people have done in Japan for decades.

            The masks are a symbol of people who believe everything their government tells them. Masks don’t cause people to believe everything their government tells them. People wore masks BECAUSE they were unnecessarily frightened about Covid by government propaganda.

            • Richard,

              You just don’t get it. Unteachable.

              “Masks” weren’t just a strange fad, like bell bottom jeans, that just faded away. It’s absurd to believe the mass psychosis could have been fomented to the degree it was sans the “masks,” which gave the literal appearance of mass belief that death was in the air and made those who did not share the psychosis look like outliers.

              People could not have been as easily turned against one another without “masks.”

              “Masks” were used to turn people out of stores and other public places for refusing to wear them – and used to degrade those who did.

              They were used to force people to choose between keeping a job – and their self-respect.

              They kept people apart. Prevented people who would not wear them from seeing relatives, including the elderly in care facilities.

              They utterly corrupted the medical system.

              They were used to torment kids.

              They established the predicate for the “vaccines” that inevitably followed. If it was necessary to wear a “mask” then it is also necessary to take the “vaccine(s).” How can you not see the logic of this? Those pushing “masks” certainly did.

              The “mask” was – and is – very much like the armband worn by almost everyone in a sick country that went insane some 90 years ago. I doubt you would defend the wearing of those devices – and act as if it was no big deal.

              I will never relent about “masks” – and the tools and fools who wore and defended them.

    • I like the Diaper reports. You can skip them if you don’t care for them, just as I skip articles about insurance costs.

      • EP writes many articles every week.
        Each Diaper Report article means less time available for articles on other subjects that just might be more important. Masks have been covered with more articles here than anywhere else on the internet. There are other subjects.

        • Richard,

          Who appointed you arbiter of what I write about – or even asked your opinion? I decide what I consider to be worth writing about. Your decision is to read it – or not.

          I cover “masks” because it is important to unmask what they are about. And precisely because so few others are willing to.

        • And as we all know, every writer is issued a fixed, and very limited, quantity of electrons per unit time, due to “climate change.”

          As my dad used to wonder, “Why are there so many more horses’ asses than there are horses?”

          I commend Eric for allowing “Richard Greene” to make a fool of himself. His fatuousness is occasionally entertaining, and more importantly, “Richard Greene” is not allowed a “victim” card, because his comments are not censored here.

          • ‘every writer is issued a fixed, and very limited, quantity of electrons’ — Adi Heidler

            Every pixel is precious, Adi, as the eschaton and old age continue their remorseless advance.

        • Richard,

          There are politicians & bureaucrats out there who would LOVE to force everyone to wear face diapers again under some other decreed “Emergency”, be it “The next pandemic” or “Climate Emergency”, and people who are still under psychosis will dutifully comply and tattle on those who don’t comply if the tyrants tell them to.

          • Governments forcing auto manufacturers, and bribing their customers with tax credits, into EVs, is much more important than the possibility of governments forcing people to wear masks sometime in the future. Masks are voluntary now, so the mask battle was won. It’s time to move on to bigger issues, IMHO.

            The possibility of mandatory vaccines in the future, for example is more important than the possibility of mandatory masks in the future.

            • The Biden Thing actually tried to FORCE millions of Americans who have a job to “take that vaccine” back in 2021, using OSHA to enact a COVID jab mandate for employers with at least 100 employees, until the Supreme Court (thankfully) ruled they couldn’t do that. They also had a face diaper mandate for domestic travel on airplanes and public transportation until a federal judge ruled against that. The Biden Thing has STUPIDLY tried to appeal that, citing “Public Health”, but were unsuccessful. And now the regime is trying to ram through other things, like CBDC, digital ID, EVs, confiscation of guns from ordinary Americans, and who knows what else.

    • No one is getting Omicron. Just like its mama, it has never been proven to exist. The PCR was never intended to be used to determine if someone was diseased. That’s why its inventor had to die before the plandemic. And lastly,,, the flu that has been here since Gods created the Earth disappeared for an entire year!

      NO ONE, ANYWHERE in the world, has produced a scientifically verified Isolated, Stand alone, Reproducible sample of the alleged “SARS-COV-02” “virus” claimed without any real scientific proof to “cause” the mythical “COVID-19” “illness” “diagnosed” with a PCR process the Criminal CDC has had to admit can not tell the difference between the Mythical “COVID-19” no one has or can scientifically prove to really exist and the common yearly flu.

