Diaper Report: 7/17/22

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This report is more an interrogatory: Will you wear a Face Diaper the next time they are “mandated”?

In air-fingers-quotes to emphasize the totalitarian flavor of “mandates” – as opposed to laws, duly passed by legislation. Not that the latter assures fair and reasonable laws, of course. But there is at least due process of law, something that “mandates” throw under the bus – along with us.

The Face Diaper “mandates” being arguably the worst of them so far. Worse than the arbitrary business closure “mandates” that gave big businesses a near-lock on the otherwise locked-down market for necessaries such as food. Worse, even, than the “vaccine” mandates that came along after more than a year of “mandated” “masking.”

Why worse?

Because as bad as the “mandating” of “vaccines” has been, it would never have been possible were it not for all the preceding “masking.” It was “masking” that demoralized the population by making it appear as though almost everyone believed there was a “pandemic.” It also made it easier to tantalize the demoralized population by dangling the prospect of not having to wear that god-damned “mask.” Just take the “vaccine.” Which became several “vaccines.” Which “vaccines” proved not to immunize, rendering the point of taking them as pointless as the wearing of “masks.”

If the point had anything to do with preventing sickness, or its spread.

At this point, almost everyone – except those still “masking,” even in the absence of any “mandate” to do so – understands this. Knows it was all for show, in the manner of a show trail; i.e., a kind of kabuki performance designed specifically to get the innocent to accept and pantomime their “guilt,” along with the attendant punishments.

The kangaroo court stands in recess right now, but it is almost certainly a temporary abatement. The “mandating” – and “masking” – are likely to return. They are returning, already, in Los Angeles and New York City, places where it is easier to resurrect the kabuki because the actors never left the stage. Even without “mandates,” a third or more of the people in those cities still “mask.”

The question is, will you?

Have you given thought to the choice you may have to make, again – when your employer demands a “mask” as the price of keeping your job? When your kid cannot attend school, again – without “masking up,” as this disgusting practice is often styled? When the place you buy groceries won’t let you in without “masking”?

The first time around, few of us were prepared for such mass insanity. Many of us had no real alternative but to “mask up” for the sake of keeping our jobs – or keeping food in the refrigerator. Plus, the first time around, it was harder to know – initially – that it was all evil kabuki, as most of us didn’t know anything about “masks,” other than that stick-up men wore them when robbing stores. We didn’t know, many of us, that a “mask” is as ineffective at preventing the spread of a viral illness as a chain link fence is at stopping the spread of mosquitos.

Most of all, we didn’t know – did not really understand – just how vicious (not merely wrong/incompetent) the people peddling the “pandemic” lies really are.

We know now.

It follows from this that they will try to “mask” us again – for the same reason that a mosquito will try to bite you, again.

Unless you squash him, first.

It is perhaps not necessary to squash these bugs. It is necessary to refuse to let them “bite” us, again. By refusing to go along with their “mandates,” again. This time, we have the luxury of time as well as the perspective that comes with knowledge.

We have been warned.

It behooves us to get ready.

If you haven’t, already, you might give thought to stocking up enough food and other supplies you can get right now, sans a “mask,” that you might not be able to get – without “masking up,” again, come fall. Do it now and you won’t have to worry much about “mandates,” the next time. Perhaps give some thought to keeping your kids at home and schooling them there. That way, you won’t have to give them over to creeps at government schools this fall, who will make them put the loathsome things on, again.

Above all, though, give some thought to how you earn your living – and who you’re working for right now. Are they likely to demand you “mask up” when the time comes, again? If you think it is likely, then the time is now to consider finding another way to earn your living. It may not be easy; it is likely it will be a hassle and it probably (though not necessarily) may entail the possibility of having to move.

All of them well worth the doing, if it means not having to put that god-damned thing on, again – when they’re “mandated,” again.

They blindsided us the last time. Let’s make sure this time is the last time.

No more “masks.” Not ever. Not to get into as store. Not to keep a job. Not because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the fools who continue to “mask.” The time has come to stop suffering fools – and refusing to tolerate “mandates.”

Envision that end scene in the movie, V for Vendetta. Only instead of tens of thousands of people wearing “masks,” hundreds of thousands – hundreds of millions – showing their faces, again.

. . .

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  1. Late to the party, but my two cents:

    I must say, I have mixed thoughts about the notion of face-diapers making a return, like a slasher in a horror movie sequel after they were already “killed” in the first film.

    On the one hand, I know full well the powers that should not be are crazy enough to try anything, and the majority of people are complete weather-vanes who will simply move with the prevailing wind.

    But, on the other hand, in my small town in Iowa, almost no one has worn a mask for well over a year, and although I could be wrong, it seems like most people here understand at this point that wearing a mask to stop a respiratory virus is like wearing underwear to stop a fart. It’s ridiculous.

    Granted, I’m sure if they re-introduce mask mandates, a large chunk of people in my local community will obey, but I think the percentage of disobedient individuals will be vastly, vastly higher this time around. Higher to the point where mask mandates will be unenforceable in most places. (Again, I’m only speaking about my own community in small town middle America, and the situation will probably be completely different in places like Commiefornia and the City formerly know as New York.)

    Even if compliance with masks goes back up to 95%, I really don’t see people going back to 2020 levels of obedience. With the added suffocating effects of inflation, shortages, etc., I simply don’t think some people will be able to emotionally tolerate any more of this scamdemic theatre. I think people will go postal this time and snap!

    Maybe that’s exactly what the slave-masters want: manufactured Chaos for which they can offer up their pre-packaged Order as a remedy. That strikes me as quite probable, in fact. But I definitely don’t think the masses will comply with face-diapers like they did in Round 1 of this fight. Too many have taken a savage beating and now they’re mad as Hell and ready to strike back. Some people have nothing left to lose and that makes them very dangerous indeed.

