Diaper Report: 05/01/2023

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At the supermarket the other day, there were a few mentally ill people. You could tell them by sight. They were the ones still wearing “masks” – not the Halloween variety.

This is good news in that it becomes very apparent – as it was, just three years ago – that people who wear “masks” (when it isn’t Halloween) are . . mentally ill.

They stand out.

This is how most of us viewed “maskers” before the juggernaut to normalize “masking” by using social and corporate pressure to “mask” almost everyone.

With the object being to normalize what was once generally understood to be a marker of mental illness, along with obsessive hand-washing and other pantomimes of the afflicted.

This was meant to normalize mental illness generally. A society driven insane is a society that is easier to control. The mentally ill beg for it – and the sane, too. Chaos being unendurable for the sane.

The people desirous of controlling everything are well aware of these facts and that is why they pushed so hard to drive the country crazy – and continue to do so.

It is no coincidence that others forms of mental illness, such as the belief that sex is fungible based upon belief – and the insistence that others must believe it – etiolated on the heels of mass “masking.” It is even less coincidental that the people who believe sex is fungible based on belief are very often the same people who are still “masking.”

It being very difficult to remain partially sane.

One generally is – or is not.

What’s happened is not merely that the eccentric, the odd, the weird no longer accept that they are. They have been weaponized to hostility against those who know they are. More chaos. More insanity. The latter tending to spread in the fertile soil of the former.

None of this ought not to be surprising given what we have seen all around us over the course of the past three years. It was hard to remain sane during the height of the insanity. Orwell’s character Winston Smith monologued about this solipsism in the novel, 1984. Is sanity statistical, he mused? If everyone believes “x” to be the objective fact, does “x” not become the objective fact? And if it does not, how would one know it?

More to the point, how would one be able to prove it isn’t when no one else believes it?

When “masking” was near-ubiquitous two years ago, it was alarmingly easy for many to question their own sanity. The sight of so many apparently mentally ill people made it harder to regard oneself as not – if one didn’t look like them. Maybe, the harrowing thought creeped in, they are right. Maybe it is sensible to put this thing on, like almost everyone else seems to be doing. Analogy was made to the wearing of pants.

It would be odd not to wear them.

Of course, “masks” are not pants. If you don’t put on the latter, people will see what ought to be kept to oneself. Something real that ought to be kept to oneself. As opposed to the bogeyman virus that wasn’t kept to oneself by the intercession of a porous barrier of made-in-China gauze. The proper analogy would have been that wearing a “mask” is like wearing a pair of pants with the crotch cut out of them.

If you saw someone walking around that way, what would you say? What would you think? Probably the same as you ought to think when you see someone still walking around with a “mask” on.

This is salutary – assuming it spreads.

Mental illness cannot be treated before it is diagnosed. And it is impossible to diagnose mental illness when it is not recognized as such, as by comparing it with normalcy. By regarding it as normal.

The sooner derangement returns to being perceived – and treated – as precisely that, the less of it there will be.

. . .

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  1. Today, I learned that my Biden voting, Colbert loving, ‘The View” watching 80+ yr. old In-laws are finally “Done!” with, The Shot.

    I don’t know what the limit was or if they still face diaper up.

    It most likely (absolutely) had nothing to do with my input.

    One of them has had such terrible joint inflammation (Do ya think, maybe, possibly it was from all The Shots?) that dressing normally is a problem, but the worst metric/measuring stick was -> not being able to put on a seat belt!

    10,000 words there about That.
    …Things. Are. Sooo. Fucked. Up. !

    Can you imagine Conan The Barbarian (before he was a sell out piece of crap) sitting on a windy mountain side saying, “The highest ideal in life! Is being able to put on your seat belt!”?

    [Did I express that in such a way as to not rain disrespect down upon those who were totally taken advantage of – and manipulated by – by our foul overlords? …Probably not.]

    “Which brings me back to the verse for our day:

    Ephesians 6: 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”


    • You wont get an argument from me about seat belts as I have cheaters in every car I own. Most people barely believe we have foul overlords, let alone Satanic cults. thinking about cults, and that show, the view, its like a coven of nasty witches sitting around swapping syphilitic spit. I mean throw in a White Witch or a Glenda the Good Witch every once and awhile FFS, make it at least moderately tolerable.

