Diaper Report: 01/07/2024

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An attempt was made – briefly – to impose a new “mask” mandate in St. Louis, Missouri. More finely, a Gesundheitsfuhrer attempted to impose a “mask” mandate – that is, an arbitrary order that people wear the thing that renders every face the same face.

Just like the last time.

This time, however, there was “mask” refusal – as there ought to have been last time. If there had been, the “mask” mandating would not have lasted such a long time, the last time and – probably – far less damage would have been done to the psychological health of so many people in this country. Many are still so damaged – psychologically – that they still “mask up,” even in the absence of arbitrary orders to do so and despite the obviousness of most people not wearing them and not “dying suddenly” or even getting sick.

Unlike the “vaccinated.”

The Gesundheitsfuhrer is Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, the “health director” of the city of St. Louis. Her title is bracketed within air fingers quotation marks to mark the evil absurdity of someone “directing health” – note the totalitarian overtones – who clearly either does not comprehend what is healthy or who is herself very sick.   

Like Anthony Fauci and Mandy Cohen, she is a doctor who is wedded to the proven false religious doctrine that “masks” prevent people from getting or spreading respiratory viruses. They didn’t during the event that was marketed as a “pandemic” (bracketed in air fingers quotation marks to mark the abuse of terminology in that while lots of people caught cold, very few people actually died of the cold they caught) as all the data showed – including the data regarding the “effectiveness” of “masking up” in St. Louis. 

Of course, that is not the measure of the “effectiveness” of “masks.” Just as the “effectiveness” of “vaccines” is no longer measured by their power to ward off infection or transmissions (and hence, once again, the air fingers quotation marks). 

“Masks” are very effective at demonstrating the arbitrary power of Gesundheitsfuhrers such as Mati Hlatschwayo Davis. What a thrill it must be for her – in the manner of Hans Landa, the fictitious SS-Standartenfuhrer depicted in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Inglorius Basterds.

You can almost imagine her panties getting moist. 

The same as regards Kathy Hochul and Gretchen Whitmer – and J.B. Pritzker, too.

These people love mandating things. Especially “mandates” that turn people into look-alike things. A crucial thing to understand about “masks” is that they are meant to degrade and humiliate the wearer.  This operates on several levels. The first is the way “masks” make all who wear them look the same; individuality is effaced. You are no longer one. Just one of many, all the same.

And affirmation is enforced.

Not merely obedience – as for example paying “our” taxes. No taxpayers is as yet obliged to wear a garment affirming his support for paying what he “owes.”

Making people wear “masks” does just that. It visually affirms that they are members of and believers in a cult. One that just a few years ago seemed to encompass the entire country.

And cults always have leaders whose arbitrary edicts – you might call them “mandates” – must be obeyed reflexively, without question. 

“With activity of winter viruses rising at such a rapid pace, we must take action to slow transmission and prevent strain on our hospital systems,” said Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis.

Italics added.


It is a measure of the decline of medicine that a doctor would use that word in relation to physical illness. After-school soccer practice is an activity. Catching cold is not. “We must take action” . .  . by which Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis means she will “take action.” Meaning, will issue a “mandate” on her own arbitrary authority ordering others to do what she says.

Just as was the case last time.

This time, however, enough people had enough – and right now.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, city “health” authorities – meaning Dr. Whatchamacalit needed to “clarify the information” about the “mandate” that was repealed almost as quickly as it was promulgated by Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis. 

This is the power of No! NOT EVER AGAIN! – in action.

The Left – which is really what we’re dealing with here, under the guise of “health” (and “climate action”) – depends on the willingness of people to comply with it. Some because they dislike confrontation and will do almost anything to avoid it; others out of a decent but much-abused instinct to be accommodating to other people, even abusive people. Many just because they want to be left alone.

But awareness is percolating that the Left will never leave us alone, so long as we refuse to say No!ENOUGH! – to it.

Note that it wasn’t even “COVID” that – ostensibly – trigged Dr. Whatchamacalit Davis to hurl her short-lived “mask” fatwa. It was due to a “spike” in Flu and RSV “cases.”

Inevitably, “masking” would be required because of the sniffles – if people kowtow to these Leftists again

Any attempt to “mandate” the wearing of “masks” anywhere must be met with the fiercest refusal – in order to stop the spread of this sickness. Stomp it, as you would a cockroach scuttling out from under the ‘fridge.