      I can guarantee you if a real killer disease is on the loose,,, mafia.gov would be in line first to get the cure if one existed,,, not exempt themselves. lol.

      • A BIG thank you Ken for pointing that out! I was just too lazy to get off my butt and do it myself. Well done.

        I really get tired of hearing comments online — and yes, even on Eric’s site — about how someone’s ‘contracted the virus’, or, that they knew some who did. What utter bullshit. These ill informed people don’t have a clue as to what the heck they picked up. Was it really the beer flu (Corona, get it?) or was it influenza, or just a cold, or maybe it was swine flu or god knows what? One thing is certain. . .they have no idea whatever that what they caught was for certain, and in fact, SARS-CoV-2. And there’s no one on the planet who can.

        Now that we got that issue cleared up it’s time to get back to my Lazy-Boy lounger for a snooze. Ta-ta

      • Ken,

        One thing that was particularly egregious at the height of COVID jab mania was when politicians, bureaucrats, and the media deemed people who refused to be an experiment for Pharma as UNCLEAN or IRRESPONSIBLE. They even concocted a false narrative that we were in a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!” However, if someone got BOTH doses of the COVID jabs, they weren’t even considered VACCINATED until at least 14 days AFTER the second dose, and if they died or got the ‘Rona LESS than 14 days after getting vaxxed, they were lumped in with people who got ZERO doses and labeled UNVACCINATED accordingly.

        Not only that, there was recently a study indicating that the more COVID jab doses one gets, the MORE likely they are to get sick with the virus the jab was purportedly protecting you against. What a good way to ensure an endless money stream for Pharma, especially when they recommend their “brand new antiviral drug”.

  5. Doctors and other medical “professionals” are largely responsible for the vast destruction of lives, livelihoods, injury, and death (from numerous sources, not just the poisonous gene therapy) due to their complicity with the corona hoax. They are VERY much to blame.

    Without them on board, the politicians would have only had their own liars which would have drastically changed the situation.

    Such people — though apparently not anywhere near as intelligent as they’ve been given credit — are still smart enough to know what they were doing and have done.

    And, for that, they can never be forgiven. It can never be forgotten.

    Further, enough of them are on board with other equally destructive lies of the establishment, including (but not limited to) the fallacy of systemic racism, white guilt, climate hoax, and even the ultra despicable and absolutely horrific mental illness known as transgenderism.

    Maybe “smart” is the wrong word. Certainly “intelligent” does not apply. Perhaps “cunning” as in the devious cleverness of criminals.

    Anyone that trusts the complicit and unrepentant “medical professional” is a suicidal fool.

    • “Doctors and other medical “professionals” are largely responsible for the vast destruction of lives, livelihoods, injury, and death”
      And it was going on for some time before Covid even showed up. It has long been the number three cause of death in the US, by “medical error”. Upwards of 150k per year, killed because the Medical Industrial Complex doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing, or are willing to sell to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, it never shows up on a death certificate.

  6. Remember when Donald donned his presidential mask? That was purdy cool, doncha think? It was all Warp Speed after that.

    Next thing you know, there is Joe wearing a presidential mask and recommending everyone be vaccinated with the clot shot. The old red flag, somethun’s up.

    Something ain’t right right there. Rather obvious they all have to go and good riddance.

    Drive responsibly, you just never know.

    • I’ve always been a huge fan of establishment politicians, especially Biden, to continue wearing masks as much as humanly possible — precisely because I know that long term mask wearing causes disease.

      But, certainly, they only do it when the camera is on. Keep those cameras rolling! The moribund, evil fucks like Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Cuck Schumer, …, too many to list, they need to GTFO of our planet. The sooner the better.

  7. Still see the occasional solo driver diapered up in their car, at this point in time they must be convinced it’s keeping them safe from the boogeyman.

    • Allan Stevo, over on his substack, has been releasing a daily post about harms caused by masking. In particular, he is mostly concerned about forcing them on children which inexplicably continues in schools to this day (AFAIK). Depends on the state or city apparently.

      Most of what he posts, I’ve known to some degree and seems to be common sense, but once in a while, there are surprising side effects.