    I’m not rooting for such chaos to happen, but at a certain point I think it’s inevitable. You can only poke a caged animal so many times before it bites back.

    • Hi Anti,

      I like your weathervane reference!

      What I see developing has already gelled, I think, in that we have one side – the side that still “masks” and those who will when so ordered – and the other side, which is us. Our side is smaller, probably, but – as you say – has had enough. Of course, the other side is just as passionate. Recipe for a fight. These are irreconcilable differences. There is no accommodation with the other side. While we would be willing to let them live as they wish to live – if you can call it that – wearing “masks” and obsessing about sickness and risk generally – provided they leave us be to live as we wish to live – they will never agree to such a truce. For them, it is all their way and no other way. Which means, for us, that we must stand our ground else cede it, forever.

      • Eric, I agree, we must be as vigilant as ever. Give them an inch, and these weaponized hypochondriacs will take a mile.

        After two and a half years of endless war against cooties, it should be obvious to any primate with a prefrontal cortex that we can never obey our way to freedom. These faceless tyrants will take — and only take — and never return in kind. And because they refuse to compromise, we must also refuse to compromise.

        That may lead to difficulties and inconvenience in the short run, but at least we’ll have our honour, dignity, and freedom in tact. Not to mention our immune systems. And in the long run, that gives us the advantage.

  2. Hej Eric, et al,

    It’s a tossup on whether the evil cabal will win or if the masses will finally revolt. People are being effected where they live, cost of living, cost of food, cost of energy. The evil has pulled the iron fist out of the velvet glove and a lot of the hoi polloi are realizing how completely fucked they are with the obvious tyrannical moves to do things like crush the Canadian truckers, the Dutch farmers, the frickin’ Amish for Crom’s sake and so forth. The people in the EU are realizing how totally fucked that regime has made them…..in Italy, Germany, France and Hungary the rumbles are loud and clear. It’s difficult to predict how this will end, though I reckon bloodshed and lots of it is inevitable. The fiasco in the Ukraine is particularly telling…..perhaps a distraction, who knows. The fact that the Klaus Schwab/Bill Gates types openly brag about the necessity of 15% at least of the population of the planet being eliminated should be sobering even to the maskholes out there. BTW, Trump has pulled the wool over the eyes of his supporters….the guy is as horrible as Biden…..this is an existential crises for humanity.

    In other realms, Von Mises wrote a book in 1944 called Omnipotent Government: the Rise of Total State and Total War. It’s available free from Mises.org in both PDF and ePub formats. Von Mises was a really smart and well spoken gentleman…..worth spending a few hours to read, IMO.

    Finally, Eric, is there a reliable way to donate monthly via bank draft without using a debit card or Paypal? Or, should I just send a check every month?

    • The last paragraph of your comment speaks volumes as to how you are able to promote the notion that everything related to it is BS but the “one virus” is “real” on here without obloquy. Confirms my worst fears about this site.

      • I’m trying to understand what your, “worst fears about this site” are, exactly. But, it just ain’t materializing.

        I suppose, …Some People think the virus is real, while others do not. The unifying principle – resistance – and love of Liberty, is what counts, imho. YMMV.

  3. Eric, I was with you completely until you suggested we stock up and buy supplies before mask mandates come back. The whole point is to stand up for ourselves and say “NO” when they tell us to diaper up again. We shouldn’t try to bypass it, we should meet the mandates head on. Live like you did prior to March 2020. Go everywhere but never put on that damn slave mask. Personally, I go further and confront people still wearing a mask in stores or outdoors. I may try gentle persuasion or, depending on the person and my mood, demand that they take the ridiculous thing off their faces.

  4. You miss the point. Leaving aside the compliance and obedience training of mandating masks, not to mention the psychological effects of masking – promotion of fear, demoralization, anti-social – along with restriction of oxygen and re-ingestion of your exhaled CO2 (longer term dangers), the point Eric is making that without the mask obedience, we don’t get to vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and what else is coming down the road next. Prison? Camps?

    The nonsense of the past 2+ years would have ended long ago had we said No to the face diaper!

  5. There are so many worse things appearing now, and even more worse things coming soon. But you refuse to look beyond your mask obsession.

    You’re riding your horse into the future mounted backward.

    • Mike P,
      If one can not resist the mask- which, as you rightly say is (at least on the surface) a seemingly ‘lesser evil’, how will they ever resist the much worse (and much more aggressively enforced) things to come? Conversely, if more people would have resisted masking, the greater evils would not have been/would not be possible.

      Once you let them transgress such a close and personal boundary- i.e. your very face- how you then draw a line somewhere else? It’s like letting the robber walk into your house, and then saying “I’ll only resist him if he comes into the bedroom and look under the covers”. No! The place to stop him is before he breaches your front door!

      I know from what I’ve observed in real life, virtually all the people I know who mask have also taken it up the arm (the vax)…whereas none of those whom I know who don’t mask have taken the jab.

      What Eric has said from the very beginning of the scamdemic, is very true. Once you succumb to the mask, it’s all over; you’ll then take the vax and do anything else they require, lest you suffer some inconvenience or not be allowed to run in the maze.

      If only 10% of the US population had refused to play and would have made some noise, we would not be in the dreadful position we are in today. Another example of evil prevailinjg because good men do nothing.

      • Mask apologists like Mike are the reason “There are so many worse things appearing now, and even more worse things coming soon.”

        • “Mask apologists”

          There’s a label. … I wonder what common People called the equivalent 400 years ago? Seems like it’s a timeless label/badge/star/rat-bastard-something-or-other. Idk.

          • lol Nunz, no need for a translator. You were just being nice and educational. Necessary, and usually the better approach. I just don’t see the point. Guy has been on that ship since 2020 and he isn’t coming off.

      • Hi Nunzio.