      The shit shot had devastating effects on my family. As 80+% of my Uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews aren’t on speaking terms with me. Because I cant hide my disdain for the fact that they lapped up some goo of unknown quality into their bodies, just like little kittens. And I just wont forget about it and act like it never happened. Also I, being normally the pro-choice, live and let live, do with yer body whatcha want type individual, still made the effort and tried to warn them. The fact is, most people I’m related to cosmically failed the first round of the intergalactic intelligence games. It certainly makes we wonder whats really buried in the ole’ Genetic wood pile.

      That verse from Ephesians has always been a favorite. As for spiritual wickedness in high places, the only hope for that is the word from on high.

    • one of the most rabid karens I know of said she was done with those cv vaccines…she had multiple problems…shingles..etc., etc., .mind not working properly….went to the emergency over and over….

      low iq twits…can’t even do their own research….their mind is owned by the satanic control group….lol

      should have discovered the reality….lol…..

      The field of vi ro..lo..gy is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science
      ….but….. it is useful in marketing campaigns helping big pharma to pedal stock……..

  2. Can we all agree at this point, (except Richard Greene) that mask wearing is a satanic cult and a sign of a severe mental disorder?

    Mental illness is real and dangerous. Left unchecked it leads to the destruction of once decent civilizations. I propose rounding people up who still persist in this delusion. At this point its the only way to be sure we stop the spread. The FEMA camps are currently empty and should be put to use.

    These cultists should welcome their conscription with open arms and open legs. The camps sound like Marxist Nirvana to me. No guns, check, free food, check, free housing, check, excellent free GovCo health care, everyone equal, and safe spaces for all, check check and check.

    While we are at it we might as well go ahead and incarcerate anyone Who believes they are a different gender than how they were born. Also those who insist on sexualizing children, or anyone who works to subvert and destroy the bonds between kids and their parents. Which basically means about 95% of the public school mafia.

  3. I know someone who thinks just about everything .gov does is wrong… Except for the “Jabbie Juice”. Policies from gun control to illegal immigration are all wrong but forcing the shot on you is a good idea. I wish I were making this up but I’m not.

    • Hi Landru,

      I know that story. It’s a symptom of cognitive dissonance; an incapacity or unwillingness to see commonality in things and deal with the commonality rather than the superficiality. Thus, the “conservative” who opposes “big government” – but loves the military (and cops).

      • Eric,

        Here’s another example of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE…..people who screeched “My Body, My Choice!” when it came to abortion, while at the same time SUPPORTING Mask & COVID jab mandates.

        • I never understood the contradiction either, John. As the saying goes… “follow the money”. Aborted baby parts and vaccine injured people make big pharma a lot of money. They are not about to give up that gravy train without a vicious fight.

          • Hi Shadow,

            After the MASSIVE amount of money Pharma got over the past few years, plus their massive influence over politicians and establishment media, and from reading stories elsewhere about this push for transgenderism, I wonder if Pharma eyes an opportunity for even MORE money from hormone drugs or drugs disguised as “Gender affirming care”.

            • That would not surprise me, John. And then make more money when they screw the transition up. Except that now a few now-adults are suing doctors who transitioned them. One, who was 12 when she was given a double-mastectomy. So, unlike the vaccine makers who cannot be sued for damages, MD’s can be sued for transition surgeries. Doing so on minors can be a dicey (no pun intended) proposition. And yes, either way, if one wants to stay their “new” gender, they are at the mercy of Big Pharma the rest of their lives for all the hormone pills and treatments they must take to keep themselves (such as it is) in their “new form” (for lack of a better wording). Either way, Big Pharma wins, and everyone else loses. Any wonder, then, that the root word for “Pharmacy” is “Pharmakeia”, which has its roots in sorcery?

          • Shadow,

            Here’s another example of cognitive dissonance. This push by some politicians to allow children as young as 10 (or perhaps even younger depending on whether one lives in a state with bills pushing this evil stuff) to “transition” to the opposite sex or have an abortion without their parents’ knowledge, or even lowering the minimum age for voting to something like 16. While at the same time these politicians are trying to raise the minimum age for buying a firearm to 21, but the minimum age for joining the military remains at 18.