Before it gets traction, again.

. . .

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  1. Next thing you know, there will be a National Covid-19 museum next to the Holohoax museum in Warshington, Den of Criminals.

    The National Diaper Museum is also planned.

    The Vietnam Wailing Wall needs some company.

    Death rules.

    • Don’t give them any ideas, Drump!

      Seriously. I can imagine these sickos doing it. A memorial to all those who died of “COVID” – and the heroic efforts of the government to stand athwart the “pandemic.” I better stop before I throw up.

      • Out of curiosity, I asked Bing AI how many departments of government shut down during the scamdemic. Answer: Not one of them. The cretins shut us down, calling us “non-essential,” but themselves stayed open through the entire sordid episode.

        • Well, kind of…. most began “working from home” except for the enforcers (Karens and Kops) who were prowling the streets. Dedication… Dedication. But regardless, I am certainly thankful that none of them had to miss a paycheck like a lot of the restaurant workers, or declare bankruptcy as did many small business owners. After all, Public Servants are there for us whenever and whereever, and deserve our token payments for that dedication.

      • On the Empire State rail trail, near Brewster NY, there is a memorial stone and plaque to the Essential Workers and First Responders who lost their lives in service to the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020. For real.

      • Sorry ep I already did….
        Dreading an extended visit to …”the viral hysteria Hotspot of Amerika”…
        i.e. The intellectual wasteland of former Kool, New England…Connecticut!
        “And so it goes”. 🙁

  2. How to piss off the slave owners….

    Slave resistance, non compliance, just say no…..

    In Germany, a massive nationwide protest started today. All motorways and roads to motorways are blocked. City centres are blocked. More people are joining in protest against the green left wing government that is pushing Germany into poverty in the name of climate change and globalism. Many in Poland, Holand and Luxembourg are joining the protest in Germany. There’s a MSM silence order. No MSM will report about this uprising in Germany.


    • A Nation Of Non-Compliers

      Social distancing stickers still up……it was designed to be a permanent feature of our lives?

      The essential message of all these edicts: you are pathogenic, a carrier, poisonous, dangerous, and so is everyone else. Every human person is a disease vector, you must always create a little isolation zone around you. such that you have no contact with other human beings….keep the slaves from getting together and revolting….lol

      It’s so odd that no dystopian book or novel ever imagined a plot centered on such a stupid and evil concept.

      It is not just about these dumb stickers and this bat germ bs….. There is more going on. Coincident with the pandemic restrictions came the triumph of woke ideology, the intense push for EVs, and wild ramp-up in weather paranoia with the discovery that climates change,

      a rampant gender dysphoria and denial of chromosomal reality, an unprecedented refugee flood that no one in power is willing to mitigate, a continued attack on gas including even stoves, and a host of other inane things that are driving rational people to the brink of despair.

      Worst time in history for the slaves…started in march 2020….getting worse now….


    • It makes sense that it starts in Germany…it was the home of the best tribal warriors…..the nobility slave owners invaded there and took over too….but their first invasion backfired….the German warrior tribes followed the nobility slave owners back to Rome and defeated them….the best event in history….the slave owners got their ass kicked…….time for a repeat…..

      • the German warrior tribes followed the nobility slave owners back to Rome and defeated them….

        The Indians in the Americas got defeated….that was the end…..the German tribes were stronger and fought back…..

  3. Just got to the part of your video where this fuck-tard in front of you is riding his brakes, and still takes to the shoulder for every right-hander. Why is it so hard for these non-driving morons to maintain a lane?

  4. Un-frickin’-believable — AARP, in its December 2023 Bulletin:

    I’m up to five covid boosters. Should I really be signing up for yet another shot now?

    ‘Yes. If you didn’t get a covid vaccine this fall, you need to hustle and catch up.’


    You won’t be surprised to learn that AARP — a big lobby for more fedgov spending — was founded on the Left Coast by a member of the Commiefornia Retired Teachers Association (CRTA).

    I vomit in their general direction.

    • Hi Jim,

      2 COVID shots (original regimen) plus 5 boosters equals 7 COVID jabs altogether. The AARP is urging members to get an EIGHTH COVID jab despite the fact these “vaccines” neither prevent infection nor stop transmission, but HAVE caused countless injuries and deaths.