        Nunz, what makes you think that many people didn’t comply? All through this Plandemic, I’ve seen people refuse the masks and the jabs. I’ve been stocking and stacking for many years now. That gave me the option of not doing business with the Cultists. One of the reasons I’m not part of this Crusade of Eric’s, is that there are different approaches to this. Just as I’m not in favor of attrition. I’m also not in favor of direct confrontation. Especially not when the enemy is the strongest. The Cultists are their own worst enemies. Their hysteria and short sighted nature is undermining their policies and agendas. Meme warfare is spreading through the ranks of those who can be saved. In that sense its more effective than their Ministry of Truth. As I’ve stated many (many) times, numbers are for attrition.
        Move beyond that. Examine the enemies weaknesses. Never confront their strengths.
        Evil will prevail if good men don’t use their heads.

        • Hey, BJ.
          I agree with ya. People can do what they want to do, and an occasional random stranger who would try to shame them would just be viewed as a loose nut by such people because they do what they do because they believe in the propaganda which permeates this society, and or because they trust the ‘eggspurts’ and the goobermint, and the talking heads on the Tee Vee, and the safety-in-numbers of believing what everyone around believes, or what they are led to believe that they believe by the media and the Kabuki rituals those around them are practicing (It’s a vicious cycle).

          Much as I love Eric’s bleating at maskers in public, I have to say that it doesn’t cause them to suddenly ‘get it’, nor to feel public shame, because they are part of a large majority while we are a tiny minority, and shaming only works when the motives behind it are well known and expressed by the majority.

          Heck, for the most part we can not even successfully edumacate our own families and friends; some we may be able to help along if they are already skeptical- but for the most part even among people we’ve known for decades who highly respect us and who have seen our past performance when we called BS very early-on on all of the past frauds, false-flags and psy-ops…the Tee-Vee still wins out and they the same people fall for the same lies, over and over again…and 20 years later they may admit we were right…or more likely will have conveniently forgot all about it….. But to think that a dozen people out of 330 million are somehow going to shame the masses is akin to thinking that waving a finger in front of some 20 year-old on a college campus is going to shame him and make him reconsider having sexual relations without benefit of marriage. T’aint gonna happen.

          But…it IS very true that IF a sizeable minority had refused to participate in the Kabuki (Much more society at-large) none of the evils we are currently seeing would have been possible. But then again, if society had the mind to resist BS and propaganda and not just vapidly follow the crowd, the TV, and the tyrants…..we would be living in a different world.

  6. I’ve decided that if someone confronts me with the demand that I put on a face diaper, be it in a store or anywhere else, I’m going to hit them so hard that they’ll wish they were never born. I’m not wearing one of those absurd, meaningless gestures on my face. I refuse.

    I’m still shocked that I see people, mostly minorities, wearing those things on their faces STILL.

  7. The entire mess of lockdowns, masking, social distancing, all predicated on the Psychopaths In Charge claiming they could do something that has never been done before. Contain a virus once it reaches the general public. They didn’t get it done this time either.

  8. I’ve never worn a dunce-mask in my life, and I never will. The end.

    I was watching a Jewtube video last night- looked to have been shot last year. Everyone in the video was wearing a horse-feeder. I had to turn it off- I can not abide seeing former humans looking like alien creatures, and just nonchalantly defacing their faces and obscuring their breathing and facial expressions. The very sight of it makes me sick- I can not endure seeing it any more so than I could watch a toddler being raped or an animal being abused.

    As far as I’m concerned, when one covers their face for an illegitimate non-scientific, political or shaman-like ritual, they lose their humanity. I can’t stand the sight of such people, much less the laissez-faire way they just comply with the nonsense, as if it is perfectl;y normal and natural to deface one’s face, and as if they actually believe that by doing so they are somehow protecting themselves from the boogeyman, and protecting others from a ailment which they do not have.

    The whole masking thing has to be THE stupidest endeavor ever foisted upon the masses.

    Hey, didjas notice: The vaccinated Ivana Trump died in the exact same manner as did Bob Saget and others who have taken it in the arm- just had a heart attack out-of-the-blue and fell like a bag of rocks. DJT will have to deduct one from his roster of “millions of lives” he claims to have saved by
    fast-tracking the vaccine’.

      • Never. The orange one is clearly part of the machine. If he wasn’t and had really been threatened towards the end of his last acting job he’d have disappeared once Creepy Joe was selected. He didn’t and is thus a willing participant or at least a passive observer to democide.

        • **”The orange one is clearly part of the machine. If he wasn’t and had really been threatened towards the end of his last acting job he’d have disappeared once Creepy Joe was selected. He didn’t and is thus a willing participant “**

          BINGO! The Gawd’s honest truth; the simple rational logic which so many can not see.

          • Hi Nunzio.

            Of course the Orange Golem of Greatness™ is a part of one of the factions. You don’t get Selected to be El Presidente without faction backing. The most in your face example of that was the “fortified” Selection in 2020. His own faction turned on him.

            That having been said, at least the OM is a nationalist.

            But he also has an ego as big as all out doors. Add in little experience with how the
            political realities of Mordor on the Potomac operate (its not the same as NYC). Coupled with TDS from the Progs, their Deep state, their Ministry of Truth (mass/social media) AND the establishment types of his own party, and the only wonder is that he managed to get anything done.

            The midterm Selections are going to be very interesting. The MAGA types are adopting the same local tactics that the Progs have used. They are also targeting RINOs. Hell, even the RNC is starting to realize which way the wind is blowing. Even the Progs own people are telling them they are going to lose the house. In spite of all of their cheating and stealing. Its just a matter of how badly. That makes them desperate. They know that the MAGA types are in take no prisoners mode. Which is why I expect something DIRE to happen between now and the Selection. Make sure you have a good supply of popcorn, because the next six months are going to be historic.