      The practice of masking isn’t just ridiculous and indicative of mental illness, it seems to be one of those “self-limiting” or species down-selecting situations, i.e., the idiots that insist on doing this to themselves or their children will have less health and more disease on numerous fronts. Their percentage of the population should therefore decline.

      And vice versa.

      “Keep masking. The world needs less of you and will be a better place when you’re gone.” is what I think about it.

        • Yeah, I do actually feel bad for their kids and do not specifically wish that on their kids. Rather, I blame the idiot parents that mask their kids, allow poisonous experimental gene therapy on them, and poison their mind with ridiculous bullshit.

          So I don’t specifically wish that on the kids. HOWEVER, more likely than not, their kids are (or will be) essentially what their parents are and would consider me and people like me to be the enemy.

          Heck, we have kids reporting on their dissenting parents these days! I could go down that road for quite an unpleasant while (as I’m sure you know). Kids aren’t like when I grew up.

          Still, I really do feel bad for the kids and blame the parents and hope, against the odds, that the kids will somehow break free of the madness.

          My closing thought on the previous post is intended to be specifically limited to the parents. I don’t wish such things or have similar thoughts about kids, to be clear. They’re the victims.

  8. At this point I have to think they’re just afraid of getting sick because they’ve never been sick. Not just COVID, any airborne illness. And even if they qualify for “co-morbidity” issues, unless they have AIDS or are otherwise without an immune system, it’s just a damn cold. And if you really are immunocompromised, what the hell are you doing out in public anyway? Get yourself into the bubble boy bubble!

    I’ll give the old maids a pass, since they’re still watching broadcast TV and basically fear everything. But the younger generation, the otherwise healthy… I think they really haven’t had enough illness to understand what it means to be sick. I had chicken pox, colds, flus, cuts, bruises, stitches, dog bites, food poisioning, road rash, etc. And so did all my friends, often due to actions from our friends. Never had a major broken bone, but once dislocated a finger. I’ve had the wind knocked out of me, which felt far worse than having COVID-19. I got better. And I learned that it wasn’t deadly. Thank God for my immune system!

    I wonder if today’s coddled, padded and protected kids never had that experience? Oh some did, the ones with “bad parents” who got them minibikes and taught them how to shoot rifles. And I’m not talking about the “Make a Wish” kids spread across social media and traditional TV. But those heavily scheduled kids, the ones who always had “adult supervision” nearby, I wonder if there’s a connection?

  9. There is only so much you and I, as idividuals can do.

    “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work”- old joke on Soviet system

    • There’s a LOT you and I as individuals can do. For one, we can refuse compliance which–if enough of us do–will grind the gears of tyranny to a halt.

  10. The economic fallout of the PLANdemic continues. And it’s not just mom and pop retailers that are suffering. Bed, Bath & Beyond recently went out of business. Tuesday Morning is just starting their going out of business sales. Justice and Pier One Imports closed early in the plandemic. I believe JC Penney filed bankruptcy, but is still operating.

    The problem is, stores that mostly sell clothing or home furnishings and décor were considered non-essential, and were ordered to close by the criminal governors and “public health” officials. It’s hard to stay in business when you have no revenue and still have to pay overhead costs like rent, utilities, insurance.

    You would think these failing retailers would sue the bastards that forced them to close.

    • Retailers are getting hammered by many things, mostly internet delivery but also crime waves in the cities because of communist district attorneys and jacked up staff costs because no one wants to work anymore. Small business is in worse shape. Scary world.

  11. It’s not really about health is it? Mrna vaccines, climate change, white supremacy, gender confusion, alternative energy, open borders and lots of other issues are all communist are wedges to spread fear and create division. How do you subjugate a society of 300 million individuals with over 500 million guns? Create fear, chaos, violence, lawlessness, racial hatred, class hatred, religious intolerance, isolate people from their families, their history, their culture. Eventually they’ll beg to be enslaved just to stop the insanity. Of course the insanity won’t stop, it will only intensify into a dystopian, Kafkaesque nightmare.

    A lot of people are waking up, but the levers of power in government, academia and the mass media are in the hands of communists who hate this nation and it’s people. Since the end of WW2 we’ve lived in a blessed nation, but have squandered that gift. If Hell is the absence of God, it would seem we are about to take a very unpleasant turn.