  5. Eric, you don’t sound the least bit ‘drowsy or inattentive’. So there is obviously something egregiously screwed up with that bullshit programming.
    You know, life was so much better when we all had to work for a living, minding our own fucking business.
    People keep asking asking me ‘what shop does this or that’ when I am unable to help them.
    How is it my fucking business to know what everyone else is doing??
    Even worse are the increasing numbers of lizards asking me to ‘come outside’ and tell them what they need (to take it somewhere else to fix, usually). When did I become someone who gets paid just to be here? Is that what these people assume, that my mere presence means I’m being paid??
    People have become spoiled, lazy ass-warts that expect ‘free-this’ and ‘free-that’ at the drop of a hat. Maybe shitty times will put people back to work, and minding their own
    GD business.

  6. Australian freedom activist’s court case…..

    Victoria ordered to release ‘state of emergency’ health advice

    Earlier, in May, concerns were raised about the legitimacy of the state of emergency. The contention was that the government established it on presumptions rather than concrete evidence.

    To challenge this, affidavits from key officials, including former chief health officer Brett Sutton and ex-health minister Jenny Mikakos, were deemed crucial.

    Mild flu was renamed bat germ disease….lol….all bs….so how do you come up with evidence?


  7. “This time, however, there was “mask” refusal – as there ought to have been last time.”

    Great! Now if only the dildos refused every other draconian regulation that exists. And in response to the video about “saaaaafety” tech, isn’t it amazing how the dildos are fine until such tech becomes a thing, and then act like they’d be dead without it? Apparently, risk is okay as long as it can’t be “prevented” by technology.

  8. Some more anecdotal evidence of the evils of “vaccines”. I mentioned a few Diaper Reports ago that a friend of the family who was 41 and very active dropped dead in 2023 for no apparent reason. He was on his 7th covid “vax” right around that time.

    I just found out an ex-girlfriend of mine also died in her early 40s. This shocked me, as 40 year olds generally don’t “just die”. I was going to post a link to her obituary but out of respect for the dead I decided against it, plus it doesn’t change the story. The woman was outdoorsy, active, and fit. (And sexy) But this healthy & fit woman in her early 40s just mysteriously died due to “covid complications”. She was, however, of the “trust the science!” crowd so I’m sure she had at least 5 or 6 injections of mRNA slurry in her body.

    Sadly, we will never know because they are simply not doing any studies against vaxxed vs. unvaxxed covid mortality rates. No scientist or doctor would dare do that research against the regime for fear of what they may do to him or her in retaliation.

    • To borrow from the headlines of 2021: Yes, but think about how much worse it would have been for her if she had not been “fully-vaccinated.”

      I think the term “covid complications” is code for iatrogenic death.

  9. I spoke with a grocery store manager yesterday and commented how a few of his employees were still wearing masks and asked him why. He said: don’t think it is all health related. At least half of them do not want to be seen, they are hiding their faces. Like you said, Eric, the psychological damage is palpable.

  10. This is good news.

    In other news less than 1% of Illinois residents have complied with the drop dead date of registering fire arms, complying with magazine bans and other nonsense non-laws.
    This isn’t difficult to grasp that laws are unenforceable of people don’t comply
    Where the hell are all the jackboots kicking in the doors and “crushing your bolls with military boot?” It isn’t happening. They have influence, coercion, amd shame actual force is extremely limited.

  11. The monthly “great jobs reports” always revise downward in the following months. Doesn’t matter anyway, half the new jobs last year are government jobs, at all levels, as the bacon cheddar gets doled out from the Build Back Better spending bills.

    And I imagine a far number of the private sector jobs are being created to cover for the dumbing down of work so that sub-100 IQ people can perform them. Because if you can’t find qualified diverse candidates it’s obvious you expect too much from your workforce.

    This is The Great Reset™ in action. The “smart people” are keeping the system running, not you grunts. You dumbs just do what we tell you, and if you question our autharath or dare say I told you so… well, we might just need to take a look at your social media score.

    Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis (just call her Doc if you can’t pronounce her name) is occupying a position created during the golden age of bureaucracy. Back when Polio was crippling children and syphilis was killing soldiers. Once they were cured there really wasn’t much of a need for the public health doctor, but yet they stayed on. For the public good. Problem is, not much of a call for public health policy if no one is getting sick. So they have to come up with make work to justify their staff, budget and annual conferences in Vegas and Orlando. For what could easily be handled by crowdsourcing and a Twitter feed. Because the basis of epidemiology is tracking trends and trying to find a root cause. As we saw during the pandemic it’s all just a show, and a big waste of network bandwidth. Fauxchi in his white lab coat. Birx in her jaunty scarves. What good did any of it do?