  9. I didn’t “mask up” for the first round of the scamdemic so, no. I certainly won’t be wearing any face diaper, neither will anyone in my house, or any of my workers.
    I did however run into a die hard cult member about 5 weeks ago. The owner of a great cake and natural dessert shop was still (requiring masks) for entry. I went into pick up my order because the curbside delivery slave wasn’t answering the phone or texts. She frantically grabs a useless Blue paper grapheine slave muzzle and says “sir I’m going to have to ask you to pu this on.” I simply gave a slight chuckel and told her “that won’t be possible. I’m here for a pickup, is the order ready?” Not a word of protest, she just handed me the bag and thanked me. Keep in mind mandates have been off for about 6 months or more.
    The rest of the story.

    My wife puts in a negative yelp review calling out the absolute stupidity of the mask policy and we get tagged in a mass email 2 days later they’ve (revised their mask policy as optional)

    Here’s the deal. These people, these enslaved golems, have no fortitude, no arguments, and their word-spells are wearing thin. “Mandates” will not have the effect this time around they had last time. You may have some corporate karens going along, the true cultists will mask up every time, the cuckservative limp wrists will sigh and put it on anyway. Fewer people than ever trust anything the news media says.
    I don’t think they’ll get nearly the mileage out of round two.
    I think there are sufficient numbers of people who now see the lie and are pissed enough to push back on mandates in a meaningful manner.

    • I Sicilian,

      I hope so… my faith in the strength (the willingness) of people who know better than to comply to refuse to do just that has been severely shaken. We’ll soon see how many have finally had their fill.

      • Eric: I’m with you on that. My belief that we have had some “mass awakening” is at about .01%. It simply has not happened.
        If we have say 10-15% that grow some spine and won’t play along we should be fine. I think we mayb have that or better, at least where I live. This fallacy that we need a tipping point of massive numbers to overwhelm the inbred parasite class’s wish list is just false. They are barely maintaing control as it is. Most of it predicated on the belief in their false authority over the populace. Normies who were on the fence realize most everything they are told by some jackass behind a podium is a lie.

        • There is a slight reawakening taking place. Many people that did receive the shots are putting together that the jab may be the cause of their side effects. Most people do seem to regret taking it. The “conspiracy theorists” are now aptly referred to as “seers.” It is amazing what a year does.

          Just in the last few days I read an article tying the jab to menstrual issues. Just reading the comment sections several women are angry when they brought this to their doctor’s attention and were told “it isn’t the shot.” The current allopathic doctors have destroyed any trust to their industry. It will get worse as more and more people realize that their immune system is shutting down and the pain becomes unbearable. People don’t take well to being made fools of. The CDC, FDA, the news media, and their physicians played them well.

          There is an underline current of anger crossing the globe. She hasn’t found her way to US shores yet, but I anticipate she will be here shortly. Personally, she is overdue for a reckoning.

          • Much of the medical community has thoroughly discredited themselves in all of this. Just about all of them are still requiring face diapers – even dermatologists, FFS – to enter their office. Most of them are all-in on the clot shots and the new Ninja variant. And, in my opinion, any one of them who pushed a syringe plunger into someone’s arm is complicit in this ongoing crime against humanity and should be held accountable. It’s to the point now that I won’t even consider seeing one for anything, unless I’m gushing blood and even then I’d have to think long and hard about it. I’ve lost nearly all trust in these white coat deacons.

          • Hi RG

            A nurse made that comment: when people figure out what we have done with the injections, we will be hunted down…..

            lots of them went along with it, got huge bonuses, did tik tok dances in the empty halls…lol…the heros…..now they got mandated/fired……….

            in the nazi camps the doctors made the decisions, the nurses did the culling. at the nuremberg trails 2 nurses were hung, a few went to jail, the rest got off.

      • Hi Eric

        I know a woman who was the ultimate karen, after the injections she had a bad reaction, ended up in hospital. now she says she won’t get any boosters she is done….in the hospital of course they denied there was any connection to the injection….lol

  10. I never believed for a second, when masks were relaxed as a requirement, that they’d never come back.

    Go to a page like yahoo. Scroll down from top to bottom and at ANY hour of the day, you will find at least 20 articles “promoting” the disease, vakseens, and masks, as well as “long covid,” whatever the fuck that is.

    Worse is the accompanying staged photos that go with the articles, with workers and patients covered head to toe for visual effect.

    The most hilarious ritual is the administration of the vakseen. Consider the following when you have both the assassin and the victim in masks:

    – if the assassin already had their vakseen, they should be disease free, so why the mask?
    – if the victim is in the company of the vaksinnated/masked assassin, why would they need a mask when they’re an instant from receiving their “protection,” especially from someone who is “protected?”

    It’s a RITUAL!! A right of passage toward “safety.” What other vakseen (such as the flu vakseen) was ever accompanied by such a ritual?

    Further, psychological torment is proven to be more effective when done in on/off waves. This break is part of that sequence.

    The breaks will be shortened over time until people just come to accept it the way the chinks have done over the years. The elites get off seeing us in facial casts.

  11. The only difference between the bat flu of 2020 and the version 2.0 coming this fall will be the bodies. As the scam unfolded many of us stuck with real common sense and real science, as in, ‘If this is truly a pandemic of storybook proportion then bring out yer dead. Show us the bodies.’ This logic had little to no influence on 90% of the muppets in this country, when in fact it should have ushered in armed revolt.

    Now two years later as the common folk get woke to the empire of lies, all it will take to flip them back to zombie mode is…. Some shit bag shouting on free vee “THE BODIES, THE BODIES,” which this time will be real and maybe even stacked like cordwood. An epic display of destruction, except that the non-inquiring minds don’t want to know. The fact that the dead on display, will most likely be 90% Vaxxtards will quickly be memory holed onto Globohomo’s list of ‘things that cannot be said, people who cannot be criticized.’