            • Oh yes, I almost forgot about “gender affirming care”. Any wonder, then, that Gruesome Newsome made his state a sanctuary state for gender confused children? I am following the “Save James (Younger)” case, and it is tragic all-around. Also have not heard anything (updates wise) in awhile. On another, alternate media site, I read of two stories: One, an older man who went as “Laura” for 20 years, had even the bottom surgery, and then de-transitioned, and deeply regrets it. Another girl, Chloe, who transitioned to a boy, had a double-mastectomy at 12, and is now suing the hospital (at 18). And then there’s Jazz (formerly, Jared), who-after all the surgeries-tried “dating” a man, still finds he/she is attracted to men, and is still unhappy. Gosh, cannot imagine why. No worries, though, Big Pharma has a pill for that! Lots of pills! I find it alarming what politicians are doing to children, all in the name of “protection”. And I’m sorry (not sorry), if you are considered old enough at 18 to be drafted into the military, and die for your country, I think you are damned old enough to buy and possess firearms. It reminds me of “Charles” sister (in the movie, “Man Without a Face, with Mel Gibson), when she replies to herself, “what a stupid world”…… indeed, and an increasingly insane one. I shudder to think of where we are going to be in just five years, with as lighting-fast as things are “progressing”…

    • When we watch movies we call that the willing suspension of disbelief. Which I suppose is the same thing as cognitive dissonance, except we know we are suspending our disbelief when watching a movie.

    • Landru, I know a co-worker who has the sense to know how dangerous the flu shots are, has refused them every year for all the years I have known him to work (been there longer than him), and wears the mask for the Winter months (a requirement for rejecting the flu shot). And yet, when the COVID jab came out, he was all gun ho for it, and took the damned thing! I couldn’t believe it! And John, on face diapers (I should have just addressed that in the above thread I just posted), I just hate wearing the damned things, ’cause it is difficult to breathe in them. Everyone with half a brain knows they are worthless. I will not claim to be the best looking person in the world….not butt ugly, but certainly not model gorgeous, but dang…I grew up in hell, and knew exactly what the symbolism meant with the covering of the face, and I found it ultra creepy. It basically erases your identity as person, makes you a non-person, a non-entity. In the early days/weeks/months of the COVID crap, when I would be in the grocery store un-diapered (while everyone was covered), and I would see another, undiapered individual, we would both nod to each other as we walked by…not saying a word to each other, but as though we could still have a five minute conversation as we walked by. At that moment, it was comforting to know that there were a few non-woke, but very awake, not insane individuals out there.

      • Shadow,

        When I was still working at my old McJob a few years ago during COVID, the higher ups at corporate decreed that ALL employees had to answer a series of COVID related questions,
        have their temperature checked prior to starting work, AND wear face diapers on the job. It was hell working in a hot kitchen while wearing a face diaper and doing the work of 2 or 3 crew members because the business was running on a skeleton crew due to dine in being off limits “Because COVID”, but drive thru was “allowed” to remain open.

        • Oh wow, talk about a walk down memory lane. I remember the temp checks at work that we all had to do back when this all started. And (and wait, there’s more!) we all had to verify each other’s temperatures, too. It was ridiculous. I still have to diaper up at work, and it is pathetic to say the least, as all other places have since given up on the ritual. At least until the next pandemic that Bill Gates has gleefully proclaimed is coming, and stresses will be worse than COVID. Ugh, I cannot imagine working in a hot kitchen and having a damned diaper over your mouth, and then trying to breathe? Wouldn’t that be considered an unsafe working environment? It is ironic, really, in that the same CO2 that is so bad for the environment (that plants breathe) that we all have to give up our cars, eat bugs, maybe starve to death, take cold showers for, and live like slaves to “save the earth over”, is the same CO2 that Big Pharma and fake scientists like Fauci think are perfectly fine to re-inhale in a mask.

          • Shadow,

            Not only that, after public schools “reopened” for in person learning, kids in many public schools had to wear face diapers all day long, which I’m sure was harmful to them as well. One particularly disgusting thing about that was that public schools were getting MONEY from the Biden Thing in exchange for masking up children all day long. And I even saw video of kids in class at one school playing musical instruments inside small enclosed pods. Future historians may well look upon 2020-2022 as a time when the world collectively LOST its mind over a virus that ended up not even being all that deadly to the majority of humans.