  12. “You can almost imagine her panties getting moist. ”

    Ewww. That’s as bad as imagining Nancy Pelosi getting a Brazilian. Can’t unthink that.

  13. HORSEFACE Hochul, Gestapo Gretchen and Gov. Prickster; it seems that leftist politicians look like circus freak shows and as kids had to have a bone tied around their necks to get the family dog to play with them. In a sane America these losers would have been put under psychiatric care and not put in office. That cabin in the mountains with no neighbors for miles looks very tempting about now!

  14. The media appears to be trying to scare the masses about a SURGE in flu cases throughout the country. What next, screeching about hospitals overwhelmed with flu patients? Unsurprisingly, they’re imploring people to “Stay up to date” on their vaccinations and get a flu shot, though they might revive the propaganda about face diapers as well.

  15. That’s good. That’s encouraging but when I think of the timeline here, I think we’re doomed because the average person is an idiot. And that’s exactly why democracy is a bad idea, to the stupid point. It’s as stupid as the average person is stupid. If we were populated by critical thinkers and relatively smart people, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

    It took like what? Three fucken years of being abused, humiliated, injured, and murdered for people to finally start to not cooperate?! As you mentioned, the “not cooperate” phase should have been 2.5 – 3 years ago. We should be at the guillotine phase by now but here we are.

    Still, I hope the momentum of not cooperating continues and maybe even accelerates. Maybe people aren’t as fucken dumb as they seem at the survival level. We’ll see.

  16. The masks aren’t coming back…ever. If there is one thing the authoritarians know it is to never play the same game twice (at least in a generation). People tend to catch on quickly when they do that. Sure, there will always the outliers who scream and cry about “safety” but if you notice no one is listening to them.

    Right now TPTB are too busy trying to separate us from our assets to make a play of the re-enforcement of mask mandates. They have moved on and a new game has begun.

    • Texas voters ratified big property tax increases in the election two months ago, but the masses won’t be aware of it until 2026 trim notices get mailed out. If you still have clients thinking about relocation to this state, they need to understand what happened in property tax “reform” passed by the RINOs this year.

      • Thanks for the heads up, Roscoe. My clients seem to be moving to FL or UT. I have only had two or three clients move to TX over the last few years. I think with the amount of immigration coming over the Southern Border it isn’t looked upon as favorably anymore. I don’t how many more people can be crammed into FL, their government probably needs to be in talks about purchasing Alabama for additional square miles.

        • When Buc-ee’s couldn’t get the tax breaks which The Beaver wanted out of DeSantis’ predecessor, the chain built the first “Florida” store in Alabama, just across the state line. The problem with Alabama is that the Governor, “Ma Ivey”, is a Gesundheitfurer of the First Order.

          • Been to that Buc-ees….once. Just an over rated 7-11. Alabama can keep it. Alabama, where ‘people’ voted to tax the grocery food they purchase. Not once but twice!

          • My beef with Buccees is that they sued an alligator. That said, their clean bathrooms and sweet/greasy bbq sandwiches are nice easy and fast on a road trip. Damn, them. I can’t stand the beaver in the RINO hat.

            Did you hear about their traffic safety demo with TXDOT last summer? Corporate partnerships at their finest.

          • I hope that Ma Ivey gets the flu and croaks. She renamed the state “Sweet Home Alabama” How fucking stupid. I lived there and it was hardly that. It was the most insular, backwoods place I have ever lived. Eventually, I was able to blend in, but it took a while. I was happy to see a real state after I moved away.

            That said, the politics of Alabama used to be pretty good. Not anymore, I guess. Grandma Ivey had them all fooled. Or someone as odious as Doug Jones probably ran against her and scared the public.

            The only place that was worse was Connecticut. Of course, they were dissimilar places, but horrible in their own rights. CT takes the prize by a hubcap for having woke ass nose in the air liberals running around the palce like cockroaches.