  12. I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and can tell you that not a single day has gone by this year where they haven’t shown at least one–and sometimes two or three–photos per issue of someone wearing masks. With maybe 1% of the population currently masking, there’s no way this isn’t deliberate. The PTBs obviously don’t want us to forget about masks so that the next time another scamdemic comes along and the mandates are rolled out, there won’t be as much resistance.

    • It’s still waaay higher than 1% in some areas. Boston is particularly bad around laptop-class “educated” idiots. Still see those same idiots masking their little kids inside climbing gyms and such… As if you really believed there was an invisible boogeyman sooo bad out there at all, why would you risk going to a packed climbing gym????!!!!!!

  13. There were a few maskers at the supermarket today. Low single digit percentage. The funniest was the guy wearing a mask, walking like a zombie, smelling like a brewery from 20 feet away and pushing a cart with just 3 twelvers of Pale Ale and a pack of hot dogs in it. Totally shit faced at 10 am. Health!

  14. ‘They just can’t let it go.’ — eric

    Neither can this disgraced claque of losers:

    ‘The WHO Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Composition said Thursday it’s recommending that future formulations of COVID-19 vaccines use newer variants in their composition, such as a monovalent XBB.1 descendent lineage.

    ‘WHO reiterated that all currently approved vaccines “continue to provide substantial protection against severe disease and death, which is the primary objective for COVID-19 vaccination.”


    Contrary to the WHO’s absurd lies, covid ‘vaccines’ constitute the worst human-caused public health disaster in history. Death rates in most heavily-vaxxed countries are up due to the injected mRNA spike protein toxin.

    Nuremberg II trials for these mass-murdering ‘doctors’!

  15. Eric, even if the masking were to subside (and I agree with you, it likely never will)…the rhetoric NEVER will. They will keep the flu rhetoric alive (only the names of the “strains” and flus/ailments will be changed to protect the guilty[propagandists]) just as they kept the “terrorism” rhetoric alive, ’cause hypochondria over flus -real or imagined- is probably the most effective psy-op and means of mass coercion ever devised, and now that it’s been established on a worldwide basis the world is literally their erster[oyster].

    The majority of the population has been primed for such for many decades, from being patrons of the pharma-medical cartel. They can be perfectly healthy and go to a ‘doctor’ who recommends some test “for early detection, in case you have something before symptoms appear”. You go and get the test, and it shows your immune system is fighting some foe (or so says the PCR-like over-magnified test)…so they then proceed to nuke your immune system in order to fight said supposed ‘disease’ with their chemicals. And they will repeat this process many times over for different diseases and different bodily systems, until your are living on drugs…and then die because your immune system is long dead and the concoction of drugs they give you can’t replace it nor keep you alive.

    tl;dr; How to kill people for fun and profit while making a fortune.

    Funny thing: Couple’a weeks ago I started having really bad back pain when I’d just move a little in certain ways- and I’ve never in my life had any back problems. Also had some pains elsewhere that would come and go and move around… Long story short, a night or two into this pain I found a tick that had glommed onto my back. I removed the tick…and as the swelling around where the tick bite was started subsiding over the next week, my ‘back pain’ got less and less… Now I’m fine and dandy and feel great.

    I often wonder what would have happened had I been a person who goes to doctors. No doubt, had I gone to a doctor, at the very least they would have run thousands of dollars worth of tests. I would bet every cent I have that they would never have associated my symptoms with a tick bite (I had no other symptoms, such as ones normally associated with Lyme disease, etc.), and they likely would have “found” something wrong with my spine or my gizzards or something…would no doubt recommend surgery or at least prescribe a whole slew of drugs….. It probably would have led to my downfall and the end of my good health- as seems to be the case with so many other men I see who are in their early 60’s- they go to a doctor for one thing- often a very minor thing, or just a “preventative” test…and things quickly snowball from there, and they are never the same and soon turn into “old men”.

    I have a friend in FL right now who is on what will likely be his deathbed (ICU 50-50 chance of living)…never took care of himself- would just go to the doctors when he had a problem..get drugs, surgeries. It all started recently with some minor issues..then the clot-shot… Even if he lives, I don’t see how he’ll ever recover at this point, as he now has so many things wrong with him. Turns out, the ‘Rona, which he also had late last year was the least of his problems (Told him not to get the stupid shot..but he insisted that I’D get ‘Rona’ed since I didn’t take the shot. Yeah..how’s that working out?).