            • It is quite telling, when the teachers were finally able to inform the students that they did not have to wear a mask in class, the entire classroom of kids erupted in cheers. I surmise one positive aspects to the whole lock downs and trying to force jab people too fast, is that it woke a lot of parents up (not a bad thing) to the dangers of the 79-dose list of vaccines their kids are supposed to get. Parents are now really starting to question the so-called safety of said-vaccines. I think it is great that many of them have finally figured out that they cannot sue the vaccine makers, and are making better choices-much to the dismay of the vaccine makers. That also included many opting for home schooling during the lock-downs, and never going back after the re-openings. Also not a bad thing, either, seeing is how public schools-no matter how much money they get-are a massive failure on so many levels. On the other hand, Bill Gates and Big Pharma (and the Feds) are going to have to really go big this next time around, with Gates’ next pandemic he has been advertising, because more people are awake, and are simply not going to put up with the BS. Which is scary to think about, as their kind of evil has no limits. The Karen’s and the thumb suckers will never change, and I simply do not bother trying to help them. They are akin to those who walked into the gas chambers swearing and denying to the end it was nothing more than a shower. Until it was not. On a side note, I had to re-watch the above clip. I just watched again, the 1984 movie again a few months ago, having read the book years ago. But, I was curious, this time, as to who the man was that they used as the “Big Brother” still shot throughout the movie (always watching) on the Tele Screen. It was a man by the name of “Bob Flag”. So here I learn something new every day.

              • Hi Shadow,

                I saw such videos of children cheering after being told they no longer had to wear face diapers in school. A similar thing happened with ADULTS. I don’t know if you saw, but there was also video last year of airline flight attendants telling passengers they no longer had to wear masks after a federal judge struck down the Biden Thing’s mask mandate for airline travel, and the passengers CHEERED. One passenger even started dancing and singing.

          • RE: “I still have to diaper up at work, and it is pathetic to say the least”

            Why, do you remain a slave?

            Have you no other options in this whole world?

            • I live in Alaska, and the next option (that would pay decently) would be Anchorage-not a short drive, or a short move by any means. Moving to the lower 48 is out of the question. Also, one may have to wear a mask (even if the diaper mandate were lifted) if one is un-jabbed. I would rather wear a mask than take a jab, and I have not had one yet, and do not plan on ever getting one. As the saying goes, it is getting unaffordable to live up here, but it is too expensive to move. But, where I work, it is standard to see staff with their masks down around their chins. Or, see the mask hanging by one ear. To say that the diaper mandates are strictly enforced is laughable to say the least. So yes, we have to mask, but….you can drive a semi truck through that. More than once someone has come in without one, and no one even notices….or really cares.

                • Nope, I have never been jabbed, and do not plan to, even if it means living out of my car, and freezing to death. But, I did save a website link that shows which lot numbers were the real thing, and which were the controlled, saline ones. I do know, however, that the CDC in our area is in Anchorage. During the height of COVID I was curious and looked it up, as I was not sure where they were in these parts. I cannot help but think where rounding folks up are concerned, we have plenty of military bases up here, known and unknown, and lots of land to squirrel people away to.

  4. A little off topic, but ABC News censored part of an interview one of their reporters had with Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. They claim that they censored remarks from him regarding the COVID jabs and a potential link between vaccines and autism because his remarks were, wait for it, “Disinformation”….Was ABC in jeopardy of losing MASSIVE advertising money from Pharma had they aired the FULL interview of Kennedy?


    • Hi John,

      Yup. And how did these Teleprompter People get to be the arbiters of “misinformation”? It’s just another word they parrot on cue. Like “911.” And “the cases.”

      • Eric,

        Indeed. It’s also more indicative that Big Pharma (and Big Government) has tremendous power over establishment media. Most if not all of the “news” they report is little more than press releases from the government or their advertisers, or spun to push an agenda.

  5. What I find particularly disturbing is mentally ill, ugly men, who dress up as a woman, then go read or sing to kids, then go and jerk off with the thought of those kids still fresh in their mind.