        • UT is my alternative when things get too rough in Colorado, but there are real fundamental issues with the state, starting back when it was founded. The US government didn’t like the Mormons and divided up Deseret giving most of the good mining and watered lands to NV, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming, and most of the AZ strip should be part of Utah as well, the Colorado river being the logical state border. To be fair, Joe Smith did claim a huge swath of land that was Ute Indian territory, so it wasn’t the US government’s property to begin with. It was dumb luck that uranium was found near Moab in the 1950s that really made UT worth much of anything. In the 1980s Novel’s dominance of small office networks brought a lot of business to SLC, but the rest of the state is still very dependent on federal agencies and pork.

          • ‘most of the AZ strip should be part of Utah as well’ — RK

            In maps dated 1866, Arizona’s northern border (the 37th parallel) extended westward to the California line, just north of Death Valley.


            Then Clowngress — probably to punish AZ for its Confederate leanings during the war — lopped off 18,000 sq mi and added it to southern Nevada. Had they not done that, today we would speak of ‘Las Vegas, Arizona.’

            As you point out, the isolated and remote Arizona strip makes no geographic sense today. But it’s simply the remnant of a latitude-based earlier plan which ignored the Colorado River entirely.

            If Utah invades the Arizona strip, we in turn will reclaim Las Vegas. All your casino are belong to us!

  17. Shouldn’t these politicians meet the same fate as Colonel Landa in the movie?

    I’ve heard reports that the people handing out samples at the local Costco stores are masked up again. That chain is hip deep into the orthodoxy so it will start there first again like four years ago.

  18. This reminds me of when the left introduced legislation to reimpose the 55/65 mph speed limit in congress in the aftermath of extremely high gas prices in 2008. It went nowhere. Im sure there will be renewed attempts to do that or something similar. again which must be met with equivelt reststance and ferocity. There were parallels with masks and “drive slow’ policies. Thank goodness it didnt take 21 years to get rid of masks

  19. While it looks like ZIMBABWEAN born infectious disease specialist, Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis is qualified for the post from what I’ve read. I find it curious that she fails to understand masks only work under certain circumstances and proper handling and disposal thereof is required.

    These include such tasks as dental, surgery and dealing with “possible” contagion. I think we all can agree that you don’t want your dentist or surgeon drooling into you when they work on you or a doctor checking on you for smallpox without some protection. That said donning surgical gloves, mask and a face shield to pick up a case of Pepsi and a bag of Doritos is just insane but people did that and some still are. Perhaps the good doctor should have looked into that instead.


    As a national and international medical contributor, she has made more than 80 appearances on media outlets to discuss COVID-19 with a particular focus on marginalized populations. Engagement outlets include CBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, MSNBC, Newsweek, NPR, and Yahoo Finance.

    Perhaps she should have asked herself why the homeless population weren’t dying like flies from this deadly virus instead.

  20. Fortunately, here in SW Florida, I’ve seen very little in the way of masks. No comeback here – yet. What I don’t understand, and seen way too many people do this, is why, when they get the sniffles or a little cough, they have to run out and get tested for “Covid”. From what I can see, most people (my wife included) seem to have very mild symptoms, much like a cold, and it’s gone within 2 or 3 days. Big deal. Why the need to put a label on it? By the way, the wife only got tested because she works at a hospital and they made her do it. Thank goodness she’s turning 65 next month. She’ll be able to retire and get Medicare. Health “insurance” is the only reason she’s stayed in that soul sucking environment.

  21. ‘The Gesundheitsfuhrer is Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, the “health director” of the city of St. Louis.’ — eric

    And a Zimbabwean immigrant.

    More than likely, she fled Zimbabwe to escape the destructive dictator Robert Mugabe, who took office when she was five … only to become a little dictator herself, as a petty Gesundheitsfuhrer in America.

    If you live in an urban disaster zone like St Louis — as one of my family members did — with Matifadza Hlatshwayo Ooogaboogah barking orders at you in Shona dialect, the best thing you can do is run like hell.

    • See my post about The Obstetrician above. In South Florida, it is a rotund older immigrant man speaking in a South American accent barking the orders on TV.

      The media put the putz on the air because it works. To paraphrase the old commercial, when Papi speaks people listen.

  22. Unfortunately, J.B. Pritzker’s masks did not prevent him from consuming too many calories. Put on a mask, but keep on the weight. What could be more unhealthy? If we can force mask wearing and injections, why not refuse food to those with high BMIs?


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