    So many people I know IRL now talking about how they will never mask again, how they won’t take the clot-shot again, or whatever. When I know them to be like a school of bait fish, tiny minnows swimming to and fro, whichever way the one out front goes, they unflinchingly follow. The whole thing has been highly educational on many levels. I have found a few neighbors and new friends who I think I can count on. Unfortunately my lack of faith in the majority of humanity has been confirmed

    Eric is one of a handful, a literal handful of bloggers who called this from the start and never wavered. We should all support him. I’m so sick of Faux News type conservatives conserving nothing. 90% of the so called conservative blogosphere led by orange fail’s example folded like a cloth napkin. Telling their audience ‘we have to go along, because grandma,’ or ‘because we don’t want to hurt their feelings.’

    Eff that noise. I will not comply. In the words of Edward Abby I will ‘resist much, obey little.’ After all its just the flu bros and brodettes.

  12. They’re not going to give up on the masks. It’s a control thing, and they love it. The mandates will return at the first sniffle in October.

    A local grocery store that I got kicked out of at the height of the insanity last year just last week required their employees (but not customers — YET) to wear them. I asked a kid about it and he said “one of our managers got sick, and they told us to wear them. It’s kina annoying.”

    They are Never. Going. To. Give. This. Up.

  13. Interesting bit of inside history here:

    ‘Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, & Deceit’

    “The story of the lockdowns is a tale of Biblical proportions, at once evil and desperately sad and tragic, a story of power, scientific failure, intellectual insularity and insanity, outrageous arrogance, feudalistic impulses, mass delusion, plus political treachery and conspiracy. It is real-life horror for the ages, a tale of how the land of the free became a despotic hellscape so quickly and unexpectedly. Birx was at the center of it, confirming all of your worst fears right here in a book anyone can buy. She is so proud of her role that she dares to take all credit, fully convinced that the Trump-hating media will love and protect her perfidies from exposure and condemnation.” …


    • What an evil woman. She did play the concerned grandma to the hilt though. Let’s face reality, the judicial system will do nothing to the perpetrators of these crimes. This irrational fear built on a wave of lies has destroyed lives, businesses, and families. No amount of jail time will resurrect any of this. I am a believer in karma though. Hopefully, one of her scarves gets in a fight with a rotating door. I am rooting for the door.

  14. If you enter a business, and are told by some 20 year old kid to put a mask on or leave, deny they have authority to give you that order, and go about your business. The manager will come out to order you to do so, or not. Most managers do NOT like talking to the public. It’s usually a complaint.

    • Hi John,

      Why even shop there? Our money is hard enough to come by these days why would we want to spend it at a place that is against free will and logic? If some 20-year-old is standing at a door telling me to wear a mask, I will happily find the exit. Not only has their company lost my business that day, but for every day going forth.

      • RG,
        To stick a thorn in their foot. No reason to make it easy for them. Make it the pain in the ass it should be.

  15. I’ve never required my employees to wear masks or get the shot but I can’t stop them from doing it on their own. They all know how dumb I think this all is. And I’m in healthcare.

  16. I changed my last job specifically because of wuflu insanity, as they were all in for the mask and the vaccine; there were a couple of other reasons but that was the driver. At the new company I’m considered working “remote” even though the office is less than an hour away – my boss is in Washington and his boss is in California. I’ve made my stance clear to HR and she seemed to have no qualms.
    The local HEB never insisted on a mask with my kid or I, but many seem to mask up voluntarily – maybe it’s a mostly woman thing? (NOTE: I said MOSTLY – many men were masked up too).
    My kid has always been home schooled, so no issue there. I sign him up for sports teams and the signs of masks are few and far between with the local families. We’re going to have to shop for a new Cub Scout pack – wuflu fear killed the one he was in. I’ve told him that when entering the store, if he is handed a mask, he is free to simply drop it onto the floor – it’s not littering if a store employee hands you something you didn’t ask for.
    Although every store I went to under wuflu fear had a sign, few actually said anything to. The few that made a real issue of it (along the lines of “mask up or get out” – I chose the latter) no longer get my business.

  17. I heard from a friend that in Washington, DC that they’re still requiring face diapers there, at least for government services and a few more places, despite the city dropping the official mandate months ago. They called the cops on him several times at a DMV, despite not being allowed to kick anyone out for wearing a mask. He’s tired, so tired of it he’s taken to carrying around the mayor’s order lifting the mandate. Along with the mask exemption laminated card. I say it’s time for him to hightail it out of there, but alas.

  18. Right now, I believe Texas is one serious power failure away from Governor Beto O’Rourke and, come January, masking. The Republicans in this state have brought the situation upon themselves with the Governor’s very timid early response to the pandemic followed by the colossal failure of the party in charge to truly do something about the power grid following the Feb. 2021 freeze … well, beyond playing kick the can down the road.

    • You two guys above, I saw a link to a video discussing The Theory of Stupidity, or some such. ‘Splains much about, da public and their so-called servants.
      I imagine the voter machine hack will place Beto O’Rourke into a winner. No power failures required. I hope not.

      [I still find it hard to believe people think computer vote counting is anything but corrupt. Brings to life the bit, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” H. L. Mencken]

      RE: “They called the cops on him several times at a DMV, despite not being allowed to kick anyone out for wearing a mask.”

      …Man. The film, ‘Idiocracy’ really was a documentary. …Or, so it seems, sometimes. Too often.

      • “Idiocracy” and “Office Space” are both documentaries.

        If you worked tech in the 90s, particularly software jobs for large telecoms or defense contractors, you know “Office Space” is dead on.

        Texas has machines which produce a paper ballot used in the recounts. If Beto wins, it will be because of a true failure on the part of Governor Abbott and the Republican Party in this state to provide meaningful leadership when it counted.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      “Beto” O’Rourke… the Hispanic Irish guy. No me gusta. But maybe the actual Hispanics of Texas want no part of this gun-grabbing demagogue, either. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. When Republicans offer Pepsi as the alternative to Coke, most people will stick with Coke.