  6. I didn’t even realize that I spent the whole weekend going to the movies, grocery store, walmart, dollar store, gas station & didn’t see a single mask. This might be the first time.

    Oh, and our fearless leader just announced no more shots for international travelers, CMS healthcare facilities, & govt employees. Of course he took credit for nature’s doings.


    • Dan,

      Will “Joe Biden” also end medical centers entering vaccination status of patients in a computer, or will that continue to please unelected bureaucrats at the WHO who thirst for absolute power via their planned “Global Pandemic Treaty”?

      • That statement from the Biden Administration announcing an end to vaccination requirements for federal employees, international travelers, educators at Head Start, and CMS facilities reads like part of it was written and/or sponsored by PFIZER lol.

    • Ahh, but the catch I saw was, they just announced no more shots for international travelers who cross over Land, not via areoplane.

      Sad news for that fella who was looking to cross by air from the UK.

      I guess, if you want in ‘legally’ ya gotta hot foot it.?
      Er, at least, drive?

      Anyway, when Eric wrote, “The people desirous of controlling everything are well aware of these facts” I pictured some wolves pacing back & forth on the outside of some penned up sheep,… driving them to be panicked to death.

      • Helot,

        One thing I’m curious about is whether Novak Djokovic will get any compensation for not having been able to compete in a recent tennis match in the U.S. because he wasn’t vaxxed.

      • Hi Helot,

        Yesterday, I went into a local government office and on the glass door was a sign: “Masks Recommended But Not Required.”

        • The folks who lied the whole thing into existence under the color of law are, to this day, unrepentant and defiant but most of all unaccountable. Thus, as referenced by the kind of sign you saw and I still see as well, the lies persist. It’s at a lower level but remains like a tiny glowing ember in an almost defunct campfire. This ember needs to be pissed on. Repeatedly.

  7. At least the face diaperers are solidly in the minority now. I do wonder if some of their brains are well and permanently broken and they’ll keep wearing a mask in public until they collapse from the oxygen deprivation, or reluctantly take them off now that Fuhrer Biden is about to formally end the rest of the nonsense this week. We all know a good chunk of them are still doing it because it’s remains the ultimate virtue signal.

  8. This is an email I recently received from a dermatologist I once went to. I guess they had to get an official OK from Master Fed Gov before they can exercise common sense.

    After three long years, the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency is officially ending on May
    11, 2023.

    We have been following health protocols from Federal, State, and local authorities, and have continued to require masking of all patients and staff. We are pleased to announce that effective Monday, May 15, 2023 mask use will become optional.

    We do ask that if you are currently experiencing respiratory symptoms or if you know you have been exposed to Covid-19 recently, that you elect to wear a mask.

    In addition, you may request that your providers wear masks, particularly if you have health issues that make you vulnerable.

    Teledermatology visits will continue to be offered when appropriate, and as long as your insurance company continues to cover these visits.

  9. You can’t fix stupid. I have seen several studies showing that mask wearing is bad for your health because rebreathing excess CO2 and moisture can lead to pneumonia and other nasty lung diseases. Maybe these schmucks will eventually kill themselves off.
    On a related note the climate hysterics are going to kill all of us off with their “zero carbon” insanity; guess they didn’t get the connection to “carbon based life forms” from Star Trek. Not to mention no CO2 = no plant life = no food = no life, hard stop. The idiot control freaks in New York just banned natural gas hookups for new construction, hope those homeowners enjoy freezing to death next winter.

    • >The idiot control freaks in New York just banned natural gas hookups for new construction, hope those homeowners enjoy freezing to death next winter.

      Take heart, Mike:

      >When Berkeley became the first U.S. city to ban construction of new natural gas lines in 2019, it pioneered an approach to reducing carbon emissions and pollutants that has since spread around the Bay Area and across the country.

      >Now Berkeley has become a pioneer of a different sort, as an April appellate court ruling against the city’s ban is imperiling similar restrictions on natural gas

      >Many restaurateurs and foodies are adamant that food cooks better over gas,

      >the ruling doesn’t impact cities that have taken a building code-based approach to natural gas bans
      >that’s because specific exceptions have been carved out of the federal law to allow cities to add requirements or strong incentives for all-electric new construction into building and energy codes — an alternative to banning gas piping, itself.