    • Hi Nunz,

      Just an FYI to keep ticks at bay: they hate the smell of peppermint and lemongrass. I have these in essential oil form. I add 5-10 drops of either in a spray bottle of water and spray it over my clothes before heading outside if I know I am going to hike or trekking through long grass. Since I have been doing this I haven’t had any ticks. Mosquitos also hate the smell of lemongrass. Next time I actually may try lemon juice from a fresh lemon and see if that works. It has got to be better than that stinky Deet stuff and I am less likely to get cancer.

      • When I was a kid, my brother and I spent lots of time in the bush, and rarely got a tick. Because there were lot’s of upland birds, quail, grouse, woodcock around that ate LOTS of them. Since the advent of industrial agriculture, those birds no longer have a place to live. Fence rows don’t exist, because the aggregation of farm land doesn’t need fences.
        By the way, Guinea fowl’s favorite food is ticks.

      • Citrus is a natural pest repellent and citrus essential oils are used in most homemade pest sprays.

        Garlic oil works too, but will also repel people.
        We use smelly garlic oil on outside plants to repel deer, who will eat anything. We had a deer eat a cactus plant outside.

        • Tried Garlic on our deer, did not work. Neither did blood. The dogs worked though. I thought you lived in Michigan. Not many cactus plants in Michigan.

        • **”Garlic oil works too,”**

          That’s what I would have thought- but with all the garlic a Dago like me exudes, I can confirm that it either doesn’t work, or the insects on my property are also Eye-talian….. (Probably Sicilians, the bastids!)

      • Hey, RG,
        Thanks for the suggestion! I just may give that a try. I’ve never used any kind of repellent or anything….but after what I described above, I just may take your advice.

        Funny thing is, I get fewer ticks here on my acreage in the country than I used to on Long Island (And thank goodness, no mosquitos here!)- and never had any effect from a tick before- which I’m thankful for, as our wonderful government until recently had the Pluym Island bio-lab right at the end of Long Island (Literally a stone’s throw from the shore at the end of the island…LITERALLY!), which is where Lyme Disease originated…and why LI and CT are the epicenters of Lyme Disease- despite the fact that few people there spend much time on the grass (Well…they are on a lot of the other kind of grass… 😀 ).

  16. Much like a spouse who is repeatedly physically abused who simply won’t give up on the marriage. They made a commitment, and they’re sticking to it, hell or high water. The grave sin is that these “experts” know masks don’t work on a virus, any better than a chain link fence keeps out mosquitos. What masks do work for is giving them power. Power they love. Even if it kills others.

    • Absolutely. One thing that I’ve come to realize is that the people after that power and wealth, have as little concern for killing humans as people might will killing weeds in their yard, i.e., not just of importance whatsoever but even considered to be a net positive.

      I’ve read stories on substack recently where people experiencing the sudden deaths of friends/family — although it makes them sad (!) — ultimately deal with the situation by using a variant of the mantra “well, there’s too many people on the planet anyway.”

      I read a story like that literally yesterday — about someone losing their lifelong best friend to sudden poison gene therapy syndrome.

      This certainly comes top-down from the lunatics that are talking about “saving the planet.” As if it needs “saving”, as if they could “save” it, if it did. As if that’s what they really are after anyway!

      And dumb fucken people believe it.

      It’s not just breaking some eggs to make an omelet, it’s not even mowing the lawn. We’re the weeds.

  17. Anyone who wears a mask because it MAY work should also be wearing googles since viruses can also infect him through his eyes.
    Even the Elf On The Shelf admitted this.

    • You are right on, Doug. I said the same thing to a recent doctor visit that I took my grandmother to. My grandmother and I both arrived mask free. The girl behind the counter was absolutely agitated with us telling us we had to mask. I asked where the eye protection was. She looked at me like I was crazy. I said viruses can just as easily enter through the mucous membranes (the white part) of the eye. I got an eyeroll and a huff, but we were left alone.

  18. Spot on: “[W]e go to the supermarket and pretend we don’t see it. As we would pretend not to see the wet stain on the frontside of a nice old man’s pants.”

    It feels to me that there has been an overwhelming pushback by the general public of all the shit the propagandists have been trying to cram down our throats lately. The Bud Light pushback has been very notable in particular. The masking and vaccines are another. They’ve evolved into absolute jokes now.

    I’m a bit encouraged by this, but it also could be just too much coffee this morning.


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