      • “Beto” is fourth generation document pure Irish-American heritage, mostly in Texas but with a small detour through the backwoods of Georgia. When he ran for Senate against Rafael Edward Cruz, a *real* Hispanic-American four years ago, Beto’s people successfully planted the meme in Texas that the former Congressman’s mother was quietly of Mexican or other Latin heritage, the adopted daughter of a wealthy family in El Paso, and “The Mexican Bobby Kennedy” was born.

        During the 1018 campaign, my wife was actually accosted at the office by her Hispanic co-workers for joking about Beto being less Mexican than she was — Chinese/European heritage. “You don’t understand, Beto is one of us.”

    • Hi Roscoe.

      You make good points. The reason for many of their problems is the RINO’s involved in the energy sector. They have been aiding and abetting the Progs Green Energy nonsense for years and years now. Couple that with the usual corruption and you have the perfect storm of last year. Look at who controls Austin and the other major cities. Then factor in the invasion across the border, and you can see why Texas is in great danger.

  19. What seems to be happening now is lots of people are “testing positive” even though the few people I know of that “tested positive” had mild cold symptoms/sniffles and were better in about three days. Hell, that’s not even a real cold; when I’ve had a cold it usually lasts a week and runs the gamut of sore throat, nose runs like a faucet, and nasty cough. Plus who are these people that are constantly testing themselves? I wonder if they use it as an excuse to get out of something: “gee auntie, I’d love to come to your event but I just tested positive, got to quarantine myself for a week”. 😆

    • Isn’t it astounding that people who have symptoms go and test? Whether it is the coof or another cold, what difference does it make? Have a cough drop, and stay at home and keep your snot to yourself. This fetish of nasal sex with a cotton tipped dildo is weird. More weird than face diapers even. Stop sticking shit up your nose and the Ninja virus goes away. People need to stop giving them the reason for mandates – stop creating the cases!

      • I often wonder, if many/most/not all/ people see taking the test as nothing more than a chance to get two weeks off work, paid.

        It’s a vacation lottery with a high percentage chance to win?

        Every time I read or hear about, ‘the test’ I think: a can of Coke can test positive.

        …That, and how the inventor of the test said it wasn’t suitable for what they use it for… but, you know, why let facts get in the way of a good plandemic, I guess.

      • I totally agree that the swab thing should be avoided. But there is actually one thing you should stick up your nose: a spray bottle of diluted povidone iodine (such as betadyne). Respiratory infections, including Covid, replicate in the nasal passages for several days before traveling down the respiratory tract. A solution of 1/2 teaspoon of povidone iodine in 1.5 ounces of distilled water can be sprayed into the nose, allowed to exit into the rear of the mouth, swished and gargled, and then spit out. This will kill all those little buggers that might make you sick.

        Doing this nasal wash daily, plus ensuring adequate levels of vitamin D, reduces the chances of contracting any respiratory illness to very near zero.

        • To Mike in Stafford…

          Finally an informed response. The Wuflu is actually real, though PCR testing is almost completely useless in its application for this case….the technical reasons for this are not hard to understand, but suffice it to say the number of false positives and false negatives make use of PCR testing close to 100% inaccurate. Even the inventor of the test stipulates such. The real test, using real scientific methods is to have a blood test for antibodies after one goes through the process of getting well. As to the propaganda value of this event, that’s on full display and the rush to bend the knee by a significant percentage of the population makes that evident. Let your mind drift back to the original hysteria….before the clot shots were introduced and when the fear porn was stoked up…..the given wisdom was “If you don’t have a problem breathing go home until you do. Once you “predominantly elderly folks with an average of 4.3 co-morbidities” do come into the ER or ICU, we will intubate you, put you on a ventilator and feed you resdimivir until you die at an 84.6% rate….” Now that’s how you generate fear porn I tell you. Any attempt at producing an early treatment protocol by qualified medical personnel will immediately result in their cancellation (as in the cases of Dr. Simone Gold, Robert Malone and many scores of others). It’s important to remember this….the whole Covid-19 hoax was not that there was not a manufactured virus, there clearly was, but rather that the manufactured response was that only government had the answer (to a problem created by government funded labs in the first place) and that answer involved the submission of formerly “free” people to visual programming (masking) and to ritual poisoning in the form of the mRNA clot shots (hell they had to change the meaning of vaccine to call it that). The trick for the truly awake not woke folks is to never forget how this developed and never to submit to the narrative…..you will be called names, that’s all that people who support this narrative have….

          OK, now to the relevance of the protocol….Mike nailed it partially. A solution of 1% povidone iodine applied in the nasal cavities several times a day is done, previously in medical care situations to prevent viral replication in the nasal cavity. A gargle with the same solution (which is unpleasant) or with certain kinds of mouthwash is a good prophylactic or care treatment as well. For this virus, a number of independent protocols were developed for early treatment, long term care, clot shot recovery (as much as is possible) and so forth. The one I used which was from the Frontline Critical Care folks, was called iCARE and involved use of hydroxychloriquine, ivermectin, zinc, quercetin, vitamin D, vitamin C and a few other things. The treatment intends to address the attack of the viral induced cytokine storm at the cellular level. Zinc availability is key but zinc requires a method of entering the cells via something that acts as an ionophore…like hydroxychloriquine or quercetin. Long story short, as an old fart of 71…..that protocol was effective for me.
          It is important, IMO, to not conflate science with “THE SCIENCE”. Science works based on evidence, not government dictates. The stuff that Fauci, Birx and company spew is politics, not science and definitely not “THE SCIENCE”. As always….OALA, EHOATAS….

          • Hi Giuseppe. Great post; thanks for adding the treatment info to my prevention summary, which was kept short because I’m basically lazy. Note that the FLCCC (founded by Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik) has now also developed a protocol for treating the “vaccine” injured.