      Before there was electric light, gas was sometimes used for interior lighting in houses. The house (flat) where I lived in 1970-71 in Cambridge, MA still had the gas pipes for lighting, vestiges of the original construction by John Concannon, whose daughter, Rita, was our landlady. I surmise it had been town gas, rather than nat gas, but really do not know.

      Ironically, on the same page of the San Jose Mercury News is an article about a woman who had endured a two week electric power outage, courtesy of PG&E.

      As the saying goers, “Let the bastards freeze in the dark.”

      • Hi Adi,
        Thanks for the info, btw my house, built 1865, also has gas pipes in the walls for gas lighting. When we bought the house back in 1974 I briefly considered trying to hook a couple back up for gas lighting ambiance but decided against it figuring we might end up burning down the house 😆

        • >ALL HUMANS to be “Zero Emissions” by 2030
          Yep, no more “carbon based life forms,” as Mike in Boston reminded us. 🙂
          Guess we’ll all have to be “intelligent rocks” by then.
          Why do you think it is called “Silicon Valley,” eh?

          RE: Trains
          Well, There is the U.S. Feddle Gummint, which might just have other ideas.
          Plus, I seriously doubt the Republic of Texas would go that crazy, and the Port of Houston *is* a viable alternative to Ports of LA/LB for any vessels not larger than Panamax, which is most of them.

        • “California wants ALL passenger & freight trains operating in the state to be “Zero Emissions” after 2030”
          In other words, no trains operating after 2030. They can’t even make a practical pickup truck “zero emission”. The California power grid can’t keep up with air conditioning, much less the power demand of moving millions of tons of freight. And there is not enough lithium reserves in the world to make the necessary batteries.
          Same old fecal matter. They really believe that issuing an edict makes it so. Regardless whether it’s possible or not. Or maybe they don’t care if it’s possible, as long as they get their green points.

          • Hi John,

            Last year, IIRC, shortly after California decreed that NO new gas powered vehicles will be sold in the state after 2035, the state urged residents NOT to charge EVs at a certain time (I think it was at night) because of a risk of rolling blackouts.

            As for this obsessive push for NET ZERO, there was a paper released by someone at a group called the Global Warming Policy Foundation indicating that this push for a “Net Zero Economy” would not only have virtually NO effect on the climate, it would also cost Americans TRILLIONS of dollars.

    • ‘The idiot control freaks in New York just banned natural gas hookups for new construction, hope those homeowners enjoy freezing to death next winter.’ — Mike in Boston

      Natural gas is cheap now, at the wholesale level. Chart:


      Forbidding New Yorkers from using it is a sadistic attack on their finances and health.

      IRS data, published with a lag, shows that a net 262,000 New Yorkers left the state from 2020 to 2021. Expect the exodus to accelerate.

      Those wanting to sell residential lots will find their value impaired by the gas hookup ban. That’s the New York frame of mind: strip people of their wealth as they flee, then tax them extraterritorially till they croak.

      Now my advice for those who die
      Declare the pennies on your eyes
      ‘Cause I’m the taxman
      Yeah, I’m the taxman
      And you’re working for no one but me

      — The Beatles, Taxman

  10. While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, this middle-aged female masktard gets near me, and we exchange unpleasantries about being in each other’s way. She says “Oh, I was just going to ask him [Motioning towards a store employee stocking the shelves at the other end of the aisle] if he could get that for me [Pointing to a box on an upper shelf that she couldn’t reach]”. I just nod in understanding, chuckle and walk away.

  11. It’s unfair and inaccurate to call mask wearers mentally ill, Mr. Mask Sheriff.

    They are people who believed their government medical “experts” and think they have taken expert advice. That describes at least half the people in the US — almost all the leftists and plenty of conservatives too.

    The same people will believe what they are told by government officials about climate change, Nut Zero, Ukraine, vaccines being safe and effective and Trump – Russian collusion. Most will think January 6 was a real insurrection.

    I imagine it would be a rare American who did not believe at least one or two false claims made by the government. Trump made plenty of false claims that his supporters believed. Biden nearly all the time.