            I’m also an old fart of 71 and take no pharmaceutical products. I also haven’t had a flu shot — or the flu — since 1987. My daily regimen of nutraceuticals includes zinc, magnesium, C, quercetin, and (when I can’t get out in the sun enough), D3+K2.

  20. [Have you given thought to the choice you may have to make, again – when your employer demands a “mask” as the price of keeping your job? When your kid cannot attend school, again – without “masking up,” as this disgusting practice is often styled? When the place you buy groceries won’t let you in without “masking”?]

    Employer? What employer? My employer when all this shit started made me wear that stupid fucking piece of shit rag, and I ended up quitting over it (that and other assorted covid nonsense bullshit). Fortunately, my kids are both adults and live in Florida, where at least the governor is sane. And my grandkids attend private school, so perhaps they won’t be forced to don the stupid fucking piece of shit rag. As for buying groceries – I didn’t wear one the last time, so I won’t be doing it this time. Besides, in the last year or so, I’ve been stocking up on non-perishables and have found sources for food that don’t require a grocery store, so I have options.

  21. Mask mandate

    Vaccine mandate

    You will eat bugs mandate

    You will have nothing mandate

    You will be happy mandate

    Gets old fast.

    It is all planned and imposed with malicious intent. A crime against humanity.

    No freedom for you!

    Should make old man Klaus happy as a clam.

    The good news is he’ll be dead one day, nothing can be done to prevent the inevitable .

    97 degrees outside tells you stay cool.

  22. Off topic but last week I caught some virus. I was at an event with about 130 people or so and about 3 days later or so my temperature started to rise. I had a fever which lasted about three days and topped out at 102. I also had some body aches in the lower extremities. I am not vaccinated and am old (early 70’s) but in very good health since I exercise and watch how much and what I eat.
    My wife and son also attended and they are triple vaccinated. They tested positive for Covid but had no fevers and their only symptoms were coughing and runny nose.
    So from my own observations vaccination did prevent fever. But a reasonably healthy person can survive this covid as I did.

  23. Never wore a “mask” and never will. I even opted on a FL to VT greyhound trip (pre-fakedemic) because I refuse to step foot in those gulag airports. The go-along-to-get-along jellyfish ruin everything. Great American patriots didn’t catch bullets and crawl through their friends guts so we could just roll over, take it and ask for more.

    • I didn’t wear a mask either nor would I allow my children to. Yeah, we had our fair share of glares and a place or two refused to do business with me (ahem, AT&T), but I feel pride in the way I handled the whole shit show. I think many of us are more mentally tough than we expected. Society has reached rock bottom when they fear a mask less individual.

      The ones that didn’t fall for the plandemic the first go around will be even stronger the second round and hopefully others will join the movement.

      • Early in the pandemic, Spectrum Cable closed their drop boxes and required a mask to enter the stores to make payments here in Austin. To guilt people into compliance, at the store closest to me, the company put a handicapped individual in a wheelchair at the door to monitor compliance.

        Sam’s Club near our house did the same thing with a seemingly developmentally disabled girl at the door checking cards and masks, with Austin PD frequently parked at the entrance to reinforce the message.

        • RE: “handicapped individual in a wheelchair at the door to monitor compliance”

          ‘They’ did shit like that at some of the stores here, too. What’s up with that? I wonder.
          I haven’t seen any of them in the stores since. Tossed out like a used rag, I guess?

          Paddington – Hard Stare


        • That sounds exactly like Austin…..I don’t miss it much….all the truly great aspects of Austin were long gone by the time I left in 2012. Out here in the sticks, I intend to keep resisting for the rest of my life. Having an intentional community like the people participating on the EPAutos site certainly does bring a little respite from the insanity out there in Wokeville…thanks for that Ladies and Gentlemen….

          • Hi Giuseppe

            Sadly, Austin has always been…Austin. But its much much worse now. The same goes for Dallas/Fort Worth and way too many other Texas cities. Of course you know the reason. The Prog infestation. The same fate awaits Florida if they aren’t careful. Its been called the Zombie Plague for a reason.

            • Hi BJ,

              Yup. These same “progs” are transforming my once quiet little county, too. But it’s not just the “progs.” The “progs” are lured here by rich Republican chamber-of-commerce types who monetize these quiet little places, using that attraction to attract them, as via the loathsome FloydFest I wrote about in my column last week. They always think they can make a buck and be insulated from the consequences of making them. But the crowds and noise and reduced quality of life that always attends masses of people inundating an area cannot be escaped, no matter how rich you are. And so, eventually, they leave for greener pastures – and proceed to monetize and ruin them, too.

          • Hi Giuseppe,

            Indeed! I have long thought about how to create an intentional community, as by getting a sufficiency of like-minded people to “buy in” to some rural area and become the majority of people in it. Then to protect it from the pathologies we dissect here. I am having to give this more thought lately on account of the recent – and sudden – changes happening in my rural area, which I foresee changing it rapidly into the kind of area I can’t abide living in. I’ve been getting “hip” to very rural (and very “poor”) areas, which I think are the safest areas to be. It’s not just the Woke Left that must be avoided. It is also greedheads of both the Left and Right persuasion, who live to make a buck off of everything. Even when they have plenty of bucks.

            To be clear: I am not against making money; all of us have to make money to live. What I mean is making money the focal point of everything, to the exclusion of everything else. This CrapFest (“FloydFest”) mess I am having to deal with being a case in point. The people behind it think it’s just great to – literally – triple the population of this small county for a week, bringing with it everything you’d expect – for the sake of making lots of bucks off of the event. The people behind it are already very affluent. They need more bucks like I need to be taller. It’s not enough for them to enjoy this beautiful place and the quality of life it offers. They have to monetize it.

            And thereby, ruin it.

  24. In a gallows kind of way, I enjoyed the challenge of seeing how many places I could continue to patronize (as well as learn which I will never patronize again), while continuing to operate as a normal uneffaced human being. I savor reflections of a life that others assumed would be off-limits sans diaper, where I persisted and resisted in order to retain my dignity and sanity. That would include the dentist’s office, selling a home, buying two used cars (and returning one-they tried really hard to get us to mask and go inside the showroom, but I insisted they bring the papers out to us), etc., etc. Sometimes I would call in advance to recon their policy, and inform them that I do not cover my face; sometimes I would just show up and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes verbal battles ensued; sometimes it was eerily quiet around me, like I was invisible.

    Our local post office still has the ridiculous “you must wear mask to enter” signs, which I routinely ignore as I enter the building that my tax dollars paid for and interact with employees whose salary (and benefits) I help to pay.

  25. Pitkin County (Aspen) CO has an “elevated” case testing status, thanks to their love of international travel and natural hypochondria. This prompted my employer to issue a mask requirement when on premises. However, it also reinstated the work from home requirement for anyone deemed non-essential, so I’m the only one in the office most days. Easy right?

    Last week the local supervisor and manager were doing one-on-one meetings with the field techs. I didn’t have a mask, didn’t try to wear one, and as I walked by the two of them in the hallway, mockingly apologized for “my nakedness.” Both of them just laughed, even though they were both diapered.

    This shit has got to stop. Corporate HR departments are going to become laughing stocks, if they aren’t already. It’s like the old mandatory sexual harassment training films, where some 1970s porn star actor grabs some secretary’s ass. No one in the 1990s did that, and they replaced all the secretaries with computers anyway.

  26. Eric,

    I don’t think we’ll ever return to that dark paradigm, at least in most places. Too many have now seen that the diapers and “vaccines” were, at very least, ineffective. Many also have become aware of how damaging those practices were.

    There will be too much resistance, this time. …Until a generation comes to pass and society forgets.

    • You know, in early winter 2020, when all the fake media was pushing the bullshit, I thought, you know, after this Trump presidency, the media has been exposed for what it really is. No one but the left really cares about what the media has to say. The rest of us will go on with our lives, they’re live in fear of the rona. I thought non-leftists would “resist” it.

      You can see how mistaken I was. Non-leftists knew it was bullshit, but they went along with it anyway because it was easier. My faith in humanity was permanently and irrevocably diminished because of 2020. I obviously held non-leftists in too high regard prior to 2020. Most of them are on the media download just like the left. And if they’re not, what, in effect, is the difference between the two groups? One group wanted to do it, the other group did it because it was easier. I don’t know what really separates them. Both helped usher in what we see today, and the uncertain future that awaits us, built on the foundation of the lies and weakness of 2020. Both groups collectively had the power to stop it. Both chose not to.

      • Hi Brandonjin,

        I had pretty much the same feelings and experiences two-plus years ago. Once “COVID” started being described, my first reaction is they’re describing the flu or a bad cold, not desirable but not worth shutting life down for. My left-leaning relatives and acquaintances of course used the “if it saves one life” BS to justify all the draconian “protocols” or “guidelines” as they euphemistically called them — predictable for the left. But…even the more “conservative” people in my life thought I was “overreacting” when I expressed concern about precedents it would set — they were like, “Oh, people will get tired of it and it’ll be over in a few weeks or months at the most, and everyone will forget about it.” Obviously that didn’t happen or we wouldn’t still be talking about it today. The government and media (becoming increasingly a single entity, it seems) have spent trillions of dollars on propaganda to shove down people’s throats for over two years — that’s not easy to resist or fight, but those of us who can see through it must oppose it, as Eric wrote, by *refusing* to comply, not just complaining about it while still going along. One thing I’ve come to realize is those pushing the face diapers, jabs, etc. don’t care whether you comply willingly or begrudgingly — any compliance is a victory for the them because they’ve proven they can make you do it, no matter how you feel.

        • Chris,
          “if it saves one life” BS
          Indeed, a huge pile of male bovine fecal matter. If it costs as much to “save one life” as it would to save a thousand, which do you spend the money on? There is a price to pay to save any life or lives. Therefore there is indeed a limit on what one can spend to “save one life”. Whether that price is in dollars, or compliance.
          In fact, no life can be saved. They can be prolonged, or shortened, but nobody gets out of this game alive. So no, doctors have never saved a life. In spite of the propaganda otherwise.

          • FWIW,

            The people who fall for the “one life” meme have no grasp on basic economics. Since the resources are being stolen from everybody and the most effected victims are people who have marginal resources to start with or who live on fixed incomes from savings assumed to hold values, those are the people who will suffer most and most quickly when the whole thing goes down in flames. The likes of Schwab, Gates, Soros, Pelosi, Trump, Biden, Obama, the Clintons et al, don’t care…..they will not suffer at all unless we get to a French revolution kind of solution…..I would not discount that scenario either. The problem with that scenario relates to the aftermath…..unfortunately, I don’t see any rational solution on the horizon. The situation in Ukraine will definitely result in the fall of the U.S. empire and that of the E.U., but on the way down, the neocons may somehow manage a nuclear exchange….end of humanity….these assholes are that insane, and Hillary Clinton is deeply embedded in that camp.

          • Part of the myth of the Ford Pinto is that Ford calculated the cost of saving lives and then that became the cost of lawsuits etc. The reality is that back in the 1970s the federal government required automakers to calculate the cost of meeting a mandate vs. the value of a life as determined by fedgov times the number of lives estimated to be saved by the mandate. People would be aghast to know what government really thought of them so this then morphed into the if it saves one life concept. This gave government more power. Once government got away with an airbag standard that killed people then this application of the seen and unseen really took off. It no longer mattered if its dictates killed more people than it saved so long as those killed were unseen. So here we are now with the holy jab.


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