    Believing false claims, or just having beliefs based on faith, is very common among humans. All of these people are not mentally ill.

    • The whole of Operation Coof was so over the top ridiculous you’d have to be mentally ill to believe any of it. A good rule of thumb is the harder the government pushes something, the higher the degree of bullshit.

      • Any of it? Greene’s got your number, BAC. Some Chinamen isolated a novel virus! Rappoport’s a fraud! Pepperidge Farms remembers.

          • Yeah, I know you believe that. Just had to call out the fact you believe “some” of it and how you have repeatedly represented yourself as the kind of “expert” Greene references. The kind to be ignored nowadays.

            • A comment & URL by Karen De Coster today,

              “As long as folks keep worshipping at the Church of Virology, there will be an endless stream of bogus boogeymen that compels more drugs, more shots, and more mandates, enabling the Rent-Seeking Pharmaceutical Complex to go on unabated, making billions of $$$ off of make-believe viral invaders. Alex Berenson on the RSV racket.”


      • “A good rule of thumb is the harder the government pushes something, the higher the degree of bullshit.”
        Applies to retail sales as well. The harder the sales pitch, the lower the quality and/or the higher the markup. And the government is highly engaged in a hard sales pitch, because it knows it will profit from the high markup.

    • That’s true… We’re all in the DSM somewhere.

      If it doesn’t rise to a diagnosable mental illness then let’s just call them stupid sheep. Heck, with enough boosters they’ll all self-cull.

      Continuing to believe in a narrative that’s so plainly false to anyone with eyes and who has internet access has to be some kind of delusional disorder.

  12. I think it’s probably much like addiction, in that it can’t be treated until the victim admits there’s a problem. These “addicts” are far from admitting that.
    What I’m seeing is a culture of constant rage, and the mask charade gives them a target for it. As does the tranny thing. And the race thing. And the political thing.
    I suspect much of that rage will dissolve when the enraged discover there are more important things. Like eating, and sleeping indoors, with adequate heat in the winter. Which is becoming more difficult as a result of the FedGov and Fed policy, and that of a number of complicit States.
    I’m loath to apply a mental illness tag to any behavior, after reading the works of Dr. Szasz (The Manufacture of Madness). But something is definitely effed up here. And whatever it is, it sure ain’t mental health. Hate is not healthy.

  13. Ditto…..there is a guy at work who still dons his solid black face-muzzle every day. The few times I’ve talked with him, he believes in “climate change” and the coming disaster of it. He believes CO2 is toxic to the environment. He’s been sold the “bill of goods” on EVs and plans to trade his perfectly good hybrid on one. Just to note, he is a transplant from NYC to here in Virginia and his mindset puts him on the same level as someone from a foreign country. The scary part is that there are millions just like him. These people have a mind complex that believes that they are our superiors and unfortunately vote every chance they can.

    • Kind of like the “Christion” crusades into Palestine? Even though Christians, Muslims, and Jews all worship the same God.

      • Actually, these three don’t worship or believe in the same God. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God. Muslims believe in an Allah god, but only believe that Jesus was a prophet. To suggest to a Muslim that their version of Jesus was the son of God is an insult, as their “god” did not have a son. Jews only believe in God, and unless they are messianic Jews, they do not believe that Jesus was the son of God, either.

        • But all three believe in Abraham, and Moses. It’s the same God. They just parted ways after the advent of Christ and then Muhammed.

          • So what if they do? The Muslims decided to go off on a tangent and worship something else. The Muslims do not believe in the same god, period! Try reading their bible. Their “allah” is not the same as the Jew’s God, period! It is NOT the same god, and you will never convince either side that they are. Nor are their beliefs anywhere close to being the same.

    • “These people have a mind complex that believes that they are our superiors”

      They trust the self proclaimed leftist Deep State “experts” in Washington DC. They quote the “experts”, which gives you the impression they all think they are superior to you. Some do think they are superior, BECAUSE they quote the “experts” and you don’t.

    • People like him should be shipped back to where they came from, no questions asked.

      Gives people like me who wanna get away a bad image, makes us all seem like commies. I’m just looking to move somewhere without emissions so I can do Diesel emission deletes to give Uncle the double bird


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